(translated from: www.guardianesdeluniverso.com)

ALANISO, tells us the reasons why the human being is affected
 physically and they are the following:

The nutrients for the human beings are in the natural, which doesn’t mean a radical change has to be made in the diet; by that we mean, going straight to vegetarianism or veganism.  One can start making a transition in the diet, starting with lacto- ovo-vegetarianism. You might ask…why make this transition?  Simply to help the body with the change; meaning, by using the egg and the milk and derivatives of it (yogurt, cream, cheese, butter, etc.) will be providing the body, proteins of animal origin, not because they are necessary for the body to be healthy or for it to evolve, but to stop the body demanding the meat that was inadequately given.

It can be said that, what the body received from the meat, is given by the egg, the milk and its derivatives, because there they are more pure, are not contaminated with the putrefaction, but not because they are vital for the physical growth, as it was indicated before, it is for the body not to demand those elements to cover the necessities of the body.

1: FOR WHAT YOU THINK: The human being (kids, teenagers, adults) are currently affected by the emotions, meaning: Fears, anxieties, resentments, disappointments, intransigencies, intolerances, etc., for which they ask us to analyze our life from childhood up to now (or from the actual age until childhood) and start overcoming each and every one of the negative emotions that affected us in our life to start eliminating from them the importance and transcendence we have given them; this way our body will start responding to these changes.

2: FOR WHAT YOU EAT: The human being must stop eating all types of meat (terrestrial, aerial, aquatic) because you are feeding from a death element, which doesn’t provide life to the human body and it requires the adequate fuel to help the organism with its automatic functions and in this way repair itself. Therefore, the human being is not a “carnivore” as he has commonly denominated himself; we don’t have claws, we don’t have the adequate teeth (like the carnivores), we are not capable of trapping an animal with our nails and tear it (as the carnivores do) and even less, bite it to start eating it; also, our gastric juices and saliva, are completely inadequate to transform the meat (whichever one that is) without having a repercussion in a short, medium, or long period of time (measurement in human years). A piece of meat lasts 72 hours (according to science) in our organism, adding to that the body temperature, before the evacuation of the waste after the digestion and not all gets evacuated completely, since there are bends in the intestine, there will always get stuck small residue of this “wrongly called nourishment” which are the indicators of the vast illnesses in our body, that later we want to correct with medicine or surgery. Have in mind that, the animals are treated with high levels of hormones, antibiotics, steroids, medicine to prevent spreading illnesses, medicine to keep them in lethargy to stop aggression and prevent hurting the meat which couldn't be sold and we must also consider, the animal suffers a lot during the “sacrifice” the human puts it through, without a single consideration.

3: FOR WHAT YOU DRINK: The human being has made it a tradition to consume alcohol, to celebrate any type of events, in which he believes to be happy or believes that is the way to share with others, happiness or misery, without realizing that every drop of alcohol destroys the cell, dehydrating it and by altering the genetic patterns, including the destruction of the vital organs (which is the entire body), by which severe and irreversible sufferings will occur, if the alcohol consumption is kept.