Tania Martinez and her mother Mauricia Collado tell us what they experienced with Donnet´s Leukemia when he was 2 years old and that thanks to the help of the teachers, beings of light, he is now completely cured.


Francisca Baena, a public accountant, was able to win her battle against Lymphoma, which had already invaded her entire body and after the Medical Center had given up all hope.  This was possible thanks to the help she received from the Teachers, Beings of Light –Guardians of the Universe.
TV Show Horizontes. CBTV Michoacan


Rafael Zaens got cured from colon cancer in terminal stage after following the advice and receiving the energy from the Beings of Light - Guardians of the Universe - Consume only life, meditate, be in harmony, unity, have faith. Love.

The Beings of Light helped Doña Celia recuperate her left eye and sight, which was already completely blind and was starting to dry out. [diabetes, glaucoma] Horizontes. CBTV 2006. Sarita Otero.