Why change our diet?
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Because it’s very important to comprehend that we are NOT carnivores as we have always been told; in order to receive the help of the Guardians of the Universe of the Father, they are asking: Respect Life in all that exists as Life.

Therefore we are told, not to eat any type of meat (terrestrial, aerial, and aquatic), including broths of animal origin.

Why not eat meat? Because we don’t have a carnivore structure; we don’t have claws, we don’t have teeth as the ones of the real carnivores - tigers, lions, hyenas, etc.  Also our saliva and gastric juices are inadequate to work with the meat elements, from that we end up with a tough digestion and of many hours. We must understand that the carnivore, ambushes its prey, follows it, hunts it and kills it in order  to eat, activities the human beings don't do; also, the carnivore hunts to eat and the human being kills just to kill, kills to say he should eat meat for nourishment; without even thinking that nutrition is not based in the meat, since “science” says there is where are the necessary nutrients to nourish the body, this is explicitly false, since at the time the animal’s body stops living, it immediately starts a process of putrefaction, then, the “Nutrients” that could be useful for the human organism, stop having the value (same as it was for the animal), not as such for the human being. Moreover, it has been proved that, meat generates liquids similar to alcohol, which generates addiction to meat and so, making it difficult to stop eating meat.