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Messages of before and after meditation 644. May 16, 2014.


Messages of before and after meditation 644. May 16, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When we started working on this land, we found humanity so complicated, so full of fears, anxieties, depressions, that we taught there would come a time when we could make them change. But the times and centuries have passed and we could not do otherwise than to observe and work closely with some people who have really felt our presence and have done something for humanity. Some have called them "Saints", as others have not recognized them, but as always we have been in the minority. The man has dedicated to do all possible damage to their peers. The man feels the absolute owner of all that is life on this planet. The man feels absolute master of the planet itself, believed to be his, he has every right to destroy or being able to say that this part of the earth is theirs, to put all kinds of borders to discriminate against beings who lived in there, to say if they discover a place ... as we say, the place was already there, but the man has covered times in a really unfortunate way. Now that the time is fulfilled, and now that we have to do something shocking, now that we know either we do something shocking or permanently lose as many human beings living on this earth.

Evil is proud because he says he won humanity. Evil says: "You want to teach them not to kill the animals, but they kill each other worse than they do with the animals, then what do you expect of this humanity?" And we continue introducing ourselves everywhere, listening to the mind of human beings, working hard to find good people, finding people capable of living a change, able to love their fellow men, and above all, able to know that must respect all life that exists in the planet. But you know well, are few in proportion to the number of human beings inhabiting this earth, very few. We have a count ... well, I'll say that's roughly an eighth of humanity, who are people who have feelings, people who try to live the best possible, human beings trying to raise their children in an honorable, respectful way, people who have not joined when war has being declared, is because when we have seen that declare war and run after people telling them that "we must kill the enemy"; gives us a lot of pain that they did not think. But we found those who refuse, hide, seek ways to not participate in the killing of their fellows, but as they force them in such an impressive way, they end up taking them to the fields of war and end at a certain time feeling that hatred for all those beings who in addition are shooting them, then two forces of humans collide and evil is proud to see how he can control humanity.

At this time many humans want to communicate with us as they do here, but be careful, very careful because the beings of darkness are crafty creatures, they are seeing how they can trap those that can catch, that little bit feel superior, that you feel a little bit that may already be better than others, and also, I think they feel as saints because they do good works, but always something that is behind an interest in some form. For example, putting places to treat children that have many problems, but is because a lot of money is being made, that's what hurts us a lot, every human being needs to have enough money to live, to live decently, but not to enrich. Then we see how in all places of the earth are plotting how they can keep all the powers, and then also sadly see how justice is not justice, because they say that trap people engaged in drug trafficking, apprehend quietly, end up releasing them because they spread a lot of money. Money, money, money, the gold that has debased them, the gold that has made them go mad.

 Now, just as well, for the lack of jobs, it is happening too many people that say, "If I cannot have enough to eat, then I will steal it"; but often do harm. One thing is to take something that is much needed and another thing is to also want to hit and kill a person because has money, because they are jealous, because they see him as someone who was fortunate to live better, then try to destroy them with a terrible vengeance. Therefore, kidnappings increase, they choose people who is very well off and can get money from them, but when they abduct them, they start pulling all that hatred felt for humans, if he looks a little like his father that treated them bad, then they have to beat him to get even with all that they had suffered in another time and when they see that there is a rich kid who has everything because  their parents give it all, then they feel a great contempt for him, then try to hurt him to suffer what they have suffered, to feel what is misery, also so they feel what hunger is, because they can kill them with hunger so that they can experience what many humans suffer now fully marginalized for what is called "society." About what I am saying is because I want you to realize that we are indeed aware of all that is happening, yes we are aware of the evil, yes we are aware that the man does not listen, yes we are aware that there are terrible things that are happening, injustices but one after the other and will say: "Well, why do you allow it?" already asked us why we allowed the kidnapping of all those girls from the Middle East. Please know that we are not authorized to condemn, but we have to impact them and we have to do something to really make them think or meditate a little of what they have done.

But you know, if distracted by large ships, already came as invaders, but at least they have fear of something they cannot control, something that seems very difficult to get near because they say: "These bring power, they will kill us, will kidnap us, they will do harm and behind each ship must have a monster that is driving this ship." Well, who created this idea? You know very well, that is precisely the fact that they make movies with those images that are totally an aberration, but we have no other choice but to "impact."  I know you are already desperate: "When teacher? Already we want to see the ships in the sky; when teacher? Already want to see that there is justice in this earth; when teacher? Will we be able to work as we do it? We are willing to give the message, but help us, bring something spectacular so we are heard." That already at any moment starts to happen. Remember that we do not give dates, we simply started and it is the attack against evil and evil doesn’t know how we attack. In that he is not conscious because even that he listens to you and laughs at looking you desperate:  "Yes, they are already kidding you that ‘soon,’ no, they cannot do anything because these beings who come in the name of the Father, they cannot kill, cannot hurt, then we are totally free from they being able to harm us and we are free indeed to take all the beings we caught, teaching them to destroy life, feeding on death, destroyed by poisons"  that have spread in an impressive way because not only alcohol, drugs is a terrible thing. Already we see children, young ones falling into drugs, but you know well that there are often children who are hidden because they have nothing to eat and seek for ways to get high, a drug that is not too expensive to not feel hungry. All these children we are already beginning to take some of them, believe it or not, yes, we are rescuing indigent children; yes, we are already doing so, you have not noticed it because they are children who nobody claim, nobody cares, just say: "Suddenly there were some children who came to sell gum or to cleanse the windshield and suddenly disappeared; we saw completely ragged children, they must have gone elsewhere."  As are not interested in what happened to these children, do not realize that we are really already taking many of these children to fix their mind, so we can take care of them, to get out of them the need for love and give it to them.

Then do not believe that we are not acting, yes we are. But what we are asked the most is why we allow the diseases? We do not make them, the man fabricated them, man must understand that must learn to respect life to respect themselves, but you will say: "Yes, but we say it, we talked to all beings we know and do not listen to us." Well, let's make them listen, because we do see that many people are working on stopping eating death even though they are not yet in this message, but have those feelings of nobility that should not destroy the animal life. 

Of course are also touched if something happens with humans, but like "why mess with those children who have parents who are not parents? But they have them, why mess with them? Parents are responsible "or who else is responsible? Society. What is society? Simply human beings who must have worked long ago to know themselves as beings who must achieve something very astonishing in order to help. Imagine that actually these people who have accumulated fortunes, were to put to really help, make a real orphanage, put a hospital that do not exploit people, because if they do not pay, as we said, they are treated as herd and see what can be done to them, and if they pay well, are given quite comfort, but are not really healing, is very sad the situation that is happening right now with the sick.

But we will work harder than you can imagine with all this, we are not contemplating immovable, we are working, but what I'm going to prevent is that really a good shake will help the man to think, to think that already is divine punishment - earthquakes. You saw here was what is called, no tremors, were in the degree of earthquake and fortunately there were no mishaps, yes we have acted a bit so they are not as strong, but we cannot stop all the destruction that man did to the planet and the earth will continue to open and will continue to see very shocking things in the sea and then we will start letting you see the ships. They have always said why ships are seen when there is a cataclysm, that maybe we provoked it; you need to know that we are working to save souls and see how we can save many human beings of that destruction.  But this I say: if we said that the time was fulfilled, it is because the time is fulfilled, and if you are patiently waiting, already we will give you the pleasure to start working for this mission.  So all those who are studying and preparing, desperate because money is not enough, desperate because there is no justice in your work, desperate because despite of the much more effort you make, does not go well, but remember that we are ready to give everything promised. Life begins soon, no longer be troubled if you have debts, if you have problems all this ends in just one moment to another, and with us you will be able to experience the most amazing experiences you could imagine. We are with you to give you what was promised, but we are here to rescue this planet from its destruction and to try to find more human beings we can take from evil and take them to another place because they won’t be too convinced of respecting the life of the animals, but then we’re going to do something that makes them think. So, the ones listening, prepare because we’re going to give much work already, for I know that there are many who are listening to the message that this teacher gives and I know that we count with many other beings that cannot come here but who are preparing themselves in a way in which we know that we can count with all of them. Therefore, we’ll start this meditation with much love as always, as always we’ve prepared for you.

 Message after the meditation:

I'll ask you to carefully analyze all that this message represents. I know that many of the things that are being said, apparently were already said before, but there is always a different illation in each of the messages. You must be aware that we are giving already data and almost dates. I want you to examine carefully everything we're teaching you. We’re also in a hurry, we also feel tired. Not like physically tired, tired of listening to this humanity, of seeing the terrible mistake in which they live, we go to temples, and we see with a lot of pain that there is not much love in them, only fanaticism. Fanaticism leaves absolutely nothing, does not let think. We go to places where are supposed to be meditating, making sounds that come in a trance, but learn nothing, they do not really give each other true love, true knowledge.

That is why we have so lovingly prepared this message, and remember it, not everyone will hear the amount of messages ... 600, almost 700 that we have, although there are some who have done it and we know that not everything will be memorized , but as they are listening to one and another, it is recording in your mind everything we have wanted you to teach and we need you to realize that there is not a single message that confuses, a single message to frighten, a single message to subject, a single message that says you have to be with a fanaticism, accepting it full of fear. No, because when it was talked about the 21st of December ... there was fear, there was fear that really was coming the end of the world and it was better not to eat the dead in order to pass, no, it had to be love, but a time was met indeed and a new Era was marked and we are indeed ready so that all that we said is fulfilled already, but we do not work with fear, we work with love, by having you become aware of what we have taught you. 

For all those who have sought a moment of peace, we have put messages that conveyed only peace, that will lead you to other worlds, that took you on a sphere, that reach a faraway place, that you come to our Father, our Teacher Jesus, that you can feel how the Great Mother is always willing to listen and receive all beings who remember her. Here on Earth only in a type of religion, so to speak, she is revered, as she is the Great Mother, she is Light, she is the Divine Energy that the Father created so evolution existed, she is greater that man can imagine, she is the Great Mother, do not forget, and she is with all beings that exist on Earth, and however, even have gotten against her on this planet - "she is not worthy of reverence because she is a sinner because she had children!"  So think about this, if she had had them, just answer: since when motherhood is a sin? But she did not, for she came only to bring the Lord Jesus, but… because she is a sinner? Because she had sex with her husband? Because she may have had more children? For the love of the Father! There is no doubt that man forgot to think and forgot to respect the Great Energies coming to Earth.

That is why we say, simply answer with a truth, but do not be angry, do not despair. If you see them fanatical and do not let you talk, then hear them and see how much fear they have. In a fanaticism they do not listen, in a fanaticism don’t love, in a fanaticism will not get anywhere, reaches only path of fear and meet standards imposed by the human who didn’t allowed them to think. That is why we have put you to be thinking. As teachers, we are repetitive Teachers, that is, we use a topic in which we are introducing another subject and will remain as staggered so you can memorize perfectly well all we've taught you, so when you will hear it, it will stay most of the message in your mind and can say you really received love from these teachers, and that in this time must be those who succeed in this terrible war we have declared evil.

So please! Preparing and think that at any moment everything promised will happen, and you will see how wonderful it is to live with us, you will see how wonderful it is to breathe clean air, you'll see how amazing is to have the freedom to be what you want to be, not to lack the most needed, to live in peace, to have a clean home, to have your children in an environment in which only know love, in which children will no longer attack each other, a place where everything is peace and coexistence with all that exists, and especially also that children learn: instead of shooting at a bird with a stone, will meet him and talk to him, to live.

That is the place that will give you and the time is so close that I do not want you to stop continuing studying and preparing. Do not despair, it's time already and we are with you to make sure it’s done.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. May 16, 2014.

The meditation issued this day, which is number 644 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de  material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

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Messages of before and after meditation 643. May 9, 2014.


Messages of before and after meditation 643, dictated on May 9, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

The first thing I want to say tonight is, be aware that everything that we have foreseen is happening, but you also have to be aware of why is urgent to make the great manifestation that you so much await. What is happening is that we’re moving in another dimension, why? Because we have to fix this disaster of a planet, and in view of all, for the moment we haven’t been able to make a strong movement because we need to know how we’re going to do it so that all who have been with us can speak clearly of our presence.

The Life will begin soon, man is going to have to understand that cannot be what they are right now if they really want to find some day the peace. We also see your movies of violence, of dead, dead, dead, by shots kill, kill, and kill! Well, is it the law of life to destroy lives? I believe that it’s already the time for man to reconsider that the Father didn’t’ create the life to be destroyed, that the Father is always with his children and that we’ve taught you to know a Father that man didn’t know.

In religions they’ve always put him as a punishing God, very tough, that in addition seems to have forgotten his children because of the condition of this planet and he’s blamed for everything, then everything should be perfect and he giving commands and everyone full of fear, kneeled, singing praises but full of fear, something that the Father doesn’t want. He doesn’t want to subjugate you by fear, he wants you to say to yourselves: we’re beings who were created to create, to love, to persevere in all that we plant to do and to perpetuate the life; the wonderful life that the Father created. Once you see this planet fixed, when you see how even the insects move in an ordered way, when you can see that the animals aren’t really aggressive, when you see that at a given moment no one hates anymore, no one offends, no one yells, because the ones who are going to pass are going to be the ones who understand that only with love can live to evolve.

Is going to be a wonderful graduation the one we will do, but for now there still aren’t many. Yes, we already have them in various parts of the world, I won’t say that in the entire world, but they’re listening to the messages; naturally, the ones that listen the most are Latinos: whether they’re Mexicans, whether in South America, but from other languages don’t listen because they don’t understand, then we have to comply with others being able to understand it and hear it, for we want to give the opportunity to all the human beings of knowing why we come.

There are people that call themselves “contactees” and if they don’t speak of the “respect for life” then they shouldn’t show off of being contacted because all my brothers speak of the respect for life. All of us have always spoken of love and the respect for life. Now there are those who say: “I already heard Teacher Alaniso! He told me…,” I don’t know what I told them, but nothing that is totally coherent as we’ve given here. Then you have to be aware that the time has already been fulfilled.

You saw already, the planet is screaming to remove from it all of this that now is hurting it. The man, the man is the one hurting the Earth. The Earth is hurt to the depths of its foundation and naturally, as any hurt being, is protesting and is opening, and it’s not only as you’re seeing it. Throughout the world,  everywhere are seen several cataclysms but it was never expected for the tremors to start one after another; well yes, the poor Earth now says: “Leave me alone already!” but is very, very bad even to the depths of its foundations. How deep have the perforations for the oil reached? To the deepest they’ve been able to see if they find the black gold of death to enrich themselves, and how deep have they reached when they’ve perforated the mountains to extract the minerals in order to say that they will become wealthy. For us is impressive that you give so much value to a rock that belongs to the earth and to turn it into a treasure for which they kill, they kill for everything. In South Africa, why did they go to invade there and do so much harm? Because there were diamonds, and naturally, the only thing they’ve done is damage, to both the inhabitants of that place as well as the earth itself.

Now, the entire planet is perforated, the entire planet has oil, they say that the entire planet is a source of inexhaustible wealth – there must be a magician over there in the center of the Earth producing oil for them so that they continue becoming wealthy a few and moreover continue contaminating the planet. The contamination is already total and above all things, now the planet is unbreathable, totally. So many diseases that now are emerging- pulmonary diseases, now the vision is failing, why? Precisely due to the contamination itself and the fear with which you live, but all that you’re feeling now is being provoked because man himself is doing all the possible harm to all the places where he inhabits. You’ve seen it, if you go more or less to the highest place toward Mexico City, as you say, it’s a brown cream; and what do they do to stop it? Well, absolutely nothing. Each time there are more cars, each time there are more factories, each time there are more people doing harm, and above all things, is not only what you breathe but what is felt with the negativity that the humans give off by attacking each other. Now is impossible to live in this earth with a little peace, except those that we protect but who have to be aware that have been protected but will be asked to do something impressive.

Of course, if you speak now then they won’t listen to you. We’ve seen, you’ve tried, you’ve spoken with your family members, you’ve spoken with your neighbors, you’ve spoken with your friends and have even lost friends because it occurred to you not to consume corpses and not poison yourselves with the poison of alcohol, then you aren’t welcomed. Imagine if in a party full of beings of darkness are going to want to enter people who bring light and who come with a being of the light, no: “We must take them out! They’re on our way here! Because we are the ones who bring the fun.” What fun if they’re attacking each other in every party and in every place where they get together, but above all things, it’s no longer possible to continue. Let it be the Earth itself the one that makes them reconsider; we’re not going to stop the cataclysms except what could really be already “an end of the world.” We will stop that because this world is not going to end, we’re going to save it, we’re going to rescue it from the destruction that man has done to it. Have destroyed it up to the depths of its foundations and naturally, we have the obligation to prevent the planet from disintegrating completely. Imagine, with all the perforations that they do and the nuclear tests, well, what have they left healthy? Nothing! Is a sick planet, sick to the very depths of its foundation. That is why I say that we’re not going to stop it all, otherwise they don’t understand. As we said, perhaps due to fear they’ll listen to us and when the ships start to be seen, that they think that it is the final judgment and not that is the invaders that arrived to attack a planet “full of peace.”

I believe that they don’t even forgive the mockery, “a peaceful planet,” “some humans that live in a free country,” which one? I would like to ask them, where is there an authentic freedom? Where is there happiness? And, where are there people that really know how to work for the progress of the place they inhabit? They’re being exploited as slaves, the workers, the ones that work for the powerful and really, well, each time become more wealthy, as you say “there’s never enough,”- “must get more, let’s exploit people,” but very cunning: “I’ll lend you money so that you can get out of trouble!” and “then you spend years paying back,” no! Fortunately there are no longer years, we’re already in the last time. And as they say: “Oh! The Teachers were the ones who said that this year!” better take a look at how everything is and you’ll see that it does have to be this year, for we cannot continue waiting.

Then all those who are with us, prepare, put a wonderful dream in your mind, wish that many other human beings can understand the message from the heart, that they reconsider, that they feel love for the animal life, that they feel love for the Father who created all that surrounds you, that they feel love for themselves, that they aren’t a morgue or beings that have to be accumulating all type of diseases, why? Because the planet only offers all that can be the most terrible anguish.

Ships are seen in the sky, just tell me, how many have been seen in other countries? How has the movement that we’ve announced been seen? Very clear! Don’t tell me that the ships haven’t been seen, not as we’ve promised but you’ll see when the sky is filled with stars during daylight, you’ll see how everyone runs because they say that the invaders are coming, or the ones who already understood -“Finally, salvation comes!” Some will kneel down feeling joy for everything that are seeing, others will go inside to see where they hide because they believe that come to harm them, but is going to be a total movement of the entire planet. All the human beings have to feel our presence and above all things, the war against evil is going to be strong, thus it will be noticed. We have to take all the dark beings at any means, try to remove from them the human beings they’ve taken with all their tricks and to do that the men, at least, full of fear can repent from their sins, even the most perverse assassin is going to be scared; I haven’t seen a single one that doesn’t say “oh, my god!,” do the sign of the cross or others that have a virgin Mary in their room and that at nighttime at least try to pray, but then they say that to help them, so that everything goes well when they’re accumulating illegal fortunes.

But I do say this, we’re already in the time and don’t tell that it’s not so because it’s already happening all that we’ve said that was going to happen. The very large hail means that in the atmosphere is developing a total crash of the wind forces, both the heat and the cold meet so much that naturally provokes to exist all those balls of snow that are falling and which also become a danger because each time are going to be bigger. Imagine if one of those balls falls in your head then will result in many wounded heads, but this we will not stop it because the human being caused it and the human being has to learn from their own mistakes. Then, you know that you’re protected, that you have a dome and nothing can happen to you, but don’t be discouraged when you try to tell people that you know about the entire message that we are giving.

We already feel obliged to accelerate this because naturally, the time has been fulfilled and we have to give the Father in a very, very short time, accounts of what we’ve accomplished. For now the Father says: “Well, I see the planet still full of darkness, millions of beings that one day were my children, attacking my children who are still alive and that naturally are crying their defeat for all that are suffering since the violence each day is stronger and more accelerated.” I know you’re very well when you say: “I’m protected, I’m at my house and nothing can happen to me, I can go out and I know that nothing is going to happen.” Yes, but make others see it, that they notice that he who loves, receives as a prize “the love and the protection.” And we’re going to work already intensely and you remain calm.

Right now I don’t say “remain united” because I don’t see anyone rebel in these areas, but to remain calm that things are coming very big, wonderful for any who listens to us and has been faithful and steadfast to give our message and carry out this wonderful habit of respecting life. The life created by the Father and that has to be respected as is demanded in a law which is universal, the one to love and to respect all of that which the Father created, and we’re going to impose it now in this earth that is of the Father, not evil, and evil is going to his domains. Over there he also doesn’t have animals to kill, but he is going to have humans to enslave and he is going to have many, many being that still are going to continue saying that someday are going to take over the universe.

How painful it is to see that have remained in a stage so dark and so terrible, now if later we manage that they don’t come out from that dark place, well, they’re going to start repenting and are going to start saying: “My god! Remember that I’m here in this darkness, I promise I’ll change,” of course, it will be known if it is from the hear that are going to change and naturally that some will be able to get out or perhaps many, why not, that we end with the dark side, would be wonderful, but is still going to take some time for this to happen. The most important is that now this planet has to prepare to align since it’s already the time and it is the time at which all of you are going to live the most unimaginable adventure that we’re going to give. Prepare, we are with you and things are as we’ve promised.

Message after the meditation:

By listening to my brother Azoes, you realize that things are serious. I know that it is continuous, we’re repeating “is already the time, is already the moment, it has to happen already, the planet is falling apart…” we’ve said it many times and you’re noticing that everywhere is shaking, but is no longer little tremors, now they start to have the strength of certain earthquakes. Here in this Mexican Republic, are a little more… they come from a deeper place, are not on the surface but then what echoes makes everything shake, but a moment will come that actually will be in great danger but don’t forget that all of those that we protect, nothing is going to happen to them. I know your worry: “we have many family members in Mexico City, we have many acquaintances in other places, please, tell us that you’re going to protect them,” yes, a promise we make. We are going protect them but are going to have to understand the reality of the message, that is, that they do it out of love, if not, we cannot prevent that we pass them to a planet in third dimension to start anew. But we hope that at least they don’t suffer what many people are going to suffer in this type of cataclysm provoked by evil.

Who provoked the planet’s destruction? Well, the being of the darkness - hasn’t he advised man: “Look! Drill more - remove from here - extract that black gold that is making you a millionaire”? Oh no, now they’re indeed going to improve all the energy… but the energy comes from the sun, the energy is elsewhere, I don’t know why they have to take it forcedly from a product that was the Earth’s shock absorber. But have earned money, I think they have it by the tons, but where is it? Well, with very few that right now are full of power and of glory and of unnecessary luxury, which indeed are not going to take anywhere, for when the planet moves, is going to move in a very strong way.

Then now the beaches are moving, now the seas are agitating more, there’s a terrible contamination. We do penetrate the seas to be able to see how everything is, how we’re going to fix it; the ships are entering from everywhere. We pass through dimensional doors to all the places on the Earth; in the mountains we can penetrate, descend, for us there isn’t anything that can be difficult to explore, but is already the time. The tremors are going to continue, the cataclysms are going to continue, there are going to be some volcanic eruptions, we’re going to try that they aren’t of a magnitude that could raze everything surrounding it. But and the climate, well, you’re seeing it, the poor farmers don’t know what they‘re going to do, when they’re going to plant if now the raining season came early, but coming early the rain and the hail, well, in any case the rain is not functional for the fields, because with hail the plants get burned, but who caused all this change? Well, the human being himself who has dedicated to destroy everything.

But better rejoice; now you are seeing that is happening what we promised and that you are going to start to board the ships already. Please, I repeat again, stop complaining, as you say: “Teacher, nothing happens! Teacher, I take a look and there isn’t a single ship! Teacher, I go to sleep and nothing happens, I wake up and I remain the same; Teacher, what happened? Tell me, where is it? You made a promise; Teacher, I remain the same, same, same – I go to sleep and the same, I wake up and the same; oh Teacher! I continue being here with an impatience that I can’t take it anymore! Then help me Teacher that I want to be with you already.” A promise? Yes, but please, be calm, how many times are we going to repeat: find your inner peace, remain united and calm, trust in us that we aren’t going to allow any harm to absolutely anyone and that you have to feel our presence when you do your meditation with authentic inner peace. Don’t be surprised of what you can feel and of what you can experience. But it’s already the time; we are already in the moment and I feel proud of saying to you that at least we do have a more or less considerable number of people that listen to us, because naturally, this message is on the internet and we know that now there are many people keeping an eye on what we’re saying and that also, there are many other people that now get together to meditate in other places and that really…

Of course, we would’ve wanted that all the thousands that we called would be happy, working, reuniting the family, and that all would be sure that a message of love and hope has to give hope to be able to continue forward; but no, they left upset because we didn’t give them what they asked at the moment at which they asked. But we do have enough so that it can spread again, for we have said: the ones that left will return, and those who denied will acknowledge; for it’s already a time at which we have to know with how many we’re going to count, so that this planet turned into a paradise, can be inhabited by those who understand from the heart that an animal is not to be eaten for the love of the life that the Father created, nothing of “because is discipline,” or “because it was prohibited to me,” out of love.

That they see the animals, to see them in the eyes, to see that they really feel, think, that have a soul and that in addition have a very special form of life and you’re going to see that when you live with them, how wonderful it is to know them deeply. But those that you convince, because if they see the movement, tell them: “For love! Please! Realize that no one has the right to kill and eat an animal,” just as they eat the animals, if this planet wouldn’t change, they were going to eat the humans but discretely. In a war: “Kill all of those and we have enough to put in freezers and have enough to eat for a while.” That’s how this planet was going to end, and have done it, during wars have eaten corpses, but it was going to be massive: “We won! Let’s pick up corpses and put them in freezers, to cut them very well,” to eat them. Oh, what a wonderful hell evil was creating in this earth, but he doesn’t have the right to turn into a hell a place that the Father created to be a Paradise and to be only life. Thus, prepare that is already the moment and is already the time that you live what we’ve promised you.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. May 9, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 643 in the list of meditations, can be acquired in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See Eventos – Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 642. May 2, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe.

Messages of before and after meditation 642. May 2, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When you have told us that have already prepared, have studied, that have worked, that we have nothing more to explain, that you’re now fully in control of emotions, and then tell us if you really feel prepared for everything we've asked. True, in a world like you are living, it is not easy to control emotions because the human being is at all times upset, worried, very aggressive, and above all, very aggressive with each other. So I know that when you walk in the midst of people, is when you feel it is very difficult not to get angry, very difficult to accept people with all their defects, defects that very soon you will recognize that you can help them change. You should not be altered at all for anything. You must be aware that one who lost control of his emotions is because no one has taught him to believe, and to create, and above all things, to expect this wonderful change that we have offered. Most humans live now: moments of pain, endless worries. Money, the famous money, which is wreaking havoc on the balance of the people because only those who are very rich, those who actually have the most money, albeit ill-gotten, are those who say they are not concerned about the money; and is a lie, because they are also concerned about accumulating more money and take care of everything they have. So I'll ask you this: if you are proposed by all means to earn that place we have given you, then just work a little more that control of the emotions. We see you, yes, working on that, "I won't get angry anymore with the people of my house, I'll try not to get angry with people who work with me, I will try to understand others, I will ensure that they see me with a smile, with a way of living that can draw attention because they will see me calm - they will see me calm."  

But tell me one thing:  are you already sure that everything has to start? We cannot wait any longer, the planet is terribly bad. Some people say: "It has always been bad!" No, it's never been as bad as now because definitely, at least in other centuries, we are talking of the last century on which they took care to destroy more the Earth. There were no nuclear weapons, there was no oil extraction, there wasn’t… well, what it really is the contaminant that there is at this time on Earth, but there was aggression, there were wars, hatred did exist, the alcohol did exist. Because we are going to assume, that is supposed to be scientifically allowed that you can take a drink with the food in order to aid digestion, now you know why they have to help digestion because if they have a dead inside, then at least they try to soften it a bit so they can digest it. But definitely, the poison of alcohol damages your senses, damages perceptions, you cannot say that even a little can drink because we need you to be fully lucid and getting ready for all that is starting. We will work hard; we will help man to think. You know very well that is the hardest. When man becomes obsessed with something that says is "their religion", they fanaticize and are fully closed to all thought that you can tell, is when you realize they forgot to think. We do not understand why they can say "if the Bible says", "if the Bible doesn’t say ..." then they cannot act; they have to do things as a book says. We reemphasize, which was written more than 5000 years ago, with different customs in those days and that naturally followed to the letter because our teacher was Jewish, and our teacher who was born as a Jewish man, was not accepted. Look right now at all true followers of the Bible, "the Messiah is coming, and finally will arrive to free them,” will come… I don’t know what are they expecting; the warrior they hoped for at that time, who would elevate them and that would end all that can be injustice? Yes, of course we're going to end the injustice but in such an emphatic way that you will realize that we are really not going to continue to tolerate the powerful abusing the weak. 
The powerful feel absolute masters of all, owners of even the joy  of humans because they are taking it away, the owners of all that can buy because have to be increasing, increasing, increasing costs and will have to pay and pay and pay and pay and no matter whether or not they have; then we will act. We know that everyone has some economic problems, those living in average condition, we are not talking about the humble, at least those people are used to living with less, they do not need certain clothes, don’t need certain ways of having their ... even their food can be simpler; but people called the "middle class" have many demands.

They will not wear clothes in an unpleasant way, they will not walk with broken shoes, they will not walk a little misaligned because they have to be well prepared to receive them in their jobs. Well, misaligned and broken shoes and holes in the pants do wear it the young people now that are within that same class, which is now one of the fashions, totally be as if they were really ragged. We see and do not understand, how could they forget themselves that way? But we must do something to impact, impacting terribly. Remember that the only thing that is going to make them react is to fear the "final judgment." First they will fear the alien invasion, but we will make them really understand that it is the return of our Teacher Jesus, that comes a powerful army, and the followers of other teachers will also understand that in all the prophecies is precisely this change. Is spoken precisely of all that has to happen at this time, it speaks of..., the 3 days of darkness already we cleared this; you are living the most darkly terrible darkness because you are dominated by evil, and everything that was predicted is already showing on Earth. But also they talk about the "rapture" on which many humans will disappear, just that have never clarified where they are going and we already told you ... we are going to take them to where they should be, where they do not continue destroying the life that the Father created. Why? Because there is much foolishness and then sadly we will see how many stay for the New Dawn.

But we do want to clarify that we are not condemning those who consume death because it depends on what they do; of course, if they make a satanic rite killing a child and eat it then that itself is totally condemned, but those who carry the evil, we will wait to see if they repent, but those who do not, who can say that in a given moment... do not understand, cannot live without eating meat, their body craves meat; yes, because they already got used to eating dead and their body is adjusted to it and they then say they are hungry, but we will make them reconsider. Therefore I tell you that our message has to be global and we have the capacity to do so. We have spoken of all the possible ways of what represents love, of what is the respect for life, the respect for yourselves, and above all, the respect for your peers which is not to judge them, not to invent stories because suddenly we see that start to say, of people that stand out, amazingly absurd things, but oh, the voice spread that that one is wicked or that that one has insane practices, and actually already do this to destroy an image. But most important is that you have to be aware that those who listen to us, don’t judge your peers, don’t opine, for example, even of the government people or artists who go by word of mouth, no, do not judge, do not opine, respect, respect everything that represents the life of other human beings.

We are now ready, the movement is beginning and although you may not see the ships as you really want to see them, they are already covering the sky and we are in another dimension and at any moment they are going to be visible to the eye of man. We are now ready for the big move and you already have to be prepared without anguish, without anger, without resentment and without feeling the right to judge their fellow. For I know that those who already listened to us, who do not consume death because they are aware that the animal is a being who deserves respect for their lives, they still have that defect to be criticizing or judging others. So I ask you absolute control of your emotions because you are our representatives, you are the Army of the Light. Remember that we won't be able to heal all the sick of the Earth, but we do want the message to reach, to make that effort and at the time to pass, already those who are doctors are going to help us; we'll prepare them and we will do something unprecedented: we're going to return not only health, but even the lost youth. But we will prepare every human being who will listen and get ready, now the time came and we cannot wait any longer because the planet can no longer withstand the destruction that humans made. Besides, it must be aligned and cannot get to its lineup as long as we have not seen that everything is all set and ready and we can rebuild what has been destroyed on this earth.

Let's work together, and be beings who can understand why apparently we have delayed, yes we are past due a little time, but with the idea that many human beings are not lost and that evil can disappear from the Earth without taking many souls, which is the dream of Father: not losing His children, for He loves His children as any parent loves their children and above all, a great father that gives everything so that everything is life in this universe that he created.

Message after the meditation:

Limit yourselves to create, to believe, to be calm. As just said my brother Aliestro:  If you owe, say: “I’ll pay tomorrow". You will say you are playing with people, but then yes, in one way or another have to liquidate everything you have as debt, but above all things, limit yourself to be calm. Practice what we've taught you, meditate with great force, with great faith. Already we will manifest in every home in which they wish to see us, but in order to see us you need to have all the absolute peace we ask for your third eye to get activated, and as naturally at home already all is at peace, then indeed you will be able to, as children, engage in a conversation directly with us and not because you are going to run yelling: I'm already contacted! But because you already are going to have the opportunity to see us, as you have asked, this will happen. But remember we are very demanding Teachers, very much demanding, for what we are going to give is genuinely the biggest prize: Life, life in which you are going to be immensely happy. We’re not going to hear again the man's pain, there won’t be misery or poverty again, there won’t be terrible diseases again as those plaguing humanity, we will remove the terrible cancer in one hit, we will rescue sick children, we will do things unprecedentedly great. But if we now want to help a child who is sick, that parents understand at least what caused the child to have this terrible disease like cancer.

But I ask: to study, practice, work, make an effort. Do, for example, tomorrow: “Tomorrow will be a day of peace; I will not think of absolutely a problem, I'm will not get upset at all with anyone, I'll walk tranquil, I'll listen to others with understanding, I will have inner peace.” One day, a day that is achieved then you will say, "I did it already one day, tomorrow too;" again to dawn, "Oh, I did it yesterday, I'll be at peace with myself, I'll know that when I least expect it, I'll have the prize that I have been promised." But you know, if you go to school, the one that studies, who perseveres, who is prepared perfectly fine, the one who fulfills all that is asked of them, then receives an award, not just a diploma, but all kinds of honors, that is, the joy of being at a certain moment already with us. To see and experience, will be the most wonderful. So tell yourself, "Well, today I'm going to bed quiet, if I have debts or have anger toward someone, what do I gain? If I'm thinking in that, I will not win more than lose my emotional stability, I’ll lose everything which I have won up to now; I will go to sleep peacefully, I will not think of anything that is negative, I'll not be angry with anyone," because mentally, you get upset mentally, you go to bed and are thinking about all that was done to you, what you were told and what didn’t liked and moreover, are also thinking that the money was not enough and you have to pay. You will not do it at night, then better leave all your worries and relax, listen to the message you want and to relax, to get on our hands and to allow us to give you all the light we have. But remember, you are preparing, you are in the Academy of Life, you are with teachers who have taught you to be who are going to help save humankind. Yes, it will seem to you very lavish that you will help save humanity, yes, because you will give the message, for you will be heard and because we know who we have chosen, why we have chosen you and why we count with all of you. 

So promise me, from this moment on there is no longer a worry, there is no anger, you will not fix it: “I will not think about what I have to do tomorrow, I'll want to help someone who needs me, my children, yes, but I'll tell my teacher to help me help them, but I'm not going to say: ‘I cannot,’" I'll say, "I have a teacher who will help me to give my loved ones what they need," but you be calm.

Lie down without a thought of denial, loosen your body, breathe deeply, dream, dream of the most amazing thing which is what you’re going to live in a very short time, because already you are for us, not only our soldiers who have served but as angels you’re going to help us help the man because we want to rescue this humanity of all the destruction that has been caused at this time. Pain, misery, distress, depravation of all things, places prevailing drug addiction, where evil is enjoying as if it were a beast that is devouring these beings, is taking from them every ounce of energy they have, because they see them on the floor, they see them without encouragement, because these beings are absorbing their energy.

Then, we will start to manifest so that once seeing us, will be heard who have listened to us and so that we can be able to recover this humanity. I speak of the humanity that the Father loves so much and definitely he has said it, he does not want to lose you, for you are his children and for all eternity will remain being his children.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. May 2, 2014.

Meditation dictated this day, which is number 642 in the list of meditations, is available in Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 641. April 26, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 641. April 26, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When you see, indeed, the ships, it is when you’re going to say: “The wait was worth it.” Remember that your family members that said that “nothing happens!” and ate meat again, they left and ate meat again, why? Because they didn’t understand the message? But there are people who are promoting the respect for life and don’t have anything to do with what we’re giving here. How is it possible that they didn’t listen to the message as we gave it?

We’ve prepared many people, we’ve told them all they have to learn; we’ve shown in many ways that we’re with all the human beings; we’ve shown that the truth we give is unique, great, beautiful.

In the religions only in the Hindu, for example, or the authentic Buddhists speak about the respect for life, because the Mohammedans only don’t eat pork but they do eat meat, they don’t drink alcohol because is a way of protecting their body, I don’t know, but they don’t go deep into a message so profound which is to know that a Father exists: a wonderful Father that man doesn’t know, a universal creator beyond man’s imagination. Because in your imagination you have put many ways of saying that you see God, but normally see him as punishing or see him as a great king, or see him as something hard to understand, or blame him for all your mistakes because in addition, if something bad happens, He is the one to blame; you don’t realize what the human being has done with their own world.

We are beings that learned to love but on our own to “respect love.” For this reason it seems to us so illogical that you wouldn’t want to do something as important as is the fact of “respecting the life of the animals,” of all, and once you’re with us, you’re going to see that not even the insects. Right now you might complain about a scorpion bite, or might complain about a mosquito bite, or might complain even from a bite from a bee which is normally protecting its hive, but you are going to see that once being within what represents the Light, all the animals also cooperate and are going to see that there’s no need for the poisons that animals have. We make sure that they have food, even to the ants we put their food so that they can fill their nests; we make sure that all the beings that inhabit our worlds have the necessary to live happy and tranquil.

Limit yourselves to feel that we have shown you our presence, not only with the cures that have been achieved, but with a message that is totally and absolutely authentic.
Any person that wants to doubt our message, well, I think that is wrong, why? Because we’ve given it very clearly, specifying as Teachers everything that you have to do. That the message will be heard? Yes, it will be heard, but that they accept us only due to the message, we’re seeing it a little difficult, but at least when they see the ships and when the message is being spread more widely, then they will listen but sadly is going to have to be that way. And we’re going to see who, with love, got this message or who do it out of fear, because if they do it out of fear it doesn’t have any value; if they do it to look good before us, it doesn’t have any value; you have to be clear with your selves and with the Father himself who at all times knows when his children love and respect everything that he created.

This time is crucial, we’re in the last space, we can’t wait any longer; we’ve already told you that since December of 2012, we already had to start to work. We have started but can’t notice it because evil has the Earth in fact covered and we haven’t been able to do what we want to do, which is precisely that you see the impact of seeing how the ships descend and how they reconstruct this destroyed planet. Right now you worry if a building ended cracked due to an earthquake; no, worse, worse is coming because stronger quakes are coming but who is at blame? You’re not going to say that God sent a punishment and made the earth tremble; you have to recognize that man destroyed the planet and that those are only consequences of your ignorance, or your nonsense, your way of living which is sad.

 All against all is something unheard-of. That we see wars, that’s one of the things that has always seemed to us as the most foolish that there could exist – to kill the enemy and take away what they have, because that’s what has been during all the times of generations of this planet when have invaded other places to take away from those people their properties and to enslave them. The slavery has existed ever since man started to manipulate all that existed on the Earth but the slavery continues; they might not have chains on their feet and might not be with a mark in the body. The last ones were prisoners, for example, in the concentration chambers where were marked and kept those marks, but in any way are slaves: slaves of the gold, slaves to be able to say “whatever father government says,” and if you protest then they won’t pay attention because no one listens, besides, protests bring much negative energy:  running in the streets, yelling, making all kind of outrage, and above all things, harming the people that inhabit in the place where they manifest, that’s not the way to show a truth. It would be best to do things right, showing it, being united, united to support each other, united to give yourselves what’s necessary, united so that poverty doesn’t exist, united to be able to say that you’re working intensely all that can be… well, be it a business, be it to work the fields, be it to do what you have to do, but that you’re united; you wouldn’t have to be protesting; to do things right, but well done.

That naturally, “father government” is going to take away the taxes, well, that’s another thing that will be solved later, for we are indeed going to reconstruct, all is going to be with perfectly well cut grass, all is going to be with incredible roads, you are going to be able to move from one place to another in a calm way, so beautiful that you’re going to see what it is to have… yes, you’re going to have your automobiles but they’re different; they move with the energy, something that man tried making the electric cars but has been a failure since they still don’t accomplish it, besides, the ones that sell gasoline don’t allow you to have another automobile because naturally, it is a very profitable business - having the oil exploitation. 
But many countries say that the invaders are coming to attack this “poor humanity.” Imagine how terrible it would be that in the Universe is done what has been done here in the Earth, that they come with their power and subjugate the people that inhabit this planet; you’re already subjugated enough, are already poor enough; there are countries where it’s really painful to see the needs they have; we’ve seen the most unbelievable injustices, the most terrible sadism when are torturing their fellow beings, and above all things, we’ve seen that they really abuse the ones that don’t have and the one that doesn’t have then doesn’t know how to work because if they all were united in a job in which would really cultivated and harvested their fields and shared the harvest, well, wouldn’t have the need to be in that way.

But all of this is going to happen already in this time at which we are going to take you by the hand so that you understand what really is to live in a planet that has peace. Oh! But at the rate we’re going, with how many? Will have to come from other worlds to help you because it’ll be somewhat unpopulated for there are actually few those who we have right now who understand from the heart that the life shouldn’t be destroyed. There are people that make movements that are wanting to remove also the famous bull fights; are talking in favor of the respect for life, but… we see more people saying: “Just eat a taco,” and the doctors, is the most unbelievable that they have closed their mind; they don’t realize that eating a dead body has to provoke diseases. Then they look the diseases elsewhere and are saying to the poor sick: “You need your protein.”

For the love of the Father! The animal protein from a dead animal, there’s no longer protein. The protein comes from certain seeds and mushrooms and from many other things that you know, but above all things, from a balanced food and you don’t need only protein; besides, you’re not carnivorous animals, although that will also disappear, don’t worry, there will no longer be wild animals. You will be able to travel the planet and will see that we, with the ships, sow again where the planet has been left devastated; are going to see that we bring all types of flowers, of fruit, of seeds and how we give to all those who have listened to the message with love, all the necessary to be able to live and now live forever that way. Because when passing to the other dimension, evil will not be able to pass, that yes, we have everything totally prepared so that evil’s entrance remains blocked in that dimension. We’re going to send him to his domains but we don’t know when he can manage, with his cunningness, to escape and we also have to keep an eye on the planets that remain in the third dimension where we’re going to send the people who don’t understand and which we hope won’t be attacked by this being of dead who is always wanting to take away from the Father what he loves the most, which are his children.

Then let’s work together, but please! All of those that say: “Nothing happened!” well, how good that “nothing happened” but the planet is falling apart: the poverty increases, the abuse is endless, the violence each day is worse, the sales from the drug trafficking is terrible and the fear, fear everywhere; there’s no longer safety in the houses, don’t know when will arrive to assault and can kill any person that is in that house. Remember that we put a dome, but there’s always a family member that arrives with a few drinks and arrives with their “devil” stuck and then we try to remove that being but enters to create chaos, and then it is as if it breaks the dome.
Therefore, we want that naturally, you try to talk with your loved ones but the time is already very short; don’t worry, the ships will be seen and unprecedented things will be seen and the Father is going to feel proud of our work also, for that is what matters to us the most, that the Father feels proud of this army that our Teacher formed and that now comes to give life to a planet that is about to be Death, Destruction, Devastation, and above all things, if we had allowed a nuclear war, then yes, nothing will be left of life; we would be taking very quickly the people that weren’t contaminated or trying to decontaminate but why put ourselves into that problem if by destroying their nuclear warheads is enough. But in any way their nuclear tests have contaminated the air, and above all things, all that the oil produces.

That’s why there are many pulmonary diseases and that’s why there are so many problems in the eyes and that’s why there are so many problems in all that represents the… well yes, we’re going to say it again, the diseases that are devastating the humanity. Because we already counted them, well how many, not even you can say how many we know that are totally healthy, that nothing hurts, that don’t catch the flu, that have a perfect vision, that are full of vigor, then I’m going to ask how many you know like that. Thus you are being protected by us and all of those who listen to us with love are going to receive as a reward, a beautiful paradise that we’re going to start forming already.

It is the time already, the wait is over and prepare very well for we have everything ready to be able to “invade” the Earth against evil, that’s what you need to understand, we are going to invade indeed, but evil to take them to their domains and we hope he doesn’t do something as terrible as is to take the majority of the humanity. Thus, let’s prepare that the things are coming now big and strong in this time, in these years, no, we’re going to correct it, I said “in these years,” no, in these years everything is going to be wonderful, in this year has to be the great impact, but you already know, nothing of giving dates and that all of you start saying “Nothing happens!” but what is happening has to be stopped because now we can’t in fact stop the tremors, for the planet is bursting from within. Therefore, to work, to study and to prepare yourselves that you are soldiers and a soldier always is discipline and is love for the cause that is actually living to be able to proudly say to the Father that you helped in this difficult mission.

Message after the meditation:

I’m going to ask a question to all who listen to this messages. We are in a very high number now of messages and meditations; I want you to tell me, how many times have you managed a complete day of total and absolute inner peace? We only ask one complete day. If you manage one day, you’re going to manage the second one, are going to manage the third and are going to achieve to live how wonderful is to make those journeys that we’ve been describing. But I know that the ones who are amidst stubborn family members… because to each his own, well yes, as you say, are stubborn family members. Now we hear a lot that about: “Don’t be a fool man, nothing happened! Eat your tacos.” We’ve said it before that it saddens us much, much disappointment for the ones who have said such atrocity, that is, they completely lost all that had earned by being, it’s assumed, that studying and that conveying, but they paid lip service. Then I want you to say yourselves, how many times have you achieved, despite what happens around you, despite that a family member is saying things that aren’t…, or just going out, talking with people, and not lose your inner peace?

Then don’t say to us that we don’t want to show ourselves and that we don’t let ourselves be seen and that we are being squeamish so that you can see us; no, you who are present and the ones who listen to us are going to answer, how many times have you managed a complete day, totally and absolutely full of love and of inner peace? Then it is precisely when those journeys are achieved. And even if someone from your family is attacking you or someone from work because there are always people that are totally confused, anguished, upset, upset against life, with the fact of existing, and you don’t lose your inner peace.

For this reason we insist much. Don’t say to us: “Oh, the Teachers don’t want to be seen; oh, when am I going see my angel? Oh, when am I going to make a trip? When am I going to board a spaceship?” but since this is indeed urgent, then please make all the effort to always remain in a way, well in a really controlled way, full of love so that you can already enjoy everything that you have asked. Don’t forget, we take care of your problems and we take care of your health and we make sure that you can convey our message because you’re going to be representing us worthily as angels who can say: I believe, I learned, I have a magnificent Teacher and now I can show it.

Then the time is short, please, we cannot be here another 10 years saying to you to “find your inner peace,” because frankly, there’s no longer that time. It has been precisely 12 years, a little more, dictating a message and I believe that definitely there’s no longer time. It has reached the stage at which this planet is going to change of dimension and we trust in you so that you can help us give this message which is definitely not religious, it is of love, of hope, of life, of knowledge, which that is what we’ve given you so that you can find that famous inner peace that has taken you so much work to accomplish for yourselves. Those who have appreciated the effort that we make so that you receive a moment of peace, and above all things, that you realize in which way we live thankful to the Father; we are the ones who are grateful that you  finally listen to our message.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. April 26, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 641 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See section: Eventos –Lista de Material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace, you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.