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Messages of before and after meditation 669, dictated on September 9, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 669, dictated on September 9, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When we think that we have to do something of great impact, it is because we have to make a perfect plan in view of much pain, in view of so much ignorance and in view of all that represents the presence of evil on the Earth. Evil continues working the mind of the men. Evil continues making man doubt, making man believe that the most perfect thing is to kill to eat. That’s not all, now drugs are the perfect thing, why? Because with drugs are cheered up, because with drugs become millionaires, because with the drugs the world was moved, it doesn’t matter how many young people are killed or how many children become drug addicts; they’ve lost all the notion of what is a little of sanity and love, because we can say that man is as if possessed, as if, or perhaps already possessed, but not at 100%; man always knows what is doing and what is saying despite having a dark being inciting him to do all contrary to what love is.

The life that goes by calmly in other worlds, here all seams as a maelstrom; we see dead people everywhere, we see hatred everywhere, we see lack of understanding everywhere, everywhere we see that get upset out of nothing and can’t stand their fellow beings, “I can’t stand him,” “He already told me something that I didn’t like,” well, why don’t you say to yourselves: If I’m completely sure that I act properly, it doesn’t matter what another person thinks, I should be sure that what I do is done well, that I’m with the Father. And, how to be sure that what you do is done well? Well, you have to find a little bit of your inner peace, if you don’t have inner peace, it means that you also doubt in yourselves. I want you to say to yourselves: If we don’t do something really of impact, what would be of this planet? What would be of this world? In total disaster? With all the human beings, I think with the majority dead because with your nuclear bombs and with your arrogance and with the desires of a few becoming millionaires, not caring how much they destroy and above all things, are already nation against nation to see who wins, to see who is the most powerful, or, isn’t it precisely the attitude of evil? Being more powerful than the Father himself.

For this reason we, just us, making a perfect plan, know when we’re going to attack evil, not man, we have to do it perfect; we can’t be saying that we’ll see if one of these days we start, to see when man allows us to be heard by them, to see when there’s a little of good judgment. I believe they lost sanity a long time ago because you hear people say that it’s ok to kill to eat and that besides they need it because the protein that man lives off; I don’t know where they concluded that they live from death, and that it is what they need to have a healthy body.

Then if we remain asleep contemplating this humanity, then we aren’t going to harvest anything, we’re going to remain contemplating how the planet falls apart and then how we take a few souls. No, it’s not about that, it’s about making man think? A little difficult to make man think, I believe that they already forgot what the thought is, they already forgot what love is, they already forgot what good judgment is, they already forgot what is to see the Father as a Universal Creator and whom also don’t understand and know.

They have created a terribly punishing and vengeful God, that we do get impacted of what occurs to man, don’t know the Father. If the Father would want to punish, I believe that with a little lightning this planet would disappear and he would put another one in its place, I imagine, because there can’t be an empty space as that one, there has to be the precision of the spin of the planets, but no, this planet was created to be part of the planetary system and this planet has to be turned again into a paradise and we have the obligation to reconstruct it, the obligation that we have imposed on us because the Father asks us, demands from us, but we imposed on ourselves to do that the Father feels proud of our work.

When we see man sitting on the table devouring the corpses with fluency, it saddens us, we aren’t going to say that it makes us sick although up to a point it does, but it saddens us more seeing that the human being, the man that says is the intelligence of the universe of the Father, forgot to think. How can it be possible that they still boast of the most exotic dishes, that can kill birds which are a real decoration of nature, so that a millionaire or a king, can feel proud of what was served to them, let’s assume, a pheasant which I think there a very few left of them, if we can still rescue some, how is it possible for man to be what he is?

We penetrate their mind and we still find a child that got lost in the way, a child that was asking to be heard, a child that didn’t know why he was born, a child that was fearful of being beaten, a child fearful of being part of what represents the death in which man exists, because there isn’t anything more terrible than that of being a child in the middle of war. The war, all to obtain property, to keep the land which aren’t theirs to extract the oil, yes, this about the oil extraction became very dangerous, which in addition, they keep perforating the earth and continue testing… are very proud, we found the most powerful nuclear bomb, that’s where we say: they forgot to think because if they throw that bomb, even being from the United States toward Russia, it reaches the entire planet because it would be terrible what could happen. Now, if both countries throw it, I’m not saying that right now is Russia who wants to attack the United States, it’s not much that, is more in China, are in smaller areas.

Things are so terrible, that the Father continues asking to do that his children think. Well, we’re going to scare them and think that the invasive ships appeared, “already arrived the monstrous extraterrestrials of evil to invade the planet,” as the human being has put them in their movies, “already arrived to kidnap the human beings, to enslave them,” “already arrived to take over planet Earth,” so beautiful as you have it, but anyway, “they have arrived;” yes, they’re going to find out on one hand that there isn’t an attack, but on the other hand, are going to disappear many people whom we’re going to give the strength and whom we’re going to put as an example, but are going to believe is a kidnap, are going to believe is a rapture. Remember that there’s also in your bible that there was going to be “the rapture” and then, when they see that a war plane suddenly disappears because it landed inside a space ship or we pass them to another dimension, then more fear, and now what do we do?

Are going to get their nuclear bombs, those we disintegrate in an instant, for is not a problem all that. But, what do we have to do? War, war against evil, not against man and the human being needs to understand that; we’re going to declare war against evil, but an all-out war, a war of strength, a war of power of this  being of death that has taken over this humanity, even if he mocks us and tells us that he has them trapped: “Let’s see, what are you going to do to remove their fondness to alcohol, to drugs and their delicious meat that they eat, what are you going to do? Scare them? I don’t think they’ll stop eating what they’re eating because of that, and if they’re fearful, then with more reason are going to want to continue doing something improper,” then we must work very hard, but very, very hard.

It is for this reason that we want them to see that we give back the sight to the blind, that we put a leg to whom lost it, that we put arms, that we rejuvenate the one that is tired, that we give them a unique vitality, they start arriving and get astounded, and then yes, you’ll see what face they’ll put when they see that from the ships descend people who found that happiness that we’re going to give them, and then they can try to attack, what are they going to attack? Each time they do it are going to find that we have more power and can’t do it, they can’t, they can’t in the least do to us what they pretend to do to humanity.

They want to destroy humanity, I don’t know, it’s a vengeance against the Father, or I don’t know because is the last straw that they want to destroy themselves because it is evil who wants to put an end to humanity to take the souls, for he knows that he’s going back to his domains and says: “Well, I’m going to populate that place very strongly, with many followers and then I’ll get out again and attack.” Then it is when we have to protect ourselves, we aren’t going to allow him escape at least for a time, we’re going to keep an eye on that dark zone, but they do plan that in one way or another are going to continue attacking the universe of the Father, but can’t pass to the dimensions where we are or the dimension that this planet is going to pass. Then there’s a hard task to complete, therefore I repeat again, an all-out and strong war against evil, not against man, we want to rescue them, we want them to repent, we want them to reconsider, we want them to be beings who have a little of sanity, that they pray, that they cry, that they kneel down and say: The final judgment has come, now our sins have to be forgiven, are going to get inside the temples to beg to be heard; it is the moment that we await to take away from evil all those souls.

All this that we’ve said, it already seems like a distant tale, no, it is any time now, we’re just warning so that they don’t say that we don’t warn, we’re preparing the message, and they make many predictions, on the internet enter people who don’t know what they’re saying, but there are people who do understand the message, there are people who have found hope in the message that are listening to, but there’s always the idle to see how bad talks about what represents this message of love which is only of love and hope, but are going to realize that all is life.

There’s very little time left, the planet has to align and we can’t wait any longer, then don’t say: “Oh, the year 15, the ’16, the ’17… oh no! Up to 2020.” What would be left of the planet as it is? The tremors already started, the San Andrea’s Fault is opening, which is fearful, it was totally predicted, the earth is opening everywhere, well yes, have perforated it to the depths of its foundation and their nuclear tests are the worse they could’ve done because are destroying the foundations of the Earth, now the planet says: Please stop! Is a living being that wants to shake off so much aggression, therefore I repeat all this which we’ve said so that you can realize that we’re ready for the great movement that we’re initiating.

Don’t doubt, please, that mood, that love for yourselves, and the love for your fellow beings. Nothing of “I can’t stand that person,” nothing of “I’m holding a grudge,” nothing of “I won’t forgive him,” nothing of those type of things. If you know how to love, are going to know how to love and are going to know how to comprehend and are going to speak with clarity if you can with the person with whom supposedly you’re having trouble and if that person doesn’t listen, well, you work on your inner peace, we’ve asked you that much; I want you to be loyal and steadfast before our request. Aren’t many the ones we have, enough to give the example, and prepare, that it is a Father who is awaiting with much love that we comply with our promise of returning to him the children who in this earth have forgotten him.

Message after the meditation:

Let’s see, tell me one thing, after repeating so much to be people who can think, love, comprehend, don’t forget that the most beautiful phrase of our Teacher was: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they’re doing,” he asked for forgiveness for humanity which lived in total ignorance, he gave the Father the hope: “Father, don’t worry, they’re going to think,” I think it was a wonderful dream that he has had and the one that we have. But we really see them so reluctant, above all those feelings that can’t remove the grudge against something so simple: That he told me - I don’t know - I didn’t like it,- I think he wanted to offend me, - no, I think I can’t stand this person. Why, why can’t understand each other? If you have a feeling then talk about it and if not, turn the page, it’s not worth it.

But please, with love, love for all, without exception, nothing of: “Well, look teacher, if you’re going to tell me to get along with the person that lives around the corner, oh, is saying things that don’t go, is always saying rude things, oh, the drunk one also…” no, you don’t have to judge, only we know why a person sinks in the abysm of pain, of alcoholism, and how are trapped by the beings of darkness. Then don’t judge, don’t feel despise, don’t feel a grudge against them and try to be at peace with yourselves because you will show it. If you have a smile and are calm then the people will receive you even if an enemy comes to say that is angry, if they find you calm, if you greet them well: “You had something to tell me,” and we’ll see if you’re going to handle them saying: “It is just that you are…,” – “well maybe, let me study what you’re saying because maybe I made a mistake,” even if you know is not true, that they’re unfair, but don’t answer aggression with aggression. That was what our Teacher said when he said: “If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also” it was don’t answer violence with violence, that is the truth of his messages which you don’t understand, how was he going to say be a coward and dedicate to being slapped, no, it has a meaning, “Don’t answer violence with violence,” that if they took your tunic, then give them the cloak as well” because I think that the person was in more need of it, but, don’t judge why many people can fall in things that aren’t good and whom should be understood.
And always keep your inner peace, that smile, that grim frown shouldn’t exist, you should be at peace, preparing because you’re our students, you’re the ones we’ve selected among the suffering humanity, you’re the best we’ve found, don’t forget it, also all the ones who are listening, who are taking the messages seriously, who are being filled with all the knowledge, welcome, we’ve called everyone, not all can come all the way to this place, it is for all who is interested, but who makes the effort to change.

Then if you know that we’ve seen you as people who can think and reason and be part of what the Father asks you to be, life and love, then help us, don’t make so many mistakes, we still find you tripping, “Oh, Teacher! Well yes, I tripped, right now I’ll rub it and I’ll continue walking,” no, stop falling, walk with a firm step toward the light we’ve put in front and be part of what love is, don’t forget, if the Teacher says: “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they do,” well, understand them, what happens is that they don’t know what they’re doing, they haven’t received the message of hope, have received many hard knocks, have been offended many times, have been humiliated, the rancor is enfolding them completely and then when they get into drugs and alcohol and are stuffed with dead bodies and then all they do, then are wrong. Better think that they receive the opportunity to change and find something different, with the love that we bring and with the love that will be given for the future, because we hope evil won’t triumph and take many humans, that’s the dream of the Father and it is with which we have to work.

Then please, go back and check your feelings, don’t hold a grudge, don’t judge: “No, I think that he was very wicked or she envied me and maybe even cursed me,” if they did, we already blocked it, don’t think in anything that is denial, simply be beings that know how to love and comprehend and wish everyone that exists, to be able to find the path that can give them the peace and the happiness, because this Father wants for his children all the best and the best is going to be being able to live in an incredible place that we’re going to form and that also is going to be so that now forever know the happiness.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. September 9, 2014.

These messages and the meditation given this day, which is number 669 in the list of meditations, are available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See: Material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

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