Receive Energy

How to receive their energy in our home?

The way to receive the energy they (the Guardians of the Universe of the Father) give to help us resolve many of the situations in which we the human beings live, just as in health as in the material, the following should be done:

Place an Altar.  Understanding by Altar, as a method in which our home and ourselves, will receive their Energy, to cure all the illnesses and reach the objectives we set for ourselves.


Note: the Altar can have a religious image or simply a landscape as shown here (any you wish) or nothing.

Place three white candles in a triangle, each candle has behind it a flower vase with white flowers, place a jar (of any material) with drinking water in the center of the triangle and leave it there at least 3 hours before drinking it.  After the three hours, it can be removed from the Altar and if so, place another jar.  The water can be refrigerated, can drink it as is, or with any flavor, or as you wish to use it.

Placing an altar does not mean to change religion or ideology (as classified). Everyone will continue with their untouched beliefs.