Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Messages before and after the meditation of July 9, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

What are you really waiting for? A change to come and that all the prophecies are fulfilled? And above all things, an end to so much violence on earth.
We have not found any country where there may be some peace; we were not able to see at any time that the human being can be somewhat reasonable. They are so few that we told the Father, "Father, we will make as much noise as possible, but anyway, not because they stop consuming death out of fear they’ll therefore see the New Dawn on earth. Maybe we will repopulate another planet with all human beings who will not listen.” We’ve heard say so many follies; they tease, laugh, and that eating an animal is essential. I think if the man thought, there would not be so much degradation as there is. We explained with much calm that is not the fact to say that is a must to leave something by ban, but has to be for love. You have to deeply understand our message, you must love all the life that the Father created, need to know that the Father created life to preserve it. The Father never, ever thought he would have children who can destroy the way that has been done on this earth.
The gore is so fearful that since we can smell what the planet smells like; do not think that it is precisely like flowers, not even in places where there is still nice vegetation because naturally, blood has flowed around the globe. But we do see the human not happy; we see the human being screaming a change of government, to remove who’s above, that want him to be killed and in addition a change of army, change of everything.
Wouldn’t it be better to think that they have to change for themselves, and that we could have a little sanity spread on earth? Sanity is what’s completely lost, because we heard the man talk, say things totally incoherent, looking everywhere, and in any manner to accumulate gold. No matter how much damage they do, no matter how they get it, no matter what they’re doing, what is important is that they are powerful and have a lot of money. But we have announced that this year is crucial. Remember that there was a date, a date of change of Era, this is already starting from about ... as I said, it was an approach that coincided with the New Era. So yes, we are in the Age that totally changed the movement of the earth itself and the entire galaxy; everything is spinning on a special way that when least expected is going to realize that the world is leaning completely, because already is the time that the planet can be aligned, but in it is current shape, because as I have said, it looks like a dented ball stumbling around and we have determined that we will make the man think, as we will do something very, very powerful, more powerful than you could imagine.
They’re surprised a lot in the wheat fields, have seen in a wheat field an hourglass, it just nearing completion. I think with that we are saying it is ending this time and it will start a "New Time," a "New Era.” Now many understand it as so, but what they don’t understand is that they have to stop destroying all life on this earth.
For us it is inconceivable that a being who thinks, make the atrocities they do here. But as we see that there are good people, people who listen, but are very few, we still have very few. We saw that they listen to us on the Internet, they realize and naturally assimilated many of the things we say, but count them, how many are the callers saying they have heard the message, that they are convinced, that already even put the altar and drink the water and that are listening to meditations that have been put in this media that is worldwide.
But, the big is coming, now comes the big, and now comes the most shocking activity imaginable.
We see already so many sick that it hurts to see how they appear with their cancer anywhere in the body, mourning their loss. The doctors, trying to do something, trying to minimize the pain of man, trying to find a cure and have not found since this is sadly making them die amid a terrible pain and above all things, that look like ghosts before dying. But of course I know there are many people who are willing to research and find the real cure for these diseases, but as is stronger the movement of those who are profiting, then all this blocks, you cannot imagine in what form it blocks that can’t come out someone more human, already if the person will cease to exist on this earth, at least not be with the suffering that it causes. But do not want to, it’s supposed they’ll give life mutilating and depriving fully all the enthusiasm for living. But the saddest thing is that the children are paying the consequences of man having stopped thinking and that now his first food is "the eating of animals." Inconceivable, remains inconceivable to us that a human being who says he has "the ability to think and reason" can say that the main food is "kill, kill and eat." Well, what is worse, they drink blood, that for us is the most degrading. If you saw the dark beings, they are happy seeing all this, because for it, we have to work hard, because they want to take humanity.
They don't even realize, many religions, fanaticism, much to say that only certain knowledge is going to save, many threats, but nothing of sanity, that is why we say it is "inconceivable."
But I want to ask this: you’ve  heard, have worked, have desired to see a world of peace, have wished that it really is true that what the teachers say comes true, that there can be a New Dawn, that there is absolute peace in a world in which it does not, for there to exist beings that can truly love each other, that there is only one religion, one, that one of "love" because to love the Father is to recognize his greatness, knowing that indeed is only one creator and not as they say there are many universes. Interpret "many universes" as in that there are several dimensions, that is the difference, but there are not many universes, it’s a single one created by one Father. But I want to ask you tonight to feel in your heart the great love of the Father for all who came and that we feel very grateful, we repeat, because they come to listen. It’s not the most beautiful night, a starry sky; is the rainy season, it’s a little difficult coming, but we see you arrive. If you saw the emotion with which we see you come, if you saw how we feel proud of each of you, and you would say it was worth the effort to get here.
But remember, those who left will return, but now, they'll have to catch up, and we want you to realize that everything we said, all is very clear. Perfectly well interpretations will be made of our messages and are going to find that we have not said anything that was not accurate and that the dates are marked, but in the way it has to be marked the time of the times when everything has to happen, but you are within that time.
Then I want you to be calm and to offer the Father that you will go forward without saying, "I cannot," saying, "I doubt," or nor will you let be pull because ... you say people mock because you don't eat meat. I do not understand why you allow teasing, just say: "There is nothing extraordinary about a person who is vegetarian, but we know we need to respect life."
And don’t go with it, if they are bothering you, then change the subject, go away to another place to chat with another person, but do not follow the flow when they are very friendly joking about the fact that there are people who say they respect life, but I want you to stay tuned.
This month for us is like a new year and another year is starting next month. Remember that we have a totally different calendar to yours. For us, a new year is so wonderful, as is the fact that always starts to mark the times as should be marked, above all, that the moon mark much these days, but above all things, the seasons are already moved on earth, but we’re going to teach you to use all that is the fact of learning to think with sanity.
We will work, everything is ready and everything promised will be fulfilled because it is a Father who demands that we do our utmost so that he can recover his children.
What is important in the recovery of his children is that they are not taken away by evil. Since the Father is saying yes, “if you take them to another planet then I did not lose them, they will think again and go back to learn: what to plant and how to live, not be taken by the being of darkness,” that's what the Father asks us and is what we will try to do so not even those who are the wicked fall into the clutches of being able to go to a place as terrible as is the place where evil dwells. So we will meditate on offering to the Father that we are with him and that in one way or another the Father does not lose his children, because he is our Father and loves us all because He created us and to him are all important.

Message after the meditation:

I wish to ask this: if you really have realized what it means to have a thought, to put a dream, a hope, and above all, understand that we do exist naturally. We have given plenty of evidence that we exist and we wanted to show a path that already will be open to you all. If we had come to just give classes, to teach you to change, to love, then also we had made immediate miracles, but we could do a little more spectacular if you want to see as well, but we would have said: we are going to be teachers, we will teach you to think, we will teach you to love, but no, we had to prepare the message, it is not easy the man. Human beings want things easy, man does not want to make any effort. The human being does ask for the cure of someone who has something incurable, but above all, to talk about children who are born totally disabled, and the human being wants to fall a cosmic ray and lift them. When we see a child born with any problems that are born with, it is precisely because of the conditions under which this world is. We are watching to see how we can restore from the neurons in your brain, see how they can walk again; it’s like forming them again. But we would like, naturally, to first hear our message. I do not want to see sick people anymore. If you feel bad as you would say, to see so many diseases, to see how man cries his defeat, specifically fear of seeing the dreaded cancer. I think if you have feared AIDS or other diseases, it would’ve never happened and extended like an epidemic that eats the soul.

This disease, we’ve taught that comes precisely because of eating the dead. Eating the dead is the biggest failure has made the human being; the lack of reasoning, lack of saying, "I believe in what I am." It is shocking to see them defend that they must eat the dead to live, to decorate it, to season it very tasty, it is shocking, it is painful for us to see them. But since we do have who listen to us, that’s why I tell you now, now the prize is coming and that the things you will get will be worth having had the patience, having waited, to have heard and been prepared. All that I can say again is, thanks for having faith and being with us.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas  through Extrasensory Telepathy. July 9, 2013.

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Transcript: Team AHENA.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Messages before and after the meditation of July 5, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

For all of you, what does it mean to have faith? For all of you that have followed and listened to us with much love… you logically had your time of doubts, of disappointment because didn’t conscientiously analyzed our messages.
At this moment, if we don’t so something fast, the planet is already in its way, in the protest; above all, the earth’s warming is totally obvious. We have to work intensely to be able to eradicate evil, that’s our only problem: to eradicate the being of death. Oh but the being of death continues searching for the way to create doubt about all that’s said. Normally, the ones that come for help are told about the meat, it doesn’t convince them because according to them it’s something that the doctor told them they had to eat. It’s tried to make them understand what they’re being told and are totally blocking a message that’s so clear, so pure, and so beautiful for us. 

For us, respecting life is the most sacred and we’ve said it to you why we evolved. The Father didn’t say: “Let the Angels be formed and are going to be given power, and dedicate to travel the universe and each day you’ll have more strength,” without having done anything? No. Everything is earned, everything, above all things, the fact of knowing that one is part of that Great Father that at all moment is with each and all of his children. His love, his simplicity, his devotion and desire of seeing his children, to finally be able to make them think. We already told the Father: We’re not going to astonish, we’re going to scare them; have them run from one place to another, to say “who knows what they want,” and maybe we are the bad ones. Check that evil is doing his task, they’re with the idea that it’s the “Apocalypse” but “the invaders are coming to harm, to abduct humans,” but more kidnapping than there is already, well, it would be a little difficult thinking it that way.

For this reason we want that all of you that have had much faith continue doing things as we asked. We’re putting other dates, but remember that they’re simply “changes,” are movements that we’re already doing; don’t get fanatical with anything, all calm.
Those who with faith and dedication have listened to us will receive something very special. I believe it’s fair; it’s fair that they feel the change in their lives; it’s fair that we help them with their problems; it’s fair that they have peace, above all things “inner peace.” That restlessness not to exist anymore, above all the economic issue which has everyone with many problems. I need for you to be calm at all moments, sure that all this is ready for a great movement, you’ll see when we make noise how everyone will be with a Bible on hand shouting “the demons have arrived,” and that “the Bible doesn’t say it would be that way,” that “the Angels don’t need ships,” that our Teacher… how was our Teacher going to come with ships, when our Teacher is “a God”, as they’ve put him, that he’ll come floating from the highest part of the sky to announce that “it’s over, some go to hell and others to heaven.”

It’s not so, that’s why we’ve been enumerating perfectly well how things are going to be. But evil is working in such a way. Now they’re saying somewhere that this placed was closed; they would spread the word and it doesn’t occur to others calling to see if it’s true that the place was closed, why? Because evil doesn’t want people that can be prepared to continue arriving.
Evil says: “we’re leaving,” that they know; the main one, the famous Satan is very upset as we’ve never seen him before, he’s really become furious because he feels that he’s losing the war because he sees that we have a power they can’t go against. The power we have is so great that they can’t even look at us in the face, why? Because they can’t stand our light. Then they know that this war is lost in the sense of “destroying the planet,” because by a little and they manage it. See in what state the poor planet is.

So you keep moving forward working, don’t listen to anything other people do or other people say trying to take you out of balance, as you say. That they try to attack you, that they try to say that you’re crazy, “well yes, it could be that I’m crazy but blessed craziness; I have hope,” thing that no one has anymore.

But the ones that are going to give us much work are the religious fanatics. It has been happened in an impressive way the amount of sects that have been made as division on what represents believing in our Teacher and that about “the Bible says and if the Bible doesn’t say.” But it doesn’t occur to them thinking that a God, creator, a God of love, a God of greatness, how was He going to create something as terrible as is the fact of thinking that they could kill the animals to eat them; above all, to make sacrifices. Oh! Because the Bible says that Jehovah (as they named the Father), would get happy when they sacrificed a lamb, -something outrageous for us.

Then they are fanatical. Fanaticism means that they’re really already in a sect of fear and moreover, they don’t let them think anymore because they threaten them: “if you dare going to that place, you’re going to be condemned because only the ones that have studied the Bible are going to be saved,” that is on Christianity’s side; now, on the Mohammedans side, well, the fanaticism is also terrible but see in what state the people are, with a series of tremendous mistakes: that discrimination against women, that cruel killing they do because “all are their enemy,” and above all things, well yes, they try to take away their land for the oil and we’re going to demonstrate already that the oil is almost gone, almost.  But they aren’t very happy. It already melted… the poles are melting, “there should be oil there! Perhaps we find gold, perhaps we find many things!” But there’s when we say that man forgot to think.

But I want you to become unshakable before anything you’re told, if you’re told something that’s aggressive: “Look, I’m happy this way, are you happy how you think? I won’t bother you about your beliefs; I do believe that this planet needs a good fix because all things are so bad that we would last very little;” above all things, now the diseases are spreading in a terrible way and above all things, evilness. They say: “nothing happens,” and every day there are kidnaps, everyday there are aggressions in which they attack each other, they find who knows how many corpses everywhere; they’re killing each other. Now no one has peace; they’re now even fearful of having a business thinking they might get attacked, they are fearful to go out on the street, are fearful of using a good car, are fearful of everything, but “nothing happens.” Then, what happens has to be bad, they won’t receive the good.

Therefore I say, next month we are going to start showing more strongly the ships and remember that you will be heard, why? Because we’re going to motivate the media to investigate. Now there are people who are investigating in a serious way because they know that there are beings here that they don’t know. They don’t know what their intentions are, but can’t say that “the aggressors are coming” because a ship has never harmed. The ships have been attacked, for example, the ones from the small beings (greys), they’ve hurt them. But they say that there are some images about surrounding a ship and that the powerful airplanes they have in U.S. brought it down. What people don’t know is that they made the little beings teach them how the ships are made, but somewhat learned the shape and put that trap so that they say that “the most powerful country of the world is the one that’ll save humankind,” and the most powerful country of the world is also threatening with more wars; and the most powerful country of the world is also at this time suffering a defeat.

Besides, what will do that “most powerful country of the world” against what is happening with the climates? The global warming now is totally palpable and moreover, their tornadoes and all else that’s coming… but there yes, don’t tell me that they will be able to have their planes, their things that can control nature. Therefore I say that there will be movement. That they’re going to listen? At least your loved ones to listen, I know with that you feel happy: “Oh, at least that my brothers or my cousins, or a friend that I like much, that they don’t make fun and listen to me, at least to realize that everything is serious” and besides to put their altars. Why is it urgent for us that they put the altars? It’s a way of eliminating within the house all the negative energy and the places where there are altars will also be recognized as the beings that are being prepared by us, that is, that are part of the army of the Great Teacher that everyone loves, respects and venerates.

Our Teacher doesn’t like the venerations, but with do see him as someone great, so beautiful, so humble, so full of peace and power that naturally has to be recognized as the “Great Teacher;” he doesn’t like another title, he only accepts “Teacher Jesus.” Jesus… you know that if in this world, in the languages can make many changes, then, why do you want to know how we speak and how we call him in our language. Leave it as he wanted to be called here on Earth and how you recognize him as “Teacher Jesus.” But all is going to be and will happen. But the time is on top of us, the ships are ready; each time, each day are going to be seen more ships in the world but the time will come when we will cover the sky with our ships, it will be so astonishing, so shocking seeing so many ships which is when they will listen. But there’s going to be a lot of fanatics saying that “the demon arrived to attack” and above all things, remember that the films from the neighboring northern country are always saying that “are the aggressors” and that they’re going to save you. And all that will happen is not going to be precisely very calm.
But you remember that you’re protected; even if someone wanted to attack you, they can’t; you have a dome that protects you at all times.

Things come big, big, astonishing, we’re already in the last time; the planet can’t handle one more year with this destruction. We already have to do something that really frees this world from everything that represents its destruction. But what interests us are the souls, the planet we fix it; imagine, millions of ships descend with all their technology, in how much time do you think we can fix it? A technology that man never imagined it existed. With a few days is enough to reconstruct the planet but we can’t do anything if evil is still attacking in that way and the human beings are being dominated by these beings of death.
Now the cult of the “Holy Death” spread in an impressive way, it means that they’re totally completely deviated. They only want something that tells them that it protects them but that helps them to earn unlawful money which is something that we have to end now.

Right now you, the money you have, well yes, take care of it but soon we’re going to end with that because you’re going to be able to live calmly withour protection in all senses. We’re going to protect you, we’re going to give you all the necessary, we’re going to show ourselves in  your homes, we’re going to let you see us because that’s what you ask us the most. Yes, we’re going to let you see us in your homes. Please, let there be a total peace, to be completely calm, to be full of love for all that we’ve shown. Sometimes the messages seem a little repetitive, remember that we’ve said it several times that are messages of Teachers, that is, “reiterative,” for the ones that find it harder to understand, we repeat it continuously.  But the fact that we had said that by the 21st of December would come changes, yes, it was the change of “Era,” but now everything is indeed in movement.

The planet is going to change its axis and do you think humankind was going to handle that continuous spin that the planet is going to make with the destruction they’ve done to it? Well it couldn’t. Then it would be a terrible mortality if we weren’t here, of cataclysms, of volcanic eruptions. Then, your famous movie of the year 2012 would fall short, it could be that way; it would destroy everything, but of course, they have invented that a few that are millionaires were going to be the only ones that would be saved when really what we have is a meticulous selection of good people in all the social strata, be it the most humble as well as the most elevated. In all places there are good people and want to give all what we’ve promised. But here, the ones that listen to us with much love, and remember, that didn’t give up, for us are of an incalculable value. We see you as our little angels that are going to help us and we’re going to form as an angel is formed, since we’ve seen a little demanding, yes.
We’ve seen your effort and your desire to change, your desire to love, your desire to convey the message, you’ve learned for instance, not to offend anymore. There was always someone that would say that they are “scavengers” but you can say to them in one way or another that the little animal deserves respect. Now there’s much movement also in favor of the animals, which we are pleased with the ones doing that.

You, meditate every day, we have very pleasant surprises. Don’t go to sleep distressed; don’t go to sleep worried about anything, if you have anything pending with you family or have, as I say to you again, something to pay, something to do, we make sure that miracles happen in that sense so that you are calm and see how everything goes on changing from one moment to another.
Prepare very well that things are coming strong, big and above all things, the cleanse of the planet because it will be noticed because we have to remove evil from earth with all his followers if they want to follow him. We’re going to give them the opportunity to think a little, at least to fear a little. Perhaps, if we achieve in one way or another to release that being of death the many humans that are being attacked by them, because the drug now has turned into something universal, what I want to say, in all that represents this planet, now drugs are completely accepted and that’s why… how do you think that the drug dealers become millionaires? Due to the amount of drugs being used. Then, all those minds are disturbed, can’t think clearly and naturally by removing the drug at once, well, they start being delirious. There’s where we have to intervene to help. But with the sole fact that they say: “I believe, I put my altar, I put myself in the hands of their hands,” we help them so that they can get rid of everything the represents the vices. But we’re going to work and prepare yourselves that we’re already exactly in the time in which a time has to be fulfilled, and in which everything that we’ve promised will happen.

Message after the meditation:

My brother A-Ladim was longing already to tell you many things that I really saw him a little accelerated wanting to tell you everything that he has prepared. He’s been working a lot; he has an entire army checking all the media; a little disappointing in many ways because there’s much pride, many wrong ideas, and above all, they feel they’re like gods. Then, he’s observing each one, seeing who are the most humble, seeing in what way to enter. Now, as he’s just said, it’s true, now the drugs have spread in an alarming way.

Then many of those people now also… in order to be able to handle the rhythm of things, in order to be in front of a microphone for a long time, getting up very early and working late, they end up drugging themselves. Then for that reason it is that the beings of darkness are everywhere; they make them get into fights, to envy one another, to be against each other, makes them not to have tranquility and peace but we’re studying a way so that they can really think. Now, not all use drugs logically, but it has spread in a very, very strong way; now all this is terrible.

But we’re going to accomplish it because if we would say: “Oh Father! Don’t make us work so much. Look, I’ll give you some that will look nice in a paradise and settle with those, and we’ll see if we take the majority that fail again,” because we feel like taking them and flunk them and for them to stay in a planet to start again, but we don’t want anyone to go to the darkness.

Although the being of darkness will take a good number. But yes, we do feel like saying: “Look Father, the selection is done; we take a few to the other planet in third dimension, we’ll see if there are still some that can repent and we already have… it’s enough with the ones we have. Besides will meet others from other worlds and in one way or another the planet will be repopulated. Don’t worry Father; we can have indeed many people that can listen to what we ask.” But the Father insists that he wants more, He’s the one that wants and loves his children. Then we’re going to help him, we’re going to try.

But you already have a place very well earned and with much love I say to you: Congratulations for having been perseverant, for having known to listen to our message and having continued, above all, working continually; being able to teach this that we know that is of Love and that we know you’re going to accomplish it. Therefore I say to you again: “Congratulations for having the faith and constancy of continuing listening to us.”

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on July 5, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepozltan, Morelos, Mex. on

Transcription and translation by AHENA Team. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Messages before and after the meditation of June 29, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

What can we tell you at this time so conflicted for humanity? What are we going to do? Normally you say: and how are you going to do it so that the message gets heard around the globe of the earth? We have many ways of doing things astonishingly. We are beings who have a power that man ignores; we can have them listen to the message in any language if we wish. We have such strength that we can move the entire planet if we wish.
Remember that the only thing that has caused a bit of trouble is precisely seeing how man surrendered to evil. The same man has caused all the damage that earth has: endless wars, death everywhere, incredibly sadistic killings, because how they kill the animals is really sadism, death, that's what it is.
They now have an emblem many people who want to have something else, the "Saint Death". The holy death, I do not know what's "holy" about death, but anyway. The first thing I want to ask is this: you had faith, perseverance and devotion. As we have said, not everyone can come to all meditations, what I do ask for those unable to come, is to acquire the message too. The message carries the beginning of meditation as we prepare everything carefully, believe it or not, we do get together, do see what you have to understand how we can reach you over within your mind, in your heart , how can we make that man can actually hear something that has to listen but doesn’t want. We can do that at any given time ... let's say: that a ship goes traveling the globe and will hear the message. Messages we've recorded with so much love, not with the most powerful but simple technology with which we chose to be so, because we represent the love and love is humility.
But you believe that we cannot make it so that a voice is heard that astonishes the entire planet? Do you think we cannot do that at any given time all human beings are turning up watching the movement of the ships? We know that in the beginning there is fear, there is an overall uneasiness thinking that maybe they are right, those who have invented these evil aliens movies coming to invade "a beautiful planet in peace, green, quiet, without any destruction, a beautiful planet," that’s how it was and so is going to be.

But they have to understand that the earth would not survive much longer. Yes, it could happen one bursting all around the world, for this reason: They have drilled to depths of its foundations, have tested their famous nuclear bombs worldwide; they have gotten them into the ground. And as we say: do not know why they like to try something so powerful in a place where they cannot even see all the damage they are doing within their own planet. They have done everything they could have done to destroy all life in this world. There are animals that have been saved, there are still in some forests, some animals, in the jungles there still are other animals, there are still birds that have been saved, but there's really not the amount of beings that the Father had created with the striking beauty with which he had formed them. I think you have seen some birds, as they say: "they look like they are hand painted." If you see a Bengal tiger, appears to be hand painted, if you see a sunrise or a sunset, how the sun can illuminate your entire horizon and realize that everything looks hand painted. Yes, created by a Father who has all the love for all that he has created, and what will surprise you is that a sunrise or a sunset and all impressive life forms, they exist in all planets. Apparently, they say they do not find life on other worlds, nor do we want them to realize for the moment, of the forms of life on other worlds. Why? Because they feel unique, they feel powerful, feel that could reach any planet and invade.
If they find “aliens,” as they call the inhabitants of other worlds, to subjugate them as they did when they came from another continent to this one, to subjugate persons who lived in peace, in their world, in a place where they had their own beliefs, and in a place that really knew what the “evolution” is. They came and enslaved those who really belong to this continent. So I say that's what they would want to do on other worlds.
If we wanted to subdue the man, we would do it so fast, you would be surprised to be from one moment to another, all in one place and all hearing at any cost, all we want to say. That's why we're doing it. I know that for many had been shocking, they were told that the world was coming to an end on the 21st. What a pretty work did evil: scare, prevent, and selling their famous bunkers in millions of dollars, do business, for all doing business, but really, do you think that would have been something that would have destroyed humanity, that "end of the world" imagined by man? It would have been worse if we were not here, he volcanoes start exploding and begin to emerge from the sea also all that has made man, these tidal waves, tsunamis so shocking, tornadoes from the same sea, everything is something that is an imbalance in a place that should have been the most beautiful place, because the life of the sea is wonderful.

We do take advantage of the life in the seas; we know how to breathe underwater, we can talk to fish, we also can build entire cities under water, we can build the most impressive cities at the top of the mountains and anywhere where life exists. So I say: if the power arrived to the earth, do you think we'd be playing around to see if they can learn, to see if they can listen? Why have we called so many? We need of man to help man; we need to be you who speak with humans, to show them our messages, show them what you have learned or people who have been cured, what they have achieved with their healing.
For those whose doctors haven't ended healing them, we will do it, but there will no longer be sick people in the future. But how many diseased will stay in the new dawn? Here is what we have to do; do something that really reaches all parts of the earth, to be heard in microphones in giant speakers in everything we can do to make them listen to the message. We're not going to ask permission because if we ask permission, they do absolutely nothing for humanity. At this time they are preparing, they will do a war here, they will teach a lesson to those who threatened because some countries are more powerful in the world. They want to teach a lesson to those who threatened with a nuclear bomb and want to teach a lesson to the world. They still have the dream of really being “the most powerful country in the world.” What do they want power for? To feel gods? To feel superior? To value their money very high? Although right now it is not the highest, why? Just to feel gods. Who is making all this happen? A being who is laughing at human beings: how he could dominate them, how he could subject them and how he could do that in this world there is only horror and death. The death everywhere, incurable diseases, war breaking out everywhere. Weapons, weapons are increasingly. I know one day we said we were going to disappear weapons. Everything we have said in the messages, everything is going to happen. That we will stop the killing of animals? Yes, but first we want to see how many human beings hear and understand the message by heart.

Why do we have so much condescension to human beings? Because humans naturally could completely lose all that is their soul, their future would fall into the clutches of evil, they could take you. He has a fairly large army, and I want you to realize that our work is very arduous. Fighting against beings that we can dominate at any time, but that have us ... let's say, in a form or another, "subjected" because they have managed to keep a large number of human beings they’re possessing, and this being knows, that the Father still calls for his children and evil wants to be the most powerful. So if here on earth have felt that can be so powerful for a single planet, imagine how is this being who wants to be powerful in the entire universe. Then you will understand, why the Father has given us the power we have and above all things, we have developed a technology that man doesn’t even imagine it exists.

Therefore, our listeners, remember that you have to spread our message, of course they have to listen what’s before the meditation, which is what this teacher would say, then, of course, to know what was after, but we have to make man know what represents the presence of beings of great power. Love is what will cover the earth, life will emerge; the planet will be a paradise and we will take care of that. As we would like to tell the evil "to withdraw" and take him out without taking to many humans, and we could motivate the man to think, motivate man to believe, encourage man to feel within himself the love that must feel a being who really thinks, motivate them. Not to send as many humans to another dimension as we’re going to have to, because that's where they will be scared, because there will be evacuations. If they do not understand, we send them to another planet, maybe and hopefully not so, we would have to separate families.
Hopefully not, because our dream, the dream that is of the Father, is "to rescue humanity from its own destruction", and above all, to not feel forgetful of someone so great that created them. We will work and we will give these meditations ... we have made them more of information because we need you to hear all that we want to teach, but also, we put a dream in every mind. Think how wonderful it is to be part of the universe and how amazing it is to be a son of the Father that at all times, knows each of his children, and loves intensely each of his children because he created us, he loves us but he gave freedom. That was been the impediment that has had the Father and ourselves, but we will do something to make them think.

Message after meditation:

Let's see ... what means for you, to feel proud, as I say, of not giving up; proud not to have said "they’re just lies". No. “I’ve analyzed the message,” there are those who say: “the teachers have given much to me,” there are those who have accepted to proceed with patience, with great sadness: “Teacher how much longer? Well, while you take care of us and we do well and the ceiling does not fall over when it comes a quake, while you watch over us, and does not going to fall a mugger out there, while you take care of us and have enough money," because the money gives many problems, "while you take care of us, we endure; you take care of us and we keep going."

I think we have shown that we do give to anyone who will listen, but it is very urgent that we make a stronger movement. You will see how they will stop short, all those who walk with their weapons, all those who feel powerful, now they are going to impact, and you know what is going to be interesting?
Yes, they will try to shoot and when they see that all shots are nullified from all those who have their ... they are not the cannons they had before, now have more sophisticated things. But to feel confident that never, never will we do any harm and we will make that the message gets heard. That is why we are concerned to be many messages, remember that both are of course very interesting. You will realize that although some things seem that we were repeating, are not repetitive but are, as we say, as Teachers, are "reiterative". But we already promised that this year you will have the most amazing adventure those who have agreed to go on not giving up.

We are beings who have a lot of power, the most striking power. Therefore, we can give you what you need, we can help in any way you ask, can heal your bodies, we can give you everything but just be patient in the sense that you have to have great faith and that you have to work with your mind as well, and to know that naturally, everything you need as long as you work towards will receive it, and with love I say "ultimate protection" because we have to protect you because demons were unleashed in an impressive way, that is, all those who are kidnaping, assaulting have a demon with them and then indeed, things are very difficult for humans. Do not forget that we have the power to give everything, everything, everything you need and all the protection you deserve. And I do say that we'll give already a very pleasant surprise for those who went ahead at all times, not to those who said: "Now when something happens, I return to appear there." Yes, they will appear, but will have to study and go to show that it is not the interest but that really understand the message and practice it. That is why we give priority to those who lovingly kept working, because this test of the "day 21" was strong, very strong, we know very well. We let you because we had to do that test, we had to see how you reacted, we had to see who understood our message, who continued forward although "nothing happened" as they say, but with what is happening on the planet I think it’s happening many things. But we had to test you, and so I will not say that is an apology, because it had to be, was an important test for all those who were listening and above all things, final test because already comes the biggest.

And will continue to give to those who learn, to all who begin to study, to all those who strive, because the highlight will be that you can see a New Dawn, all united to enjoy a different planet and enjoy the company of us and all beings from other worlds, and enjoy a place where there will be only peace and happiness. So to all those who have been consistent we say thanks for continuing ahead and having listened to us this long time when you didn’t give up.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on June 29, 2013.

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepozltan, Morelos, Mex., on

Transcription and translation by AHENA Team. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Meditation 550: We want to open the doors, but... not for a few.

Guardians of the Universe
Meditation # 550: We want to open the doors, but... not for a few.
Dictated by Teacher Aliestro on January 18, 2013
Received through Extrasensory Telepathy by: Sara A. Otero Platas Garcia

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Messages before and after the meditation of June 28, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

When we see how you come with so much love, with the hope that one day, one day it will occur something interesting to the Teachers because you know very well that something so great is not going to be put away forever. We’ve manifested throughout the earth, it’s known about our presence; the ships are seen, there are contactees, but some have a contact and then they make up the rest, but at least there are many testimonials that there are really beings from other worlds that arrived to Earth. 

But naturally, the fact of thinking that it’s the legion of our Teacher Jesus, they don’t say it in all that are “the contactees.” They feel that teacher Jesus has to be something religious as man has handled it: it has to be in a church, has to be with someone that is very important for all of the church and it’s more as etheric. 
They don’t accept the angels to be beings as you, that have all the privileges that the Father gave us which is precisely knowing “what love is.” I believe that the most beautiful that the Father gave us, was being able to love, be able to have our female companion, or speaking of females, a male companion, having children. 

I believe that the most beautiful that could happen in all that is the creation, is that we can have everything that can have any human being, but with the slight difference that it is many millions of years of evolution. We’ve never lost the path; there’s been always someone that would deviate a little, but we all go to return him to the path. 

But we’ve all followed a single route because there’s something very beautiful, very important: when one is at peace with oneself, when there’s harmony among all the beings that get together, where there’s that force of saying “we all can support each other, all work together,” there isn’t the need of a leader so they know what to do; although, normally in some way, always follow someone but it’s not necessary, we always work united. 

When we realized that we could come out of our body and started to know what represented to fly; we then started to reach other worlds, to appreciate that there existed a universe; we didn’t deviated anymore. What were we going to do cloistered in our world if we had the faculty of leaving the body and be able to travel. 

Travel, know other dimensions, and know how wonderful it is the universe of the Father. Now, when we knew the Father, things were different, we were so amazed with his presence, with his love, his simplicity, which is the most impressive of him, the great simplicity that the creator of the universe has. Therefore, when he named us the Guardians of the Universe, well, we felt flattered and above all things, very committed.  We promised that we would never give up, that we would continue ahead in all that He asked us. 

At the beginning he gave us power, as the times passed by, he increased the power because he would see that we complied at all moments, that there wasn’t a single one with vanity, haughtiness, that would say: “I’m going to be the main leader and all are going to worship me” not a single one fell in that type of mistakes. 

For this reason is that we say to you with much love ever since the meditations started: “keep united, be a single force, don’t see the defect in another, love each other as you are, comprehend yourselves as you are,” because when there’s unity, the energy increases and when there’s a true unity, we’re going to say it this way, “an authentic brotherhood,” it is when can start having the most beautiful experiences that you can imagine. 

The first thing I want to say to you is that we already have your diplomas, we’re ready for you to receive them and don’t think it’s going to be an astral trip that you won’t remember. All that we’re going to give is going to be the greatest award to those who with love have listened to us and didn’t give up at the moment that happened… well, this problem that forced us to be even more precautious in the selection of the human beings. How many did we chose with much love and at a given moment, things don’t go as they want and are capable of giving up completely, as we’ve said, to even call us “liars” and above all things, there are those that returned to eating meat. 

That seems deplorable to us, that is, that they didn’t understand our message. But always, since they started to get together here, we said: “keep united,” above all things, we read the mind and we know when there wasn’t a true brotherhood but at this time, if I say to you that I feel proud of you, I hope that you realize that among you there really isn’t one that is forming plots against the others, none are criticizing how they dress, how they live, how they speak, you’ve accepted each other as you are and that gives you an essential place with us. 

We’re proud of our little group, when it grows again, we’re going to have to be attentive to everyone’s reaction because if they’re going to come with the interest that now they’re going to travel: now yes,  they’re going to go inside the ships; now yes, they’re going to be able to have direct contact with us; now yes, “we realized that the ships are there, then they are real, let’s not miss the trip,” and now yes, we’re going to be able to know the Teachers personally; all that will be given. There’s something very important, we feel what you feel, we listen to what you think; remember that nothing escapes us, we penetrate  even to the deepest of your thoughts to know you deeper than you imagine and be able to say that we’re really going to give you something great: what was promised. 

As we’ve said, the negative effect that had the famous day 21, made that the human being even stop thinking; the human being says that “nothing happened,” that it was a “false alarm” and like they say here “they pulled your legs.” And they don’t notice what’s happening on earth; the terrible cataclysm that can happen at a given time. 

They coldly say that for some 3 years, the poles would have melted already. They don’t realize why they’re melting and what’s happening with the earth, they even hide the news on cataclysms that are happening, now it can be said indeed that they “try to cover the sun with a finger.” 

But all this activity that’s happening is going to be for the radical change of the planet. As we’ve said, there are many good people, many people that love their children, many people… well, that are victims also of everything that society is and that right now are truly in the greatest economic trouble, that prevents them from really being able to say that they want to acquire all the messages and that in some way want to understand it all. 

But we do see the effort, there are those who have a few and dedicate to listening to them and dedicate to thinking that “here’s their angel,” “what’s my angel’s name?” As they say. As we say to you, the important is to call us by a name, to not call us “guardian angel” but to call us by a name. That’s why I do say to you that those that have been making an effort of coming and not because they live close by, but because they make an effort, we’re taking it as something very, very big and we’re also going to give awards in rankings. 

What I want to ask you first is: keep as you are, don’t start thinking that there’s a deceit, above all things, in something as great as we’ve shown that we’re here; continue as you are, keep studying, keep preparing yourselves with much simplicity. I repeat again, we do feel greatly proud of all of you. 

Seeing that the room almost emptied because they were disappointed, then they didn’t analyze anything of what they’ve received, they haven’t done anything to be able to say: “we really understand; the sole fact of teaching us to love is very important, the sole fact of teaching us to say that we’re children of the creator, and why, is very important.”

Then, it has been quite disappointing the fact that many left complaining, making what you call “a tantrum” and saying “I won’t believe them anything anymore.” Therefore, I believe that when you least expect it, the surprise is now! The planet is being destroyed; everywhere we see how cracks are being created in the subsoil and everywhere we see how the volcanoes want to erupt and furthermore, the movement of the planet is also causing many problems because man is not prepared for an evacuation; we’ll say this way, in any place where there exists any cataclysm, they either wait for the houses to fall down on them or for the floor to open up and devour them, or for the lava from a volcano to fall on them and are thinking that, “well, I think that if the ships are here, they can help us.” That, the ones that come to believe because it’s very impressive to hear others say: “I don’t believe; I don’t believe that there’s life in other worlds.”

I believe it’s the most absurd, as if planet Earth were a little planet that’s moving in the entire universe and that is the only one that has beings that say they’re “intelligence,” living in such a terrible distress they now live. Therefore I say: Something astonishing will happen this year, but we have to see to whom we give the best, the greatest, and who we will receive from the ones that left and got upset. And then they’ll say: “I do believe now, now I saw, I can believe,” what they didn’t learn to see within the message, “the truth that we were giving them.”

They want to see something palpable, want to see the ships, see us, then learn to open their third eye but I believe that with that attitude they’ll never see it that way. But I do say, with so much love we see them come, with so much love we feel proud of this little group that was formed, that really do it with much faith and with the infinite desire of being able to participate in the greatest that’s going to be the salvation of this planet. 

You’ll say: “What are we going to do saving a planet, as if we had powers?” No. We’ll say to each one what they will do; we do have to give a greater strength so that you can show that we’re by your side. And I repeat again: thank you for your faith and perseverance and total dedication to acknowledging that we’re here to give you the happiness that would’ve never reached on this earth. 

Message after the meditation:

I want to ask you with much love, effectively, that you prepare yourselves. Those who also acquire the messages with much love, they realize that we also ask that to all those who continue working in their homes. As I said before, not all could come; I want to say to you that if you’re going to come from U.S.A, from any faraway place that takes many travelling hours then logically can’t come, but are… you should see, we do have several persons that almost every day meditate, they listen and start learning, there’s enthusiasm, there’s affection. 

All of them also have to understand that, that’s the reason that there will be many graduates. We don’t come to play; we come to give a message. The planet is very, very, very deteriorated, if we don’t do something astonishing, the earth will open soon and devour many humans, it’s very, very destroyed. We’ve managed to control to some extent some of the cataclysms but just that, but the moment will come when it will tremble in one place and trembles in another; the volcanoes are active, they’re making us work, as you say, “overtime.”

Normally they even say: “Oh Teachers! We want some vacations!” Yes, when we finish, all of us will go on vacation, but let’s finish this task and above all things, remember, the planet is very destroyed and very unbalanced and it’s urgent precisely that they see us and for them to know that we come to help. So you be calm that we come to save the planet and save humankind, to comply with the father and be able to return to him the greatest amount possible of his children and you’re going to work for it. 

That’s why, as I said before: remain united, calm, loving and comprehending each other. When I see you joking, laughing and I don’t see you criticizing each other, perfect, I think that’s wonderful that we already have such a group. 
Then prepare very well. Please, all that we’ve asked keep practicing it, absolute peace if you want to start coming out of the body. But like that, with much simplicity, with much love and prepare yourselves that it is the time already. But remember, the people criticize everything, laughs, makes fun; better have the things happen so that later you can say: “we wanted to tell you but you didn’t want to listen, but let’s all prepare to see a ‘New Dawn’ in this earth which is for what the Teachers are preparing us.” 

A New Dawn that has to be already because it is the time and it is the moment to live with much joy. That day we’re all going to be happy, rested, sad for all that evil is going to take, worried for all those who are going to another planet to see if they learn to live again, but very happy for all the ones that will be able to see that “New Dawn” that will be wonderful, incredible for all those who listened to us and worked intensely with our message. Prepare yourselves that it’s already the time. 

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy on June 28, 2013. 

The meditation of this day can be acquired from Tepozltan, Morelos, Mex., on

Transcription and translation by AHENA Team.

Messages before and after the meditation of June 21, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

I hope you realize that we really are at a crucial time for humanity. Evil is still spreading; man keeps making all the mistakes that could commit so it could be easy prey for evil.
You have lived through, for man is important to consume death: doctors get angry, scold them everywhere they have to eat meat, they have to eat fish, that children be given fish because omega 3 ... and then do not know how many things have to take.
Really, do not realize that mankind stopped thinking. To eat a dead represents what you already know: to become a "coffin," the fish, which is so polluted because of the sea, they give children something that can so seriously ill them as is happening right now. Pregnant women are recommended to eat well and eat lots of meat and lots of fish or at least, chicken and fish. Children are born with lethal diseases such as cancer, and sadly children with malformations. We already have to stop all this; I know you are already counting the days "to see when something happens!" Look, the first thing I want to say is, yes, we are already working, we are working very hard to live with man all that is living, to see in what way we will be selecting mankind. That we have it perfectly well classified, but above all, we want to keep as many humans. That is why I say that I have promised that one day you will see the sky covered with ships, lights will flood the earth and man will begin to fear. All those who do not know what it represents our presence are going to be afraid, that's what we want, precisely with the wicked, to be scared, to worry and naturally, many will want to go to the bunkers that were sold to them very expensive, and they will be there "protected" from what represents the “alien invasion.” That will be the main theme of the people who made so much noise with the "end of the world", and now, they're going to exploit it, at least, can use the bunkers to escape the slavery that bring these beings coming to earth. Because naturally, there are different beings, many have seen them, then all would be classified as the man would be in another world that would arrive to destroy, enslave, as they did.
They did when they discovered this continent, not that they have discovered it as something new, it was already there, but for those who came, were discovering something but did a lot of damage, especially, brought many diseases that did not exist in this place, terrible customs, naturally the one still practicing, which is precisely to be eating up the animals and above all things, to be at war. They came to enslave, to do terrible damage to the inhabitants of this place, people living in a thriving, very civilized, very balanced way and now are saying they made human sacrifices continually, and to worship the gods were taking hearts out.
We were in this country naturally and why did we chose precisely the Maya? Not just the Mayans, because who built the pyramids of Teotihuacan and all pyramids that is in all what represents this country? There were many who were called and many who heard and many who formed a civilization that was beautiful, flourishing and peaceful, peaceful in everything that is their customs; human beings with a great love for life. Another thing that was brought from elsewhere, here it was the respect for women, worshiped Mother Earth and had their symbols because of course they had not seen the Great Mother. The Great Mother, you know that came later to show herself to the natives.

What we want to say is this: ignorance has been terrible; contaminated the entire continent, ended with many customs, ended with the place of the northern neighboring country, they killed those men who also had a more advanced civilization, but not as much as had here that was flourishing and have left as a souvenir, "slavery". Who are those who enslaved? All beings who came from elsewhere saying they could have the power over life and above all, they had the right to enslave beings they called inferior because their color was different, as they did with black people in Africa. They went there, the people lived in their communities perfectly fine and were taken from there, then were enslaved, humiliated and still have the memory of it all.

That is why we say to those who claim to be "higher beings" to us are not superior beings precisely because they have made ​​so many mistakes in what it represents, "the communication towards their peers." They have turned this planet in the place in which only gold prevails, "the god of gold." But now they have created their "holy death" too, but there are things you do not see, terrible things that are shocking satanic rituals just to have power.
That is why when we see good people; we are so happy and excited. Let's do it, let's get people who do think that when they hear one of our messages, are impacted and begin to desire to know more and start to work, many people have heard elsewhere the messages and have stopped consuming corpses why? Because they have understood the message and we are filled with joy. Now, you know very well that you have many people around who do not want to understand, but don’t even sit listening to the messages, but they are not evil.   
Then let's work already very hard, life will flourish in a very short time, the world will be a paradise and man will return to life, because this human being that inhabits this earth is the son of the Father. The Father loves you with all your mistakes, is like a father who had several children and some of them went very foolish, and went into wrong things, but when is a good Father, he continues to love and still wishes his children changed. Well, we will not compare The Father with human fathers. The Father is something different, the grandeur of creation, is the powerful mind that at all times gave us the opportunity to exist and also gave us his light to think and his own mind to be creation. Each one is formed in the womb of his mother, so you see how wonderful it is the legacy he gave us in order to be evolution.  Now we're ready for a big move, but as I said before, you will see the noise that will make those who do not want us to manifest, which are those that are led by beings of darkness. The being of darkness has become very powerful because man has given his energy for many centuries, but will never have the power that we have. When are going to be seen the ships? The only thing I can tell you, it's definitely this year and already very soon. Because if we wait, we will be left with a few people and then would have to get them on ships, rescue them from the violence in which they live and that violence is getting worse and we are not going to condescend more. You who have faith, who have heard the message and have prepared so hard, you'll see the beautiful surprise that we have for you, and we have told you we are very happy and very grateful for your faith, for your dedication and for your constancy.
Why? Because even if it is night, that if it will rain, whatever happens... you’re here eager to learn. Those who cannot come in all meditations, acquire their messages and do their meditations, you know that we take full account, so do not worry. We know who are really fulfilling and yes, of course they will not come all from Mexico or from U.S.A.  to the meditations, but we are proud to know that despite the noise made by this being of evil to block our meditation, our dedication, our message, many who do think remained, those that realized what represents the message, and those who caved in, as I said, they will return because naturally, I repeat: all those who we have called are good people, we have not called any criminal, nor have we brought any being who would like to work for evil, no.

All who have come are good, although they return to eating meat because they feel cheated, because these teachers didn’t comply or because they might think my Sarita is inventing everything.
So I say, we are in time, you will not wait long, is in this year all that we have announced because it is urgent, very urgent that we do this move since we also have the date that the planet has to align to change dimension and you know very well that in the state it is, the world would disintegrate. Then let's hurry, we will work, continue studying, remember that you have to practice what we teach you and show it to others by example. That at one point, a doctor insists that they have to eat death, well: "I'm used to respecting life, I'm not going to eat a corpse." Even if he gets angry and mocks, and calls you ignorant, no: "I'm not going to eat a corpse, because I am accustomed to respecting life, because I love the Father and I know he created it, and the animals feel and think." No matter how upset they get, you answer them tightly and leave them because soon, when you see the movement to be seen in the sky then they will begin to ask, and we will rescue many beings of all that represents their disease or total ignorance in which they’ve lived, and hopefully ... we come with the hope that the wicked repent, that not many human beings get lost as at this time would be lost if they were taken by evil.
I know that you say: “Let’s see if the teacher gives us a date.” I think you learned a lesson: putting a date causes much distress and causes many problems.

The only thing I say is, get ready because this year is crucial and we are going to show up, when you least expect will gradually increase the presence of the ships and we will be at all times fully preparing to impact humanity, so those who are present and those who hear our message, we are grateful that you’re continuing ahead and preparing for the big time when you will be able to live this wonderful change that is presently in door.
Now is the time and be calm.

Message after meditation:

The fact that we are beings who have to plan perfectly well what we do, it is precisely because we know what we have to do. I've heard you impatient, looking at the sky where the ships are, asking from us things that are very simple to give, that we help in their economy, their health. Now we have seen that several times we have been asked to fix their teeth, eyes. The eyes of course, nobody likes to have decreased vision, we’re going to give all this, everything, but what I can tell you is that we are very happy to have those who will listen.
We have seen the good that it has done that have put the messages to the Internet, we have seen that has been a way of spreading, but when we do shocking things and make journalists come and performed as planned, then yes is not just going to be the Internet, but the Internet has an advantage, is seen throughout the world. Television, it has a really short space in which you can see, but it helps a lot, but good thing you have that medium in which now all ... from children are involved watching the screen and watching to see what can find and above all things, yes there is much interest about aliens, more in children and young people. Now people who say that "have lived and does not believe in anything", they will believe. But let's do something that can disseminate it fully. We already have a good number ... we would have liked to have everyone totally committed and that they had realized that the message was what had the value, that despite the trap the evil had set  would not renounce being with us, and do not say: "ah, it will happen as the day 21". That day 21, was fateful completely, but for evil was his triumph, for us did not stop to help a little to realize who really got the message.

But we have to recover them, because all those who left and those who resigned were already part of our mission, then we're going to make a strong call, and as you say, "a nice slap on the wrist", but we will recover them all and increase, increase, increase, to grow, because that way cannot fight us evil. They are people who think and say “I don’t eat the dead because I respect life, because I understood the message of the Teachers.” Now, look very well all these people who are promoting with videos what slaughterhouses really are, are people that we have targeted for something big, because they thought of respect for life, for example, that there is a famous singer, who has a lot of money, but does not use it for evil, and above all things, he is doing a very great work so that you hear the respect for life.
Let us then work much, much, you do not worry.
I told you, you are covered with a dome of light wherever you go and where you arrive. But we will give a little more money, do not worry, for those of you who are asking, at least tranquility, that do not lack anything and they can say, “well, today I worked and I could have this,” but rather, "I have ...” as you say in a very friendly way, “a little extra in the bank". That’s for a while, naturally when all the change comes, it will come the time when everything will be different, the money will disappear and everything will be different. But for right now, is what moves you and what we have to help you have.
So please do not worry about anything, we're here to protect you, to prepare you, you are our students is our little school. I say "little school" because it is still small compared to humanity, but are our pupils and we love you intensely because you have had the patience to listen, and above all things, to meditate on all that we ask.

That when will you see us? That date is also already given. But remember that we have said that it's not that we don't want to give clairvoyance to see us in the dimension, but you will see also the dark things and you are not going to like that. But we want to be transporting you, aboard a ship, we do want that at a given time you travel fully aware to the other dimension, that can really feel, above all things, guarded by us. But the day you see the evil energies, you will say: "Better not, better leave me blind". But do not worry, that's why we protect you so much.
You are going to live the most amazing at this time and the time has come, already the time came. Remember, this year is crucial because we will not wait any longer because the planet has to align and under these conditions cannot. As always, I always say to everyone: thanks for listening, for having faith and following our message.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy. June 21, 2013.
The meditation of this day can be obtained from Tepoztlan, Morelos on (Audio in Spanish only*).
Transcription and translation by AHENA Team.

*Although the messages are in Spanish, if you listen with calmness and love, will be able to understand it as if in your language with the help of your Guardian Angel/companion/Being of Light.