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Messages of before and after meditation #633. March 21, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe.

Messages of before and after meditation #633. March 21, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

What is it that you’re waiting for in this time? You’re going to say: Oh Teacher! Well, that you appear, that the ships are seen, that we can speak, that they listen to us, that the message is heard and that you take us, for the love of god!, from this very terribly difficult world to inhabit. That’s the dream of all of you and our dream is to make it true. We’re in the last time, I know: “Oh Teacher! You just promise; Oh Teacher! You just say; Oh Teacher! Almost, very soon, very soon, soon.” The day is so close that you’re finally going to receive with much joy all the movement that we’re going to make but remember that you have to be calm. We see you very worried because naturally, everyone has problems, above all, economic, that’s already a thing that became the daily bread: I have to pay, I have to give, I have to…, I don’t have enough money, I don’t have any, you don’t give me, I play the lottery and I don’t win it, Teacher! Please, a little bit of slack. Don’t worry, we’ve told you that we make sure that you don’t lack anything and that nothing happens with your debts.

But the first thing I want to say is: the most difficult mission that could have existed is this one. We are at war, we’ve said it to you many times, we are at war against evil and evil is at war against us, against the Father, that’s the most sad. How can someone that was created by the Father, whom had given him so much power and who hasn’t punished for all that he has done within the Universe of the Father. He takes advantage precisely of what he calls “the weakness of the Father” because they can do what they want and the Father doesn’t do anything, doesn’t punish him, and doesn’t send him to his domains as it should be.

Then, the only thing he says is: “If I achieve to take away his children, for me it was a triumph,” and the planet is totally and absolutely covered by a black shadow which are these beings of the darkness who have grown enormously. They had come from another world the ones who won a place next to evil and who naturally feel proud of following him for one day they’ll be the most powerful there could exist in the Universe, and here started to fall one after another, various millions of beings have followed him, then this place turned into the most horrible place there could exist. We see how the human works to obtain gold, to obtain fame, to be the most powerful and we do see the things they’re doing and we’re observing how they can be servants of a being who won’t offer them anything other than “the darkness.”

Oh, but he does offer that, he offers power; they’ll be the most powerful beings that there could exist; you see the ones who are in a country feeling they’re the most powerful because are dominating by terror, by killings, by subjugation, of slavery because at this time, in this time at which it seems that there shouldn’t exist slavery, there is, and there are countries that are truly slaves already and have to work for anything economic, always fearful of being killed. Naturally, there are those who rebel by saying that they don’t care if they’re killed but they have to do something in order to stop something that’s being as terrible as is precisely a human being feeling so powerful that can cause so much harm.

More or less you know about the country I’m talking about, of which countries because there are things you don’t see, there are things that don’t seem publicly known and however, they’re already being slaves of the powers. We work, we observe, we select, we know at what moment all those beings who are working for the Love of the Father, are going to receive something very great and are going to be recognized no  matter what. Naturally, evil says: “Well, show them to us because we’re going to attack,” but evil doesn’t know that we can protect you in such a way that even if he wanted to, the power that we have doesn’t equal in anything to the power that this being of the darkness has.

We can protect at 100% those who speak about us and represent us; no one can touch them, we’re not going to allow that they get hurt in any way, thus we say with all trust. Right now nothing more happens other than being told that you’re crazy and that you changed religion and that you’re in a sect and that how can you believe they won’t eat meat and that you’re already fanatical about something that you’re being taught. Fanaticism is something that loses man completely when they stop thinking and we teach you to think, to reason, to listen and to ask, yes, what should ask a being who really thinks: inner peace and above all, being able to help so that this planet returns being what is was in its beginning when it was a paradise.

Our Father is observing all that’s happening and naturally, he continues giving us power because he knows that the opposing forces have acquired much power; therefore, imagine what a war between the beings of the light and the beings of the darkness is, a total war. Those beings can’t do anything to us and the dark beings feel proud because we don’t destroy, they know that we’re going to send them to their domains, but they know that we don’t kill because then by taking over the humans they have us totally at a stop so that we can’t do anything; for we’re not going to kill a human because we would take them in the sphere with the body, then it would be terrible, they don’t know what it is to enter in a prison as that one. For this reason it is that this war is in that way, as if it were a war of… well, a war of emotions, of strength in a continuous attack to see who wins this humanity that doesn’t want to think.

We’ve said in every way because you say to us: “Oh, these Teachers how much they repeat and repeat.” Well yes, I don’t think that all the people have heard the almost 700 messages there are and then be drenched with the message; therefore, the one that reaches them, that it tells them something that can move them toward a reasoning, to think that they have to do something that is so logical, so lawful as is the fact of “respecting the life that the Father created.”

But these animals are suffering the consequences of what man now is: the most savage being that we have been able to find in the entire Universe; savage, depraved and above all things, forgotten by himself and feeling that only with power can be happy by killing their fellow beings but putting in their table a delicious viands of all the dead bodies that go on acquiring within the slaughter houses or in the honor of anything: “kill the sheep! Kill the pig! And look at that cattle, well, it could serve as food, kill it! And serve to us all that is that terrible death that he practices.”

For this reason I’m going to say this, are you aware of the war? Well, how are we going to triumph? By astonishing. I know, you’re going to say: “Yes Teacher, but you still don’t put the spaceships and we keep looking at the sky, waiting for something spectacular to happen, all waiting for there to exist…” for instance, you were thinking about the airplane if it was kidnapped or not, that’s still a mystery but the most important is that we are going to do quite astonishing things that the human being is going to have to reflect on what they’ve done with their world, be it the most powerful; for now will have to listen and if he truly doesn’t want to make a change in his life, we’re going to leave him in another planet if they aren’t assassins, if they are, well how sad that evil will take them.

But we are not the ones who will put them inside the spheres while still alive, they kill among themselves because evil knows that his prey has to go dead, so they make them kill among themselves one after another - what beautiful weapons, machine guns! Now they have of the most sophisticated to kill among themselves which is evil’s idea, that they kill each other and take those souls and take them to his domains. Therefore, those who listen to us should say: “I want to live in peace, I do want to know the happiness of living in a new world, I do want to know that my children are going to inherit a planet on which they can truly grow free and healthy, I do want this. What do I need to do?” Right now, simply prepare yourselves and allow us protect you because a dome of light enfolds you and cannot be penetrated by absolutely anything.  

Let’s assume that in a given moment you were amidst a shooting, you’re going to say “you’re going to send us where there’ll be a shooting?” it is that the beings that want to harm emerge where you least expect it and they would provoke the shootings, then indeed will be frightened: “And this? Where did he come from? Is he an extraterrestrial? Why can’t we hurt him?” Then they’ll be frightened and you with much peace and tranquility would say that you’re working with us. Because the dome is not seen, it’s simply strong and firm protecting you 24hours a day, there’s not a single instant that we leave you unprotected because right now the planet cannot be unprotected for the beings that we look after; for evil is working strongly.

That’s why I say to you: Do you believe that this will remain as is for a long time? And that we’re going to remain contemplating how evil goes on winning humanity? No, we have to do something shocking. Are you ready? Do you feel prepared? Do you feel ready to give the message and give the example that you’ve truly learned to have the control of your emotions and that when you respect life you do it with love?

Remember that it was a little strong test the fact that you believed that the 21st day a few were already going to the light, how many were the ones who were already meditating and said: “Guess what? Nothing happened, let’s go and eat meat again”? Imagine if think that we’re going to pass them knowing that not at any moment did it out of love but with the condition that we would take them to a paradise: “Oh yes! We will behave well, we’ll respect life,” but not from the heart and this is something that we cannot say that we’re going to allow.

Then please, we’ve said many times what happened on December 21, we had almost everything ready, it couldn’t be done because evil has Earth enfolded with a terrible blanket of darkness, taking over the mind of the men and doing things that you still don’t see; your news don’t speak of what really is the horror in which are still living the beings that are serving evil, why? Because they’re not allowed to speak, obviously.
Therefore you and all those who listen to us and who are waiting for the wonderful prize of living in a planet in which all will be peace and tranquility, continue preparing yourselves but remember to imagine: “Would I eat a piece of chicken? No, it’s a life and I respect and love it and it’s a life created by the Father and has a soul and deserves to be respected,” but to be from the heart. Then also if you see a very unpleasant person in their way of being: “Do I feel scorn? Do I feel upset? Well, I understand him and I’m going to remember every day the most beautiful words of a Teacher who came to help man think, Teacher Jesus who said: Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Then not holding the slightest grudge, not judging anyone, not criticizing, not saying that you feel already too perfect because you can criticize someone for the way the speak or the way they dress or their way of being; you don’t have a reason to criticize anyone, only be giving the message and listening and helping them have a thought of love, which is what we need you to know how to do.

Then let us continue preparing for we don’t give a date but it is from one moment to another, the time has already come to completion. You were already told that the babies who are being born are going to pass as babies, that the kids who right now are starting to grow, that’s how they’re going to pass and that things are already from one moment to another so that you receive the prize for having listened to us and having practiced with much love all our teachings. Let’s meditate together and let it be the Father the one who fills us with his light so that we can be triumphant in this difficult mission.

Message after the meditation:

I believe that in this difficult time in which man has fear even to think, I believe that if they listen to our messages they can realize that we haven’t missed a single detail of what you have to listen. Naturally, I know that time passes and you have anguish and that things are bad on Earth, that you feel many times almost as if you were forgotten by your angels, that you don’t achieve the evolution… let’s suppose, of doing your astral travel because you go to sleep anguished, always thinking in problems. Up to now we see you concentrating in your meditation, the ones who put them, but you lose it very soon by remembering the problems that you have, still can’t manage that concentration: not missing a detail of what is being said in the meditation so that you can transport yourselves toward another dimension. Now, many do manage to enter into a deep peace that don’t even notice when they go out on go on a good ride that still we haven’t left much memory of.

Thus I will ask you to say: “I believe, I am, I know that they can’t fail me. There are too many messages so that at the moment of truth we stay here in this hell, I believe not so.” I believe that this wonderful Father loves you so much that he doesn’t want an entire planet to become the hell from which you couldn’t escape. This place will become a paradise and will stop being the hell in which you now inhabit and yes, it’s almost a hell; there are places of a terrible darkness that makes us have, well, that sensation of pain of seeing to what extent the human being that doesn’t think has fallen. But I do say this, things are now ready; you work, meditate and please trust that we protect you because precisely that fear of confronting a serious problem, that there could be something that can attack you, that makes you not trust in us and cannot enter in absolute peace. All that we ask is: trust in us that we haven’t left you at any moment and above all, you, all who listen to us are for us, at this time, our angels whom we love and whom we want to give something very beautiful and very great that is already starting.

Prepare very well and continue listening that the Father already knows very well that we have everything ready for a great movement… it’s going to last very little, don’t think that we’re going to spend years as we have in the past preparing this mission, no, no, the conclusion is fast because it’s not about letting evil thing, it’s about taking them to their domains but not to be many humans that he takes, but we’ll do it in a matter of… I’ll better tell you that very, very, very fast.

Therefore, prepare that everything is ready and you’re going to receive a very pleasant surprise in this time, don’t doubt anymore, don’t feel fear anymore, and continue ahead that this time is the wonderful time of the change for this world that could have disappear, it would have been left completely as cosmic dust, yes, but a cosmic dust that was going to contaminate the rest of the universe but we won’t allow that; then don’t worry, there will be a planet that could’ve disappear, that is going to end converted into a true paradise; will enjoy it those beings who now, with so much love, listen to us.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. March 21, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 633 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See section: Eventos –Lista de Material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Messages of before and after meditation # 632. March 14, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe.

Messages of before and after meditation # 632. March 14, 2014. 

Message before the meditation:

As we see, in all of you, there is much concern naturally, much worry, many problems in all, are seeing how the world is going and feel a little disappointed to wait that long. We know when and how we will do it, but I do say, is so short the time remaining that soon will feel excited to see that things are as we have announced them. If you feel anxious, concerned about the family, about everything that happens in the world, is worse for us to see the terrible conditions in which humanity is. In this country there is violence, there are assaults, there are kidnappings, but many things are worse elsewhere.

What we see is evil continually taking over human beings and you have seen, for man "drink" has to be almost daily, at least the beer and at least the starter and at least something. Eating meat, -good! It is the food of life-, but what you do not have close are people who are doing drugs and is an immense amount of drug addicts; therefore, is that drug traffickers have much money, but is not because they bought the drug just because, but because already really drug addiction grew alarmingly. That is why we feel concerned, we have to say: Father, this being of death wants to take your children as they are.

That is why we are preparing the invasion, yes, it will be a real invasion of ships, of noise, of movements, of frights that can be if you will, that people comment, that run because only then can we make springing loose of that being that has them trapped. For as they are right now, then we would begin a clean on which the planet would remain almost without human and it would be very painful to the Father, very painful for many children who would be left without parents, very painful for all that we have to do. Therefore I tell you, we are preparing the invasion, yes, let's call that invasion because will invade planet Earth with our craft and we will do something so shocking and so spectacular that naturally or they listen to us or they listen to us. And to all of you who have been prepared with us will be heard and I know that for all of you everything will be joy, it´s not going to be scary, nor of impact, or ... "and what if they aren’t, and what if they’re bad and what if they all say, other people who do not know: ‘aliens are coming and they say that Alaniso is an alien, then he is not good."

Imagine how they have been brainwashed because definitely all that is called "alien" is thought as bad, they don’t stop to think that where evil is, is on Earth and that we have an obligation to try to help. But things are beyond what we can bear of evil being dominating humanity. See other countries, we will assume that we are asked anxiously, are full of pain from the country that is not so far, Venezuela, they are very, very, very bad and we have to act because they do beg us, the few that know us, do not believe it has spread so much, but those who know us do say: "Please Teacher Alaniso, remember us."
And those who refuse to believe, then at least they are saying, "My God, please have mercy on this people." Now, not only one, remember that also are very bad right now in Ukraine, but we are also seeing terrible abuses in other countries, we are seeing that the man really does not respect anything at all. Things are worse than what you have seen or heard. A few become millionaires, are given an impressive amount of money because they were people who were in the government, really squeezing the people, that's another thing we see very unpleasant because people have to pay taxes or have a very strong problem with the famous "the Treasury" and must always be alert to everything they give, there is no money to afford and effectively, right now man survives with the "God of Gold."

So I say, we're not asleep, nor we are looking to see if we can, and aren’t seeing how, this we already have it perfectly well planned. So you please, let's call it as a very short time, we will think they are days that we are going to make the biggest appearance, and we have put many demonstrations across the Earth, but do not give importance. The media are alert but have forbid them to talk: No, do not talk about it, do not talk of aliens because would cause panic, because you have to figure out exactly what it is, you have to inquire carefully what's going on!

I'm going to ask you to be, please, it's the last time, to be calm. As we have said, when you least expect will live with us and are going to know what is the happiness of being in paradise, and will be left only in memory all these difficult times but will feel proud to have had faith, for having heard, having believed, and for having loved, and even if the people around you didn’t listen to you, you moved on. You know, for those who cannot come and listen to us, we are keeping an eye on all who are preparing. Remember that there are many people in other states of the country, in the neighboring northern country are not the quantity we wish but they are preparing and is spreading in South America, they still don’t pay much attention but now at least listen, and are seeking, they are already reading the message they are putting which is this message that today I am giving.

And I want to say to all human beings, to all, to not be carried away by fear, we are preparing something very beautiful for all those beings who know how to love and that this planet will be cleansed and released in a very, very, very short time because furthermore, the dates are already set, we already know at what time this planet has to join the lineup that is coming because other planets are already aligning and yes, we have everything ready for the time of its turn, but imagine the conditions in which it is, it would be a total disaster. But ask us, ask us because we are going to give everything anyway, it does not bother us that you are complaining: "Oh, Teacher Alaniso, don’t you see what we have, don’t you realize the anguish, look, my relatives do not want to listen and people take it as mockery that we are not eating meat!" They mock, we have seen them make fun, make jokes, and you are told you are wrong because the meat is most essential that a human being can have for food. That is why we say: man forgot to think. How can they think that the dead will give life to them? We have already said many times, but we will do spectacular things and will kidnap many animals. Now, we can also do other spectacular things so those whom we are preparing can be seen coming down from a ship.

 Also remember, we have promised that you are going to board a ship and that will be with us as we are in the time when will see us those who have been loyal and steadfast with us. We are not angry that you are every day, as you say, repelling "Oh Teacher, already passed another day; oh teacher, I still have to do this; oh teacher, but it seems as you don’t hear us; oh teacher, I do not know why we are ignored." I told you that you have also named your own angels Alaniso but you have an angel who is with you protecting you day and night, day and night because fortunately you have given them the opportunity to protect you because since you don’t consume death and drink the poison of alcohol, much less drugs, then the dome of light is fully strengthened to protect you from harm. But already the planet changes.

Long ago it was said that the Teacher Jesus would return, but said he had left the doors open to heaven. What is to open the doors of heaven? Simply that you are going to change dimension and have to go to the place that corresponds depending on how have been your actions on Earth, but of course he came to leave a message and humans have to understand that. Nothing that because he was crucified and then already the gates of heaven were opened. Hope was opened, the dream opened that he thought he had left a message which would always be remembered and practiced properly, and that also would be seen with love because he made an unprecedented effort to remember. But the time is fulfilled and we are naturally ready, as ready as you say "warming up" for all this to happen at any moment.

Peacefully lie down that when you least expect it, you will see a very bright light in your room and you will see that there we are or will feel as we lift you to a ship and how you will be able to feel that wonderful moment of being with us. I would like to thank your faith and perseverance, and with munch love I say - Keep going forward! We are ready to give the Father account for what we were able do with this planet destroyed, infested, is a terrible plague which are the energies of darkness, having no desire to change, is as if they had gone mad, wickedness made them mad, and the desire for power made them worse, then they feel proud to say that they will have humanity to take it to the domains of evil.

For this reason, prepare and be calm but sleep peacefully; we see that still lie with your meditation, thinking all you have to do, in debts, expenses, payments, in the family, are thinking in everything, concentrating less perfectly well in the message. That is why the messages are spoken, so we've given messages that can transport you to the Universe and that can travel, those are the ones that are right for so you can relax, but also we want you to save a little bit of the day to study. Everything we have said will be fulfilled and is being fulfilled and will be fulfilled to return these children to the Father that he doesn’t want to lose. Let's try and I know that we will count on you for this difficult mission.

Message after the meditation:

I want you to listen very carefully, I know you would like us to tell you: get ready when spring begins or when the summer beings. Look, we've taken great care that the beings of darkness don’t know the date. You will say: “And they do not hear anything of what is happening here?” When we are talking here we have put a barrier so that even if there hovering as many as they can, cannot hear anything. But we give a date and you begin to spread the word and start making a lot of noise and then all beings of darkness do find out; they are alert to see how much we have said and how we have prepared you. Yes, they know you and naturally try to put doubts to see if the entire group falls apart over again, no, all who we called will return anyhow, we are sure of that, and many people that has gone, were cured, kept a few messages, everyone will want to learn more because really the only thing they will say to others: "do not eat meat and put an altar and think of your angels," but the teaching is deeper and that's what we have given you. But I want you not to think that we want you to beg us to give you the date. The date we have it already so close, that will be a great joy for all of you who have been faithful and constant to our side to see that everything will be done as we promised.

But remember, it is the time we will not wait any longer, evil already made us the favor of doing that we couldn’t by December, your December of the year 2012, that we started already to form the paradise, why? Because he had trapped humanity, has totally trapped it and knows we do not want to send all the human beings to hell, but they are challenging us, but imagine they are intertwined with each other, and cover with a dark shadow. See how many humans there are, if you go to any city if you walk everywhere; you’ll always see they look like ants the number of human beings, so with them there’s a dark trying to see how it takes them. See them, almost everyone wants to drink, because: "why not, let´s drink," but when they fall into alcoholism "no, it is hard to quit," and above all, how sad to continue killing animals. I know you have told us that we promised to rescue them but that will be what we’re going to do as shocking, but it's going to be by pressing people, it will be by taking away free will, already it will be in a way... because you may say to a son: "I will not give you this for food because it will hurt you," and he says, "but I want some", then you snatched it and say, "Now you eat this," they will be mad because wanted to eat something else. So, we do not want it to be so, we want it to be by conviction as much as possible. But realize that the work is very, very, very heavy, very hard.

The human really does not like to think, human beings like things as they are living even if they are struggling and although right now already diseases are spreading more and more, and then medications: Oh, but is the deal of the century, as you would say, are filled with gold with everything they sell from drugs and the people anyway depart in a very painful way. This is what we have to end. So do not say I did not want to give the date, but we do know between us, but if you say "Oh, look how you are," imagine what the beings of darkness say  “and don’t give any info, we do not know how to defend ourselves," but having the humans caught, is like having hostages, more or less, if a being who kidnaps a person has a hostage, you are giving everything you want, then to them that fact that we cannot put them in the spheres is because they have humanity as a hostage.

So please be calm that we know what we're doing and we cannot wait any longer because the planet must be aligned, it has to enter another dimension, that does has already its time marked and everything will be done as we promised. And do not worry, we know what you need and what we have to give you so you can have the peace you have asked us so much.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. March 14, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 632 in the list of meditations, is available in Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

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Messages of before and after meditation # 631. March 9, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe.

Messages of before and after meditation # 631. March 9, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

What do we have as a commitment, above all, for all those who listen to us? What do we have for you? We have been preparing this message during a long time, we’ve seen that naturally we have a number, I still insist, that is small for the amount of people we’ve called, but since fortunately is being extended, I repeat again, thanks to the internet, then we already have a regular number of people who are asking to please end this martyrdom of living in this planet. All human beings are anguished, worried, concerned about the future, concerned because the economic things are worse every day, worried because have fear of the tremors, worried because there are too many crooks in the streets or who enter in the houses; there’s too much wickedness.

Yes, because evil is unleashed, challenging us all the time that he won the humanity and that we shouldn’t even dream that they will be alone and that will leave without humans because they have them trapped. If you see the amount of evilness there is, it is quite large the number of people who are already serving this being of death. They’re ready to say: I’ll be powerful no matter what” they’re ready to be in their throne killing anyone who gets in their way and are doing things, well I always have said, we’ve seen things that the humans do that not even in your worst movies have seen; the depravation is terrible, the wickedness is unprecedented in many human beings, it’s no longer just the being of darkness who has them trapped, it’s them themselves who have generated that wickedness. They don’t care to make a sibling suffer, they don’t care the slightest to see how the parents or family or spouse of the kidnapped suffer, for them it’s a vengeance: they didn’t have, now are going to have, but are going to pay for it those who did have.

For this reason I say, we are not sleeping or waiting to see what we do, it will get done or it will get done, we must astonish, we’ve already told you. Then you have to alert because remember that we do things without previous notice, from one moment to another starts the biggest activity and you will be heard. We already heard you trying to convince your friends, your family, anyone who would listen to you about respecting life, but no, they say that God created the animals to be eaten thus we say that it’s very painful to see that the human being forgot to think for if they thought they wouldn’t say so much nonsense as they now say. 

But I want you to know that those who listen to us, for us are worth a diamond already polished, you no longer are a diamond as you would say “rough,” you are already polished diamonds for you have studied, for you have prepared, because we consider you our most loved siblings, for you didn’t put obstacles to respect life, of course now you’re full of dreams: that we rescue you from this hell of a world already, that you can no longer live in it because the people right now are turning into a continuous aggression against each other. You see it, the same families hate each other because the parents inherited a house, because a land, because they have it…, they fight as if it were the greatest treasure, they hate among brothers, blood brothers, and then what can we expect from the rest of humanity. Of course, as long as they can keep what they didn’t make an effort to have, what is not theirs. They do terrible things as is the fact of taking away the properties from anyone they can. Of course, you’re going to say: “Oh Teacher! You are not saying anything new, that’s what’s happening. That’s why we’re thinking that it’s going to take long, it will come year 2015, year 2016 and we’ll be struggling to pay debts, struggling to move forward, worried about the family, worried about the sick,” each day the amount of sick people increases, above all, the famous cancer; each day are more and more, there appear tumors where they shouldn’t be and sadly even in people who shouldn’t have any type of those tumors, they appear, why? Because in one way or another something happened during the time at which were still eating meat or many times we also have to study very well their emotions, but not that they’re wicked. We’ve seen many people who only beg God to help them, that don’t want to die from a horrible disease and then specially, the diabetics are, not with fear, terrified since terrible things can happen to their body for they don’t want to die blind, with a leg amputation or sitting in a chair, well, more or less is a small chair for the dialysis which is a nightmare; they elongate their life in a very painful way and very sad but they don’t want to, they’re afraid, then they undergo all the treatments and speaking of depressing diseases as is the multiple sclerosis which is growing much.

And you’re going to say: Well, Teachers, then do something already, you have power, you can help us, you know what causes those diseases, you can remove the contamination from the air, you can remove the amount of viruses they have thrown to the world to provoke all these diseases. Yes, we can and even if you don’t believe it, we are indeed starting to do it because we move in another dimension and we’re working to see how to remove from the air itself all the harm that the human beings can receive; all are sad, worried about themselves or about their loved ones.

But remember, everything has its time, everything has its moment and we are alert for the adequate moment at which evil least expects it, we’re going to make the noise we’ve promised and then yes, you’ll see if they don’t repent. Because now that they talk so much about the Bible and talk so much about prophecies and talk so much about that it says… at least they remember that it was said that Teacher Jesus would return to the Earth with an army of Angels to separate the good from the bad, you do have that imprinted even in your Bible, that naturally, they put it very dramatic but we are not going to descend in that manner, it is another way in which we are manifesting.

But when the time comes to completion and we see that it is lip service when they say “I won’t eat meat anymore,” but aren’t convinced and are even upset because oh no, they were given meat since they were children, and then when older were given meat and besides it’s delicious; then they say: “ Well, if it’s with fear because are threatening us, well, with threats I will do it,” but it’s no longer out of love, then they won’t remain on Earth to see it converted into a paradise and to be able to live that wonderful moment which will be the New Dawn. There yes, everything is in activity, there are planets that are passing already through the central sun of the Galaxy and we are not going to allow a chaos as one this planet would cause. This contaminated planet could disintegrate. For man, well, it’s easy to say that can throw everything to outer space because after all, they can turn it into a garbage dump, more garbage than what they have turned their planet into? I believe it would be already impossible to say that you can have more ways of harming what is not yours, which is precisely this wonderful Universe that the Father created.

But tell me something, do you believe that we’ve abandoned you? Do you believe that we haven’t shown you that we’re near you? Haven’t you noticed that all who follow us are protected, who have felt how we protect them of not being in an assault or from not having some incurable disease, some do get something but we are vigilant so that nothing happens that can really be painful. But remember it, all is and it is the time, all is and it is the moment, all is and the time of waiting is over.

Therefore, be alert; your meditation, go to sleep as calm as you can, please, I already told you to throw all your worries in a trash can, at least at night time or at the time you’re going to do your meditation, but you do it with so much anguish: “Oh, please! Don’t forget, don’t forget about any of my family members, don’t forget about me; look, I don’t feel well because my sight has been weak; please! just remember Teacher Alaniso,” because you already know that your angels are also called Alaniso from what I see, then you don’t achieve that peace that we want at the time at which you’re going to relax, for that reason put messages that put you “in orbit” as you say. We’ve given of everything, the ones that are to teach, are to teach you, so that you can study them; you can have a time at which you’re doing something and be listening, but even while driving you can use those, not the ones that relax you because then you’ll end up falling asleep behind the wheel. But you can learn; they’re classes, it’s a school of a very high level, there isn’t one on Earth, only us have brought this school so that all of you can be prepared to live in that wonderful New Dawn that is about to come. Then yes, what I do say is that we have prepared something very beautiful for all those who listen to us. The promise of going in the ships is a fact and I want you to be calm, I repeat it again because we see that your head spins and spins and spins thinking in problems, you can’t finish telling us all that you want and don’t know how to be at peace, learn to have inner peace and prepare yourselves because naturally all those who are interested and listen to us with much love, will receive a very big reward.

We’re going to continue preparing the meditations, don’t think that is much the time of being recording all these mediations because the greatest activity we’ve promised is already coming. Let’s say to the Father that we’re ready to comply with him and try to recuperate as many souls as possible that at this moment have taken a wrong path. Tell me that you’re calm and we can give you what you’ve asked us because it’s already the time that you start enjoying our presence.

Message after the meditation:

You heard my brother A-Viatar, keep in mind that that’s the reason he’s called the Archangel of the New Dawn, he’s very excited; he also has a legion of ships that he leads, he has all prepared. We also have the time to be with you because we’re listening to you at all moments. Remember that you also have a being that listens to you, that loves you, that guides you and that not all are called Alaniso.

Remember that there’s someone, it doesn’t matter if sometimes the name is repeated, remember that we also repeat names as you who like very much certain names, same for us, but you have someone with you at all times, dedicated to you despite the amount of work we have but there’s also an advantage, we have the power of ubiquity. Then you never are alone, always protected but we can’t neglect you because anything that would happen, we are not going to feel good that how was it that we neglected you and were assaulted or something serious happened.

Then for this reason you have to be calm and we do take care of the family, sometimes they get themselves in danger but at least we help them move forward. But just take a look, analyze the amount of work we have, see the millions of human beings that move on the Earth, in a single country already filled the hills and already are everywhere, it seems that it increased, the population did increase and so see the amount, that’s in any country you go, it is an immense amount. You already have a number of who knows how many millions of humans; they are a little more than the amount you’ve calculated. Therefore, for now be calm, dreaming, preparing yourselves and do what tells you my brother, in a trash can, first write it down because it’s the way you will do it better and then you throw it in the trash can and to work and rest, to dream and preparing yourselves because from one moment to another will be given all that we’ve promised.  


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. March 9, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 631 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See section: Eventos –Lista de Material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Messages of before and after meditation # 630. March 7, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe.

Messages before and after meditation # 630. March 7, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

Tell me one thing, you who with so much faith are coming, do you realize that we are urgent to start fixing this planet? This planet does not offer any security, forget about the amount of violence and human beings who are becoming increasingly unhinged, the fact is that the planet is bad off, very bad off. There are tremors where had never been, there are floods where they should not be, but the whole world is spinning, but as we have told, as a dented ball because they continue perforating it, still hurting it, and as my brother Aladim said last time: "The planet is sick, is hurt," and if we do not hurry to fix it, then yes, a greater cataclysm coming would be the worst danger that could happen. And yet we do not have the enough people that we would like to have to give the message, so we are going to rush a little to astonish more those who have renounced and to reach more distant places where are preparing.

It's reaching all the places, there are many countries where they are listening to the message, there is interest, that really though they have not called here, they are attentive already to know what happens, because normally they enter the famous Internet to see what’s going on, what happens,  news as you know are vetoed. The speaker or who will say the news, are not allowed to talk about UFOs or aliens or ... because they say: "Not that, nothing is certain and no one knows who they are, do not know what they want" and rather they are as if in expectation of any one of these ships starts shooting or begins to have a demonstration that they cannot control, but it's going to be.

Naturally we have to do a demonstration. If you have noticed, around the planet have already seen the ships and in increasingly large numbers. Let's do something very strong because as I said before, if we said: well, well is just humanity, let's see how many we can save, we will see how many will go with the being of darkness and let's see how many we send to another planet. Well that we pretty much have classified but the problem is that the planet no longer supports all the destruction that man is giving it. They continue nuclear testing, piercing it to continue its oil wells, continue to commit all the errors that might make someone who says he has a house in which he lives and which is supposed to care, but the house no longer resists so much destruction. Apparently you feel a calm sky, at least the ones around here, but not all is calm; yes, we are moving in the sky of this world but we are moving in another dimension. Do not forget that we are preparing the great invasion against evil, the great invasion against the creatures of darkness, but sadly as they caught so many human beings things feel difficult in the sense to remember that the Father does not want to lose his children, that the Father loves even the most evil one because one day he created it with much love and still is his son and the Father requires us to try to save as many humans as possible, as well as our Teacher says: "I offered to save this humanity, then no, I see it very difficult because there are growing divisions, more temples in my name" as the Teacher Jesus says, in his name.

It's a terrible fanaticism and if you open your mouth and say what you are learning, "Who knows what sect you went in to, I think that is Satan",  just answer them: Then if Satan says to respect life, then Satan has already switched sides, and wants to be good. Naturally because our message is very clear, very, very clear and do not let anyone tell you that you are in something wrong because they can take as proof any message they want, and as it were a lucky deck and draw which ever they want to, all lead to love, all lead to live and all lead to a hope that humans don’t have. What hope can have if at any time they are attacking each other and are always happy to see who beats the other and see which political party can be superior to the other, and see how they can throw the one is already up, but it is intrigue. If you saw what is ... let’s assume, that chamber of deputies, yes, we are there listening, is terrible how are thinking about how they can overthrow the current president and how can they do something to soar, nothing to really want to do good things for the country, no, money, money, "how can we make more money, why should keep it a few, why don’t we get to have all that fortune," all want more money, more money!
The Gold God is the one who has prevailed on Earth. When you say, "thou shall not make an image of your God," you do have a god who cannot change which is precisely the God of Gold, gold is no longer used because that already happened many centuries ago when actually used the gold coin and I'm talking about a long time because you then gradually put silver but lined silver and did things…, but right now are paper and coins that are hardly visible, but the devaluation is terrible and there is much disagreement. The man is afraid, man has no hope, for us, humans are very important, remember that all are our brothers, we do not have differences at all, but we are ready for the big invasion against evil.

Now, that’s why I say this, evil does see us, evil knows the ships are there, remember that all this moves in other dimensions, the evil moves in another dimension that we can see, they cannot see us fully but do know that we are there and then are trying to catch as many humans because their defense is: "I don’t let them go, they don’t put us on the spheres and however they want to do it, we already have caught humanity." Now you can see it, good people say it is very natural to kill a sheep, a chicken, a cow or any animal to eat, and besides why plant, it’s easier to throw the pasture for animal to feed or invent strange things that are giving them to eat, because they’re also feeding them with things that really are totally polluting them. But they do not care, what matters is money, money, lots of gold, lots of gold, we must accumulate! The only way to be happy is to live like a millionaire, best hotels or the best home that could be built, some unnecessary luxuries we see, but we also see the enormous poverty in other places and above all things, we also see that there are no opportunities.
So it makes more thugs come out to steal because they want to have something to eat or to take revenge on that if that wealthy man has, I take it away. Then that’s why kidnappings increase because it is a form of revenge, to see who has a lot of gold, “I’ll steal his child, I'll take his wife or I will rob him and in one way or another they give us what we want; he has to spare, we also want to be powerful."

So things are at a point where they can no longer continue. We are attacking the powers of evil, but very rarely let their attention wander, sometimes are loose and immediately we put them into the spheres, but have taken over humanity, are fully adhered to humans, then that's our problem that we do not kill and we will not take a live human being into a sphere. Therefore I tell you, if you with so much love listen to us, are willing to work for a very difficult mission, nothing is going to happen, protection is total, we wrap you in a dome light even if you are in the more aggressive place nothing could happen to you. Remove your fears: “in my way they are stealing houses, is that where I live there are more and more attackers,” I think that there are in the entire earth, but everywhere, there isn’t one place that we see free from this evil.

Therefore I tell you, you be calm, please, studying, preparing, that already is going to come a time where you will be able to speak, we will not wait much longer. Everything is ready, we should have finished exactly when you thought it was for 2012 in December, your December because in our dates is another date, but more or less by that time already we should have started rebuilding the planet and what has delayed us fully is precisely that man welcomed the beings of darkness and has spoiled them, feeding them daily with their own energy, with their thoughts of denial and naturally that we have to stop it. That is why I say, we will not give you a date because it will not be a day but will start to increase, increase, increase the movement and the beings of darkness do see the number of ships that are moving and then, more viciously cling to humans because they know that is their shield; their shield is to have a human clasped and then say, "you cannot take us, you cannot take anything, you cannot attack us, we have the best shield, a human being who does not think, that forgot to think and forgot to love." Then it is easy for them to tell us in a way that they won the war. So they say to us: "Take us with the prey, we already have our prey well stuck with us, then you cannot say we are here and that we’re going soon, if you don’t take us with a human being, we are not going." And man, with what little he was left to think,  uses it to say the worst nonsense you can say and they all see it as religious; religions are now an impressive number, frightened, frightened why ? Because what they have on top is not exactly an angel. So let's tell the Father that we are ready for the Great War and that all of you will help us because you have prepared with much love.

Message after the meditation:

I think you have just heard my brother Axel encourage you, already you can hear us a little impatient, as if we’re already worrying too much to be heard, we have many years preparing our message and it’s been a long time that we have been calling many people that are discouraged from anything, then, for example right now that my brother Axel was heard, then I also noticed him as a little impatient, already wanting to shake humans to see if they can hear.
We would like to return to the Father all his children, for us all are our brothers. We have said it to you to imagine you are a large family and let’s assume as there are families of about 10 or 12 people, but some came out good , very studious, hardworking and let’s assume that most deviated, half and half, then how sad you would be to see your lost brothers plunged in alcoholism or tucked into the mafia, doing things to be ashamed to think they could do but are your brothers, then you would go to a church to say: "My God, look how my brother is, look at what state is in, what can I do to help because they do not listen?" So it's like we see them, as our brothers that have lost their minds since they have a mind to think, they have a mind to listen, have a mind to say that they can create and all that ties our hands is that we cannot remove free will and appear, which will already be very soon and it will be to astound and impose, it’s no longer going to be so much out of love as we wanted to achieve, but we will achieve it.

So now I want you to listen very well that it is possible in a faraway place that you are, or we’ll assume not so far away but where they cannot bring the sick, then they get together and have just wondered if it’s possible with three? Yes, with three you can, make the triangle there, get to meditate or two if you want but do it with love. Now they will say "with some people is just one" that one has to do it with much love and to encourage the patient to listen, but if more is more effective because the force that forms the group, makes that everyone can transmit that cure they desire for this sick being who is feeling totally lost amidst pain and anguish. So now we will start that stage because we want you to realize that we are for humanity, we are not for just a few. There have been many who have been cured, others have not healed coming, but I think they listen, that’s why there are so many messages, they gather in a group to analyze and join to work together, and the strength helps them to be successful.

I know there are many patients in many places, there is much disappointment, much despair, Well but do it with that strength, with such love and you will see that diseases can disappear and so that we can say that we are going to be heard because as I repeat again, time's up. We are at the last moment to already give to the Father accounts of what we accomplished in the salvation of humankind.

So things are coming strong, striking, wonderful for those listening because they will shout with joy when they see the ships or when they feel that boarded a ship, there will be no be fear, there will be joy and then will feel that was really worth having had faith and be waiting for that wonderful moment that will happen. So please, be calm and united that our Father will thank you that help him recover his children, we have always said, the children he loves so much and he feels on this earth have forgotten him.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. March 7, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 630 in the list of meditations, is available in Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico.
(See "Eventos"- lista del material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation # 629. February 28, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe.

Messages of before and after meditation # 629. February 28, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When you realize how wonderful has been the fact of having had faith, when you realize that aren’t many but yes a more or less regular number who are working hard and are studying. We know who are with us; we’re with all those who meditate. We feel very proud of seeing that you don’t stop believing, that you work tirelessly and that you’re willing to do anything for this mission. You’ve done a very beautiful job within what was in your reach, because naturally you notice that the people are too complicated in order to think in respecting life, something so simple.

For us is incredible that man finds it hard to think in respecting life, but sadly that’s how it is, that’s why evil has so many followers and thus at this moment is working intensely to see in what way confuses many, many human beings. You don’t imagine how many say that are going to make a conjuration, something, and that it is St. Michael who guides them, that’s the reason I say that fortunately my name is Alaniso because they call St. Michael everywhere and all feel already enlightened and now St. Michael reaches all the places but he fulfills their whims and ideas. Thus I say this to you: You who have known me, who have studied, who have prepared and who are willing to do anything that we ask, prepare because what we’re going to ask from you is going to be very, very big and very intense.

Everything is now ready. Evil continues doing his work for he doesn’t want to give up since according to him, he has already won the war because he will take almost all humanity, almost. He knows there are good people he hasn’t succeeded with but naturally he has too many followers which we’re going to take away from him one way or another, as you would say. Why? Because we won’t give up; we need to recuperate more souls and make that the Father doesn’t feel so sad for the Father continues sending his rays to the Earth, continues searching for the minds who know how to love, continues feeling a great pain of seeing the way in which his children now act. They’re always arguing, always fighting, always upset with one another, are always saying that… some, I think the one who criticizes is the one who feels perfect, I imagine, but doesn’t realize that what he’s criticizing is what is suffering of the most.

Then, the Father arrives, puts his rays in each mind and his rays returns with much pain because he finds himself with a great disappointment of how the human being acts. But he does feel proud when he finds people like you who know how to love, who know how to listen and who have prepared so arduously. Therefore, the ray he emanates from that wonderful place where he is at, doesn’t retract, it stays with you and at all times is listening all that you say, all that you think, all that you plan, all that you ask, all that you protest, oh because logically you also are in a hurry: Teacher Alaniso, when are we going to start? Teacher Alaniso, we want to start already; Teacher Alaniso, how long has been the wait; Teacher Alaniso, you promised us; Teacher Alaniso, you told us that it was already the time. It is already the time, we cannot wait any longer because sadly we now see that we’ve lost many human beings, but let’s hope that it won’t be many.

This about the mafia has extended in a way that seems as a giant octopus that extended throughout the planet, well, a very bad comparison with an animal, but anyway, it is as if it had tentacles and went on entering all the places of the Earth, went on entering all the homes, tempting them that were going to give them much gold and to work for them and that poverty is something that shouldn’t exist and that they make sure that all the human beings have enough money. But naturally, the poor naive fall for it and end up in a mass grave or things alike for they are manipulated, get everything they can from them and later end up killing them so that they won’t speak.
And those souls, where do they go? That’s a question that many have. They have killed people who aren’t too wicked but who sold drugs for money, where are those souls? Well, if they weren’t too wicked then they remain at a given moment in the limbo and now we’re going to see where we take them so that they can reincarnate for the new generation of the planet that is going to be in the third dimension. But how painful is seeing that they take so many children and young ones that are already working for them, because they say: “If there isn’t work and with a little bit of drugs that I sell, I’m going to have enough to provide for my family or to spend it myself; I don’t have clothes, oh, I’ll buy fancy clothing; I don’t have a car, I’ll be able to buy a very beautiful car; I want to visit the best hotels, I want to know what it is to live in opulence.”

Then they begin to have the dream that they got in the mafia and that the mafia is good because is providing shelter, is giving them and it’s sad to see how at a giving moment before they talk, and if they’re on the way, are killed. This that is happening right now here that you’re talking so much about capturing the main one… but the mafia is a terrible place, it’s already… that’s why we said it, it is as if it were an octopus that has the Earth enfolded and there isn’t a country that doesn’t have the mafia and that aren’t selling drugs and that aren’t doing things, well, very horrible that it isn’t pleasant for us to even think about it. But I do say this, you who listen to us, who have done everything we’ve asked with much love, who truly feel that love for the animals and who would like to convey to every human being to listen, why not, we’re going to try, we’re going to snatch from evil so many souls that he has trapped now, we’re going to take them away, as long as they still have a human life there’s still  hope that we can take them away and that they can reconsider. But the sad thing is that all those who made a commitment with the mafia, their lives hang by a tread because normally those men don’t let them leave or allow them to have any freedom. For this reason we’re going to something that really shocks so much that all run and get frightened and say: “the ships are here now!” The ones who know that we come to help are going to be happy and those who don’t, well, are going to feel the terror of saying that the invaders arrived, but then there’s where starts to branch out a… we are some sort of a creeper of light, with flower that smell wonderful and which are each person who listens to us, then we let go all that represents that creeper of flowers so that it can reach all the places of the Earth and this octopus shrinks and naturally, also feel that fear because they’re going to realize that they do have a soul and that leaving all the souls to evil is going to be terrible.
We’re going to do that they repent and we’re going to try it in all the ways. In what refers to my brother Aladim if he’s doing something, yes, he is but don’t think that it’s easy to study the mainstream media, they’re also very controlled on what they can and can’t say, if they’ll get paid or not but there are good people in all the media and we’ve also found now several vegetarians that at least think in respecting life, who perhaps don’t have a great heart in all respects but at least we already have many adepts who are going to help us in that sense.

For that reason my brother Aladim is studying perfectly well how is the unprecedented force which is the communication, it’s global. Now that you don’t like to hear the news, well no, who’s going to like to hear so much nonsense and that they only talk about the mafia and not about the extraterrestrials and the ships but we’ll make sure of that: remove already the attention to many bad things and put that attention in that we’re already here and that there’s a great movement of ships and that will be many my brothers who are going to manifest, because yes, remember that there are many who look very much like a human, a human from the Earth, they can… well, we’re going to say it this way, look different, but are going to be seen as humans, good looking, of different height. Now, remember that there are also from other races, there are also some who are of color but the ones coming from another world look very special, there are also races like the Chinese or Japanese and naturally, many that look like the Nordic races. Thus we make that they go on introducing in each place to be able to listen the men and to be able to speak with them and also have their own selection since they want to work intensely for us. I say to you that sometimes you haven’t even noticed when an extraterrestrial has gotten near you because they have approached many persons and try to see in what way they can engage in a conversation.

Therefore, be preparing yourselves because you can meet one of my brothers who will say where he comes from and that he’s proud of knowing that you are working with us. Then prepare very well that things are coming very big now, don’t think that the time will continue passing by. We have gone beyond the time; it has just been explained in the message that my brother Aliestro gave, that we’re beyond the time, why? Because evil enfolded the Earth, he enfolded it but in a terrible way, that’s why we compare him with a sort of a plague that’s covering totally, devouring, devouring the human beings, devouring all that has life because they no longer know what to do to make them kill each other, to do terrible things; now yes, as you say: It was horrible what we’ve seen! And it is what we have to stop now.

But the time has been exceeded, you should be already in the… not in the New Dawn, but the planet should already be cleaned so that it can enter in the line of planets that have to be the ones that pass to another dimension. But for this reason it is that we are in a hurry because we are staying behind with this planet. Thus I say, continue working as you have done it up to now for we do feel proud of knowing that if you are with us it is not only the interest of us giving you something but that you feel from your heart that love and that respect for all the living beings of the Earth.

Thus, let’s continue working together that I already told you: the time has come to completion and from one moment to another everything will start. Let’s listen to the meditation and let’s be a single force at this moment to offer to the Father, and not forget that he does have children that he listens to, loves, and who at all moments are willing to work for the wellbeing of this humanity.

Message after the meditation:

Well, what you have to do is: please, trust in us. We are not going to allow that any of you fall in an economic crisis, that they harm you, we are not going to leave you at any moment because you have to be ready as soldiers who have been prepared to give our message. The world is bad, worse than what they’re commenting, we do reach all the places of the Earth and there’s a frightening crisis, just as you speak and we see that truly is already the time for there to exist a light of hope for the humanity and that light of hope we’re going to put it, both in the sky as in many signs that we’re going to do throughout the planet and the ships will be seen, and don’t worry, I already heard: “Oh, it’s just that we’ve haven’t had the chance to see many ships.”

Well, you will have a turn, not only to see them but to go inside one because if all who have listened to us deserve an award, it’s going to be the best one, why? Because have done it from the heart, have really felt what we say to you and have practiced it because we see you truly not for the interest as the many who left but because you really feel it, respecting life now is truly part of your life and trying to help other people to have hope also.

Then, we know how you are working, but don’t forget that we don’t leave you at any moment, that you are part of us already; therefore, anything that still happens to you regarding a disease, let’s suppose, trust in us that we can cure you of everything; we can give you all the strength and protect you. But we’re already in the time. Already, we already went beyond too much and the planet is already moving and we are not going to arrive running; the advantage is that planet Earth wasn’t one of the first ones, its turn is a little later, thus it has allowed time so that we can prepare everything, but for this reason we say that we’re making a perfect plan to defeat evil and send him to his domains. He will take some human beings but we hope not to be many since at this moment they would have a tremendous harvest of human beings who we don’t want to be part of his loot, so to speak, that he wants to take. Just as when they left from the American Continent to Africa and would take all the people of color and enslaved them, no, it’s worse what evil wants to do and has them trapped telling them stories that they are powerful, that they’re going to enjoy all the luxury, that they are as kings of the Creation almost and then he goes on enfolding them. Then they go on falling into degradation because besides they’re no longer satisfied for they have excess money but not precisely legally earned, above all, we’re going to say that all the drug dealers there are, have an impressive amount of money, the same way they have their orgies and do strange rituals, many already consciously do their satanic rituals because supposedly are giving them much gold and venerate the St. Death and venerate all that they can, but it is truly a way of being under evil’s clutches.

Well, even among them, we want to remove many, not to go to the light, that’s definite, but yes to see if we can pass them to another planet where they learn again and we’ve already said it many times, the stubborn who don’t want to leave the meat despite everything, they will go to another planet, that’s not a problem. But that evil doesn’t make the raid he’s doing right now because as I said, it is a sort of… well, we compare wrong for we respect the animals, but something like an octopus which opened all its tentacles and started to trap and strangle the Earth to be able to end this humanity and turn into beings who no longer have hope and kill each other, but that is no longer going to happen.

You be calm that with all our love we say to you that all that you ask we are going to give, but remember that you’re going to work protected by us, but you’re going to work because the Father has the hope of recuperating at least a great amount of his children because for him all are his children; he loves everyone the same, just as a good father who loves both the good one and the bad one, that’s how the Father is, he loves everyone and has the hope of recovering more. Therefore, let’s work together and let’s be a single force for this change that’s initiating for we are already within the time and it is the time for all of you to be able to see the absolute triumph that will be in order to live this wonderful change and is going to be for the New Dawn of the Earth that is so near that you’re going to say: “And we used to say: Oh Teacher! It’s taking you too long!” You’re going to see that things are in this time and it’s already the moment.

Prepare that it is us who have to give you all that we’ve promised because it is fair that you enjoy a little bit of the peace of knowing that you are full of love from these, your brothers, who love you so much and want to give you all the wellbeing, so that you can later enjoy being with us, as you like; as we’ve said, you can stay in the reconstructed planet learning all that will be given. I know that many will want to go with us, you are welcome, so that you turn into beings who can be Guardians of the Universe to work by our side if you wish or you can go and rest in one of our planets, don’t worry, but later you’re going to like to travel through all the Universe and know the way in which we work. Therefore, prepare and continue ahead that we love you much and want you to be immensely happy very soon in this time at which this change has to happen.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. February 28, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 629 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See section: Eventos –Lista de Material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.