Who are they

Who are the guardians of the universe?
(translated from www.guardianesdeluniverso.com)

The Guardians of the Universe of the Father, are beings of light whose evolution allowed them that title, but they have never destroyed and their mission is to give life to every planet that lacks it; therefore, they ask us:

“To respect the life that exists in our planet”

It must be considered that, in the Universe, there’s more life than what man can imagine; therefore, the human being that inhabits this planet has not only created but also destroyed;  for which the latter is worrisome to all the Beings that, in one way or another, are part of the Universe and are vigilant of the dangers that would represent some planets (by those who inhabit them) putting in danger the universal community to which we should already be part of, but due to our blindness, to our stubbornness or the arrogance of believing we are the only ones in the Universe, we have not been allowed to be incorporated.

Now, if they have come or if they have always been here with humanity, seeing in which way to help us understand, or create conscience that:  “We are not the only ones in the Universe” needing to have conscience of the compromise that represents our existence.  Therefore we should, respect all forms of life in all levels of dimensions and in the Universe,  whom will not allow the destruction of a planet, not much for the lives that exist in it, since a planet is irreplaceable and the lives which exist in it are replaceable; the human life from the point of view of the soul or the spirit or as wished to be called, is eternal, the physical bodies are recoverable in any time under the same method known, which is the union of two elements (ovum/sperm) to create a new physical body to be inhabited by that entity denominated as soul or spirit.

My contact with Alaniso, started in the year 1972 and it has been kept since then, for which it has been 43 years since that event.  Their messages are diverse, but the main one is: “THEY COME TO RESCUE PLANET EARTH AND ALL THAT EXISTS AND IS ONLY LIFE”