Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of August 31, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

When we see all of you with so much hope, with so many desires to work for us, we realize that aren’t many but enough to be able to tell the entire world all that we have to say. Man is totally confused. The human being doesn’t want to listen, the human being feels wise in everything and we’re seeing with much pain that they forgot to think.  “To think” is a divine gift; the Father gave it to us so that we could be beings that would do the most wonderful things, so that we could create something new every day, so that we could share all that we learned, so that we could be all united in a single force, the Father gave us everything and man doesn’t know why he was born and where’s he’s going nor why he exists. We’ve been giving many messages, if you listen to them you realize that all are truly different and see that there are topics that we do talk about again so that you can think in what you really have to do or how to convey it, it’s not only the fact that you can understand it but also how to convey it, that’s why we give you different ways where we talk about a topic so complicated and so simple as is the fact of respecting life. Because we have seen you trying by all means that your loved ones, your friends, people you trust listen to you but you see that they don’t understand absolutely anything. Therefore, if you listen to the messages, there are many ways of saying it, but remember that naturally it’s always without aggression, always teaching man to find a truth, always giving comfort. Tell my something right now, who’s happy on earth? You, a little because you have hope, but the other human beings, I believe there isn’t anyone that can say that is happy. Every day they wake up fearful, anguished, and worried for everything that they have to do on that day and always thinking: “Well, may God help me because things are very hard.”

So, when they tell you that there’s still a year left or 3 more years, no because the planet is now very, very destroyed. Things are happening; how long will it take the sun to complete its rotation? In a very short time, it’s already spinning, it’s already changing its poles and although many say and laugh out loud that the sun doesn’t have poles, it does and it does have… not in the same way as the earth, that on the poles is cold and the middle is warm, but it depends how the sun’s rays arrive, that’s something different, but the sun is a star that has a very special strength and that it also has to be fulfilling times and those times are being fulfilled now.
Therefore, I, with much love say to you that when we know who listens to us… not everyone that acquire the messages decide to ask for the message that this Teacher, I believe that I’ve always given a message that carries within something that I believe is interesting and that it’s also the preparation for the meditation, because naturally I know what that meditation is going to be about, because we get together and start talking about what we’re going to teach you and who’s going to be the one that will want to speak on that occasion but we always know perfectly well how is the sequence that we have to follow to teach you all that we have to give you. At this time, ships, lights, yes, they’ve just seen a balloon that someone released, no, it was a ship and we’re completely aware that we’re announcing ourselves.

You’ve asked much for something to happen in Tepoztlan when you come but you want that when you leave your home, look up at the sky and there we are. We’re going to start showing ourselves, something that others don’t see but other human beings are going to be able to see that our presence is a reality. Because I know that you get excited to be able to see at least some lights that move and I see you happy saying: “there they are! There are some lights, they move differently, there’s a star that flashes different, there’s a special movement;” but when we see you with that joy we feel so proud of the ones that listen to us. We never thought that we were going to have humanity reunited here.

Reunited are all the ones that are going to convey the message, the ones that we’ve selected to be able to give something very important to humanity. That’s why we’ve taught you many things, at least what is called “the respect for life,” you understand it perfectly well, even though you want to tell the others and the others don’t want to listen but don’t worry, we take care of that but the most important is that we do have a regular number, but tell the people that acquire the messages that naturally they also have to listen to this Teacher; it’s few the ones that ask for them, the ones that live far from here and I believe that they can better understand the meditation if they listen to what with much love I have prepared. But for the ones that come, well, it’s a very special light, something very beautiful, very beautiful what we will give them. Tonight is for us, like all the nights, very important, but is so special, it has something that you are going to feel, that’s why I want you to be completely calm, to relax well, that if you close your eyes, well try to not to fall asleep so that you can feel with all clarity the presence of the being that is with you and that you can also feel the energy that descends and that enfolds you completely; because each time that we see you here reunited we’re doing something very, very special. Now I’m going to repeat, there are those that can’t come to all the meditations but when they get together in their homes to meditate, the same, there are my brothers and are still receiving all the light and the Father is sending his rays in each place where they’re reunited to be able to listen to a message that we’ve prepared with much love and with so much time.

I believe that now the years that we’ve been working on this, yes, it’s 11 years, almost 12 years since the messages began to be recorded, but we have arrived at the time when they have to go out to humanity no matter what they say, even if they criticize and say that it is madness and that “is a farce” about the voice that we put, that can be proven in any way they want; cannot change a woman’s voice with the simple fact of lowering the speed a little bit to turn it into a man’s voice that normally is now identified as our voice, that we try to convey with the absolute peace with which we want you to feel protected by us. Therefore, now that I see that you come as always making an effort, with the desire that I can say something new, new? Well, we already said it, the ships are now ready, and all the activity is ready. There are more ships in places of danger than you imagine, why? Because we’re seeing in what way we can rescue many human beings that are in danger and that really are kind. Perhaps in a war you can see that some kids disappeared, some people, I think that we’re going to start rescuing them.

Therefore, don’t think that we’re coldly contemplating all the mistakes of man; we are preparing to do something shocking and the “shocking” is now going to start. So please, analyze how we’ve taught you to convey the message. I know that you can’t repeat our words exactly the same, but we do give you an idea of how to speak with others, with the beings that you try to convince and that also laugh, then just say to them: the same way they laughed during the war when they were torturing a human being.

Let’s assume, the well-known, well, because have managed to give it publicity – The Holocaust, you have seen it, with how much cruelty they could take their brothers and harm them so much and moreover they mocked them; and moreover, they would say that “those Jews (which were the ones they were destroying) had to disappear”. I think that no one authorized them to say that anyone had to “disappear”, not a single race. All are siblings even if they’re divided by religions or by their beliefs or because each one feels special in what they believe in.

For this reason we want you to say to them exactly the same. See how good it is that they’ve reproduced scenes of what “The Holocaust” was because that holocaust happens every day with the animals, every day. I’m not going to say to you that those men ate the Jews, -no because it was a worthless race! But if they had been hungry they would have done it. Or when they would take the blacks… well, the world “black” sounds too ugly, the people of color, of the place where they lived; with how much sadism they were treated and would hit them and humiliate them, the same it’s done to the animals. That’s why we say to give them that comparison: when the cattle are going inside the slaughterhouses with a terrible cruelty; the same, the same was done with the human beings throughout humanity’s history. Slaves that formed complete chains of beings that suffered and that moreover were hit, chained, were given food, well, it wasn’t a bit delicious but at least they clung to life. But ever since man remembers man’s history, have always lived in that way. Then, I suggest to you to make that comparison and if they think that the animal is worthless, then why they thought that people of color were worthless, or because they had another religion, or because were from another race or because they simply wanted to take away their land, because that was the reason why they fought so much.

Then I give you an idea of what can be done, well, I believe that since there are people that only listen to the meditation, well, we’re also going to put emphasis in all this, but I do tell you, you don’t know how much I love you, how much love you for being here and how much I thank you for your effort; therefore, continue preparing yourselves that are going to receive a very pleasant surprise the ones that haven’t given up because the love of the Father is the one that will flood over you and very soon, on this time already,  you’re going to know what the true happiness is.

Message after the meditation:

Let’s see, and what did it meant to you listening to several things that probably some weren’t so new, but others were of a conscious analysis of what means to love life. I believe that we make an effort to the maximum to reach your minds; we are never going to feel that because we evolved we are superior in any aspect to anyone. We also traveled the time of learning, also went through the time of learning why we were born, why we grow, why we evolve; the only thing that didn’t happen in our worlds was to destroy a life to eat it, that was definite, it never happened. Ever since we started to realize that we existed, we respected life, so calculate how wonderful is to learn to respect life, then what is achieved as evolution in what the mind is, the wonderful mind that the Father gave us. The power that we have, if someone negative had it, would be dreadful because we have such power that we all could get together and arrange an entire planetary system, but we let things happen as they have to be, because the Father created it that way and that’s how it has to be and the universe does have to move indeed.

All we do is keep an eye that nothing that was about to happen on this earth happens, that is, that evil by taking ownership of the planet wanted it to disintegrate, to create a total chaos in the entire planetary system to also cause a chaos in the galaxy, because if something is not organized, a planet starts to crash another planet, it ends with that rhythm with which everything moves, then it would reach another galaxy… because there’s one thing that you’re going to know, the planetary systems are very close to one another and then sometimes the passing of one planet intersperses inside another planetary system; then everything is so precise, so perfect that there isn’t a single error.
You  haven’t seen many things because here on Earth are a little behind, but when you start knowing how wonderful is seeing the exact movement of everything that exists in the Universe, you’re going to see that it was worth it that one day you said: “I do believe! I haven’t seen them; they still haven’t brought down the ships,” but you’re going to see, it’s very soon. You have earned it and I say it to you with much love to all the ones present and the ones that listen to us that really have continued meditating, have earned it: going inside a ship, know the universe and have the strength to be able to help this human beings that sadly, as my brother Alan says, “they forgot to think,” because we don’t give up.

Yesterday you heard that we were sad, yes, if things were as they are seen we were going to keep very few, but we’re not going to give up because the Father says to us: Don’t give up, my children have something that is called “mind” and have to activate it, and have to help me not to lose them. He knows that many are going to go as “flunked” to another planet, that doesn’t worry him because He says: “They will evolve.”  It is as a child that doesn’t pass a year in school and that doesn’t want to study, well, will go to another school where can really have the opportunity to learn, but that doesn’t mean that he’s eliminated; then, the majority of the human beings we hope to pass them to another planet, we are going to fill… quite large is going to be the evacuation of beings that are going to be as “flunked” but just that “flunked,” to learn again, to study again. What we don’t want is for evil to take many souls, that’s the difference.

So, it is indeed a community of millions, because they also get like kids… well, even with a little mental retardation: “I don’t understand; I eat meat, they’re lying, that’s not possible,” well, too bad, they’re leaving, but not to hell as many would say, no, not to the darkness. They’re leaving to populate other worlds and continue with their evolution, but I think that for you your loved ones are important, we’re going to try it, we’re going to do things that really astonish and pay close attention on how you’re going to show them the messages because I believe that then they say: “and which one you like more? Which one is the most important?” -Oh! Well, I don’t know because all are beautiful-, then it’s true, you can teach with any one of them, but I think that what my brother Alan has just explained is very interesting.

Then, prepare yourselves that we are in the last time and blessed be the Father that created the times, blessed is the Father that gave us the power to be able to help you live this change, and prepare very well because we already are in the moment at which order returns to this planet and this planet converts again into a paradise earlier than you imagine. Thank you for being with us and prepare very well because things are coming big and beautiful for those that have listened to us.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. August 31, 2013.

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Transcription: AHENA Team.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of August 23, 2013.

Absolutely everything we have predicted is starting. This time is a very difficult time to maintain the axis of the earth. We are working hard. They say the sun has no poles, it certainly has, all the living stars in a ball shape, so to speak, have to have their polarity. The sun is like a thinking being that governs every planet, do not believe that there isn't something that is moving and ruling them.  In order to reach the planets alignment, they need precisely the direction of the sun. It seems for the human that the earth is a living being but that does not feel, the sun is a living being that doesn't feel, but is different the way they feel or think, but of course not as you know that is supposed to be a thinking being that reasons, but are created in such a way that their cycles are perfect.

The one who does think is the Father who created them and the Father gave them exact times to each star that must govern all planetary systems in the galaxy and all galaxies. The Father did all mathematically perfect. At this time it is fulfilling a time, a time when all those beings that actually learn to love, can rejoice. When many say: "I already left the meat to earn Paradise," remember that it is not to leave the meat, not about sacrifice; it's to do it for love, for love of animals, by pure reasoning of what represents the respect for life. Do you know how many relapsed after the famous day 21? Is painful but they were many who complained, became angry and went to take their shots out of anger because we didn’t give them the paradise at the time they believed it would be given.

What happens is that they neither study nor reason all the messages we have given. All taken superficially by the scandal that came up with the “world's end,” everyone got the idea of, I do not know, that some few would go to a planet of light and then what? Was this planet left stumbling? No, still the Father wants to get his children back, and I'll definitely tell you how: not everyone is going to stay even if they say and swear and perjure, as they say, that they "will not go back to eating meat." We read your mind and it must be with pure reasoning of what loving life represents and respecting the life that the Father created and as he created it, it should be conserved and must preserve all.

They have no mercy for anything, here the man truthfully feels he is the master of the planet in every way, and the animals are supposed to be inferior beings that God made them to be eaten by savages and also that they are in the way. They just returned to kill a lot of elephants that are supposed to be hindering, that are breeding too much, that because they destroy many plantations or many trees, but They Know What They Do. What you may not know is that the elephant is a creature that has a function and when they remove some plants is because there is a reason for all. Every animal was created to achieve the ecological balance of the planet, but that the planet is unbalanced is not their fault, it´s of man who killed without measure all living beings on earth.

Now  they all seem ugly to them, everything seems to hinder, they kill rhinos also discriminately, hippos, buffaloes in the jungle, not to mention the buffalo in North America, and these already are over, and everything has a reason, everything has a balance. The superfluous here on earth was the man who did not appreciate how wonderful it is to live in a world created by the Father, with a perfect balance everything perfect. Man should have taken his place and also should have helped the animals to live better as we have done and also to have everything, all that is the plantations in perfect balance, not destroy.

Forests are running out and still kill elephants because they say they are eating some of the trees or plants, and trees being felled indiscriminately without realizing that have ended the lung of the earth and they are totally destroying everything it could be also ecological balance within representing plants. And the man complains and kills and man destroys everything in its path; the worst predator that could have this planet was the very human, which is why we want you to realize that if you are in need of help is because this planet could disintegrate completely. If the sun moved the planet to take its place with these vibrations would disintegrate completely, but would make total chaos both in the planetary system, as it could harm the entire galaxy.

They often say that there are planets that exploded, no, everything that happens in the universe is perfectly balanced, the Father did not create anything with errors, everything is perfect. Imagine the power of mind He is that could have created a world so perfect, so balanced. In all worlds there is animal life and thinking life. Different, depending on the type of planet they get to live in, but all of them had to have a thinking being that reasons to preserve life and give balance to the world in which they lived. With the imbalance so strong that has this planet, then you think very seriously that if we were not here, this planet would live shortly, then you would have the end of the world that have touted so much.

There will be no end of the world because this planet has to be in balance within the planetary system that corresponds to be in. I am a teacher, I have power, we are millions with the same power, many, many beings who have come from other worlds have full control of their emotions and have such an advance, that their technology is impressive. We watch all their technology, congratulate them on the progress they have had, that could also leave their worlds to come help, why? Because this planet was endangering the galaxy. A tiny planet at the edge of a galaxy and could cause total chaos in all living things within the same galaxy, because if planets collide by the imbalance then it would be all total chaos.

So I tell you, they say that everything is a lie, good thing they are the same men who are studying the sun, have realized that the sun is starting to spin and does have poles, of course it has them, and of course that it has everything that can be a way of life that soon you will know. There is life, there is life in the sun, this is the most impressive and will know it; beings that look like they were made of fire but have a very special form of existence, soon you are going to know it all.
Therefore I say that yesterday marked a change. For us it was very proud to say: we already have an accurate selection of who are now for us those that have full value.

Those who have not given up, that did not say that we are liars, that they did an analysis of what they had to do and continued steadfast in what is representing respect for life, yesterday received a prize, they will soon see that everything moves in another dimension and it is not true that we have failed, but everyone thought they were about to go physically to receive it.  Physically the movement is already coming and will be able to enter the ships, and going to see wonderful things we are going to show to anyone who has understood our message, but that inside your mind, that exists love, that's something very important, really, when you see an animal suffer, you feel it and try to rescue it or at least, do not participate in what is a killing of someone who deserved respect for its life because it was created by the Father.

Yes, time is being marked; yes, it is fulfilling a time and yes, there will be a change; and yes, there will be change in dimension; and yes, there will be all that we have announced. Imagine if we will come to this world to prepare a message with so much love that we have, make so many messages, no two alike, that some things repeat, yes, because are the least you come to understand in your pretty little heads of many human beings, because we are Teachers and the teacher has to teach in all forms what is of vital importance. Remember it is very important to control the emotions, that’s where we still see you wobble. There are people who do not like their way of being, why? Because they are aggressive, because they are making fun, because they are people who are arrogant or simply within their ignorance want to make you all be seen as ridiculous.

You be calm, already got the message, already you listened to us, you practiced and practiced with such love that we are proud of all those who have listened. Naturally as we have said, not everyone can come every Friday, but those coming you know, my great congratulations, but also see that acquire the messages, and it is important to not only listen to the meditation, I also think that I am giving the message with love so you are aware of everything that is happening and what will happen.

So, yesterday was marked already a date, today marks another, the sun starts to spin and then yes, those who really believe they have all the power and start planning a great war ... for us is shocking to see how have they’ve lost their reason; how can they possibly think that can keep declaring war between brothers and they can prepare something that totally destroys them, because they destroy themselves as they have done with all these bacteria they have put on earth; there are so many diseases that were created by the same man, egged on by evil himself. They have planned it so if they get many people sick, everyone with the business of medicine earn much money and also wanted to do away with much of the population of the "third world" as they said that were growing too much and could become a threat to some powerful, then created terrible diseases and were formed by man himself.

Now, contaminating the animals, well yes, as they tell them: “You have to eat your meat, is what will make you strong; if you don’t eat meat, you're going to be weak; if you do not eat meat, you will be malnourished and you will not have white blood cells or red blood cells.” I do not know where their heads are at of those who can say such a thing, well, they are a little dominated by beings of darkness. But of course there will not be more diseases, there will be no death, there will not be bloodshed, to clean up the planet is a very challenging work but fortunately we are millions upon millions who come from other worlds with a great love for saving this planet, including their own good because if not, the entire planetary system could unbalanced and could, as I said before, unbalance the galaxy.

From how many worlds are coming? Well, you see, there are a lot of beings who have their advanced technology and lovingly offered to work with us. The only ones who can pull of the dark beings are us, that cannot do it beings from other worlds, but I do say, already the time has met and start the raid and most likely is that it is time in starting to disappear many people who have to move to another planet to inhabit it there, we are not going to let them the animals to kill and eat, and above all things, we will see from the evil ones who can also pass to another planet or sadly evil will make sure to make them kill each other so he take them. We are in a totally difficult time, very shocking, working day and night.

We do not rest, do not sleep, we do not need much sleep, from other worlds often do need a little longer sleep times, we do not, fortunately our energy is so powerful that if we do not sleep nothing happens, although we like it, do not believe it is not nice to rest a bit, but for now we are not resting at any hour, at any time. We are watching all that is happening on the earth, listening to each and every one of the human beings, penetrating their minds, there you will say: ah, but where is the free will? Yes, but we are not going to remove it, but we have to listen to know who is really going to be able to live this wonderful change that is coming.

That will happen will happen and in a very, very, very short time. Now, normally man likes dates and you saw the chaos that happened with an “end of the world” that they invented and what a problem went making and how things happened in those days. No, no dates can be given, but we can tell you to observe if the planet is not changing its polarity, because all the things that are happening are not normal. We are rescuing many animals we can still save, others; we are going to rescue their souls so that we can take them for their reincarnation.

Naturally, the animal also has reincarnation and we are working in everything, because here even the balance of the insects was finished: therefore no longer can stand them, that’s why they’re on the way, that’s why proliferate the ones that shouldn’t. You do not know how to do anything right, you have done it all wrong, on this earth there is no balance, we are going to give balance to the Earth. Therefore, I again ask, "do not lose control of your emotions," please, whenever they’re going to make you mad, breathe deeply and say, "absolute control of each and every one of my emotions." - "Yes Teacher, I will do it, I know it takes me a little work still but I want to be part of all that is coming and I want to know what it's like to live," because what we will give in the future is life, only life.

So get ready, dream, to put in your mind all you want to put that is the most wonderful, and to receive us. And we're going to leave soon all memory of what you are doing when we take you at night, do not think you spend the whole night in your bed sleeping, you don't even realize when your spirits is released and we take you to prepare, and you'll have memory of everything you have done and you will see that you will feel proud to have received at this time a prize for being faithful and constant in what is representing our presence in our message. Listen to this message with love and prepare, things are already on the way, evil will be removed from the earth, sadly taking many humans but we have a commitment to the Father: return to normal this planet and avoid any chaos that could happen if we do not have the strength to straighten this world.

And it is the Father who continues to give us strength to end now with this difficult mission which is to rescue this planet, and humans who can think, only those who know how to think and those who understand the message that we have prepared with love.

Message after meditation:

Now I'm going to ask, for love, tell me that "you understood". We want to feel free from the worry of repeating and repeating to follow what should be the control of emotions, why you have to be in control of emotions, why you have to love all beings you know, why you have to prepare. Sure you all hope for the wonderful prize to board the ship, to see the New Dawn and know what it is to live like we do, but tell me that we're not going to keep repeating, at least, those who are listening to us "what is the control of emotions ". We already want to see that start to say: "we are ready", and starting to say, "I already got on the ship; I went yesterday, I went this day, I went last night."

You lie down calmly, please, very calm, relaxed. I hope you have learned to throw into the trash all your worries which we know what they are, we have already told you that if you owe money you won’t owe it anymore because will end all this economic conflict on earth. That you will be calm, tell me that you got the message, that we are not going to repeat and repeat and repeat. We don’t get tired of repeating, but we do worry because the time already has been met and because we're ready for the big move and because we want our representatives to have full consciousness already of what is representing to know our message.

It’s sad to see who gave up, they will return, but they have to learn that control of emotions, and you are the ones who are going to show and when they argue or say or tell you anything, you do not lose control: you will be calm, smiling, loving and always having an answer to everything you are asked.
So promise me that you will be fully balanced and happy, because already came the moment to do the "big event" that has to be done on the Earth to try to rescue as many humans as possible, to take away the smile from evil of taking many men, and above all things, already will make it look clean and to be seen clear skies, clear, full of stars and that these stars descend and that are the ships that come down and you will see and  will be visiting. Then, promise me that you will achieve it because I trust you all for that control of emotions that we have asked so much.
Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero  Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy . August 23, 2013.

This meditation can be acquired from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico on

Transcript: AHENA Team