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Messages of before and after the meditation on February 9, 2014.


Messages of before and after the meditation on February 9, 2014.

Message after the meditation:

Let’s see… for all of you, waiting already became quite a restless habit. We see you worried, commenting about all that’s happening in the world, that’s what has been said, worse things are happening. The planet, we’ve already said, it’s coming down to pieces, it’s opening everywhere; man believes he can play with nature or that he can do what has done by extracting oil which in any case, they’re ending it, but what a way to destroy their world and above all things, the nuclear tests. This past century, let’s say it that way, have dedicated to destroy, have dedicated to invent all the most incredible weapons and to say that they are the most powerful beings that could exist, well, on Earth they would think because naturally, they feel superior beings doing so much harm.

The first thing I want to say is this, if we were to continue waiting, we would pick up pieces of planet! Then, things are now. You’re going to say: “Yes, but we don’t see the ships, you promised Teacher Alaniso that we were going into a ship and we keep waiting…” Patiently? Well, we’re going to put under quotes that about “patiently,” but “yes teacher Alaniso, we believe everything, we’ve been keeping an eye on everything you say and we come with much enthusiasm so that you say something new, something that already fills us of enthusiasm and so that we prepare ourselves.”

First of all, we’ve already said to be prepared. Knowing the history of all that has been done to achieve this message, we’ve never given a date. We started when we had to start and everything is marked with times, then, if another time has been marked, we have to do something that really shocks humanity so that we can be able to see how many human beings we can leave in planet Earth turned into a Paradise.

It’s very painful, perhaps we should have everything ready, but it’s very painful to see the amount of human beings that evil is going to take because we don’t see them change. The haughtiness has filled them with power, of a power that destroys and naturally it continues being extended all that represents the drug, the alcohol; I don’t know if you’ve noticed, ask any person how many they know that don’t eat meat and drink alcohol, well all, right now the youth, all are filling up their bodies of everything that destroys them.

Who was the responsible one? Let’s say that evil, let’s blame this Saint Lord who at all times has created havoc with humanity, but that’s how they named him, he’s the Demon – Satan, but is he to be blamed for everything? I don’t think so because the Father gave a Divine Gift to each human being, that of Thinking, Reasoning, Creating, and to know when you’re doing something that you shouldn’t, which is good and evil. All know it, there’s no excuse for saying “they told me, well, that’s how we were taught.” We understand when it relates to eating corpses, it was a teaching of a long time, but I still ask you, don’t you think that you forgot to think?

We are at all moments listening to each human being, knowing what your concerns are, thinking in what way to make you change, saying everyday something beautiful to the ear but you don’t hear us. The ones who know they have an angel suddenly remember: Oh yes, I have one but I forget to speak to him, besides I don’t know how to hear him.” Well, we speak with a thought, if you pay attention and make a question and naturally stop your thought… I believe that when you’re in a dialogue and ask a question, you stop to listen to what the person is going to say, do that, put your mind only in all that’s going to happen now. Indeed, changes are coming very, very dramatic, very drastic.

The planet is opening, is opening on all sides. Where did they not do nuclear tests? Everywhere, in all the countries; I believe that the one that escaped it a little bit but that also has their nuclear part, is here in this country but in all the countries, above all, the ones who already wanted to have power that because they’re Asians, that because in any way they’re beings who wanted to defend themselves from the wicked North Americans, let’s suppose they say that because they have the nuclear bombs, but all have prepared an impressive arsenal. We have to totally nullify it already but the sad thing is that they’ve tested the bombs, they know what they have in hands, they have put it in their own territory or in the area of the sea that corresponds to them, and then everything is a total disaster.

We’re going to give you the good news of saying that we only have a very, very, very short time. I know, “give us dates Teacher!” You saw what you did with the 21 of December which it wasn’t us. We spoke about a New Era that was being met but it was talked about the planet becoming a paradise and that all those who would listen were going to live in a paradise and that all that we were going to do was precisely the most wonderful and you were told, yes, the crucial date was being met, a new Era was beginning. Unfortunately we had to take a little more time to try to make that there exist more human beings who receive the message and test them to see if they really understand what represents the respect for life. Thus, it is now very urgent that this knowledge continues growing throughout the world, at least now everywhere they’re attached to the internet, that gave us the clue to be able to be putting more and more because the people who are putting them are people who wanted the message to be given, but there’s still much left, but not much time, that’s definite. 

Therefore I want to ask from you that if you are within the time, don’t think we are going to take long, we cannot because if we do take long, as we’ve said, we would pick up pieces of a planet or would see how the cities would sink in the huge cracks that are opening, then yes, probably would have something similar to that movie they made of the year 2012. Because don’t think it was outside the reality, what you have done with the planet can provoke something similar; that we have worked to prevent it, that’s one thing than it not being able to happen, that in one moment to another everything bursts everywhere and the streets open up and all the volcanoes open up to start… well, “to burp” all that is the fire they have within; all is a reality, don’t think that the image they put is a lying one, but we’re not going to allow it but it could happen if we don’t do something immediately.  

Then tell me if in your meditation you are concentrating, studying, preparing yourselves because remember that when you least expect it a light appears in your house and we’re going to take you to the ship; we’ve made this promise and we don’t come to see what face you put if it doesn’t happen, it has to happen because we have to give you all the strength and we have to give you the image of contactees. It’s going to be a total revolution, it’s going to be talked everywhere about our presence, the message will be heard, we’ll make sure of that, then yes, the messages you have is to show them to many people because we’re going to make a movement. Now they’re worrying about all that’s happening, well worry more because for a little and you provoke a chaos like in this movie which wasn’t as fantastic. The same thing they put that everything in the northern area of the continent would freeze, but this area wasn’t going to remain clean. But see how it is, now yes, the end result of man of everything they’ve thrown in their own land and that’s happening, that naturally there’s snow that seems fabricated, yes, well with all the contamination they put on Earth, with all the plastics… “oh no, but the progress of the oil” it has materialized inside what represents all that is the evaporation of the water, now the poor animals as they just took out a whale full of plastics, that plastic has truly provoked a contamination stronger than you imagine, then the things that you’re going to see are going to be strong.

So, you prepare, that fortunately all those who have listened to us and from the heart, with much love have stopped consuming death, are the ones who are going to enjoy our presence and I know that as loyal soldiers are going to give our message. The time is very short, but very short the time so that all of you can be living with us already. The time has come to completion and we’re ready for the great movement but observe all the things that are happening in the planet and you’re going to notice that everything is man-made, everything that’s happening because contaminated the air, contaminated the waters, contaminated the land, contaminated everything and now are going to complain about everything that is about to come.

But we’re going to say that we’re the ones who are going to rescue each human being that understands that life is to be respected, and as well will be rescued because we send them to a planet that’s going to be calm; we have it ready already, a planet where will go those who don’t want to consume dead, and we’ll see about the wicked ones, we already told the Father not to have too many hopes because evil really penetrated to the deepest of their minds, thus those minds are already beasts that don’t deserve precisely to have that love that the Father has for them. But the Father loves everything even the darkest being which is the fierce beast that has challenged Him for so long, even for him he feels love because he wants him to return to Him. Then, we comply with what the Father asks us and we bring order, a total cleanse of the Planet and it already has to align, the planet is moving, aside from all you did to it, it’s moving now to align; it can no longer handle anything that’s happening to it. Then, all of you study, remember that for us you are our soldiers that we love intensely and want you to be prepared for that great moment that is about to come.

Message after the meditation:

I hope that you’ve realized that naturally, the stronger messages we have them for the end. We have already time promising all that is going to happen. We are Teachers, brothers, soldiers; we’re responsible to save this planet. Now, when you see the state of the planet you will realize of the task, the very difficult work that we have because man really continues giving himself all the opportunities to destroy.

We don’t see much strength to be able to know that truly in a short time they’ll listen well our message. Then naturally it is going to be out of fear because they see the ships, because they see the lights in the sky, because they see images and then yes, you’re now going to say: At last! Now they will listen, and now they’re going to know that what we said is real. And you will have the opportunity with the people you appreciate, that you like or sons/daughters because we see you with family that don’t want to understand; don’t worry, we’re going to give a total opportunity to all the people that you love much, because you’re of families that know how to love, you are not of families that one can say that flunked out, but of good families that naturally, in one way or another didn’t understand what you wanted to say or it wasn’t their time. You must also understand that everything has its time and its moment and not all the persons in your family had come precisely for this mission, you did, and you have complied with us, thus all that you ask us we’re going to give but be calm  please, that now we are already in the last time and in the time in which it has to be seen the great image of our Teacher in the sky, the great image of the Great Mother that now will stop saying in the temples that the Great Mother is not worthy of venerations, and above all things, images from us also and of many ships; we’re going to do many beautiful things and very lovely to counteract all the bad that is happening in the planet.

But indeed, the contamination that the human being did, most likely provoked by evil, is already taking all that it had to take to leave man fearful; on one side it’s good because if now they’re fearful they’re going to listen more easily because they know that they cannot rescue their planet at any moment the human beings, and if we are here it is because we are beings that have a great power and we are your brothers, all, beings that have power. Now many of my brothers from other worlds have been getting closer in some places, have also already tried to make many contacts but we’re going to achieve that it is also a great contact the one that receive all the human beings so that we can say to the Father that he definitely gave us a very difficult mission but that we’re not unsuccessful because we consider ourselves winners. Therefore, everyone prepare that things are coming now, big and strong and above all, satisfactory for all those who have listened to us.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Extrasensory telepathy. February 9, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is # 625 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish Only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.

Messages of before and after the meditation on February 7, 2014.


Messages of before and after the meditation on February 7, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

If all of you realize, all that we have prepared has been given "gradually” or maybe not so "slowly" but we are ready to start the greatest. I know that all of you want it now: "When? Why? We're already desperate and want to see ships, and we want to see the Teachers, and we want to work." Tell me: how much will you work? Because we will put everyone to work but very hard. Remember it is a mission, the biggest, the greatest that has been in all ages of mankind, to help the Father get his children, to help our teacher to fulfill his promise to return to the Father at least a good number of human beings that we have promised him, we have made ​​every effort to make a selection of all mankind. Of course it is not only those who are here, we have some who are studying, but it's a planet and there are millions and among those millions we found good people, people willing to work, to see a change and because definitely it is impossible to live on this earth like this.

On one hand, the climates are in a way that you do not know how it will dawn the next day; on the other hand, you do not know if you really will be able to leave and return complete to your homes because terror and violence have broken out in an impressive way, evil is ... as you can say "taking flight", frightening, intimidating and manipulating many beings who have fallen into their clutches. Anyone who feels superior to the other, everyone who believes that gold is purchasing safety, anyone who believes that because he can dominate many human beings and with that is greater than the other, is wrong. We have our choice of human beings all humble, even among people who have some capital, we will say so, we found simple people, and at some point where we have to make the move, we'll bring them so that they’re ready for everything we have to do.

Did the evil take over the Earth? Let's say that he feels master of this planet; that the evil feel that by taking from the Father his children a winner is declared? That is how they are, remember that in other times the more killing, the more raging in other villages or other countries, other places, was the winner, was the one that came to feel as superior to others, feeling that he was like a God and that is how evil has been working. So we let him think he has the absolute triumph within a humanity that does not yet know where it is going, or why it exists, or what it is to love the Father, and what is to really believe in the truth by which to exist. In the temples are still saying all along:  "Sinners repent!", "sin is what you have on!" and everywhere is heard that "beware of Satan, he is…" well yes, they have many desires to have him around because really how much they like to mention him.

The most important thing is to understand that he who loves doesn’t need to exactly say, "I'm in such religion," with the simple fact of loving, that respects the life that the Father created, that feels part of a humanity, but rather a universe and also to realize that being a child of the Father is a wonderful privilege, but who is truly a child of the Father is a human being who knows how to love and respect everything that exists. Now we also see that there are so many religions that they no longer even know who's who, but above all things, Teachers, Teachers that brought knowledge, people say that they don’t demand anything from them, they can eat meat, for example, in Buddhists, because the real Buddhism is always respect for life of deep meditation, of a total commitment to God as they see him. No, now they say no, that it is a religion, then I do not understand how they can feel part of something important if they don’t respect life. Life is the gift of the Father, Life, and Life is eternal.

It is true that here on Earth just learned to live a while and change from time to time in order to continue the process of evolution, but when you’ll be with us, when you have passed to the other dimension, will see that things look different in regards to the changes in your body or changes in your spirit, for over there classes will be amazing about what one is as a being that was actually created by a Great Father in the Universe. That is why we have wanted to give simple classes, actually our teachings are not too complicated because we want to reach every human being that exists on Earth, from the humblest to the most literate, because for all is our message, but I've always said it with the greatest simplicity because many times there are people who feel very lofty and are in total solitude, are not happy because they are only followed for money or position but not because they really love them and it is terrible to live without love, live without understanding, as if they were being isolated from the rest of the world. Then, among those people we’ve found beings who want something different, something that makes them feel they can find a peace they do not know which is why it is that we're going to do something that really astonishes. Yes, we will make the greatest show that could have received the human beings and above all things, that when is talked about visitors from other worlds, that don’t talk about beings that come to attack, coming to enslave as they say or who come to ... I do not know, they say to steal their wealth, I think the most important thing is to understand that the poor planet already lacks all the wealth it had, is totally unbalanced and if it weren’t for our presence, would burst, this planet would disappear, but it would be a chaos in the planetary system and perhaps even the galaxy.

So, we have to take care of everything that represents the stability of the entire galaxy that also belongs to the Universe and is not an isolated galaxy and another is on the other side, everything is connected, everything is one strength and all you can get to see as a continuity of life in all ways. That is why we strongly keep an eye on everything that happens in this universe, and this isolated tiny little planet because it really is on an edge turned into a source of infection, an outbreak of the den of evil so to speak, really here became the den of the being of death who believes that at a certain point he will be able to take away the Father’s children.

For right now he believes to be a winner because he could take several millions of human beings, apart from the millions who he already has as followers? For the Universe? Imagine the amount of beings there are when we are talking about there being millions in every planet and every place where life exists. But yes, he is proud, is a way of saying that begins to form his empire, the empire he wants because he wants to be the most powerful being in the universe. Definitely he is naturally confused because in such a big universe, on a wonderful and perfect universe he couldn’t be the leader he wants to be, but is so confused that he thinks he will be able to have all the power he has dreamed, but wants to say to the Father "move over because now I will take your place." What would he do if he does not know to give life, only death, then that is why we protect everything, everything that the Father created. But things are already at any moment. Everyone says: “What does Teacher Alaniso say? How soon? Did he already give you a date, how soon? We keep watching the sky; yes, they have seen ships but many people have seen ships, they are seen but they have not come down, they have not done all the show they promised, it has not happened what we were told.” It will happen, it's a mission, it is an army, and it is a perfect plan to beat the evil to mankind. The planet, he cannot take or destroy but can take many human beings that no matter what all are children of the Father and the Father does not want to lose them. So that's just a very special strategy we all are taking, all the planets that come to help, are a great galactic confederation that is united and all have leaders, and all get together and pass all they have to do to with the beings who follow and are a very large number of well-disciplined beings, full of love and above all, no one feels superior to the other, even those who are the leaders never say, “I am superior because I have the direction of what we are doing.”

So therefore I say, you work every day, sleep peacefully every day, meditate feeling how you can receive your angel and how you can do astral travel, daily, calmly, because it will arrive one morning when your life will be changed and all those who have devoted themselves to this mission will receive a big prize, those who still have some sort of disease or something, we will remove quickly because if you are studying and are with us have to be our representatives in a striking way. Therefore, I want all of you to be preparing every day and studying every day, why not do something? As you would say, every day take a different message, study it, half an hour, often you don’t learn everything in half an hour, but may absorb enough or can hear it two times or you can leave it for two days, but you are learning that knowledge, that it actually reaches you and bring it to practice because what we teach is how to understand who you are, why you exist, who the Father is, what it means to be mind what it means to be a balanced being, how can always find a truth, that really the truth does not lie, the truth is always something very clear, does not disguise nor is superiority in who has it, the truth is something very beautiful.

So remember, we want you to practice, to intend "Now I learned this, tomorrow I will put it into practice", and in the mean time I relax well, I feel how my spirit can be with a light and can leave my body, I'm going to want the most beautiful trip and I'll try to be with the being that accompanies me because if he tells me, ‘I am with you all day, every day and at all times to guide and accompany you,’” then join him because he is the one who will guide you for all the change that is already announcing. So do not despair in the slightest, every day thank the Father, always thinking he is with all his children and every night another gratitude to the Father because you exist and because are part of the evolution of the Universe and by preparing yourselves is how you are going to meet with this big move so beautiful and so fabulous that you will live.

This is already now, do not worry, we cannot wait any longer because we do not want to start gluing the Planet like a puzzle: that it blew up and we grab the pieces and try to join them, because it is assumed that the planet cannot disappear, it must continue in its orbit, also remember that in other dimensions within the planet there are major cities and there are many other things that you will soon know, then it is a very hard work to keep this planet in a way that doesn’t destroy.

So I want you to say, "I was called to the great mission, I will fulfill what corresponds to me, and like a strong, loyal soldier, I will tell my Father to count on me, what I can do I will do it well and with the joy of knowing that I participated in the greatest mission that has been on Earth that at this time is already starting," believe it or not, it is starting and it is a time in which have been calling people, have been preparing a lot of people and it has its time that began to dictate messages that were to change your thoughts and will continue until the time comes when we give, well, not a cry of excitement, or hallelujah as you say, of happiness because we are winners and we will be because the Father knows that we have never been losers and will succeed in this difficult mission which is to teach man to think.

Let´s begin our meditation as always, with lots of love preparing so you can move forward in all that represents to comply with the Father in this force that is starting to liven up this world that was about to be totally uninhabitable but now it will be a paradise for we will rebuild it as so.

Message after the meditation:

The life we are talking about is something all of you need to understand that it can be appreciated in such a big way that man has spoiled everything, man now lives exclusively for the gold, who earns more has more power, who has more wealth is one that can be respected and man forgot to really be shared as life in every way, thus we will change all of that for them. The money disappears completely and now is the time that it is time that we remove this nightmare called "gold", because they really are killing for it, for it are humiliating, for it are destroying, for it are destroying yourselves, for it have become gangsters or mobsters as you say, to see how they can grab more gold, that is, the God man worships now is called gold and we will remove it because we do not accept false gods as this one which is motivating man to believe in what he can be if he has this false god. You're going to say: It’s still much needed, we still live taking our coins and our bills from the wallet but then how are we going to get things, and how will it be? You will see the surprise we have for you because we are going to do something that really is going to be very shocking already at this time.

Right now everything seems to be calm as the sea, in the sense of what you are expecting from us because the Planet looks nothing like a calm sea, is awful right now, we only hear how they  scream and how they’re scared and how they kidnap and how they are taking weapons and each time more powerful weapons and how they are intimidating other human beings… right now it seems you are in a maelstrom of pain on this earth, but I mean it when you say: “The Teachers promised, the teachers said to us, the Teachers already said they would come down, the teachers said they would already end all this and that we were going to live in peace.” Yes, but you will work for this, naturally you already worked because you have had faith, because you have listened, because you have your altar with great faith, you don’t consume death and are studying, absorbing everything that can be assimilated, then you are already part of us. Let us mark the time, mark the moment, but most important is that we know that we count with all who are listening to us in these meditations and have to prepare very well because we don’t notify, is suddenly at a certain point everything changes, everything changes and everything is for everyone only life.

So I say to you, thanks for having faith, for listening, yes, for being patient because it was like entering a school, naturally when entering school do not graduate the next day, then you have to study, you have to learn, have to absorb what is taught so the time of graduation and diplomas you have waited so much arrives, because we do already have all of you perfectly well listed, those who have been constant and faithful to learn what we are teaching. But this is already the time and I want you to be calm because at any moment everything will start and everything will be wonderful for all who have been by our side.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. February 7, 2014.

The meditation of this day, which is number 624 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish Only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico.
(See section: “Eventos” – Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Messages of before and after the meditation on Jan 31, 2014.


Messages of before and after the meditation on Jan 31, 2014.

Message before the meditation:           
Tell me something that I want to ask you, do you live calmly? Does this world offer you all the advantages of being a human being? Or, do you really wish for all of this to already be as we’ve promised?

If you would know that we also already want to end with all of this, we, who live in true paradises, all are good people, all are evolved people, but observing how this planet ended up is disastrous, disastrous to the maximum; the humanity doesn’t understand. Now, one of the disappointments we’ve faced, well very strong, is that you have spoken with good people, people who don’t kill, who don’t steal, who live their life as best as possible, but you talk to them about the meat and they even get upset, how are they going to stop eating a dead body every day. That’s where it gives us more disappointment; so many people on this earth, so many human beings who say that are “thinking beings” and completely closed to a very simple truth. We even see the effort made by those who are making videos, who are also speaking and are ignored, and they are well-known people who speak to the public, are ignored, the same as you, they’re taken as crazy, why? Because evil achieved his purpose: to have this humanity under his feet.

This that I want to say to you is very important, I’ve already said that the time has come to completion; we cannot be waiting to see if one day the human being learns to think. The planet is inclining, is trying to take its position and we sadly see that perhaps we’ll take many human beings to another planet. That’s what worries us the least, if they’re stubborn but not wicked, it doesn’t worry us to take them; we leave them in a beautiful… well yes, up to a point a paradise because it’s going to be virgin, a planet that is going to have everything they need to survive less animals to kill and eat because for the love of the Father, they don’t forgive anything! And naturally we’ve been preparing it; we’ve been checking everything that makes that planet to have its vegetation, because there’s something very important: without animals, there isn’t an ecological balance.

Then we’re devising other forms of life of the plants themselves so that they can survive without animals. When people arrive there they’re going to remember that they were told because we’re going to make the message be heard and naturally, they won’t find which animal to kill and eat; therefore, they’ll have to learn to weave their own clothes with fibers, to make their houses with wood and piled up rocks little by little.

Have you seen the castaway in some island? More or less that way they’re going to have to be working; they’ll invent how to make better houses and will be remembering: “One day we lived in a planet that had it all and we wasted the opportunity of passing to a wonderful place that is precisely the paradise.” The paradise has all the forms of life that the Father created, all, because we’re rescuing, now yes, even the bees because now the human being is not even leaving that, they have decimated all that are the swarms of bees, why? Because their pesticides are destroying everything; then, we are rescuing it.
Each time you see less because some have been killed indeed but others we’ve rescued, but I don’t know if you have also noticed, there are many birds but not the amount of before, and we’re also rescuing them because with this contamination, the poor birds can no longer survive. And naturally, the birds which are in the sea, well, they also don’t have anything with which to survive because man destroyed everything that is the plankton and of course, as you say, “yes but they would grab little fish and would take to their children,” but that’s another way of balance, different, but all, all the planet is in total unbalance.

Remember that we said that we were going to put lights in the sky, that we were going to astonish; we already started, doesn’t it look nice an aerolite that doesn’t explode? Well, naturally that was a light we put and several lights and the spheres have been seen already, are now announcing much that are continued being sighted and we’re already doing what was promised and each day they’re going to increase more; therefore, contemplate the sky because you’re going to see many things that are going to help you feel now more comforted, for the time has come to completion.

Do you think that we don’t want to rest? We also want to live already in a time of peace, therefore if evil takes so many human beings, we feel it for the Father but we are not going to be able to rescue everyone as he wants. Perhaps we can achieve sending many others to a more primitive planet but I don’t think will be many as the Father wants because we see these human beings that have been taken by evil but already have it rooted, it’s already theirs; they enjoy everything evil they do even when they kill a fellow being, they enjoy it, they find it natural and in that way they have more gold and in that way they intimidate and can have more power but many of the ones they kill, well, also die with all the evilness; then, there’s where we’re with the problem of those souls, where do all those souls go? Because it is more likely that evil will take some, in the wars or in the killings of drug dealers or in the great gangs there are on Earth; evil makes his raid. But the Father already gave up, we told him “Lord, 25, 920 years…” it’s a number that perhaps it’s not very exact as you’ve heard it but it’s a number that we’ve been on Earth and we’ve seen that man doesn’t evolve. At least they didn’t have what they have now; they’re destroying their own house without realizing that without their house where would they go? But they’re completely blocked by the energy of evil: they no longer think or listen.

But I do say this, that we’re going to make noise, yes: we’re going to make the last try, we’re going to show ourselves upon humanity, we’re going to put the amount you really imagine of ships, well yes, we’re going to frighten them, we don’t have any other way other than frightening as evil has done it, who by means of fear has dominated so many human beings. We have to do the same, now with the Father’s authorization because the Father thinks that maybe, maybe he can recuperate more of his children. But now is the time, so prepare, study much, don’t despair… that you have debts? There’s not even going to be time to settle them or anything such because the ones who lend money are truly usurers who don’t deserve that we worry about them, starting with the famous banks because it’s not the employees but the ones on top who know how to amass the money in that way, but we’re going to end with their gold, we’re going to end with many things and you’re going to see how the impact is coming.

But these lights that are being sighted, each time are going to be more and more and more, until we put our ships in the sky forming figures that are going to shock much. The only thing I ask from you: remain calm, I don’t see any danger of any harm coming your way, we don’t see that you’re going to lack food, definitely all have a way of having an income to be able to continue ahead, but I do say this, those who with so much love listen to us, who with so much love make an effort for coming, are going to receive a special prize as well as the ones who in other states of the Republic or part of the United Sates which are few, but oh well, who are studying, and studying, and studying and happy and analyzing our messages, all are being seen to have the most unimaginable adventure that could have; we’re going to bring them up, we’ve promised, to the ships and are going to be able to know really how is the real technology that we have and how we’re going to fix what’s left to be fixed, but things are now!

Therefore, don’t worry about anything, please, don’t feel anguish, keep calm, we don’t ask much; we ask to find your inner peace, in the middle of this chaos of a planet, find your inner peace, as if you isolated yourselves, as if you walked and saw the bubble in which we have you enclosed and nothing can touch you and nothing can happen. And we’ll make that you can be heard because naturally, we haven’t given up, at least many good people who don’t want to stop consuming dead, well, perhaps we can still make them reflect, perhaps, or perhaps they’ll go to the other planet. Nothing’s going to happen to them, don’t worry… and you’ll say, “And my loved ones are also going there?” If they don’t understand, also; and I know that you’re also going to be asking: “is there a way to take them out of there, is there a way they can evolve, is there a way we can see them again with us?” There’s always going to be a way, don’t think that we leave them sentenced as they do here with life imprisonment, no, we’re going to do something so that all those souls can also be rescued because our obligation with the Father is for the entire universe to be in a perfect balance. We’re talking about the Universe, not of a planetary system, not of a galaxy, no; we’re talking about the Universe. For this reason I say, if they feel proud of being human beings and they are the only ones who eat the dead, that’s why they make those movies of dead people who eat the ones alive, well that’s how they look eating the poor animals. That is why I ask you to be calm, to dream, to put dreams, to sleep calmly please, with your meditation, and prepare that the time is now and it’s already the moment for everything to start.

Message after the meditation:

I think that if with so much love my brother A-Zen wanted to show you something that I believe we’ve shown you before other times, it’s not new, it’s been already several times that we say to you how to find your inner peace, we’ve already said many times how to let go of your body, we’ve already said how to be able to imagine that you can travel to the highest place, to the most incredible places, how you can really be part of what represents the universe itself.

I want to say to you to be calm. No, this is not eternal, imagine if we’re going to be contemplating this humanity destroy itself in that way, no, it’s not possible. We’re already going to do something astonishing, it will be heard more them saying “who knows who are the extraterrestrials,” it’s already going to be the movement and you know, there’s always someone saying that you’re in a sect but since it’s going to be talked already about things that are seen palpable, they’re not going to say to you that you’re in a sect but that you are learning what these beings who show themselves in the sky are teaching you.
Then, continue studying but don’t worry anymore to be convincing the entire world, talk to the one you can… that didn’t want? Well, -“It’s ok, at least I leave you an idea of something that I found that gave me at least peace” and that’s it. But you for you, for your inner self, have to be totally at peace, find your inner peace. Remember that we’ve said it in all the ways possible, “be calm,” stop thinking that you asked me because in you the name of Teacher Alaniso is everywhere: “I told Teacher Alaniso, and Teacher Alaniso hasn’t granted to me, and Teacher Alaniso hasn’t given me, and Teacher Alaniso doesn’t listen to me, and Teacher Alaniso…,” then what your angels do now is to say: “Well, I’m also going to be named Alaniso and that way we’ll be many,” because all are thinking in Teacher Alaniso. Remember that I am keeping an eye on everyone but also don’t forget that there’s a being who accompanies you and who has the same power as I do. What happens is that for some reason I was entrusted as the head of this mission, not because I’m superior, not because I’m more intelligent, rather, I don’t know there’s some reason why my Teacher asked me to be the leader and my Father entrusted me all of this and don’t think that it is very beautiful having a great responsibility because it’s a very serious responsibility helping the Father recuperate his children. And I’m passing the responsibility to you because you’re the ones that the human beings are going to see, you are the ones who are going to speak with the human beings, you’re the ones who are going to represent us, then work with you mind, study much and to be calm. Because remember that is going to be the Father the one who’s going to be proud of having had you as part of this mission and to be his children, who with much love, conveyed our message of hope for this humanity.

Then you don’t even imagine the plans that we have so that our message is heard throughout the globe of the Earth. You stay calm and work and I hope that the people, who can’t come to the meditation, also listen in some way what I, as a Teacher, am saying, because there are those who only buy the meditation but I believe that they need to hear a little what I, with much love, am conveying. I want to see you tonight all relaxed and let’s see who achieves it, and with much love I say to you that we are with you so that it can be an incredible experience what you’re going to be able to live and I hope to be already starting tonight.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Extrasensory telepathy. January 31, 2014.

Meditation dictated this day, which is # 623 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish Only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Messages of before and after the meditation on January 25, 2014.


Messages of before and after the meditation on January 25, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

In this time when we too are so shocked to see how the planet is, I want to ask you a question, have you accepted that there will have to be a change soon? Had it not, how long do you think you would last standing on this planet? How long would humanity last? Then yes, your end of the world that have touted so much and a true devastation of the Earth itself that we cannot allow since the world will go into another dimension turned into a paradise no matter what, that is why I ask you, is there no doubt? I think we've done an encyclopedia of knowledge. There was a misunderstanding when talking about December 21, 2012, first of all, you did not realize that you were using, I repeat because already told you, were using a Gregorian calendar which has nothing to do with the authentic calendar, but it is the time, but you will be surprised when you really know the month it really corresponds, because the Mayan calendar really is the best.

So what is the moon that corresponds to that time? But that's not important, what is important is to know that it is time to start doing the hard work of rebuilding this poor Earth that has been left a mess, this poor planet would seem that in some places still get to see pretty at times, while it does not come any typhoon or a hurricane or if it comes a trembling or heavy snow falls which are also disproportionately because there’s more in one place and in another there is not, and that don’t come hailstorms and earthquakes. It has still been a little low for what it truly deserves one who has pierced the Earth to the depths of its foundations, but as we see people like you, yes, there are many good people, but few, in proportion to humanity are few, but the worst is still to come which is precisely that due to so much piercing it,  so much bombarding it, so much hurting it, because as you know also that the nuclear bomb is very powerful, with so much damage they have done to the planet then the poor planet survives thanks that we have it wrapped in a safety net not to explode, to that degree has come. Oh but the powerful are very proud and will add other impressive drilling because will get the oil out from the center of the earth, they will get the oil out from the north pole and south pole, then will find a pyramid at the south pole, "and now what is doing the pyramid here?" and when they realize that the planet also has to turn, they will be surprised they have lived in a complete and total ignorance.

But I would like those who have gone on studying, listening, working, at least come to listen to us; we are proud of those who have not stopped coming and who are always thinking "what was the message of the teacher" we know who cannot be here every eight days, already we have said several times but I do say the message is being recorded, is being spread, because yes, they have given a little more importance to the meditation but the message precedes the meditation.

Us, that achieved to find a great truth for which we exist, that we know everything from what happens within each mind, that know how each planet formed, that know how every human being was formed, that know the origin of life, that know all that has happened in all ages, that have a deep knowledge of all that represents the fact of knowing there is a universe and times, and times of the universe: past, present, future, - why the future? If it has not happened, how can you know what will happen? - There is also a certain system to know what can happen if you were to continue on this path, but if you enter a path that is in progress, you can also know how it will be the absolute triumph when you manage to be a person who manages to find himself and also such great scientists, not from here on Earth, but the great authentic scientists who have done everything to ensure we are all united for what represents the evolution. The evolution of the universe is beyond what man knows, this Earth is on as well as a degree of the stone age as compared to having the most advanced technology in other worlds, this Earth, this planet is turned into a place that seems a den of thieves because came here to hide the evil and trapped the inhabitants, which was easy, teaching them to kill and destroy with the poisons of alcohol and drugs now, has always been drugs but this time it succeed to extend in an impressive way because he’s challenging us: "We stay with this humanity." But we will not give up, plus you came in order to help as we have told you that you were people who decided to come to work at this time in the Earth, so you are the sacrificed ones who said: “I am going, tell me what I have to do.” And now you say: “Did I really say that?” And how did that occur to me to come and enter this den of thieves that is Earth?” Do you know why? Because you know Teacher Jesus and the Father, because you know if anyone truly deserves assistance to recover this humanity is our Teacher Jesus who offered to the Father that he would return to him this humanity, the humanity that has lived in a wild state for all these centuries. Anyone would say: "Why are you calling us wild if we invented the big cars, and large aircraft and invented amazing things and we have powerful craft to destroy everything in one day,” that's evolution? I think that is precisely what man has done with his world, do not tell me that that means that they are people who can be respected as scientists. But you took the risk, now we're going to say something, we are in the time because you are going to find yourselves and are going to realize how wonderful it is to have made a promise, to help Teacher Jesus fulfill his promise to help the Father  and return to him this humanity.  Don’t worry, no one is going to crucify you, you are just going to… maybe some will still mock you, but you will see if they make fun seeing the ships that we are going to put in the sky. They will say: “Is it really true that you are a contactee of that? – “Yes I have proof,” especially for those who have been cured but also for those who didn’t come due to an illness and who have also felt the desire to know and to learn and that will be heard as contacted, remember it.

We are already within the time, no longer despair; that money is an absolute living nightmare for humans, we know; that usurers spread across the earth in an impressive way, the business of the bank is taking money away from people, for a moment they say, "we're going to give you a loan" people get out of the trouble and then, when do they get out of that debt they got, from where only the banks won, such pretty usurers had invented, and will not like it when we call them usurers, but we do not care about that, but there are worse things that make, like the vice in gambling houses, the eagerness to invest for large powers, are now avid to earn more money from oil- that only a few- the others to suffer because of the costs precisely caused by the same oil, but do you think we will stay idly? We come to solve, come to work, and come to restore your planet, to whom? To the Father, how? Rebuilding it, with how many human? Remember that free will is sacred, is where we cannot try to do anything but we can divide them like we have a great school, you know that the ones who flunked out and who are not bad are passed to a planet for those who flunked out, and the ones who were the worst vandals, they will pass if they repent, only if they ask forgiveness but from the heart, we passed them to a different planet, but what will win those who feel with love that life has to be respected? You already saw that there are many people who defend the animals, they still are not here with us in this message but I know you can extend it to them, because we're going to do precisely this, through this internet it is that we'll make it to be heard more, but we'll do something in which you will love to participate. We will make too much noise, bells sounded in the sky, trumpets? Already also have been heard, and will start to see shapes in the sky, we promised it, and you will say: "Yes teacher but already enough of promises and please we want to see." Well, all of this will happen but remember, we are very grateful to all of you because you have realized that you actually work for the Father with love, you know how to love, know how to listen, know how to say “I believe because I also feel the desire to give something to this humanity that has lost hope of living.”

So I say let's work as always together and get ready, I again insist that already the time is very short, short, short. I know you will start: "Oh teacher Alaniso a date, just give us a sneak," first of all, we will not put dates because all has to go on happening as it has to come the time when you least expect it and already everything is happening. Why were we going to put a specific day if everything has to happen and all has to be given at the moment that has to happen, and we all will be a single force for the absolute triumph over evil and the absolute triumph to return his children to the Father. So we will work hard and get ready, we keep telling you, sorry for all those who left but you will see if they do not come running back when viewing the ships: "We saw at last! Oh we already deserved it, we waited a long time and you did not give us anything, because we were very patient but we got tired of waiting, we stayed better, if it’s true we return, if not true, we do not come back." Some people did not return to consume death, others yes, but most of those who took many times the classes here, are not eating up corpses, but see how sad is to us those who are doing it, but you will see if they do not return all, they were all those who had made a promise to the Father to help so that we can triumph in this challenging mission to return to the Father these children he loves so much, as we have always said, who on this Earth forgot Him.

Message after the meditation

I think you just recognized my brother Aliestro, you now know what is already happening to us? We feel a great pain, we did not believe we would feel the pain so strong to see that even though we talked to so many human beings, many we have chosen, have come to listen and have refused to accept that they are people who have to do something about their world. As we have told you, indeed, there are several people who are struggling for there to existence a respect for ecology, a respect for the animals but do not know what is the respect for their fellow beings as well, that's also something we have to teach them all, important is a human being as important is every animal. So we have already seen that you suddenly see an insect and feel bad to kill it, because before you would say: "Step on it, step on it, kill it, kill it!" And now you say: "No, I'll better change it of place."  That's very good, all animal, every insect that sadly man already created a total disaster on Earth, now they defend themselves as they can, but imagine if this planet no longer had any bees that no longer had any kind of pollinating insects, what would happen? Will also invent artificial insemination? Or are they going to invent to make a fruit from another, one tree from another? You need, whatever you do, you need all that life that the Father created. But I do want to say this, the time is up, you’ll see what we can do in order to succeed. We love intensely all the beings that exist on this Earth, we are not of those who discriminate because ugly is the one who follows evil; we do see their true face in their spirit for there are beings who apparently seem that have a mask of something nice but in the inside we are seeing a real monster, but they are still alive, we can still rescue it. We do not want evil to be the winner, but do you think you will be able to handle the burden we put on you?

Be calm, the movement is coming,  you will see if you are not heard; prepare, study hard so you can speak, not stun nor harass people, to talk and show them the way, say the things which we teach you as a story, as something already given that these teachers are giving you very simply. Many would have wanted us to give many equations and many scientific secrets, no, those come later when the planet is clean, then yes, you will learn all the science to really see what it is to live in a wonderful universe that is of the Father. So I'm going to ask you, do you feel proud? With simplicity none of “I can’t,” none of “I do not know what I'm doing here,” nothing of "oh teachers but you also promise and promise but do not give us what we ask you." Leave it to us that we know what we're doing, but the date was met, the time is now and the time is almost immediate because if not, then the planet will crack on us and what accounts will we deliver to the Father?

So do not hesitate, we are going to deliver a true paradise, but we will give you a beautiful certificate because you could have faith and continue until you reached the time when we say “thank you for having known how to love, listen, be patient” and not to start doubting that because they said and didn’t say, no one thought of analyzing how it was coming that of the famous December 21, what a severe test was made, unintentionally, because it really was as if you would have had a final test to see what reaction had and we realized how false were many people and how difficult it is for man to think. But it is time, the time has come and I want to say thank you for having learned to listen.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Extrasensory telepathy. January 25, 2014.

Meditation dictated this day, which is # 622 in the list of meditations, can be purchased in an Audio CD (Spanish Only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico

Transcription and translation: AHENA

Messages of before and after the mediation on January 24, 2014.


Messages of before and after the mediation on January 24, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When we see you full of impatience because as you say, “we keep waiting,” we want to say to you to naturally realize of the disaster of a planet that you have. If we were only contemplating all that you’ve done with the planet, then indeed would see you end in a very sad way, very unpleasant.

The life in this planet is no longer life; the planet is moving completely to take its place and with the amount of holes it has, which is bouncing as a dented ball, you no longer know what climate you have nor where you’re going, now the entire world is dismayed about all the changes there has been; that in the United States incredibly cold but in other places there isn’t, that here also suddenly too much cold, why? Because all, all is bad, the planet is already spinning and we have the obligation before the Father, before the human beings, of returning the planet as it were a long, long, long time ago when this planet was a very beautiful paradise and we want to reconstruct it completely. The reconstruction of the planet will take us a little time, there are many millions of ships, much material to rebuild it, many beings willing to work intensely but what do we do with this humanity? The message still hasn’t extend as we think it has to be done, still see them in the ignorance but if the few who are listening and are your friends, your family, don’t want to understand what the respect for life is, imagine how we feel when seeing that the humanity is not interested the slightest in respecting the animal life. That means that don’t respect themselves or respect their fellow beings because naturally, in all the places on earth there’s much murder, much pain, much kidnapping, throughout the Earth, don’t think it’s only when you are frightened from all that being here in Mexico, no, it’s everywhere; the murders continue to rise, evil continues taking over the human beings. Now yes, when see all that surrounds you, we feel a great pain because we truly feel like with a lost war. Remember that what we’ve said is that we want at least to pass them to another planet. It’s going to be very difficult for all to understand that the animal has a soul, that the animal has its rights and that naturally, the being that says he can think, has to know that the animal life is part of the ecological balance of the planet and that the animal was here to help at all times and so that all could be one union as us in our planets. We do speak with them, we have them very well organized but when we see that a species proliferates too much, we can transport them to other worlds; we have an evolution that man can’t imagine what is to move in the entire universe.

Therefore, if we’ve told you that the change was coming, the change by December 21 of 2012; well, first of all, your calendar is a disaster but yes, in those days was achieved precisely the end of an era and a new one was starting. Now, we already have very little time to fix the planet since the planet has to be in its place in a very short time that you don’t imagine. We would like to take you all to the ships and that you would live the most unimaginable adventure, that all of that which you’ve dreamt comes true and naturally that you could speak with the human being and be heard.

It is for this reason that we’ve prepared you so arduously but if you notice how many truly study, consciously, all our messages… we put an amazing amount of messages with all that you need to know who you are, where you’re going, what is to exist, who is the Father that the human being doesn’t know, why you exist in the universe, why you are perfect individual beings if you wanted to be because that’s how the Father had created you, as perfect beings that now doesn’t have anything of perfection the humanity of this Earth, contaminated among each other have dedicated to live in a chaos, a total chaos. Right now you can see the cities; the people are upset, the people are full of pain, full of hatred, and above all things, dominated by the beings of darkness. When we see you asking a human being: “How many people do you know who don’t eat meat and don’t drink alcohol?” You’re surprised, - “Well, everyone, that’s lawful killing to eat, that’s what we’ve done for thousands of years,” and they shouldn’t say millions of years because that’s not true.

This humanity that is right now in course only has 25, 920 years and ever since man had their first awakening, the being of darkness arrived, induced them to kill to eat and to kill for pleasure, that’s the most painful. When we see that they really kill an animal that aren’t even going to eat just for the pleasure of saying that are more powerful than them and when we see what they do now, what have done always, that’s definitely terrible, but the fact that a race - apparently, well yes, with an evolution, with a very strong industry- to be killing the dolphins in the way they’re doing it without caring of the harm they cause to people who eat them, seeing how they kill the whales, seeing how they’re ending with all the life of the sea, seeing how the sea is contaminated, how the sea is full of pain… but seeing the land, there are no longer places that truly fructify, there are still fruit, still seeds… still… but if man were to continue being the owner of the Earth, they were going to end with all of it and since their way of killing is so terrible then were going to end with the animals and continue with the humans, which they already do eat human flesh.

Then, imagine if we don’t do something shocking, this planet cannot pass but it has to pass because it belongs to the planetary system and belongs to a galaxy; therefore, we say that everything is ready. How many of you feel already calm, balanced, full of love for all the beings that surround you, the control of your emotions that we’ve asked so much from you and already wishful of conveying the message as it truly should be conveyed? We do notice that in all the ones who continue studying even if they don’t study insistently, but we do see them studying, we see them respecting life already out of conviction but we so few that it’s painful to see that truly at this moment if we don’t do something imminently, evil takes the humanity, a great amount of human beings. And the Father, well naturally, is going to reproach us what did we do during so much time: He entrusted us his children, asked us to be checking on them, insisted for us to be beings who can really talk with the human being, unfortunately we look different and even the beings from other worlds that come to help humankind look different, but evil has entered in all the places where power exists, and evil has taken over so many souls which is painful to see that if at a given moment we create a true chaos of our presence, then indeed out of fear, but by fear man doesn’t change, by fear we cannot say that we’re going to entrust another planet to care for it, by fear we cannot say that they truly earned a place within the population that’s going to be transported to another world.

And I do say this to you, indeed many are the ones who are going to go to another planet but that they don’t get lost, that is what the Father wants, for them not to go the darkness, that evil doesn’t continue taking over so many souls. People invent many stories if Teacher Jesus was the one who took Satan… the reality soon you will understand it perfectly well, but the important is that we have such power that in one day we can eliminate all the beings of the darkness; in one day, how would we leave the planet? Then think that things are as we’ve said and are urgent because the planet is already protesting in a shocking way and we now have very little time.

Then please, don’t despair, just study and prepare because we are indeed going to put you to speak with many people, we are indeed going to put you to disseminate the message and indeed, you are going to be heard because we have to give you a special touch so that others can see that you are contactees. Right now there’s already much concern, they now want to know who are the beings who come from other worlds, they now want to understand if all are good or if good and bad as they say, since here on Earth there are good and bad then that’s how it has to be in the entire universe and naturally it’s not so, but evil is indeed with much domain over this humanity.

I want you to be calm, to meditate and say: Finally the time has now come to completion! And all of those who didn’t give up, the ones who continue listening to our message and who didn’t show that weren’t working as we asked because returned to eating their meat tacos here in this country, with their steaks, with their horrible things they eat, that’s something that gave us much pain because the stench of death is felt in the air, it even reaches the atmosphere, it reaches all the places where the ships are at and it’s a terrible stench what this planet gives off. But now our obligation is to tell you that the time has come to completion, that it’s a very short time.

Then don’t despair, please study, prepare yourselves, remain united, don’t listen to those who say that you’re crazy… it could be a beautiful madness to think in the love of the Father and it’s a very beautiful madness to have a dream: see this planet turning into the paradise that was in its beginnings, more beautiful because now we are indeed going to reconstruct it and we’re going to give very gorgeous houses to all those who said “I believe” but to do it out of consciousness. And naturally, it’s not a fantastic story the one we’ve created, we are indeed going to do it but are not going to be many; we already analyzed the entire humanity and sadly there aren’t many. We would like to say to you “millions of human beings can wake up one day and fell within their self what Love is,” we would hope for that if we can truly see that man thinks.
Then please, all who listen to us be calm and be preparing yourselves. That are too few? Those few are enough. Remember that there’s a phrase that you always repeat, “many are called, few are the chosen ones,” and yes, sadly it happened that way. We called thousands of persons and we have kept very few because even the ones who were cured, don’t get updated, don’t listen to the message as is, don’t prepare themselves, but at least they have something they’re going to say: “I was sick and those beings that you see in the ships, come to give us the happiness of knowing that we can have dreams.” Therefore prepare very well that things are now, this year is crucial but don’t forget, don’t start with dates, all is going to happen as we’ve announced otherwise we would be a failure as beings who really have to deliver this planet converted into a paradise in a short time.

Meditate and prepare because it is a Father the one that listens to you and is going to thank you for helping him recover more of his children. You wouldn’t like to see almost all of your family members going to the other planet and say: “Oh, will they allow us some day to see how they are?” Well yes, it could be because your evolution could be to perhaps visit them but you are not going to like to leave a dimension of light to pass to a dimension that is still in a primary stage. Therefore prepare yourselves that it is the Father who is always keeping an eye that this planet returns being the paradise that one day He created.

Message after the meditation:

You’ve just heard my brother Azoes who said to me: It’s my turn. Why is he giving the message with so much love? He made a commitment with the Father that he was going to end the war, and see how the human being is, feels sad, worried, because man really doesn’t stop fighting against man himself. Therefore, we are ready for all the activity that we’ve promised. Things are not a game, is very serious what we’ve taught and said to you.

We have a responsibility before the Father- Creator of the Universe- who is only Love and before ourselves that want to see how this planet can return being a paradise and that many human beings don’t get lost. But we do see an amount of human beings who don’t want to think, for instance, when you talk about people who are devoted to give shelter to dogs and cats and don’t know what to do in order for someone to adopt them. But is seen the cruelty there is; we’ve seen how puppies are born and killed or the kittens or how the birds are treated in the cages; we’ve seen very sad things in the human beings; therefore, we ask for everything to be respected, of course, the entire world is also worried and want the killing of seals to end, this about the dolphins I know that it has shocked much and naturally, well, this animals have to be rescued now.  Their souls definitely yes, we take them but go sad, they can’t imagine why there exists a human being that has done what have done to them because definitely, all the souls of the animals we take them. And when you say that why the lion hunts and kills… it was a degeneration that was provoked in this planet but not because it has evilness and the animals have never been seen to kill for pleasure: a war of lions against lions and the bunch of corpses thrown. They have their way of fighting their leadership or anything because they still don’t reach to that intelligence but they do reason, they do think. If you would practice a little of telepathy with your dogs, which is what you have closer, you would see how the animal ends up learning, seeing them at the eyes. Now, if you see them at the eyes upset, the dog immediately gets scared but if you speak with love you’re going to see that it will learn many things. But let’s remove also the fish tanks… the poor fish enclosed in a place where they can’t be free… all, all, all has to change. Imagine a planet turned into an orchard; imagine this place that was created with so much love, clean, detoxified; imagine how wonderful is going to be, see how we will be able to say: “We triumphed! We ended with everything that was death on this Earth” but not to see the being of Darkness take so many human beings.

Just believe, study, that we’re going to tell you when and how you’re going to be heard. The time is very short now, we cannot wait any longer because the planet wants to burst and we won’t allow it. It has been drilled so much to the depths of its foundation that it could split, it could crack open, it could create total abysses, it could swallow cities, the sea could turn upside down, can create things that the human being can’t imagine what has done with their planet. But all the inhabitants continue being our siblings, we are not going to say that we despise anyone who right now is doing so many atrocities; we want to teach man to love. Well, we’re trying but, you know what? Right now we don’t consider ourselves as losers and we have to have the triumph.

Then please, all those who have listened to us and the ones how left upset because on the day 21 weren’t given the paradise at once and all those who “well no, this never changes, the Teachers always say the same thing,” they continue protesting and ate meat again… that did gave us much pain to see the ones who had been here eating again a corpse or the ones who were cured and forgot what they truly received. But there are more that are going to study because they were cured indeed and left proud and they still have more or less their altar, or sometimes they turned it off already, but they do have the memory of what they were given and at least haven’t fall in the mistake of eating the dead.

Let’s free ourselves from all anguish, I say “let’s free ourselves” because also seeing the humanity that we have to save, don’t think it’s easy. We, who listen, who penetrate the minds, who can reach everyone, who see your depressions, your anger, your hatred, your rancor, your frustrations, but what is indeed sad, sad, is seeing that they don’t care; for example, kidnapping a human being to earn money is a total decadence, but are trapped by the beings of the darkness but in an impressive way. You’re going to say “then end that already,” all of that is about to end. So I need you to be calm and to make a call to the ones who have been lazy to return because all who have come were called by us and we did it with much love and we want them to take again the initiative of saying: We’re going to work for that wonderful Father who created us so that we could be worthy children of him.

Therefore I ask: Prepare because it’s already the time; and don’t ask us to tell you how many earthquakes there will be and how many other things because you would get scared of all that is coming because besides, there are some cataclysms that we can prevent them from being so terrible as are threatening the Earth from happening. But we’re going to work together and we’re going to know that at a given moment, we are going to triumph because our Father doesn’t want to lose his children, his children which is the most important that He has; that one who is a good father, that one who is a good mother, knows the importance of what is the love for their children, the same for Him, he loves intensely the beings he created. So, prepare that the time is now. Don’t say to us anymore: “Oh, are you going to say to us again that another year and another time?” Well, how long do you think the planet can handle the destruction you’ve done to it? It’s already the time and prepare yourselves very well that you will receive, as a price, to live in the paradise that we’ve promised you.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy on January 24, 2014.

The meditation of this day, which is #621 in the list of meditations, can be acquired in an Audio CD (Spanish Only*) from Tepoztlán Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: Ahena

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.