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141. How to see with the eye of the mind?

142.  How to open the doors toward other dimensions?

143. An army of Light, arrived to help us.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Message 710, before and after the meditation of March 13, 2015.

Guardians of the Universe

Message 710, before and after the meditation of March 13, 2015.

Message before the meditation:

I know that at this moment, every human being is completely appalled by all that is happening. The human being asks for proof, the human being wants to believe and the human being asks and demands that if we’re here then we should show up already before any human being, as if it were as astonishing that any human being: “Oh! I saw Teacher Alaniso, how exciting!” But, what is it that I would be able to say to them? Very little. How much have I said during all these years? Everything and there’s still more left; but the most important of all this is as I’ve told you a while ago: the climates are changing, the planet is going to show many alterations now, the planet is totally and absolutely turned into a place which is almost inhospitable. 

Imagine if in these places is snowing when spring is starting, then what is expected on the places that are really entering winter? Besides, there are no longer seasons, the entire planet has become a total chaos, but who is at fault? The human being. Who accomplished that this planet became a totally inhospitable place? The human being. Who achieved that peace doesn’t exist on the Earth? Well, the human being, for gold, for power and for all that has set to accomplish. The human being has forgotten their own origin and the human being doesn’t believe in anything else than power.

For this reason, if they feel intelligent, how is it possible that they plan to have bombs that could destroy the entire planet? But more than they’ve already done? Right now everything is in danger. The volcanoes are becoming very active and the climate is changing radically, and naturally, either we hurry up… but we are working indeed don’t think that because you don’t see us we aren’t working. The first thing I want to ask is to keep the peace and good judgment, talk to every human being willing to listen and let’s see if now they do believe as to how the planet is and ask every human being to make an analysis of what man has done with his world and if they could really say to the Father: “Lord, here is your world turned into Light” or turned into a total disaster. Because they do ask from him and blame him for all the mistakes they’ve made: the Father is to blame, the Father is the one who did things wrong, the Father is the one who cannot work well, the Father forgot his children. Well! When we show you to know the great truth by which the Father exists, you will see how wonderful is to understand that he is always keeping an eye on his children but he doesn’t punish and doesn’t remove the free will he gave, but if we don’t hurry up this planet will burst. Then, don’t worry, all that was promised is about to begin.

We are ready for the Great Movement, we’re ready for all that we’ve promised but we must combine it; as disastrous as this world is, the more they will pay attention that the ships are there and you’re going to see that at all moments they will listen to us because we need to be heard, and in any way, at any means, as you would say, we now have to say that those who have listened to us are going to receive the prize for their faith, steadfastness and dedication. Let’s say only one thing: if with much love you’ve come and with much love you look for a truth and with much love you study, imagine, if you’ve listened to the messages, you will find out that they aren’t human, not at any moment was there a repetition; that we have to be reiterative in some topics, yes, but there hasn’t been any repetition.

That’s why we were saying: the one that wants to acquire things free and easy, it doesn’t work. They need to have their CD’s, that they give the importance that the message has, that they listen to them several times and are going to realize so many things they need to learn and are going to realize also that there’s a very important message within all the messages. For this reason I will ask you that if you’ve listened and followed us with much faith, keep working and let’s be a single force to be able to see this planet very soon turned into a Paradise, inhabited at least by whom have had faith and have stopped eating death out of love, that’s the most important.

Prepare yourselves already, for now you will live very astonishing things that we have prepared for you.

Message after the meditation:

When we one has a knowledge, that knowledge has to be to be able to go into depth in all that was learned. When you say: “I learned. I believed. I waited. I loved. I stopped eating death because I learned to love all that is life, for now I feel as a person able to start a new time…” but a new time. “I know that a Father, a Father Creator of the Universe wasn’t going to allow this chaos on Earth to continue forever. I know that a new time definitely exists,” is the way that has to think that being who is listening to our messages; the Father was not going to allow this chaos to continue. You were given the opportunity, it were five Eras that passed by, in each one there was a change, in each one you learned, in each one there was a complete movement, but now is already the end. It’s already the last time and it’s already the moment at which the human being has to believe what is to live, has to understand what is to love and has to understand what is to believe and what is to create.

When we’ve talked to you about what means to be mind, I believe that you’ve realized that we’ve wanted to go into depth in what is to be a being that thinks. Therefore I repeat again: how can human beings say to themselves that think if are creating weapons to destroy their brothers and at the same time to destroy themselves? Then we don’t understand what that is, we don’t understand what that intelligence is, why each time they have worse weapons, why each time can say: “I’m powerful because I have the most powerful weapon and whoever gets near me I’ll kill him!” even if they’re kill too. Now, what is sad is that they don’t know what death is.

Death is to lose the soul, death is to fall in evil’s hands, death is to pass from the light to the darkness and death is to never be able to live calmly. Because yes, as I say to you, to “live” calmly because didn’t stop existing and always in that very gloomy dark zone, I don’t believe that anyone would want to experience it. Oh no! But they do have much money and can buy many things and can say to anyone to humiliate themselves because have more power or because threaten with killing them if they rebel. Yes, yes, they have much power, how long? How long can something like that last? How long? How long can they live believing that with the power is with what they’re going to be happy? How long can they believe that they managed to find something they were looking for?  Power, money, luxury; but those things pass as if were a gust of wind that passed by and disappeared.

Then, why do they do much harm or harm themselves if they’ll never be able to be proud of what they were able to accomplish by saying that were powerful. Powerful with very big titles and now can govern, or apparently very proud because are drug dealers, let’s assume, or the mafia and have much power, and can dominate many human beings. If they have under their service many slaves that follow them because they pay them money, but are equally armed and with a very short life, life of this planet, and the rest, can’t be called life really; I don’t recommend that you enter in one of those places.

They don’t know what is to live in the darkness, what is to live in pain, what is to live with a sick body, yes, because if a person is sick and has all that evilness or was done something that can cause much pain and departs to pass to the darkness side, is going to feel the pain, is going to feel ill, then is going to rebel and will say to evil: “Give me power so that I can work for you,” and evil will say: “Someday we’ll be powerful, bear the pain because we’re going to be the most powerful that exist.” Please, can’t they realize what they’re doing with their own body? Don’t they realize what they’re doing with their brothers? Don’t they realize what are doing with their world? Don’t they realize what are doing with all that represents the life that should exist in this earth? Please, never forget that are part of the creation; never forget that are part of the love of a Father that gave you the life.

This message that I give you is so that you realize that we are worried because we don’t want to lose so many souls, we don’t want to lose so many humans, we don’t want evil to take so many souls, we don’t want him to do his roundup and leave this world devastated, for he was able to triumph by teaching man to kill, to shed blood, not only to eat corpses but to eat their own brothers, why? Because when they destroy with words and all, it is also to kill them. For this reason, I as a Teacher, ask you: think in what you’re doing, what we offer is the life, the happiness, the calmness, the tranquility, and a future that you would’ve never imagined being able to live. The greatest fantasy doesn’t come near to what we’re going to give you; we’re going to make you travel to the entire Universe, you’re going to know other places, are going to know what is the real technology of other worlds, are going to be able to be free, free as is the wind, as are the birds that we have to be able to show you what really can be that wonderful freedom.

Therefore, if you want to live, listen to our message and prepare because this planet can’t handle anymore, is very destroyed and we have to do something of impact so that we can rescue, from destruction, this world and so many human beings that are brothers for us. They worry us, as the most precious that we can have, which is a being that was created by the Father when he created us. Let’s say together to the Father that we are going to be able to be triumphant, for we are going to be able to find that truth that you’ve wanted so much to have, and that now, is the most wonderful that we can say. Prepare that it’s already the time of the change and it’s already the moment of initiating this movement that we’ve promised so much.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. March 13, 2015.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 710 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See:  Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Message 707, before and after the meditation. February 28, 2015.

Guardians of the Universe

Message 707, before and after the meditation. February 28, 2015.

Message before the meditation:

I wish to ask you to never think that beings coming from the light, who come to give life, who come to bring a message, and above all, to do the most complicated that may exist: try to save this humanity… "Trying" I say, because the things that we see you would’ve never imagined that man was capable of doing what are doing.  When you have seen images of the slaughterhouses, well, worse than that it looks and do it to humans in a terrible way; man has lost all sense of what is love, man lost all sense of what life is and man believes that when does all this for gold, is when he's about to be the most powerful man and they stop believing in God, they cease to believe in the devil, they think of themselves as beings who can master all beings around them, totally crazed and dominated by beings of darkness.

This that happens is possessions, terrible possessions. We see how these beings are going within the body, within the brain, don’t even feel them; they feel powerful, they feel proud because they see that they’re revered for their gold because they feel untouchable beings who have a lot of armed people to protect them, naturally, when their day comes things are not very nice because when evil comes for them, I have seen that is the most terrible experience: desperately cry, then reach the place of darkness and evil proud receives and says: "Do not worry, I'll make you powerful, but for now you'll serve me, now I need you to go back to Earth because you're going keep stealing energy too."

What evil does is to take the man's energy to give it to this being of death and so that they themselves can move because of course they wouldn’t have any strength. That is why we are currently working hard to make the selection of the few humans who know how to love, so few. I think you have seen, good people apparently normal people, who aren’t gangsters, who are not selling drugs, who are not killing people, who don’t kidnap children, but with such a greed - as beings of death - devour the carcasses of the animals and then grab their glass, this is where the beings of darkness jump on them and begin to dominate, at least to take energy and at least to be part of the prey that evil has taken.

So many millions, we see with so much pain how man loses all sense of what is to think, what is to love, and what it is to believe. It’s assumed that they have all imaginable temples across the Earth; we've heard them sing hallelujah, we've heard them falling on their knees, you have seen, for example, there are religions that arrive by thousands and all fall to their knees, crying and begging, begging forgiveness for their sins? And with that are forgiven for all the horrors that do, asking to be given the opportunity to live? And asking to give them what they are asking, power. The wars are continuously unleashed, man kills man, but what is worse, the man sacrificed children, that is what is most terrible for us, because for example, now that became part of the custom of many human beings,  the trade in of organs of both children and adults, but the number of children being abducted to remove organs is terrible.

I know you're going to say, "Stop them! Appear before them!" Yes, we can do it but if we subjugate with fear and completely remove free will and ask us forgiveness for what they have done, but did not reasoned and we removed free will; it’s sad to say but the Father gave free will, it can never be removed, and we have no such right. The Father loves his children, and that they themselves may be beings who can think, that they themselves may someday return to their divine origin. He knows he is losing children every day, every day the being of death is taking souls and every day the Father is sad and we see helplessly being able to remove from these beings the beings of darkness because evil itself took away free will to make them slaves by wishing all the power and gold; and that you know very well that all that is called corruption is working these beings; they do not care who they kill, they do not care what they can do just to line their pockets with gold, and that is why we say: what accounts we give to the Father? How many of your children are you going to recover Lord? We tell Him: “Lord, we are in an account of thousands;” you will say: “Oh! It's not true, I think there have to have millions of people who are not evil;” more or less are whom we have destined to send to another planet in the third dimension, but for the light, whatever the Father tell us, are not that many. The count ended, we have the selection made, we feel sad, horrified by what we see, and above all, when we have a few ... because really here have been called many thousands but those currently coming do it with faith with a great desire to know when they can rest, when they will receive what we have promised.

Remember that you will work, but we aren’t going to have you working all the time, and leave you again on Earth to face the beings of darkness because often the people you speak with are with beings of darkness; no, you are going to come down, you will form meditation circles and then you're going to take a break with us because you will be beings who can be called part of our army and we have to give everything promised in a short time. What time? Now! Do not be troubled, please, we are aware that we don’t have many human beings who we can take to this beautiful adventure that will be to live with us, we are aware that many times even children are in the dark.

Thus it is that we say: for us the joy was over long ago, is very sad and very painful to see what has become this being that the Father created one day with so much love and now wants to regain by his free will, that is our problem and understand it: to appear is submitting them, although I will tell you if they see us they’re going to say we are demons disguised as angels, because that's the thinking of man and especially manipulated by beings of darkness; we would not achieve anything with it.  So what can we do? Yes, we are going to impact, we promise that this is already and we want you, that already feel very sad because feel too long this wait, be prepared because it is from one moment to another. What I can tell to whom hear us, thanks for being with us, because I know that this message is not just those in the room, there are many others who are awaiting our messages, but calculate, we reached thousands not millions, and we are willing to do anything to recover, at least, a little more of these human beings that the Father created with much love and whom on this Earth forgot what represents their divine origin.

Message after the meditation:
I hope that if I so lovingly prepared this message, you realize the importance of what we are doing, and above all, to feel proud, and you know why? Because at this time those who are listening do it from the heart, with love, because we do read their minds, we do know that they are not lying, nor are criticizing, nor are saying: "Let's see if it's true." Those who now listen to us are good people among millions… you will understand why I said to calculate the millions and those we have that really know how to love. Now, there are some people and you know well that are in full promotion of the respect for the lives of animals, naturally are still going to be missing a bit in regards to respect for their fellow man, is not that they are bad, are good people.
Good because they respect the lives of animals and speak boldly and make videos and do not know what to do so that man stop killing these little beings that have a right to live. That's a big group that we have also seen, how beautiful is that are movie actors, many of television, but do not speak because they aren’t allowed to speak as they wish, at least have made videos and put their name and try to talk to people around them, if you could see, are also made fun of, because others that do not listen, say: "He is crazy, now comes to us that we have to respect animals." But we have them perfectly well classified and they will be the ones to board the ship because we see a lot of effort, with enthusiasm, with much love for that life, then that's where we have another group.

But again, for millions of human beings on planet Earth, is not an amount that we feel so proud, but fortunately we do have a number to say that we're going to tell the Father that did work that we talked, did work to return to be born again and also try to help these human beings to think. Because all those who reincarnated to come help, we've called them, not all have believed us, but most did and are working because they had already made progress in another life, because they already had a good record, let's say, that they knew how to love and who had the opportunity of going to another dimension, however, came brave, so they are brave soldiers working and are listening.

So I tell you this: are we losers? No, we will never call ourselves losers, but the losers are those who follow the evil, for it is painful to see how they can be proud to follow him; we see many of the beings of darkness, like ghosts laughing, following  many people, boasting that are going to ... take their head off, put it aside and the like. We have seen how they still do not understand, still feel proud, still with evil and therefore sadly are souls that evil won, yes he won, but someday, as the Father says, "Someday will regret."

How many centuries will pass? Who knows, hopefully only be a few, but I do say, for now this galaxy passes to another dimension and is a galaxy, also think that many beings will pass proud of their evolution, proud of their worlds full of peace, proud of knowing how to love, and we are talking about the galaxy, not of planet Earth, which is the only black dot that we have right now in this place, but many will pass; and the armies of the Father continue growing and there are still many people who love the Father so intensely that thank Him for allowing them to evolve.

So for now, prepare well who hear us, not for the interest to board the ship, but in the interest of knowing that you will feel proud to have participated and be able to say to the Father: "Father, I won some souls, they are for you to feel calm; Father, I’m your child and I desire that you receive me with the love with which I worked for you."


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. February 28, 2015.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 707 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See:  Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Radio Ahena. Transmissions for the week of April 13 - 19, 2015.

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Radio Ahena. Transmissions for the week of April 6 - 12, 2015.

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A free spirit is a loving mind.

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If my mind created me, I will never destroy myself with it. 

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