Friday, December 20, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of November 22, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

I want all of you to realize that everything in the planet is bad, not only the insecurity, the amount of crooks that have emerged and that is seen clearly that is evil the one that is working, everything that is happening on Earth is the movement that it is doing. You’re surprised by this type of climate, right now shouldn’t be as you say, “raining season.” It’s raining, it’s cold and you have noticed that the poles are melting, both the Artic and the North Pole, everything is melting and at all times is seen the radical change that people don’t know if it is spring, summer, autumn, and winter. I think everything is combining in a month and it is that the planet is moving.

Never think that we have made a plan so wonderful to tell you stories that aren’t true. Remember that we are beings that have a commitment with the Father, a great commitment: to return to him a planet converted into a paradise in a very short time including the inhabitants but we already told the Father not to get his hopes high due to the amount of inhabitants that will stay in the planet, but at least the intention is for evil not to take them, for him not to continue increasing his army that he already has quite powerful and that in addition he has acquired power thanks to the human who everyday continue giving away their energy.

The human being acquired a bad habit of eating meat, drinking alcohol, now the drugs, well, we know that is something terrible, but what is a general habit is the meat and the alcohol. Both things open up channels, then, come those beings to steal energy because they also want to strengthen well because they know very well that there’s a war, it is the war of good against evil. We’ve declared total war and already told them that they’re leaving; they can’t stay where it doesn’t correspond being. We have the power to take them, but they already know that they have us trapped in one way or another by having so many human beings trapped as are the ones that follow them loyally because the ones that have evilness also have all the bad habits there could be and are being true possessions.

That’s why you see that there’s insecurity everywhere, there is worry for the future. But yes, they plan… the government already has planned when is going to be the next president and who they have to vote for and they make great plans that aren’t going to happen anymore. We have to do something shocking so that the human beings can reflect on what they’ve done. Even the wicked ones that have the possession are going to be scared because then they will say: The time has come to give accounts to the Creator! It already came what is the cleanse of the planet, the angels already arrived, the Angels in a ship? They don’t imagine it that way but naturally, we can manifest without the ships, but the most important is to know that we are ready. We haven’t told you a fantastic story during all this time to keep you… tied to the messages? If many people renounced with a bad interpretation of the day 21, now would be less possible to tell them how we’re doing it. Moreover, remember that evil is alert, alert to everything that we say, to everything that we do, bragging that they can prevent us from taking humanity. They cannot prevent us from reconstructing the planet, cannot prevent us being the ones who also prevent that at a given time there could be a chaos in the entire planetary system and the entire galaxy.  Our siblings are ready to work, they already know that a chaos of all the planets was saved, they already know that we have an impressive power, we are millions, millions of beings working, many more from our planets have come to this mission, this is becoming now what is called a true army enfolding Earth and we’re going to manifest already. You at least be calm, studying and preparing yourselves. About taking you inside a ship is not a fantastic story, it has to happen because we want you to be carriers of our message and to be recognized as contactees; all those who study, all those who do things out of love… because we read the mind, can’t lie to us, it has to be out of love not to consume death, to respect life, to respect yourselves and also to respect your fellow beings.

Because that about judging your fellow beings just because criticizing everything, even what’s not and because you exaggerate everything, turn everything into something greater and then any person that falls in the hands of someone that likes to criticize, well, even “lost the virginity that didn’t have.” That’s why we are ready for the movement that we have to do.

Man’s mind is powerful but don’t know how to use it, man’s mind originated in the Father and don’t understand as such; all think that God has to do everything, God has to fix the planet, God has to end with the wicked ones, God has to give you money, God has to make justice in all respects, God has to end with the diseases, God has to do everything, as the humans say. You’ve given him several names in different languages but always is the same God – guilty of everything you’ve done.

Why did man get sick? Well, due to what they’ve done with their own life because it’s not only the fact of eating death but also their emotions that are too contrasted; much rancor, much injustice, much pain that we’ve seen and above all things, continuous quarrels with one another, even mentally are rejecting someone because didn’t like them because is an arrogant person… for any reason you want but you shouldn’t get involved in anything that involves criticizing.

We’re ready to give the “Great Hit” but we would like to have all of those who are listening to the message because right now, thanks to the internet the messages are being able to be heard in many places of the Earth and naturally are being shared so that people know what it is that we ask but we also want them to listen to the meditations.
We always give a great accumulation of knowledge in the meditations and at all times we’re working so that there isn’t anything that’s not explained. All you have as a doubt we can answer but we’re already on the time; the time has been fulfilled, the definite moment is about to initiate and above all things, all those who with faith have listened are going to know what it is to get inside a ship, you will feel what we’re going to give you and you will show it indeed because we don’t find it right that you’re becoming the laughter of the ones you speak about what we’ve said. Therefore, we want you to be ready for the great activity.

Control of the emotions, we repeat that again, is very important because according to the state of your mind is how the vibration of your body is because your soul is the one that needs to have all the strength to be able to be joined well to the body as a being completely evolved that naturally, when you see your spirit coming out of your body, you’re going to see it very beautiful because you’ve dedicated to listening and learning from us all that we’ve said to you, but above all things, to be later reflected in your physical aspect which is going to be what the people are going to see and are going to want to know what you did to look so different.
Then let’s work, we’re going to continue teaching, putting dreams in your mind and not temporary and vain dreams. All has to be already and be prepared because we don’t say the day, the hour or date because you know how evil acts to prevent us from continuing, for example, evil provoked that wave of doubts because he put that there was going to be an end of the world, thing that he knows is never going to happen, something that was going to happen if he stays on Earth, but the end of the world is not going to happen.

So with that he threatened, intimidated the human beings and caused that they said that “nothing happened on day 21!” people wanted to see the chaos and a see if a few were going floating to another dimension of light, no, it’s not going to be that way. The planet itself is what will turn into a paradise and here in this planet will be your houses built and all that you need to have a future that you would’ve never imagined: calm, without debts, without economic problems, without anything that can frighten you, without having to lock your doors with several locks because there isn’t going to be any crook on Earth.

Then, prepare very well that we know who listen to us and have the hope to already be part of our mission and of our army.

Welcomed are those who have wanted to work, welcome to tell you that you’re magnificent soldiers of this Great Mission.

Message after the meditation:

If like a dream man started to ask the Father to remember the being that inhabits this Earth, if with a dream they are heard praying, asking, demanding by just asking to please have violence end, to please send protection for his children, to please end the diseases because these already are total pandemics in the entire planet. Well yes, if it’s so contaminated than how are they not going to acquire that type of diseases, above all, remember that all they’re eating is what is creating this type of problems. Although there are people that don’t eat meat, let’s assume, but get debilitated due to the environment, or get debilitated in many other ways. You have to be strong, have to be complete, have to be full of love for all that surrounds you, have to put all your dreams, all that you wish, all the most unimaginable, you can ask for it.

I would like for many people that only listen to the message to listen to the meditation. I believe my brother Axel spoke very clearly on all that we’re going to do, of all that’s going to happen. It was a meditation that he prepared with much enthusiasm so that all human beings can know in what way will be accomplished all that is the cleanse of this earth and how we’re going to be able to turn it into a Paradise. For this reason I say to my brother Axel, “congratulations!” because he achieved to put together all that we had to tell you and I want you to be completely calm.

Please, don’t doubt, don’t say “but nothing happens and we don’t see where are the stars that move!” Some don’t see the stars because the sky is completely cloudy but that everything is a fact, it is in this time. I want you to remember that giving dates is causing anguish and in addition, it becomes the indiscretion and the move that wanted to do evil as he did with the famous “day 21” which provoked a chaos. All were running and were preparing their bunkers, which by the way, much money was earned with those bunkers. Right now they’re making new bunkers, are imagining that the Earth can be destroyed again but now are thinking in nuclear bombs then they want to protect from the enemy. But, what are they going to do underground if the planet is devastated up to its depths, there isn’t a single place that can last long; everything is falling apart and now want to go underground to able to save themselves from what can happen above the same land. I think that’s why we ask: does man really know how to think? Does man really know how to notice what they’ve done with their world? Can the human being really have at least something, being in good terms with their neighbor? Because not even that… can man really work in harmony in an office or any job? No, there are always schemes, always gossip, always continuous attacks among each other.

What does that leave in return? Uncertainty, pain and above all things, much frustration and much resentment because then they associate with resentment against each other. Don’t tell me that is how a business fructifies in any type of office? We hear everyone criticizing others, attacking each other and seeing in what way to destroy someone that’s on top of them to see if they go above. That’s not producing, that’s not working, and that’s not looking for a little bit of peace and happiness.

Therefore I say that we have a way of fixing the planet very fast but we’re not going to leave anyone that would contaminate the planet, so have to be looking to learn what means the control of the emotions, the love, the love for life, the love for the animals, the love for your own body, the love for any fellow being, the love in general for all that the Father created because those are the ones that are going to be able to enjoy this beautiful paradise that we’re going to give you.

We are not going to leave anyone who would contaminate, we read the mind and we know who really purified their mind and knew to answer what Love was. We’re going to work; we’re going to motivate the desire to do it, at least by putting a dream, something that at this moment the human doesn’t have. What excitement would you have for a world that is destroyed, that threatens, that is full of evil and pain and disease… well no, there aren’t hopes. Now, if they listen to our message, we awaken the excitement, the desire to love, the desire to belong to something very big and the desire to belong to this great army that is ready to fix this planet from all the destruction that man managed to do to it.

So, all I want to say is to prepare yourselves. The planet that has the paradise is already getting near, all has to be integrated, and all has to happen in such a short time that you’re going to say: “And come to think that I worried because I couldn’t see the future for my children! … And come to think that I worried because I saw how my debt increased and increased! ... And come to think that I worried because I thought that the following day I wasn’t going to have acquisitive power for anything! ... And come to think that I didn’t listen that my brothers were here but now that I see them and that they give us all the strength to be happy, I can only say to the Father that I thank him for having formed his children in such a way that with all their power they can return the happiness that this planet has lost.”

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on November 22, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: Ahena Team.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of November 15, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

I know that for all of you this year has been endless. You began with high hopes and hoped that: "‘come on, come on, when is Christmas?’ and that ‘when was Teacher Jesus born?’ and ‘when will we be able already to be within what represents the change?’" The change is already happening, the planet is rotating, the planet would not support the movement that is receiving because it is very destroyed, that is why are seen the cataclysms which was naturally the man who caused them. We want them to think this way: We are messengers, we are part of a great message of the Father, we are soldiers, soldiers of Teacher Jesus; we are minds who have prepared hard to give the message, but as you say, “and what are you going to do for the whole world to hear?”

By the time the internet has helped much to listen on other countries, but naturally is only understood by Spanish-speaking people, are not understood in other languages, then we do have to do something that really makes this message that we recorded, to be heard in other languages. That magic you leave it to us, we take care of everything more spectacular. Imagine if they see that is a message recorded in Spanish, suddenly listen to it people who speak German, French or English and starts to play in their language, I think it would be very shocking, to them will seem like a magic trick or “what is that?”

But they will see that with us aren’t magic tricks, is authentic power we have to transform everything because if we have such a huge commitment as is the fact that we must give to the Father this planet turned into a Paradise in a very, very short time, very little time so do not despair, because everything is ready; here comes the movement and we are all ready to do something shocking and do not think we're going to spend another year giving the message because it would involve many other energies and that has to be fast, so it will not give them time to think, they will run to ask who we really are, they will run to the temples because if they say the angels arrived then are going to be frightened, we will do many things that really give the appropriate movement to this planet.

Already have started to be seen groups of ships on this planet. You say, “I have not seen,” but because you haven’t been on the lookout but they are being seen and naturally cannot say “they do not exist!” Oh no, but still evil continues to work: they say that all aliens are bad, they come to kidnap, that come to do experiments, that come to hurt this poor human being who has done everything right. Then, if it really occurred to them to think, we have to tell them, when have they seen a ship attack?

We're ready for the greatest and I know that you have been patiently waiting, I know you have already left the lament of “what happened, why it does not happen?” but it is still a lament, "When Teacher? When are you going to say we're ready to help? And when are you going to take us to the ship? Oh, because you’ve talked to us a lot about it and are going to make us very pretty!" say all, “but when?"

Well, the time has come and when least expected be ready, you do not schedule anything because it will be a time when you will not realize how all the change is made and then yes, when you see that enters your home a light and then rise, will realize the time already fulfilled but not all on the same day. So we have such a hard job because not only the ones that are here, because you’ve seen that there are people elsewhere who are studying very hard, there are several who are really interested, concerned that their families do not want to listen because even telling them beautiful or ugly, whatever you want, to respect life, are not interested in the least, then we will have to do something to really make all of them think.

So you who have waited patiently, some people I think they have been coming for several years and in one way or another know that everything we say comes true, but have been times, a time is being marked and another time and as I say, already another time started, this year is already the time that is marking precisely when the change is coming. That's why we want you to be completely and utterly in balance, in control of your emotions because otherwise the ship will see you and if you’re angry or are fighting or are lamenting, is not going to pick you up.

So you know, full control of each and every one of your emotions so that at the time when it’s already decided who is going to come up, that see that they are really at peace with themselves, absolute peace, that's what we asked and if you have studied our messages know that anything is possible. That naturally, living in the world is not easy because people are aggressive, because there are many people with harmful memories from their previous life, there are many people who are scared just thinking about loving other human beings. So I say, make quite an effort to be in control of your emotions because we do not notify you, is a moment to moment and will see how many will come and say: "already went up," will be noticed in them and you will see that everything will be different, but time must be now for time already fulfilled.The time came to completion since it was fulfilled for the New Age and this year we’ve only been preparing all the movement that is to be performed, but now, those who have heard us will receive the reward of seeing how you enter with us and how you become real soldiers in this mission.

So with love I say, calm and control your emotions please. Study the messages, we have taught in many ways how to have control, how to understand others, how not to get angry, but also not to yell while another yelled at the same time, how to be in peace, true peace because now at least you have interest, if you tell a person: "you have to be in authentic peace, total, because then you will not get sick," but of course will not believe it, so if you say: Father wants his children to be beings that are evolving and have to know all the secrets that we have given them , then they would think, but it is best to know that there is a prize for anyone who makes quite an effort to give our message as we have asked. So calm and as always, I want to say tonight that we have prepared our message and that the human being who will listen will feel fully raised to the deep knowledge of what loving the Father is. So be calm and meditate, that we are ready to give you something great.

Message after the meditation:

I see you have heard the message, waiting for something that encourages naturally more, expecting perhaps a date? Waiting to already really be the great manifestation? Well, we're putting all the rules you have to follow because we will not wait any longer. We are working hard so that when we do our demonstration, naturally they won’t run in so much panic, but to know that really come to help because if they think they are aliens who abduct, they are afraid; if they are to bomb, which I do not know where they get that from because it has never happened, they fear, and if they think they are angels who come to separate the good from the bad are afraid because "is the final judgment, it's the final time when the evil will go to the underworld and the good will go to glory!" no, you know how it is, everything is foreseen.

The idea is that many humans do not go to that dark place where evil really has his reign, the idea is to rescue as many humans, that naturally are not going to understand at once rather out of fear, and they will say "yes, whatever you want!" that they’ll do as they want, but out of fear, not by heart, they are not going to really feel that are going to love the little sheep or the poor little pig that always see them very ugly but was so tasty for them. The cattle, it’s impressive how they could overpower them and hurt them so much, but worse, humans eat everything, snakes, eat all kinds of birds, before was such that the vulture was an animal for cleaning, oh! Already also are eating it up and now there are superstitions that are good for healing, I do not know why they think that, they eat the ants, eat maggots, eat the worms, they eat everything.

That is why I say, if man has no respect at all for anything, then thinking that suddenly already will feel much love for all that life is? Well, it is difficult, at least that out of fear to realize that have actually done wrong and to be given another chance, yes, another 25,920 years to learn, some evolve before as has happened here on earth but it is another chance, right? Time is infinite in the infinite time of the Father, there is no end, there are times and then it's a new opportunity to live and learn. Then we know that we will achieve to rescue a large number of human beings. The ones that disappear from one moment to another in a way that later we will say: "yes, we will transport to another planet” people need to know that that was it, if not, they will panic and will say that began kidnapping! They will realize that they are going to be transported because they could not love, love by heart everything that has life and that the Father created.

Because that thing of putting many temples and very high and huge domes and adorned with gold and putting a lot of images where they believe in images, and those who don’t believe in images say that should not be images because it's idolatry, but yes, they are temples where they gather to say that they will hear a message almost every 8 days or have time to get together to pray, but they do not change, do not love each other, have no respect for the life that the Father created, of what use is that they are saying “sorry” because it is usually to ask for forgiveness to the Father, what was the point if they cannot learn something essential as is to love yourself and respect life as the Father created it.

Then, to work, you will see what way we have to make our message be heard, because time already served and the time is starting and we have to deliver for the Father to see how many of his children are saved, already I told you, not everyone will go to the New Dawn of Light but will go to another planet, not to go to the dark because there indeed will take, perhaps, centuries. If this being of death has spent centuries with his domains and still thinks that someday will be as powerful as the Father and someday can, in revenge, that He didn’t leave the light He had given him, that he was going to take his children and his planets and… you cannot imagine the terrible mentality this being has. That is why we have to be as they say "at dawn" listening, checking how we are moving and working hard for everything that comes and what the change is.

So get ready that it is a Father, I repeat, as always, a Father who will thank you for helping him recover his children because he is a father, not just the Creator, is a father, loves all beings that exist and wants to regain their sanity, their love and to be as he created them, to be Life forever.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. November 15, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlan Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and Translation: Team Ahena

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of November 9, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

I know very well that for all of you is incredible to think that finally we’re going to make a great manifestation, that finally are going to be able to speak about us without being told that you’re crazy, that finally we’re going to give you the strength so that you can be heard. You’ve searched in many ways on how to make other human beings think. We see all of you as beings that have truly understood our message and you are proud of being able to say that are with us; we feel more proud of having you within this mission. We’ve called so many people, so many human beings whom we asked to listen and since it wasn’t fast what they were asking, the left, many others have been cured and haven’t kept up-to-date but we know that you are going to get updated.
We’ve dictated a true encyclopedia of messages that you can convey, for what? So that man can think? We’re going to try, why not, so that man can say “I’m understanding that I am a child of a Great Father,” that unknown Father for man, that Creator of the universe whom everyone asks; no one even thanks him for having created them and given them the opportunity to belong to his universe, that wonderfully great Father that never punishes, never judges and all he asks is for his children to think calmly on what represents to exist for love.

Many human beings say that is very boring not eating meat, not drinking alcohol, of course drugs, we know it is a true disease transmitted by the being of darkness, but they don’t like the idea. We’ve seen them with how much pleasure they devour death and we’ve seen that they aren’t interested the slightest that an animal suffers in order to have a “delicacy” in their table, delicacy? Well, if that’s what they call it, it’s sad to say that we’ve seen so much ignorance in this earth and we can no longer wait more.

The time has been met; the time is now, the love of the Father demands that wants the greatest amount possible of his children to be able to see the light of a New Dawn or the greatest amount of beings possible, it doesn’t matter if they flunk and left to another planet but not to go the darkness. When we repeat continuously all of this it is because we need for the human being to create consciousness of what they’ve done with their being, with their mind, with their spirit, for the human being to realize that they’re more than a being that exists in a world where they could have been happy and ended with all the happiness they could have.

The planet is destroyed, the drilled planet up to the depth of its foundation, a planet on which the vegetation is ending, of course, there are those who would say: “There are places where there are still many plants and in Africa, for example, there are places!” But everything is contaminated and that’s something that you have to convey to the human beings, the planet is contaminated, its sky doesn’t really have the light that’s needed to breathe calmly and to be able to think that can plant. They do plant and then fumigate and leave the poor plants completely contaminated, fumigate so that the insects don’t eat the plants, why do they have to do that? Because never learned to coexist peacefully with the insects.

We do it, we give the insects a place and we make them respect our crops and the fruit grows wonderfully well and we, who know what it is to live in a Paradise, want to say to you that everyone’s dream of living in that paradise is going to come true already, but if you count right now there are too few, when you’re asked “how many do you know that are vegetarian and that don’t drink alcohol?” You remain thinking, “no one!” All feel proud of saying that they live because they poison themselves and that live because they consume death, and that live because they destroy their own brain and their own body.

The diseases grow and man cries his defeat and demands to the Father to end with the diseases or says to him that he is a Father without a heart because he doesn’t have mercy for so many sick people on this earth; a Father, a Father that gave it all and continues giving it all; a Father that has one dream only- to recuperate his children. For this reason we’ve emphasized – the free will is sacred for all eternity. Every being that exists is eternal, life never ends but naturally there are those who take the path of darkness and well, they feel proud of being dark beings, that’s their problem, as you would say, but the Father suffers and the Father wants to see that one day we could achieve cleansing everything and that one day that “dark place” would be cleansed, that all his children would return to him, that they would ask for a new opportunity.

Naturally, they aren’t going to have all that should have a being who really has thought during this time, that’s what evil doesn’t like: stop being powerful, stop feeling the praise and that many, many beings follow him. They are millions, he has a true army and we see how that army goes on increasing and how many beings perish killing among themselves, giving their soul to this being of death that wants to keep all that the Father created. Fortunately, all that the Father created is not in a single world, this world is the one that is being given to him and this humanity is what he covets to be able to say that someday he’ll be able to be the owner of the Universe.

I believe you’ve heard these words before but we repeat because we need you to realize that must speak with man, must make them to please think in what they’ve done with their life, with their future. There isn’t a future if we weren’t here, this planet would end up totally destroyed mainly because it has the most dangerous weapon which are the nuclear bombs and have some impressive arsenals, but we’re there looking over so that they won’t make the mistake of ending with everything that has life. The souls of the good ones we would take them but we don’t want to have a planet totally contaminated that would disintegrate and unbalance the planetary system, therefore, we have to save it and rescue it and for this reason we have to do unheard-of great things.

I see everyone anxious: When teacher? When are we going to see the ships? When are we going to board them? When are we going to be able to speak with the human beings but that they recognize us as contactees? All the present ones are contactees, don’t forget it, you have the message.  The people are going to say to you: And have you gone up a ship? Have you seen them? Then we need you to be able to say: Yes, we did go inside a ship, we have seen them indeed and we know them, but first they prepared us and we learned to think without the need of giving us great manifestations. Why? Because only this way is how is earned a wonderful perfect place that you’re going to have.

The graduation of all of you is going to be incredible, therefore I say to you, be calm, the most you can that “control of the emotions.” We already know what your problems are, we know perfectly well all your debts, we have them written down so that you don’t say that we aren’t thinking of you, each one of you has a being of light that accompanies you that knows exactly all that you ask and all that you need and knows, above all the things, that you’re asking about your loved ones who don’t want to listen.

I am a Teacher, all of us consider ourselves teachers, all have lived a life of love, all have learned all the secrets that exist in the infinite universe, a universe that not even in the imagination of man can realize how immensely big everything that the Father created is. Wonderful, wonderful paradises, naturally as ours, well, we’re going to teach you to have something like that, we do have a galaxy that even the aroma that it gives off is wonderful. There has never been the smell of death, never has existed the stench of all that which represents destruction. All of our worlds are perfect and there are many beings, naturally, that in their evolution managed to be one of us; were born in our worlds and are part of everything that represents the evolution, why? Because they worked intensely in their lives, lived in peace with love, without haughtiness and without envy. - Oh because they (humans) represent our Teacher Jesus or any of the Teachers and they compete being the most powerful being worshiped. If our Teacher doesn’t want venerations, why does man want venerations? To come to them, to extend their hand, kiss them and in the ring, imagine! – in the luxury, in what shouldn’t be, they approach them to ask kneeled down, “give me your blessing,” but if they don’t have the purity in their heart, it won’t do them any good that blessing, the blessing comes from the Father himself and with all his love he always fills them with light and asks for help; his children are going to go to the darkness. It is an enormous quantity of beings that are consecrated to evil.

You hear that there are many drug dealers, that there are many assassins, kidnappers or powerful people that initiate a war and even kill the kids without mercy; they make the kids hate and they feel proud because they are owners of a territory that didn’t correspond them to take because the entire planet is a single life, a single force and no one told you to divide, no one told you to form borders, no one told you to feel superior to others because had accomplished a stable economy that now is indeed only in the great powers, above all things, in great powers where evil works with all his power.

Therefore I say to you, when they say that “the reptilians have arrived!” better to laugh at such ridiculousness. Reptilians… poor reptiles which aren’t even bad, they have a form of life, that’s all. The serpent is an animal that has its form, it’s a way of living and that naturally it’s not true that it represents evil, then, why do they say “reptilians” as the lowest thing? No, let’s just say to them that they are beings that don’t even know who they are and that have turned into the most horrible there could be. Now, do you want to recognize a being that is serving evil? Look at them in the eyes, if you can get near because in addition they are very powerful, are surrounded by guardians so that no one can touch them and are surrounded with weapons with which they can threaten their fellow beings.

Then, do you think that we’re contemplating all of this coldly? Not at a single moment. We’re going to act already. This month is very important, it marks the change; a comet that is arriving to travel across the planetary system and the sun already made the rotation it had to do because the sun moves the planets so that they can align and  we only have this one left, we just need to clean it.  Now, I’m going to say the power that we have, you saw it, there was a hurricane coming to end, to finish off some states of this Mexican Republic or everything that could be the Pacific. It was easy, we sent a cold wave and it was stopped and all seems that was a thing of casualty. It isn’t time for cold waves with hurricanes and rain and with all that’s happening.  I believe you notice the climate is completely upside down as you would say. For this reason I say to you, please study, meditate, don’t leave a day without meditating, have a moment of rest to be able to listen to a message, to learn it. I know it’s hard work for you to learn so many things but for this reason we are Teachers, reiterative, that are putting in different ways all that represents love, the control of the emotions, loving all being that exists, not judging because you don’t know in what way were taken by the being of darkness, not giving an opinion, not saying “kill them!” because if the Father doesn’t destroy, you can’t ask death for anyone.

Then we take care of that, of bringing order, of sending evil’s followers to his domains if they want to be there but what about a scare and are going to see that they’ll repent. I want you to see the house of a person that dedicates to harm, of a gangster or as you want to call the beings that are doing all this that now seems so crazy, the ones that are killing children, the ones that have destroyed the homes, the ones that have harmed so much; you should see how many images they have and how they make the sign of the cross and pray. Imagine, they even have a cult to the Great Mother so that she can help them with their robberies and so that all can go well and the Great Mother cries and the Great Mother is sad, but the Great Mother knows that in one way or another we’re going to triumph.

So today that all are reunited, I hope that you feel happy with the meditation that we’re going to give.

To meditate is to think, to meditate is to believe, to meditate is to fill yourself with knowledge and to meditate is to later practice all that you’ve learned. That’s why we’ve done it in all possible ways and the messages are recorded and we don’t have too many ahead of us; therefore, get up to date that the moment has come for the doors of heaven to open up, for the great ships to be seen and to recognize the return of our Teacher to this earth which he determined to save and who has not given up.

Then let’s continue working and prepare yourselves that the moment has come to initiate all the change that we’ve predicted and for you to really be beings who give our message to all those who now will listen because we aren’t going to wait to see if they want to listen. We want them to listen but as we’ve said, if it’s not by heart that they respect life then they can start again in another planet since they are the flunked ones, just flunked. We just change them to another school, we aren’t going to punish them but it doesn’t stop being a punishment having lost the opportunity of being able to see a New Dawn which will be incredibly beautiful. Therefore, keep preparing yourselves that the time is now, now is the moment and the moment is initiating.

Message after the meditation:

When we hear you say: “Oh Teacher! Give us a date, you have us as those kids that are waiting to be given a candy and it never arrives; oh Teacher, tell us when, tell us why, tell us how is it that we can’t even have an idea at what time everything will be seen as you’ve said, Teacher! We want a date.”
That’s what we’ve heard, well, if you know how to count, you would notice that we work in exact times, all has to be measured by time and the times are being fulfilled. If you calculate when it was when the manifestation started, when was initiated the time of healing, when initiated the time of graduation and how is it that all comes to a conclusion of time, just don’t be all anxious to see if the numerology comes out right, but you are in the time.

Exactly on the date you know, a 24th  of November, which I hope you’ve realized why, has been 21 years since the manifestation that we prepared so that could come to completion all that we had to give. 21 years of arduous work, 21 years of calling all beings that could listen, 21 years of bringing people and asking them to think, and then you calculate how many were called and how many remained. That’s why there’s that saying “many are the called ones and few are the chosen,” no, we don’t say that we chose, were we going to remove the ones we didn’t like from so many that were called? No, to the contrary, we want all to come back, we want them to realize that they were called and if they made a mistake and got desperate and said that everything that happens here is a lie, to realize that we don’t lie and that they were going to be privileged beings because one day they wanted to work for a great mission and one day were called on time and now we want for all, all of those beings that we’ve called to listen to our message and we have the way for this to happen. Many will say: And why others didn’t get this opportunity? Well, for the Father all are his children, they do have the opportunity because are going to be helped to think and if they learn to think and by heart respect life, then are going to be part of what represents this force that now is being initiated to see a New Dawn. Then, for us, millions, how are we going to reach millions? You will see the message get disseminated in each country, in each place where needs to be known that we’re here only to give love, to remove the idea of the “assassin extraterrestrials” that are going to arrive to Earth, remove the idea of the “reptilians” that man’s imagination has fabricated and there will be those who will say that we’re lying, but it is that some have seen beings of darkness that look similar. They do like to take forms that can relate to something so that you feel the fear. But the time has come, the moment has come and we have enough messages so that a human being can think, enough messages that when you least expect it, we will continue giving messages but is not going to be in the same routine, everything is going to change and today I feel very proud of seeing you gathered up to listen to these Teachers who with so much love have called you and whom you have corresponded.

Live the last time of waiting and keep going ahead that happiness is what is already awaiting to be able to live all that dream that we’ve told you with so much love so that you know that you do belong in this universe and the paradises that you’re going to see soon and that we’re going to take you to know them. Then, you will also help us to bring many fruits, you will also help us cure many sick people, many injured animals, you will help us see how we can repopulate the Earth and convert into a paradise with the most advanced technology; the paradise that awaits you. Keep calm, please, help us, that the Father is willing to do anything in order to see his children live in happiness.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on November 9, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: Ahena Team.

Messages of before and after the meditation on November 8, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

What does it mean for you to think that anyway and at all times will be a change? People are making plans for who knows how many years later, as we have said before, poor planet if these conditions continue in the hands of human beings, rather, in the hands of evil. Everything will change. When you talk about the comet is coming, do not know if right now ... tomorrow ... during these dates ... it is within the planetary system, that is, the comet arrived and is marking exactly a time of change because that's what we already were expecting.

I want you to be all calm. Already saw you very restless, very desperate “nothing happens,” and “we all want to see, we all want to know when the ships come down, we all see so much evil,” so much loneliness in man because indeed, a human being who does not have answers to their concerns or their anxieties feels very lonely. A man who is working hard to see if at least can retire to finish his old age in a way that perhaps would be sad, because they see this world that even retirement could be removed to them.

Things move on, we keep working, we have everything ready, millions of ships, as you say "warming up" millions of ships ready to do something very shocking. By the time a few are  going forward to appear before humanity, the spheres are seen as chains of ships and everyone are on the lookout for if they come to invade, that's what, as we will say, makes us laugh that they think we are coming to invade, beings who have been here for all the times that have known man and that has been seen the presence of beings from other worlds and never, ever done a harm any of the beings who come and have never seen aggression from those who have come to visit the Earth.

We are beings that from the beginning we were coming to earth, looking for ways to approach the man and man sometimes listens, sometimes not, have been good people, have been smart people to some extent but it has been, has been those who have taken many messages that naturally later are manipulated and changed into what they call "the holy books," but time is the time and the clock is ticking, time in the infinite time of the Father is so great that we know how it functions and how all the movements of time work, and are exactly as in the last time that must change dimension across the galaxy. Imagine the movement that is going to have the galaxy: all spinning, all accommodating, all finding their way and above all things, moving their axis so that the planets can accommodate.

The planet Earth is moving its axis, the sun has just changed its axis, the sun is throwing many emanations, that some men, as it is not protected the planet has affected them, but the sun is already marking the times - infinite times when everything will be as we have announced.

I am going to ask, has the time been too long for you? I think yes. You have been waiting impatiently to see when ships go down, when we bring you to the ships, when the most astonishing happens. Yes, everything is ready and as we are not beings who come to play or joke we tell you that all is ready for a great movement that is starting.

I ask you therefore to anyone who hears our message, that at least practice, practice a lot the control of your emotions. We have seen that it is naturally difficult to most humans to think about stopping consuming death, therefore it gives us so much pain to see that do not have feelings because if they do not care about the suffering of an animal, because some people enjoy when the animals are being sacrificed, then how are we going to ask them to think with a pure reasoning to receive a message we are giving. That is why we have made a careful selection, some have not understood it because they rebel against the idea of stopping consuming death, but at least they will remember that they were called for something very important.

The first thing I say is: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR FAMILIES, they will listen, they will manage to be prepared, they will be with you when the New Dawn comes, of course families of love, but do not worry, since we know right now you are even being made fun of that you are a little crazy because you are thinking things like that but it's time and it's the moment. Let's live together this change, let's live together the fact of receiving the blessings of the Father, let's be one force, you and us, and I want you to be prepared.

Therefore I tell you, everything is in motion, all the planets are changing, all the suns are moving to accommodate the planetary system they feel they have to take care, of course all that the Father created is so perfect that everything spins on an axis, a central axis that is precisely the Divine Light of the Father who makes sure everything is in order. Evil has tried to avoid this order - evil to his domains is going; evil wants revenge because the Father did not let him have his own universe and that might not be as powerful as Him - that's already a problem of his if any day would regain his beauty, if someday wanted to regain his strength but will never again be what he was going to be at the beginning in which the Father created him.

Therefore we, who know the movement of the universe, are talking about very great things, man knows only part of the galaxy that they see with their devices that can get a glimpse of how many planets there are, that go discovering one and another, according to all are already going to put names, already feel owners of Mars because is close, even feel ownership of the planets around the Earth because as they will not fit on Earth, then they have to go elsewhere to colonize. Imagine humans colonizing another planet to turn it into a disaster like this, of course not, they also no longer have time, time's up, time is today, the time is now and the time is being fulfilled.

So do not fret so much, I see you very tense, very worried still doing many accounts: how much to pay, how much you owe, much you have to manage to have as income, I see you very, very anxious and worried yet because family do not listen. You leave us to do the greatest motion and see that all your family will be with you, will want to know and will be able to spread the message as we have prepared it. They're all pending if the comet comes, if it doesn’t come and are already pending of the movement of the stars and ships, already all researchers knows that there is a huge number of ships but do not know the exact number which is of several millions of beings who came to help rebuild this earth that the human being has destroyed.

Therefore I want you as always to engage yourselves to practice love and we will give you a meditation. I hope that this time you feel it peaceful, full of hope and that you say, “it is wonderful to feel the thought that the Father sends to his children.”  Keep calm and united that it is the time when everything is as we have promised. Prepare yourselves that already arrived the time and we are ready. Let us start our meditation with love as we have always done.

Message after the meditation:

Was saying on this day on this occasion to put a dream in your mind, do not think we are going against us all the time with all the aberrations that man makes, no. We did just say that to the same evil we'll try to say that one day can return, may someday change that someday there will be an opportunity to start of course in another world, to start in another dimension, but to change, to love. So for us this humanity we are working with now we have hope that they can listen, that they can change. Naturally as we have said, who wants no change in the sense that it does not want to respect life, naturally we will not say, "Already, let's throw them to the areas with evil", no.

But easily will send them to another planet, to re-learn to live and so that they can think they had the opportunity to pass to the most wonderful dimension that we have been inviting them already. Right now seems like a dream, words, words that come to put an ideal in every mind, no. Everything is a reality, we do not come to tell stories to see if anything can change in the middle of a dream, imagine the disappointment that nothing that we told you exists and that we do not exist to give you life, to protect you, to put a dream in your mind. Remember that free will is sacred, all we can do is be teaching the way, be making a call, a call to sanity, a call to hope, a call to say "I am life."

We are beings that have the greatest power that can imagine a thinking being, but we would never use our power to submit to impose but we will impact. Let's put dreams but to be an impact on which many run excited and many others say, "But if they came to attack will already be doing something, what are these ships going through the sky quietly and then only appears like vanishing, and what are these spheres that seem to glide across the sky and that at no time have come to do any harm? Who are they? Where do they come from, and what do they ask?"

And then yes, remember, we have made every effort to exist a complete message, a message of love and hope that have to listen because no message has something that could frighten, that might raise doubts, that might make you feel beings that are being insulted or scolded, neither that, just lovingly try to make you understand what is the truth for which must exist, why you have to respect the lives of the animals that we consider the most beautiful and innocent children because they cannot even defend themselves, is as if they took many children and as they cannot defend themselves, then “we will kill them and will eat them,” exactly because they cannot defend themselves because it seems unbelievable that an animal however small or big it is, is not capable of defending itself from the evil in which has been placed the mind of man, yes, because you have weapons to destroy them without them being able to anything because you have a very terrible way to kill them and they are children, crying children, begging children, children who beg to be left to live, to let them go, to let them be free – children. See every animal like that, children, because when they say, "Well, sometimes in the jungle an animal eats the other," we are going to clarify that they have never done anything evil and was a way in which they learned to be a type of ecological balance but why is so aggressive? Because man turned this planet into great pain and naturally they have also been infected.

However, they are children who want their freedom, not to hurt them, not to harm their children, to let them grow. We know all the animal’s mind and we say: love them, respect them and love yourself and respect your body; your body was never created by the Father to be a morgue. We have said that many times and we want you not to forget, but that this planet gets clean at this time - that is final, to be again a paradise - we take care of it, and that the Father may recover a large number of their children - that's what we expect, because the Father is going to be thankful that we have convinced his children to love and to think again which is what we have found more difficult in this earth.

But I tell you, the time will change for the better, to make dreams come true and to stop hurting each other, people who should live in peace, holding hands, loving the great Father who created you and saying "I'm part of him, then I, just as he, must only create.”

I only tell you this, the time is fulfilled, there is no more time to continue thinking that they can continue destroying the planet indefinitely, oh, because by 2015, to 2020, imagine by then because as there will not be any oil already “then we'll see what else we find ... and then…” and then… tell me what would be of the poor planet, destroyed to the core of its foundations but I do say, we have the power to rebuild it and will be in such a short time that you will be shocked to see the famous technology of space that exists, because no, here have no technology to rebuild... you have it to destroy and we have to rebuild and give life to a planet that also deserves respect because it has life.

Then let us be united and because it will be a Father who is going to acknowledge that one of these days we manage to make his children, his children he loves so much, to think again.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. November 8, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: Team Ahena

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of November 1, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

How long has each one of you been waiting, asking, dreaming? At least you have a dream because the rest of humanity, well, don’t have another hope than, I don’t know… for a miracle to happen, for a cosmic ray to come down, to see what makes humankind shake, let it not be an atomic bomb because then indeed it ends with everything. But you have an illusion, a dream - the Teachers are here, millions of ships, millions of beings willing to work so that this humanity can receive all that we’ve promised, so, do not despair.

When we say, “the time is very short,” it is because the time is very short. A moment ago I gave an example, imagine that you have your luggage ready and you’re already waiting for the airplane to arrive, and you’re going to say, “Yes, but very late.” No, you’re waiting for everything to happen, you’re in the verge of living something wonderful, of course, is not that is going to happen in these days the fact that you already living in a paradise but the fact that we take you in the ships and can receive what was promised and that will be able to speak with man and them listen to you, that is important and don’t think that we’re going to put you to work for a long time.

It’s urgent for our message to be heard. We have a dream, to be able to really make that man thinks. I believe it is the most difficult there is because there are people that are very educated, very intelligent that are doing things that should’ve never done a being that calls himself intelligence.  We’re observing the entire humanity, all, and you notice that things are very bad.

There are quarrels in the homes, there are separations, there is war, war in each home, war in each town, war in each city, war in all that represents the fact of saying they can work, but they enter in their offices or enter in their factories or go where they have to go and are in war to see who wins over the other and to see who steps over the one that was in the way and to see in what way they can be the ones that earn more money. Many say, “I’m happy as long as they pay me, as long as I can comply with my job,” but they always find an enemy along the way and free enemies because they aren’t even doing anything, it’s just that supposedly they are either envied or in their way.

With all our love we say to you that we are going to achieve it, we’ve said it many times, we’re not losers but precisely due to humanity being so terribly confused, we have to do things in a way in which we really astonish. Evil continues feeling proud; he already won humanity, at least the largest number, of course there are good people everywhere but the good people nurture their bodies with meat, with dead bodies, then things are not precisely very good.

There are people that meditate indeed, there are human beings that are reflecting on all that they’ve done in their life but they’re so few in comparison with what represents the humanity, that we feel a little sad, a little… I won’t say anguished because we don’t know anguish but yes worried. The Father loves his children; the Father doesn’t want to lose them, the Father dreams, and dreams with a miracle as well. See that the Father himself who has the power and has to be dreaming with a day when his children wake up from that lethargy of mistakes with which they live and to have a desire to live, to live authentically, of loving themselves, of respecting their fellow beings, for them to say one day: “I’m tired of how we live, let’s help each other.”

Well, we still see that a little difficult but not impossible, but why not, doing something shocking, of course, they’re going to run everywhere when they see more ships than they now see. Now they’re being seen everywhere and don’t tell us that no, that you haven’t checked, but in the entire planet is talked about our presence – of the presence of the extraterrestrials that who knows what they want, that perhaps they want to conquer the world… no, conquering you would be very easy but we don’t work that way, none of my brothers would do the slightest harm to anyone or anything because all are beings of peace, of love, of evolution.

An evolution they’ve reached which is so great that can travel through space, well, no, space is not travelled as they try to do it here on Earth, no. It’s travelled through dimensional tunnels and the other planets already know the way to travel, of arriving in any world and of being alert because this planet, we’ve said it, is a danger. It is a danger for the planetary system and for the entire galaxy. Evil has the Earth covered in a terrible stench of death. If you would know what we feel when we smell how this planet is… you yourselves say it, passing by a butcher’s shop smells horrible and if you see people that are dirty in their way of dressing, of living, also seems to you unpleasant. But it’s a terrible thing how we hear the lament of the animals, how we hear the lament of the men that don’t have hope, how we hear the lament of the sick in all the hospitals, complaining even that they exist, asking for a miracle, but I think, as they say that “God doesn’t listen to us,” because cancer advances. The system of curing cancer is completely erroneous and the human being cries their defeat, worse when is a child that is sick and the desperate parents are crying out for a miracle, and the miracle they say it doesn’t arrive.

There are children that have to depart, we take them. They arrive to a wonderful place but they already have more evolution. In one way or another don’t stop being a kid that didn’t make the mistakes of the adults but the most important is that we’re ready. War is war but war against evil is to win over him, to take him to the spheres, send him to his domains with the least amount of human beings as possible. So you who at least have a dream, you talk with the other people: “That’s why it’s much fun! Let’s drink to forget the problems!You’re so boring because you don’t like to have fun, don’t like to drink, and don’t like to eat meat!” Oh, what a wonderful pleasure the one that the human acquired! But in any case, if you ask them: What would you do if those ships would come and clean this planet? – Well, it sounds very beautiful but you’re crazy if you think it.

Therefore I say to you, things are already in the stage in which we have to do the most astonishing. When? Don’t forget that was already marked that a new time was going to begin, not that it will be the passing to the other dimension, but with the arrival of the last comet is already marked the total end of everything that is death in this earth.

We are all going to work, we are going to manifest, ships everywhere, each time would be more, let’s say they are 50 here and 100 there; the biggest ones will appear everywhere because I do say to you, when the sky is covered with ships, it is when is the end, when it is the total cleanse. For this reason, I want you to be calm and to say to yourselves: “How wonderful it is to have hope,” because that is what you have - Hope.  You haven’t given up despite all that they’ve said and have realized that it is urgent that we act.

Now the mafia is devouring the hope of the human beings but the mafia… who is it? Well, the dark beings. If they would see, those men that are proud of carrying a weapon and are threatening, the being they have on top of them, they would die of terror if they could see them. Naturally, you’re going to say: well, let them see them. The time will come when we can make them at least see who they work for, how the being that accompanies them is because the angel was left to the side and the being that accompanies them is the most unpleasant that could exist.

For this reason I say to you, be ready, you already have your luggage. Your luggage is your dreams, your hopes, and your desire of everything being different in a very short time that you’ll be surprised when you say: “Oh Teacher, you made us wait a long time! Oh Teacher, so much suffering! Oh so much anguish!” Yes, but we had to have everything ready, in perfect order to be able to speak to man and rescue the greatest amount of human beings possible at this crucial time to be able to change the destiny of this humanity.

So, with much love I say, good thing that you like to continue listening, are listening to our messages. You’ve noticed that the last ones are not about saying to breathe deeply, relax, think in a star that’s in the sky, but they are to say to you that you’re in a wonderful moment since you’re beings whom with all your love have listened to us and that gives you the primary place within this mission.

Let us prepare together that it is a Father the one that is always observing everyone and asking us to please, that he doesn’t want to lose his children because the Father feels much pain from that, his children don’t think anymore, his children surrendered to evil and his children don’t have a true desire to change because the gold is the most important. The “god of gold,” that’s the most important, for the one they work, for the one they exist because they live armed and live with all that represents the pain of not having even a calm night to be able to sleep and you at least can sleep indeed listening to a meditation that makes you feel that you change to another dimension.

You will start travelling and the ship is already ready and is everything is ready to live the great moment at which you will be with us, what can seem to you a given time is going to be a short time, that is, the time is different in our times but are going to stay enough time to leave you as “new,” as you would say, and all of that which you have dreamt, we’re going to give it to you. So, prepare that it is a Father, I repeat again as always, the one that is hoping that we triumph because he doesn’t want to lose his children. In this meditation, as always, we’ve put all the love possible. I want you to be completely relaxed and put in your mind that wonderful dream which is to see this planet turned into a paradise.

Message after the meditation:

If you notice, I know that you say: Will it really be possible all that the Teachers are telling us? Do they really have that power? I want you to imagine how great is the power that the Father gave us given that the Father created the universe with his mind. He simply wished to create the worlds, the suns, wished to give the shape to everything that exists and he would develop it; therefore, if there were an amazing magician then it was the Father who all that he wished, he created, just as we say, he sure was too good because he gave total free will thinking that his children were always going to use their mind with love, he was not expecting the enemy, unbelievable, as you say: “Well, Father, didn’t you have premonitions, couldn’t you realize what could have happened?”  Well, it seems unbelievable but the Father didn’t imagine he had such an enemy that now continues causing so many problems. However, He knows that we, having the power that evil will never have and look at all he does to have so many followers that’s assumed that he is the one that gives them gold, yes, but he gives them gold because he teaches them to kill, to extort, to do things they shouldn’t.

We can indeed materialize what you need and evil can’t, he only inspires all that you have to do that is against what life is and transforms people into true beasts of power because there are some human beings that are true beasts lined with men that we don’t think that at one moment we can rescue but the Father’s hope is very big, but evil cannot materialize anything.  Evil only attacks the mind of men and man does what he has to do and we can materialize, we can do things indeed as if they were magic; we have a power beyond what the human being could imagine.

That’s why you say that you don’t imagine how is possible that we take the sun’s energy and materialize it, that’s very easy, we’ll show you how is done, at least you’re going to see us do it and then you will know how to use your mind to materialize many things but that will be once you’re in the New Dawn, when you’re already living in the paradise that we’re going to give you.

In the meantime, keep calm, “Oh Teacher, yes, but the money… the money!” I just hear “the money, the money, and the money.” We’re going to fix that already, we don’t want you to suffer that problem of the ones that owe, of the ones that didn’t have enough or of the ones that didn’t have money to buy. If we can materialize something, then there isn’t anything we can’t do for you. All that we want is for you to be at peace: calmness, love, and naturally, those who listen to this message are going to say: Now I do want to see it to believe it! Well, better dedicate to studying, to being worthy beings that can have something as is what we’re going to give you and that “see to believe” is demanding: “I believe you if you show it to me,” no.

We’re talking about a truth, we’ve talked with much love, we’ve put in your minds much knowledge, use it, but the seeing is believing, well, is going to be something that is already going to happen but they’re going to be like: “And now, I also want that, now give me also!” No, only to the ones who with love have listened to us and have had the perseverance and faith and didn’t give up and who have stopped eating meat out of love, that’s basic. You’ve noticed that not consuming the poison of alcohol is, well, wonderful because you don’t have anything attacking your brain and in addition, that is not causing you any harm it does.

Then I say this to you: keep calm, study, dream, the most incredible is what is going to happen, the moment has come, if you already have your luggage with all your dreams there organized, just wait for the notice- the ship has arrived, as if you were in the airport waiting to be told: “the plane has arrived.” We just say that in a given moment we’re going to bring you in so that you can enjoy what we’re going to give you and then yes -work.

The vacations come later when the New Dawn has come, we take you to the beach you want, to the mountains, wherever you want to enjoy, you’ll rest, but you’ll feel proud of having had helped the Father to recover his children.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on November 1, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: Ahena Team.