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Messages of before and after meditation 649. June 9, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 649. June 9, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When we see that there’s resignation because one day the sun rises and it sets, and it rises and it sets, and it rises again, and you waiting for the ships to arrive. I want you to understand that this is very, very serious, remember that we are at war; we’re doing a perfect plan to attack evil and evil is defending himself because he has almost the entire humanity trapped. We have to do something so impressive but unexpectedly, we’re not going to be notifying little by little, that a ship is seen here and that another one was seen over there, like right now, you’ve seen that the ships are sighted everywhere, is talked much about who are they; they invent stories, contactees emerge out of nowhere but we have something very, very strong that we’re going to achieve against those beings that at a given time feel proud because “they won the war.” Do you know how many he has trapped? Just calculate how many are toward the meat and the alcohol and we add to it the drugs, it’s a huge amount. Each time the drug addicts increase because they have many problems, that because no one understands them, that because are upset even with God, that because the world is very bad, that because… they give all the excuses there could be to stop being beings that think. That’s the reason, it totally hinders their thoughts, but we don’t give up; each one of us chose a human being, and all the human beings have one of us near and all of us are ready to do something that can really impress you, and above all things, to remove all that fear they carry, but how? By appearing millions of ships, the fear will increase because remember that the beings of the darkness have managed to make movies, stories, videos and who knows what things about being kidnappers; I believe that more kidnappers than there are on the Earth, why do you want more, but have done it exactly because evil doesn’t want us to triumph.

He has his prey trapped in a terrible way and these human beings that don’t want to think, are giving us many problems because we see normal people, people that work, people that look after their family but totally stubborn on that it’s right to kill to eat and stubborn on that they have to have their drink… and having that drink is becoming a terrible habit because they really drink too much, many, many, many more than you imagine. We’ve seen how they take refuge in places where they serve them to drink, there are countries, you know it very well where they just go inside the cantina or bar, however you want to call it, they sit down in the bar and start serving alcohol until they feel more dull, they pay and go, and leave all their energy in the hands of the being that is pressuring them.

Evil is already succeeding. We promised the Father that in one way or another, we would triumph, then we have to grab this being of death by surprise, we have to do something really very, very strong, whether by astonishing or also by doing to already be heard and they say that the Bible says, and that naturally the end of the world would be seen. You know very well that there never will be an end of the world; the Father is never going to destroy what he created, neither will we take care of destroying a planet that we know that belongs to a planetary system and to a galaxy that we have to look after.

Then they’re going to think that yes, that already arrived either the invaders or the final judgment, there’s where we are going to start working because they’re going to run to the temples, are going to fill them with human beings asking forgiveness because “teacher Jesus is already coming to judge the living and the dead,” they say. Well, the ones that departed, well, are already in their judgment or are where they belong to be, some are studying, others are wandering and others went to the darkness, and more than you imagine evil has managed to trap. Right now he has a great amount totally dedicated to him, they totally already lost the sanity, are now doing rituals that are frightening, if they seem frightening to us, imagine if you would see them. The ways in which they make the rituals so that evil gives them power, you have seen more or less that they cut the head of a black chicken and start to spray the blood and that with that are going to have power, what they don’t see is the being of death that is working at that moment to possess that being whom are giving power with the blood of the black chicken, let’s assume. Now, they also do it with other animals, but what is worse, they now do it with humans. Then we are really preparing the attack, the invasion against evil.

My brother Axel is totally busy but he does come at times to give his message but he is the one that is organizing all the ships, therefore, when there is a powerful army that has to plan the attack against the beings that have to send to the place where they belong and who don’t want to, because naturally, to grab and put them in the spheres is easy, but evil knows very well that we don’t kill, imagine how we would look by throwing dark beings with a live human being. It would be terrible, would be being the same as the being of death who is hindering our work. But I ask this from you: continue preparing yourselves, continue speaking with whom you can that if they don’t listen – it doesn’t matter, you’re sowing; that man doesn’t want to listen because man says that you are the ones who are crazy and that the kids are going to be malnourished and that they need their animal protein because it occurred to them to think that the dead animal gives strength to a human being, then imagine the depravation in which this being that says that thinks has fallen, for naturally, the one who thinks that must kill to eat, well, is totally deranged. That’s what is sad, and I say this because this world is full of beings defending, as if will be taken away the bread from the mouth, that have to eat the animals.

And the animals paying the consequences, thus when we do something astonishing, we have to rescue them also and we’re going to motivate man to be able to think, to repent – to repent from their sins … well, normally they no longer know what a “sin” is because they now do things already out of habit: are fighting among themselves, are destroying the image of other human beings but with such an avidity, that it seems perfect to be, as you say, in the gossip doing harm, hurting each other; the families all are against each other and there better not be an inheritance because then did return the man or woman who left them the inheritance and turned their own children into enemies. They stop loving each other and fight for a little piece of land: “No, I got 12 meters and you took 15,” –“No, I got the other 12 and …” even for a strip of land are fighting and can end up hating each other. We are observing everyone, now imagine the ones that leave millions; well those are indeed capable of killing as long as the millions aren’t taken away. And the crimes increase and the humanity cries, and the man feels lost, the economy is at rock bottom because are also planning in what way can put an end to everyone’s economy, for they plan to keep the great businesses and in one way or another, have them as slaves.

There are people that say, for example, the man that was going to do good things here, that had joined the communism, that’s not communism, that’s abuse; to enslave a country as it happened precisely to Cuba and now is happening to Venezuela, they’re already slaves, don’t know how to get out of that. They don’t know what to do, if they protest are killed and are killed in a very unpleasant way, very sad and that was also done in another country and is being done in other countries. On the other side, what is called all that is Ukraine, Poland, all of that, is happening the same thing and in others as well because are protesting since aren’t agreeing with the government, for it is assumed that the government is to be blamed for everything they have now as problems and then the entire planet is bad.  But what about that the planet already moved, it seems that the planet is the one doing the vengeance, now yes, the climates change – tornadoes where the human being would never see them before. Let’s see, what’s a tornado doing, let’s suppose, in an island as England if the tornadoes are from a deserted area  how they are formed and that place is completely populated, and they had their tornado, why? Well, because everything is wrong, the entire Earth is deranged, all human beings are seeing that can no longer handle the climates and can no longer handle all that represents the fears to tremors; of course, have hammered the planet to the depths of its foundations: all is broken, is perforated. And naturally, they continue defending that with the oil they become wealthy, and the oil is what provides many to eat, supposedly, when in reality what they’re doing is to contaminate the planet as ever, ending with all that are the hopes of the human beings; can no longer breathe well with the contamination that gives off the famous oil, and above all, now the burning of the trash which is definitely not degradable because all that are the plastics and rubber that the oil makes, is being contaminated even more.

Then also the animals, the insects, are reproducing in a way that defend themselves because are also attacking all that is around and then, tell me, what can man do against this? Nothing. Then, what are we going to do? Descend, make much noise, call man and for that we prepared… for us all the ones we called in one way or another are going to return and are going to speak and are going to say: “And I that backed down, but no, I think that yes, they’re there, I saw them! Now I do want to board a ship! No, no, no Teacher Alaniso, we promise that now we won’t eat meat again! We’ll behave well; we won’t have our drink which was very tasty. No Teacher Alaniso, we will go back to the teaching you gave us, we’ll see if we receive the messages, we’ll see what we do to learn, and we’ll see what we can achieve.” That there was a young man that put them on the internet, on one hand is good that they’re listening, but naturally aren’t appreciating them as should value them the one that can acquire them, then, if wouldn’t give them away, are heard, then acquire them, and when you pay something that also is not something that’ll leave you poor, then you give it value and are reviewing them because is a homework. Don’t tell me that because you listen to them over the Internet, you memorized everything that we said, and what we said has more depth than what a human can normally know.

Then I say: do you believe that there’s much time left? How much do you believe the planet would handle? How much do you believe that the human being would handle before they end up killing each other, with a terrible desperation due to the unemployment which causes all the assaults, now all are becoming vicious to obtain something they need, how much time do you believe that can handle? And what, we’re going to be contemplating from above, riding around, “Oh, look how bad everyone is”? No, we have a plant.
Then, all those who listen to us, prepare because you are going to work for us now. Well, for us, for your brothers, above all, for the Father that continues insisting that we rescue his children from the error in which they live because he loves you as you are. And that evil doesn’t continue taking so many souls because that’s why it increased much the amount of dark beings that are filling up this earth in a terrible way and that’s what the human being cannot see, nor we’re going to allow them see, for if you would see suddenly, what you call the third eye, I believe that you would end up with a total madness. A few that have opened a channel and start to hear voices and start to feel disturbed, are given medicine that because are crazy and then it wouldn’t be possible that can be happy having your famous “third eye” open. The only thing that we ask is that you speak, listen how everyone is and you’re going to see that everyone has an amount of problems, especially of rancor, of hatred against other people, of total insecurity, fear, much fear: fear of the future, fear to lose the little they have, fear of even going out on the street because already go out fearful for could be assaulted somewhere there and are going to take away all they have, no longer want to have a nice car because will be taken away and even a car that is not so nice, it still became a good business to be assaulting the people taking away their belongings.

For this reason we say, the ones that listen to us and do all that we ask and remove all they have as death in their house and listen with love, we put a dome of protection – nothing can happen and wherever they go are protected. Therefore, as we say, don’t forget, you have what you call a “bodyguard,” we liked the word, a bodyguard of more than 2 and half meters tall, with an incredible power but remember that we don’t destroy, we only protect and we’re observing all the other human beings to see in what way we can reach the little of sanity that we can find in them. Then continue preparing yourselves, continue listening to our messages that from one moment to another everything starts. We don’t notify when but will be a day on which you find yourselves with the sky filled with ships, the people running and all those who you tried to have them listen to the message, now they will hear it. Therefore, prepare because as I say, there cannot be much time left, how much would the planet last in the destruction received, then would have indeed the end of the world that so much proclaim and we have to prevent that end of the world because this planet has to pass reconstructed in a very short time, that it can align to the other planets and can pass to the other dimension. Then please, don’t despair, it’s already the time and we are with you so that all that we’ve said can be fulfilled.

Message after the meditation:

You’ve just heard something that I know that you could think it was going to happen, we’re describing step by step what we’re going to do, the only thing we don’t give is dates because remember you are heard by the beings of the darkness and then, they would be alert at the moment. Well, you know how things are: the beings of the darkness are preparing themselves, also are getting armed  and that they are going to be able to win and that how many humans they have and they challenge us to add the good ones there are, people that never would kill, at least their fellow beings, right? Because is a big amount of the ones that say that must kill to eat, that is indeed terrible but at least that don’t kill their fellow beings, then is a more or less substantial number. But the number increased already much, evil is taking over many minds because is really totally absorbing their thoughts, going inside, then when you see that there are crimes you can’t conceive, think that is precisely the fact that evil took over those minds. As we’ve said, one that is possessed don’t think that throws himself to the floor with a rough voice, is acting it, are the beings of evil, that’s already possessions, aren’t beings that have their own thought – they have dominated them. And even so, we have the hope of rescuing them because that part they have left of their own, that part that they still have left of their own thought because haven’t erased it completely, is going be what repents, what goes out running to a church to hit their chest or fall in front an image they have, asking forgiveness. There’s where we take advantage, there’s where we take from them the dark being that even if they want to grab strong to the human being they trapped, we can remove them because at that moment are praying, and are asking for forgiveness, and are crying out for God to listen because they did wrong and want God to forgive them, as they say, or we see many venerating the Virgin as they say, but in one way or another they still pray. That’s what evil hasn’t been able to defeat, of course, there are those who already are exclusively dedicated to venerate the being of death, but no, there aren’t many, the majority of the ones that are there as drug dealers, or gangsters, or assailants or the like, no, they say that God still help them and that he has to understand that if they don’t have money, they have to get it at any means. And then, if you go to their houses, they have their image, they still pray and still make the sign of the cross before going to work, as they say, which is when they go to steal. For them is a job but now at least we know that in one way or another we’re going to make them repent and then is when we remove from them the being that is totally inside their mind, but cannot possess them 100%, they can’t because each mind was created by the Father and each one has their own individuality, then what they do is dominate them in a way to think in unpleasant things where is assumed that they turn into assassins, very, very proud of their labor, but there is still that part; there’s that part they haven’t been able to remove which is of each one, their individuality and is where we can work.

But… we’re going to tell the Father that if he wants to give us more power, we accept it, the war is tough. The war is tough because evil has absorbed too much energy from the human beings and has much power, and despite that the Father gave us much power, we’re going to ask even more because we are really seeing that this being of death took too much advantage of man’s weakness to take them to their domains. He wants them as slaves, he wants them, and according to him is his army whom he’s going to give power, but slaves. Fortunately won’t have matter, but will remain there as deformed spirits, but no, they won’t have matter again or be born again to reincarnate unless at a given moment they repent and start asking for mercy, there in the dark side and start asking God for forgiveness and that emerges that part that was still their own mind, still will be able to be rescuing them. We see it still a little difficult and of much time but I do say this, that we are beings that have power and that we’re going to triumph and that if all of you, the ones that listen to us, are willing to work and for love no longer feed on death, then feel proud of yourselves because for us you are our angels who can help us in this difficult mission.

Many are the ones who now listen to us, not the amount we would want but enough so that can also make think the ones that didn’t want to, that is not a total possession, only are with their bad habit of eating the dead, but drinking that alcohol but evil has not been able to dominate completely. Then you can get them out from all of that because aren’t total possessions, there’s still that part, that part that we can still rescue. You know them, many times you say “but they’re good,” only that they don’t want to leave the meat, don’t want to leave the alcohol and don’t want to stop fighting because that’s another thing that is seen continuously, but you say: “But they aren’t wicked,” no, no, they don’t kill, don’t assault, don’t do those type of things, then there’s that part that they still dominate of their own. And I know that you are going to help us, then feel proud because for us you are our angels that are going to help us much more than you imagine in this difficult mission. And is going to be the Father who is going to give his blessings for having achieved being triumphant in this time at which we have say that you’re going to participate fully in the salvation of this humanity that the Father loves so much and that doesn’t want to lose.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. June 9, 2014.

The meditation given this day, which is number 649 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de  material.)
Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

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Messages of before and after meditation 648. June 6, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages before and after meditation 648. June 6, 2014. 

Message before the meditation:

I know that for you, the waiting has seemed eternal because as you do not know what we are doing, as you do not see us at all times what we are really doing, you feel that there is nothing, that we do not move, that we don’t put the ships, that we don’t impact humanity. Remember, we have told you that this is going to be suddenly: at a given moment will happen all we have warned you. We have a commitment, do not forget, a very strong commitment to the Father. Millions of human beings eating the dead every day, millions; we walk the planet and gives us great pain to see the total ignorance in which humans live in, we feel sad, worried, knowing that in addition, the foolishness is what characterizes you when you think you do everything right. Then hearing the doctors say that you have to eat fish at least; all that we say, just ask the doctors how radiation of a fish is removed, or how to take away the pain they felt when were caught. But since they are not interested, they will say, "You have to eat," they say, "at least salmon" as if it is also so cheap, right? But they have to do something and be heard. 

I want all of you who have been with us so long, if it had been from the beginning, there are few who have been from the beginning, but I do say: everything, absolutely everything promised is about to be fulfilled; everything that we have said is very true, everything that we have asked from you, we want you to fulfill it to us too. So all we ask is, do not trouble, trust us. We know how things are in the world economically; we see how are abusing those with money with who don’t. We see how it has become a nightmare the needing of money; accepting money, for example, from a bank and the bank then drives them crazy with their collections of money that really is not fair what they are asking, but as they have a very short time that can do this, you will see the scare when are interrupted all communications and get blocked all the controls that have on the money of others, do you think that we cannot do it? We will not take away what little have who has saved a little money, we will know what to block and what we have to do, how we will do so the man has peace, and so that the human being can say, "I can sleep peacefully" because at this point we see in the cities that of the peace have nothing, of tranquility much less, also to say "I will close my eyes, I slept quiet" it is not possible because they are afraid that a thief may go in, that something will happen for tomorrow, having a stomach ache and hope is not a cancer; if you have someone who is sick and may not be that is going to die, because they see that the medicine is not meeting expectations of healing that they need. Why have not been able to do it? Because do not reach the moment they have to ask how they live, what are the conditions in which they are working and what they feel especially when all that happens is adverse.

Therefore, man is getting sick much, and man cannot live in peace, and the man does not know to live among brothers, let's say, because we are all brothers. They are always looking for some defect in the person who is close, they are always saying that they are bad and a person is not, and they are always fighting; is a way to hear them complain, mourn, feel loneliness, saying "No one understands me, I just know what I feel and no one can understand what I feel, then they tell me I have an angel but if I do not see him, how  can I tell him my problems," and how are they going to see us if they are completely misplaced, so naturally in order to envision at least the presence of the being that accompanies you, you need total peace that we have not seen yet in none. A peace that can be achieved, simply not be listening to what others say, do not be thinking that they are against you, do not say "he did to me," no one can do anything to you if you don’t accept it, if you feel at peace with yourself, they can say what they want about any person, but should not accept, simply: “I am not, I have not thought about doing anything they say, and I'll think about  that person that what he wants is for me to prove him that  I can really be his friend.”

I believe that friendship is something that is very shallow on Earth, understanding is not something that we see among humans, but what we see is that just for money already will do anything, even kill - kill a human being. Because we are not surprised that they you kill animals to sell their meat, it seems very logical to you: the animal does not feel, the animal does not think, the animal, well is a being which the Father put so the man could quench their hunger; the animal is despised by humans when they do not realize that is as son of the Father as is the man. But we see everyone looking at ways to earn some money in order to feel safe, then where do you keep it? The bank is going to steal, under the mattress it will be worse, put a safe in your home also, I believe it is the same to store it in a safe hidden in your home and to put it in the bank, equally does not give credit to anything, can be a little safer and not so much because the thieves already know where is a safe box and already have tricks to open them, then where is the security?

The first thing I want to say is this: we give you the security; one that meets all that we ask them, who listens to us and seeks their inner peace, and death does not enter their home, we put the protection; we will not put barbed wire, nor will we put electrification, or nonsense like that, we will put a dome which the human being cannot pass through because it totally rejects the one who comes with bad intentions, or they may feel like they do not see the house and the person who is with us also becomes something invisible to attackers. What do we ask? That you love, to respect the life that the Father created, not to drink the poison of alcohol because there a number of terrible dark beings is drawn, and those dark beings call the thugs who bring another dark being and then start saying "let's hurt him" and these dark beings agree to see how they do things so that they can fight, so that more negative energy arises and they can satisfy their hunger for energy, which is what gives them strength to be working with evil.

Evil has a very powerful mighty army that man has created on this earth. Evil feels already with the permission to say that humanity is his because if you realize, if see all humanity, count how many respect life, how many respect their body, how many say "I do not drink" not because was alcoholic or the like, but because they understand that must love their body, their mind, their spirit, and not to destroy it. But how many do this? Just see how Earth is: millions, millions of dollars, euros, pesos, pounds, whatever currency they have, run around making the man lose his reason, blunt his mind and not have strength even to create something that can give him happiness.

But I do say this, alignments are beginning, the galaxy is not going to align in a single day, nor are going to get all in line to go through the Central Sun of the Galaxy, is in stages: the more evolved planets are those that can already take their place and start moving to the other dimension. Is being announced that there is a beginning, this beginning forms the three 7's that you were already told, the planets that will align are planets that are already in complete and utter peace within, and its people live fully united to one another. However, there are also many who come to help that may belong to a planet that already will be its turn to pass to the other dimension, then they are not going to want to be left behind, but we told them: “Do not worry, those that help us will be able to work hard for us to fix this planet, that we rebuild it, and with this force that will be formed on this earth, will also pass all those who let their planet take the lead.” It will be interesting to see how is used a system that would have never imagined the man that would meet, but what we won't let you see, is how we take the beings of darkness and how these beings can make that men kill each other and then have their prey, as devouring beasts of souls, they are taken away, are approaching them to the place where we will put them all and you will see that will go away many people that actually work for evil. We cannot help it, they are happy because they are drug dealers, because they kill one another and another, another, and another and do not even know how many were killed at a time because they are already millionaires and that money do not enjoy it, and their spirit is becoming a monster, a terrible monster that is going to serve the man to be a being who can only really work for evil; therefore we have a very hard work, but very, very hard.
 Please find your inner peace; please stop be arguing either with the husband or wife, either with the brother or sister, either with parents, either with neighbors, either with coworkers - one who discusses will never win - because in an argument never wins either, they do hurt themselves a lot and do much damage and weaken their spirit. So if everyone wants to be right, then that present their reason and if not, to silence their mouth and not enter into the discussion of the other and also do what they have to do, just feeling at peace with themselves. They should not be fighting to be heard because "each head is a world", as you say, and it's true. But this I say, time is fulfilled, we are in the beginning of the alignment of the planets and the planet has to be rebuilt, it will be very fast because it is totally destroyed, to the depths of its foundations is bursting . Man cannot see how the center of the earth is, man cannot see in what conditions has left the sea, how has destroyed all that was incredibly beautiful because the depths of the sea are beautiful, but so much nuclear energy have gotten, then it has destroyed it; so much spilled oil that has covered the plants with this substance that at this point feels slimy and the plants can’t continue to grow; how much pain have caused to the fish, how much misery are in all that represents these deep seas.

So when you are told, "You must eat fish", just tell them, "You know under what conditions is the sea? That if you want to listen, on the other hand I say, I do not eat anything that has life because I have to respect life how I like to be respected, because I do believe in a God, a wonderful Father who had created the life and did not tell us - kill it, destroy it, eat it -!" Never, never he would create a child that would be a savage that would be devouring the dead. For this reason, this time what I want to say is this: the planets already began to take their place, already started to check how they will pass because they are agreeing on that, why? Because they are united, there is a grand confederation of all the planets, and are notified when will have to be ready for the time of alignment, and then they all are calm and they know that at any given time, it will be their turn to pass to that amazing place in which already forever there will be peace. Fact is there is also peace in other planets, fortunately have not let man out of the earth because it would be a real conflict that would cause in another world, only here there is so much pain, so much aggression, so much death, so much hatred, many arguments, but it is painful, families are not united, always have something to tell the partner, the brother, the sister, the uncle, the cousin, the friend, are always complaining that they do not understand, and they have to understand they have to have inner peace because we will be notifying all those who are already calm, on how will participate in this wonderful change that is about to begin.

I'm going to ask this: please, I repeat what I have told you many times, find your inner peace, know and understand your peers, love them how they are, no one told you to judge or give an opinion on what feels or thinks of the other person because neither know him nor understand him, you have to be at peace with yourself and all the beings around you. Therefore, we have put a lot of messages about it and want you to be all full of tranquility, I say, of joy could be if you already had the date but the date is near, when the time comes do not worry, as we must first clean the Earth and make all the noise we can do: ships everywhere, impressive activity, the man will pull their warplanes, man will scream, the man will hide, or are going to get in the temples because they will ask God for help, because  "aggressors" have come according to them, when they realize that it is not so, then "the final judgment came" then in any way then have to beat their chest and ask for forgiveness, which is why we need to be so, to be able to catch all the beings of darkness, sending them to their domains without taking so many humans. Let's start now, the time was fulfilled, the alignment of the first phase of the planets begins precisely when are met the three 7's, and then go along and go along until we pass, not only this galaxy, because the alignment is also in other galaxies, is a full motion right now in all places where there is life because is the time to ascend, to grow, to feel how could be someone who may have complied with the Father, learning to love and respect all that surrounds you. And of course the Father, who continues to create, already has all those planets, that is, other galaxies that are in a primitive state to continue the growth of the universe. And then remember, those who are not ready to pass, they go to these planets and start over, and many souls will go there, and many beings will have to learn from the beginning everything that represents their time so they know how they could start this thing called "thought" to be beings who can love.

So, will it take you a lot of work to love yourself, respect your peers, not to argue and not to blame anyone for your mistakes? And always be at peace with yourself, which is what we need to tell you that it is the time that we will put in place everything you need to have to be beings that find the happiness that we have promised, because it will be a wonderful life at the time you pass to the other dimension and find something amazing, which is to live in a paradise that we will create for you.

Message after the meditation:

Let's see, did you find my brother Alan a bit complicated? Well, your mind is not simple, if you realize at a time are thinking one thing, the other time  are thinking about something else, and suddenly call you and turn around and I think you’re elsewhere and always have your mind wandering, you  are not people that concentrate much and since you have so many problems and so much anguish, so, what do you  know what life is, and what do you know of what is  to be eternal, and what do you know what is to be son of the Father? I think my brother Alan wanted to tell you: "You are children of the Creator, then you are great," for example here on Earth, that a human being was born in the nobility, "ah, the son of a great king, has to be very big" and then it turns out that not so much, and already is given a title ... how the son of the greatest creator be called - the only one in the whole universe, the only one who gave us the opportunity to exist, the only one who created the wonders that exist, and realize that if you look at life, there are countless forms of life around you;  just observe the insects, little butterflies, a little dark, beautiful butterflies, butterflies that come out at night, then watch  any type of insects, ladybugs, whatever, and the Father amused himself creating all this, and if you are his children why can you not do at least something, something very important: love yourself, find your inner peace, why do you not love yourselves? Why not give yourself the strength you need to be proud of each and every one of your thoughts? Why waste your time fighting with a person that is close to you? Why waste your words offending the being that gets close to you or the being that lives in your life? Why waste that wonderful gift of thought that gave you the Father? If would utilize it only to love, to understand and to create, would be beings who wouldn't even grow old, would have all the strength to know that what my brother Alan wanted to tell you, is that you can fly to the farthest corners of the universe as energy, and can know everything that the Father created because you are his children and He has inherited us the universe and has given us the strength to be eternal.

Then, think about it calmly because that's what we want to do with you, that you are beings like us, and that we put you to work hard, yes, because we are committed to each of the beings that we look after, and whom we want to give you our light, our strength, our love, our energy, our power so that you can be able to know what happiness is and in a short time, find yourselves in a paradise. 


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. June 6, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 648 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish Only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 647. May 31, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 647. May 31, 2014.

Messages before the meditation:

I want all of you who have listened to us with so much faith to think in what you have to do already in this time.  We see that you say that “this is going to take long,” well, I believe that if you notice well how the planet is, it cannot take long. What we’re going to do is a very, very, very strong and fast movement, don’t think that we’re going to spend years calling them, years asking them to listen, years seeing if perhaps the heart of the men softens, there’s no time for that.

We have to do something that really makes man shake, to have fear. Is sad to say it but it’s the only way with which they’re going to listen, that they become afraid that their home can collapse, that they become afraid that the hurricanes will come as ever, that’s is true and don’t think that is a game that they’re appearing so soon; that they become afraid that the San Andreas Fault starts opening, that they become afraid of a volcano erupting as terrible as would be the Yellow Stone, that they become afraid of all the volcanoes starting to… yes, throwing their lava. That we can stop the volcanoes’ fury? Up to a certain level, but why do they have to be afraid? Because they don’t understand the right way.  You already saw, all of you who listen to us with love, who have grasped perfectly well our message, that when you speak of the animals you tenderly speak of them, that you no longer imagine yourselves devouring a corpse, but out of love.

Then, all the ones who do it out of love, for us are worth… we’ll say it this way:  that we found the most incredible precious rocks that we’ve been polishing with much care because are going to be the ones that are going to represent us. Naturally,  I’ve told you, it’s not only here, there are many that are preparing who listen to what we’re putting in Radio Ahena, they even follow it to see what was the message, but you do need to know that there cannot pass much time. Apparently, all is seen in “holy calm” as you would say; apparently, the ships who knows where they are, are only showing up in each place where we can say “we’re here;” apparently, it seems as if we were asleep and we aren’t. If we don’t do a strong movement, the planet bursts and you have to believe that. 

The oil extraction has caused many very big cavities where there was so much oil which was so sought after from the Middle East for their oil, it’s already… we’ll say it this way, cracking, it’s opening and besides the oil extraction there are coming out very strong gases which naturally man cannot control. Have perforated the planet, have destroyed it, have contaminated it, have put all kind of trash which can’t even remove from the places where have thrown it, can’t even really burn it because the plastics turn into a real problem, cannot clean the Earth. It has gone beyond man’s hand to be able to put an end to all that is destroying the planet. Man can no longer do anything, absolutely, but we can. We do have the ships of great power, we even have gigantic sweepers to remove all the trash and as we’ve said, we’re going to throw it in the dark side where I want them to keep all their trash because all of this is evil’s work. The fact that they became wealthy and that had invented to be so in demand what produces the “black oil of death,” it means that evil worked there, for evil does know that they were weakening the planet and evil does know all the damage that this world was receiving and all that is doing the human being to subjugate the human being.

The wars have been without end ever since man is man, that’s why many people say to you: “Nothing happens! It has always happened,” yes, but in those distant times, let’s assume the wars of the Romans or the wars there were in many places, did they have nuclear weapons? Did they have sophisticated weapons that have invented now? Could they say that there were going to take over the entire planet? They thought it was a kingdom of a country or a town, subjugating all the villages nearby in order to be great, because they would kill as we say, with pears, arrows, with what they were able to have; but never had thought that could have a weapon so powerful that could leave the planet barren to have life again.

Then yes, if we allow them to throw their nuclear weapons, then the poor planet cannot pass; we’re not going to pass it to contaminate the other dimension that everything is already been prepared so that all the planets pass. Then, what do we have to do? First, prevent all of that, clean everything that have done of radiations over the Earth. The radiations are very strong contaminants and have been testing and testing and testing their nuclear bombs, then we have to do something so that we can really make ourselves be noticed and they can realize that a “black demon” has made them be a lot of demons that destroy it all. Why do I say this? Because precisely that’s how we call the oil, “the black gold of death,” which has caused so many wars, so much dead, and so much pain but amid all of this, the most dangerous is them having found all that is the nuclear weapon. The saddest is that even the small countries have them; they’re armed, they can attack a powerful country as a while ago a small country was threatening to destroy the United States - Oh, that’s the greatest dream! Imagine we become powerful! - Of what? Of a sterile place to have life? Of seeing that many were the corpses that were left scattered? Of seeing that can’t sprout again a single flower? They’re powerful of that? I believe that you realize then that evil is working those minds.

The terrible enemy of the Father, how sad, the Father continues having a powerful enemy; he doesn’t want to repent for his goal is that someday he will be able to take away the Father’s Universe. Right now he was saying: “We contaminate this little planet, if it explodes then we unbalance the entire Galaxy,” because poor planetary system, it would end as rolling ball, it would also make much harm to all the planets nearby and then amid that chaos, they would take by surprise all the inhabitants and could dominate them because then they would say: It doesn’t exist that God because allowed that all of this become a chaos. And the Father-Love, the Father-Force, the Father-Calmness, has never had absolutely anything to do with all of this, except having created the most perfect and beautiful that can exist and now that he gave us so much power to prevent all of this, then we are in the obligation to prevent the chaos that evil was planning. Therefore don’t say that “nothing is going to happen” and that “after all they say that there was going to be an earthquake” and that “nothing is ever going to happen.” Well, yes, there have always been earthquakes, now increase more the seaquakes, the typhoons, all that can destroy, “have always been, well, there have been many dead, after all there are many humans! Who cares if a few are lost because life continues;” well, if what you have now you call it “life,” then life will continue… no, this is already a stop, we’re not going to wait more.

Please, be prepared; continue meditating and studying, continue being an example. We know that you can’t convince the beings around you, your loved ones refuse to listen; we already know that there’s a great ignorance or evil’s dominion because go to any party, if you say to a person that what they’re doing is eating a corpse and drinking poison, they’re going to throw you out: “Oh, this one wants to take away from us the joy! We are in the joy.” And amid that joy they’re leaving themselves totally barren to be able to have life. And the diseases increase; the moment would come when there wouldn’t be a healthy human being because now at least, that yes, the ones that can take more, they do get the flu or any stomach problem, the ones that can handle more. But we see that are many people that really are promoting to be vegetarian; there are many, that’s why on that side we’re going to reach those people so that they can realize that were right, but not only for their own health but for the respect for the life that the Father created, that’s the most important. And we see that they are doing promotions on that sense and we see that for that reason we’re going to win many followers and we know that we can still challenge evil and tell him that he will go to his domains without this humanity, at least the part that he takes was already their free will, but this planet in a short time, so short that you’ll be surprised, will become a beautiful paradise.

Instead of being the time bomb in which evil was turning it into, yes, as a time bomb because at the time the volcanoes would explode and the planet exploded, imagine all the chaos that was going to be started in the planetary system and even in the galaxy. Then according to evil, he already had his time bomb with which he was going to destroy all the Father’s projects of recuperating his children that inhabit this earth. But we are many, we’re millions, more than evil himself has been able to count and we’re powerful and my siblings from other worlds have the technology so advanced, that the way of reconstructing the planet is going to be very fast, at an impressive speed. Nothing that our times are different times and your times are different times…, no, in a short time, a very small space in time, we reconstruct the planet; in a short time we also send all the ones that don’t understand that life should be respected to another planet. For that reason there are so many ships, if we are millions, do you believe that it is difficult that we go on taking and start disappearing many people and take them to the planet in which are going to have to start anew, and many that are “hitting their chest” because they did commit atrocities, we’ll also take them and leave them also in another distant planet from the other. But all is going to be fast, fast, fast, with incredible movements and all those who have heard and learned, are going to be heard and are going to receive a greater prize.

Then don’t despair, many say that “after all there’s much time left,” that if on the day 21 nothing happened, it means that nothing happens; well, I don’t know where there head is at when they say that nothing happens because poor planet, is urgent to reconstruct it, very urgent and we’re here to accomplish it. For this reason, it’s going to be an event of huge greatness the one we’re going to do and everything is ready for us to manifest and the ships are already taking their corresponding place. The ships are ready and we’re going to descend and we’re going to allow be seen and the entire planet will be made a real chaos because they’re going to have to listen to us and are going to have to hear and are going to have to see that we don’t destroy, but if people are going to disappear, will say: “Oh yes, they’re kidnapping, is to torture them, is to…” we’re going to say it this way, like “strange tests and experiments.” No, because you’re going to be there to say that “they, the beings that are arriving are going to give life to those who need it and those who listen with all clarity that the life, the Father created it and the Father is loved by respecting that life.” Then prepare because things are coming as we’ve promised, very strong and very near the day on which all of this is going to happen.

Message after the meditation:

The first thing you have to do is to stop feeling that we are not keeping an eye on each one of you; the first thing you have to do is to forget already all of that which makes you suffer. Yes, there are things that we know that you want us to fix like magicians that we have to be, don’t worry, with what you’ve just heard in the meditation you’re going to realize that you won’t remember that you owed and won’t even see again banks that devour the humans, won’t even be again anything that now affect you much. We’re going to work intensely.

Today I did want to give you the joy of seeing in what way we plan the salvation of this world because we don’t come for a few, for that – we select them, take them and then we make a total cleanse of the entire planet and leave those few- well no, because the Father loves his children, the Father doesn’t have differences; the Father loves from the smallest one to the most humble, the one that can make the worst mistakes to the kindest, all, he loves all the same.

The Father is love, then our obligation is to try to make the impossible to recover this humanity that lives in chaos. We are brothers, remember it well, we are part of everything that represents the creation, we are who offer you, as a wonderful option, to participate in the salvation of this planet; we are your protectors, we are who want to give it all to you. Then please, don’t be suffering much, for we have the power so that in this time and very soon, everyone has the happiness.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. May 31, 2014.

The meditation given this day, which is number 647 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de  material.)
Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Messages before and after meditation 646. May 30, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages before and after meditation 646. May 30, 2014.

Message before meditation:

When we say, "it is time" is because we are sure that everything we have planned already has to begin to happen. We are at a crucial time for humanity, very difficult, difficult in the sense that man is lost in his errors. We see with how much love you covey what we ask which is the respect for life and we listen to the stubborn that say it is not true, that they have to eat meat to be healthy and that they completely forget that they can think and reason. We have listened to every human being, we have reached every home, we are at the time they are going to prepare their food, and we are seeing that truly the man is definitely accustomed to eat the dead. As giant coffins are making their homes and walker coffins are becoming themselves.

We ask and we listen, we want you to know that would be very important for us and really wonderful to see that this planet could be populated by most of the human beings who inhabit it, they could enjoy all the wonders that we are going to give them, they could know what it is to live in a world of peace and that it will never be a war, nor will be divisions. The borders will disappear and every human being will be able to choose where they want to live freely, without being told that it is an intruder in any country. We would like you to realize that truly to live on this planet should be a pleasure, not like a punishment. In what ways have killed each other, we see lately is becoming more viciously, they invent even ... let's say, your normal movies in which kill, kill, kill, kill, destroy hope, they feel powerful because have a gun, do outrageous things. We see that make totally obscene rituals in which they are asking the evil to give them power, more than you can imagine are at it, many more, because they say can only be happy those who have power and have a lot of gold, and that has at their feet many people who blindly obey them and if they’re told: "Kill that person!", they will do it. That is why we feel a great pain to know that we have to do something shocking to make them think, but will they really think with the heart, with deep reasoning to say "I'm wrong"? That truly accept that there is nothing as living in peace? To really accept that the powerful will not be the one with more gold, that will not have such powers, only will be people that will prepare more to help others think, naturally there is always someone at the helm who can lead, but that someone has to be always learning and giving knowledge to all beings around him.

The planet is big and there are millions of people who inhabit it, and we see you totally confused, totally full of pain. Diseases increase more and more, cancer became the disease of the day,  doctors definitely do not know what to do, then all they do is burn, “Let's see if killing the malignant cells can do something with that body and we will see later how it recovers.” Because naturally, the body is very wise, can recover again from the burning that was done, but often see their patients get weaker and there comes a time already when cannot do absolutely anything that might give them life . That is why this time will be crucial.

They are talking a lot about that on July 7 there is an alignment, they are thinking that day will be the final day but of course not, but it marks a time because they are precisely three 7’s coming together at that moment and also mark the beginning of another time, then that day we want you to be in absolute seclusion, to do your meditation, and to realize that naturally already everything has to be as we have announced. We are committed to the Father which is restoring the planet to become a paradise, but remember that the Father wants it inhabited by beings that inhabit this earth. Does not want to lose his children, does not want to see the evil, in a shout of triumph, tell that could take these humans as we know they told the Father in the beginning: "You see that are ours, they like drinking the blood of the dead, feeding on the bodies of their victims, killing between brothers for gold and power, and are destroyed by the poisons that I gave them - alcohol and drugs." You know that at this time has been extended in a terrible way the drinking of alcohol, but sadly already spread more strongly to say that they feel better with the drug. Maybe they feel super men, and feel that their body is not tired, momentarily, actually that's what they feel, that have an energy that do not know where it came from, but if it passes the drug effect, then comes the total decay, then start looking for more drugs because they want to continue to feel the same and naturally comes a time when the body gets sick and their body stops to have life, and evil took totally over that energy, leaving them completely empty so they can say that someday they can truly live.

Now if there is sincere repentance, if they ask for help but reconsidering what they have done, not by the fear that the time has come that "there are ships," that "maybe God will punish us," no. To think about what they have done to themselves and say:" We have to change, they are right, we have done everything possible to hurt ourselves and I think it is time to reconsider, we have done everything bad that we could do in this world so that children could also follow in the footsteps of parents, friends ... ", sadly even many teachers who are in terrible condition of nerves to be able to orientate. They have done everything possible to turn this planet into a real madhouse. Naturally, those who go to war, they arrive so mentally disabled that are not people who can give a little encouragement - what was the kill for? What sense was there being sent to a place and later cannot sleep because they are dreaming that are being shot at, because hear the bombs explode, but now, already are increasing lethal weapons, more crimes are all over the Earth. We will already put a stop to all of that. So I want those who have indeed reconsidered and are assured that never again eat a dead, never again will kill an animal, that will respect them and will also teach others to respect their lives; those who are fully aware of this, will be able to enjoy something amazing.

Imagine living in a peaceful world, all planted, there will not be asphalt because we do not use anything containing what is now used to move your vehicles, that is, the oil is going away, we will refill all what has destroyed the human being, all that has taken away from the earth itself, but of course it will not be used ever to do the damage that is being done to your planet, nor will re-create something that is so contaminant as everything that produces the oil. You will say: what will become of the factories? Well, is that we do have the power to clean, we will clean and we'll get everything out and we will ship it to a distant place where it won´t harm anymore, more or less everything that is death, we will send it to the evil to see what he does with all the junk that will be left of all they have done, but we will work together.

But we want already that they stop thinking that they have the power of life, listen to them, to make them think, I know they are the beings you love and that really as a true delight are asking, either a steak or meat in any form, and are also saying they are good, they scoff at those who do not eat meat and do not realize that naturally being filling their body of death, is making them sick, and above all, is degrading them to be lower beings that naturally  if they will not understand, will send them to another planet to purify their body, where there will be no animals to kill and eat, and  in addition will eat only fruits and work hard so that they can get them. That's something we're warning you, nothing of "who eats the meat will go to hell", no. Naturally it is a crime to kill an animal but we are not in the plan to tell them "for their ignorance be taken by evil," what we don’t want is that he takes so many human beings, we are also looking for ways that the wicked repent.

It is a fact that already everything has to be. The poor world is crying out to be given the opportunity to live, is opening everywhere, the climate naturally changes by the tilting of the planet, by the warming of the Earth, then causes more mudslides where snow is, more landslides where the land is, and more impressive waves ranging causing much fear and destruction. The waters are already eating the beaches because the intensity of the sea is rising, but just imagine, how the sea will not have incredible strength already, but a destructive force because they have thrown so many nuclear bombs. They find everything easy: "We throw it to the sea and nothing happened, and with that we realize the power we have," they don’t realize it is against themselves what they are doing and against their own world. But we will work hard, and we know that our small army we have will help us immensely because we are sure that who hear us today, do it for love and who don’t consume death for love, is for us a true angel that is going to work on this difficult mission. So get ready because already dates and times are marked and there is not much time for us to know how many humans we can recover and how exactly will look populated this planet that the Father wants it to be for his children again.
Since He accepted that we will relocate them to another planet and go populating other places, knowing that cannot stay to pass to the light, but we do not want to pass a planet that will look like small colonies around that they can inhabit and wait for them to reproduce. Now, will also come to help you from other worlds, to accompany you to see if they can help in many other tasks or also invite you so that you see how their worlds are balanced. That is why I say: already the time came and we will start. This time you were given is simply a crucial time of change and there is very short time for us to give accounts to the Father of what we managed to do with this world where everything was pain, war, death, blood, hate, destruction, that's sad. But let's do it because we know we can draw from deep within every human being, a desire to live, which is what really longs anyone that exists on this earth, "to live in peace"; to know what is the tranquility of going to bed at night with a good sleep, get up in the morning, learn something, to work and to be always full of joy for all you have to do. So please continue preparing, the time is the time and time is fulfilled.

Message after meditation:

Well, I hope you realize that we are dead serious, that you are not going to keep waiting a long time, that will return later those who left, yes, but starting to work hard because not because they say "I repent, I will not do it again," as children:" Mommy I promise I will not do it again ", and they do it again. This time it will be because they are convinced that is a reality, but then, what’s so special that they changed? They changed again because they saw the ships, because they saw that already happened as promised, then yes, "Now I'll be good," "ok, now yes, as I will get a prize, now I'll be good", not anymore because "I was convinced by the teachers to keep an orderly life, to know what was the respect for life "," I did not stayed to continue studying" because it was a time of study, as who forms a time, of course, a career is made in several years, this was just made in a time where you had to learn everything we were teaching. Remember that it carries the depth of knowing the Father, the depth of knowing what being life is, why man gets sick, how to love between humans, how to really live as we live, we have given of everything, is quite an extensive range of knowledge for you to be happy. But remember, we are very happy for those who have been steadfast and firm and have not given up as easily as did many, I repeat, this famous December 21 was catastrophic because they really did not realize that what they had received is what was worth.

Let's assume that we had arrived as Teachers to teach you to live, to truly appreciate what to exists is, to know the Father, to know that one day you had to depart, that by leaving the body knew where better humans, but it was not about that, it is about a change, it is about an end of a time, it is about  trying to make the planet again be a paradise and did not believe us: "Oh OK, you already said much, I better go to have fun, I'll take my drinks, I'll eat my meat and that is it, you stay with your lies," that is, they did not reason, did not accept the teaching that, if it were only to teach them to love and respect their body, already with it was a lot, as do the people who without receiving directly our message are making a big activity so that the life of the animals is respected. Notice very well that it is commendable to see them talk, ask and make men think and do not care if are criticized or if make fun of them, for them the respect for life is very important and are not dreaming of this New Dawn, are not dreaming of all that we have given, but that they will receive a prize they will receive it. But just how this people realized what is to respect and love the animals; we want those who did it from the heart to receive a great prize.

Now comes the change, already is the biggest movement, we are ready and all the ships are now already covering the whole sky, only that we are in another dimension, then it seems like we are not, but we're here and since our ships are energy we need not to darken the sky with them because even if you see in the sky, you will see how still shines the sun and will see how many of the things that live in nature will remain the same. But they will be constantly watching how we come, travel the planet, call them, and will sound ... well yes, were the trumpets which were an announcement but now will be clearer, with more intonation so to speak. And we will make much noise because if evil thinks he won humanity, he is wrong, because we know that from the impact, from the fear or whatever, we are going to win this war, this war that we’ve started against evil and that will end with us that are winners.

So get ready, the time is here, is fulfilled already and do not be frightened by the cataclysms of which I spoke about, that there will be tsunamis, that there will be tremors, yes, but we are to protect everyone who is listening to this message of hope. Do not worry, we will not allow it to be such a terrible death, especially if they are the wicked ones because then we would give on a silver platter to Evil all the souls he has won, and we still want to snatch many of the souls he has under his power. So let's go ahead and prepare that things are coming as great as has been the biggest dream that the Father has had for his children.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. May 30, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 646 in the list of meditations, is available in Audio CD from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de material.)

Transcript: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 645. May 23, 2014.


Messages of before and after meditation 645. May 23, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

I’m going to ask something to all of those who have followed us with much faith, I need you to keep in mind all that you are going to do, that is: to study very well, that you prepare very well, that you know what you’re going to answer. Right now people answer that you’re crazy, but you must always be planning how you’re going to tell them what our presence means and how you’re going to prove it. Therefore, I want to say that if we were to stay seeing when we can have more humans for the New Dawn, then I believe that we were going to stay here several years, but since the planet cannot wait several years because the planet is too, too destroyed and above all things, it has to align and there’s a date for it.

Then, the only thing we’re seeing is that we don’t want the being of darkness to take so many humans and he is taking many, and now he’s rushing. He’s making them kill each other continuously to take all those souls that at this time are making all the mistakes that could be made for the sake of wanting to be rich, for the sake of wanting to be powerful, for the sake of wanting to subjugate, and the ones that make tributes to evil in various ways of strange jobs that are doing, then he is wining a great amount of human beings. For this reason it’s also urgent for us to make much noise. I know: “Oh Teacher! You just keep telling us ‘Almost! Very soon! One of these days!’ when?” Well, if you see how things are on the Earth, you will realize that we cannot wait much, and if you see how the humanity is, well then we would have to wait much, because naturally, we have a small problem: the Father doesn’t want to lose his children; and we have to make them think and we cannot subjugate, and we can’t take totally away the free will because our presence will take away the free will; we’re going to subjugate.

But then we’re happy that at least they repent and we take them to another planet. There’s going to be a quite large evacuation of human beings that we’re going to take to another world, to another world where they aren’t going to suffer much, except that they won’t have the commodities and all that they like to have. They will have to build their houses, will have to learn to plant, to harvest, will have to learn to get along well with the community and are going to have to learn to know why they were sent to another place, for they will have memory. But we believe that there are more possibilities of filling that planet than to fill this one in the New Dawn, but there are enough good people, who naturally, as soon as they hear about the “respect for the animals,” they do get it and they do ask for that slaughter to end, and even though others make fun because they forgot what the thought is, then you remember… well, simply you’re going to tell them and a moment will come when they’ll remember it.

The diseases increase more each day, the hospitals no longer have room, above all the low cost hospitals. Now in those hospitals, the poor family members have to sleep almost on the floor or in an uncomfortable chair, and all the sick just the needed time, and if not, they’re released to be taken care in their homes. And then, we’re seeing also that many human beings are departing that weren’t prepared to arrive to a place of Light but you know very well that if they weren’t wicked we take them to study, the time is short, probably many of them still pass to the third dimension; many others probably will have the opportunity to enter the dimension of the Light because there are many good people of very noble feelings toward the others which have only lived in ignorance and moreover, we’re observing the children - which children are the ones that will pass.

Now there are children with evilness, now there are children that have it within, they’ve been taught already what is to hate, to hit, to do things that the children should’ve never done, but we also know that those children have a dream, to be able to live an adventure, to be able to be part of something different and be beings that can know the extraterrestrials which so much captures their attention, but naturally, as they’re told that are ugly, then they’re afraid, and as they say that if the ships come is to attack then that also frightens them. But no, not the children, they’re innocent and we’re going to be able to have many more than you imagine, for we do want to take them, if it’s possible, all the children of the planet to the other dimension.

Then, how will it happen? As you so much are imagining it: the ships come down, they begin being sighted everywhere, unheard-of things being to happen, they start to talk about us continuously, they forget that they’re just talking about the violence there’s on the Earth or what the government does, which naturally no one believes them anymore and no one cares to know that they have “promises for improvement,” when in reality, each time there are more taxes and the money buys less. Then we’re going to become the center of news, whether they want or not because naturally, we’re going to do our manifestation already. Now tell me: are you really prepared to speak with others? Can you explain to them what the control of the emotions is? Can you already explain to them why they have to love their fellow beings despite their mistakes? Can you already explain to them why they have to be people who by knowing their divine origin, can love themselves and can stop being beings who believe they can be feeding on death in order to have life? Do you already know how to say it? Do you already know how to explain it? But in a subtle way, nice so that they don’t feel it with aggression, for people don’t listen with aggression.

Then you speak with other people that even if they don’t listen at least you practice and are conveying the message, but I do say this, you have to be prepare, you have to give the example. If they see you upset and suddenly yell and say something unpleasant from someone else, that’s not being an example, you have to be people that always are in control of your emotions. But remember, you are our soldiers and we feel proud of all the ones we have under our care, so to speak, naturally there are many people who are listening. Let’s see, there are already quite several in the neighboring northern country, there in Napa get together, from San Francisco get together, from San Jose, from Santa Elena, from Sacramento, we’re seeing them there in a way totally full of joy, updated. Then we’re also seeing in the states of the Republic. Here we see that are somewhat less groups since there was the disappointment of not going to the paradise on the 21st of December then many left, but we’re observing the ones that stayed listening to the message and at least, alone in their homes, a few, but are working and will be heard and will return those who left, you’ll tell them that they have to strive for recognition because naturally, not to forget that we read the mind and nothing of “now yes, I won’t eat meat anymore” because they’re afraid or because decided that now they do want to earn a place to be able to pass to the dimension of the light, but it has to be from the heart and you have to warn them about that.

But I do say this: it is already the time, it is already the moment, be alert to everything that we’re doing and prepare yourselves, for now we’re going to report to the Father what we’ve accomplished in this world so terribly turned into death. Terrible, more than you see but we already told the Father: “Father, well, you have to resign because you are going to lose many of your children.” Even if the Father doesn’t resign, we don’t see that there really exist people that were too ambitious and who also, humiliated their fellow beings and who feel that are going to change from the heart. But why not, we see them hitting their chest for fear and running to their images and running to the churches and asking forgiveness for their sins, then it is how we can pass them, not to the same planet, we’ve explained that before, but that we also have one destined to all those who can repent really from the heart, we remove from them the dark being they carry and be able to pass. Why do I repeat again what I have already said? Because I need to remind you that we are ready for this great movement and you are our little soldiers whom we love intensely and we’re going to give you the grand prize because you do it out of love, with steadfastness, with dedication, willing to do anything to be able to comply with the mission and also not only for the interest of seeing the New Dawn but for the interest of seeing that there exist other human beings that can enjoy everything that we’re going to give; and above all things, to comply with the Father.

And that our Teacher’s mission, not to be so sad because, well, for the love of the Father! How many divisions there are, we only hear each name they give and fanaticized saying to anyone to be… for instance, that says is catholic because at least is the religion on which respect the Great Mother – “oh no, the Great Mother doesn’t deserve anything,” imagine, the Mother of Teacher Jesus, not even the respect that it represents, then, what’s happening to them?  Well, that are losing the sanity, forgot to think and is assumed that are venerating the Teacher Jesus and is supposed that read a book which I don’t know where they got that everything had to be sacred, and is supposed that they’re thinking and then all sing and recollect the money they’re given. But we’re going to try that also those people can realize what they’re doing and can be a single force, but are going to have to understand because there are going to be manifestations of the Great Mother and are going to realize in the error in which they are.

I simply am your brother, your teacher and with much love I say: Welcome! The time has been met and together you are going to see that New Dawn, proud of having believed, of having accepted all the laws that we asked to follow with love.

Message after the meditation:
You’ve just heard a message that is only of hope. Please, tell Teacher Alan that you are indeed going to do what he says; please, tell us that it’s not in vain that we’re speaking with you continuously; please, think about the amount of messages that we’ve created with much love for the humanity, but to be appreciated, that they receive it, to make an effort, but naturally I repeat again: that about giving them away, they’re just being thrown away, no! That they love them, that they listen to them, and that they get together to learn.

What a beautiful dream is for us to be able to see this planet working with many human beings that are going to learn our technology, who naturally are going to enjoy all that we want them to have, very beautiful houses for all, cultivated fields in a different way, not with the sweat and the pain of man, but with special technology. All the sports; I want to make it clear, I have been asked if there’s going to be a Soccer World Cup, yes, there will be one and there will be incredible games and there will be of tennis, and there will be of frontenis, and there will be of golf, there will be of everything, but without arguments, loving each other. That the games are clean because the one that prepares for a sport always acquires a pleasant figure, smiles and naturally that wouldn’t want to start punching the contrary one because looked at him in an ugly way, but that are really a total unity. Then don’t think that will disappear all the things that are beautiful for all of you, above all, the sport unifies and we want kids, the youth, to continue preparing in any sport that they like and we’re going to encourage it, we’re also going to show them incredible things and sometimes we’re going to… well, we’re going to say that we’re playing with you but we have an advantage with the height, that will be a little difficult, but for the moment we are going to be with you at all times showing you everything that you need to learn. But I want you to see how beautiful it is to dream, how sad are the people seen when yelling, attacking, criticizing, doing things that never should’ve done.

When we see those riots, it pains us to see man turned into a sort of beast because not even the pack of hounds when they fight make so much noise, with so much malice, with so much hatred; is terrible when we see it, we are going to end that indeed. But how? Well, by putting a dream, by showing that we’re here, by showing that we are your siblings, that we don’t come to judge, we come to call them and to hope that they listen and snatch from evil so many souls that he has trapped already.

Imagine how wonderful it would be that we turn around the count that they have. Right now we have an eighth of humanity, they have the rest and that we turn it around, that he takes an eighth of the ones that are too stubborn, of the ones who had really believed in the darkness, because yes, many have become disturbed because the ones that make satanic rites, those, well, for us are indeed terrible things and what if we make them change also, everything is possible, and that evil would go with all his followers alone or that some of his own followers would repent, would also be wonderful. Oh, we have great projects to make the Father feel proud of this army that he formed with so much love. We are millions, only imagine, we are a complete galaxy, you know how many we are? And, how many came here to help save this planet and send evil to his domains? More than you imagine. For this reason we say to you that each one of you has a protector, well, we’re going to add it to 2; one couple, but the children of that couple are also many times always keeping an eye of everyone because we come in complete families, we come with a very big dream, with the wonderful dream of making man think again.

We’re going to close all the slaughter houses and we’re going to take out all the animals, we’re going to take them out of their cages; we’re going to clean the pestilence that this planet has, we’re going to “wash it” as any would say, to remove all the bloodshed, to take out all the pollution, to sow it again, to turn it into a paradise with the dream of the Father: that his children inhabit it again. Do you think we can make them think if we show them scenes as these? I believe so, why not, I believe that man has to get tired of feeling hatred, rancor, aggression, of planning wars to take from the other poor ones what they have, of doing things that never should’ve done. We can do that they repent.

How much time do we have left? Very short, I warn you that it is very short, if we don’t hurry up and we’re going to end up as children left behind running with our planet to put it in place in the alignment and it has to have a place, in the place it corresponds as a planet that is in a planetary system that has to align. Then were are not going to wait much because then what would we do? We take our ball that is taking us much work to fix and try to fit it in? Better that you help us, that this world becomes a place of peace, why not, we have the power and we can make our dreams come true. Remember, we are your siblings that have an unheard-of power, but the only thing that we cannot do is remove your free will, but why not, by making them dream we can change their thoughts and we make them come to us, to the Father, to that wonderful Father that all he asks is that his children, his children he loves so much, return to him.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. May 23, 2014.

The meditation given this day, which is number 645 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de  material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.