Sunday, June 30, 2013

Messages before and after the meditation of June 9, 2013.

Message before the meditation of June 9, 2013:

What represents for you, knowing that a message so great, so thorough, so perfect, because not for anything, we have taken pains to give you a perfect message, to be seen as a clarity of a new day.
We have seen that every human being demands that things be as he imagines, of course we are also seeing the economic crisis in which they all are, some less, some more, but everyone wants something to happen already. Also, do not like to being told that you are into a sect, that you are crazy and that: “Did you believe? If the day 21 nothing happened!”
I want you to remember that if you really analyze the messages, was talked about a change of Age, yes is happening already, and if you realize the world is changing a lot, is leaning more and more. Climates are changing as I announced and will happen yet still many things on this earth.

Man thinks he can destroy his home and can go ahead, do not even have with what to underpin it, is completely destroyed everything that represents the inner part of the planet. The planet is about to protest completely. We work hard, we are everywhere; we are watching that there aren’t very strong earthquakes, but we cannot stop everything, why? Because the poor planet, already has nothing to hold on to.

We are monitoring volcanoes; you see that we calm down this famous volcano that’s very dangerous the "Popocatepetl" however, already doubt it. Oh no, it's very natural “Don Goyo,” that famous Don Goyo already turned it off, because they asked Don Goyo to calm it down!
You do not even know what you mean by: "Don Goyo" I think they say that is a volcano spirit, which is protecting them, things like that. Well, they think as in ancient times who believed in certain spirits, and no, we are not spirits, we are beings who have all the power to give as promised to every human being.
We are ready for the biggest, the planet begs already to release it; the planet is already staying sterile to give life; the planet is heavily polluted and the man has no hope. If this planet was left in the hands of man, well I think it will be very damaged its life, economy, and even these powerful that they want to keep the whole economy, are well aware that everything is in danger. So, if they would think a little, they would realize that it is urgent to be helped, "the famous aliens coming to invade Earth, the famous aliens who abduct humans" more surprises are going to take when they really see people disappear, because when we are already ready for all the greater and they remain in their foolish pride to say, "it is ok to kill to eat" then will start to disappear many, and they will not go to have the doors of heaven open up for them, but send them to a planet where they learn again.

We have spoken of a wonderful place that we created; the doors are placed in homes where they're listening. Remember that if there is any danger of cataclysm, the doors open up, but is only momentary so you get to know how it will be the future that you’ll live and above all things: you’re going to work though.
Who said, “I believe;” who said “I am,” who said “I can,” and are willing to give the message ... that by the time are not being listened to; you became the laughing stock of many, but you will see the surprise they are going to take.
Already came the moment of change, the planet is already walking towards the place where it should be, but is very dangerous. So we have to be watching how we will rebuild it, how we will eliminate anything that is destroying it.

Evil is taken over the earth, people say: well yes, yes we are in the hands of the Mafia. Already the mafia is ruling everywhere, and do not trust anywhere, why? Because this got into all powers, because you do not know if you are safe inside your homes, no longer know if you can buy a new car and they are going to rob it the next day, and don’t know if you really might want to get a gem and will be snatched, and above all things, now even people of very few resources are being kidnapped: " it's easier, no money? We take it away from another even if he does not have and we take a human being, is easy!" In addition, they are drugged, they are drunk and go with a dark being that is manipulating them. It is time that we send the evil to its dominions.

So a promise was made: It would come the day when would arrive our Master Jesus and the wonderful day in which would open the gates of heaven. Yes, but the gates of heaven on this planet will be fully released, and will not be in the confinement that it is, and you will be able to see: how they arrive from many worlds. You're going to know them and will see that what they say is not true: that the poor beings that were called "greys" are not wicked, the wicked are on earth being dominated by beings of darkness.

Then I told you: “the New Age is coming,” New Age is already underway. All the planets have to align and the entire galaxy passes through a single sun, then each planet has to take its place and must be aligned and this poor little planet which fortunately is like at the end of the row, it has to be fixed even to the deeper of its foundations, aided by all those beings who are willing to risk anything to see that this planet does not interfere or cause havoc throughout the galaxy. So please: to prepare, to study and tell the man what we have taught because in very, very short time the movement is already done.

Be ready, because things are going to happen and we always keep our promises and we have very well the account of those who are really with us, have heard the message and have taken over all our teachings. For those who gave up ... for us it is sad to see them eating again "a corpse" meaning, they did not understand absolutely anything, like spoiled children rebelled that: “if they don't give me what I want then I kick the chairs and I'll mess the house around because they do not give me what I asked.” Well, then things are ready for now. Be prepared, studying and meditating.
So we started to take some people; a woman who acts like a child, a little girl who could travel already on a ship, and more children will be those who will feel all this and above all things... they are already talking about beings that came from a faraway place, taking the form of a child and is already giving a message. Remember that fortunately has been around the world, though still not going to stop wanting to eat meat, that they will stop doing it because we are going to take away the animals. So we will see who did it for love and who did so on the condition that they may live in a paradise, which is what we are already forming so that you can live in the future. So, thank you for your dedication, your faith, for continuing with us because we are ready to give the greatest to anyone who will listen.

Message after the meditation:

When you hear what represents "being part of a universe," you realize you were locked as in a small capsule of pain where could not get out, simply because could not think. We have made every effort to prepare a message, we have made every effort to select good people, not one of those which have come, is a person with evil, none ..., and boy has filled many times the salon, and few appeared here, and many asked for healing. As I said before, were cured, but sadly faltered again, but we do have a good number, we can fill a theater with all of them, the day they decide to change.

But the movement we are going to do is authentic; those who want to work for us, be prepared because we will put them to work hard, but happy. I want to see you when you see the ships in the sky, will shout of joy, going out saying “so you see it was true, now you hear us!” And then the family will be: "Now, tell me!”, or "That´s awful, hey and what if it is true they are invaders? Hey and if it’s like what they say in the U.S. that all come to enslave us? And maybe they have lied to you that they’re saviors so they can take us by surprise.” To that extent people get, but we're going to demonstrate at all times that we come to help and rebuild the planet.
We do not need a long time to rebuild it, that we said before; six months is 6 days. No, but we don’t ever make the mistake of you “calculating” with a date. But anyway I say that's no problem for us, the problem is to see with how many humans we will stay to enjoy the paradise we are preparing.
A moment ago, already my brother Azoes told about what represents: where are the loved ones and how soon you will see them. Now you will say, "But they were lucky because they did not have to pass all tests. They just left to study," yes, but we put them to study hard.

Firm in their class and firm in all they have to learn, but it was good-hearted people, then we understand very well.
So I tell you: get ready, we come not to play, or make false promises; see the poor planet like this, see the total destruction and yet plan more destruction, they are still saying they have prepared their bombs. They have a number of nuclear warheads so shocking that we are watching very closely all. No, in one way or another, are insane by the beings of the dark because they know that if they throw those bombs, all are harmed, is like a mass suicide that naturally we will not allow. But I want you to be alert to what you will see at this time. That were scared, that hurricanes began early…, yes, the planet is now in a different position and were scared because what has emerged… like the tornado that was so strong and out of time too, and naturally are afraid to open the San Andreas fault, we will ensure that is not so dramatic because it opens completely and is also a terrible slaughter we do not want. We want to give the opportunity to as many beings as possible, but also to take an occasional scare, if not, do not listen. We have to let them be shocked. But this that we have promised you is a fact.

We have 20 years preparing this time; we have therefore a little more than 10 years preparing this message perfectly. Do you believe that we were wrong on dates? Of course not, but it did start the "New Era" on December 2012, but was simply a change of era which is not very noticeable to the men because they can’t perceive all that. But it is a fact, and remember: we are also showing us to children. Come on, stand up and say: who has a soul like a child, that has that simplicity and confidence that not because they see us or see Teacher Jesus feels superior.
Calm, meditate relaxed; that man have many problems outside or women working, please make me a little favor to put in a suitcase all your problems and leave them there in your work, but at home I want you to arrive liberated, smiling, and work with what represents –meditation-.
We're ready to get moving and now, right now is one that started and one more and... we want them all to receive already wonderful experiences so you can talk about in a specific form of all that we are going to give. But to be heard, do not worry, we are going to put the ships and indeed will be as much noise as possible. Broadcasters will begin making all the noise and then they are going to forget that there are many drug dealers, how many drug dealers were killed, how many false promises made by the government, how many diseases are ... What else good do you have? None, right? That is their favorite topic of the media, we will change it for something different and now, it is the Father who will tell us if we're good, because our greatest desire is to give the Father the joy of knowing that we will recover his children that doesn’t want to lose.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy.
The meditation of this day can be obtained from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mex. on (Audio in Spanish only).

Transcription and translation by AHENA Team.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Messages before and after the meditation of June 7, 2013.

Message before the meditation of June 7, 2013:

Tell me so something of utmost importance, if you would’ve left that famous 21st day, what would you’ve done? You say: “be happy,” yes, but don’t you think you would’ve forgotten many people that will have the opportunity to pass to the other dimension? We’ve prepared you arduously so that by knowing the message you can convey it. It’s a very simple message that carries within much strength, much love, and above all things that is a totally a message that a human being couldn’t give. If anyone has noticed how we’ve handled the messages, they will also realize that naturally we know how take them by the hand.  We talk much about December 21, why? Because the date coincided with the end of an Era but it was mixed up with all the noise that was made that an end of the world was coming and created a very special confusion that sadly, we’re going to confess that we allowed it. 

For this reason, we had to see how much you had learned, how much you really wished to help all the beings that surround you, how much love you could put so that wouldn’t stay at least, a great amount of the ones that are you own family members or friends or many people that haven’t had the opportunity of listening to the message. It’s a planet that you know how many millions of inhabitants there are. Within those millions of inhabitants there are good people, there are people that can change from one day to another because what has happened to them is that they don’t have hope, dreams, many only think: “I hope that when I die there’s a heaven and justice and that someday I can be happy,” but not even of that they’re certain. They don’t know what is to change of dimension, don’t know how can depart to another dimension as we have taught you and also to understand with all clarity that death doesn’t exist. 
It doesn’t exist absolutely for anyone. We’ve explained that many millions ago, the Father created us all and gave us a unique gift: we are eternal. You’re going to say: it would be a gift, an endless journey; but if you would see how beautiful is lived when you live under the divine laws of the Father, how wonderful it is to walk on a world where everything is perfect, seeing how the flowers grow each time more beautiful, know all the secrets of life. We have learned to know from how a life is formed in the womb of the mother, but in detail. We have such a wonderful technology that when we show you how beautiful conception is, you will realize how beautiful it also is to see how the animals are formed precisely those lives that the Father created so that they could populate every world… we’re talking about the universe, we’re not talking about planet Earth or the galaxy to which you belong to, we’re talking about the universe. 
For many human beings that are great scientists, they say that they found a planet that could have the life form of Earth and that probably could be inhabitable. If you could see how wonderful worlds we know and how we see that many human beings that have learned to love, live in perfect conditions without “killing themselves” naturally, without fighting for a piece of land, without hatred and thinking that someone has to be superior than others; there’s a total peace. Naturally in many worlds, there was certain activity that could have been a danger but that’s why we’ve traveled in all that represents the universe, we’re powerful. The power that the Father gave us in “unrivaled,” no human being could imagine having a mind that “can achieve all that they set up to do.”

We can move an entire planet with the mind, we can construct in your time… let’s say it this way, that it wouldn’t take us more than a week to put a complete city with buildings and impressive things and above all things, sowed. We have a technology beyond than you imagine what is to sow and for plants to grow at an unimaginable rate.  We have all the equipment to transplant them from one place to another; we don’t destroy anything, absolutely nothing. The plants are also sacred, why? Because they’re a life that the Father created to accompany us and give us fruit, shade and also… yes, of course it can be done, take fiber from the plants to form clothes we use. Naturally, it would’ve never occurred to us to kill a little animal and take their skin for shelter. All in the universe is perfect; there are beings of all sizes and there are very small beings. 
As we’ve said other times: the fairies exist, the elves, but there are beings that don’t measure more than 25 centimeters and that’s how their entire planet is, all proportional, their height and we go and help them for everything to be perfect. Then, imagine how beautiful it looks, how big can be a dog or any other mascot they have; the same animals that are populating that place, all are small, all adapted precisely to the gravity of their worlds, as well as we’ve said before: there’s the earth of the giants.  
They’re unimaginably perfect and of the same size is all that represents the life that surrounds them; therefore, if you were to enter that planet and found yourselves with one of their animals, you would get a tremendous scare; they’re as big as they are, but all is perfect. So beautiful universe, so perfect, its continuous spin which is mathematically perfect and that is what achieved evolution. For this reason we’re now willing to do anything so that this planet doesn’t disintegrate; this planet was a paradise and will be a paradise again within the exact time that we have to give the Father accounts of what represents the change that this planet has to go through. I want you to be aware that you’ve made a compromise with the Father, nothing of: “the teacher doesn’t listen to me, I don’t have enough money, I’m afraid of the future;” the future is so close and the future that awaits is the most incredible you couldn’t imagine. 
So tell me, are you willing to work without a break? Naturally, you’re going to say “you’re going to let us sleep Teacher?” That’s definite, because you haven’t reached the level to have as much energy as to not sleep; you have to recuperate from the excess of work during the day; but with a balanced meal, adequate, and with all of us on your side, all is possible. For this reason I say to you: It’s already the time. We warned that the new Era was starting; not exactly… let’s say “in your calendar, December 21,” but that time coincided with the time that marked the radical change that had to have everything that is this galaxy to lineup toward the “New dimension.” The time of Pisces is over, which was how you know it to start the Aquarius Era. Many would say: well, but here we say the other way, we say Pisces and Aries. Yes, but you do everything backwards, it doesn’t surprise us, you’re wrong in everything, but I do want you to say to yourselves: “good thing that I was patient, good thing that I didn’t give up, how wonderful is knowing that they’re with us, and how incredible is knowing that the future that awaits us is going to be so perfect that when we’re already seeing our planet turned into a paradise and can travel,” because we’re going to take you to see the entire universe, it’s when you’re going to say: “good thing I had faith, good thing I didn’t give up.” Now well, that will return the ones that left? Yes, but will have to learn to give themselves all the knowledge you’ve received. How many recorded messages? That’s why there are some that even give the impression that we’re repeating. 
I think that as a Teacher, we have to be reiterative so that you can assimilate the most important parts that we teach, but we take you by the hand to learn: what is the thought, what is love, who is the Father and how is it that this being of death goes on taking ownership of this planet, but above all things, “the love.” What is love? It’s very important you understand that. But remember that at this time we’re giving a warning, we’re showing the world our presence. They can no longer deny that there’s infinity of ships or spheres and of all that has been seen, can’t deny it, it’s a fact – We are on Earth. But don’t forget that evil has worked intensely to say that “all the extraterrestrials are bad and that the good ones are on Earth.” 
 “Let’s fight against the invaders” because, how are going to invade “a so perfect planet, so well taken care of with many good human beings, very peaceful that know how to love, that know to have a single knowledge to love the Father, that have respected all the divine laws, that have listened to the great Teachers, that have followed all the teachings.” I believe that this sounded as if I was making a little bit of fun, but more or less. Then, tell me one thing: if you’ve had faith, have been constant and it doesn’t matter that are travelling a little bit of distance; you’ll see the distances we’re going to make you travel to take the message around the world, but now in a different way, now with us taking you and doing incredible things. 

Therefore I say, your meditation is very important because remember that we are changing your energy, the energy that you have still needs a little more, we have to leave you very strong so that at the moment you enter a ship it won’t affect you and can accompany us in all that represents this mission. Then as always, our meditation has a message and with all our love I say: all of us are here, the 9, our Teacher is always present because our Teacher Jesus made a commitment with the Father that he would leave this planet converted into a paradise with all his children; therefore, within the wonderful dream of our Teacher was to save humanity. We’ll see how much we achieve and we’re going to see how much we can do in this short time that’s left for the dimension change, very short. Now, don’t say: “we want dates!” Because you know that dates create much anxiety, but I do say to you that this year is crucial and the time is fulfilled and the time is now and the time is to initiate a new time for this humanity that sadly wouldn’t survive much time with all that’s now happening. 

Message after the meditation:

When you listen to all that we are… well, telling you, narrating, you do get full of hopes. There are many that will say “you still believe? You know very well, in one way or another, all have received our protection. We haven’t made you millionaires or anything alike, because it would be a chaos that at a given time you were millionaires; but we do want you to have enough to have everything in order and can work freely, not to be worrying: “and, how do you want teacher for me to go to work if I have to provide the food, if I’m lacking… I have to pay the electricity bill, the gas, the phone, all that I have to pay;” we have to give all necessary so that you can live perfectly well and can represent us dressed adequately, that is, in a simple way but elegant.  That’s why I say to you: we are in the time. 

Our teacher is already impatient with all he has to do but he says “One day I said to the Father ‘I’m going to return your children to you,’” but naturally the human being thought that He alone, arriving on Earth, letting them crucify him, went up the sky and opened the doors and… “Come in! Come in everyone, as you are!” Imagine, I believe that’s the most outrageous idea there could be. He is going to open the doors… it’s not opening doors, it simply is “knowing how to walk thru dimensional tunnels, how you can arrive to any world, how can be known what life is; the wonderful like that the Father gave us;” and our Teacher has taught us so much. We have power and we have knowledge, but even if you don’t believe, He is superior to us. Imagine with the power He has and accepting to be humiliated, to have happen what happened. 
It was his decision; we respected him. Oh but thanks! So, blessed be the Father that is not going to occur to him another of those things because we can’t take such an injustice. But he opened the doors of heaven? Yes, because the human beings are preparing to be able to understand how the change is going to be. Remember that there isn’t an end of the world, it’s a change; don’t forget to pass the message. Right now they’re going to laugh at you, don’t worry; we know “that you are the crazy ones that go to that place where they tell you many stories and… it’s a sect, ‘what do you mean that we can’t eat meat? How can you think we’re going to stop eating meat?’” That’s what gives us much pain, sadness, why the human being stopped loving so deeply that they don’t care about the terrible suffering they cause to the animals. When we see how they use their leather coats and how they so proudly wear it due to how costly it is how they left the little animal skinned and almost always alive, then it’s not possible. 

We feel much pain, what happened to the human being? We know that evil advised you but there’s the part of each one that can think and reason; because in one way or another, these beings also approached you, yet it was easy to think that life had to be respected and it was very easy to accept us. Yes, we would have wanted to have this place full and put speakers everywhere but we’re going to achieve it; it’s going to big, truly big because we can’t say that we lost this war; the war against evil; the war to return to the Father his children; the war so that we can say “it’s time to live, not to die; it’s time to believe and put a dream in each mind so that you can know that above all things, the children are the new generations; the little ones were born to live.” All have been selected in a very special way and even if at a certain age some people have perverted them, we remove that but the children are the new generations and this planet will be populated again, but now spread, won’t be piled up in a city, and great amounts of land not even planted… all is going to be perfectly well distributed. Then continue preparing that we feel proud of knowing that we count with you to give this message that is only of love. 

Teacher Alaniso

Monday, June 17, 2013

Messages before and after the meditation of May 31, 2013.

Message before the meditation of May 31, 2013:

When you can see the prize we will give you, you will feel so proud not to have given up, to had said: "I believe in the teachers because what they teach is true, I think we are going to move on to another dimension, I do feel that everything they promised us is true, I am sure that at no time have lied to us." That there was confusion? Well, as I have said, to us it was useful because it served as a test. When going to a school, you have to take tests from time to time and testing is done, you have seen: they arrive and the teacher announces that he will do the tests. We don’t announce, we do the tests. We have to take you, as they say, "by surprise", so you know that at one time already were tested in all that we have taught. For how long has been coming people here?  20 years more or less ... 20 years in which felt that arrived to see the aliens, then, to see the angels, then to gift you the journey by ship. Naturally at first did not know that was going to be a change of dimension. Whoever says that we were making promises that time, that's a lie. But we did said, "we are going to lower a ship", and watched with enthusiasm at the sky, but we also watched what was your reaction when you were not going to go on a ship. We listened to their minds, but we saw how they said go ahead, the message is very beautiful, just knowing we are not alone is very important.
When the man doubts, doubts because he does not believe in himself, afraid to believe, afraid to wait for something that might be outside of what is known, is afraid of waiting, afraid to love. That is why we have made a careful selection of people who had to come. I believe that you do not have the count of 20 years, how many came about a cure, others came to meditate as they said, they did a very nice meditations at the beginning: that they lay on the ground, who were with the illusion of seeing. Now, the long road ahead for healing has been very hard, very difficult. Why? Because we do not give what they have not earned, it is explained, are told about the meat and then we see the reaction: "No, I will not be able to, no, I cannot live without meat." However, there are people that is automatic, "they are right, they are right" and continue forward without thinking about consuming death. Of all those who we have called, let's say: that we are proud, very proud. Right now, let's say, it's like a thousandth, but as of one tenth in total of all who have been called, because there are many people who have come from far away and move on and continue looking for ways to be heard and continue to say that the teachers are there. And then yes, on the 21st you became the "laughing stock" of many people, that is, you did not realize that there was a message, did not understand something very important. Are you really the children of the Father? Do you really feel proud of your actions? Do you really feel proud to say, "at least the day I depart: I will see the doors open in order to meet the real paradise, to say to the Father: Father, I took my life perfectly well, I did, loved, listened and worked?" Therefore I say, many people came to fill this room and many people say: "Until something happens" or rather, "not going to happen", "nothing happens there." Well, if nothing happens, it means: they did not hear our message, and did not really learned what is to love and be in control of their emotions.

All are awaiting and excited, the ships are seen more each day, and cataclysms are growing. One thing they do have come up with, for example, in the U.S., where did that tornado come from, that didn’t warned? It was so big that it could have been noticed at a large distance, so that they can alert the population to get ready, there was no time, where did it come from? Naturally Earth already is working on a terrible way, and the earth itself makes all those kinds of things, because there are huge cavities and naturally arise from the center of the earth a very large force that man doesn’t know. The volcanoes are increasingly active, and the movement of evil, well, if they say "nothing happens," tell me what are hurricanes doing starting at this time? And are making an impact, a tropical storm with a hurricane, but you will see how everything comes this strong, very strong. Prepare for heavy rains, you prepare to be heard because now that the ships are going to be seen in the sky, they’re going to be seen.
Then, as they say: oh! but put them in my house up here, or at least the sky to be covered with ships. And do not go saying after that they don’t even let you live because there’s a ship parked up in the house, we also don’t want them to block up the driveway because there is a ship on top, better be many and be completely in motion. When we tell you: "ready," it is because everything is perfect now, and I want you to be calm, nothing is going to miss. I know that everyone is concerned about the economic situation, and everyone is concerned because the family often is not very good, especially I see that you love your family and your family has not wanted to hear the message, you will see if not, they are going to snatch up the messages to learn because they will know that: he who does not prepared, will not know what is the most authentic and great.

Because, you know what? You will achieve to stroll in a ship and they will see how we take you up and down. Imagine that you are seen coming down of a ship and everyone will say, "I also want". They see that light disappear and you are going to tell: how was your trip and what you felt. Then, everyone will want, then you know what? To study, there is no other way, to study, control of all and every one of your emotions. Well, obviously you have not fully achieved all of you, but we see the effort, every day you are studying, and when you see that someone wants to take, as you say, "your buttons" and you begin to reconsider: "they are not going to make me angry, I'm not angry, I'll be calm, and I will ignore them. Oh! But how bothering is this person, but I'm not angry and I won’t get angry,” at least you repeat it as a class you are taking.

Time is the time and the greatest movement is starting.
When will you see the change of dimension? Very soon or did you think it was not going to happen? I do not understand why the saying "nothing is going to happen" when they are in danger every day. Those who do have the days counted are the beings of darkness, we are already seeing in what way we get them off the humans, or humans who already are really evil and want to be with them, they will get an egregious scare. But do not think that because they give 3 beatings on the chest already went to the dimension of the light, of course not, but the evil is going to take many people, because he will cause to kill, will ensure that at one time be in danger, that hate, that kill, they are looking for who is going to steal the gold from whom and who is in some way working to be hereafter, servers of that being of death. But this is the year and do not ask again a date because I saw what nerves gives a date, the only thing I can tell you is that this year will be a big move. It is just that all of you receive the joy of knowing that you’ve earned a place with us.
Now, remember how many are still saying: “well, maybe the 9th I give them the joy to see me and I'm going to be laughing, to see just in case something happens,” or more or less say, "Tell me what they said?" Or later are asking to pass them the pre-recorded messages, to see if they deign to come, people that can come, we're not telling people who live far away, there are some that definitely could not come.
But there are those who live here just a few steps and are still saying: “first show to me that something is really going to happen and if not, better go to bed early, so why am I wasting my time.” Do not forget: we read the mind, not only when they are in front of us, by far distance, we know what they think.
Remember that you have a protector, a brother, a friend who often full of pain is listening and thinking: what was it that diverted them much? And this being is sad because he chose and was not corresponded. As they begin to see the ships, then they will want: "what was my Angel’s name? Come on, go and ask what my angel’s name is?" Because if you could see how they come out with that: "I already forgot ... I better ask  Teacher Alaniso or  Teacher Aliestro or Teacher Axel" because they also see them as a great teacher, more or less remember the others, but is not a thing that they are continually calling them.

But this I tell you: this is a shocking year, and also has a cabalistic number, number 13. But it is time, already is the time and evil will end; do not forget that "we are at war against evil, not against man."
But poor planet, I think it wanted to take care of all mankind, because we are avoiding many more disasters than you imagine, because things are very serious, the destruction of the planet is so great that we cannot control everything anymore, but we can divert people that are jeopardized, and who will go to the other dimension in the case of danger? Those who have done well, those who have passed the exam. But you will protest: "What about my family? What if I want them to come?" We will put them in a safe place so nothing happens to them, so they know: that earning something so big, requires at least a little effort. The time has come and it is the time when the Father will be able to know how many of their children will recover, because we sure have a demanding Chief, wants at least three quarters of humanity, already we said: Oh Father, if we are in a quarter to say that we can see them within the change and you still want three quarters, but we'll try. But imagine, all those who had already bought their bunkers, they are going to get in suddenly because very strong cataclysms are indeed coming, they are going to frighten.
You do not worry, you are protected and at any time you will be able to pass the dimensional gates that we have promised and will be able to know that wonderful place we have ready for those who with love are by our side and with love are listening to us.

So, you do you want a journey meditation, good, but also good to know what is happening, because that part of the messages almost nobody purchases it, then we put it within meditation too, but I keep telling: be firm, move forward, get ready because we have something very beautiful for those who have stayed directly listening to our message.

Message after the meditation:

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this story. My brother A-Viatar told me: I want to show them what will be the New Dawn so that all human beings have the opportunity to return to the Father's side. My brothers and I all wish to put images in your minds, get you out of your mistakes, remove you from the violence, remove you from your vices, drop these dark beings who have caught you. Therefore, we will do things that really astonish so that we can recover at least, a lot of human beings to inhabit this earth already turned into a paradise. But naturally I also tell you, who will want to go to our worlds? Because who have been loyal and constant, we want to give a very special prize: to really know what the paradises are; you have no idea of what we have achieved with so many millions of years of evolution. But of course I tell you, I know you are not going to want to separate from your families and if your families have been a little rebellious to understand, well yes, we make them pass, but of course they do not get the jackpot to go with us to travel to this amazing place we inhabit. I know you are going to protest, "But they are good and they will understand." Yes, but they have to learn, they were given the opportunity, you spoke to them, told them why they should not eat death, and repeatedly told them what they had to do and until they see something shocking then: Oh, you were right! But that's why I say, we have separated the prizes.
You have seen: let us assume that there is a graduation in a school, not everyone will get the top prize, that is, sometimes they are given a very large degree, an honor band, many things that give, are few, are always few, but certainly do not expel the whole school, they’re just given their grades, the classes that corresponds to each and then have the opportunity to continue learning another year. And here will be at another Era to continue learning.
Be prepared that this year will be crucial, a little tired at work, but wonderful to receive the prize we have prepared, so get ready very well, as I’ve always said: is a Father who will thank you for helping recover his children.

Teacher Alaniso

[Message received by Sara Alejandra Otero Platas through Extrasensory Telepathy.]

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of May 25, 2013.

Message before the meditation of May 25, 2013:

I want you to realize that life really passes by as if it were a dream: one day you wake up, the other, you do things needed to be done; but when you realize it, the years have passed by; the times passed and never have realized how wonderful it is to know what to live is. In this planet, when we see very difficult now to teach fast the human to live, but we’re going to accomplish many things because we are determined that we have to triumph. The time is fulfilled; I repeat again the famous date of December 21, it was a date on which it was symbolically, because it did coincided with the times in which the New Era was starting, that was it; no one said that that day was going to be the radical change. I don’t know what you were expecting; we’re still intrigued listening to the mind of everyone. They wanted to leave already, they wanted to escape, wanted to have entrance to the paradise forgetting about many people; we haven’t forgotten humanity. We’re going to give them the opportunity to listen to the message, but remember that in order for the message to be heard, it has to happen something astonishing. We are ready, you were given a notice, that in a short time.
A very luminous sky will be seen; it will shine in a different way, and then will begin seeing how the sky goes on being covered with the ships, the spheres will be seen and ships of different shapes and will be seen how man is going to be astounded: happy, the ones who know about us; scared, the ones with wrong ideas of “the extraterrestrials are bad,” but above all things, we are going to scare those who feel are powerful and can subjugate their fellow beings. For us, seeing how they make so many mistakes, above all: the war. You say it yourselves: how useless is a war. Kill each other because some powerful said the other country was the enemy, they make up such a story, as they say: they brainwash them and tell them that they must attack.

But also, if the soldiers don’t go they are punished and have to go young men that were barely beginning their life, young ones that had to be part of what represents a humanity that had to be flourishing. If at this moment you could travel around the planet you would see how terrible it is: we see so much pain, we see so much despair, and we see that “the famous gold” has you completely trapped. They say: “don’t make an image of your God”; well, the God man venerates at this moment is the “gold” because without it you can’t have absolutely anything. Well, calling it “gold” is a way of saying money, without your paper, with an inscription invented by man, can’t have anything. Due to that paper they kill, for that paper they do terrible things. Yes, it is true that the jewelry, the diamonds, but right now who’s going to have a diamond necklace? They will think they will want to cut their neck.

Who would use a bracelet of gold? No, because they will be left without an arm. No one wants to have jewelry because it was truly turned into something dangerous to wear, because that jewelry they sell them and every time is more difficult for gold to be turned into something of importance because the gold is now something that it would be better to keep it as coins, but why would they have gold coins if they can make an exchange, you can live perfectly well working, complying with your obligation according to what you like to do, be it working the land which you will see what a pleasure is going to be working the land because we are going to come with the technology. Right now, well, for the farm workers there isn’t any pleasure.
They don’t know when it’s going to rain, when it won’t, they no longer know how to fertilize the land, they find very little remunerative the fact of working the land. Now, there are countries like the neighboring northern country, which find the farm workers very useful because they go with a great necessity to earn those famous dollars because here they don’t find who would pay them well for their work and we see them really killing themselves in a job that is from sunrise to sunset but they have a better house, have some money, have better food at least but are not happy either, then, where’s the happiness on earth? Nowhere.
We don’t know anyone that is completely happy because there are always worries,  because now they turned the money into a plastic card that has been a mortal trap for all because in that way they are in debt and later to pay it off, they pass through many problems and many threats and naturally now the money… What is money?  The money is something invented by evil, evil that has made them kill for the oil “the black gold of death,” evil has made them kill themselves for expropriating all that’s not theirs; the evil has made them kill themselves for having mines of silver, gold, or diamonds. As I say now, I believe the one that wears a jewel with diamonds, well, would have to be very well protected and won’t even like to think with whom to show off because that’s the reality of wearing a very showy jewel, now all of that is obsolete.
But truly, the real gold is a paper; a paper they fabricate with much care so it isn’t forged; they do forge it but they kill themselves. What does the human gain by having huge amounts of that paper? Of course yes, they can live in luxury but they can’t enjoy that luxury because they have to be completely protected to not be killed. Truly the planet is left in the hands of what represents the underworld and the underworld is all that is corruption, it is from the most powerful and also within the religions, is within what represents the towns and the people that definitely don’t like to work or didn’t find work; they found it easy to steal from a person; now, truly, someone tell me where’s peace on this earth? Now we have said again: we protect you, all those who are with us is protected against all those who want to take away what you’re wearing or to kidnap you, for example; definitely that can’t happen to you. You have light in your house, you carry light with you and don’t carry death; that’s the reason we warn you so much not to carry death in your body.
Well, all this I say to you is because I give you the news that it’s very short time left for evil to be triumphing on this earth, so short, so short, because all has to happen this year. I know that many say “the ships are still not showing,” I think that many ships have been seen, but very, very, very strong the sightings on the entire world, but now we are indeed going to make the best, the big, the one we’ve promised you, as it was said: when the sky is seen covered with stars during daylight, is when will begin seeing the ships descend and some will run and others scream of joy. But we hope then, now yes, they realize that help is truly coming and not to say that they are coming to enslave you because here on the planet all are slaves, for the moment, you’re slaves of that paper they invented.
Slaves of the powerful, the cleverness that many developed to go on taking ownership of everything that are the factories, the oil that don’t want for another thing to emerge to work to drive the cars because it’s a money that can’t let go the ones that already have it, then, if this planet is turned into pain, death, sickness, and in a terrible anguish, I don’t know why they think that the extraterrestrials are coming to harm them as if they really were in peace. If man were to go out of the earth, they would go to cause havoc in other place, but that’s not possible; they’re not allowed the exit because there everything is sealed, all around the planet. According to them they’re going to Mars, going to Venus… no one is allowed to leave.
Besides, they couldn’t go out with a metal artifact that’s only breaking the ozone layer, they can’t go out, and there we do have the power to say that we have them vetoed.  And naturally now man has to understand that he has to change and be disciplined. They are going to say that we come to dominate them, no. We come to offer them with all our love: all our technology and above all things to send evil to his domains. For this reason, all those who laughed, who got upset, who ate meat again, that went to drink because nothing happened on the 21st of December, you will see the face they will make when they see that all is true.
Above all things, there are those who didn’t eat meat again, but are completely upset; that were deceived; they were told that by December 21st they were passing to the other dimension already. No. The planet is the one that has to change of dimension complete and the paradise is going to be this planet, but there are indeed the dimensional doors. But we already want you to be learning to know, to make your profound meditation, to be calm. You don’t have to fear anything, you’re completely protected; you have a light that is not up to par to anything, you have a being of a very high size protecting your backs, don’t feel distressed, take that distress away.
That you can’t pay, pay a portion that we are going to take care to even disappear those accounts, because there are things that are really an abuse. Do you know what we can do with the power we have? Beyond your imagination; therefore, I ask you to be calm. The time is fulfilled, blessed be the Father that the time is fulfilled already because we’ve been doing unimaginable things during this 25,000 years to try to reach man, to try to make man think, to try to live with man. Our effort has really been infructuous. Now, many of my brothers, since they look like the humans, they mix with man and are observing very closely all that they can do and sometimes they believe they are humans, only very smart, they go on approaching everyone, but they themselves say to us: this humanity is worse than we were thinking, because they can also see the beings of darkness and there they do say: we don’t want anything to do with them. That, they left it to us as a task, but please, don’t fear anything anymore.

That many left; all will return and all those who said that we were lying, will be convinced that we don’t come to play, we come to give Life, we come to transform this planet into a paradise and we come with much love to say to you to stop feeling distressed. The time is fulfilled and you, who are always listening, are our protected ones; in a very, very special way, we love you intensely and we thank you for your perseverance and dedication to what refers to this mission. Prepare yourselves that things are coming now notoriously big and you will be heard, you are the ones that are going to talk, not us; we are not going to be in a TV broadcast to talk about us because they don’t even listen, but we are going to show ourselves so they don’t say it’s a fantasy as they think we are and my brothers are also going to show themselves so you see how they are amongst the human beings.

There’s going to be a very beautiful activity and evil crouching, standing by his pray, because worse than a savage beast, they are stubborn; they have taken ownership of man, those are the ones we have to remove from these humans that forgot to think. Then be calm and remember that all can see the place that we have ready to integrate to planet Earth, all you have to do is: be full of love, calm, with a positive thought each day and thinking that now you are indeed going to know what truly is to live in happiness.

Message after the meditation:

Today I wanted to give you a little break so that you can realize that truly within what we can express, how wonderful the universe is where you will live; the wonderful it will be to travel from one place to another, how incredible it will be being in a planet that has complete freedom; imagine there isn’t any limitation and that you can enjoy all the things the Father created. What is it that you have to do? Simply, respect life; and you have realized how complicated is the human’s mind: accepted that was right to kill for food because “the Bible says.” You’ve noticed that for everything they are going to answer “the Bible says” or “the Bible doesn’t say.” And if you go with someone with another religion, well could be the Koran or any other type of books. But, don’t they realize that they have to learn to think? Simply think, love, believe, create, it is so simple. I know that at this time in order for you to have peace, we have to fix much of your personal life in the sense of the economic situation, don’t think that we are ignoring you; we know that you’re very worried. Each time is more difficult to earn money, more difficult to have all your accounts in good standing, but for that reason “it’s over,” now yes, “the time is over.” But you’re not going to escape, you’re going to work for a while, a while, helps us by talking with the human being when are seen…, well, at the beginning we’re going to put the thousands of ships, because if they see the millions of ships there are, they cover the entire planet then we take like turns: some come down, others go up, but will be seen that we are here and that we’re here to fix this disaster of world.
There’s nothing in good condition, it’s an abandoned house, a forgotten house, a beaten house, a house that wasn’t appreciated when the Father gave it to you. But for this reason, amidst this chaos, we’re always finding the good people; as we’ve said: you are our precious stones that we have selected, stones because you’ve had to learn to polish and shine to be able to learn all that we’ve taught. But we do feel proud of those who didn’t give up at this time that was… well, why am I going to say that “no” it was in some way a test, we didn’t plan it as a test; but if you’re going to complete the course; if you are ready supposedly to graduate, already wanted to go directly to the divine paradise, I believe it was work first; you had to pass the final exam and a few are passing the exam.

That’s what makes us sad, but they will have an opportunity to pass, it won’t be with a 6, or 7, not with 5, that would be flunked already and for some is difficult to pass; but I still want you to understand that we don’t come to play, we come to give, to teach, and create and to turn this planet destroyed by the being that inhabits it into a paradise. Therefore, with all my love I say to you: this year the great events will happen, and then, as one day I said to you: “you are going to know the true date when Teacher Jesus was born.” Besides, remember that we are talking about the times, but he was not born on December as all think, it’s another date. But they protested, objected: “no, why? He said that we were going to leave on Christmas.” You see that they don’t like to think: I’m saying that you’re going to know the true date when Teacher Jesus was born.  Oh no! But it had to be the 24th of December, then they don’t like to think, they don’t like to reason.
And now soon that dream will come soon, soon already; we are now in the year and all of your dreams will come true because we want you to be happy at all moments.

Teacher Alaniso

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of May 24, 2013.

Message before the meditation of May 24, 2013:

When we announce something, do not forget that we are millions who arrived in support of this humanity and above all, with the infinite desire to beat evil. Right now he has taken almost all of humanity, is an immense amount of beings in their claws, but we are planning things perfectly well so that this being of death doesn’t capture so many humans. So what do we do? We have already said not only astonish, and right now we're impacting, we are going to scare: the number of ships to be seen.
The time is fulfilled, we do not come to play, nor do we come to chat with you: look, maybe we can win against evil. We can win against this being of death, because for that the Father gave us so much power. As we said before, He gave us power as the centuries went by because he saw that the power  of evil grew too and now, on this occasion, it won't be one left, but hopefully he will not take them with everything and humans because if not, it will be very sad to leave earth without humans. There are many good, you know, there are many who have noble feelings, but tell them about not to eat meat and you will see how angry they get: "How? Me? My Meat?, If we are carnivores" and is something that causes us so much pain that man has no sense to respect the lives of animals. So, good, good, good, that really have feelings for animals? There are very few, they do exist, you see there is a movement like the videos that has put out this young man, Paul McCartney along with all his companions, are talking about the love of animals. There are people in the media, but they don’t let them talk much, they completely restrict them in what they can say, but definitely don’t let them, do not believe that they have no desire to speak, they’re vegetarians, but they’re also people who already recognize that the animal must live and to have a great respect. So when we make noise, let´s see who will shut up all those who are already representing a knowledge which is the fact of respect for life. But you know, right now, they're with that thing of aliens are good and bad as always, you answer them: "If the bad guys come from outside then that means that the good are on earth?" But you can’t handle so much such evil anymore. Naturally evil took over the planet, totally, from end to end, from one country to another, from one pole to another; everywhere is taking over many humans encouraging them to want power, gold. But is the last straw to kidnap people of few resources and then treat them saying: "if you want your loved one back, pay us a million," to people who earn just right or just enough. So what is the idea of them? "See how we take advantage of these fools."  But working, think seriously in what represents life? No.

It spread very, very strongly the evil, but all these people drink a lot of alcohol, and also the hijackers themselves take drugs, especially as they say: for courage. But what do they do? Take drugs and then they have their dark being stuck with them, then what do we have to do? We’re going to scare, the part that is left of their mind will reconsider, then they will say, "the last judgment," that is what we want, to think it is judgment day, that Lord Jesus came to separate good from the bad and to take them all to hell those who do harm, and the good, to lead them to glory. But you know how things are, the good, good at heart that understand, cannot lie to us, absolutely no one, those who love the animals at heart, are the ones who will stay on the planet to see the "New Dawn." That there is a danger, you know, there are the dimensional gates; that paradise is now ready, it’s already fully complete, imagine this planet to one side with all that is going to have this planet at the time in which we integrate all our building on it. Then things are coming already.

Now, did you get the message last Friday? Because if you did not understand, then study, there we put in detail what it is to meditate well, because we want all of you to have the opportunity and do you know why? Because all of you are good, simple, do not want to be number one in everything, people that come with love making an effort, because we see the efforts made to arrive at the meditation. Many say "no, when something happens I will appear". Perfect, return to start of course, but those being that are constant and come, will see that we will give them graduation, something wonderfully great. So what I can say is: there are messages being sent, take them seriously. We have studied where the worst disasters are coming, it will continue having cataclysm naturally, so you be assured that nothing will happen and above all, you will see that now they will listen. I know you have loved ones, senseless: "how do you think I'll let my steak," their meat. But they will understand because we know they are good people, just senseless and those senseless, well... hopefully they catch up so they can see the "New Dawn" because we know you love your loved ones. So, tonight as always, we prepare our meditation and we are now very happy, hurried, because is reached the time of everything promised.

Now, I will clarify one more thing, remember that when it was talked about December 21, the date coincided with the time which is the change of "Era" but anyone who thinks, a little bit of logic, what has to do the Mayan calendar with the Gregorian calendar? Nothing at all, they have a disaster of calendar here on earth and we use another type of calendar to measure time, and times, are times and we measure perfectly well where are aligning all that are the same stars, because right now there is a very strong movement in all that represents the galaxy in the universe. So if the universe is in motion, we have to measure that everything is perfect, all the ships are ready and you will see how wonderful it will be for you. The Day they see the sky covered with ships, and I imagine you, clapping with happiness and other people running to see where they hide, but we will make noise because that is what we have promised.
Now, what I can say is thank you for having made the effort, for your faith, for your perseverance, because many put us a condition: I return if something happens, ah, they keep telling us that very soon, ah, all the time they keep telling us that almost there and, ah, are lies, but anyway I'm going to poke, maybe something happens and I can be left behind. Yes we're listening, we're feeling, we know who definitely are not coming from circumstances like: they have no car, because the time is too late, but who are upgrading perfectly fine with all the meditations and they are working. We also know who cannot come or when they cannot come. You think that we’re putting an assistance point? No, because also what they do in their homes counts for us as an assistance point, but anyway, I tell you again, who are here today, I say thank you for your desire to move to another dimension and be with us because we will start to manifest as we have promised.

Message after the meditation:

What does it mean to have clairvoyance? That I want to be very clear, in order to have a real vision, you must have gone through many stages of improvement, by many moments in which can really learn to know the truth that we have taught. Normally have realized that many say: you repeat a lot. They do not realize that we, as teachers, are making you understand perfectly well, as is the control of emotions, that's the part that costs you more work. So if you get to have a real control of the emotions, then the authentic clairvoyant is not puffed out, moreover, does not like to talk about it and talk nothing more than necessary, but a human being that even makes a display that says: yes, you can do those many things, which to be honest right now a real clairvoyant on earth would go crazy, it's a lot of dark beings that would give terror, have you seen your horror movies? No, it's child's play to what really would be, then naturally there is no clairvoyant to that extreme, but what I say is this, you can have astral travel experiences, you can see your angel, you can listen but first absolute control of each and every one of your emotions, that's very important. When one speaks of simplicity is precisely that, all-seeing with absolute simplicity, do not feel superior to anyone, thanks the Father for the fact of doing well on your job, that are full of love for all, but are very few people that can really be called having that simplicity. So we do not give but we tried, even the fact that it has achieved that telepathy, passed through many trials, do not think that was overnight and also learned to not feel superior. So you all for us are our brothers we love so much, everyone is equal, we are all just like you, with nothing but a little more development, but it was given to us exactly because we've never destroyed and we have kept the control of our emotions, any of us who would feel superior to another, loses all, would fall, he would lose all his strength. So do not think that we are playing, we know that to stay close to the Father with true clairvoyance  and power of mind, you can’t lose control of emotions and know that the Father has given us unprecedented power, you cannot imagine.

And you say “I want to see,” yes, as we said, can make your astral travel, and we are teaching you, you can see your angel is with you, can hear, remember it is by telepathy, all measured and very simply. But soon, when we achieve this New Dawn ... oh, and let's say, as you say: is turning our hair grey. You will see how beautiful will be that we are all together, we will make an amazing party with all those that made it through, it will be like the opening of a new time, and above all, will be of great happiness: deliver the homes that we have built, deliver with love and give you a new planet for future generations, because will pass perhaps children without parents, then it has to be something great, so that we can carry of their hand, so they can learn to live happily and then also in turn become parents and have their children and everything is perfect.

Because do not think that all parents will be able to go with their children, we have seen terrible things and then ... many children have been perverted, but there are others who despite all they have not been perverted, then there are things we have to study perfectly well, so we have new children who can see, suddenly when have tantrums then cannot see, but that simplicity, the child can really feel our presence. So we say a lot: Become kids again, play like children, love like children, do your dreams and illusions that the greatest, most unimaginably big is what is going to happen at this time

I repeat, thanks for continuing, have the faith that you have to see the "New Dawn" and receive all that we are going to deliver. Have you noticed, too, that I give this message, it is also important that hear it who for some reason cannot come, not those who got lazy, but actually for some reason cannot come to be updated in all that we are saying, and prepare very well, bless God, already the time is coming to completion and we'll start, and speaking as you: blessed be God and blessed be the Father which at all times gave us all the power and says that : It is the time and time is fulfilled. And be awaiting the events that are about to happen, and do not worry about the economy, we will help you not lack anything and if anyone fell behind on debt payments with your bank, collapsed, we calm them down. You be calm, things come for you to be happy and to enjoy all the effort you have made to be with us.

Teacher Alaniso.