Friday, August 30, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of August 9, 2013.

Message before meditation:

What represents today for all of us and to all of you? We’ve worked very hard; what you do is study, prepare and naturally to want everything to go perfectly well. You are going to be put to work, do not worry. We have a commitment very, very serious with the Father and is to return to Him his children as he asks. You have lived it; your relatives, friends, loved ones, really do not want to hear, but they are good, nor are we going to say that we’re “pulling a little their ears." But they have to understand that what we ask is something so beautiful: we just ask them to respect life and to respect themselves, and allow us with all the love with which we’ve come, to reach humanity. We will make great manifestations of our presence. Man needs something they call "seeing is believing".

All over the world the ships are being seen, everywhere you hear that there are beings that are coming to earth, but of course always with the idea that they will come to harm, that they will come to take possession of this beautiful planet to which want to take it's riches. I believe that the human beings must think that of riches there is not any, already finished all that could be something that would give them happiness. The whole planet is polluted, but what is worse, the planet is spinning, if you do not want to realize it, it is because really now we sadly see that you do not know how to think. The poles have thawed, and the heat goes up, everywhere complain about the heat, the sea waters are warming and naturally many fish are dying from the pollution of the sea. But we are going to rescue them.

The most important thing is that we can tell the man: "Please, use your intelligence a little bit," let's put it in quotes "to learn to think." We are beings that because we never destroyed, we have an unprecedented power, just that, “we have never destroyed a single way of life," much less are we going to come to harm a human being who is completely unprotected, attacked by the energies evil. If they say everything is okay, then I think they expected all these dark beings to become masters of mankind, which are growing, growing, growing. The mafia is in an unbearable way, taking over the hopes of human beings.

All those who are working to create the drug, which is precisely what most damages a human being, which makes evil can take over of many minds, and that at any given time this planet would be entirely at the expense of beings of darkness. We're ready for the big move; we ask the Father all of his strength and power so that our mission is not obstructed the slightest. The Father has given us more and more power, and if we tell you the amount of power that we have, you would be impressed, so for us to fix the planet, does not take more than a short time, very, very short time. When you see how the ships come down, start pulling all the pollution, as we begin to clear, fully cleanse this land, it will surprise the power that has come to earth and will naturally realize that no ship at any time has done harm to any human being.

The fantasies that humans have created are amazing: huge beautiful ships firing, causing the man to run because they really are burning the planet. What was going to fire it up is the heat which you are going through and of course never, ever be able to say that "one day they saw that a single ship could attack". We are beings with unprecedented power, but now, the time has met. That famous day 21 that everyone expected would end the world, they sure had good intentions for this planet if they thought it was going to end. The planet will never end; it will be rebuilt and will be driven to another dimension. But how we see things, we'd almost call it a lost war; evil would take so many humans that it would be painful for the father to see how he’s losing his children, do not forget that all human beings are children of the Father, as is the most evil one and we still have the hope of rescuing them.

Not to pass them to the light, we have already explained many times, but at least send them to another planet where they can begin their time, where they can rethink about what they have done. They are not going to find gold or will find themselves with ornaments, nor they will find that they have power, they will find that "to work, to plant and sow the hard ground," but we will closely monitor them. As we are going to lock up the evil in their domains, we will try and say “try” because naturally the guile he has is very large and will find a way to still have the opportunity to enter the Father's worlds to reach beings  who are going to be staying on other planets. We will have to distribute them, we'll have to see how we can put everyone in what they really may deserve.

Now, we are starting to show that they are going up on to the ships, there are already children who can speak for us and we have shown that we really are here and there are already adults. If the day 21st of December we had taken the few who have understood the message, in between quotes because many have proven that had not understood because sadly returned to consume death, many of those who had promised to be in this mission, but there are more who have understood. Many, sad said, "But I’m not going back to eating meat because we understood the message of the teachers and hopefully will prove true that this planet can enter another dimension." Sure it's true, of course we are working, and that it is already settling, but it is turning and that turn, if you would live it crudely, it would be devastating

That is why now we want you to realize that we have all the power to help if there is any danger because yes, the planet will continue protesting. You know that we rescue you, you have to be ready so that you can board a ship or to pass to a dimensional door so you can be protected. But everyone dreams to board a ship, it is a beautiful adventure, but remember, you have to be calm, full of faith and above all, saying every day: I believe in me because I am the son of my Father, I believe in life because he created it, I love life because life must go on and I know that at this time I can say that "I can now understand that it is a message of love and hope." A message for humanity that doesn’t carry with it any religion.

Religions have been developed in a way that has separated the human being but the sad thing is that everywhere they speak of evil: Satan is everywhere! Satan is lying! The beautiful beings are demons disguised as angels! What it does cause us laughter, well, let's put it like this, that they’re saying reptilians are coming. There are beings of darkness that look very similar, but very nasty indeed, and possessions, they do exist; that there are powerful beings who have possessions there are and are not even noticed too, because apparently are with all groups but giving orders of death to unleash another war because they want to have more money, to be able to take over of others.

I think that even they remember everything that happened in the war against the Jews, well, that has been with all humanity, has been in all the places where war was declared, have made atrocities with their own brothers, and we say and ask them to respect the animals if they cannot respect their peers, how we want them to understand what is respect for life; a life created by the Father. I am a teacher. I want to ask you to be ready for the big move that is starting, but of course our calendar is different and we are feeling like we can now work. So study hard please, remember that you will not repeat our words as we say them, but you have to teach yourselves to keep within the content of our message so that when they ask any questions always have an answer. We have already seen that you did understand what is the respect for life, and we've seen you trying to teach humans not to kill, yes, they proclaim that there is a commandment that says thou shalt not kill, but every day are killed everywhere, and at all times they are destroying lives.

Have decimated the planet entirely of animal life, have decimated the planet of all that represents balance, and of course pollution is already dreadfully attacking the respiratory tracts, to everything you need to live in peace. But why do people who are with us does not happen anything? Because they are with us, because they have heard our message and because we can tell them they are fully protected. A dome of light protects you and also the dome is connected with the ships, all are known by all beings from other worlds, they all know who are the beings that we have selected, they know perfectly well on which homes we are welcomed because the altar is seen lit.

Remember, it was said that the Great Mother announced three days of darkness, let's take it metaphorically, you are in a time of darkness, -not to open the doors because the demons were everywhere-  I think that is happening. Best to keep their doors well closed and several padlocks and still manage to enter and do as much damage possible in homes, only those households that we protect doesn’t happen anything. But they didn't need to say that the sunlight was going to go off, the sunlight is never going to shut down. That about the sun going off someday is a lie because the sun was created by the Father, the divine energy of the father, but the whole planetary system will go into another dimension with its sun, the sun is not going to be left behind and of course the planetary system that is coming, brings its own sun, but it's life that it is starting now. Naturally, we had to study very well how we can leave a planet with an ecological balance without letting the temptation to kill animals, to those who’ll be  staying in such places.

Now, also remember that all those who have departed, have gone to study. You have to understand that leaving your body, that body was badly hurt, if it was very destroyed they arrive a little sore where they need to arrive and we put them to prepare. We have, let's say, a planet-hospital in another dimension where we prepare them, where they’re cured, where they’re taught everything they could not learn when they were here on earth, but were not exactly evil. That is why you have to be calm with your loved ones who have gone; those already able to evolve have passed to the light because we also have had very studious ones who have learned quickly what we have taught.

But do not worry about your loved ones who have departed, they are guarded by us, because everyone here haven't had loved ones who have been some thugs, or probably one out there escaped, but usually they are people that never thought to hurt. So I want you to see yourselves protected, all have a protection, all are being enfolded in a ... as we speak, we are putting a dome of light, but that dome is connected with ships and you’re going to see that now your dreams to live an adventure will be fulfilled. And I am very proud of everyone here because everyone here continued to meet and hear our message and they said at least we learned to love, that's the important.

So this meditation, as always, we have prepared it with a lot of love, but for us this day must be dedicated to the Father wonderfully great that is with you all. At this time the room is full of people who come to listen but it is completely full of us, all guards are here. And they will say: how did they fit? Do not forget that we are as energy and can fit anywhere but our Teacher Jesus is present, the Great Mother is present and our Father is sending light to all of you so you receive the strength for the time that comes to give a message to humanity. In this time of changes man will listen and will listen because we will not wait for them until they want to; we will show the way and we're going to show our presence with the love with which we want to listen to us.

Prepare well, keep studying, we will continue recording, is not over yet the time of recordings, but no, do not think that we will get to number one thousand, would be several years around here, no. This is at this time and it all has to be completed with love and love is the one that will succeed because we are winners, never, ever have been losers. And to be the Father who continues giving us his light to be able to give every human being in need, all our strength so they can know what is happiness.

Message after the meditation:

I think you realized how complex this mission is. Everyone says: "When, how, and teachers we want, and we want to see the ships, and we want to be in another dimension, and we want to end this ordeal in which we live." Now realize that the fight against evil has been very bitter because he has taken over humans, but sadly we’ll see who understands and who does not. But in order to be sure who understands and who does not, we have to make a big activity. Now, let's see how many will be able to say already  every week: "I got on a ship."

Let's see, that's where we'll see the commitment, love, dedication and the desire to really be with us. Balance. We still see that you go to bed very concerned protesting: Ah! Teacher, but you have to realize that I need to be calm, above all, see a little more money, a little more calmness and that you take away that pesky neighbor or someone in the same house, what do I do to change him if he gives a lot of trouble.

Everyone will receive everything they asked for, but I want you in balance, let's see if you achieve it, every time you are about to get upset, breathe deeply, you look at the person and you comprehend them. So whoever it is, because I know that those who go to work is not so easy, those who have to walk on the street and struggling with drivers who really seem as a rocket fired up to get angry because they want to get there before anyone else, because they bring all their conflicts inside. Comprehend them, calmly, drive calmly, and is going to end this river of cars because in the future there are no cars, I know, you will ask: what will you do with all the cars? Are you going to throw them away or  going to disappear them or what will you do with everything we've got, and where will be all that we have stored? You let us, if one day disappeared all cars we know where we are going to put them, but do not worry, the change is now, already, and that wonderful moment where everyone will say, "and I have doubted, I panicked, I said the teachers promise and fail.”

The Teachers keep their promise, but we had to be preparing you. Will not say: "today, and tomorrow, wake up, open your eyes, everything is transformed," because you do not change from one day to another. We've had to be working with your emotions and knowing you more deeply. But today for us is of happiness, do not know how much I appreciate you being here today and have put so much love to listen to these teachers that are with you every moment, every hour and every instant. Thank you for being with us, thank you for helping us give a message, thank you for being part of this mission.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on August  9, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepozltan, Morelos, Mex., on

Transcript: Team AHENA.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of August 2, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

If we could show you at this moment how wonderful is going to be the time, the near time, so near that I don’t want you to get desperate. We’ve promised that you’re going to live a change; we’ve talked about everything that means the fact of having another dimension prepared; we’ve explained to you with all clarity that we have to remove evil from Earth but we’re planning a very good raid. Do you think we’re just going to sit and see in which way he takes all the human beings and see that he really laughs at us because he says that he has humanity trapped? No. We have all, all prepared; we’re experts on doing something astonishing.

For us, astonishing, is going to be the most wonderful; also, we’re going to be very happy seeing that we have many people that can talk about us because despite that some have quit because “nothing happened on day 21,” anyhow, they have the message and continue without eating meat, that’s the most wonderful. However, there are some that did quit completely, then they only have the interest of seeing when they were going to pass and to get a place in the paradise that we’re going to prepare. Paradise will be this same land. When everyone asks: “How will it happen? What’s going to happen and how are we going to leave? And, are we leaving with our body, when are we going to return?” No, no. You’re not going in spirit and abandon the body. And there’s danger because the Planet is very, very, very bad, more than man imagines.

Man doesn’t like to think, he’s definitely a lazy being to think, they’re seeing that the poles are almost finished melting, that there’s now hot weather in Canada; in Alaska they’re seeing that the sea is warming a little more than enough, but Oh! They see it very enjoyable: “The sea was like a tub, lovely,” we saw the vacationers happy because they found the sea warm. And they don’t think that that’s not normal. Why is the sea warming? Because the earth is warming in an overwhelming way.

The volcanoes keep roaring because they want to release all the lava; this poor volcano the Popocateptl, well, it has us turned into its slaves because we have to be seeing that nothing happens. We’ve put that layer of snow; it also doesn’t occur to you that it was without snow for a couple of years, that it was already a hot volcano and that it continues being very hot; where did the snow come from? It also doesn’t occur to you. You thought it was natural for the volcano to have snow during hot weather, during a time of very strong seismic and volcanic activity; we’ve done that with the ships. We have such a technology that we can even move the seasons of the year; we can do what we want because we have the capacity of transforming an entire world in a place of peace.

The world converted into death; the world turned into pain; the world turned into a terrible way…, let’s call it “disgusting” because when we see the human beings upset if their meat is taken away; their doctors telling them that they need fish. I believe they’ll find out that they don’t think because the contaminated sea it’s a fact, then the fish, poor ones are sick and transmit terrible diseases as is cancer. But, we want to say that the ships are ready. Your times and our times are different, for that reason it is that we said “the new era begins,” that was something that was marked more or less…, we said it to you that it was more or less around those days; don’t forget that it’s a different calendar that was used to mark that the “New Era” was beginning because exactly a 21st of December…, however we had also marked more or less that date, it’s something supposedly set so that you could understand on what time the New Era was starting to be marked. But the “New Era” is already on its course and we have to be ready; the planet has to align already, we’re preparing everything to save it from its destruction because imagine if man was going to handle the planet spinning and they don’t realize: why do the poles melt? –Oh, because it will leave space to extract oil-. That’s the most innocent we’ve heard.

Things are very, very serious, we have been checking so there aren’t tremors that could really put in danger the entire population because our idea is to rescue humans, to make them think. The Father insists that he wants us to turn his children into different beings, that think and He doesn’t realize that it’s the most difficult thing we’ve found because the human being is clinging to old ideas and above all things, in what they say that “they have to eat meat.” You’ve understood it with all clarity; we don’t have anything to recommend you except to tell you to be ready, to be prepared.

You be calm that the things that have to happen will happen but that we have you a diploma, we do, we have it for you because we feel proud of seeing that you’ve continued ahead, of seeing that you understand our message. And when we see you studying and studying each one of the messages, that even if you put so much effort you don’t learn all of them; also, don’t forget that within our messages there are various hidden messages, then, in one way or another you can’t memorize everything but you can indeed receive the essence of what we’re explaining and above all things, it is being recorded in your mind all that you listen. When you have to speak, you’ll be surprised because will start flowing words that you wouldn’t normally use and are going to be heard because we are ready for the great activity; that activity is going to be already, therefore, don’t worry.

Even if we tell you not to be worried, well yes, every day you say: “But Teacher Alaniso, we have to pay; but Teacher Alaniso, there are many dangers;” but nothing has happened to any of you and you can see that. All are protected by us and we’ve shown it to you in all possible ways. For this reason you shouldn’t worry because they won’t even enter your homes nor they’re going attack you on the street or anything because we have the strength to protect you. Therefore, you will retain it, that’s why when you do your meditation, closing your eyes, leaving the meditation playing; it’s entering your mind and you’ll be surprised that suddenly come out words that you didn’t use in your vocabulary and are going to have a very special fluidity. We’re working your mind, we’re working your body; we’re working your energy because we are going to give you the surprise now very soon of boarding a ship. Therefore, we’ve never said anything that we don’t do, the only thing that has confused you is the times.

You’ve felt our preparation very long for whom have been since the beginning, well yes, because we had to make the preparation; we had to call many people; we also had to prepare the mind of my Sarita to be able to repeat perfectly well all our messages that are being prepared. We had to do many things in these 20 years, but we are ready because it is the wonderful time of living, the wonderful time of getting in the ships, the wonderful time of receiving an award that we’re going to give you for your faith, you perseverance and your dedication.
Please, be calm, meditating, put the messages in a way that you’re listening to them and I repeat again, even if you fall asleep it is entering in your mind it’s being recorded, you have a perfect computer there that’s recording perfectly well all that you’re receiving and you’re going to be able to repeat it at the time that you have to speak with people because people will be astonished. Many are waiting already in other countries –when are the ships descending? There’s much injustice, much pain, much economic problem, there’s much inequality, when are they going to appear? – Already, all this is now.

Then, be calm that we know that now is the time to initiate the new time and that very soon, when the ships start count the time short so that you can be able to see the “New Dawn,” the New Dawn that’s planned out in a very special way. And remember, we’re not going to give an exact date because we already know you. The time has run out and also because we’re not going to give evil time to defend himself. The plans we have to send them to their domains are perfect, and of taking humans away that live in total ignorance but what worries us the most are the assassins, even if you don’t believe it we do want to send them to a planet where they can start again, that the Father doesn’t lose them although evil is taking many and has increased considerably his army but we’re going to stop that slaughter wave also of humans that are terrible.  

Therefore, with all our love we ask you that you feel our meditation in your heart because we have prepared it as always with all the love with which we always want to give you a message that reaches your minds and that besides, makes you feel that at a given time we are by your side to give you our light.

Message after the meditation:

I hope that you’ve understood with all clarity to not worry please. Look at all you can accomplish and what you can live if you achieve your “inner peace.” Breathe deeply if something is going to upset you, pass the day the best possible. When you go to sleep, do it completely at peace, no one to upset you because you’re going to comprehend them. When you are on the street and that there are people that…, it seems that they always want to fight, you’re going to understand them, nothing is going to alter you, you’re going to be calm in your home, when you go to sleep put your meditation, but total peace so that you can start living those trips that we’ve talked about. You should see how wonderful it is to enter into the dimensions; they’re dimensional doors that open up everywhere, there are things that you don’t even imagine that can exist.

We’ve seen that sometimes they have idealized in some films such things: that suddenly the passed by a mountain, went through it and found another world and that later for some reason asked to return; more or less they got a glimpse of something such. But I do believe I have a long time telling you to find your inner peace, don’t get upset with anyone, with anything, sleep calmly; relax perfectly well and feel how we protect you from all evil at all times and at all moments so that you can achieve that wonderful moment that we’re going to let you inside a ship just as I’ve explained.

That’s why I say to you, I believe that in all possible ways we’ve been explaining what you have to do; do it! I believe no one can say to me: It’s just that yesterday I was attacked, they took my purse, they hit my car, if your car got hit you didn’t get hurt, that is, our presence has been shown in everything. Then, please, if you want to live that wonderful moment of flying, traveling, of being with us, keep calm. That you have many problems, we already know: that all have to pay and that all have debts and that all have to stretch the money, we know it; we’re going to help you. In one way or another we want you to know that soon, very soon is going to disappear all this that is called “money” and there’s not going to be any problems of the ones that you’re living now. Keep calm that it is the love what covers you and it is with love with which we’re going to triumph in this difficult mission.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on August  2, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepozltan, Morelos, Mex., on

Transcription and translation by AHENA Team. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of July 27, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

When we see that there really is a great interest in what we’re going to do, for how long we have been saying many things would happen on earth, there would come a day that would see the starry sky at daylight, there would be a big activity. We have everything planned perfectly well because we have to do things ... if you want to see it also "very cautiously." You have realized that evil is, as you say "unleashed." Is winning many souls, and what the Father wants is to not lose many souls. He already knows that some will go to a planet in the third dimension, others in another one in the third dimension; the galaxy is already entering because this one comes out and goes to another dimension. Already we anticipated what planets are going to be occupied by people who do not want to understand. But the important thing is to not go to the dark. But he has many followers, many more than you imagine.

The wickedness of man has grown in a way that does not care about the damage he does to his fellow beings as long as they obtain gold, that's the only thing they fight for; having a lot of money by any means. For example, selling drugs; they know that life is short in that way, but as long as they can enjoy the fact that they can have a mansion or they may have big cars, or sometimes they say "maybe I can do it." There have been thugs who have achieved but they just want to afford things they never would have by honest means. Then, for evil has been very easy to be dominating the man, and prompt them, like so many times it were to eat something that it died, but above all things, to drink the poison of alcohol. You see the history of mankind, have always been dulling the mind, and believe it or not, there were always drugs over all times but as they are handling it on this occasion, it had never happened. It's a huge amount of beings that are drugging themselves because they say that they feel better, they say they forget the problems and then because they cannot get rid of the habit because the body naturally claims the drug and then do anything in order to get it. But the sad thing is that they have done it in children and parents do not realize it, because if they say that they had not noticed, will be because do not watch their children, do not accompany them to school, do not accompany to breakfast, not accompany them to lunch, do not talk with them, they really do not see how is changing that child, who are supposed to care for and love. And then things have grown up in a terrible way. The crimes increase because do not really care how much blood is shed just to have gold and above all imagine, if they make those mistakes, we're going to talk about that they have to respect the animals, which is a little difficult to reach them because they do not care, they just want to be respected for their gold, have their empire as well as they did in the 30's which said they were left with huge venues, they had won territory, the revolutionaries are supposed to have removed the prohibition (dry law), but not really, gangsters have always existed and have dominated other human beings with fear. And you will say: When will this stop? Will it stay that way until the terror ends with humanity and diseases from eating them? No. Everything has a time, all has a date, everything has a place and everything will happen as we have promised.

The first thing you have to do is: be calm, meditating quietly. We have already said that if you can feel like children for once, you will see what nice experiences can have. But we saw the effort, but you cannot, you sleep thinking that you will imagine that are going to a castle and the first thing you are thinking about is all the problems you have in the world and you cannot concentrate. And then make the effort, we see you listening to the message, but we see that you still lack that inner peace feeling you need, to have unimaginable adventures, anyway, the adventures you are going to live them.
I want you to realize that if we talk about a coincidence which precisely marked a time, but it was a time only, a change of Age. I repeat that there was much confusion about it, but already the Age began. We will not be another 25,000 years waiting to see if one of these days man changes, see if eradicates the evil of the earth, to see if they learn to cure diseases, to avoid them which is most important, no, it would be chaos. They talk about which, no, 2015, 2016, the 2020 and I think they even talk about 50 years, imagine if the world was going to support all the destruction that man has done and above all this humanity would end up attacking fully one another and become the wildest place that might exist.

Because of course, those who are good lose patience, and have bad wishes for those who are committing these crimes or mistakes, because we have heard: Take away all the drug dealers, put an end to all evil, end up with the bad, take them away. We've warned that the ones we're taking is the evil, and those departing staying with evil as well will go. We're not putting a living being in a sphere, because that would be as if we contributed with the fact of killing. So I want you to realize that this mission is very complicated precisely as we have said many times because the man forgot to think. The first thing they say is: I do think!, No, no, I, I can add, multiply! No, I do think! And studied, and if I do not get opportunities, then I'll take the things as I want because I'm tired of trying to get things straight.

So I say that the ships are ready.
We mark months that you have on your calendar, but it has nothing to do with the calendar we use, or with the Mayan calendar we teach accurately to put. So we're just about half of the year, but when you realize that everything, everything is wrong, you more or less coincide with spring, more or less coincide with summer, and the rainy season, the time of cold. Yes, have been adapting it, but the months are different, times are different. We want to say, the first thing we have to do is: bring order. Millions of ships; they say they see gigantic ships, as spheres that reach the sun, now you know, we charge our ships with the sun's energy. The sun has enough power to give us that strength, and of course, our ships never lack the energy they need to be in motion. Nothing is as simple as connecting to the sun and we started getting all the power, then we put the ships in place, but we are strategically placed.

I therefore ask you, please, keep calm, very united. Do not say "what a disappointment" because at no time we have failed. We have given a message that makes you change, that makes you feel the real reason you are children of the Father. And learn to answer those divided, teach them to be thinking, but fanaticism loses them. They turned into beings who do not think: "What the book says; as said the pastor, or the leader or who are at the front; that's as it should be and stop thinking." So we want the human being to say they can think.

I wish, as a Teacher, to give you everything already. For example, why are we taking children? See the innocence of the child when he tells about it, see the innocence of the child when he sees it, and when boarding a ship for them is an exciting adventure but very calm. In children there are no complications, but we usually take a child from a united family, of people who really love them and they are not unbalanced because we will not take a child that already are inducing him to hit, hurt and that also, already has fallen in vices such as drugs and alcohol because they also start very young to ingest the poison.

Therefore I tell you, you have to be calm, the time is fulfilled. Yes, the time had fulfilled of the New Age, we are already walking into a time in which the planet must be aligned, change has to come, the times of infinite times do not stop in the time of the Father, have never ever stopped. For example, if you tell me after having a day, say, "tomorrow will be the same again." No, everything goes, everything has its moment and everything has its time.

Therefore, only do not stop meditating, seek to relax, seek to be calm. The variety of messages we've done is great, can learn to think more wisely and also to dream, so we have given messages in which you feel you can travel.
To travel with the mind is traveling with the spirit, and the spirit must be released from the body. And you have to know that at any moment can be with us when you are full of love, inner peace and happiness because you are recognizing that you were called and responded. Many have been called, many more than you imagine, that naturally, they will worry when they start to see that more and more the movement of ships increases because that's indisputable. They will not deny that everywhere, are being photographed, are seeing spheres, lights, striking ships everywhere around the world and we have shown that at no time absolutely can fear no one that comes from outer space and if they keep saying that "the enemies are coming" then tell them: "And do we have the friends on Earth?", that are dedicated to declare war and abuse, totally abuse of the innocent beings who want to live honestly and naturally leave behind with debts, "in the street" as they say. Therefore, as we have said, we will already do something with that money.

You be calm, won't be missing anything because naturally are still living on earth, still have to buy your groceries, still have to load gasoline to your car, still have to do many things that just pay the money. But when it comes the movement, you will see how we give you everything you need and how you will live already this wonderful change that is starting. We will no longer say "very soon", it's starting. The change already is, the time is fulfilled. And to be this time, that gives you the happiness of knowing that it was wonderful to believe. That now you are understanding, who is this amazing Father that exists in the universe, who are the Great Teachers, why we talk so lovingly of our Teacher Jesus, why we talk about a lot of love of the Great Mother, is the greatest that man can imagine.

For this reason we are surprised that they say that the Great Mother is human and that Jesus is not, then, why she could give birth to a child they say was the Father himself reincarnated? It becomes a total mix-up. So, they do not even say things with coherence.

For this reason we're ready, meditate very peaceful, not to worry. Remember that we're going to give everything you need, if you have to pay, pay, that if you have to cope trouble, go, and of course, you are not going to ... for example, that you go to a bank or the street with something in the bag and that there is someone wanting to hit you and take away the wallet. All this is not going to happen to any of the beings that are protected by us. So, please, calm, let's fill you of dreams, illusions, because to know the universe is the most wonderful thing, knowing that the Father created worlds and meet beings who naturally are not tied to a world. They can go out, go from one world to another, traveling constantly, they are united, they know each other perfectly well, have a universal language that is telepathy and above all things, there is a great confederation where they meet all the great ... hierarchs, let us call it that, and have the responsibility of keeping in balance the beings that inhabit the planet.

So you to work, that you have an important position with us and as soldiers of the Father will receive something very beautiful, very beautiful because you deserve it. For this reason, I always say, thanks for wanting to listen. For those who cannot come and are interested in hearing the message, we thank them; for those who are still studying the messages, we are with each one of the beings that with much love are practicing all that we ask. And keep calm that we have everything ready for the big move that is starting; It is starting, it will not be soon, it will not be like before I told you, "tomorrow will come another time." No. It is starting the movement and you are part of it and have to be as calm so you can also do astral travel, and then physically travel, because as you have cleansed your bodies of everything that contains death then everything will be already easier to go to a ship, but for this, we are charging your energy, let's say, you need more force. So we're giving all the force so that, as a child that can see everything with illusion, you can also have these adventures that you have asked us so much.

We will begin this meditation with the love with which we prepared it, so that you can feel transported to that wonderful universe that the Father created.

Message after the meditation:

When you say: “I do study; I like very much to meditate.” Many times we see you, for example, that in the car somewhere are hearing the messages, but above all, it is best when being alone, calmed, or in a group but calm. But it is when we see that every thought we have put in your mind is reaching those who are already part of this mission. For us and I'm speaking in general for those who in one way or another, listen to our messages, we have repeated several times that they cannot come, but that interest, that love to listen, that love to learn and they are many. Yes, there are several in the U.S., in the republic, not the ones we wanted, not those who were already lining up because they said they "were going out escaping by day 21", but those who really felt in their hearts the lessons, and are the ones that are going to enjoy something very beautiful already that we have prepared for those who have moved on, learning, appreciating that we have made a great effort to put thoughts of love in you.

  Things are going to change from moment to moment, we're starting to work on the earth, there is no "tomorrow" there is no "maybe", there is no “we're going to set a date." We are in time and at the moment, and it's the moment to tell you that "you will enjoy all that we are going to give."
All that we ask is much tranquility, I know you have difficulty being with humans and feel peace, I know that it is difficult to put your news and understand the poor ones that are falling into that which represents the destruction - "no, I think that one is evil!” “See how ugly he looks!” and “look what they are saying!” and “see what is happening!” and “see how all their frustrations are turning them into a being…,” for example, “that is in power!” and ... – Why? Because they cannot recognize that everyone has to work for themselves and for those around them. But we will put them to work harder in some way.

So I ask you to continue to study that we're starting, it is the moment and it is time, you'll see how soon this time will pass so you can enjoy all that we have promised: live in paradise and find out what is really to belong to the universe, to travel, to know, love and feel part of what represents the ... let's call it, "universal humanity." Not be merely a being of humanity who doesn’t know why he was born, or why exists. So calm, please do not despair that things are already beginning, we are ready to hand over responsibility to each, you will receive it with love, I know. Prepare that is the Father, that Father to whom we dedicated this meditation that with so much love wants his children to think, love and be part of Him as He created them. Work, that it is the time and you are at the moment and we're starting.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas, through Extrasensory Telepathy. July 27, 2013.

You can acquire the meditation given this day from Tepoztlan Morelos on

Transcript: Team Ahena

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of July 26 2013.

Message before the meditation:

At the moment that you start seeing that many shapes are being formed on the sky, you simply say: “The moment has arrived to give our message.” All the ones present have much enthusiasm; much desire to participate in a mission so complicated as is the fact of teaching man to “think.” More complicated than you imagine. We’ve been observing all of your efforts to make that man can say to himself: “I believe, I understand, you’re right, at least I understand you that we have to respect the life that exists on the planet, I understand you that we must love each other…,” that’s the most complicated part of all, the human beings to really love each other such as our Teacher would say: “Love one another.”

But we see that there are many problems on earth. Now the human being, all they want is to win over the other; now for the human being to respect life, doesn’t have any sense at all. All they want is to accumulate gold, in some way “that gold” has to arrive which is all that’s supposed that’ll give them happiness, it’s supposed because although many say “I see people that have much money that eat meat and are very happy,” that’s what they see but not what it is because we don’t see the happiness absolutely in anyone. We see them in luxury, always with fear; always thinking that someone can kill them or if they’re loved it’s only because of their money; we always see them as if drifting without knowing why they were born, without understanding why they have that money that only brings them worries. Because even if you don’t believe it, the richest one of the world doesn’t have a single moment of peace; he’s afraid, afraid, afraid, that’s all he knows. But we want this planet to be in balance. How are we going to do so that the human being can say that he learned to think? Well, frightening them, at least we’re going to frighten them.

It’s so many the religions already, so many the fanatics, so many the changes they’ve made in the famous “sacred books.” Now everyone fixed accordingly to how they understood it and in addition they say that “God wanted it that way,” that “it’s God’s word” and that “God said that the animals are to be eaten.” I believe that anyone who says such an atrocity it is because he definitely forgot to think. They feel beings that don’t have respect for anything, not even for themselves because by converting their body in a morgue don’t tell me that they’re very proud of having eating a well-seasoned animal and having put in their tables an impressive amount of lobsters, completely contaminated. It almost seems as if it were the fish’s vengeance to make man sick. Poor little ones but that’s not what they want, what they want is to be free but not to feel the pain they feel because they’re dying due to all that the humans have thrown in the sea.

The life on this planet, how long do you think it would last? They’re now making plans for the Olympics, for the next Soccer World Cup; they’re already making plans for 2014, ’15, ’16. They now say that on that time they’re going to be happy making their parties and they really don’t know that if we weren’t here, the planet itself was going to act on the destruction they’ve done; the planet itself was going to say that it no longer can take the burden of a human being that dedicates to destroy it.

It’s true, we’re not going to say that the Earth speaks, but it has a way of feeling and a way of protesting also and a way of asking to be left in peace. It’s a living being although it seems unbelievable, it moves, spins, has exact times in its spins, it has the perfect movement that the Father gave it. That planet is a living being, destroyed, perforated, completely contaminated; naturally, it has to protest and sadly there still will be many cataclysms. It’s Earth’s way of protesting and man says that when very serious things happen it is “divine punishment.” Divine punishment of someone that has never punished; divine punishment of a Father that all he knows to do is to love; divine punishment of a Father that all he asks is for his children to reflect on what they’ve done with their own lives, of what they’ve done with their own world and above all things, to reflect on what represents truly to be able to live.

They have children and are very happy; they children are born and the fear begins: “Who’s going to look after them from the attackers? Who’s going to take care of them from lethal diseases? Who’s going to take care of them from cancer? Who’s going to look after them from a monster there called ‘man’ and harms them? Who’s going to look after them?” The parents don’t have enough capacity even if they wish it. There are parents that don’t even care and leave their kids on their own; see the kids that are asking for money, that sell gums, that are doing acrobatic stunts in front of the cars to see if they give them money that obviously demand the ones that are, in between quotes, “parents.” Those aren’t parents, those are beings that really don’t know what even love is, that are upset because they’re poor, well, they’re poor because they don’t like to work because this earth, if it were taken care of, there would be work for everyone.

That’s how we’re going to give you this planet, turned into a place where all are going to work, but not kill yourselves working, not to end up exhausted, not to be badly remunerated, not to arrive sad with a minimum salary, not to not even be able to fix the leaks on their home. No, you’re going to arrive happy, proud of your work and many would say: “And what are we going to work on?” Well, work has to continue ahead, there has to be, obviously, many sown fields, there has to be many constructions, there have to be much evolution, for instance, the kids when entering a school are going to learn many things that have never been taught. We have some impressive schools where we’re going to teach them exactly what “life” is. To write, well naturally yes but we’re also going to teach them telepathy; we aren’t going to work very hard to try to learn a language that only works for one place, but not for the entire world.

Because they say that it was the Tower of Babel that turned into all of this… rather, it was the tower of useless beings that started dividing among themselves. For example, take a look at Europe, it’s a very small place with many countries and different languages and are suffering to be able to understand each other. For this reason, we firstly want to teach with much love the Telepathy. Whichever language you arrive with is going to be useful, but when you want to communicate with a child that was born in another country, very easy, simply are going to look at each other in the eyes and are going to understand one another perfectly.

Who are going to teach them so fast? Well, each kid has one of us, the Guardian Angel that chose them; the Guardian Angel that’s going to give them the strength and the Guardian Angel that’s going to teach them to be only evolution. How long are we going to take to leave this planet completely reconstructed? Don’t ask us that, very fast; do you imagine what is millions of ships with advanced technology, you just see: “ what a weird ship, one that looked like a triangle, another one that looked like a cigar, and another one that looked like a sphere,” and you haven’t seen the biggest ones because there you would get scared. When you see the size of the ships that bring all that is the technology and above all things, to refill this planet again with all that man has extracted; when you see us working you’re going to be impressed of seeing in what way we can descend to the depth of the seas, in what way we can descend to the depth of the volcanoes, in what way we can go down when it’s seen a deep crack so that we can go on sealing all that man broke. But you will be able to see it; it’s going to be interesting for you to know the hard work that we’re going to do on this earth. But naturally, we already have the place ready where you are going to be able to arrive and rest because obviously, there are places that will be inhabitable, everything will be repaired, all in reconstruction, everything is going to be getting fixed. The great cities are going to change completely; the great buildings also are going to change, we’re going to make this planet as something new. You should see our enthusiasm to do it, but what a pain it gives us to eliminate so many beings that have to leave because we’re not going to allow anyone to lie to us.

Remember that we are millions of beings, millions that can be with each human being and that we can read the mind and no one can lie to us, if it is out of hypocrisy because “Look, now I do promise that I won’t eat meat.” But they keep thinking “how delicious it was” and don’t see the love toward those innocent beings that the Father created to accompany them, we already said, a total cleanse; we take the beings that don’t understand to a planet where they can start all over, but we repeat again, that evil doesn’t take them. That’s the intention with the noise that we’re going to make, that they repent, to be able to take those dark beings and be able to put them in the spheres, you want to see that as well? I don’t think it would be very pleasant. They are deformed beings, terribly ugly, worse than those you put in your movies; they’re beings, well, that cause…, let’s say it this way, not only horror, some are disgusting, but that’s what they made of their spirit when they dedicated to do harm, when they dedicated to be cruel, when they tortured their fellow beings, when they tortured the little animals, when they made the most outrageous crimes that we’ve been able to see, and obviously, when leaving the body, they joined evil’s army. But we still have hope of rescuing some that are walking with a body, that start repenting, to be frighten and that we can say: “to another planet so that you can start again.” But to save them from becoming a being that is the most despicable and deplorable that can exist.

When we see this army and evil proud of having formed it, saying that “someday all of this is what will rule in the universe.” Because in addition, they don’t feel, I believe, ugly or at least they feel proud of all that they do and think that in some way they will take over the universe; imagine, the universe. Naturally, they will realize that they can’t win over us and we have big spheres where we’re going to put them in and that we’re going to transport them at a given time at an incredible speed and place them in a place where evil chose to form his kingdom and later we start sealing the exits. Do you want to accompany us to seal exits? Well, it’s also interesting if you want to go with us. Of course, you aren’t going to know how we do it because you have to learn all that technology but it is interesting seeing what we can do.  But I don’t think you would like to see those beings, it’s not pleasant not even for us that are used to seeing them and don’t think of it as pleasant at any moment.

Therefore, I ask you again, “help us,” talk to man, say to them what life means, say to them not to get fanatical thinking that there’s a punishing God, say to them that there’s a God that is only Love, that there’s a creator of the universe that hopes that his children can return to being life; say to them that that little animal has a soul. If they mock you, say: “take this animal,” put it in front of them to see it in the eyes. That would be for the ones that you can lift, would be a chick or for example, a small lamb more or less, but challenge them to see them in the eyes to see if they really don’t feel anything and don’t think. But that we are going to put you to work, we’re going to put you to work seriously.

For now I know that you try, you tell people, the people say that you’re crazy that there isn’t anything else more delicious than eating a corpse and even though they don’t say it that way: “Oh! Not my meat! The doctor prescribed to eat meat and my kids aren’t going to grow if they don’t eat meat.” Well, that’s why I say to you that the hardest is to teach man to think. We have the ships ready and they are millions and millions of ships. We want you to realize that we aren’t playing.

We saw the disappointment of many due to the day 21 (of December 2012) that didn’t leave calmly to take shelter in a place on which weren’t going to know anything. No. Must work first, we must fight against evil, must save souls, must save beings. The beings that are very sick and are very wicked, we’re also going to make them wake up from that lethargy. We must help rescue the human beings. That’s the reason that I say to you: we are indeed going to take you to know the wonderful place that we’ve prepared for you, but must work.

To reconstruct the planet, only us. We’re going to take you many times to help us with many people that need to wake up from their lethargy of ignorance, but don’t worry, you’re going to be able to rest and we’re going to take you to the wonderful place that we’ve prepared to later be the future of this planet; because this planet is going to turn into a paradise.  How are going to do it? It’s already constructed; we clean it perfectly well, we purify the seas, clean the earth, remove the trash, remove the contamination and later we take that wonderful world that we’ve formed and we go on putting it in the planet itself. Imagine the technology that we have, then, imagine yourselves what you’ll live; therefore I say, continue working.

The time came to completion; the moment is now decisive and we’re proud of all that are listening and working with love. Don’t worry, we’re going to make that they listen to you because we know that you have loved ones that live in the foolish pride of not wanting to listen; they will listen. That naturally, not all the stubborn ones are wicked and we’re going to teach them to believe, to create, and to convert themselves into beings that deserve to have a worthy place to live in, or they will go to another planet where they will learn to plant, to harvest.  And that we’re going to see, it is 25, 920 years, but in that time, many will be able to evolve and pass to other dimensions and there will be much activity as there was on this planet.

But evil won’t enter there; at least we’re going to dedicate to prevent him from entering again. So, you continue studying; remember that by listening to the messages, you’re assimilating. You don’t know them by memory but I’ve seen you talk: “it’s just that it will happen this,” or, “the teachers now said this or that and now we have to learn to do those things.” And we’ve seen that yes, you do understand because all that we’ve called are good people, with their clean mind and desires to live a change. Therefore, prepare yourselves that it will be a Father who will feel proud of our work. Give us the joy of knowing that we count with all of you for this great change.

Message after the meditation:

I hope that you’ve found in this message…, that every human being that can listen to our message, to realize that we are doing it with the greatest love we could have. That we know that we have to help the ones who listen to us; that we’ve seen with much pain that the human being doesn’t want to think; that we’ve seen with much disappointment that good people, let’s say, “good people” that aren’t assassins, that aren’t wishing all type of vengeances but more or less… the rancor is very strong now at this moment in the human beings, but are people that wouldn’t enter in what is called “killings, torturing,” or that if sadistically take a little animal and kill it with cruelty, then that disappoints us enormously.

But there is hope. You were educated with many mistakes; were taught to believe that you had the power over life; sadly were guided wrongly, but when we see that you understand the message immediately; immediately say: “They’re right, what have we done? We agree, let’s work;” it fills us with joy. However, don’t forget that you’ve just passed a test. It wasn’t our intention to test you as it happened, but you made a mistake in making a perfect analysis of what was happening. First, there’s something you haven’t analyzed, they talked about the Mayan calendar; the Mayan calendar was many years before our Teacher Jesus, 900 years before, right? And they used the lunar calendar, and then you can’t compare the present calendar with the one from the past. All I said was that the dates coincided with the New Era, that was it.

But the change, now we are indeed ready for all that has to happen. Well, there was confusion, evil played a terrible trick. He made the human being to believe that we had lied to them, because they already wanted to leave the few that had listened to the message. And I want you to understand that we come for the humanity and that we want to give the opportunity to every human being to listen to us. So, we have to do something very astonishing so that the message continues being heard. Right now they’ve done a good job with the ones they’re putting, for example, on Radio Ahena which are putting the message right. Now there are many people that look for it to be able to listen, but we have to do it greater, more astonishing, we have to put it in all the places; but, how? Well, when they’re asking: “Who are they?” …listen to the message.

We’re going to make noise, we also like to make noise; we’re going to do it and you’re going to participate and are going to be heard. Then, you’re going to suffer much to be heard. But do warn them, to make a consciously analysis of why we as the respect for life, if not, then there’s a planet that awaits them in the third dimension where they will stay. It’s going to have its vegetation; it’s going to have many things, but hypocrisy doesn’t work with us. It has to be due to love, because we’re going to give a paradise and that paradise have to enjoy it the ones that really feel love for the life that the Father created. Then, when they say to you: “Oh yes, you’re right; I’m scared now, I won’t eat meat anymore.” “No, now analyze it well because if not, you’re going to start all over, you must work,” must work with that divine part you have within that is called “Father;” your mind, your powerful mind that the Father gave you.

The Father creator of the universe, created his children; when he says “children,” it is because He gave them his own energy so that they could be able to think. For this reason it is that we ask you to reason all that we’ve said and above all things, not to destroy your body, to love it, to love yourselves and love your fellow beings. To understand them and to be able to say: “I conquered a disease because I arrived and they taught me to love myself.” That’s what you’ll do when it’s your turn to help other people, be it in a hospital or a house or if you take the message. You won’t arrive as preachers, with a tunic saying “yes…” No, no. In a very simple way you’re going to explain all that they have to do and naturally, once astonished with our presence, well, they will listen more.

Don’t worry, the cure won’t be as hard, because we’re going to do that it’s many the human beings that can get rid of a sick body. Therefore, prepare well; we feel proud of all of the ones that came today because we feel a great love for all those who wish to listen to us.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on July 26, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepozltan, Morelos, Mex., on

Transcription and translation by AHENA Team. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Messages of before and after the meditation of July 19, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

We will start tonight by saying to you to feel calm. We promised to make a great demonstration of our presence. Everything is ready, it will be very powerful. What I want to say is that is almost time to say how many will stay in paradise. We will make one last effort, we will make our message be heard but do you think that it doesn’t disappoint us to see you with so much love, talking with your loved ones, talking to the whole world and are not interested? There were people that out of interest of the day 21 had stopped eating meat, and went back to eating it, which means that they didn’t get the message. Then, if the man does not learn to love and respect life, well, as we said, what the Father wants is that evil does not take many souls, on that we will succeed, because there are good people, we say, who are not criminals but who eat animals.

Then those people, we are going to move them to another planet, hopefully not many of your relatives. So you have to pass the message even if they don’t want to "respect the life that the Father created". Do not forget that we are not forming a new religion; a new religion would look ridiculous on earth. Such is the amount of sects that it is impressive to see the foolishness with which they argue that in their temple they’re going to be saved, but then start saying that in their Bible says that the Father said to ate the animals, then we must see what kind of translations were made because they are really, like you say, are playing with a message they give to humans.

We are ready; the Father's love is so great that he still has the hope of recovering his children. I've been working as a teacher much more than you can imagine, but we have observed all the beings we have called. Many have accepted, but we always find that since healed, later start eating the dead, why? Because they say, “I already healed; I can eat my meat already." So, they do not understand the message. So we're thinking about what to do for the man to think, what to do for a man to reason. Fright them; yes we are going to do. We’re going to put a very strong impact of our presence, we are leaving many messages in the wheat fields, but we want you to know that the time is fulfilled and we cannot wait. We are taking a long time to be controlling the Volcanoes; it’s also taking us a long time to be watching the entire humanity. Every day is worse, worse, worse. One sees violence in an impressive way and they feel that “because I have no work, then I will kill one to take away what he has.” So those things seem so sad and unpleasant therefore I want all of you that with so much faith, come to listen, that have worked, that have prepared and above all things, as you say, “well, astral travel is what we want to do.” Why in a child is easy? Because the child does not complicate life, but you have to be children. Why not do things as a child? Playing with everything we have told you, when you put your meditation, feel like children with an illusion: "here's my angel, he will guide me, I'll do something for me to be calm and I am not going to worry about anything."

I think it I put difficult, "not to worry about anything" when the economic situation is this terrible and it’s less terrible here, there are other countries that are in a tremendous crisis, but that is why we have to hurry, because you will end up killing each other, because they will want to declare more wars again in order to have more money and to feel powerful, that is, that what we see does not look anything like what they are saying. So I want all of you who are always willing to work, say, "well, at least every day I give the message to someone, and I don’t get angry if they do not believe me and I do not get angry if they do not listen and I don’t get angry if they say that it is lawful to eat meat.” Just leave the message, record it, do something for to remember very well what it was that you have said, because during the movement, they will run around and there will be a very strong movement. The media now they are going to talk about us and above all, already remove the idea that aliens are bad and that the reptilians are kidnaping people and that there are aliens already working, as they say, with the government helping them with technology. That is a falsehood. Imagine, giving technology to humans that every day are doing something wrong and above all, drinking too much alcohol, because alcohol runs in an impressive way everywhere. But you know to love, you know how to listen and do not despair, well, yes you do despair a little, because you are constantly saying "when, and why? Give us dates." We are saying that we will astonish with ships and that is very, very, very short time waiting for the change of dimension, but very short and do not think that the poor planet would endure. If we do not shake mankind, will shake it the earthquakes, will shake it the tsunami, will shake it all the destruction they have done.

The sea is so polluted, as they say now, that came out many stingrays dead of the sea, but not only that, they do not see how is the bottom, fish are dying massively and we’re seeing disappearing many of the insects that were necessary, we are seeing that around the world there is only pain and disease. Already the doctors prescribe and, "let's see, drink this and let's see what happens because they told me in the lab that it was good." For an illusion that their patients get better and not become intoxicated with so much medicine because then they do give an impressive amount and are always weakened by many drugs and especially the deep depression that brings every being that comes ill asking for help.

The first thing I want to say is this: we're ready, as we have always said. And you will say: "Yes teacher, but do not keep telling us ‘we're ready’ and we’re looking at the sky and see nothing." If you had any camera that could record in another dimension you would see the number of ships that are over your heads and the activity so impressive that we are doing now. We are millions, more millions than human beings that we are coming to save this planet. We were also multiplied, we would like to be all for everyone, for all mankind, but there are human beings that horrifies to approach, first, how they smell and secondly, because we see their spirit completely contracted due to their evilness, but anyway, here we are present. So I say, you have meditated, listened, have been prepared and have seen that there have been people who have had a message to give, but remember, we do not give dates because you saw that man does not know how to use the dates, confuses and above all, it’s better to be surprising. But that you are protected everywhere that is final. They cannot do any harm; we put a dome and a powerful force that no one can harm you. So don’t be altered with others because that negative energy given off a human being who is offending, also will bounce, unless you get angry and you open the door, but if you do not get angry, and observe, and you answered calmly, or simply, if it is a person who does not hear anything, find an excuse to withdraw from there, in some way, even to go to the bathroom, but you can leave. And I want you to be aware that you have to be leaving the message everywhere and have to be talking to people, it is essential that they have to know what you were told, why the "respect for life."

So, I'm a Teacher and I have devoted all my time to work; we, as we have said, usually do not rest, all our free time we do not have it because the whole time we are in something we have to do, and also we are looking at every human being deeply to see if we find that part of "reasoning" we still can draw. Already the time came and so I say, how many humans do you believe that at this time would remain for a New Dawn? There would be few compared to humanity, because in every country there are people who respect life, but very few. Already right now, everyone turned carnivores everyone likes to boast that it is lawful to kill for food, and also, as already think that God has forgotten them because they are sick. I believe the only one that did not forget his children is the Father. Therefore, as we have always said, "be calm".

When we said "December 21 begins a New Era," that was all. We have not regretted that we mentioned that to you, because it served a lot as test, strong evidence for those who said they had already served the time, and that would get going to heaven, and that just had stopped eating meat and about the emotions, they would be fixed when they passed. But the saddest thing was to see them return to eat animals, so I do not regret not having told them: you do not listen. What I said a little earlier and that can be reviewed on the messages: there is definitely no end of the world, there are no 3 days of darkness. If those 3 days of darkness were met, imagine the chaos that would exist on the planet, that completely cut off the light and that there was no light anywhere, no, no, no, it would be disastrous because then would come out all those who are as possessed or are possessed, to do more damage than has already been done so far. But there are coming many cataclysms, we have tried to minimize, there will be even more tornadoes, more tremors and there will be more earthquakes and the fault lies with the man as he left the planet completely destroyed, but we don’t want to exist so much death and above all things, need to already leave the space we need to rebuild the planet.

To be well prepared, to keep studying and do not think you cannot control your emotions. Please make every attempt to keep the peace, if it is difficult to work with people angry ...  always pretend you put a plug in your ears, or see what you do, but nothing else, watch them talk as if it is a film and talking and talking and if you get to fight with a screen then you would be very ridiculous, right? Just would look equally ridiculous if you fight with someone who is saying things that should never have said and shows the pain that they have inside.

Then we will continue meditating, keep acquiring your messages, keep doing something big to be preparing that we feel that all of you are to us the greatest treasure to have found, that we have been reciprocated; that you’re studying as must study a good student so that he can be a good teacher in this difficult time that is starting. Keep ... I repeat, always calm and we will hear a message that we have prepared.

Message after the meditation:

I hope you realize listening to this meditation that it is not difficult to leave the body, we only ask, "become kids again" but not an abused child, a child who is  hiding, no. The child that can dream because we have seen, there are children who are not very happy but like to take refuge in their dreams and then at that time is when they are happy but remember that when our Teacher Jesus said, "let the children come to me," is because he spoke to us all to became that child. There's something important you have to understand: the mind has power, with the mind the Father created the universe, his powerful mind and a particle of him, he put it in each one of us in our mind. Then, if he, only imagining all that represented what he wanted to do, he began to put the worlds and he imagined the wonderful things that could create, and like a child that gives creativity, was setting all the flowers and insects and balance, but in his mind he would materialize it, it became a reality. Well, you will say: “yes, but it was God, he is all powerful.” But the all-powerful, he gave us each a particle of him, why did you forget to use it? Why did you forget to love? All we want is that, already the time of grief on this earth is over, already we will not allow evil to continue taking over in this terrifying form of this humanity. They are mourning their loss, already do not know where they will start, already do not know how they will end the economic problem, especially too, the problem of disease.

And humans are terrified of what they have created, for having accepted the being of death that likes to create these scenes, and has managed to make that man created…was almost going to create hell on earth, look at the slaughterhouses, they are hell. Then at home, they are half killing each other, are hells. So that's what we want to teach to you "to realize that you are children of the Father and that the Father at all times is beside his children by listening." He speaks so tenderly; imagine, he can talk to the whole universe. How big is he, is a voice you cannot imagine, put a little imagination, he extends his rays and reaches all places where he created life, listens to all his children and each one gets more love and he speaks to them, but you forgot to listen to him, and the Father hopes that you feel that he is with his children.

Do not forget to listen to Him, there are people who already feel, "but I already managed to speak with God," no, no, no, it's something simpler, quieter, more beautiful, softer than all of you can have if you see it and feel it. And do not worry that this disaster of a world is going to be fixed and for that we have power and we have the power to achieve it. We have powers to remove the tangle of errors which you carry in your mind and do not want to understand that all you have to do is to love, listen and trust us. If we're here by the millions is to rebuild this planet, to give it to the inhabitants of this earth, but I think at this rate we will be left with few, so we have to hurry and have to work hard so that is many the ones that can enjoy all that we want to deliver to you and the Father be proud of our work.

So prepare very well, and work. For now, make a wonderful dream like the one that described my brother A-Viatar right now and you will see that it is easy to leave the body and come out. You’re not even going to notice it, will believe you dreamed, or are going to believe that happened a fantasy but you’re succeeding, and then are going to realize that you can achieve it. So, to work that anyway it’s already a very short time to let the evil continue to dominate this earth, and continue taking over the minds of men, and continue to cause the terror that has caused this humanity that does not know when there will be some peace that can’t find. Remember, we are here to give you happiness and we have the power so that all have it.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas, through telepathy Extrasensory. July 19, 2013.

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Transcription and translation: Team Ahena.