Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of October 25, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

I want to ask you a question… all of you are counting the days that are passing and that “nothing happens,” not to say the days left for all that we’ve promised. You’re worried, we see you, we know what your problems and your worries are but it’s so many things that we have to do, that I want you to notice if we aren’t doing something. The planet is in a terrible condition. A time ago, let’s say, the time when it was seen a hurricane coming, do you know what would have been left of Acapulco, Oaxaca and all those places from the coast? That’s where the hurricane would have finished off. How can a hurricane be stopped? Precisely with what was done: a strong cold wave to attack the attack coming from the hurricane.

Believe it or not, we did it to prevent there being so much loss of life and above all things, that was going to leave those people without houses, without an income, without anything that could save them and we don’t know how many we can be able to take to prepare them since from that area they still don’t know us and don’t know anything that represents respecting life and we know who are good people and who aren’t. Because disguised many may seem good, but there are many, as you would say, many wicked people that can’t be trusted, but we also didn’t want another cataclysm so soon, it was too strong. 

The sea is rough; the climate is blowing with much strength. I want you to remember that there was a meditation in which I said that “when the wind blows with all its strength,” precisely is coming all that represents the change. It is completely uncontrollable all that refers to the climate; the planet is inclining, why? Because it has to change its polarity, it’s the time it corresponds to change polarity and naturally, a planet that is as destroyed as this one, with inhabitants that don’t even know why they were born and where they’re going or why they exist, with all type of religions and strange ideologies and above all things, where there isn’t peace. We don’t see peace anywhere, and if in the homes we don’t see peace, imagine if we’re going to see peace in the cities; the cities are contaminated and that you have seen obviously, are provoking difficult times, can come a time when it can definitely become un-breathable all that moves within a city,.

Mexico City is a completely contaminated city, if we don’t do something to remove that contamination, the diseases that are going to continue emerging are terrible, among them if they consume death and breathe so much smog, above all, what the oil gives off, naturally cancer. Wonderful is seeing that man blames everything that isn’t the cause of a disease as fearsome as is cancer. But not just this one, we’re talking about a city that you have very near here, but the contamination is terrible throughout the planet and they are very happy because are going to be able to extract many thousands of oil barrels. They’re now indeed reaching to incredible depths and can extract the oil, to make rich who? For example, many Mexicans here, for instance, are saying that others want to take away their oil and I haven’t seen any enjoy the benefits of the oil except paying high all that it can produce but above all things, paying very high with the diseases; the contamination that precisely generates the burning of what the oil produces.

That’s why I ask you, do you believe we would be in that way seeing you as if we were just observers, seeing how humanity is finished, in hatred, killing each other, provoking wars? At this moment when they say that the Obama family has their bunker, soon you will see why they’re preparing, but a nuclear war is not going to happen, of course they’re afraid because they’re threatening.

There are things that aren’t made as public but they find it funny: “we already have a powerful arsenal that we can end with the entire country!” The feared country of the United States… and the feared country of the United States can end with all which represents the Middle East and the East and everything that can be that has life, what’s still left of life. Then, do you believe that we are not going to do anything and just see how the planet explodes? And we rescue the souls that can be saved because we wouldn’t save lives or we can take a few that we have ready that have listened to the message, that out of love don’t consume death, that have understood that life is respected. We are going to take them. How many do we have? Very few, but very, very few in comparison with what represents humanity.

We always ask you, how many people do you know, any person that comes near you that are vegetarians and that don’t consume alcohol? You remain silent; everyone does it everywhere, in all the parties, in all the food (between quotes), and drink together because they have to have it with the appetizer and later with a little glass here and there and another one and another one and a party – “let’s make parties!” They bring their bottles and bottles of poison and the beings of darkness enjoying seeing that they’re keeping the energy of man and man weak; man is tired. The human doesn’t know why they don’t have strength anymore because each day they wake up feeling tired and also start feeling havoc in the body, the sight weakening. The solar explosions, since the planet doesn’t have protection, the ozone layer is very thin and absorbs all that can be the strength that can harm you.

For this reason I ask you, do you believe that we’re going to just sit down and see how you destroy yourselves and then, well… it will give us time to take… we can still calculate a few thousands for the millions of humans that are on earth? Millions of kids as well? Do you think that we don’t worry about the kids? That we don’t worry about seeing the parents not knowing what to do to prevent diseases? Do you believe that it doesn’t shock us seeing those hospitals where crowds enter ill, crying? The doctors are doing what they can, inuring a little because there are those that don’t even believe in a God because are suffering all that’s happening to other people that arrive looking for them. Do you believe we are impassive?

No, that’s why they say that they fear an extraterrestrial attack, that’s the most absurd thing we’ve heard, “an extraterrestrial attack.” Where do they get such nonsense, so to speak? When have they seen an aggression coming from a ship? When? They make up stories that they were kidnapped and make up stories that if they are under a ship are going to get burned and who knows what other things they’re inventing. There are some ships that man has constructed that are similar to the famous saucers that can indeed release a very strong radiation and can burn, but they do that so the beings from other worlds are not welcomed because the empire that man has is his, that is, the empire that evil has is his, he has won almost all humanity. Therefore, we see with much sadness what else we can do than to shock.

I know what you’re going to say: “And when Teacher? You keep asking us, ‘Are you prepared? Have you studied? Have you meditated? Have you found the control of your emotions? Have you stopped worried about things that shouldn’t even be a worry for you?’” You worry because you have to sell a property, because had to sell a house, because you need much money. Money will soon disappear, so soon that you’ll be surprised on what’s going to happen. For this reason, I ask you, if we’re millions, millions to try to rescue this humanity, are we going to continue contemplating how is destroyed? Are we going to continue contemplating how they die of feared diseased? Are we going to continue seeing that evil keeps enjoying seeing how he’s imprisoning humanity... attached to humans? Every time they drink the poison of alcohol they have attached a being that you wouldn’t like to see.

Since they are beings that don’t have matter, they take the form they like to be able to absorb the energy of the being that is saying that is having fun and that is going to be the greatest party and there they are, attached, taking very unpleasant shapes and enjoying what they’re doing. They don’t let go of the bodies, don’t want to release them, they already said: “Do whatever you want, we are leaving, but look what a beauty of a prey we have. Millions of human beings that we want to have to increase the forces,” which will be the ones who will continue challenging the Father, saying that someday are going to keep the universe of the Father.

Why do they laugh at us? Because we are keeping our promise, we have to respect the free will and they mock us: “You don’t go against the Father, he told you that free will is sacred and then if you follow us you can’t do anything, you can’t take away from them the desire of power, the desire of having all the possible gold, the desire of being superior to their fellow beings in all respects, the desire to kill!” Because that did become a disease the fact of saying, “I’m going to kill someone,” that’s why they feel so proud feeling that we have a weak side, as they say, “respecting free will,”… the free will.

Yes, we do have to respect it but then we’re going to have to shake them so that within their free will they can still have a moment of reasoning, a moment of… that sadly, yes, of fear, and not to tell me that they aren’t worried for the planet, not to tell me that they aren’t noticing the destruction there is, the hatred that prevails everywhere, of the amount of crimes, of kidnaps, and of terrible things that are happening, not to tell me that they don’t worry. Yes, they do worry but they say, “Well, what can we do? God doesn’t listen to us, we already asked and asked him and every day I ask and every day I talk to him and every day I demand from him and every day the Father doesn’t do anything.”

Imagine if the Father wanted, well, he could sadly take everything there is now, so much hatred and death: “once and for all, have them go to the dark side!” and if he wanted he would destroy that place, but the day the Father destroys a single life form, a single force… life we say because in any way they still exist, remember that all beings that exist are eternal, be it in the dark side as well as in the light or in limbo but continue existing, then, we call life everything that doesn’t disappears and then, the day that the Father is angry, as they say, “But the Father will get upset!” and would take all those beings and in an instant would disappear them then he wouldn’t be the Father he is because as He says: “Each one of them, I created as my child and one day, why not, one day which can be very distant, could be that takes them several millions of years but one day, they would get tired of wanting to challenge me and one day will return to me” because the Father says, “It’s not possible that they feel proud of the horror in which they live.”

Therefore I say to you, everything is ready, the ships are prepared, and we’re going to say it this way that we are “warming up engines.” They talk about seeing 2 suns, that’s nothing more than a ship, the ship that is indeed a mother ship, the main ship that’s traveling the entire world and many more ships that you still can’t see that are arriving Earth. But the paradise that we’ve spoken so much about is already being sighted which is a ship that is bigger than planet Earth where we have everything personally prepared to be able to take you and so that you can receive the strength to fight against evil because we need to give you much strength. Evil can attack you even if we’re taking care of you, it’s better that you have all the strength and have as if it were an indestructible shield of light and that they can’t do absolutely anything to you and other human beings can listen to you.

We’re going to work much in all of that and I hope that now that there are many interested people outside of here that are coming from the Internet, they realize how imminent is the activity that we have to do. Remember, are going to receive all that was promised the ones that out of love don’t consume death and that don’t hate and that don’t have resentment and that feel eager of seeing all human being turned into a being that can change, that feels love because they are their brothers and that feel the infinite desire of this triumph to be absolute because it is for the Father and with the Father. Listen to our meditation; you know that in this occasion, well, all are of warning and of love for all of you.

Message after the meditation:

Listening, learning, allowing yourselves to be taken by all that represents a message of love is how I know that we can triumph, our little army that is throughout Earth, aren’t many but we’ve already seen that many that had quit because naturally, we hadn’t kept our promise of taking them to paradise exactly on the date that they believed it was “everyone’s escape,” it was just going to be an escape and the planet was going to be left as is and for us, as you say, to get all confused and see what we were going to do with everyone because you weren’t going to help us. No. We called you to work, it’s a warning, and we called you to help us as humans because you can present yourselves before the human, but you know what? We’re going to make you different in a sense that you will be recognized as if there seems to be something different about you. The one that had any type of problem in their physical body, is going to disappear, you’re going to continue being the same person but you will be seen with a good pose, are going to be seen, let’s say it, good looking and are going to be seen with a smile but what the other people won’t see is the shield that we have to put you, it’s not seen, is going to be of pure light because if we don’t protect you even a little bit, evil is going to want to attack and we aren’t going to allow them to touch you the slightest. So, we’re going to put a dome, it is as if it were a shield, an enfoldment so that nothing can harm you. They will see you in a normal way, greeting others, walking, talking with others but the protection won’t be seen, but I do say to you that they will see you as different.

Please, control your emotions, your meditation calmly, your debts are going to end, the economic problems that you have right now are going to end very soon, there’s going to be work for everyone, trust in us please, absolute control of all and each of your emotions, waiting for that wonderful moment when is your turn, seeing the light that enters. Is not going to be through the window, you don’t even know from where. Do you remember about the dimensional doors that we spoke so much about? The place is already in place, now is just as if would connect the tunnel that comes from the ship which is where you are going to go up and pass through that tunnel and is where you will arrive to have the beautiful experience that you await, but remember, there’s going to be much work, hard, arduous.

It is a humanity, don’t think that the Father is happy with just a few; the Father wants his children and we’re going to recover them and will represent us those who now listen to us with so much love and are aware that are acquiring a responsibility: help the Father to recover what he loves so much which are his children that one day created with so much love and wants to see them as evolution, not as regression as are the ones that work for evil.

Then prepare yourselves, meditate, you can dedicate… don’t tell me that you can’t dedicate every day that half an hour but first do your meditation, find any calm place if you don’t have any in your home, do your meditation and later when going to sleep put it again so that all that you have heard can penetrate inside your mind but don’t put it too high in volume because you won’t be able to sleep, but put it so that the voice  that is penetrating in your mind is heard very softly and will sleep calmly and we’re going to be able to work with you and please… the time has arrived and let it be the Father the one that continues giving us strength to be able to triumph in this difficult mission.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on October 25, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: Ahena Team.

Messages of before and after the meditation of October 18, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

I'm noticing in all of you, much impatience. You want to see, want to hear, you wish something to happen, not a bad thing as it is happening, because in all the earth really only is heard bad news, well, besides the media are searching were to find some bad news, good news never, so I know when they see the ships then it will start to alarm people. We will do something that can really make all human beings feel that we come to their aid. The planet is so bad, is already in a huge risk.

We are seeing the layers of the earth open, things that man does not see he only knows that trembled a little here, that trembled a little there but do not see the way that is cracking materially the whole planet, as are putting in turmoil the sea, that's why there have been so many hurricanes but cannot imagine what may come. We with all our love also penetrate to the bottom of the seas and looking for ways to calm it down, looking for ways to make everything quieter, but it does give us a lot of pain to see the fish that are already really sick, so sick of radiation.
The radiation in the sea has been completely harmful to sea life, and above all what is happening in Japan well they cannot control, it was already out of hand, and they had created something truly monstrous in regards of nuclear power, why? Because "their technology, their intelligence is very great" and had created something monstrous to come to feel that they could dominate the entire world and it eluded them, did not think that the forces of nature was which it could betray them, but then the radiation that is watered at sea is causing more havoc than those you imagine. And people insist that should eat fish because the fish gives them nutrients - that phosphorus, that if animal protein- and all the inventions that man has, to say he "can feed from the animals."

So I say, yes, the Popocatepetl currently we made it a little calmer, for the moment, but the activity it has on the background is still very strong and we could not fully control it. Naturally you cannot remove the activities within representing volcanoes, worldwide are active but more interesting is that the planet is leaning and can no longer deny it. They've done their studies and the planet is making a turn and what will man do when he meets that is in a very strong winter when he thought should be the summer, or when they are in a place that do not even know already what is going to happen, or will end up with rain, where should not be, because in addition, all the sea is evaporating a lot of activity that can cause a lot of havoc.

Why do we say this? So you simply do not say that nothing happens, the trouble is that something bad happens. Ah, but don’t see millions of ships working, why do they not see us? Because we move in another dimension otherwise we cannot work if they were seeing exactly as we move, they would already be making all the noise they are going to do later because there are ships! Already come to attack! Because remember that for man, everything is bad, and if they come from other worlds, are bad, and the Father created the universe to be evil, apparently. Then we can move perfectly fine in another dimension to work on everything that represents the control of what this world is, but to continue selecting humans it does cause us a lot of pain. There are more even though you say it is not true, are more the wicked than the kind and many who are apathetic, as our Teacher Jesus said that "the apathetic were the worst."

So, it's something we have to be listening, selecting, alert to all those we care that they are not being approach by beings of darkness, all whom we are protecting already have a dome and a barrier for them from these beings trying to come to intimidate them. They would like to show up and now you're in the month of witches and now you can have many terrors, more than there already are? It is terrible in the world right now.

So at this time I'll ask with much love to be calm. Those who listen to us, never say that the Father abandoned you, never say that we are not doing anything! We work day and night which is day and night of you; we work every day, moving into other dimensions and controlling everything that could destroy in some point the world, and controlling all those with bombs that can end the life of the planet.

We have to be very alert to what they are doing, I know you say: “you promised to disarm the world!” We're doing it, but it's important to motivate man to act for himself, is something really important that they feel that they truly have to live the change, the change which is not for the powerful; the change is for all mankind, for all the beings who can listen and can understand that we are here to give them life. Life on earth as is, is in a very sad way, but think, what would you do without us? No, if we were not here, for now this planet would already be bursting, there would be no life in it, and would have thrown a bomb here and another bomb there, had already made total havoc, and could not exist anything to breathe fresh air, and so much extracting oil, so much drilling the planet, it would already be breaking into two which is what is at risk. We can get ships to the depths of the planet and we can be controlling all those big cracks that they caused it.

I would ask you to say: What have we done to our world, what we've done with the lives of our own children? What we have done with what they call "society"? What we've done with all the atmosphere that must have? To what schools are the children going? And children also take some wickedness and teachings therefore are not as they should be. What have you done with your world? If man is proud of what he has done with his world then he doesn’t know how to think at all, but things are coming great, great, great and will be a striking movement within this short time.
We are already in the last time to align the planet. How long does it take the axis of the earth to move? Is already moving and is very fast how is going to turn around and since we must have everything arranged and we have to see how many will leave to live in a paradise. Were always told of the paradise that we built that already know that it is already spotting this great sphere and we also have to see in what time ... that it will be fast, and how many we are going to lead to other worlds and how we're going to do for evil to not take so many humans. So our work is very hard and do not say "nothing happens," because what is happening is beyond what humans could understand.

Therefore, those who listen to us, please, as much as you can calm, control your emotions, listening to our messages, learning what you will teach, that all who listen to us are going to become a teacher to their peers. We will do something shocking as we have promised and they will see if they don’t turn their eyes towards the sky, do not think they will do it peacefully, already saw your movies you turn to see a large ship approaching, everyone is watching, then that ship suddenly starts shooting! Never, have never seen a ship do any harm and that if they approach they burn them, it is not true, but we also know they have built a type of craft imitating the flying saucers and are quite harmful and which can easily break down.

That is why I want you to be thinking that the time approached, the end time of evil, the end time of the sorrow of man, the end time of injustice and of the empire in which you are living for gold. We'll take care of to help clean this up and we will leave you this planet beautifully rebuilt in very short time. This year is crucial and please do not despair, for what concerns your debts do not worry, you will more or less pay, but others will remain on air because everything will change, do not worry about anything concerning money because we have to see that the "God of Gold" not to be what causes you much concern. Stay united, peaceful, families to be best friends, that listen, engage in dialogue, to unite in the knowledge that truly represents to have learned to love.

We are your brothers and we have to be aware that this planet has to be back in a short time, very, very short time again the paradise one day the Father created to make it all perfect in this world and within this planetary system. Life will resurface and we take care that you all already may have life, not imitation of life in which you are working. Work together and listen to the message that one of my brothers always wants to give you tonight.

Message after the meditation:

If you listened carefully this message from my brother Alan, you will realize that things have to be now, now! Yes, he was tempted to give a date but he didn’t because we had a deal, "we do not give dates" because you go crazy with dates, also remember that there are movements in time and any error that happens and "everybody falls off their cloud they were in,” as you say. But what I do want to tell you, carefully consider this message from my brother Alan. There are people who only listen to the message as are being transmitted, but those who are here for example, do listen perfectly fine the meditation.

Analyze it, is possible, we do not believe that in this very short time you have left in human form on the planet are going to achieve it, this you will learn when they are in another dimension, will be profound lessons that will give you because as hopefully there will not be money, will not have gaps, you will not have enemies, you will have no one to yell desperate to make you lose control of your emotions, of course all this will be easier, but at least, "the merit of control of emotions in this dimension is very large," makes you grow in mind, makes you fully grow and we are proud of those who are listening.

Fortunately, as we have told you, it has spread, not to the extent that we would like because they may not grasp everyone has to acquire, which is, I think, at least I feel we have given them an encyclopedia that is very complete, that in each of the messages there is something and often will say, "I was told, but there is something new and it now has something new and everything I hear, is always something that is setting the Teacher, so that I could have learned all I have to do to live this change." But really rejoice now, time itself is already very short.

We cannot be waiting, the planet is very bad, very bad, worse than you are watching, already we do not want see if there was an earthquake and there were so many dead, that if there was flooding and many deaths, but what really could happen as holocaust would be terrible if we do not intervene because the man likes to destroy the house in which he lives but everything will happen.

And yes I say this, to the desperate, calm, be very calm, practice what we teach because we want you to be able to board the ship and be able to prepare you to be recognized as contactees, what will they see in you? You will look maybe if you were a little chubby, more slender, one that is average, well, more beautiful, rejuvenated , the one that is too thin will look very good, your skin is going to look very smooth, those who have lost hair they will have hair, yes, will like that those who have lost it, and those who have bridges and their teeth which are not good, we’re going to fix them, all of that, we’re going to turn you into beings who actually have earned everything we are going to give. Finally, all we ask is to please not be troubled , don’t protest us so much , we are working, believe it or not, everything has a time and a date and I want you to be working every day in what we ask, especially in the control of emotions which is so important.

So remember, for my brother Alan to talk about the mind is what most pleases him and for me is to tell you that we are ready to deliver as promised and is a Father who calls his children back to him but you see this humanity, what we do not want is them to be taken by evil  to the darkness, that's all, let's see how many we can count on the New Dawn but the important thing is that if millions are going to another planet is not going to happen anything, simply we will send them to another planet, will return to start again, but that evil doesn’t  take them and become dark beings, said in a word as you say here "true monsters of darkness," which later it will take them much work to return, to maybe be, life again.

That is the main interest of the Father, does not worry us to send many to another planet, that does not worry us, the only thing that worries us is that we send these beings of darkness without many human and be a Father to tell us that we were winners because we retrieved his children at least as much as possible, even out of fear if only because they ran, and even for going to a temple and beat their chests, we remove the dark beings, we gather them, make a raid, we can eve take them and put them up in nets and get into the spheres, but we need the consciousness of human beings and sincere repentance of those who are committing so many crimes and so many atrocious things that are happening at this time.

Therefore I tell you, you be prepared and all that can be told by this Teacher is, "thank you for continuing listening and keep practicing everything we asked you," because it will be a Father that will fill you with light to live what is called living in an eternity awaits you.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. October 18, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlan Morelos, Mx.

Transcription and Translation: Team Ahena.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of October 11, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

When I see all of you impatient, wishful of living already that incredible adventure that we’re going to give you, I see you still saying: “And what if nothing happens!?” I’ve always said that “if nothing happens then what was going to happen is that the planet was going to burst,” then I believe that something very serious was going to happen indeed.  It’s not about the end of the world, it’s about a change, about saving the life in this world and aligning the planet in the place it corresponds. Therefore, don’t get desperate. We are in the time, in the precise time at which it has to come to fulfillment all that we’ve promised. We are beings that are committed with the Father.

The commitment is very serious but as you’ve heard, our problem is: “do something, astonish much! But don’t take away free will from my children.” Then he puts us a little into a crossroad but in any way, since things are very bad on Earth, he will allow us to do something to scare them if you want to see it that way. They will be scared of seeing so many ships, the publicity they do on TV or what they say in the movies is that all the extraterrestrials are wicked. I believe that for that reason it is that we say that “man forgot to think.”

The passage of extraterrestrials is in all the times on which there has existed life on this world since ages ago, not only in you famous Bible but in all the stories and in everything that’s seen, there is how really was seen the presence of the beings that arrived from other worlds. Beings that constructed pyramids, beings that spoke with many human beings, beings that have been seen many times as Gods, as superior beings, but let it be known that throughout humanity’s history there has never been seen that there’s been the slightest aggression coming from the beings that arrive from other worlds.

It’s talked about ships, about people that got inside a “car of fire” as they say, but never ever in twenty-five thousand years was seen an aggression, that’s why it surprises us that they’re saying that “the extraterrestrials arrived to take over Earth.” Poor Earth, who’s going to want it in the state that’s in, once fixed by us will end up very beautiful, all reconstructed, its foundations in place again, all holes they’ve made, covered, the oil again in its place, oh, but cleaning it is the most complicated! Above all things, removing the beings of darkness is not an easy task and it’s not easy because he has taken ownership of men. For us, taking them inside a sphere is the easiest thing; they can’t do absolutely anything to us, the power that we have is beyond than what the human being can imagine. The power that the Father gave us was so unprecedented that we can handle the worst being of darkness that can exist, take him inside the sphere without a problem, of course, he will try to defend himself, but what can he do with us if in the first place he can’t take the light, they are beings of darkness.

That’s the reason we emphasize on this: it is true that the human being has always lived in fear, it is true that the human being always feels, I believe, like running away from this planet. Everything is bad, above all things; the economy is at rock bottom for normal people and for humble people.  There’s no longer enough money, there are no longer business that make it, the beings of darkness that are taking the small or big businesses already took advantage, you don’t imagine how the mafia works, it’s shocking seeing them how they dominate the human beings but the most shocking is seeing the being mounted on their backs and I do say “mounted” because is even hugging his prey and they enter in all the senses and make them be beings of total and absolute perversion because precisely the famous satanic rituals are done by the beings of darkness because they’re offering evil all they can do with these human beings they’ve taken to be able to sacrifice them and hand them over to the being of death. But the human being is at fault, they have something that I believe is called “mind” and could think and we’re working hard to call their attention, to find that divine particle that they still have within to be able to say to them to “think.” So many times we’ve said to learn to think and we now seem as those teachers that are repeating and repeating the same thing because the little kid couldn’t understand anything. There are kids in school that are always so distracted that don’t study and don’t want to listen, but this school is of a greater degree indeed.

Is a complete humanity, always at war, always full of hatred, always fighting, fighting in the homes which is the saddest, brother against brother, parents against their children, children against their parents, not to mention if the uncle or the cousin or the neighbors, always are seeing the way to attack someone. But they have big bottles of liquor inside each house and we see them serving succulent dishes full of dead bodies, then, if the human didn’t like to think then we’re still going to try get from their being that thought.

We are willing to do everything to succeed in this mission, we’re “mind” and we have power. We are beings that absolutely don’t allow others or anything to intimidate us, each time the Father gives us more power and we feel proud of being able to receive that power to give life, to guide man on a path to hope, but there are good people indeed that still fight with the neighbor, fight with the husband, the wife, fights with their children, fight at work, fight everywhere, there’s always the rivalry, but not even when the animals fight for leadership fight at the degree that humans do at all times and still they call themselves “superior beings that think.” They see the animals as an inferior being when the animal has perceptions that man doesn’t have and when defending their species they do it at any means, as you would say, and nothing can take away those kids they love so much even if it comes another predator and destroys them… besides the real predator is the human being not the animal predator because it choses one and always takes the weakest one, many times the animal parents know that they have a child that cannot survive and let them take it away because that way others are fed but they don’t see it grow weak and above all things, sick. Because terrible diseases don’t exist among the animals, they exist in man but naturally there exist terrible viruses that have been inoculated to the animals, for example, the chicken, if they’re enclosed in a cubicle that can’t even move and in addition give them food that’s completely contaminated, in a terrible stress but assumingly fumigate just in case there isn’t anything else and what they fumigate is also the animals.

That’s where the famous avian flu comes from and all that has happened, and why many birds can have that disease? Because the diseases are in the air and then the poor ones many times eat an insect that’s contaminated with the pesticides that the humans use and also acquire diseases that they don’t know how to control. Imagine, we have a task to clean the air, clean the land, the sea, the homes, because those homes that are destroyed are also going to disappear and we’re going to give them houses that are really worthy for a being who thinks.
Because the ones that don’t think, will go to construct their houses however they manage, but is going to be better than in an insipient planet so they get their little sticks and get plants and big leaves or rocks and go on accumulating and will make better homes than the ones many people have right now in terrible places that are unhealthy, full of pain, poverty and diseases. That’s why I say to you, don’t feel desperate, we’re at the last time, there’s very little time left, how can I say it to you so that you don’t feel desperate? Very little, very, very little time for us to start showing upon man with all the power we have. Frighten? Yes, astonish as well, but for that we have you, all those who listen to us and that by heart stopped eating meat out of love for the animals is for us a faithful soldier that is going to help us immensely in this mission.

For this reason I say to you: don’t feel desperate, we’re on the last time, you’re going to live what we’ve promised, are going to have the paradise that we’ve said that we’re constructing, are going to have it all but only those that out of love have stopped consuming death, out of love, not out of convenience, not out of fear, no because if they say “I can’t eat an animal because otherwise they’re going to punish me by sending me to live in exile,” no. It has to be out of love and don’t forget that we read the minds and that we know you deeply. That’s why we continue preparing messages in the meditations, we already gave you many meditations to relax completely, to breathe deeply, to go and know the universe, to feel the presence of the Father, to enfold the planet with light, we’ve given you every type of messages that can help you relax completely and do your deep meditation. But remember, during a deep meditation you’re going to be able to find that you can really already travel and know many other things that now you don’t know.

Therefore, must work and remove all human atavism, remove all that which enfolds you with the lie with which man lives, remove all type of grudge and anger and remain in constant balance so that at a given time when we start bringing you up the ships to prepared you for the final phase be completely clean, we just give you the strength so that no one can harm you and so that you can have the fluidity in the way you express yourselves so that man can listen to our message. Then let’s meditate, as always because meditating is learning; a meditation that one of my brothers prepared and who wants to speak with you at this moment.

Message after the meditation:

If you realize, we have a job, a beautiful and sad job, wonderful and also full of pain. Immense pain when we see how the souls get lost, it causes us great pain seeing that the human being stopped thinking and that he gave himself completely to evil’s claws.
We say “claws” because we’re not going to say the “evil’s hands” because truly, those beings are the most terrible there is and the human being, well, “that needs money because is very upset, that because they were offered to become millionaires by harming, that because selling drugs is how they can have the best when life seems… earthly life,” I meant, “very short” because they end up being killed, but they sow ambition into them, the desire to be powerful and even if they end up in jail, they can get out easily with much money, then there’s no problem. 

We have power but I would like those people to sleep, to sleep calmly, but they do feel proud of having a luxurious car, of… I don’t know, of seeing that they subjugate others; they go on losing completely their capacity of loving and among all those beings we also have to find the ones that can think and reason again, among all those beings that feel already powerful because they can threaten, because they assault, because they feel pleasure when taking away from a person what they are holding or that was threaten, above all things, when they kidnap and do things that definitely are coming to an end already! That yes, it’s coming to an end now! Because otherwise, it seems that we only come to observe and say: “poor humans, how bad they live; poor humans, who could make them think?” No, we have the responsibility, the Father gave it to us and the Father told us to help you be useful beings, to dream and think again, to recuperate the dreams of a kid, a kid as we’ve said “the kid that is loved,” because the kid that is beaten, that is offended, that lacks everything and in addition is exploited and things alike or sees very unpleasant things and protests about something and gets hit in return, then that kid has resentment, that kid is not in purity but we still want to rescue all of them, as long as they’re kids then there’s much hope.

But, how are we going to manage to get all these kids? Well, they’re going to be the of the first ones that are going to be disappearing because we’re going to take them to rescue them to receive life and people will say that “the kidnappers arrived to kill them and eat them,” no; we’re going to rescue them. Now, that there are those that eat them? Yes, there is in evil but we’re going to work, then don’t say to us that “we didn’t do anything” and that “Oh Teacher, time passes by and we’re still seating down waiting!” Each night all of you make a trip and in that trip you’re learning something and we’re going to give you memory now and are going to do it consciously and are going to make a physical trip to receive all the indications and the power you need to help us in this difficult mission.

Then please, be calm because when a light comes down which is the famous dimensional door and you pass as if it were a tunnel and go up, you have to go in balance because the vibration has to be perfect. Then the ones that already listen, please, that emotional control is more important than you imagine, despite the world being upside down and despite being pestered by the collectors and despite that the people around you mock you and despite that it takes so much work to have others listen, you have to be in total and absolute control of the emotions so that we can already start taking you to prepare to work as faithful soldiers in the most difficult mission that has been given over earth: to rescue this humanity and recover this planet to turn it into a paradise.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on October 11, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: Ahena Team.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of October 9, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

The first thing I want to ask you on a night like this is to be aware that everything has to change. In this world no longer fits evil, we will take him out. How many? I told you that several million. How? We put them into spheres. When? We will have to do that man can "think" at any given time and that the wicked can repent. Remember that we cannot get a dark being with a living human to a ship because it would be like killing him and we do not kill, is what the beings of the darkness take advantage of, then attached to humans are challenging us continually. But we have some projects so shocking that we know we will make man, as you say, to repent of their sins. But naturally, not because they say “I have sinned, sorry, sorry,” they will go to the light, naturally, but we can leave them on another planet, all this we have already explained.

But I want you to understand, that if you see apparently the planet where people walk around with that normal look and seemingly normal, how many times you may have come across with someone who is working for evil or have seen the amount of human beings who have been pulled to a ritual which they say is the "holy death." The fear they have is not only because they are afraid of death, they want someone to grant them all, good and bad and we do not grant anything that is evil. For us "respect for every human being is the most important thing,” we would never listen to someone tell us that at any given time to disappear another human being. "Take him out of the way!" We can do that, to no longer cause you harm; we can put a barrier to protect you and we can make that someone who works for the evil cannot hurt the person, because in addition to this the famous "witchcraft" has grown in an impressive way.

It's very easy, you pay a sorcerer who wins also an impressive amount of money to work with the individual and not hinder them, even send him to get kill, and it’s easy. Yeah, I mean, the dark spirits happily do as much damage as possible but how can they attack? When a man is drinking his alcohol, when they are filling the stomach of death, but what is worse, when drugging themselves; that we have said continuously, that attracts beings of darkness. But we've seen many people who say "I’m being cursed!" Of course a strong work gives no time to say: "I’m being cursed!" They really walk like zombies, but why can they attack? Because they are completely open in all their channels, their energy is scattered, there is no single place that is not penetrated by the powers of evil, why? Because they are making the terrible mistake of working for death.

We have insisted so much, we have asked many times to think that the animal is a living being who deserves respect for its life, that should let it live what has to live, it must be the ecological balance of the planet and also "nobody authorized you to kill" to kill an innocent being. But now we see that things have to be, let's say, stronger! Do not want to understand "oh, I think are all lies, I need animal protein," and are completely unprotected. We've lovingly chosen each human being with love and want to work for this humanity, why am I saying this now? Because I need you to realize how important it is that man stops accepting to eat dead animals, I need man to understand that the poison of alcohol is destroying them, not only physically but even opening channels. These auras of people who do this, change color, and they have impressive holes, then they will say "yes, but my guardian angel has to look after me," yes, but the guardian angel comes to care, comes with lots of love to protect them, but of course cannot remove free will.

So I say, that the time has fulfilled, it has. The ships are already seeing more strongly every day, with more continuity and also poor hurt planet, pretend is a poor being stabbed and filled with bullets, they shoot him, yes! Look how you have it, the planet is drilled in every place there is a human being and in all places where there are humans there’s bloodshed. So, tell me if we have to do something important because when the human being passes to another dimension, rather, let´s speak clearly, as we said, the planet will change dimension, that is a fact, is already turning because it is trying to accommodate but really, all that happens is that they have terrible cataclysms precisely due to the destruction they've done to the poor planet.

That is why we are already thinking in what way we can impact. We told you that if the ships come down they will shoot them, if we come, they will venerate or remember, we are also “demons disguised as angels,” how many times have said that Satan masquerades as an angel? I have not ever seen him not even with a little bit of beauty. The most frightening being than can exist in the universe because he has grown in ugliness, his power has grown, has grown all he can do against all that the Father created, that’s why  that the Father gave us so much power so that we can fight him.

I have instructions: I have to send evil to his domains with all his followers, and we have him in one way or another to some extent controlled but he says "but all my followers are working, they are mine and do not dare to tell me you will take them away! I won this humanity! I! I because I taught them to consume corpses as food! I taught them to ferment the fruit and turn it into death! I told them they had to do the things they do to have power and gold! I have a perfectly working army taking over the minds of men." Yes, we do know it, he does confront us, naturally we endure his presence, but he challenges us and we are working, working, working, looking for the part that still has the human being within his being that is said to be “a thought,” that desire to have some peace, that desire to feel that someone can love them, that desire to know why they have to believe in a God, because that yes, even if they are evil they have their images or image of the holy death now they believe in that, but in one way or another are asking for help to come, from the infinite cosmos, from somewhere, because they have no idea, have no idea of what the universe is.

The universe it is of such incalculable dimensions, that when we bring you to know it, since we travel at the speed of thought, you will see how beautiful the universe of the Father is, but what a hard work he left us "keep clean his universe, controlled " but always with a condition, “cannot remove free will or cannot destroy” because let us assume that we may say: “Better give us power and disappear these dark beings, so they never again have absolutely nothing to do with the universe of the Father!” No, they were his children someday, and someday might return, so if you have been listening and normally have complained in several countries of the critical situation in which they are to see that the money, the famous "money" with which they have done so much damage, now is not enough, that jobs are scarce, most people have end up begging, borrowing and then can’t afford to pay and then they say they will repossess what they have or threaten of death when they are other kind of lenders and then why do they get in debt? By necessity.

There are some who with ambition want to make big money with games, that's another thing, but usually people taking a loan is because they need something important: give to their family, cover expenses, have what’s necessary and then say, "yes, I can, I'll pay!" Oh no, but those interests! And we only see how others get rich and how they threaten "don’t get behind” because it is money that belongs, whether to the bank, either the lender, whether any of the existing loan sharks. But we are seeing a lot of pain that more and more people are falling into the misfortune of having large debts and scared "is that if I do not pay the bank…, the mortgage payment, they will take me out of my house, if I don’t pay what will I do and businesses go wrong!" And what’s worse, now they are taking a lot of people in business however small, beings that are dominated by darkness, or don’t they say that "have to pay my right of ground," and if they don’t want something happening, they have to give an amount of money that definitely cannot pay, they have to close their businesses, they run away because evil as a death plague has spread.

So I say this: when you are told "nothing happens! What’s going to happen!? They said it was the end of the world on day 21.” We never said there was an end of the world, it was a change of Era, we were marking the date in hope that it would really be a bit more widespread, that people would understand a bit more, but what a good flick gave the devil to confuse everyone and then could not get anything done more beautiful for those dates, which could begin to visit the other dimensions. Remember that there is a parallel world, is on one side of the earth, in another dimension with everything ready, we have promised that you will know it, but how quickly fell many in disappointment, losing control of their emotions and consuming death.
So with love I say, you will change dimension and we still have the illusion of being able to pass a lot of humans, at least those who listen and understand, but they are a minority. You ask any person, of all who you know: how many vegetarians are there who do not drink alcohol? They will answer, "Everybody does it," then that is painful. Evil achieved to dominate mankind. So I have you several surprises, I feel very proud of our listeners and are preparing because we will give them as promised in the sense that we have to give them the strength, we have to give them all the protection because time is very short for the planet to align in the place where it belongs and in the shape it is, instead of aligning it will burst and that we cannot allow it.

So we'll keep working, let's keep talking to human beings who want to listen but we will help you, they are ... let's say: Thousands of ships, yet the millions are going to be until the end, but continually look, continuously to continue talking about the ships. You will see that you will be heard because the dream of the Father is to get His children back, and His children in this earth do not even know what is to "think." Let us do this meditation offering to the Father that we are winners and we will achieve to rescue His children from ignorance.

Message after the meditation:

I hope with all my love you do not say I keep repeating. Always do realize that we are all focusing on what is most important what you have to teach to those that listen. Sadly we saw that they do not listen to you, at all times are fully blocked, but many people... not to mention here only of this Republic, but the U.S., and reached to Canada, is coming to South America, Europe, but they are few but "we have them" who are listening precisely those programs that are coming out this way to spread worldwide that is the internet. But do not forget, the change is coming. Everyone says, "This month? No, maybe it's the 21st!" Forget already about the famous day 21, that was only one time in which was marked the New Age, that’s all, we are in the other Era and we are 25 920 years away to meet another, so forget the famous day 21, but think that you do are within the time that this planet has to change dimension and things that we have said are real and we did not come to sit and watch to see how you suffer, how you cry, how children get sick which is the most painful thing there, we did not come to say "I cannot!"  We can cure any disease, but you have to help because if it is also a sick child and parents are always fighting, they are causing all the problems to the child. The child is feeling rejections toward his parents, the child is feeling bad in every way, then we have seen children who tease the child who does not eat meat, means that parents inculcate it has to be like that and a disregard for animal life.

We have seen children kill an animal, we have seen them do terrible things but also see how they feel in hospitals for lethal diseases that have acquired and then tell us "no, but you do not remember kids! Go to a hospital, heal people! What are you doing, see how many children are suffering in the war, well, are you wasting your time up there? Don´t you say you are powerful and you leave all these horrors on earth?" I hope you understand what our limits are, but of course understand, and the time has been fulfilled, we have selected mankind but the dream of the Father is not losing so many children.

So you do not despair, give the message, do not make them feel that you are trying to obligate them to believe but chat about it, talk it. If you see that there is rejection you already planted a seed, but for example, in children it is easy, but there are children who were taught to feel contempt for the animals. We have seen children who come to kill a kitten with a tremendous rage or kill a chicken or enjoy watching when killing a sheep, then they have already took away the innocence and love that should have that child. We have also seen with much pain how can they kick an abandoned puppy, with much pain, their own animals they have at home, aren’t they stranded on a roof at the open? "Oh, but they do not feel! -It is very cold! -No, they do not feel! And gave them something to eat there but that it has to take care of the house" and they teach that to children, but the child normally loves his puppy, but parents do not let it be close because the dog is supposed to be inferior when they have more intelligence than many humans have.

Therefore I tell you, we're ready, short? Very, very short time because we cannot wait any longer if not, the planet will burst, and you will come back to tell me: "give us a date!" No, time is running and suddenly on a particular day in which everything has to happen, each time you’re going to see more ships, we will cover the sky with our ships and we will make a call to what’s left of man's sanity because it continues being a Father who keeps telling us that "wants to rescue their children of the terrible ignorance in which they live" and above all, to not fall into the clutches of the evil that has been already proud to say that he has an entire army that follows him.

Then let's work, you go on, that lovingly I tell you: we are proud of all those who listen to us and accept our teachings and who really want to participate in one way or another to see how beautiful it is to see a New Dawn and naturally want to see it accompanied by your loved ones that we are going to try to do something so they change too. Do not worry, we are going to help, we are going to put the ships and they will listen. But I say anyway that for us is terribly disappointing to see the reactions that the human being has toward everything that happens on earth.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas  through Extrasensory Telepathy. October 9, 2013.

The meditation for this day can be acquired from Tepoztlan Morelos,

Transcription and translation: Team Ahena