What they ask

What do they ask of us in order to receive their help?
(translated from: www.guardianesdeluniverso.com)

Not only do they ask us to respect the life of everything that exists on Planet Earth… they also ask us to be conscious of the importance of what represents… to be Life.  And to be Life means that we have to always be creation; to comprehend and understand that, to be creation, is to continue with the chain of Life the Father (however he is known) started;  The Father, since He started with the creation of everything that exists in His Universe, he set it in its movement to forever all be in a constant evolution and within everything that is a movement of evolution, He also created duality:  Positive – Negative, and within of what is the knowledge in the Mind, He also gave the same equilibrium: Good (positive) and Evil (Negative).

Good:  Very well-known, or we like to think that is how is understood, is everything that represents Positivity, understanding this as Love, Peace, Harmony, Union and Integration, etc.

Evil:  Very well-known as well, which is everything opposite of positivity, was created as a knowledge of what is the destruction in everything, to have the knowledge of the force that represents Good, using it in the wrong way, giving it the same force, but in destruction.

Therefore, to receive the help of the Guardians of the Universe of the Father, they only ask us to …follow exactly what they suggest in modifying our habits, since they don’t come to impose or prohibit, because everything needs to be accomplished under the “free will” which is the capacity to determine: Believe or not Believe, Love or not Love, Construct or destroy, etc.