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Messages of before and after meditation 664. August 15, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 664.  August 15, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

What can I say to make you feel more relaxed? Man needs a lesson, man does not listen to words or reasons. For man, everything has to be as he imagined because he feels the most intelligent of the universe of the Father, and when he can be told what he is doing as harm to his planet, he’s not going to listen. Why? Because unfortunately those who are destroying the planet are the powers and the powers do not want to lose their power, or want to lose their gold or want to lose their important position. So what we have to do is: astonish, shake, appear, and tell them they have to listen to the message that is going to be given to them; do things that really fill them with fear. This is already an authorization from the Father, to do things that frighten this very difficult humanity, so full of pride, so full of ideas that think are the super-men and no one can match them.

There already was a message that was given and that stopped everything, and also was recorded, a message that was heard and naturally believe it or not, it was me. This was already in another country and I want you to find out and you will see that it is true, that was just an example of what we can do. We can stop all the media and put our message, that our voice enters, why not, even our image. But we will require them to listen, that there are contacted, that there are good people who were working with us and that we protect this good people, to don’t even try to do anything against them because we have all the power that can imagine any being that is said to know the powers - do not know them. All those who are preparing with us already have all our protection, but we promised that you will board the craft physically, not as many say that were already taken to the ship and went on a trip, that went to other planets, that they went to the moons of Jupiter… all of that was not physical. Those who have been able to astral travel you can tell that you feel you are physically doing things, then all these people who have traveled, they traveled astrally. Physically we have to prepare a body very well, because the energy of the ships is very powerful and a person used to the energy of the Earth cannot enter, much less if they have meat in the body; if they have meat, and worse, to take some alcohol, no! - The poor person would burst, the only thing we would accomplish is to kill them - no, it cannot be. They have to be completely clean in their body, they have to be full of love, they have to be balanced, must have taken away hatreds, must have removed those resentments which think it is part of their way of thinking and living, and which don’t leave absolutely anything.

The grudge against a person means that you are not in balance. If that person did something to you, managed to keep you angry, well, that person had a dark being who wanted them to lose their balance. So all those who are with us have to make a deep examination of conscience, and cannot hold a grudge for anyone, have to understand the person that at a given time hurt you, and love him. Yes, to love as a brother who makes mistakes. A good brother does not judge his brothers, protects them, helps and usually wants them to have a better life.

So I want to ask you to be fully aware that who prepares with us has a strong protection, a dome that nothing passes through it. We have already told you that if you were in the middle of a shootout, the bullets would bounce; you would see the scare they would get because they can fire a cannon if they want, of course we will not let them do so much, it is only an example but they cannot touch you. But yes, something that weakens the dome is to feel conceited, to feel superior to others, who believe that by being protected by us can look at the others with some contempt, then part of that force breaks so you have to keep your simplicity, your love for all the beings you know and have to be totally calm. I could give an example something big: our Teacher Jesus. When he came to us, we saw him as a teacher, we didn’t know exactly where he had come from; he came with a very nice tunic, he approached us, exposing his knowledge, we began to admire him, we did not make ​​the mistake of asking him: where did you come from? Where are you going? We had a lot of respect, but never did we figure he was the favorite son of the Father, because the Father naturally, when He formed him, tried to do something bigger, much bigger than the one who became vain.  Great, because he gave him the strength of simplicity; great, because in his mind gave him all the power without him feeling at any time that could be superior to anyone - great in every way. So now the man is going to have to recognize that the Teacher of Teachers, which is the Lord Jesus, never will arrive with pride, or saying that will punish, or that at some point the sky will thunder because the Father is angry and will be struck down - no, because the Father in His greatness knows no anger. Imagine if he would get angry, would be quite a mess, but no, no, no, his greatness is his simplicity, His love for all that He has created. And at all times you have to be aware that our Father is with you all and that our Teacher is already working, as he is, has never lost his greatness because he has never lost his simplicity, has never lost any of the power the Father gave him, for he never became vain over it. He never would feel superior to anyone, for he knows that he does not feel superior because he feels all beings created by the Father as brothers. He does not feel superior as a superior Father, feels as a brother to all. So promise me you will keep that simplicity and if we give you power at the given moment that already we took you in the ship and you return looking different, you aren’t going to be bragging, but will come as the simplest being, friendlier, more full of light and love because it is the way you will be able to retain it, then the protection is not broken. Must have protection because evil will try to hurt you and at no time we’ll allow them to touch you. So tell me: are you meditating lovingly? Are you practicing what we teach? Are you working with your mind? Are you working with your senses? Are you working with the fact of not fearing the future? Not to be afraid anymore of debt which is one of the things that keeps you totally dismayed. Already be calm. We have said that we are beings that we can protect, that we have an unprecedented power, but that power the Father gave it us to, but we do not feel superior to anyone.

Therefore, please meditate, to work and limit yourselves to always be children of the Father with the simplicity with which he manifests with his children and that our Teacher feels proud of all who want to work for his mission. Let us be one force and that the Father continues giving us strength because this planet is truly invaded in a terrible way by the dark beings. I know these beings suddenly will appear to the President of somewhere and they will want to threaten you, be calm, you will say: We are only giving a message, no one is going to take your place, or your place as president, or your White House or power house - we are only giving a message that comes from those ships that are being seen in the sky. So prepare very well because the greatest is about to start and the greatest is going to happen at this time and is not true that we do not know your time, we are in your time because it is this planet that we’ll save not ours, then we have to be in your time. We’re going to work now and let it be the Father, I repeat, who continues to give us strength because evil wants to take humanity, that's all we want to prevent, evil will not burst the planet, but wants to take the humanity and the Father keeps asking us to rescue his children because he loves them so much that he does not want to lose them.

Message after the meditation:

I know that for you, to wait already has become a habit: to hope, to dream... They say, "What better thing can I do than to better keep waiting; the world doesn’t offer me anything, the world offers me pain, distress, an uncertain future, diseases, epidemics now are getting ugly as ever, then, if the world does not offer me anything, then what do I do, thinking I will get angry and then I will no longer be listening to the messages of the Teachers,” but also do so with the interest that will be beings who will be able to receive a very big prize for having been able to listen, with the interest to know that could change your bad habits? In a quick way? Calmly? Convincingly and that you are trying to get other people to listen that life should be respected, I think it’s something very simple. But this much I tell you, that our message is to the whole world, it goes to the whole world, and that we can get in the media and they’ll hear us because they’ll hear us, that we can do and they will respect what we determine, and they'll respect who are going to talk about us. All are ready for the greatest, the greatest thing imaginable. Life is the most beautiful thing that can exist... I think that is fair to end the uncertainty of this world, and to end the injustice and the pain, the disease, the poverty, but more the poverty of the spirit which is the most terrible, to put an end to poverty, that whosoever today wants to be important in the sense of not being better than another, but important to the Father, to know what love is. Therefore, all we ask is: love yourselves, respect everything around you, talk to your peers when they want to hear, but I promised you that they will listen, filled with fear: "Let’s see, tell us! Now I want to know, now I want you to explain to me, and now I want you to tell me, and now I want to understand, and now I want, and now I want ..." Well! For now please be steadfast and get to study because the time is up and you have little time to belong to the beings that will see a New Dawn which will be wonderful on this earth. But I know you want to pass your loved ones and with love we're going to help, but please continue preparing yourselves. Don’t listen to those who mock you or hear anything that other human beings say; you are you, our beloved siblings whom we will give everything promised, because the time is now.

I repeat the "already" in which I say again too ... well, I found it a little funny that you said that maybe we had an hourglass which was clogged... no, the time is fulfilled and we are beings that fulfill our promises and you’re not going to say that much work and so much effort, and so much calling people... of course all those who left, are going to come back, I’m not telling you that it’ll be filled here to meditate because it will not be much time, but will want to acquire the messages and will want to rebuild what they left behind and they will say: I do believe, what happens is that I had a lot of work, I do believe, it’s just that I became a little desperate, my family made ​​fun, but I do believe, but I'm here. In the "I'm here", we will give the opportunity again, do not worry, but you feel yourself proud to have been faithful and steadfast in representing this message, despite the 21st of December which many could not understand and now they are going to realize that it was only a marking of a time and that time already has come to completion.  Be prepared that it is time, and life will begin for you and complete happiness, too.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. August 15, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 664 in the list of meditations, can be purchased in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos" - Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

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Messages of before and after meditation 663. August 9, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 663, dictated on August 9, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When we see that there’s faith, wishing to totally triumph, not only to receive but to give, because your dream is to live better in a new world, in a worthy planet for the beings who inhabit it, in a place where an authentic peace exists, where diseases don’t exist, where the children grow healthy, free, without prejudices, without borders, without discrimination, just as we live in our worlds.

We are beings who have our worlds so perfect that naturally everything in them is peace and harmony. Having had achieved on our own that peace, the Father gave us the power we have to be able to spread it in the place that he reigns which is the Universe itself. Life is what he gave us, don’t forget it, and life is one - eternal, we’re all eternal. There’s no one that says: “Someday I’ll disappear,” because that’s not true. Every being that lives is going to live eternally. First, it started in a distant time when started to form their body, to form their mind, to create for themselves, to use a vocabulary that allowed them to understand each other, to know the place where they were, but naturally, since we did achieve to realize how wonderful it was to live in a paradise, we advanced so rapidly, thus we can say that we never had a fall, we did make mistakes because everyone makes them but never a fall and never evilness, that didn’t enter our worlds.

For this reason it is that now that we’re in a world in which peace doesn’t exist, love doesn’t exist, doesn’t exist something that is called “life,” life, but really to know it. Who knows what happens when the body is left behind? There are myths and ideas: that the soul exists, that have seen spirits wandering, that have seen some souls appear; then they have an idea that yes, of course that exists another life, but what you really see is not very pleasant. We want you to know that the Father destined a wonderful place for all of his children to continue ahead. That have been wrong here, well, the mistakes have been terrible during many ages, we can’t even say that we found a time at which there was authentic peace. The warriors were always there, there were always the people who said that felt superior, always started the kingdom which was one of the worst mistakes, and we always saw that there were those who felt superior and humiliated their fellow beings and they allowed it because that’s the saddest, because if is not accepted that someone has to lead all that is done wrongly, then wouldn’t do all that has happened.

Complete armies serving a being who full of haughtiness believes that can govern an entire country, well, at the beginning were villages, later turned into countries and everything became a place in which the blood was spread continuously. Why? What happened to the human being? What did the human being feel when started doing so many terrible things as was precisely the fact of going as far as destroying a life? Why? What makes you think that at a moment you had a reason? No, there’s no reason to destroy, there isn’t a reason to stop a life, any life. But started to learn things that weren’t within the divine laws of the Father, it was when naturally, started taking possession of Earth a being of death who planned keeping this planet as he kept another one in another time, but naturally he wasn’t taking in consideration that we were going to be keeping an eye of everything that happens here, but we didn’t achieve what we thought achieving. It was difficult, very difficult approaching man since they deify everything, they transform everything in their beliefs, they divide even to have faith in God, and started to form a bunch of Gods because each part of nature that impressed them, had to be a God what ruled it and it didn’t occur thinking that a single mind could have created so many things and so many wonders. Who confused you? Well, we’re going to blame the being of death so that you don’t say – we were at blame for everything, but naturally you are guilty for having heard and not use your reasoning to say to yourselves: I’m a being that thinks and that only in the love find the peace. Because definitely, he who doesn’t recognize that with love finds peace, then I believe is quite diverted.

Then we’re going to work much, an entire humanity confused, an entire humanity divided, an entire humanity where don’t know each other, for not even in a country can say that are united for something praiseworthy, because even the religions dedicate to threaten with the eternal fire, with the divine punishment if they don’t obey the laws that are imposing… what are those laws? Laws created by man? Or, laws marked by a being of death which went on taking over the mind of the men and went on imposing his will in all that represents this planet.

But, why didn’t all fall? Well, because there have been those who have been able to think more or less and then later did come great Teachers and we did all possible to be heard and we appeared, remember that we’ve told you before, each time they saw us they named us: angels, archangels or gods, and right away would fell on their knees, they deified us because we looked different, because we were luminous. But we never wanted to be superior to anyone, we never said: “You have to obey.” We’ve always conveyed thoughts of love, but the times have passed by, the times have ended, the planet kept its continuous spin and the sun continued walking to mark the time of the times in which had to be the definite change – the evolution. The authentic evolution, passing already from one dimension to another and knowing that in that dimension are going to find something even greater, stronger, more luminous, more full of life, for the Father is always keeping an eye on all that he’s created.

Then, what will we be able to do for this humanity? Well, we’ve already said it many times, doing it the right way they don’t understand. If we, let’s say it this way, put certain doctrines, not imposed, we’ve never liked to impose a law, everything has to be reasoned, that it takes them toward love, toward life, not toward imposition and fear. And sadly, we ended up in this time with having to frighten, because they don’t listen, we don’t see peace, we haven’t seen that they’ve really learned from the Great Teachers, much less from a Teacher so great that… there are those who say that “ just because he was crucified and that’s why he’s remembered.”
They don’t know him, don’t understand him because he left a wonderful message that soon will be known fully, there’s only one part of his message but how wonderful it was that didn’t forget him. His presence lasted during 2000 years and now his complying with a divine law: to teach man to believe. Well, to believe because you see, not to believe because you listen, because feel, because your mind tells you what is a truth and what isn’t, for you can be united to respect each other, for you can unite in couples to form authentic homes, not homes that now each time last less time, because always end up divided, they don’t understand each other and don’t give the children the image of what a true home is, much less now that have shaken the Earth with the wars, after the wars the idea of a home was totally broken.

Now you are going to say: “There have always been wars,” well yes, but there were times at which it seemed that families were formed and from one moment to another, evil triumphed doing that the men filled with pride, attack their fellow beings to tell them they are superior and could destroy them and subjugate and enslave them, oh because the slavery has been the most “wonderful” that man has been able to do. Therefore, now we’re going to have to use a little of fear, if they understand with fear then to think: They’ve arrived, they’re here, who are they? If they’re the angels , no, the angels don’t use ships, the angels have to come to care for us, to serve us; the angels are slaves of the Father and the slaves of men.

That’s the idea when they say that the angel has no free will, thus they don’t think of us as warriors who authentically have big families and a knowledge of many ages of evolution and who don’t want to say to you: “You look inferior because you didn’t like to think.” Then, searching with much care the people who wish to progress, to love, and who understand the main message: Respect for life, it has seemed incredible for us to find minds who accept the respect for life. Because there are those who say: “Well, I was invited to eat and I’m not going to despise being given chicken” or “a pig” or “a lamb,” everything they kill; no, you do have to despise it because no one can feel proud of eating a corpse, thus when we are choosing the people and we see that they do respond to us and we see that they do feel love for these animals, feel love for their children whom don’t want to see sick, or violent, because by killing an animal there’s violence, by subjugating it, by raising it, well, it’s supposed that with love because are giving them to eat, but enclosed to later take it and kill it with violence and they see it very natural. They make parties killing an animal in front of everyone, twisting the neck of the chicken or simply making them feel proud of seeing how they kill a pig or a goat, or cattle, which is impressive that an animal so big ends up subjugated by the will of man.

Then I want you to realize that if you already listen to us, all of the ones who have done it for love, because many didn’t do it for love, many did it for the so wonderful promise we made of a change, the promise that the time was already coming at which all would become a true paradise, at which were going to be given houses, work, peace, tranquility, but when there was a setback they showed that didn’t understood the message because they went directly to by their tacos, their meat or simply, as many said: “You see, nothing happened! You can eat meat now.”  That is, they didn’t understand the message, but the ones who reasoned stayed, the ones who determined that could live loving nature, loving themselves, and preparing because there has to be a change; if there weren’t a change, where would the future of this planet lead? To end as a total disaster, there wouldn’t be life already. Mainly now that invented their most powerful weapons, well it was going to end devastated and I believe that there yes, evil would feel proud because he could exterminate the life of this planet and take all the souls, because by attacking there’s hatred, when they attack they feel hatred for the enemy, then those souls are in the hands of this being of death.

Therefore I say, evil also succeeded, in the final time was like a desperate effect to make them feel powerful destroying the planet, doing tests with a lethal weapon as are the nuclear tests and perforating the entire planet everywhere to extract something so essential as is the shock absorber of the Earth, contaminate the entire planet and furthermore, leaving it out of balance. Then for this reason they complain about the contamination and that need to have less cars and who knows what things, crowded in a city because don’t know how to build more extensive houses; everything has become a chaos. 

But we’re ready to call man, everyone in general be it good, be it wicked. The good are going to help us precisely so that the message is heard as is, the wicked, well, let’s hope they reconsider because if they want to continue being wicked because there are those who have the evilness rooted, then they can go with the being of death that they want to venerate. Is painful to say it because it is as if we were saying coldly: “Since they’re going to get lost, they can go.” No, is very sad, we don’t like the idea of getting rid of the men who don’t know how to think and who accumulated evilness and an out of proportion ambition to be the most powerful. Gold, gold, gold! They turned everything into gold, of course, not the metal because they’re finishing that, but in a specific way where they can be powerful – the more money you have, you’re worth more-, - if you don’t have money, you’re not worth a thing-, and then the ones who can accumulate gold go on subjugating their fellow beings. For this reason I say that we are in the last time. We let the centuries pass by, we took many souls who learned to evolve because there were those who actually did; there has always been good people, and many souls who were already ready to pass to another dimension wanted to work for this mission.

A mission of utmost importance that really created a Teacher who determined that in one way or another, could return to the Father his children, and all who are full of faith and hope are going to realize they had a moment of clarity, and it seems of sacrifice, because coming to have the problems that have on the Earth, well is nothing pleasant, but are going to end, don’t worry.

Now yes, we’re going to clean the Earth to the depths of its foundations, we’re going to make the perfect selection, but we’re going to frighten, why? Because at least thinking that aren’t going to be part of the election of human beings that can live a change, then with that is enough to be worrying and then start repenting and have fear, because as we’ve told you, they’re going to try to use their weapons against the ships, are going to try to attack us, are going to try to say that here the men of the Earth are superior, and are going to see that can’t do absolutely anything against us, because any shot that comes out, will be a destroyed shot. And then later are going to see that yes, we already told you that we’re going to bring many people inside our ships, that is, many human ships, so that many human beings can also receive all that we want to teach, but the ones who have really prepared are going to go up by crossing a light and are going to receive the prize and are going to descend full of love to be heard.

Noise, all the noise possible, if they make so much noise with the war, then we’re going to make noise because evil believes that he triumphed with that. All the beings of the darkness hiding, happy because have the entire humanity taken, all drinking their poison of alcohol, eating corpses and also, we’re just seeing that now even children have fallen into drugs. The drugs is indeed the worst destruction that could’ve invented and they know it and however they fall for it, and furthermore they want to earn much money to at least be powerful for a time, to have a luxurious residence, and also with a weapon on their hand, be respected; that’s not being respected, that’s being hated and feared. But for this reason everything is ready.

Imagine that in the sky start appearing the ships as they do in the wars here on the Earth: the sky starts to be populated with ships, but then start to run because are going to get scared, but are going to see that the only thing we send is light and that many people are going to come up and later are going to give a message of hope to this humanity. Now is the time, therefore, I ask that those who listen to us with much love, to do first an exam of consciousness: Did you really stopped eating death for love and respect to life, for the love of the Father who created it all? And if you’re ready feeling like beings that really learned to love, then you have to prepare that now everything is ready for the Great Movement, because the time has come to completion and the planet can’t stay without the alignment.

Now all the planets are aligning and we have the commitment with the Father that this planet won’t disintegrate and to send evil to his domains, for that we do have power. Frightening these beings, we’re going to be putting them inside the spheres, but that they don’t take so many humans because right now they have them trapped totally. Then don’t ask us for clairvoyance because you would receive the scare of your life if you would start to see with all clarity the beings of the darkness who are on top of the human beings; and above all things, the more elegant is seen a party, the more beings are yelling proud of having had them under their power. Also in the simple parties, but all those who are dulling their mind eating a dead body, have a being of darkness on top of them; we won’t let you see that because you’ll receive a major scare. But prepare that we’re ready.

This is a time of changes and the change is already in course and we know that we count with you, but yes, do your exam of consciousness, that you really don’t eat what you call “flesh”? Does it sound prosaic? Because you love life, you love the animals, you love the Father, you love yourselves, you love your body and you want to be part of something so great as is the mission of saving this humanity, and that the Father fills us with light to be able to be triumphant and not lose so many humans as we would lose at this time. At least that we take many to another planet, but that they won’t go to the darkness. You know this is the purpose, that they don’t go to the darkness.

Therefore this meditation that we’re going to give you has with it also all our love. And remember, all the meditations that we’ve prepared is so that you can receive knowledge and in your mind can penetrate the love and the force that we can convey so that you can feel how we are by your side to give you life.

Message after the meditation:

What does it mean for you to still believe that the change is coming? And I say “still believe” because we see that many times there are people who feel discouraged: “Oh! Nothing happens! You tell us many beautiful things but we continue the same, we continue with economic problems, we continue seeing that everyone in the house or in many places there are many quarrels. What’s happening? But, why don’t you want to give us the date?” Remember that it’s going to be surprising.

We’ve never given an exact date because remember that you also like to talk too much, as it happened this time on December 21st of 2012; oh, what a catastrophe was caused for a change of time! That we also couldn’t begin what already had to be done which was to be fixing the planet, for evil has the Earth taken totally. Is a real plague so that you can compare, taking over the human beings, and you observe the rest of the people when you say: “How many do you know who don’t eat meat and who don’t drink alcohol and who also are united as family?”

There’s also where there’s another problem, that many of you do have children who are better or that have brothers whom want to convince, but remember it, it wasn’t possible for that day to be the definite date but the definite date is already marked. It’s not in a day, everything is going to be happening gradually until the moment comes when the Earth is clean and all those beings that learned to love can enjoy this wonderful paradise that we’re going to form. Because will descend the ships that have all that we’re going to put in the Earth but we have to fix it first, must clean the seas, must remove all the spilled blood, must remove all the trash, must remove all the radiations, must clean it even from viruses because the diseases are spreading throughout the Earth in a terrible way; then we have to do all of that but don’t think that it’s going to take us years, no! It’s going to be fast - so fast that you’ll be surprised how we can work at an impressive speed.

Therefore, if you have had faith, have listened to us, you come: “Oh, let’s see if now the Teacher says something that fills us with joy and give us a date!” The date is set, is from one moment to another, but now, don’t think that is one of these days, because for example, if we let the volcanoes explode, imagine all that is going to happen, and is trembling everywhere because the earth is opening, then we can’t take long. Thus I say, everything is ready and you’re going to receive with much joy, I know it, all that represents our presence because you listen with love, with love follow us, with love obtain your messages and with love will be able to convey this message of hope to the beings you love and who don’t listen; don’t worry, all are going to listen, we make sure of that.

Now, you also tell us: “Why haven’t you put a stop to the slaughterhouses?” Is going to be something very impressive how will have to put an end to that slaughter so terrible that is doing the human being because they have to acknowledge it and it’s going to be fast because we can’t say: “Well, within a few years!” No! Because within a few years there’s nothing left already - the planet ended and the humanity ended and then are even eating one another, that would be terrible. We can’t really wait any longer. Please, be calm, just do all that we ask: your meditation, your inner peace.

Yes, it can be done, even if it seems hard, you can have inner peace because it is when you are at peace with all the beings that you know and you feel that someday you’ll show them this path because I know that you would like to convey it to all the members of you family, friends, everyone you know, that you know many good people, a little stubborn because don’t want to say, in a given time, that listen but are going to listen. Because you’re going to see all of them running when they see the sky covered with ships, when they see that are passing one after another and when they see all the American fighter craft and all of that, shooting, will be stunned of seeing all that is happening above, and you’ll see if they don’t listen. We are going to make much noise, I promise that this is now, and that it is at any time now because it is the time and the time has come to completion.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. August 9, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 663 in the list of meditations, can be acquired in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlán, Morelos, México. (Ver sección “Eventos” – Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.