Monday, January 13, 2014

Messages of before and after the meditation of December 20, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

When we see you always in a search, we always see you wishing to get answers for your questions. There’s no longer a religion that can answer all your doubts, there aren’t even, let’s say, psychology classes because I think they make you crazier, there’s no longer a place that can receive you calmly so that you can talk and confide with, why? Because everyone is the same.   

We, who are in every home, in every place where you get together, observe this humanity and realize the importance of us doing something very strong, but remember that evil is very strong also. Evil has dominated many human beings who we’re going to see the way in which they can release the being that’s accompanying them. There’s no longer a “St. Guardian Angel” now there’s the “St. Death” there’s something that can seem absurd, yet they take refuge on anything as long as they get them out of… above all, from poverty. They don’t care who they kill, don’t care whom they rob, don’t care who they harm, they no longer have noble feelings; they’ve cried much already, have already cried the defeat of not seeing a future in this Earth. Therefore it was exactly a year ago that everyone expected a chaos, an end of the world, all of man’s pain was going to be over; but what a lack of imaginative thoughts they have. It’s a humanity, there are millions of human beings on the Earth, starting from newborns, elderly that now are living longer because life has become more long-living but all, all anguished, divided, offending each other.

We are more than there are humans but we’re really preparing perfectly well for a combat against evil. Remember that we’ve said many times, it’s not against man; we are in a war indeed, an authentic war, a war in which we know that we have the power to triumph, a war in which we have the power to give the human beings all that they need to be happy: remove the Being of Death who has dominated them. How many centuries, how much pain, how much ignorance has lived the human being and right now as ever before because you’re going to say that the human being has always been this way, well, in addition, there are more human beings than there were before. They are crying every day, they go out nervous, they go out in a hurry to see what they can earn and if they can’t earn it, they take it. And if they’re in a company where they more or less have a salary, since it’s not enough, then “let’s do crooked things to earn more.” Let’s see how so serious say: “Well, let’s steal a little bit from the company but I’ll have a little more money.” Money, money which has become the human being’s nightmare, but who no longer listen to each other, there’s no longer peace, there’s no longer love, there’s no longer calmness, not even to be for a while in your homes living without getting upset with one another, without offending yourselves, without having patience on kids. Oh, no! The kids are too noisy, “make them shut up!” instead of playing with them, instead of doing something so that at least in that home there’s a little of peace.

But how are you going to have peace if you arrive from the streets desperate since everything is bad and naturally, no one is going to say that we’re wrong. There are some homes where there’s a little more peace, a little more harmony, but we’ve seen many people who have followed us, who know very well and can say it to any person: we’re not forming a new religion, we aren’t creating a sect, we’re reaching your homes to show you how to love yourselves, to show you how to be together, to prepare yourselves. One thing for sure, you have to be calm, the time has come to completion.

Fortunately, the Father created the dimensions, fortunately the Father created the times, the time of times in the infinite of time in which everything has to move, it is at this moment making a deep movement on what represents the arrangement of all the planets to be able to pass to another dimension, and since we are beings who have more power than the human being could imagine, have to do the arrangement of the human beings, those who are going to be able to pass to see the New Dawn as well as the ones we’ll pass to another planet. No, no, it isn’t that we’re threatening, it’s not that we’re saying “divine punishment!” but they don’t want to listen and are the flunked ones, well, a flunked one is taken to a school to start again and to have a little more firm Teacher, to learn to live. It’s not a problem to be flunked, but it is indeed a problem to truly be expelled from the dimensions of the Father, for him not wanting to see you within what represents the dimensions where life exists, whom have to be sent again to their domains and that evil will take too many souls to the horribly dark place in which, according to them, are planning that one day will keep the Universe.

And we are worried, yes, because hear that wonderful voice of the Father: “Do something! Please, that my children think a little, don’t let them go with him, that they have the opportunity to continue ahead because I’ll never stop giving them and giving them the hope of continuing evolving; all that they ask I can give but naturally not caprices but to really give them the help to be better,” as a child in school would do, is taught and won’t do for him the homework to later… be not good for anything? No, they have to learn, have to study, and have to live. Our task is beyond, beyond than man could imagine. Power? If we could, we would concentrate around the planet and we could move it to another place but naturally, we are not going to move the entire Planetary System, but I’m referring to this: we can move an entire planet with the mind, we can do un-heard of things but we cannot remove the balance that has to have every Planetary System and we’re keeping a close eye. It’s been a year since it was believed that a few were going to be saved; on the other side the millionaires were going to have the opportunity to continue living in the planet, in what way? In a disastrous one. On the other hand, the religions, and on the other side, well, making bunkers and sowing… they were really deranged, they forgot to think. We speak of “dimensions,” they’re there and also are the dimensional doors and it is there already the Planet that is going to be integrated to this planet, but we have a dream still: to be able to keep the greatest amount of human beings as possible so that those very beautiful houses that we’ve created, so that this wonderful place that we’ve formed, they can enjoy.

All the beings who want to listen to us and whom we ask: for the love of the Father, tell us if we’re asking something improper; we ask: love, respect for the life that the Father created, respect for yourselves who are not a morgue, respect for your children, respect for all that surrounds you, love for even what represents a plant, for what represents the Earth which was what gave you shelter for a long time, to stop destroying it in the way in which you’re doing it, but they don’t listen. And since they don’t listen anymore then we’re going to make them listen and since the time has come to completion, I want you to prepare very well because it is the love of the Father the one that is hoping to see that it can truly be something great what we can accomplish.

And our Teacher… at this moment are already preparing for a day of peace, more or less a day of peace, at least is of happiness and they call it “the night of peace” because the savior was born, was born who would open the doors of heaven because they were going to sacrifice him then with that he had already opened the doors of heaven, they had to celebrate naturally, that there was someone who would take care of preventing… being condemned, I believe, more likely they forgot to think, for he came to give a message, a wonderful message he’s giving us as it really is. And he’s going to manifest again and he’s coming with a very powerful army and he’s at this moment, preparing himself so that this human being can have the opportunity to start living, to live not to try existing in a world in which peace doesn’t exist.

And here we are, there was a little recess… I’m going to ask everyone who were waiting: What happened with the message? How much did you study? More than 600 messages, how much did you learn? How much did you practice? How many things did you do on your favor? … No, you stayed as if you were stunned in the middle of nothingness… what’s next? Learn, learn, learn, you’re in a school and in a very hard school, yes, because our duty, our love for this humanity is very big and our love for the Father who wants his children is even greater, the greatest that can exist.

Then, I want each one to make an examination of consciousness to yourselves, have you learned much? Can we give you a test now? Can we now see how many are going to be able to really be ready for this change? Can we thank you now because you’ve learned to love, you’ve learned to give yourselves to the Father and learned to live a dream which is the one that we’ve wanted to put in your minds?

We’re going to prepare our meditation as always, with much love and keep moving forward because there’s much, much to do in this time in which we have the hope to return to the Father these children he loves so much and whom he doesn’t want to lose.

Message after the meditation:

The first thing I’m going to ask tonight, or this day, depending on when you listen to our message, is to already reckon up of everything that you’ve done in your life, to give yourselves the opportunity to be part of what love and balance means, to please don’t doubt what we’ve taught you, to not forget that each phrase that we’ve given has been to give you peace, calmness, and a reunion with yourselves, a reunion with something you have within which is the part that the Father gave you as life: your mind, your spirit, what is eternal because it never disappears. That sadly in this earth it seems as if wanted to disappear it all and that don’t like to see that there exists much life, I think, because it’s an amount of destruction, of terrible blood shedding but we’re going to make them think. Even to venerate the most sacred as they say, for those who believe in our Teacher, have to put death in their table. That’s what’s sad, instead of filling it with life, with fruit, with joy, that it’s seen the joy of healthy lives, that it gives them also the health and joy… no! They put in the middle of the table an innocent dead animal which also was killed in a very cruel way, and then they scream of joy because they dulled their mind; joy that is not joy because they also start getting out their frustrations from the entire year.

How beautiful that you sing “peaceful night, loving night, joyous night” but to truly be it. I would like, we would like that they unite one time just to be giving love, to put music, to put everything they have as love and to feel how love and joy can exist in a home. We’re going to try it now, to be a Father the one who also floods of light your homes and to be our Teacher the one who knows that with love, you were able to understand his message which is only of hope. Hope that he won’t lose because our Teacher, by saying: “I failed,” no, never, at least there are many people that follow him, at least they sing, get joyful, here at least in this country you sing Christmas Carols, in other places, well they do have Saint Nicholas as a prevailing figure, well, it’s ok but naturally, they do think they’re revering the birth of Teacher Jesus; they’re moments of joy, yes. What we don’t agree with is, that they have to dull their mind to stop being beings who really can stop thinking and loving, that they have to destroy their thoughts, that they turn aggressive because the person that drinks the poison of alcohol, changes completely; their gaze turns aggressive, rough, and not to tell them anything for it is the excuse to hit because it’s perhaps what they were holding for a long time.

Yes, instead of leaving everything in peace, joy and unity, for the table to be full of color, but of fruit, of healthy food, not of death, because we even see that they put in other tables even a piglet that looks like a little kid which it is, mutilated… We just don’t understand how they feel pleasure in cutting that and eat it… no, we don’t understand what goes through their mind. Why do they take that the… “I want the wing or the turkey breast!” they’re more dry than anything because they’ve been frozen for who knows how long, but no, oh no! It’s a tradition… a tradition of what, of death? Isn’t it assumed that you’re venerating the Great Teacher? Isn’t it supposed that you’re talking about the birth of who came to give you the hope that one day you’ll be saved? Isn’t it supposed that you have the hope of him returning with an army to restore the happiness that you haven’t found for a long time? Isn’t it supposed that you’re singing to him because he is going to come and is going to help you find the peace you’ve lost? Isn’t it supposed that it is the joy of receiving him? He, who with much love came to leave a memory of his presence over the Earth… it’s supposed it is for that.
Then tell me, don’t you think that it would be more beautiful to prepare the most delicious drinks? There are some combinations of fruits that are incredible… well, that punch, for instance, as long as they don’t add the poison of alcohol then it’s very good because it’s made of fruit. And above all things, the colors that fruit give to a table; we’ve seen that you know how to prepare salads and similar things full of color, but why death? Why a dead body in the middle of the table? They don’t realize that that is pain that the animal suffered when it was killed.

Well, could it be also that they’re remembering that our Teacher was crucified and many times they put a crucifix to remember also that he was sacrificed for the man that doesn’t know to love and nevertheless he wants to be remembered as he came: full of love and hope to be able to recover this humanity that the Father loves so much, that the Father doesn’t have distinction for his children, this humanity which for the Father all are the same, that He wants to recover them in this time in which the Father thinks that there’s still hope to recover his children and the being of death to go away.

The Father has never said “destroy him,” for he doesn’t destroy; he has never said “Get rid of him because he rebelled upon everything I said,” never ever has the Father thought, no matter how much evil one of his children is, that he will destroy him. Like they do here, if it is a criminal then should be killed, the Father would say the same: “Well, evil made much harm, get rid of him but have him suffer so you eliminate him.” No. He simply let’s him live in a place that he took to have power, hoping that one day, perhaps will take long, perhaps not, to reconsider and want to return to the Father. Why not, that’s the hope of the Father, that all of that which He created be only life and that we, who work so that He can recover his children, can have the joy of saying to him: “Father, here are your children” and that our Teacher feels proud when he sees himself again in this Earth with all the power and glory he has and that he’s received with much love, not to yell: “Oh! Save me!” Yes, he came for that to make you think, to make you love, to be able to create and hope at all times. We’re going to try, that on this Christmas that you’re going to celebrate, because it is a date you put for the birth of our Teacher, to be of authentic joy.

But I do say this, now yes, the time is counted for the Great Change in which you will be able to pass to the other dimension and that the Father still has the hope to be many more of his children the ones He can see in the joy of knowing that they’re going to live in a paradise or at least in a world in which they can start again, but that they’re not taken by this being of death who continues working against the Father and against himself and against everything that has life - that he doesn’t take them, it’s the dream of the Father. We’re going to work together and let it be a Father who gives us the strength to be able to triumph in this difficult mission that He has given us to do the most difficult thing we’ve found: For man to think, to reconsider, and to return being life as one day our Father created them. 

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on December 20, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: Ahena Team.