Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of October 4, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

I wish that all of those who said that “nothing happened,” realize that all that was predicted in many prophecies, is happening. The planet is worse each day, now the movement of the earth is in activity but evil is in a tremendous activity. See that there’s a crisis, but a very strong economic crisis both here in Mexico and in the United States because if the stock market falls, imagine all that can happen. That was predicted in the Mayan prophecies that “would come the fall of the great powers,” will also soon see that precisely the solar explosions are going to provoke many alterations in all that is in movement in the earth.

Man thinks that nothing happens, well, if they like to live in hell, perfect because the planet truly is a real hell. We travel the world; we see the amount of crimes but the saddest is seeing that each day they kill more animals to eat, that is, whatever they can kill that is an animal and then they say “not even the fish?” That is why I always ask, does man really think? A contaminated sea, at least that side but the sea emanations are very strong and are contaminating the air, why? Because it has many radiations and much toxic waste, all the spilled oil, but, oh how wonderfully have dirtied it! All the black waters and now even the dead person’s ashes are thrown in the sea. The poor sea, apparently there are zones where the waves look beautiful but they don’t see the huge contamination it has.

We are manifesting, we are showing many of the ships and we are indeed making a call to many other people that at another occasion we had already called them. We are reminding them that they were called precisely for this mission; soldiers, “soldiers of the light,” soldiers that give the example.

You know very well that for us it has been a total and absolute disappointment the ones that have been here and returned to “eating meat” when said in your language, we say “consuming death” but it is painful and we see them saying “nothing happens anyways!” But they are afraid of going outside, are afraid of taking a new car, are afraid of going to the bank, are afraid even of the cell phones that are taken away in all places, are afraid and they say “nothing happens!”

Well, at least they have to accept that each time the planet is worse, what they don’t see is how it is in other places, provoking wars, how anxious they are about war because during a war they earn much money, that’s the sad thing that man makes business with “death.” If it is a business killing animals to eat them, it is also a business killing the human beings so that they can have great fortunes in the sale of weapons.

I know, for instance, that if a human being can listen to all we’re saying, then the normal ones would say “it’s true;” the powerful would get upset but we have such a power that all those who are listening to us and that are working with us and that by heart and with love stopped eating dead, we have a special protection. We only ask to please be careful! If at a given time due to carelessness have any type of accident, you won’t get hurt, but there’s not a reason to lose your cars before they can’t be used. Because naturally, if they believe that the planet makes oil they’re wrong, but before it’s all gone, before all, that activity has to happen because the planet is inclining. 
The planet has to be in a different orbit so that it can align with the other planets and can’t deny it, but if they notice that everything is changing, that the climate in the cold places- in the North Pole, in Alaska, Canada, has changed much and the forces of nature are unleashed in a terrible way, why? It is due to the terrible contamination of the sea. I would like that one day, just one day, the human beings would get together to think, but if we say to them: “have you understood perfectly well the message?” There are people that just listen to see how much they understood.

We say that each message has several messages, that is why we say that if you record it with your little recorder and can’t hear well the intonation aren’t going to notice the changes that each of the messages have. We want to be heard as we are and speak. This about the voice you know that is not a trick, it is a reality and they can prove it anywhere, only when we determine it our voice can be heard. Naturally, it is not an imitation because we also use the voice of a woman that has nothing to do with a male voice in order to be able to transform it in the way that we speak.

But this that I say is something very important, that “nothing happened!?” But if nothing happens, I repeat again, it means that the planet turned into a hell, but hell cannot be in a planetary system that has light nor it can be in a galaxy that has to have all the characteristics to pass to the dimension of the Light. Then, it would be like taking the entire planet and sending the galaxy to the darkness, but that is not possible, the planet belongs to a planetary system, it belongs to a galaxy and has to be as it is right now: full of pain, dead, worries, hatred, rancor, of sick people because even the fact of seeing so many sick human beings is very painful.

It increases and increases the dreadful cancer, but if they get rich with death, they also do it with disease and that is the most painful because are getting rich with the human pain. They don’t take pity on that there are naturally institutions that help them and that somewhat give them free the slow dead which is “chemotherapy” then, in any way that chemotherapy was paid with what all the employees pay because they pay their Social Security, who is paying all of that? Well, the same humans, as they say “some get rich with our taxes,” well also with what you pay to have something that can help you during a disease and that naturally the ones that sell the medications abuse of.

We’ve seen ridiculous prices; where do they get that 10 pills cost 1,000 pesos (approx. 100 dollars) or even 2,000 pesos, then 700 pesos, what did they put in the pill? Did they put magic and at the moment of taking it “all ended”? No! They have to buy several and have to see who they attack in order to have money to be able to have their medicine for diseases made by man himself. All the diseases were made by man, man has been bedeviled by the energies of evil and that naturally at all moments is teaching them to say that “are beings that only with money can have power.”

Money seems like a curse on this planet, if you don’t have much money you aren’t worth anything and if you don’t have much debt then it means that you couldn’t get somewhat ahead and then they attack with the interests and everything else they’re managing to do and therefore all live with anguish wanting to sell their properties that don’t get sold because there isn’t money and if there’s money it’s also manipulated, that is, I repeat again to the human, do you like to live in hell? The authentic hell is worse, well, but they know each other there, all know that are beings that have total evilness; are beings that according to them are working so that one day can take over the Universe of the Father and feel proud of what they received, of what they transformed into and that moreover are also being manipulated by one being of death that doesn’t want to accept that if he changes could return to the Father.

No, how is he going to be so humble! Not at any time. The Father has the hope that one day he can repent but he does have a very considerable number of followers just as you see in a war. Is impressive seeing how they march all lined up to say that are under the orders of someone that is taking them toward death- toward death-; they go out with their planes and feel that are going to defend their country, I don’t know what they’re defending of because each day the fall is more terrible and are going toward death, for what? So that can get rich a few that want to keep the power of everything that exists in this world.

The description I’m giving, you won’t say that we are wrong, it’s simply a truth and I believe that the human being already has to think on how is it possible that a single human being was able to dominate entire masses of beings that, we’ll say it this way, are supposed to be intelligent? And they did and it provoked a terrible war and left a terrible memory and naturally also paid the same people that were following this human being that was a real possession and with a terrible power over the human beings that were instilled that they had to be the most powerful of the Earth when they would say that the “Aryan Race…”

That about the “Aryan Race” doesn’t exists, here have mixed during generations with each other and naturally has resulted in several races, several very special combinations but all are children of the God, let’s say it in your words, “all are children of God.” Why did I want to say this to you? Because our message, fortunately and thanks to the one who thought of putting a station, let’s call it this way, an internet radio, others are able to find out of what we’re saying and can’t say that are going to attack because we also say a truth but all those who are with us we put a total protection and absolutely can’t touch them.

I just ask you, let’s assume, they say that why don’t we appear and talk to the humans calmly? Do you imagine that a ship of great power descends, come out beings of 2 and a half meters and up and suddenly start shooting at them, with just lifting the hand we disappear everything that are the shots, when you see that they send a nuclear bomb, it automatically disintegrates, then we arrive and say to them, “do you want to sit down and talk with us about what you’ve done with your world, about what your thoughts are and what has finished you?” They would never listen to us; now, my brothers, millions willing to help and what happens every time they get near a place? “There go the wicked ones, shoot at them!” But it has been impressive, many times have descended a ship and have appeared some beings, sometimes different, not ugly as they’re put in your movies but are different, immediately they take out their weapons to shoot at them without even asking them “hey! What do you want, who are you?” No, “these are wicked!” Oh, as we say, “the good ones must be on earth.” That is the reason we can’t. They say that there are many extraterrestrials moving many governments, that’s not true because all the beings that come from other worlds are beings that convey love and peace, not at any time there’s a single one that could join so that a few could get rich and we’re already bringing order in all respects.

We already put a layer that enfolds the earth; we want to protect you from the intense solar rays; we want you not to feel all that represents the fact that man has destroyed absolutely everything on this earth because there are many good people, many children that for us are the future of this planet, many children.

Some have been corrupted because also the little friend doesn’t eat meat and then the children make fun, they accept the older ones that are inferior, “how can it occur to them not to eat meat!” That’s a total joke. How sad, when the ones that really should make fun would be the ones that don’t eat meat because then they would say: “you’re eating something dead” but no because we teach you to talk properly, to respect life and to speak with your fellow beings with all coherence. But that this is already a fact, it is.

The planet is changing its axis, strong cataclysms are coming, we warned you that hurricanes were coming, they’re coming, there are still left worse earthquakes, they already started, are coming very strong volcanic eruptions and… are we just going to stay contemplating it? “Poor little ones look at how they’re all dying!” No, we have to act but we have to act in a way on which we really know who we’re going to be able to leave in the paradise that we’re going to form, whom? Many times if they’re already in their silly pride but don’t have all the evilness then if a cataclysm comes and we take them out, well, we take them already to the planet which will inhabit all those who believe that are right on “killing to eat,” probably will disappear, died, remained under the lava.
No, we take them and pass them to the other place that’s not a problem, they won’t even notice because as we move things in a very special way, we just send a light down and can rescue them but not leave them under the terrible cataclysms that are provoking the humans themselves that are being dominated by the being of darkness; therefore, I would like that all of you who are “aware” of what represents this message to prepare because they will listen to you and we’re going to make it so that it gets heard because we want to give the opportunity to all human being that exists on this earth, even if it’s the most wicked one, to have the opportunity to listen. If they don’t want to, we’re not going to ask where they want to stay because we have to put balance and bring order in a planet that belongs to the Father and it doesn’t belong to evil. Because this being of death is going to stay in his domains, we hope to completely close all the doors but he’s very cunning and the Father who doesn’t destroy or punish, well, he escaped many times! But in this world he did create total destruction, he took over the humanity and we know who are not under the almost uncontrollable force of these beings of death.

Therefore I as you: see the people that surround you that are not wicked, are normal, they go out to work, go out to make an effort, but how many respect life and don’t drink the poison of alcohol? But yes, all the excuses are for drinking, “you’re going to drink a glass because we’re going to toast” You drink a glass that is going to turn into two and then ten “but only like this you’re accepted within a group where I work” and we’re talking about people apparently normal; therefore, all that have listened to us we’re asking: how many do you know that are vegetarian and don’t get intoxicated with the alcohol?

And are going to say that are very few but fortunately we do have people that are heard, famous people, and in one way or another are working and aren’t going to be able to do anything to them because they have our total protection. With all my love I say to you that we are in the last little space of the time on which we could take that man continued living what is living and this planet not to continue being a total hell in which they’re living. Lovingly I say: we are working and very big changes are coming and with all the love we feel for you we want to rescue you, to give you the opportunity of feeling what living really is.

Message after the meditation:

You notice that it’s very serious what we’re saying, absolutely serious; we’re not playing, we already heard many: “nothing happens anyways!” The “nothing happens” and that’s why I repeat again, what would be if something did happen? But at least to happen something good; nothing happens but we’re very well! Nothing happens but we never get sick; nothing happens but we’re always in prosperity; we’re not afraid of anything! We can move in the world calmly, we’re happy! We don’t argue, we’re people that can be said that are in balance!

That would be a “nothing happens,” well, if it happened would be good, but I truly believe that if you realize that those who complained and said “we’re going to eat some tacos!” that, here in Mexico, many others “Oh, how delicious a bloody sirloin!” It also gave us the shivers seeing them doing that and they were saying that they believed in us but was out of interest that because they had stopped eating meat for a while then they had already won the privilege of passing to the light. I believe that they didn’t understand absolutely anything of what means being “beings of the light.”

A being of light thinks, loves, creates, doesn’t doubt and above all things we’re going to suppose as you say, that we had come as Teachers only, to teach you to be worthy children of the Creator, that we felt like having many students and that… well, we put it in a disguising way so that you could listen that a change was coming. Well, we would also be a bit liars, would be very sad saying that we gave you false hopes, which would be terrible. No, we didn’t call you to see if you believe by putting, as you say, let’s suppose like the little animals, the puppies that run when they’re put a carrot in front to see if they can reach it, but that help a few win.

No, that would be sad to do anything similar, “run, run, someday you’ll reach paradise!” No, if that were the case, if we wanted to be teachers and teach at least a few to think and be worthy children of the Father, not to think that to believe in God there had to be fear and always think in the famous “Satan” that they mention so much. No, if we had taught you we had told you “learn to live,” we would tell you what represents being in a paradise, we would tell you what represents leaving the body and reaching a place of Light, all of that. 
We had to tell you that the planet had to change already or that the planet would burst in all places and that paradise will be formed having the body you have right now and that were going to another world the ones that didn’t want to understand but for what reason? If we had come to just teach, then we teach and give knowledge, it wouldn’t have any sense lying to you and saying “be ready because the planet is going to turn into a paradise already,” we would say “oh, how easy you fell for it and listened!” No because that would be making a very big joke to all of you, no, we don’t do that; we say what it is, what has to be and what you’re going to live.

For this reason, with all my love I say to you, I know that you can listen to me and I know that this Teacher Alaniso, well, didn’t come to work in vain but with a very big load, very big because I can’t say that has been the slightest easy making the human think; they are so few after having called so many that it causes us much pain to count, but we have you, fortunately we have you, which are all the ones that didn’t give up because weren’t given immediately something in return for having said “I believe” and weren’t bought the fact that could say “I want to believe so that they can give me something that can free me from all my problems!” We are going to free you from them anyways, don’t worry, but to be to really know what the evolution is and what life is. Therefore, I say, we feel very proud of all of you and I thank you for coming to listen to this Teacher that with so much love prepares his message.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on October 4 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: Ahena Team.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of September 28, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

I think you have realized that we are at a crucial time for humanity. If we do not act quickly then the human being will end this planet. All the weather 's changes that are now, are fault of the disorder with which has been treated this planet for many thousands of years, but this last season , let's say over 100 years ago was when they started to destroy it harder, especially for two reasons:  extracted oil and started with their nuclear bombs, that was the last straw. Man has always lived in war, anyway we knew that when the time came we would have to clean the earth, remove the blood and put evil in his place, but this time we do see that he is winning, he has many more followers than the same Father. Oh, but yes, the wicked pray and say “God help,” often even plead to the Great Mother asking her to help them in their robberies and things like that, but they have to understand that "to love the Father is what we have taught, to respect life."

I, as a Teacher tell you, every day will be more ships, you already saw that there are massive sightings, are seeing many ships and you will soon see them, but just remember, we said, when you see the sky covered with ships, but that is the last time of the cleaning of the planet, and hopefully you have heard our message. To all of you who have been faithful, firm and naturally showed us you understood the message, we said we are going to bring you to the ship which we have spoken of, meaning, to the other dimension to have you in perfect condition. Why we need you to speak? To us, as angels, we are worshiped, they don’t listen or think we are demons disguised as angels and my fellow beings coming from other worlds, of course, they do not look like humans describe them but immediately want to shoot them because people say they come to invade earth.

So the easiest thing is for you to be seen changed, full of life, really authentic representatives of a mission that is the greatest that has been on earth. So if you wear glasses we’re going to take off the glasses do not worry, if you have bad teeth, we are going to fix it, if you had any problem of even some mayhem in operations, also we will fix it, of course, you will return with the same face, rejuvenated, why not! But I will tell you this, you already made ​​a commitment with the Father and I think that to say, "well, I don’t know if I can continue with such a strong mission,"  there is no return, and are involved and our Father already knows you perfectly all. Remember that it is not only those who are here, there are several in the state of Michoacan, there are several in the U.S., there are several in other states, actually just few, and has spread to South America but few, but those few will do.

Remember that when someone says they are "contacted,” must speak of the "respect for life.” Because then they threaten with the contacts that say to have and that have been to a ship and  gone to another planet, but never talk about that you have to respect life, in all worlds life is respected, only here there is this much disorder, so much death, so much injustice. Evil actually took possession of this Earth in a stunning way, and possessions are already many, which is why we say with much pain that some others are going to go with the evil but hopefully they are few, hopefully we make them repent, to feel at least fear, that they say "I do not want to be part of the wicked." We are going to impact you, increasingly there will be more ships, more ships, more ships, and right now the great ship of which we have spoken is already being sighted. Did we not tell already several messages ago that there was a parallel planet turned into a paradise and it's where it will happen.

All had imagined: how will be the dimensional door? Where is it? Yes, it's located in your homes but for them to open, it’s needed the light that comes from a ship and then you will see how they come for you, I know you are going to go willingly because you know what it is, nothing of a kidnapping or anything like that, but it will be to enjoy everything that we are going to give and above all, to let you in a condition so perfect that will be able to represent us. They’re going to recognize you but will notice you different, more full of life and above all, a superb health.

I want you all to realize it was worth the wait, it was worth not giving up, because it was very sad to see in what way reneged because the 21 day we didn’t’ take them all to paradise, although continued with the idea that they crave the meat or had not yet made an effort to control their emotions.

Everything is foreseen perfectly well, but we cannot wait any longer, the planet is protesting, things are coming even stronger. Right now, were disasters because of hurricanes, but it has not ended the hurricane season, but the sad thing is when quakes or volcanic eruptions come.

That's why we want you to be ready for any emergency that we have because we will call you. We are at war, do not forget. Yes, just as man gets into war but war makes man to kill each other, we are at war to cleanse the earth and send evil to their domains because this being of death, although he has gained many adherents, has to go, he’s not at home, no one authorized him to make such havoc as he has done on earth.

I know all of you are willing, tell me, if you already see a light in your house, are you going to run out or will you come under the light, I think you will say, "here we are" and will be wonderful. Naturally as always “WE DON’T GIVE DATES,” but it's already in any moment, not all the same day, but we will take some and then others until we have all of you together and be able to say to you what you have to do, to instruct you perfectly well in what represents this mission. And yes, we’re going to give you the famous clairvoyance to the point where you won’t be terrified but you need to have more knowledge, more strength in your mind and strength to say “who we are, what we ask and what the reason we’re on earth is.”

All people talk about the Bible, haven’t even understood anything. An ancient book dictating many things to men, also written by human beings with old habits that have nothing to do with what comes with the change, but there is talk about sightings or presence at all times. They speak of the Bible, but do not speak of the other holy books also completely altered because in each one spoke of "respect for life." For example, the Mohammedans say “pork because it is unclean” poor animals I do not know what are they impure about but anyway, at least they respect that side, and many also do not drink alcohol, something was left, but how they discriminate women, how they declare war continuously has nothing to do with the great love that the Father has for all living beings on this earth.

I want you to realize that it is time that this planet has again the life that the Father gave it. We are your teachers, very demanding because it's a very strong mission, which is why we have made ​​a careful selection and have seen all your thoughts and we have heard your thoughts. Everything you think we hear it so you are going to say, “then I’ll take care of what I think,” no, just be yourself, but know that we are perfectly aware of everything that is said and all you yearn to give because yes, we see you all eager to be heard because they do not listen and we will make you to be heard because it is not a game. We say with all our love that is the end of time of evil, not the end of time of humanity. The final time of the destruction of the world is not the time you say that it will end the world, how can end a planet that has to be in perfect orbit to align with other planets.

So, I want you to stay alert in the sky, you will see shocking things and I want you to say to yourselves, "I meditate, learn, listen, assimilate what I’m being taught and I practice it." I know that controlling your emotions takes a little more work but practice it, is very important that you are full of love for all beings you know, love and understanding. Now we are millions who are going to work and you are a few compared to the number of beings who come to the aid of this earth, of this humanity. So prepared well that we will put you to work very hard, but I know you will feel the enormous satisfaction that will be listened by your loved ones and many people who refuse to believe in what it means our presence. We are beings who promised the Father to give back to Him his children and with love we say, "that promise we will fulfil."

This meditation, as always, proud to see you here looking forward to hearing. I know you say: something new, to see which teacher will talk, to see what they can tell us! There are things that seem repetitive but remember that too many people are just starting to listen and we also give them the foundation for what they can tell to the humans they try to convince, but be prepared very well that time has come to live, not dying, and being part of this great army which offered the Father all their being so that he could recover these children he loves so much on this earth and that we have always said: "They forgot Him" for it is not about having many divisions and so many religions, there is only one religion which is love and one temple which is a sky full of stars, the entire universe is the Father's temple. So prepare, we want to give you everything promised in this short time left for the preparation you will receive.

Message after the meditation:

If you realize, in every message we have something that has to get through to the depths of your being. Some people say that we repeat, but if you realize, as teachers we’re going more into depth each time, we go looking for ways to reach this human being that we want to save, this human being that we want to give a different world. They are mourning their loss in many countries; we are hearing say “please! When do we see the ships? When do you come to save us? When do you come to rescue us of injustice? When are you going to give us the opportunity to know that this world is really going to change?” Yes, and we will do it in a very, very powerful way. Get ready because it comes strong. We are beings who do not know defeat, we are beings that when we intend to do something we do it well done. You'll say: yes, but it took you more than 25000 years so that can bring order to this Earth. But remember that we could not remove free will, or could submit, but time has come that there is no more patience for the time is fulfilled.

The planet changes dimension, it is an irrefutable fact, the planet changes dimension and lacks very, very little time. It is leaning, and will align and if it wins us then the planet will completely burst and we blew this change in dimension of the whole galaxy. So, imagine if we are not in a hurry, after so many centuries, after so many times, after so many books dictated, after so many times we have tried to come to the mind of man and at the end of time we find a planet destroyed with many beings that full of pride can subject their peers. It's sad, as a few can make all others cry their defeat and then want to get up in arms: oh no, we do first a rally and then we're going to get weapons and overthrow the government.

No, what you need is to unite, but unite in knowledge, joining in love, we are the ones who are going to help, we bring all the technology to rebuild the planet, but you tell us, “Free us already of everything we are now living in. Free us from this pain! Free us from not being able to know if there really is a tomorrow where we have enough money to eat, to buy anything we need so much!” Because yes, even a car can be naturally a first need to be transported, but “that we have the security,” then they get into debt and do unbelievable things. No, no, no longer, we will already end this mess, we will impress, we will impact and we will tell the man that for the love of the Father, "please learn to think.” What do they say? "No, but the Bible says", no, they do not say, "my reasoning,” they don’t say “my mind tells what love is," they don’t say “I understand how I should be happy,” they do not say “I can love my fellow man and do not have to tell me if I have to follow the rules of something that still do not understand.” Why? Why did you stop thinking? That's the question we continually do.

I am a teacher, I have fought hard to be heard something that we want to give, is the last time, is the time of change and the only thing that interests us in a nutshell as you would say, is that “you do not go into darkness.” We know that they will not pass all the millions of inhabitants to the dimension of the light, we know that we will have much reprobate, but nothing more than that, who again have the opportunity to study, which again have the opportunity to learn, they will learn again being life, but not to be taken by evil because it is the most terrible place that there are no words to describe it, is the place where the being of death that is dominating right now this planet, dwells.

So, our dream is to simply not go to the darkness and we that can give to at least a fairly reasonable amount of humans, this wonderful dream of living in this world transformed in a paradise. The time is very short and I hope that you realize the urgency that we have for our message to be disseminated and to be the Father as always, the one that continues giving us strength to succeed.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. September 28, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico.

Transcription and translation: Team Ahena

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of September 27, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

I want to ask you that if you’re so sure that we’re going to manifest, don’t feel the slightest doubt. I believe that the condition of the planet, well, it calls for our help although naturally, as my brother A-Zen was saying, “how sad it is to see that amidst the cataclysms people unite,” but we also don’t want the planet to be falling apart and there to be so many dead and many problems, above all, that the ones that receive it are the people of less resources. Of course, they have their houses built in dangerous places and they naturally don’t have any protection; their houses are weak and don’t realize on what can really happen as some would argue “that right there near the river, that’ll lower its intensity and that want to live there.” Well, nature already showed that it doesn’t forgive. On this occasion there were, we’re going to say that two very strong hurricanes, which has never happened because normally it is one and then comes another one and now two joined on both sides due to the Earth’s movement, moreover that the Earth is completely contaminated and there’s too much negative energy in it and nature also likes to clean all that the human being is doing with their world.
Now we want to ask you, if you’ve noticed that the human being doesn’t want to listen: “How can you think we’re not going to eat meat!” You already know that’s the problem, they don’t want to stop eating the animals, why? Because they say that “God created them to be eaten.” It is terrible for us to think that man forgot to think, love, find the way to live peacefully and that at all moments is looking for a way to live against each other because it’s not just country against country, it’s even the neighbor, in the same house are arguing and in all places we see much opposing force to what love is. For this reason evil thinks that he won. Now he does say to us: “stop hoping, we won the war, not because we’re going to destroy the planet which you’ll prevent but we did win humanity, we have more followers than you, fanatics that scare others and that in addition find it lawful to kill to eat.” He feels very proud of having accomplished that man lost his reasoning completely and that man finds it logical to kill to eat.
I am a teacher that has always been observing all that happens on earth and I want to say to you that we’re millions checking all that the human does. Therefore I say to you “the time is now and it’s already the moment.” Never will I ever give you a date again but I do say to you that we are within the time; the waiting time is so short that it will make you very happy seeing the ships that are going to be seen on the sky and remember that the one that will go inside the ship has to have absolute control of their emotions therefore, practice every day that emotional control and meditate feeling completely united to the thought of the Father.
The Father is only love then think in Him as someone that at all times all he knows to do is love. I want to ask you that if you are aware that it is urgent that we do something in this world then all you can do is convey our message. Fix the disaster of a planet, only us, don’t think that it will end very pretty all that nature destroyed, it will cost a lot of money, a lot of time and above all things, much mishap; they will want to increase the taxes so that there’s enough money to control everything that happened and there’s still more to come. There has just been an earthquake and here that intensity isn’t probably serious but there will be a very serious earthquake here within a very short time and we want to be on the lookout of the beings that listen to us. We want you to know that we can help you at all times. If the roof is coming down, we take you out don’t worry, if at a given time you feel as if wanting to run outside, better not to run, we help you, but the entire planet is trembling; big cracks are opening, whose fault is it? Well, the human’s. How many nuclear tests have done on earth? Calculate how many times have blown the planet from the inside, how many times have drilled the earth to extract the treasure of the “oil” that they say so much that it is what makes them rich? And that it produces electricity and that it gives gasoline and many products, yes, but what they did with the planet, how are they going to fix it? Naturally, only a few become rich not everyone and are fighting, fighting: “Our oil, they want to take away our oil!”
I believe that not even that belongs to the human; it belonged to the Earth, to what they call “Mother Earth.” The oil was what gave the planet balance, that is, the Earth’s shock absorber and it occurred to the human to find it as a vein of power to be able to have all they want to have, who’s becoming richer? And more contaminated the planet due to what the oil produces. The contamination has reached to the maximum and we want you to know that we are ready for the big activity. They see many sightings, oh, but they come up with such stories on TV: “that they saw some beings with pointy ears but they had to put them as if they were some sort of mix of pigs with who knows what.” We don’t see the pig as ugly, but naturally, it is a way of scaring people: “don’t go near them; don’t go near the ships; the ships have radiation, they burn you; don’t go near them, they come to abduct you don’t go near them!”
 Who do you think is saying that to the human beings? Well, the beings of darkness that don’t want us to help the human being to live something that they soon will. That is why we made sure to prepare many messages, don’t think they are too many; I believe that it is enough because to hear a few and will always find something that will guide you to learn to have emotional control. But the respect for life… see the famous movies, all are about dead, that the good one wins because he killed the wicked and the bad ones killed the good and all hated and killed each other, oh!, what a beautiful energy emanates all of that and then the souls that remain in the moment at which many crimes are committed and don’t realize how terrible it is for a being to depart and having worked for the being of darkness and turn into one more of evil’s army.
Therefore I say to you, please, love, control of the emotions, don’t get upset is they don’t want to listen, simply give them a clear and calm explanation of why the little animal should live in a place where it corresponds to live as the human has to live where it corresponded. That is why the races were also in an appropriate climate for each one, of course, all are mixed now and don’t even know why a person of color goes to a Nordic place and why a white person goes to a country where the heat is intense and can’t tolerate and all are in a total confusion wanting to take ownership of the land of others.
I want that today that you are listening, meditate: do you really believe that man could give strength to his planet? Do you really think that man could save his world? Don’t they say that if an asteroid comes and will be able to disintegrate it with a nuclear bomb, imagine throwing so much contamination into the exterior space, it won’t be allowed, but, do you really believe that the human being could prevent a catastrophe that could truly disintegrate the planet? They can’t, the only ones who can do it is us and we are millions of beings working to recover this planet as it should be recovered; blessed land that the Father created and that we want to turn it as he created it, as a paradise.
But, we do repeat again, not a single one will stay that could say: “No one is going to forbid me to do anything; I didn’t kill the animal, I’m going to eat it!”  Or “I’m going to kill it and eat it! It says in the Bible that God created the animals to be eaten!”
There’s were you should know what to answer, well, how was a Father creator going to create a perfect universe and we’re going to focus on this planet, that was a wonderful paradise and created all perfection: the flowers, fruit, water, all perfect and then put the type of animals required to give the ecological balance, all with a special beauty, with gifts that the human doesn’t have, perceptions beyond what the human can have, and for what reason? Because they’re not evil, that’s why those perceptions have developed, and why the human being doesn’t have perceptions? Because they are very confused and then they say that they are the owners of everything that exists on Earth and that they can eat the animals.
The animals are very special beings whom we’re going to show you how to know in the very near future, but learn to answer, nothing that the “Bible says,” learn to answer. The Father created life, loving him is respecting the life he created it and loving the place where you were born is taking care of it, giving it light, sow plants, plant flowers, plant fruit, share with everyone the fruit that the earth can give and above all things, not to have the unbalance there is now.  Naturally, the sea will continue protesting, they have contaminated it to the depths of its foundations, so much friction from the nuclear tests and all they’ve done. We see during wars the submarines and bombs and bombs and killings and blood, and they take out the fish and slaughter them and throw them back to the sea all in pieces and… no, no, no, you know humanity’s history.
For this reason I ask you, learn to answer without getting upset, don’t feel flustered, simply say to them: “think about it, analyze it, I’ll leave it if you want, as homework to analyze what we’re learning from some Teachers that come with all their love to give us the happiness of knowing that this planet, at any means and in a short time, when passing to another dimension has to be turned into a paradise and that the Great Teachers would like for humanity to pass. It’s not going to be everyone but we’re going to achieve to be as many as possible but to be intelligent please, to think in what they’ve done with their world. Learn to answer and prepare because we’re going to turn all of you into contactees so that you are recognized as people that can talk but with the truthfulness: “I went inside a spaceship, it’s the most beautiful place, the most perfect, most incredible, full of light, with some beings that received us with all their love and that now we have the obligation to give a message that they bring to humanity.”
Therefore prepare that it is a Father the one that will thank you, we’ve always said it, for helping him recover these children that he loves as they are, as they’ve become into beings that can’t even think; he loves them. It is as if I would say to some parents: you have a very intelligent child and another one not so much, well they also love the not intelligent one and they try to make him learn and go to a special school so that he can learn to write well because if the other one had the fortune of being intelligent and the other one was a little behind then the parents try to make him learn and that’s what we’re doing, trying to make man, this human being that inhabits this earth, can think again as the Father truly created him. Then, prepare that it is the moment of being ready for the great movement that we’re going to do on this earth that the Father loves so much and wants to see it turned into a paradise.

Message after the meditation:
We see that the human being is very demanding: “How do you want us to believe if we can’t see the Teachers!? Well, I think that we’ve earned it, we’ve been listening to the messages, we stopped eating meat, we have the altar lit, oh but don’t have that person talk to me because I can’t stand him because then I do lose my emotional control! Oh Teacher! Well, understand me; you should see how annoying that person is, how do you want me to have emotional control? It is better to just tell me that I will be able to see you and then you’ll see that I’ll promise that I’ll try to have emotional control!”
Remember that we are Teachers and the Teacher demands because he wants to have the best student, we want to give you a grade that you use as an “A” or “Outstanding,” we want to be proud of all those beings that have listened to us. For this reason it is that in this meditation my brother Alan wanted to focus exactly in what represents the famous “clairvoyance” that you ask of us so much, besides, it is a very big commitment.
Having the clairvoyance is seeing all that surrounds you, how it is in another dimension and not in one because one is the 4th, the other is the 5th; one thing is the dimension of light and the other the dimension of darkness and seeing the beings that don’t have peace and not getting scared, trying to help them because they love to disfigure to scare people because they’re bored and have much anger because they can’t get out of there; then, if they know that someone is pointing at a shadow, “look, I heard some noise there and they dragged chains!”
They love to do things like that, but the ones that are just wandering are not the beings of evil, but the beings of evil do like to do frightening things but definitely frightening. Then you are going to question yourselves, and why are there many people that dedicate to do a satanic rite? To receive power. “Don’t they realize what they’re doing?” Well, I believe that they do realize it, however, they say: “But I’m going to be powerful and all those who looked bad at me, all those who made me feel inferior, I’m going to crash them and I’m going to have much gold and I don’t care if I’m selling my soul to the devil.” They say that in a graceful way, “I’m going to sell my soul to the devil,” they don’t know what that is because he does enslave completely the beings that fall in his trap and they make some very unpleasant rituals and almost always, not almost always but more than you imagine that they either killed animals but what is worse, also killing humans.  Then those things are outrageous but don’t have this beings tell me that they can’t think, well no, I believe they couldn’t think; they forgot they are called mind, that are beings that could’ve had the opportunity of having a little bit of happiness but happiness is a result of inner peace; therefore, we want to show you to have inner peace. But since we’re not going to wait because the time already came to completion and we now see to how many we can give that which you ask, pass you through the dimensional door which is as if you passed through a hall of light that is going to take you to that planet or that spaceship and where you’re going to receive all that we’ve promised. Then, promise me that you’re going to be at peace with yourselves at all times, won’t criticize anyone, are not going to feel that rancor for anything or anyone, aren’t going to get upset or judge the person in front of the government, or if the other one, if… well, you know, judging others as if you had your conscious so clean but anyhow, and normally it is total criticism they all have against all the human beings: “And what do you think of the president? What do you think of the senator?”…
Let’s say that that’s a problem that belongs to them, you will have another world, a different life and above all things, we are going to help so that you don’t have any economic problem, but the time is so short that when least expect it… well, that you had a debt, well nothing to do about it, it stays but you tried to pay it, but at all times I say to you: “the time is fulfilled and from one moment to another all that was promised will happen.”
Let’s see how much time will take to return the ones that left upset because we didn’t give them anything on the 21st day or because we didn’t give them anything along the way. How many have come? Oh, but no, “I was lazy to go, they repeat the same thing, the same thing, the same thing, and they don’t give us anything, we don’t see; when are the Teachers going to show up so that I feel like going? When am I going to see the ship up there so that I can feel like thinking that it is true?” Why didn’t they think that it was the most beautiful what we were giving them, knowledge. But everything that have asked will receive the ones that have been loyal and firm with us.
Remember how many people have come and how many left. Now, in the groups that formed in other states, the same, how many remained united to listen to our message and how many deserted because “it was a lie! Well, nothing happened on the day 21! Well, weren’t we already going to stay in a paradise, scratching our bellies!” as you would say, “lying in the sun.” No, it will be with work and it’s going to be by earning it and naturally, we have already very well selected the people that are really studying and feel proud of what they’ve accomplished.
Then, the ones here, congratulations, and the ones that can’t come all the time, it’s fine, but must listen to the message so that they know that we take into account all those who continue ahead studying, preparing, meditating, feeling that they can carry out this difficult mission which is of helping the Father so that He can recover the children he doesn’t want to lose. 
Teacher Alaniso.
Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. September 27, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico.
Transcription and translation: AHENA Team.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of September 20, 2013.

Message before the meditation:
I think you have realized that evil is working very hard. Why evil? You'll say, well, it's the climate, the planet is actually moving, but evil is causing such terrible things as pollution. The sea is polluted, getting worse now with the Japanese; the waves take all that represents pollution to the clouds and clouds wander through cities and certainly you do not want things to happen as they are happening. But most important of all is that we are already ready, you will say: Oh teacher, all the time you're ready, but we see nothing.
We have told you that when you see the sky covered with ships is when we start the clean, then everyone will run around, many people who are going to be sent to another planet will disappear; we do not want evil to take many human beings like now has the illusion that he is going to take almost all humanity. We do not want that to happen, but you are going to think is weird, you will say: you only promise and for 20 years you have spoken of ships," yes, you will go up to that paradise we have talked about, you have to go through a dimensional tunnel which is what we put in order to be received and give everything we have promised.
Remember that we have to prepare you very well, when you return you will come so prepared, not unrecognizable, no, you will be recognized, that I said in the previous meditation but you need to be ready in the form in which you will speak. Let me ask a question, those who are recording, today are not all who record with their tape recorder and pass the message: when you go to talk to people, are you going to take out your tape recorder with errors, coughs and everything? You have to acquire the messages. We made a great effort to make it transformed into our voice believe it or not, do not think it's just snapping fingers, we did it, because that's what you are going to show people.
When people want to know about us you are not going to get your tape recorder and going to play it, I think it's an unnecessary savings that you do not get the messages. We need you to be prepared for everything that will come, these hurricanes are the beginning. All volcanoes are in a very aggressive way, when a volcano begins to want to throw out all the fire that has inside, also are tremors and the poor planet that cannot stand anything, it has all become a full strainer, all oil extraction that fight so much about has caused very large cavities, everything that represents the fact that, well, that has not happened here, the nuclear testing, but you do have your nuclear plant that is also like “playing with fire,” but no, naturally here have not done that kind of nuclear tests, but in the rest of the world have done them, then the planet is crashed to the depths of its foundations.
Then they get scared, many think that it is divine punishment, right now  almost believed that the flood came again but is not just flood, is everything, everything will be struck and we need all those who are listening ... We did a small, very small army, we called thousands of people, not all answered but with whom we have, we want to prepare them very well for them to be recognized as contactees and can give the message, but remember, to listen to the message you have to show the recorded messages because it is the way they feel our presence, "this is the message from them." Not to everybody will be telling that you know that we have transformed Sarita’s voice into ours, but it is not a trick, is something real that we managed to do because we naturally wanted you to listen to us.
You know very well that if we appear, we go to a TV station because naturally we would be invited, do you think they will hear what we have said in 600 messages? Do you think that they will have the patience? We are not going to put a program that says "stop suffering and listen,” or “come to hear the message, but please every day on your TV". No, there is no time, things are coming big, strong, the ships are ready, we have put very large ships to the sight of man, but the ones they don’t see are the ones that will surprise them when they see as they appear in the sky in one place or another they’re going to be seen and will make a real game of lights that will happen.
Do not doubt in the least, we do not come to play, we come to save the planet, come to save humanity, come to teach man to think, we came so that man can believe he really is a being that can reason, that is what takes us more work. We need for every human being to be aware of what he has done with his world, whether is more exalted because it is very powerful and has a lot of gold accumulated. Then they have to listen, to us there are no social classes, for us all, all human beings are equal, from the most humble person to the most exalted person, whether is a king of a country or the most renowned president or if is the one who made more money, because oh yes, they presume who are the richest men in the world. For us all are equal and to us all are our brothers and we need you to listen, there is no time, what is happening is just the beginning, more cataclysms are coming, is a very strong movement in the earth, the earth is tilting, and turning, is does not resist this change and naturally if the poles are melting it is not a game and if the sun is beaming so many solar flares, humans do not resist them. That is why we say: who is with us is protected and has a dome that protects you from all evil, from all that can happen but we also want to take you to that wonderful place that we speak so much of.
Since the ship was sighted, NASA already said it or those who are studying, that have seen a ship larger than the planet Earth, we are letting them see and of course that's where the paradise that we will integrate this planet is. Therefore, in short, let's see how many we have, well, it's a number that we cherish because they know that not only is he who comes here, but many who have come here are not interested anymore: "The Teachers promise and fail!, oh!, don't tell me they will appear?, oh!, don't tell me is true about the ship?, oh!, do not tell me now it’s now serious, oh!, I no longer believe anything and besides, who is going to take away the pleasure of eating meat."
Because we have seen, many who have been here to eat meat again, more than you can imagine and it is very painful to say and many of those who achieved a cure also returned to eating meat. To us this "flesh" it sounds so wild, so degrading that impresses us when it is explained that they do not understand. Love is the key, we've always said. Who is love? The Father, the Wonderful Father who created us and who created life, all life that exists.
The thinking being that reasons is to preserve life, to be proud sons of the creator and have to have everything perfect in their mind, that’s why we ask to meditate, you will see that when we take you and begin to prepare will remember everything you could receive in the meditations, that is, that in your brain is being recorded, then those who are lazy and do not put their meditations as it should be, then it is half restricting their knowledge. I believe that every day a message it takes no effort, every day, that's for everyone who is with us.
So I say, do not save on not buying the messages, the messages are to show to other people who are going to listen and I think you’re missing a few so at least have a regular number of all that we have said because you will have to take out your encyclopedia, like the people take out their Bible you will say: in message number says this, in this other meditation number it says this other thing", and so as they say in the Bible "chapter this",  then let`s see if you also know to repeat everything we have taught but I promise that they will listen and that it is a very short time.
Now the Father is really concerned, too human beings are evil, the Father is sad, the Father loves his children, everyone, from the one that is kinder and good, but also to the most evil is his son and yet his wonderful dream is that "their children come back to be life as He created them."
Then let's work, and you are our little army, we are proud of you and love you intensely because you have a real interest that we give you a message every eight days and in some weeks that are 2 days, for example days 9 and the last day of the month.
Why the increase? Because we need more, more knowledge to have in your mind, your mind is recording everything, what computer or what else! Cannot imagine the power of the mind, the mind records everything, everything you hear and then when you are ready to talk all that you learned you will be able to say it fluently, but you also need to put the message with our voice, not going to be explaining to everyone. Some say it's a trick, then what a nice trick that we invented, did we come to be magicians or presume that we trick on earth? I think not, if we wanted to, we would do things so shocking that you would be amazed. The most important thing is that you really do feel our presence.
So I ask you to be united, to have your messages, not saving on such a simple thing, to have them because it is important that you can show them to humanity and with love I say, tonight as always we have a message very beautiful because that is how we feel it, and naturally also of warning because lately have noticed that we do not put a lulling message, those are at the beginning, but messages you have to record in your mind and you have to realize that everything we have said is being fulfilled and will be fulfilled to the letter as you would say, everything, everything will happen as it already and not for one of these days, because you see the world, see in what condition left the country and were simply small hurricanes and see how it left everything, and I say small because you don't know what can happen when really unleash the forces of nature. So get to work, to meditate and be very proud to have been able to hear and feel part of this great mission. As always our meditation we prepared with love.
Message after the meditation:
That is why I have said many times, we need you to have perfectly well learned the messages and to show them but to be heard as ours, not as you are talking to them something. So you have to have the messages, you have to know how to convey them, but realized how sad is what’s happening, that if there is no cataclysms there is no union and if you are apparently well then there is war and are wanting to take over the neighboring country and are wanting to see how many more to kill and see who presumably has more weapons and see who is the most powerful and suddenly comes the nature and gives them a shake, is like those children who do not want to stop yelling and to make war and are shaken, “shut up, please understand!” when treated properly, never beaten, but here they seem to need the blows because it is very sad.
We are watching everything, we take the souls of those who die, we put them in their place but we are seeing that it's sad to say that the Father himself has said: "If there are cataclysms there is union, if not, there is war and separation." So we will not intervene to stop a cataclysm, we will only intervene to protect people who are listening to us, a dome that will give them all the strength they need and their homes as well, are also protected.
But remember, this is very serious, very, very serious, since the planet began to protest, already is leaning and solar flares are becoming stronger, and the movement of the earth is constant, and we will speak out, but with how many we were counting and how many are now? Before, in this room people did not fit, there came a time when they had to put chairs everywhere, “oh no, but the teachers are not apearing, they are just saying they will lower the ships, the teachers make promises that are not true, the teachers are playing us.” Imagine, we, with our evolution get to play with the feelings of those we love which are the living beings on this earth.
So I ask you to be conscious, those who will listen, please listen carefully to your messages and have them ready for transmittal because it is very urgent to be prepared and to be worthy representatives of a wonderfully great Father that is asking that his children, whom he loves, come back to him.
Teacher Alaniso.
Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory telepathy. September 20, 2013.
The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlan Morelos, Mexico.
Transcription and translation: Ahena

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of September 13, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

Let us leave behind all the time of pain, let us leave behind the time when man had no hope, let us leave behind the time when man used to say that “God had forgotten them,” let us leave behind all of that because now the greatest activity is indeed coming. I want you to realize that we’ve said that the sky will be seen covered with ships but when that happens it is because we’re already doing the cleanse and people will run everywhere.
Some are going to repent, others are going to see how we get them in the ships and take them, and it really will be a few days. So right now the ships are in one place, ships in other place, the warning is being given; it’s being announced what has to be and what is going to happen. For this reason it is that I tell you: “leave behind all that which were your worries and pain,” because we’re going to make sure that you are calm. I believe that if you come with so much love to hear us and with so much love you acquire the messages and listen to them in your homes and for all those who are listening to them, naturally all is wonderful because we’re preparing you, we’re observing and the moment will come at which we’re going to have… well, we hope that it is more.

Today we brought a group from another place, well yes, with TV is very easy, we need more facts, more astonishing, and then all those who have received the help need to be aware that have to help to give the message. But remember, it’s not necessary to have been sick, also what you’ve learned, what you’ve lived, helped and have done in the name of the Father that at this moment wants to know if we’re really going to be successful or not.

For man, life is simply a passing time; for man, life means trying to live the best possible, trying to earn the greatest amount possible to enjoy live, trying to find something that can fill them with pleasures and don’t know that life, life is one, so big and so eternal as is the fact that the Father created it that way.  This is why we are worried; we don’t have enough people as to say: “It’s enough! Let’s make the cleanse, send evil to his domains,” but then he takes a great amount of human beings. Then, astonishing things are going to happen indeed and I want you not to doubt, don’t feel distressed, we've repeat it, the ones with economic problems we’re going to fix it, anything you need we are there to give you what you ask but not as a demand or as anguish but always with patience, with an authentic inner peace and always willing to fight for that change that is to come.

Man believes that since nothing happened on the 21st of December, now life is going to continue; they’re making plans for the ’14, ’15, ’16 because they say that everything is going to continue the same, same what? With a planet that is breaking into two? You will see how long you were going to last if we weren’t here in a planet that has opened all that is its foundations, with a planet that is contaminated in such a way that can no longer control the diseases, as we told you last time, the sea with its movements purges everything: the radiations and all the poison that’s in the sea, it goes to the atmosphere and is distributed placidly in the cities. That’s why you have to be aware that if we don’t do something astonishing now at this time, well yes, we were going to see how humanity was being finished but with diseases, with violence, with pain, with wars which seems to be the greatest pleasure that man has had in his life and naturally, why do they say: “nothing happens” if they wanted to destroy themselves. Then, I ask you to be the most calm possible, meditate, don’t complain, be calm, we do know what we do even if you don’t believe it, we do know what we do and we are willing to give you all that you need to be happy and above all things, so that you don’t be in a serious problem in this earth; completely protected, don’t worry, your family has to be protected, we can’t do it 100% because they haven’t listened because they continue eating meat but at least we make sure that they don’t get killed by an assailant and that aren’t finished in an attack in their homes; we are seeing as much as possible that lethal diseases don’t attack them.

But help us by making them think a little, but since I know that they don’t listen to you, it’s our turn to do something shocking. It is the time already, throughout the planet it is talked about the ships but they already took is as something usual: “There go the ships! Well, they say those beings are wicked! They might kidnap us but they passed by!” Yes, there’s much intrigue of who we really are but they have taken it with much calmness. Now comes the strong activity, we’re going to increase the signs in the sky and we’re going to increase the amount of ships that will be seen, but the day that the sky is covered with ships, then yes, count it as days because all is going to be ready for the great activity that we have to give so say to the Father with how many  of his children he’s going to count with because we’ve already said it, it’s not that all are going to go to the darkness, the least amount possible we’re going to allow to go to the darkness but with how many of his children is He going to count with to pass to the light and see wonderful things as is to know the wonderful life of the Universe.

For this reason, I want you to be united, calm and receiving the energy that we give you and the protection that we’ve offered will always be. Keep going ahead and work that it is a Father, remember, the one that is grateful that you are with our Teacher; our Teacher that gave many very beautiful messages and they use the same ones because they’ve already erased them, because they tell what suits them and He who made a great effort to give a message, wants that his authentic messages come out and he spoke about “the respect for life” and that is going to be given.

Therefore, don’t be distressed, don’t worry, you continue working and studying that the time has come to completion and the time is so short that will make you very happy to see that very soon we’re going to be all together to see that incredible “New Dawn” that we’ve promised. This meditation as always, with much love for all of you.

Message after the meditation:

When we talk about something that seems as a dream, when we talk about how wonderful it is to exist in a way that we live, when we narrate to you what a tranquil home can be, what can be a planet full of light, of flowers, of joy, that we’ve reached the level of building ships that are true paradises. Here you would only know a tube that is shot and goes out to the stratosphere and all floating, don’t even know what to do. In our ships there’s gravity, all is stabilized, the warmth of the light of the sun is felt, all is perfect, but we do know how to live and we’ve learned to know everything, all the secrets that there could be and still what we’re going to continue learning because we know that our mind has a very big capacity for learning; we keep advancing, learning, growing, loving and enjoying.

Imagine the time that the human being has wasted killing each other and eating the dead animals, oh, what a wonderful way of living! And they feel the “intelligent life” of the Universe of the Father. I believe that now is the time to meditate and think over on what they’ve done. That’s why we say to you: “the most unbelievable, the most wonderful is about to happen to you;” but we already want to ask the ones that listen to us to be ready, to prepare. You’ll say, because with these few it is a regular number but with these few Earth was going to be populated? No, the idea is to make everything greater, the idea is for you to help us, the idea is to put you to work as soldiers and to really be giving the message and even if they laugh, they won’t be able to laugh because the ships will be up there moving: one will pass, another one passes by, will stay up. I just do repeat again: the day that the sky is covered with ships it is because the cleanse is coming and the ones that haven’t understood are going to go to another planet and evil disappears from Earth definitely. Then it is the war of good against evil, we don’t come in war against man, we repeat again, a very strong war will be unleashed indeed because we have to take all the darkness beings and put them in the spheres that we have, then don’t think that it is a game to clean the earth, it’s not just that man says “Oh, I repent!” I hope, so that we don’t have to see how the “dark beings” take them, we hope that we don’t have to take so many human beings to another planet, we hope that everything is easier. That’s why it is that we’re going to need the help of the ones that have listened to us because if they say there’s a war when the war planes arrive, but not to frighten, here are the ships of war against evil and you have to repeat it to every human being “these ships are ships of war against evil” because we have to clean the planet. The planet has to be a Paradise again in a very short time, it has to be given to the Father as the Father created it, it has to be part of the Universe of the Father, it has to be a world that can share its way of living with other worlds; a world that can really have dimensional tunnels that it needs in order to live in harmony with the other human beings. “Human beings” we say because don’t think you’re going to meet reptiles as they say, there are reptiles but only as animals; but to turn into something that really is worth knowing that exists. And now fortunately, after 25,920 years which is an approximate number, we’re going to be able to see that we cleaned; the war unleashed; the sky covers up with ships, the activity starts being seen and the men start to run or start to scream of joy, we’re going to see depending if they’re the ones that understood the message then will be happy, the ones that didn’t then they’ll believe that evil is coming because they think that they are evil then they come to attack and we’re going to see if we achieve that they repent so that we can take away from their bodies those dark beings that are attached to them at this moment because they are attached, are inside the human beings without being a complete possession but it can’t be that there exists so much evil and that it’s all theirs only, although yes, there are many that naturally are already so contaminated that already have the evil for themselves but that’s going to be the last battle.
Don’t think that it’s in a day, it’s going to last a little more but that is going to be the last battle and you, the ones that studied, the ones that prepared, the ones that loved, the ones that found a great truth are going to be able to live that moment observing and helping us call people, helping us take the kids to get them inside the ships when we have to reconstruct the planet, helping us so that at the time that we’re drilling to help fix all in order to clean the earth you are helping us so that we can rescue that humanity that the Father keeps loving as always and doesn’t want to lose. Then I ask you, how many want to be soldiers and work? How many want to be waiting to see if it’s true that it happens? “Let’s see if it’s true!” Well, it is going to be true because the things are already a fact and if it is true then they’re going to have to learn, above all things that they’re going to have to help rescue animals, to clean, to clean the earth, but we’re going to do it with a technology that has never been seen and are going to know what it is to enter paradise.

When we were talking about the other dimension that you’re going to see what it is an incredible place; it’s a floating planet, as we’ve said, where you’ll be able to know all that which we’re going to integrate to Earth and soon the planet will be converted into a paradise as we’ve promised, but it is the time already and I hope that you understand that we’re not playing, it’s very serious what we do and very strong what we have to do to clean this earth from all evil. “Love” is the key and it is what is going to prevail in this world that the Father created with so much love and that we have to see it converted into light.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. September 13, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico on

Transcription and translation: AHENA Team.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of September 6, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

Every human being right now is begging for something to actually happen. The global crisis is terrible, worse than you have heard. We are in all corners of the earth observing all human beings. We're seeing that the human sadly forgot to love, that is final. Working to get much gold by any means, and above all things, they forget their peers. You know very well that this was a more or less peaceful country. Now they cannot be in town, and cannot be in the states, and everywhere are checkpoints and often people that even do unfair things, and everywhere are thugs, assaults, above all, what is more sad, is that you do not respect each other in the least.

The man believes that "living" is to survive with the most gold he can get, believes that if he has a lot of gold will be able to be happy, when definitely, it is not the excess gold that gives happiness, but we know they need enough to live, which will be like you'll be living in the very near future.
I still see many desperate, "nothing happens! Teacher Aliestro said the ships would be seen" Well, get informed well, have been seen gigantic ships, have been moving around the world, they have seen group of ships that are appearing. Why is there concern? Because the human being sadly thinks that if you come from other worlds are worse than humans, then yes, the poor Father would say, "what a failure I am because if this was what I could create, then what did I give them freedom for."

But does not occur to them that if there are so many ships, so many beings that are coming is because precisely come to the aid of humanity already helpless, because all are afflicted, and there is no justice, there is no balance, and are only thinking "to who belongs the oil." Try thinking, for oil, profits are for the few, because I really think that people do not enjoy a lot of oil. Now, for example, there have been countries like ... let's assume that was Venezuela, which they were giving away gasoline, but look how precarious are the people, so they were not gaining anything, it's totally unfair what is happening in all places where we go. We listened to the minds of men and felt totally sad, yes, never thought that a human being that was created to think, would be devoted to do what is doing now.

These demonstrations that are at this time in Mexico City, it is a protest against poverty, they say that injustice, they need more money, they need more security in what they will do, but do you think that causing damage to their peers will do?, because riots like these are making a lot of damage to all who have to live on their business, live of whatever, even  transportation, everything is wrong, but they forget that, then they have fun making noise, making a fuss, saying "until the government listens to us." That really, what are they going to listen? If they say something that is true in any case have to be giving each other support.

Sadly the imbalance is already total, we've heard that if we saw what's going on with the war that is being started at this time, now, that the World War III is starting, no, they’re always at war. The human being for more than 25,000 years is at war. They are constantly attacking each other, they are taking what they have ... those who cannot defend themselves and always, always in all times there have been injustices.
Why have we been patient? Because we do not come to subject, we come to observe you, help you, talk to you and remember that we have not won anything by appearing. You gave us the names of angels, archangels, or gods, or made strange mythologies of beings you have seen, but there are of course, traces of civilizations which have come.

They built the pyramids that are very important, which soon will know what actually transmit these monuments that were made to be the man who hears something that will impact soon. Now we are putting many messages in the wheat fields. Messages that cannot decipher because they do not want, because they do not realize that really have something special that we're putting out there, but above all, will decrypt them perfectly fine, but you will see, when we do the strong movement, we will have ... it is assumed many that repented. Repentant because they are not going back to "sin", they do not even know what it is the "sin", they believe that sin is, yes, kill, of course it's a sin, but eat the animals and say that it is lawful. They kill everything that has life, destroy everything, we observe the human killing everything, everything around him: the birds, fish, land animals, well, it's the last straw, even eat up the rats that had their lifestyle, eat snakes, eat insects.

I think if the human thought, he would realize that there is something wonderful he can do, "seed", planting, harvesting, feeding on the fruits of the earth, care for them. Now at this time, they do not know when it will rain or when it is not going to rain, anyway there is still some balance in the rain, but things are already very, very strong, very catastrophic.
Many say they are predicting an earthquake, an earthquake, one or more? Why? Because they destroyed the planet; the planet is open to the depths of its foundations, of course, because nuclear testing is the wonder that has accomplished the human and their technology, having bombs that would destroy everything that has life. So, tell me if man really occurs to think, and have activated the Ring of Fire, you have given us enough work to be controlling the volcanoes, but the sea is already bubbling with all the damage caused.

The fish are sick, there is no stability in any of the places where we go, and we have said we do have cities in another dimension; we have been rescuing species of fish, and of course do not forget that all being created by the father has a soul and the soul is what we collect. Totally can take everything, everything we can do to then return the balance to the earth, but to shake the man is going to be very shocking. Naturally and many say “that if the day 21, nothing happened.” They don't see what is really happening, but the sad thing was that selfishly thought that few had earned paradise: “already please! Get rid of all mankind! Give us a nice house and a good job and take us to paradise to enjoy the benefits of living in a place where everything is life!”

Well, selfishly had forgotten many of the beings around them, now, I have seen you trying to convince the beings around you to "respect life", they’re always asking: "That teacher Alaniso! That his name is already everywhere! To make things right, but to meet every whim and then ending with all the killings! " Well, we did not come ... although I have being painted with a sword in hand, do not come to begin to do justice with the sword, it is a lie about the sword.
Then you have to understand that we already have a perfect selection of all that is humanity, and all, and we have said several times, "all that the Father asks is that he doesn’t want to lose his children," that is, that evil does not take many souls. Then we will make an impact so they repent but to send them to another planet because don’t believe that because of “chest-beating,” they're ready to inhabit the paradise that we're going to deliver.

Already recorded enough messages to be listened to, many people have heard, but you know some who say: "Everything is a lie! The Teachers don’t show up! Why not stop in front of us and tell us what you want?" Well, it's a challenge, "appear" "but if I believe that each message carries a profound truth, they cannot tell us that “we were wrong about anything,” you will see that they are going to be analyzed, on the more than 600 messages recorded, there is not one in which they tell us "here they lied!" or that we want to put you in another religion. What is religion? Religion is nothing more than an excuse to divide and feel powerful, they forgot to think. They say that "the holy book says" and they say that "the man who leads them is who is absolutely right," and that "it is Satan", oh, how they like to mention him, they love him to be around them, him or the millions who have followed him? Then imagine the arduous work that we have.

The Father is still asking  not to be taken his children by evil, or to at least  move them to another planet when the planet changes dimension, and humanity as it is right now we have very few, but the dream of the Father is that his children ... why not, suddenly they learned to think, that's what we're thinking, is it possible? But people who are scared are asking: "lower the ships now, end up with all the bad, to take them away” Yes, we're going to take the evil but hopefully it won’t be as many human beings as those he has trapped at this moment.

So I ask that if you have been listening to our messages, realize that in not a single one there’s something repeated, there are reiterative things, we have already said, but we need to emphasize as a good teacher at what you do not understand, in what seems impossible to understand, but there is always something new and above all else, there’s something else because you have realized that listening to a message you understand it in a way and if you put it back again you hear something else, and then in every message we put several messages and in each mind we want to put life.

Please tell people that half listen, that it is time for change, we will not give a date because well ... do not forget that your time is your time and our time is our time, but we move inside your time to say, "that the planet already will change in dimension that we cannot wait any longer and we are going to make much noise." We have done so because in the entire world they are interested on the ships because they are seeing them, it is not a secret that there are ships everywhere, ships of different sizes but have not seen the greatest, the greatest ones we have at a time at which we have to come to rebuild the planet, not threatening, because to rebuild the planet will take us a few days, it’s not much of a problem, the problem is humanity.

So remember, if you come with such faith, study, but practice all that we have taught and be people who really show that are with us. Please trust us that we are not leaving you behind in any moment and that above all, all we ask is to "learn to love".
We are going to give a meditation that I know will please you, remember that we do agree on the topics that we have to give and how we will go tacking an issue with another, because remember that all messages are basted in one form or another, but we have to give you something, something that moves you, something that will help you think about and something to help you feel that there is a Father, a beautifully great Father that is with all his children and never has forgotten them.

Message after the meditation:

Well, I think you will realize that whenever my brother Aliestro wants to talk, he is one of the most powerful minds that is with us, that we are a real army and thus because he feels so much love, he  is in despair. Sadly yes, there you are going to say "and what about the control of emotions from the teachers, how do they get desperate!?" Well because we want to help you, we would want to shake you, we would like to one day wake up thinking, loving, not hurting, because you do not hear the mind of the wicked, is unpleasant, is terrible, we do hear them, and the voices are heard and feel a great pain to see the degradation that is in the earth.

So it is true that we do feel a little sad, a little desperate because we see that it will be very difficult, especially, the conditions of the Father; he doesn’t want to lose the souls, wants us to rescue as many souls possible; does not want evil to continue to grow in his army, does not want to be so many beings bowed to evil and doesn’t allow us in the least to remove free will. Think if you don't want to leave them a day and not let them think and that we put our thoughts, to see if they wake up one morning and say “now I am feeling that I can love!” But we cannot, every mind is responsible for himself, each human has to say "I will be a worthy son of my creator."

Now, if you know good people or a youngster that parts, it was their moment and it was their time and we look after the soul and give them the great happiness to get to a special place and yes, they’ve complained about someone who asked for health and had to leave, so then they say why if we are powerful. Because too many times is a way for them to complete a requested time, also do not forget they have other lives back and asked for that to happen and then leave and we come for those souls to fill them with happiness. Someday you will realize that the only thing we don't have is being unfair, nor do we sleep saying “I cannot! No, this person I will not heal him!” It’s not fair, but of course, we also know their previous lives and why they wanted to leave in this way. It is also their time, their moment and place in which they want to leave, the teaching they left, and if it was a person who really was a person who knew how to love then decided "in a way, I come, love, leave a good memory and if I have to go from some disease or "... many times of an accident, because we have drawn some people from terrible accidents, it was not their time yet. But there are many who have to go, and you cannot blame us, above all, never  of negligence because those who ask us for help, we give it with all our love, but naturally hoping to have many testimonials that we come to give life. So I ask you to be united and preparing, studying.

It's time to spread our message because it is a Father who is asking that his children, his children he loves so much, to return to him.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas, through Extrasensory Telepathy. September 6, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico on

Transcription and translation: Team Ahena