Monday, June 22, 2015

Radio Ahena. Transmissions for the week of June 22 - 28, 2015

Radio Ahena

7pm Pacific Time

Meditations for the week:

167. Meditating, let's go to the Galaxy where the Father reigns.

168. With impacting cures and spheres of light, man is called...

169.  Only by loving will be able to cross the dimensional doors.

170. How did the Angels learn to fly and know the Father?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Radio Ahena. Transmissions for the week of June 8 - 14, 2015.

Radio Ahena
Meditations for the week of June 8 - 14, 2015.

7pm Pacific Time

160. A time is being fulfilled, can't wait more.

161. How to travel astrally with an Angel.

162. And the change will be with the change of the Hercolubus

163. And the Father said... Become beings pleasing to the eye.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Message 715, given before and after the meditation from April 9, 2015.

Guardians of the Universe

Message 715, given before and after the meditation from April 9, 2015.

Message before the meditation:

The first thing I’m going to say tonight is that you are impatient for new news, that the ships are seen already, of us coming down, of us bringing you up in the ships and that all that was promised come true. But I’m also going to ask you, within what was promised, have you also complied with us in everything? I want you to make a perfect analysis of consciousness about your emotions. I have hope that we have many, many followers whom we can bring up, who don’t get upset, who no longer become upset with what another person says, who don’t judge them, who accept them as they are, who no longer anyone makes them become totally upset, can we say that you are no longer unbalanced? Well, first promise me that you’re going to do continuously, that not any day will be a bad day, that now all the days are going to be days of hope, days of preparation, days of study, of practice of all that we’ve taught, for you are going to represent us. Remember that we can’t show ourselves upon humanity yet, except with the ships because we aren’t going to subjugate the humanity, we would be breaking a promise to the Father that we would never take away the free will.

The free will is sacred and the day that we would break it I believe that the Father was going to get upset a little. He doesn’t get upset but we could lose our strength. Then, if the Father said that every being that he created was free, then free they are and free will be eternally. If Evil is that way who at all times has worked against his own creator, against himself, because whatever this being says, he can’t say that he is happy; full of hatred, full of ambitions, full of envy, full of wishes of having the entire universe for his service, wanting to have all the planets, the men submitted to him and his retinue enslaving the entire humanity.

A beautiful plan he had but naturally it’s not going to work, besides, they aren’t many as to say that he could subjugate the Universe. They are many indeed, he subjugated an entire planet, they’re his followers and in this planet he has found many followers and they still protest: “They’re telling me not to eat meat! It’s a lifelong habit; we can lose the health because we’re going to lose our freedom to say that we are going to have the protein by eating the animals, why do they want to take something away that is a pleasure? Then, if they’re angels and love us and are patient with us then can allow us to have the pleasure we feel when eating the dead.” What a wonderful way of living of man!

It is for this reason that we are worried. We are making a plan: you’re going to go up in the ships, are going to return shining, are going to be seen exactly as we want, as first class contactees, already with a tunic if you want to wear one is a tunic, a very beautiful suit, your face is going to irradiate the light that we’re going to give you and they are going to recognize you but you’re going to look gorgeous; then remember that the people are going to want to go up but you aren’t many as to speak with the entire humanity. Then we need to start making the circle and we start working already because we can’t continue waiting anymore. The planet is in danger, the way that is destroyed it wouldn’t last, as my brother Azoes says, not even 2 years, no, that’s putting it too long, it’s very bad. It’s moving, you’re seeing that the seasons have changed, you saw that it’s hot, suddenly intense as well as changing to an intense cold, it can be snowing and suddenly there can be a hurricane when it shouldn’t be any, it’s not time for the hurricanes but you’re going to see how beautiful they’re going to come this year. Then, if you know that the poor planet is destroyed then I know that you are waiting: “Where Teacher? When? We’re looking at the sky and we don’t see the ships. When Teacher?” No, you aren’t going to see the ships, you’re going to see the light that is going to bring you up, and then while the sky is filled with ships you’re going to descend to be able to speak about us. Remember that there are airplanes that are lost and will come back because are being prepared. You’re going to say: “Why them and not us?” You’ll soon know why in one way or another we had to take many other beings who are already learning much more than you imagine but since we know that our message has to be worldwide, we’re working intensely in order to do it in that way.

I want you to tell me: I feel prepared Teacher, look, the entire day I was calm, I didn’t get upset, didn’t get upset with anyone, didn’t feel anguished, a little tired maybe but with a little rest the tiredness goes away, always willing to meditate, always willing to work… to work in what you ask us. Oh but what we’re going to ask you don’t think is a job in which you’re going to be well rested, it’s going to be arduous, very, very hard; you’re going to work much with us, but I know that with the pleasure of knowing that you’re going to be able to come up and down from the ships, can receive instructions, we can tell you how you’re doing, you’ll see us; naturally, when is on the Earth not physically, is still not time that we show up physically but astrally you can see us. Now, in the ships you will see us physically and there you’re going to receive all the instructions of that you have to do.

For now I ask you: keep calm and with the control of your emotions. Remember that in any way we still don’t like it very much that are giving them online, “Why do I pay for it!” it also has to have a value, have to give what really received, is an honest way of working because a job has to respected and no one would like their work to be exploited and be told: “Well no, you have to give it all free because you know how to do it.” I don’t believe so. Remember that we’re going to make a call to good judgment. They’ve downloaded so many messages that are rolling, very few study them or listen to them, what we don’t like is that they say that they don’t have to give something in return when one has to give something in return for everything that is received. Why do we insist in this? Because they continue acting as if they don’t know anything about it because they saw it, heard it and it shouldn’t be that way. As the person who did this says: “I thought that with this it was extending throughout the humanity!” Of course is very good to speak to humanity about our message, it’s perfect that they’re listening to it; there are people who definitely turn on their computer and meditate but a person who listens to the message one time, didn’t learn everything because our messages have several messages within each one, they must be heard several times, must assimilate what we teach, it’s not just as if putting a soft music and already became totally relaxed so that we can give you all that we’ve promised.

We’re going to work much, much more but we would like to have many, many, many human beings, then our Father would be proud of our work and our Father would say: “Thank you, thank you because you did an unheard-of effort so that my children, who don’t know how to listen, could listen to something so simple as is the respect for life, respect for everything that exists, respect for themselves, respect for their body, respect for their fellow beings.” Oh! I believe the task is quite big because the human being really doesn’t respects himself or the others, much less is going to care for an animal suffering what is suffering.

Therefore we insist that we need you to be prepared, we’re going to go to your homes to see if you have your encyclopedia well organized, how much you’ve learned from the messages, because you’re going to be teachers so at the moment at which you get some people together, you’re going to know how to answer their questions when you say to them: In this message you’ll find the answer to your questions, in this other one you’ll find the another answer and you’re going to know which ones you’re going to show the people. Well, they are few, right now we’re on 715 with todays, plus the ones we already had, and if we continue to a number, well… No, it cannot reach a very high number. You be calm that what was promised is about to begin and we’re sure that we can receive many human beings, not because they stopped eating meat but because they learned to respect the life, learned how to love themselves, learned to stand… no, not to stand your fellow beings, rather, to comprehend them and that you don’t feel that anger against those who are angry people, people who don’t know how to listen, people who all the time are wanting to see if they can get ahead other people, people who are fearful, fearful of poverty, fearful of what the future of this world is, fear because evil is taking over them. Therefore, you have to understand them why they can’t do things as should be done.

So I, Teacher Alaniso, ask you to please study and prepare your encyclopedia with much order and to know exactly how you’re going to teach your students because all of you are going to have students and all are going to be the ones who will teach other human beings to know our truth. It is the time already for the Great Change and this change has to be now immediate.

Message after the meditation:

Every human being who at this moment is listening to our message, is realizing that we’re making them responsible for something very serious, not just to listen and learn: “Oh, how beautifully said, now I did understand,” you must work because naturally, we don’t have here in this room all the human beings that are already listening to the message because it has been extended to many points in the earth, not as we would like but enough to say that there are many people who now are really listening to this message, more, as we’ve said, of Spanish speaking but we are going to extend it in other languages and you’re going to see the way in which we’re going to do it, but it is reaching the entire planet Earth.

We know who are listen and put it to practice, who listen and just say: “Well, I hope I can earn a place in that place they speak of,” but who don’t practice appropriately what we teach, but we also see many who are making an effort, but they do complain much: “I put my altar, I already put everything in order, I already listened to the messages, but I’m not doing well at work, I have a very bad neighbor, I have a loved one who I can’t stand!” that’s what they have to remove.
You have to be totally calm, also so that we can fix at least the little bit of time that is left, so that you can have your normal earnings, so that you don’t have problems of debt you can’t pay, so that you don’t have problems of something that you could lack, for example, and many complain about the husband or someone from the family who have another religion. When they speak of another religion, remember that we don’t come to put a religion, we only come to give knowledge and you have to tell them: It’s just knowledge. If they want to see it as a philosophy of life then see it as so: it’s a philosophy  of life that takes us precisely to know our divine origin and to know why we are children of the Creator without fanaticism, without threats, without telling them: “If you don’t listen there’s going to be a divine punishment!”  That has never been said. The only punishment is the one that the human being gives it to self by making so many mistakes since if they don’t want to listen, then we’re just going to pass them to another planet, but it’s not in our plans to “punish” as they say; to separate yes, to divide, to put each thing in its place, we have to do that because it’s not about passing the entire humanity and there be again a chaos in this Earth, we won’t allow it. But we have the dream and the hope that the human being learns to think, we have the dream and the hope that the human being can understand the reason why he was born, why exists and where is heading, and we have a great dream that they say to themselves: I don’t belong to a religion, I belong to being life because that’s how the Father created me and as life I exist and am part of the universal life.

The Universe, we aren’t talking about a few and as you do here when divide in strange religions but some more or less get it right in some things because didn’t like what were told in their religion they were before, then, since they didn’t like the leaders because the leaders made many mistakes, then they go to another where they were told: “Look, the knowledge is this way,” it fills them but the division is not good. Remember that Evil said: “Divide and you shall conquer” that’s the idea, that you aren’t united because Evil want’s everyone to be separated and to argue even of “I belong to the temple around the corner because the one from the other corner is in the place where you are and Satan is there,” then, there’s where you have to understand that evil wants to separate you and that never a Teacher, much less Teacher Jesus came to create divisions.

We are your brothers, we are power but  our power we won’t use it to subjugate, we use it to teach, to reconstruct this planet, to guide you toward the New Dawn and give you with much love, an incredible future that is about to initiate in a very, very short time which is what is left for you to see how this planet becomes totally reconstructed with all the love with which my brothers came from many other planets, with all the love with which we come from a faraway galaxy and that we are beings who can travel the entire universe in an impressive speed. Do you know what the speed of the thought is? Well, that’s how we travel, then don’t worry about us that we know what we’re doing and we love you intensely for being our siblings, for now, our siblings very needed of a truth that unifies you, a truth that makes you be worthy children of that Creator who is waiting for you to be part again of the Universe that he created.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. April 9, 2015.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 715 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See: Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA