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126. The Aura is the reflection of the thoughts.

127. By purifying my thoughts, I will heal my body.

128. Only love will save this earth.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Message 704, before and after the meditation of February 13, 2015.

Guardians of the Universe

Message 704, before and after the meditation of February 13, 2015.

Message before the meditation:

When we see this humanity, we feel a great pain of seeing many millions and millions of human beings turned into beings that don’t know how to think; filled with pride for anything, full of inner conflicts, but tremendous, always are upset with the friends, with the neighbors, with the bosses from work, with the coworkers, with the one that passed by because looked at them badly; always are against something or someone.

We observe them, you should see how rarely is seen someone at peace that really sees another person with love, that even if is aggressive, yes! A person that is very aggressive is because has many problems, but a person that really thinks has to understand him, not to be saying: “I understand you,” but that is not affected in the way the other person is and that realizes that that person since his childhood can carry things from all that represents his love life, his work life, all because throughout the planet all are anguished, full of fears, full of resentment, full of hate toward their fellow beings, judging even their own children and their own brothers and their parents, and the parents upset with their children also judging them.

Do you believe that this is something wonderful to be saying: “The change needs to be now; Father, here are your children, see them, all learned to love!?” Imagine that we’ve seen this person that felt the redeemer and put our messages so that could be downloaded and the people looking “where is it that we’re going to board the spaceships? Where are the extraterrestrials?” The rest is not important: “I’m good… I good…” I don’t know why they think they’re good. But this person that felt the redeemer, is not in good terms with us because he had to ask for permission from this place where it has been recorded, where a real arduous work has been done, it’s not a game what was accomplished and we don’t choose randomly.

When we choose a person and responds to us, is always a loyal and firm person who at all times knows what is doing and is totally dedicated. For this reason those four thousand or five thousand, I don’t know how many say that are my friends… well, I would like to see that they really know how to love themselves and that really stopped eating eat, as they talk because not all; don’t tell me that the thousands that are adding their names to the list that respect life and that really promote the respect for the animal life, to be left free, that join the ones that are doing this kind of promotions so that the animals aren’t killed anymore… no, they’re saying that they deserve everything because are humans, I imagine, because they say that they know how to think and we don’t see man knowing how to think. Thinking is a divine gift that the Father gave us, but he gave it to us to be evolution, to love all that he created, to love oneself as the most sacred, and above all things, to love the beings that surround us, and if you are a father or mother, should love intensely those children and understand them.

Why do children rebel against their parents? Because the parents don’t give them the true love, they’re just persons who scold them and insist that need to do things as they say without explaining why, moreover, what a habit to be hitting the children with the hand due to the helplessness from the parents to say to the child what he has to do, with love, with conviction; and the child grows resentful, upset against his parents, with some traumas giving asthma and diseases because are fearful from all that was done to him when was little. And the parents feel that their children have to be good, yes, and where they good parents? Did they really guide them toward the path of an authentic love? And when they grow they feel that are in a world in which they’ll see who wins over the other and if they feel like wanting to say to the other person to lend money, let’s say, it’s a robbery, they do it to take away what the other has and don’t even have the decency, as you would say, to go on paying what was lent and they feel proud of having robbed them. So robbery is generalized throughout the Earth; let’s not mention the profit where they see in what way they take from the others. Then all the human beings are full of anguish, of conflicts, of worries, and when they are hearing that we are here, that there’s a Teacher Alaniso that appeared in their Internet and that that Teacher Alaniso tells them that there are millions of spaceships ready to help this humanity, is very painful is to think that perhaps we’ll take the majority of the humanity to another planet. What we don’t want is that they go to the darkness, that’s definite. Going to the darkness is to completely loose the opportunity to see the Father and continue in the path of the evolution, naturally, not because the Father condemns them; the Father doesn’t condemn his children, they condemn themselves because they become wicked, because they have the hands imbrued with blood, and I’m going to say one thing, not only human blood, blood of the animals is also a crime, and then also the amount of abortions is terrible, how can they kill their own children? Because was on the way, because the man didn’t respond to the woman, and then that child is on the way.

It’s a crime! And terrible crimes that we’re seeing. Now, not to mention the wars; they’re now defending their country by destroying another country, and they feel proud, and carry medals but the ones that survive of course, the majority even ends with an ill brain, for they’re totally confused. What a beautiful planet! And the Father loves his children, he is indeed a father, he did give free will, he doesn’t want to lose you, thus we’ve taking the decision that even if we end up with a few, are the ones who are going to stay in the Paradise that we’re going to form. In the end there’s no problem, others will come from other worlds and will also accompany you and will take you to see their technology, with the few that we have we can put colonies that will go on growing.

What I do say, is a very big quantity that we want to go to another planet and start anew. So don’t boast that already learned because don’t know how to love, because don’t respect, and the fact that the place where the messages were recorded was not respected, that doesn’t make us want to say at all that we are proud of them. Then, does it seem a threat? No! The only thing I say is that in the other planet, must start anew, must form their houses with pieces of wood, with leaves, with rocks, and must make their own clothing with fibers because we aren’t going to allow them to kill animals again.

We have it ready, it’s a strange planet because a planet without animals needs that ecological balance and we’ve been studying how we can make the water flow cleanly without the fish, it can’t be done, thus what we’ve done is a special technology so that the water flows without having fish that would be killed and eaten, and we’re preparing it, we do have a very advanced technology to do it because we already told the Father: “Father, there are two worlds ready, one is for the wicked ones that repent, which will be more hard to live in, the other is for the ones that aren’t wicked, that is, aren’t assassins but aren’t people who say to us that really learned what is to respect life.”

They’re going to start anew, there’s no problem, it’s only 25, 920 years, it isn’t much; the times pass by, the Eras pass by, they go on changing from one time to another, the body is left behind - are born again, the body is left behind - are born again, the body is left behind again - are born again, because are living in a continuous spin until we wait for a day when they learn. That’s how it has happened here, there have been some who did evolve, some passed to another dimension, but the majority has been in the spin, the continuous spin because the Father always gave the opportunity to learn to think again.

Therefore, if you are really interested in listening to the messages of these Teachers, listen to this message, and don’t say “no one told me.” We aren’t happy with what was done, we don’t feel proud or friends of the ones that say that are my friends when really aren’t respecting what was done in this place. For this reason I ask you to be conscious that this is very serious, but very serious. I don’t like to speak loudly but we have to make them react, in any case they continue being our brothers and the majority aren’t wicked and they do eat the animals, that’s what’s sad, oh but how delicious the poison of alcohol tastes to them! You should see the dark beings they have attached to their back, wonderful! Are true larvae that curl within the body to be able to dominate it and they inspire all that are the thoughts of denial.

Then seeing this planet from our dimension is very painful, and they say that want to see, that we open their third eye, and that in addition if they can see the aura then are going to superior and then yes, if they can see and have clairvoyance are going to be superior to the others, that’s what’s sad; they want clairvoyance to be superior to other human beings. That’s why I say to you that it’s not easy what they’re asking, also seeing the amount of wandering souls in pain everywhere, for example, in the battlefield, all those souls remain there, the ones that evil doesn’t take, for evil takes them to his domains he has here on Earth and then sends them to work as beings of darkness; the others, the ones that weren’t as wicked, are walking wandering, searching a place of light: What am I doing here? I knew that if I died I was going to find God, where is God? Then God doesn’t exist because this is a total fog. Then, only a few good ones that we find we go and take them out of there. Then don’t say that our task is easy; is a humanity that we want to authentically listen to our message, that is, that they practice it, that get together to practice and to do it with love, to really do it united and that really have the certainty that they learned to love and that they respect all types of lives that exist on the Earth, that respect and love themselves, for it is only with love how will be seen the New Dawn.

Well, this that I tell you is because yes, we are reaching the last messages in this way, because also if they’re going to be playing with our massages which it doesn’t please us the least, what we’re going to do is something different, very shocking. We would like to bring everyone up, we have space for everyone, the ships are gigantic; we have a place to give you the happiness, we have places to cure all the sick, we have everything but how are we going to bring them if they’re going to contaminate the ships, it can’t be done! The one that has death in the body and takes all the negativity, it can’t be done, for we also have to care for the places we’re in. But that the planet is reconstructed, it will be reconstructed, and that order is brought, it will be brought, and that we see how many are going to really pass to the New Dawn and how many go to another planet, which we believe, as things are going, is the majority, but we have the hope that miracles can still happen.

Therefore, I ask you with much love to listen to us and stop playing with that you’re already contactees and that have our messages so that you can go in the ships. Not a single one is going in that hasn’t done something special and that has stopped eating death out of love, but we read the mind and we know who are the ones that really like the animals and love themselves, and therefore don’t eat death, but also that love their fellow beings, that understand them, that aren’t judging them; no one authorized them to judge their own brother. So I think that what we’re demanding is very clear, but the change, we already have the date, the planet is now inclining, is aligning itself, and the planet is passing with or without humans, as we were saying, fortunately there are good people, not the amount we would want but there are good people that is going to be able to see the New Dawn of this earth.

Message after the meditation:

I wish that you listen to me with all calmness. I’ve given all my love so that the reason we are on the Earth could be understood. All of us have united, millions of human beings, well, we are humans because we’ve never considered ourselves as made of another matter, it’s only that we have evolution, but all have united to see that this planet can be life again. There are millions of beings from other worlds, all with a greater evolution, all willing to work, but remember that an army always has discipline and all listen to what we indicate them, we’re the ones who lead this army.

Our Father has trusted that we return his children to him; our Father doesn’t want to lose them, he keeps loving the humans as you are. For our Father having created children was the greatest pride he had, when he tells us with how much love he formed everyone within his self and sent us to populate the worlds; his children! And I want that to be analyzed by those who really love their children. Is incredible seeing how a being emerges from within every being and how can be born, grow and also reproduce, and the Father created life this way and the Father wished for his children to be happy; and the Father created the worlds; and the Father created all life that had to be the perfect balance of everything that exists; and the Father created the animal life to be the ecological balance and for his children enjoyment, to have beings as friends who can accompany them and from whom were also going to learn; and the Father created everything with much love that it is for this reason that we have united to give life again to this destroyed world.

How painful is seeing them always at war, with how ease they say: “They’ve just bombarded and several thousands died. Have just declared war to another country,” and with what a fury, with what fury they torture their fellow beings, and then we want them to respect the animals, then imagine what we feel when we see what man has done to himself, what has become the being that inhabits this earth. But as we’ve said, amidst this chaos and mud we find precious stones, beings that know how to love, beings that we’ve been able to prepare, beings that we’ve been able to have within our message, that we’ve been able to give them our protection with all our love, but are few, really are few. Therefore, I ask you to be preparing yourselves.

Our Teacher is greater than what man assumes and we’ve already said several times. Our Teacher was a Great Teacher (Jesus) whom the Father Created; first he wanted to create the great teacher for his children, as we’ve said, he gave him too much and sadly became arrogant, and without realizing it, or He did realize when that was already provoked, he (evil) became His worst enemy; he can’t do anything to the Father, but he is wanting to take the Father’s children and be the most powerful being of the Universe by stealing the souls, taking them to his domains and that someday that galaxy could grow, and that someday can threat his creator and tell him that he could grow because was able to steal the souls, for he took advantage that the Father doesn’t destroy, took advantage that the Father didn’t stop him from making the dimensional tunnels to reach to the worlds of the Father.  The Father trusted that his children would think, the Father believed that his children had been born with a divine gift which is to reason, but naturally, the Great Teacher does exists and we’ve said it many times but he’s only love, simplicity, pureness, he would never do what this being did; he listens, he sees, he loves and he guides us in many things, for he has taught us also more than you imagine. You know him as Teacher Jesus, we know him as our Great Teacher.

But I want you to be aware that this is not a game and that we’re disciplining everyone and if from other worlds come disciplined and only do what they have to do at the moment at which they’re told when and how, then naturally man has to understand that it’s not easy to say how many are going to be our soldiers. We hope to be more than the ones we have now but we do have to recover this humanity, at least as we’ve said, that don’t go to the darkness, that we can send them to another planet, that we repopulate another world, that we can continue seeing in what way they achieve their evolution, that naturally not these millions of human beings from the Earth won’t be able to see the New Dawn because it’s hard to change them those feelings in which they carry much resentment and many confusions and much doubt and many desires of superiority and things alike, but they continue being the Father’s children. That’s why we love you as brothers… brothers that sadly forgot their divine origin, oh but yes, many temples and they kneel down and sing praises and start yelling which is the only way God listens to them and later put a table full of dead and say: “Thank God for the food he has given you;” and we only see the things man does, it seems inconceivable to us that this being that inhabits the Earth has been created by the Father. That’s why I say to you that we have a few but we’re going to try it that at least be many who can listen and hopefully increase the number of the ones who see the New Dawn.

We are very demanding Teachers indeed because passing to the light means having learned to really love, to love authentically, not to say “I believe,” or I want to believe that I believe,” and “I’ll see if I learned,” “Well, I don’t eat meat anymore.” No! It’s about loving and it’s about learning what our message is.

Therefore, since we are at the end of the messages, I’m giving you these instructions because the Great Movement is coming and remember that we haven’t lied in anything, and we have called several thousands and we’ve called many to healing which not all were cured, others yes, but they already even forgot to say “Thank you, how are you?” But it was accomplished at least that many people could make others come, and naturally, we called many to the meditation, as always, is always said: Was that all you called? Why did they stop coming? “Oh no! It’s a little far…,” “Oh no! But it’s a little hard;” that’s why was added a Saturday to see if they would come again. No, they say: “I’ll rather listen over the Internet;” well, at least that they assimilate it, that they understand it and to be as we asked them to be, to be beings that know how to love because we are at the end of the mission. I’m warning you, from one moment to another everything will change and you, the ones who have listened to us, will receive the award for the faith, the steadfastness and the dedication you’ve given us. Remember that we read the mind and we know who are authentic and are with us with love.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. February 13, 2015.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 704 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See:  Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Message 700, before and after the meditation of January 30, 2015.

Guardians of the Universe

Message 700, before and after the meditation of January 30, 2015.

Message before the meditation:

Well, the first thing I can tell you from all you are saying is that we are happy for your joy. You take it as something full of illusion, as something you know is going to happen; if people say that are 10 years left, just imagine how this planet would end. The planet is more destroyed than what man sees. Active volcanoes, further drilling of oil wells is doing terrible damage, but the blood on this Earth is costing much, much, much of what represents the energy the planet needs to move to another dimension, and as we tell you, yes it will take work to get out all the blood shed for more than 25 000 years, the planet is imbued in blood and man is not satisfied with anything.

Not only kills millions of animals, as you say, and where do so many animals come from? You think if are not killed, what would you do with so many animals? You have seen how are reproduced, that's why there are so many animals that can kill, and naturally, they don’t know how to defend themselves, they don’t have the mindset to defend against man, they do not have what is called "good and evil "within their being, only know they suffer, that become disillusioned, know fear, and above all things, when they are put in a slaughterhouse, is not fear, is terror felt by the poor animals. They do not understand why man does so, what is happening, but their reasoning doesn’t reach higher, if not, they would have already taken up arms against man and they had done a group of cows, and bulls, and sheep, and all for revenge against the man, and you would see them attack the man, there can be seen they have no evil. But what concerns us, we have a commitment, a very serious commitment: the Father wants his children, and see what children he has on this planet. Gives pain to listen to them, gives pain see them when we see them serving succulent meat dishes, it gives us ... it gives us pain and quite frankly, it does give us disgust. How can they eat a dead so badly, feeling that they are the most educated people that there may be. When we see that for all they dull their mind, what does not sees the human being is the being of darkness that is happy feeding on humanity.

That is our main problem. Our main problem is the beings of darkness that have taken humanity, have fully trapped it, they have enslaved them. How have been enslaved? Making them want all the time being eating the dead, drinking the poison of alcohol, but now if you realize what became the drug, totally destroying a person and yet they do it, are true possessions, I think you have to realize that evil is working with all human beings. Fortunately we did find good people, many who said: "We want to be born at this time to help in this difficult mission of the Teacher Jesus," well, many are already working and many others understood absolutely nothing, were defiled, completely contaminated by evil, because they came here and were upset that we did not met there whims, because we did not appear, because it was not the New Dawn on December 21 of Earth… remember that we have said, is an approximation of the time when the planet fulfilled its Era, nothing more, but the moment it has to align, remember that is a galaxy which must be aligned and we are not putting at the beginning this planet totally polluted. We can move the entire planet, the ships are enveloping the Earth, we can do what we want, but we cannot take away free will, that is our tiny and big problem: we cannot remove free will because it is sacred, for the Father gave it to his children; therefore, as we have said, we asked permission to the Father to impact, to do something that really frightens humankind. It’s good they are putting that aliens are bad, that aliens have tentacles, and that aliens kidnap and torture them, that aliens rape and they do children I do not know of what, the thing is that man invents everything he can think of when evil is inciting him for it.
Movies have been made, for us that make us laugh because we see those beings that come out of those planets, we see that they are terrible monsters, well they are reflecting themselves because the beings of darkness do have those "beautiful" faces that you see in the movies, quite unpleasant, remember that the physical forms with the thoughts and the beings of darkness have achieved the ugliest; however, they feel good because they are “powerful” because they are challenging the very Creator of the universe, because they have a boss, a leader who tells them they are going to be so powerful that they will take ownership of the Universe.
For right now only have a full planet that took many millions of years ago and this one that fell into his clutches, from there on out, on other planets he did take some, but they did reflected, they did change and all other planets are in perfect order but a beautiful order, with a technology that the man still doesn’t dream to have and is brought with love to help rebuild the planet. They know that the work will be arduous, but they are also as shocked to see what humanity has ended at when they see so much crime, when they see how sadistically torture their fellow men, when they see what they do with animals, when they see how they treat between brothers, when they see in the very same homes there’s terrible trouble, there is no peace, when they see them living in their own hell and still say that if God will punish will send to hell. Well, I think that's a hell what they are experiencing, except those that are now hearing us and can have peace at home and are fully protected. We got them a light dome very resistant against all that evil attempts, it is why we say, careful! Don’t get convinced that you’re friends to get drunk at home because they can crash the dome and we can re heal it naturally but why take the risk if right now the beings of darkness are just seeing how to assail every house, how to frighten all human beings and how to wreak havoc in the society in which you live.
Because this that happened at this time here in this country about those young people, these young people fell into the trap, were invited to disorder, naturally were offered money because they also were very poor, they are very poor people and fall into the trap because are already angry, that because some are rich, that because if the governor has a very nice home, then is best to attack and then begin to stir; soon will be known who are behind all this. But here were just 44, you should see the number dying in  war, the number of human beings being killed in other countries but do not show it, doesn’t come out in all the newspapers, do not shout it because here seems it was expressed fully, as you would say, to tell the world that here there is violence, what, they do not have it? Everywhere, everywhere there are assaults, everywhere there is ...what there is, is a terrible poverty of spirit, and above all things, there are many already doing the famous satanic rites. Now venerate the "Santa Muerte," don’t say they don’t realize that how is it that one black dressed skull will bring life, now they dressed it in white to disguise it, because further gives them things that are not good and have fallen for it, is a trap. But all these people drink alcohol and eat meat fluently. I know we have to rescue the animals, I know that we have an obligation to the Father of give them a place on this earth, to repopulate the planet and that they are the ornament he created, the ecological balance, but what ecological balance if right now the planet is totally wasted. So when they say, "No, I already know the date."

Look, many people who claim contacted, as our message is already distributed, and are taking ideas from what we are transmitting, but because they are afraid of this happening quickly: "No! We still have many years."  Think just a little, how would humanity resist if they keep going like this? I think none of the ones who listen us wants to be living in a world in which everything is pain, distress and diseases grow and grow and spread, hospitals filled, doctors... poor doctors, already do not know what to do, are burning the corpses, because they are already a corpse what comes to them because do not know what to do with what they call cancer, which is a rottenness in life, then they try to remove it by burning and then “well that is what we manage to do.” Many survive because the cancer was just beginning but they survive a time and fall back because they follow the same mistakes. Well, this already you know it, we just wanted to emphasize that you work, study and meditate and put in your mind a dream, because what you’ll live will be unmatched. We have prepared a very nice surprise and we do not tell us how we lengthen things; we know when and how and at what times will you receive everything promised because you all have not failed us. You work, you study, suddenly you get a little angry more than necessary. Remember, control of emotions, because then we see that suddenly explode for something you’re told in the family, something that happens because see an aggressive person on the street and still do not control completely your emotions, need to see everyone with love because you will see them as beings who need help and who are your brothers.

So you want to get on the ship? Is going to be so short the time that you will be surprised and are going to say: "Sorry teacher, is that it seemed so long," but how long is the time when you can see there is already a possibility of life, life, real life is what we will give you. So be calm, nothing is happening to you, we know that the economy is in tatters but we see for you to make ends meet and get ahead, and soon there will be a terrible world collapse with money and will see that then there will be no need of money, but then what would you live off, the chaos? Of, “now what do we do?” No, no, no, you have to live already something different, you have earned it, you have earned it because you listen with love and with love follow our instructions and you did stop eating "meat" - as they call prosaically what they eat you did it with love and that makes us proud to say we did find humans who have learned to think. We forgive you that you lose patience because it really is terrible to see that there is no patience, but the humanity it's really very bad.

Therefore I ask only a little bit more patience. You continue your life as if it were not happening anything more than a change, and got your ticket to an incredible journey, just you have not got the date clear, that's all, but the ticket already has been given to you and already have a place in this wonderful moment in which will live this change.

So calm please, we do not get angry because you joke about it, we know that is much waiting and naturally to see how this world is, it is sad and frustrating too. So please continue preparing, and we will finish all messages, and everything will live the change we predicted and all of you will live the most wonderful thing imaginable for having had faith, perseverance and dedication.

Message after the meditation:
I hope you understand what it is the "now". The "now" is a very short time, "now" is that we will no longer wait much time because as my brother Aliestro said, the depth that has reached the destruction that man made on the planet is terrible. And we do not want to see a resemblance to your film of 2012, but according to it Africa was left and everyone went down to Africa - I do not know how they were going to do it - but if we do not want to see a destruction like that, we have to hurry because what man has done to the planet is disastrous.

When there is an earthquake or when there is a tremor, begins first as it feels that vibrates, that something is rolling inside the ground and it's like being shaking especially when being opened and then everything begins to burst, then the houses begin to fall and yes, the trouble is that there has to be ... can and must be terrible destruction of cities, but as we have said, we're taking all debris, there to the dark side, but we do not want so many human beings to go, that's our problem, what we’re keeping an eye on. Remember that we made a commitment to the Father to rescue His children and with the few we have, we only rescue the planet, we will tell Him: "Father, notice that we failed, Father, note that with these few will have to do because we managed just some," and right now the Father will say: "Yes, but they were of those who already wanted to work for this mission." He wants those who are stubborn, those who are saying that they believe are powerful. Imagine, you come to a place where there are drug dealers, drinking, eating ... well yes, I was going to say "eating filth" because all that they eat is just that, and if you come to say something like this, they will ignore you. But what if they see the spaceship above and know that you are contacted, then you will see that yes, we will cause ... can be even fun; we’re going to cause panic, that they run, that they scream, that they say, that they invent, everything but you all are going to be given the power to be heard.
So do not think that already this was completed and will go with teacher Alaniso and the Teachers  to enjoy paradise that we will give; you have to work and work hard, but will enjoy it because you'll see how many souls you will be able to save yet, you will see how much pain there is and above all things, entering a hospital that no longer fit the sick, but now with something, they will listen, doctors will be astonished to see everything that is happening, they will ask for help, and you'll start cleaning much pain everywhere, especially children there so much sickness. Mainly the children, children cause us much pain to see them in that state, and is the planet. So, where do you want to go? Calculate how many continents, how many countries there are, what you want to do, where can we send you and all traveling and all working and all teaching.  So prepare that the Father will be proud of you all as He should be proud of our work, because our work is very hard. Now listening to mankind, from end to end as you would say, the whole planet… suddenly we sat too, disappointed: You heard everything they are saying, and they feel smart.
Well, among all these we always bring one, another, and another and as so we're going to make from a few hundred to become thousands, and thousands become millions in such a short time to be a mass movement. That now news not just say how many were killed and how much evil there is...  they already know, I don’t know why they preach so much, that they speak of news that there is hope for this humanity and we are here to help them rescue their world and that a change is coming and that it is time and that we're here to the point where we have to show ourselves to humanity.

So, how good is that you are preparing, keep meditating, keep studying, keep putting a variety of everything we've taught, keep practicing what we teach and let us give you a nice surprise already at this time. Prepare that we are proud to see you here, listening to our message and to those who do not hear the message, pass it because they only listen to the meditation, but they have to understand that there is a message before the meditation which is the one with much love I give them.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. January 30, 2015.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 700 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See:  Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

Monday, March 23, 2015

Radio Ahena. Transmissions for the week of March 23 - 29, 2015.

8pm Pacific Time.

Monday meditation:
122. Being a free child created by the Father.

Wednesday meditation:
123. Every 25, 920 years there's a change. 

Friday meditation:
124. An Angel gives the message from the Father.

Saturday meditation:
125. A thought for my Father. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

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119. "Jesus," Light of the Universe.

120. With our mistakes, we will grow.

121:  How to astral travel.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

RADIO AHENA. Transmissions for the week of March 9 - 15, 2015.


Transmissions for the week of March 9 - 15, 2015.
8pm Pacific Time

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116. Why the tears of the Great Mother?

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117. And... there will be signs in the sky.

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118. Palm Sunday

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Message 697, before and after the meditation of January 16, 2015.

Guardians of the Universe

Message 697, before and after the meditation of January 16, 2015.

Message before the meditation:

As a wonderful time has come the time of times in all that represents the infinite in which the Father created life. All that the Father created is still in a continuous movement that will never stop; all of that which exists is eternal, all that he formed to be part of the life he wanted to create in this Universe will never disappear. Even if it is evil who wants to keep challenging the Father, he won’t vanish; he knows it and has the dream, let’s call it “dream,” that one day will be more powerful than the Father. There’s where he surprises us whether he’s really… intelligent? He has been in the sense of the amount of human beings he’s had under his power; he has been so because has managed to convince a complete humanity to consume death, to aspire having all the power, to be beings that want to have their fellow-beings under their command, to believe that the animal is an inferior being, to imagine that they are the kings of the creation, to be full of haughtiness doing things that never ever should’ve done a being that really thinks.

Have lived amidst the pain, the anguish, the war, the blood, the injustice, and above all things, believing that have religions, believing that can pray to the Father, believing that the Father listens to them when they say they want to be triumphant in a war, believing that the Father guides those who are attacking their fellows. Thus we see that evil really has managed almost an absolute victory in all that represents the humanity. He achieved it many millions of years ago in a planet he took under his power and turned those men into his followers. They were men as you, people like you know, that started to believe they had the power over life and dedicated to kill each other with impunity during ages. Why wasn’t there anything that made them change? Because they didn’t want to listen to the Father; the Father would speak of love and they wanted power, power, power! That’s all that evil does to motivate his followers into being powerful.

Now, if you see it, that has happened here on Earth as well, during many centuries man has lived on the Earth, many ages of death, of destruction, of pain, of disease, of blood, blood! Blood! I don’t know how they can’t feel that unpleasant sensation of seeing how a human being is bleeding due to a war; I don’t know what they really think. Well, if I would tell you that we do know what they really think because we listen to them but it saddens us much seeing that generations passed by.  Yes, we did approach man, yes, we did try to speak to them; yes, we did things they couldn’t forget; they did see us, haven’t you seen the images of some angels with gigantic wings whom are supposed to serve the Father? It’s not that we are to serve the Father, we are to love the Father to wish he won’t feel any pain by seeing how his children are. We are to follow all the times of time doing all that the Father asks us, for we are enormously thankful for all the love he’s given us; we’re enormously thankful because he created us and gave us a mind.

Now, I would like to ask the human beings if they really think, if they really believe they think, if they really use their mind to create, if they really use their mind to be someone that is proud of their thoughts. Man is a being that says that is conscious that he exists. How many temples are there in this planet that now is seen much destroyed? If you would count them you would see the amount there are where they start singing, start kneeling down, start begging, and above all, they ask the Father for mercy, but the Father only knows how to give love, the Father only knows to believe in his children… the Father, the Father-Love, the Father-Greatness, the Father-Creation now feels sad because he believes that perhaps we won’t be able to save this humanity.

Despite all that has been done, despite the announcement of our Teacher Jesus that he would return to the Earth, it is as if they don’t believe it, it is as if they say it in a fanatic way the ones that are his followers, it is as if they think that: “Let’s see, will pass by year 2016, ’17, ’18…” They even speak of 2050. How much would the planet last? How would it end? In what state would this humanity be if really would continue with their destruction? Not even in the sports are really beings that can say that know to love; they fight in a terrible way; even more, they’ve even killed because it’s assumed that someone has to be the winner.  We’ve seen very unpleasant things in all that represents this humanity. And studying, and searching, we’ve found good people; searching where we could find someone to listen to us; searching and studying their thoughts, and you know it there aren’t many but it makes us happy to tell you that we did find good people, that we did find beings that listen and we did find beings who understood what is the respect for life. And all those who are promoting with much intensity to respect the life of the animals have a paramount place by our side, but I do say to you: we hope not to disappoint the Father and that the Father won’t see how his children are going to that terribly dark place where evil dwells. We’re going to try everything.

Therefore, those who listen to us please don’t despair, we are going to make a very big manifestation; the ships will be seen with much power and we are indeed going to impact, otherwise it would be giving up and saying: “Father, we couldn’t return your children to you.” And the Father sad would say: “Why did I give you power if you don’t know how to use it to convince my children to become beings that know how to love.” For this reason I want you to be sure that the time has come to completion and that something very impacting will happen and will make man shake and we’ll see if in that way we make them think. Continue preparing and studying, meditating and those who listen to us continue with much faith because all your worries will be over and will know what it is to live in a Paradise that we’re going to form.

Message after the meditation:

You’ve just heard my brother Aliestro say may things that I’ve also wanted to say. Think in all that we’re doing, think in that we aren’t wasting time, think in that we have a very big responsibility with the Father and think in how difficult it is to make man think. We are beings that have power but not power to impose, not to say “you have to do it,” as would do it in one of those very rigid schools, a militarized one, and given that we turned you into soldiers but it’s not the fact of saying: “It has to be this way even if you don’t like it.” Then, it has to be as children that are taught to work on their own and are taught to love. We live next to you all the time, we also have the power of the ubiquity, don’t think that only Teacher Jesus or the Great Mother or me like they look for me everywhere, no, we all have the power of the ubiquity; all of us can manifest in several places at the same time.
We’re all ready for this all-out war against the being of the darkness. What a way of winning the humans, how painful is seeing good people, yes, the ones that don’t hurt their fellows, people that at least work and try to continue ahead although we also see them enter in gossip that they love to also be “eating” their fellows and given that they don’t put them in the oven to roast them, but destroying the image of someone that is near is one of the ways of having fun that the human being has created and given that are people that aren’t assassins, that don’t enter the mafia, that aren’t with a gun or a knife, that try to work and moving ahead, that try to coexist; and however, they don’t even forgive their own family.  They always have the criticism in the mouth and that’s something that I want to remind you, to respect life is to respect all that surrounds you, to respect your fellow-beings and comprehend them, not judging them, for that is a divine law: comprehend, love. And if in some way can be helped the one that makes mistakes, do it with all calmness and if it can’t be done because is a person that is very bitter and very aggressive, understand him and think that perhaps at the moment at which millions of ships are seen in the sky is going to be able to change. At least we’re going to make them change, we’re going to make them think, we’re going to make them turn their gaze to the sky and start talking and running and saying… some will say that the reptilians have arrived – I don’t know where they got that from-, others will say that all are as the small beings (the greys) are depicted, others will say that are coming to abduct.

Well, that’s going to be the first impact but when they start seeing many people going up and returning turned into a true fairy tale princess or prince with the same facial features but well put then you’ll see that they will listen. Oh what hard work they’re giving us, why? I want to ask man why, why did he stop thinking? I want to ask man to tell us why, why doesn’t he love? I want to ask each person: is it too hard to love your fellow beings, understand them, and not judge them? Is it very difficult? Even if it’s one person that each day is attacking others, why don’t you understand him? Why don’t you see that his aggressions also come from aggressions against him? Why don’t you see that he needs more love and that needs an opportunity to be able to think? Why don’t you see him as a person that is going to have the opportunity to change? Why don’t you see him as a being that was also created by the Father with much love?

Then, I don’t want to hear you judging; love, understand, understand your fellow beings, don’t judge them, for that also provokes many diseases by holding a grudge or by starting to say: “He did to me” “He didn’t do it” “Why does that person have and I don’t?” There comes envy… why? Why? Why? Why can’t I stand him? As you say, “I can’t stand that person!” Be it a woman or a man, why? Because he wasn’t what you were expecting? Well, each one is independent and each one can be what wishes to be but we must see that it is an entire humanity that we have to change, we must teach them to love. The first thing which is to teach them to respect life takes them much work, imagine what is going to be to teach them to love.

Therefore I will ask you with all my love to know that we are in the final time. You know that we don’t give a notice, it happens, now, it has to be. And it is true; there are sick people that we see that are asking with much hope to bring them forward and thus we also have to hurry the time already and we have to put the date already that we have and that it is very soon because we want to regenerate all the harm that their body received by the mistakes that could’ve been but are changing; are loving, have understood what is the respect for life, with their aggrieved body come asking for help and we want to transform them into beings that impact by all their beauty.

Therefore this that I tell you is now, don’t say again: “Oh, Teacher! Your ‘now’ is already since how long ago?” Or “Your ‘now’ is already since who knows if it will happen,” and “Your ‘now’ also don’t you understand Teacher that I like the time of now, but the ‘now’ is at this instant.” Then tell us if you feel already so prepared to be able to receive all that we’ve promised. I believe that yes, many yes, many still need time; then work that it is already from one moment to another and all those who listen to us with patience and dedication and disseminate our message are already going to receive a pleasant surprise because we’re going to start taking you up and are going to start enjoying our company. Prepare because it’s already the time and the time has come to completion.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. January 16, 2015.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 697 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See:  Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA