Sunday, May 31, 2015

Radio Ahena. Transmissions for the week of June 1 - 7, 2015.

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Meditations for the week.

157. As shock absorbers of light, the dimensions were created.

158. How and when was prepared the salvation of the humanity?

159. Life after life, for those who know how to love.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Radio Ahena. Transmissions for the week of 25 - 31 May, 2015.

Radio Ahena

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Meditations for the week.

153.  The Paradise that awaits us, prepared by our Angels. 

154.  When and how will the humanity be selected?

155.  When and how was the evolution of the Angels?

156. Let's learn with the Angels what is the spin of the times.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Messages given before and after meditation 712. March 27, 2015.

Guardians of the Universe
Messages before and after meditation 712. March 27, 2015.

 Message before the meditation:

To listen to all of you, seems to us pleasant because there is innocence, there is love, there is a waiting that you know has to end because in one way or another, have realized that we are here, that we are the beings who come to save this planet and that you will live the most unimaginable adventures you might have.

We have heard all your thoughts, we have lived with you at all hours and at all times and know who are the people who really have thoughts that are of love. We have seen how when having listened to our messages you have made every effort to remove the bitterness, to remove the outbursts that suddenly have, and above all, we have seen that having stopped eating dead is something already done out of love too. How many do we have? Well is not a number  we wanted, but enough to cause a very strong impact to human. How many are really who have managed to maintain their control of emotions? There I am going to say that we are very, very short, but do not think it bothers us that you are protesting: why not lower the ships, why we are not here, yes we are here, that why not let us be seen. Remember that to let you see us is to remove free will, let us assume, comes a person and protests about the meat and says: "And where is the free will?"

We leave it, but if we appear, we take away the free will but at once then it is imposed, it is "by force," as you would say and we would never accomplish what we want:  to transform them into beings who know how to love, transform them into beings who can know the great truth for which there exist, and above all things, that if we have done so many messages all carry something very important that I know are assimilating. Many say that we repeat, you know we have said that are not repeated, are reiterative, but there is always something new, always something to give, and there is always a dream. Tell me, what will the future hold for human beings who don’t have the dream? If we were not here, what would be expected? As for now, the famous nuclear war, which they wouldn’t escape from it.

There are so many nuclear warheads that have the powerful and the not so powerful countries that there would not be any dust, but anyway, at the bursting of the planet, the outer space would be completely contaminated, which is the intention of Evil, to take the amount of souls that can get, and naturally leave all contaminated and leave everything into disarray because nothing that someday if a planet exploded and became the asteroids circle ... no, that was quite another thing what happened, but a polluted planet to fully explode would cover nearby planets because the force that would carry these bombs that have right now so ready to show their power... imagine if in the US have made ... let's just mention a few, about 5000 tests, in Russia many others, in Korea the same - not so much because they don´t have so much money - in Japan likewise, in all the places where they want... France too, are the places where they want to show their power; show their power by taking the weapon that destroys the planet and destroys their own lives and leaves the planet absolutely dry, it would shatter to the core of their foundation, rather, there would be no foundations because everything would fly through the air, but could you imagine what pollution there would be in outer space? So also the people from Venus, Mercury, Mars, then Venus and Mars are closest, they are in a hurry putting all the obstacles they can because they say: "For the love of the Father, what neighbors we have, everyone crazy. We understand evil overpowered them, but totally lost the sanity; so, do we have to pay for their folly? No." And as they do have a very strong armament but not of destruction; they have impressively evolved equipment, then they’ve offered all, all the help and already is forming the chain that has to protect everything that could happen to this planet. But anyway we will not allow it to explode; you can be sure because we have the power to prevent it. The only thing, as we have said, the Father is still insisting that he does not want to lose his children, and the Father is the Father, for him we do what he asks of us.

Is so much his love, so much his sweetness, so much his patience that it is impressive to see how he can love so much the beings who have given themselves to the beings of the darkness, because right now already turned into real demons the human beings themselves, seeing how to kill their fellows, seeing how they can destroy everything, because besides rejoice: "They killed! Already died! What a joy!" So I want you to think about it, our problem is the Father. To evacuate humans, take all human beings who are in denial, not that we want to send them to ... now I was going to say, "to the devil" but yes, there with the devil himself; but we would like to pass them on to an arid planet, to have a hard time, but if they take their technology, how long it will last? Then we have to shake them, and anyway, it does have a very strong triumph evil himself; he has too many followers, he has win over the Father on this earth because most are already beings who want to destroy everything around them, end with their peers and win a lot of gold, gold, that's all they can think about having. Therefore I tell you, no, do not think we're falling asleep and that we make promises that are not fulfilled, or that we are planning to see what day we go down and see what day we bring you inside the ships. That is a fact that is already very close, so close that I know that all those who have been faithful and stand firm with us will feel totally happy, and above all, they will say: "It was good to have faith, to believe in something that we were told, to feel the presence ..." yes, have felt our presence but of course are very few who have seen us, especially children or we have allowed some people see us because you know that teacher Alaniso has been seen across the globe.

But this I say: the time ran out, the planet has to align and we already have to bring order - absolute order. And we told the Father, "Father, if you lose more of your children, you have to resign," and the Father doesn’t give up; the Father does not destroy and Father does not punish, and the Father is only love, that's what may seem to us a little exasperating because he loves every being that he has created.

So I ask you please, if you are seeing that the planet is convulsing, is turning, also the destruction that man did to it is impressive, you see that don’t know which climate is and whether or not would be raining at dawn, do not know if one day there will be snow and another day will be sunshine, and if one day there will be flooding and another day won’t, and if one day there will be trembling or do not know where it came from, all the fault of man who has followed the being of darkness. Therefore, I say we cannot wait, it's the year, is the moment, and it's time. And prepare very well that what we promised will be fulfilled in a short time.

Message after the meditation:

Well, if my brother Aliestro just said, "this year"; and you are already making calculations  and what year is he speaking about, if yours or the lunar year? I will clarify that is effectively the lunar year; then, it will be very good to study when are the 13 moons and how they are distributed throughout the year, but as for now, can know that this is about to start, if not this poor planet no longer resists, no longer holds. Now, it is not so much what they have done as what they can do, that's where we need to be alert to see the number of nuclear weapons that human beings have right now. I do not know ... well, yes you are going crazy and completely insane, why? Because Evil is working to get all those souls and then it can increase its reign on the dark side since he could not turn this planet into a place of darkness, because the idea of Evil was to get this planet into such a mess that would it would be misplaced, to come out of orbit, which would cause an imbalance; as he saw that we will not allow this imbalance to exist in the planetary system, then his idea is to take the humans and his idea is that do manage to put their bombs in activity, that is the biggest danger there is right now.

Imagine, they are putting their bunkers because they are going to protect from a nuclear war, but the nuclear war is from the depths of the foundations of the earth, I do not think anyone will survive in such a case. We would be the ones to take the good people, but what is left here? The planet into a mess, a planetary system into a mess. As I said before, Venus and Mars are as if they put their giant umbrella to defend themselves from what you are doing on this earth, then all that is what we have to anticipate and fix. So how much do you believe we would hold up making promises? And nothing happens and nothing happens! And continue to work! And Evil keeps taking over humanity! No, no we can’t wait more. So you, for now be calm, inner peace is important because they will be attacking you, there will come beings from everywhere that are going to try to cause you to lose control of your emotions, because people who do it, do not know the dark being that is behind them and do not know what they are trying, why suddenly they have a desire to make you angry.
So, time for a test, take a deep breath and see him with love, for that person is no longer in control of herself and that person we want to rescue from the clutches of Evil. Therefore, prepare well, and yes, we are in the last lunar year in which already has to be all the change and where you will live already wonderful. Thus we say, when boarding the ships and will return, it is a very short time, we are running out of time, and we are at the end and we must have the time needed to make this human being react. We will make a lot of noise to some extent a little funny to see that instead of talking about politics and talk about presidents and powerful beings and intrigues there are, to be talking about the number of beings that are appearing in the sky, the number of ships and the number of signals, then we will divert their attention.

Please, do not say "Who knows when!" Because if we do not hurry, we aren’t even going to collect pieces of the planet, but to take out humans as we can, no, as we have said also affects other planets, then we cannot allow that, we are working hard and we know that we count on you to spread our message to this humanity that continues being children of the Father and the Father does not want to lose them.


Message received by Sara G. A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. March 27, 2015.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 712 in the list of meditations, is available in Audio CD from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See: Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

Monday, May 18, 2015

Radio Ahena. Transmissions for the week of May 18 - 24, 2015

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Monday meditation
Is the change of the spirit toward the light, when leaving the body?

Wednesday meditation
The truth about the salvation of the humanity.

Friday meditation
In the time that is being fulfilled, the change of dimension will take place.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

RADIO AHENA. Transmissions for the week of May 11 - 17, 2015.

7pm Pacific Time

Monday meditation
147. How to enter the dimensional doors of the Light?

Wednesday meditation
148. How to love yourselves, to heal your body and see your Angel?

Friday meditation
149. Let's travel to create with the mind.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Radio Ahena. Transmissions for the week of May 4 - 10, 2015.

Radio Ahena

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Monday meditation:

143. Father, in this world, there still exist minds that know how to love.

Wednesday meditation:
144. The Father looks for love in this earth but he doesn't find it...

Friday meditation:
145. Why and for what reason were the dimensions created?

Saturday meditation:
146. There exists a dimension of Light parallel to this earth.