Why they ask us to  meditate everyday?
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Because is a balanced way of receiving energy of the Beings of Light, by which they suggest to meditate every day (without exception), dedicate at least half an hour (within the 24 hour period) to meditate to increase our spiritual strength, as well as helping our physical body.

To meditate, one must seat comfortably in a couch, bed, or simply at bedtime.  Preferably do it with instrumental music (harmonious) or guided mediations (with voice) to stop the mind from spacing out while the optimum level of relaxation is reached.

There has to be deep aspirations and slowly let go of the air so that after each aspiration be able to relax the physical part (the body). A method we must follow day after day, until reaching that level of relaxation, if you fall asleep, it doesn’t matter! Everything is about practice.

When one meditates, the energy of the Being of Light who has been next to us during our entire life is received, since we are born until we depart (transcend to life), known also as “The Guardian Angel”; keeping in mind that the Angel, has a commitment toward the Divine (however is believed in it), taking care and protecting a human being and taking him to a level of evolution, as long as the human permits it, since the Angel will not go over  free will.

Meditating allows us to increase our level of intelligence, to interact with others, to maintain under control all and every single one of our emotions, and will allow us to move away from our insane habits under which we have lived: Alcohol, drugs, Family Dysfunction, etc., allowing us also to get in contact with our Angel, but always using our mind, telepathy, method by which, They, make contact with the human being.