Friday, May 31, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of May 17, 2013

Message before the meditation of May 17, 2013:

Within all that’s been happening, tell me something, have you noticed that there are changes in the planet? Have you realized that our task is very arduous? Have you noticed that if we weren’t here this humanity wouldn’t survive? We have stopped too many cataclysms, we’ve managed to stop, for example, the volcanic explosions, but we can’t stop all the cataclysms that are about to come, why? Because the planet is completely shattered, there isn’t a single place where there exists a firm ground and naturally we have to be keeping an eye on all those beings that we’re going to help.
Our work is more arduous than what you imagine. We are indeed trying to repair some places, we are trying to see that don’t exist so many strong earthquakes because thanks that man do their nuclear tests to show their power; they’ve managed to completely destabilized the entire planet and thanks that have made so much money with the oil, they’ve left the planet empty of something so important as it was the earth’s shock absorber, because for example: the neighboring northern country, all the houses are made of wood, do you know the amount of trees that were cut down and that now have left the planet almost without a lung?

Then tell me something, if we weren’t here, what would happen? But I do say this, be calm, all the ones we’ve called we’ve been looking after them, the ones that have left, also, we are with them, why? Because they were called; qualities that not even they know and I know they will want to return at the moment when it’s seen in the sky the great show that we’re going to give at this time. It’s no longer saying: one of these days you will see how the sky is seen full of starts during daylight, this is from one moment to another. We are working much more than you imagine, life is totally decimated in this planet; the diseases now don’t have a stop, for example: the problem of cancer, now it seems that was unleashed a cold epidemic that almost everyone caught, but those who listen to us those who understand what the respect for life is and realize that we are protecting them, don’t face any danger of that type of terrible disease but that has spread in an alarming way.

We have to help many people but we are going to see in what way we can do something now that really makes man stop saying: that we don’t exist or if we exist, we are the wicked beings that come to enslave this poor humanity that that’s all that was missing, that were coming from the infinite cosmos to enslave them. That would be terrible, naturally that doesn’t exist in the other planets or in any other place of the universe exists slavery. Slavery exists here on earth and the human has accepted being a slave of evil because has dedicated to make all the mistakes that evil has dictated to them. But I do say, the time is fulfilled, we’ve said it much; we can’t wait much time, the plant is inclining, is taking its place already and we have to reach to all the places to see in what way we can protect them, above all the children. The children are of great importance for us, remember that they are the new generations and the adults, well, we have to analyze them perfectly well, but we wouldn’t want to lose too many human beings as it would be now at this moment. But I do say to you: be calm, we are with you, nothing is going to happen.

That the economy is worse every day? If we weren’t here it would also become a disaster because the plan of the powerful is: make that all the human beings break down to be able to enslave them. Remember that slavery is not only to put chains on people and put them to work to lashes; slavery is also the powerful having so much need to work for anything, to submit to their will, that’s not going to happen on Earth. I believe that it’s time for all of you to realize that we’ve never lied, that the famous 21st of December, well, the New Era began. Exactly on those days was when the time ended on which the planet had to turn around within all that represents the zodiac signs and by ending that time, starts a new one and this time is being marked already but since unfortunately the planet is so destroyed then many strong things are going to happen, but man only understands with that.
I believe that you’ve realized, if there’s a cataclysm then they get together to help, if there isn’t, they dedicate to declare war. Imagine a cataclysm at a given time, even the drug dealers are going to be of help to someone because they’re going to get scared, all that is evil is going to be shaken, we have to shake it. Therefore I say that this year is crucial and before you imagine it you’ll see the planet converted into a paradise as we’ve promised. But all I can say is: Thank you, have faith and continue ahead and above all things, studying our message which will continue until the moment comes when everything is prepared to be able to start a new time within what represents this “New Era” that is beginning.
Let’s meditate with much love, dedicating to the Father with all our love all that you are, because the Father continues keeping an eye on everything that’s happening on this earth and is trusting that we are going to rescue the planet and this planet will not burst. The Father is only love, is only life and his energy is always reaching all the beings that he has created and with much love is giving them his light.

Message after the meditation:

Do you believe that is very difficult to cleanse your mind from everything you have within your thoughts? Cleanse it? Well yes, within this world I believe that it must be a little complicated because you go out to the streets or where ever you have to work, to hear problems, to listen others cry; the anger, the insults with one another, the anger against the government, the anger against all the traffic which is very heavy. All that with which you go out I understand you perfectly well because I travel with you, we’ve been listening everything with you and it’s terrible how the world is. But please, when you go out try to… well, just a few minutes of relaxation and say: this day I’m going to comprehend all my siblings that are around, this day they won’t make me upset, I will not listen to them in the way they want to be heard but rather will transform those words into what they really feel of themselves and every problem they have within and can’t get off from their minds.
Then, in order to enter this jungle that you’ve created on earth, must relax well and learn to enter the jungle: don’t listen to the lion’s roar; don’t listen to the desperate cries of everyone. Enter there, we protect you, we put a dome and it’s better to think: here it is… Well, I hope all you know your angel’s name because we see that the patients that come: “Oh, I forgot, but I always ask Teacher Alaniso,” that’s why I said: well, If you want all to be called Alaniso, then we’ll put Alaniso to all of them so that everyone can feel they’re being accompanied by someone that won’t forget.
But I do say to you: we need you to be calm, things are coming very, very, very strong, very astonishing and not for you, you’re protected. There comes an activity, well, from the climate change very, very unpleasant for many places and there won’t need the Father nor us, man caused all those problems on earth. There come… there are coming indeed some disasters that you won’t live, we’re going to try to be checking in what way we rescue many people; therefore, before the greatest cataclysms come, we want our message to be heard in one way or another. That’s why the ships first. Let’s see, then you are going say: “well, there are the ships, have them repair the planet,” no.
We are going to fix it, yes, we came for that, to reestablish it to the depths of its foundations but we don’t come to change your mind, we can’t take away your thoughts, they’re yours, the Father gave them to you; the Father gave you something very valuable: a divine particle of him which is with what you think, with what you love, and sadly since you have the duality, well, suddenly use it in something opposite. But since fortunately the people that we have called are good people, we haven’t brought a criminal or some being that is completely into drugs or such things or totally disturbed in his mind because would only cause problems, but good people. Feel happy because within what represents this difficult place, is as if we were inside a tremendous muddy place; remember that we are selecting: that fell, that’s how you came here, rained from the sky and some precious stones fell which we are collecting, cleaning, polishing so that they shine with all the splendor they have to live with. 

Then feel proud of being wonderfully good people; feel proud of being able to say: I believe; feel proud of saying: I listen; and feel proud of saying: I learn. But I do say to you, the time on this earth is so short, but so abrupt will be all that is the change that you better prepare, you are going to see if they don’t listen. All the ones who have laughed, all the ones that have made fun because you don’t eat meat, all who are saying that “you see, all lies, nothing happened on day 21st (December 2012) the world didn’t end and a few didn’t go to paradise,” no. All those who have derided will listen because we weren’t upset of their reaction and we understand them, the only thing we say is that this year is very strong, very, very strong and prepare; but you are in a bubble of light where we protect you and your loved ones. Therefore, be calm please that it is a Father the one who will thank all the work you do so that we can have an absolute triumph within this difficult mission which is of teaching the human to think.

Teacher Alaniso

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Messages before and after the meditation of May 10, 2013

Message  before the meditation:

When you say: I will celebrate Mother's Day, is because you’re thinking of a wonderful day, perfect, was when you were born. Why did I say that was wonderful and perfect? Because you were born for a mission. We all know you from before birth, we knew when you decided to come at this time and there were those who chose to look after you. Now you know very well that to love your mother, I think it's the most wonderful thing that may have, at least thank her for given you a chance to exist at this time which is very difficult, but it will be of grandeur. We are ready for the big move; do not go telling me, "you always say that Teacher and nothing ever happens.” The ships themselves are moving, looking around the planet; remember that we move in another dimension but it is time and you're going to be carrying a message beautifully perfect, whatever they say will be heard. Why have we waited so long? Because it had to be at a precise time in which it had to happen what has to be and what will happen. In this time that has begun spring, surprising, but according to the dates of man was supposed to begin in March, but if you see the plants are recognizing spring at this time, why is this happening? Because the planet is tilting, is leaning toward the pole that must be at and has to accommodate to be in the wonderful moment of great change. When they thought it was the December 21, remember that there is a logic, nothing to do with the Gregorian calendar with the Mayan calendar, which is the most perfect because we taught them, not to brag, but I think we know what are the times in which it has to express all that represents the changes in nature. For the Maya spring began in March, that was before, now everything is moved, everything is changed; the birds notice, the very insects are also working in a different way, but Mother Earth has to be rescued, let us tell the Father that he created this place so beautifully, once again has to become the paradise that once created and enjoyed by those who naturally have learn to respect life. We see you tired of trying to make other people think, tired of saying: do not eat the dead, or just do not eat meat because of health. No, but it is easier to vaccinate against cancer, what a terrible mistake they are making, how could you inoculate a virus that do not know where they come from, and of course the children themselves or youngsters are feeding them what feeds cancer, so that is why we are very concerned now to accelerate our message and our presence. You say: we got tired of waiting Teacher, please put the ships above, to be in this area, which is in Tepoztlan, Cuernavaca, which is in all places where can be seen the presence of those who come to our aid. Remember that naturally they have misconceptions of what represents an extraterrestrial, but I think that the being who thinks realizes that it's advertising saying they hurt, when you've never seen a ship hurt absolutely anyone.

First thing I want to tell you is: Who is the greatest Mother of the Universe? You know her, you have given her several names, here in Mexico wanted to be called "Maria Guadalupe", here she wanted that name, and wanted to be an image of the natives who needed the protection of someone who came to tell them: "I am with you." She created her image so beautifully and accurately, that the sad thing is that evil has told other human beings that naturally is satanic that has horns and is bad and I don’t know how many nonsense.
It is what gives us pain that man does not think, so much did the Father for his children to have a divine particle of him and could think, to think, but to think with love, not air drop meaningless thoughts, don’t let to get confused and above all things, they forget the divine origin that has all being "the Mother." For us, our mother is the most sacred, our partner is the most sacred, because she is the bearer of life, is the one that gives the opportunity to another being to be evolution, because believe it or not, do not believe that we are elitist, that only people who leave or have to make a change within our galaxy are those who have to be born in this place to be part of what evolution is, no. We have opened the door to all souls who want to start a new life in this wonderful place that we have formed over many, many centuries. What we call the "Guardians of the Universe", of course we are not changing the suit because there would be no time to reborn, start over, and re-learn how our Mother would teach us to be representing part of life, but there are many, many beings who are born in our worlds and who naturally have a Mother of ours, that is evolution. How many come in each time? Well,  believe it or not are enough; we see them arrive, choose a Mother and ask to be part of what represents life in this beautiful place we have, how many mothers are there in our worlds ?  Imagine the amount that is a carrier of life which is why I say that for us the Mother is the most sacred, we do not conceive how it occurs to man to discriminate against women, a religion that you are supposed to have because you love our Master Jesus and many times some say the great Mother does not have to be worshiped because she was not a virgin, they don’t know anything about what represent the great energies and are in a complete and utter ignorance of everything that is the life the Father created.

The Great Mother came from the Father, she's like our teacher, they arose from the Father to be part of the universe; our Teacher to be Teacher, the Great Mother to oversee development throughout the universe, so no one can imagine the greatness that She represents, someone who all she knows to give is love and that is present in all places where she is needed. We all have the power of ubiquity, but even more so the great energies: our teacher, the Great Mother. When this is heard in other religions they will protest, but in all religions there’s a representative like Mother Earth... but it is always symbolic of the Mother but not with the grandeur with which we want to present her.

She took shape here on earth, she has a beautiful face, so, so perfect, as we have told you of course is the perfection of the factions as there is entirely in our worlds, but no, hers is something different, is something great, wonderful, her eyes, her gaze, the peace that transmits, when she stretches out her arms, as she covers every place she wants to protect you see how a blanket of stars begins to wrap it all up and she conveys life with all her love. That in this moment, on this earth, in this calendar say at least one day a year worship her image, not all. We see everything on this earth that is impressive, but for us it is beautiful that comes to mind to love Her, give her the place she deserves someone who was bearer of life, especially because she gave you the opportunity to evolve. Therefore we want to devote us tonight: indeed come to see if the Great Mother speaks or if really we speak of the Great Mother, or what is to be displayed at this critical time for humanity. She is on the lookout for all humans, knows all as our Father knows everything, the Great Mother that comes from the great energy that he is at all times the greatness of creation, she comes directly from him, created with all the love with which he created her to be the bearer of life, bearer of everything that is evolution. Therefore I say to you today that we see you thinking it’s an amazing day, to give love to those who gave life, is wonderful.
Our message today is dedicated to that light, that light impressively big representing our Great Mother.
I have a Mother of course, you already know her name, she is Adalaluz because she transmits only life and is always on the lookout for all children, is someone who we see as very grand, not well known here, there are those who say that put and an article on your Internet: "the Mother Adalaluz and Father Amoes" do not know anything about them. But they are present at all times supporting me in this difficult mission that I have to meet, have given me strength, gave me their support and above all taught me much of what I know, but of course they also already stopped to be leaving the outfit because they are part of what evolution is and always accompany me in all the missions to which I go, or to which we all go, and of course we all have a mother, and our mothers are with us, and our fathers too. Now, many times you ask why are they only Teachers, where are the women?

Well, they're on our side, but we chose a woman who was transformed into our voice in a special way, a woman's voice that becomes our voice, is the fusion of the divine force that represents the love of the Great Mother and Father.

This time difficult, sad, painful for all of us is going to be transformed into life. Mother earth will be restored and the man will be able to feel how great it is to know that also belongs to something that conveys life. That right now is more destroyed than ever, but will be restored and intensely loved by all of you. Therefore we will do a meditation, that transports you to everything that represents the wonderful essence of light, that transport directly to the Father that in an amazing day began creating, Father unknown by man that we are going to teach to love him intensely as he deserves and love the great energy he created.

When we met the Father was so shocking to see his light we could not believe it, but we, when the time in which we were already with him, after repeatedly being part of what represents the evolution, having left the suit of rebirth, the time came when we chose our Mother for the crucial time in which we were going to transform without us knowing at that time, into the "Guardians of the Universe." So tonight dedicate to her, the Great Mother, the divine light that the Father created so that every being that exists in the universe can be a carrier of life. She, the Divine Mother that the Father formed, so that every being has a mother, an only Mother, the biggest, the most wonderful, which is present here today to tell you that: she is proud to know that you will help this amazing son she brought to earth so they can be carriers of a message that has been so lovingly prepared. Thanks for being with us.

Message after meditation:

I hope you realize that we wanted to speak out on this occasion with all the love we feel precisely for the Great Mother. For us our Mother, I repeat, is most sacred, to us seeing the human beings despise women ... you know well that the whole history of mankind has been very sad. Instead of loving, accepting, worship their partner because she’s a carrier of life, since men are the "brute force" well then, is a complex wanting to submit them, but naturally carries within them a unique strength and is the force that transmits the Great Mother. We are beings that we are always with you and now realize that, yes of course; we have all come in pairs to care for every human being. We are not of those who say: "Man is the only one."

We have our companion and our colleague has the same power that we have, but why we are the ones that give the message? Because we acquired an impressive commitment with the Father, that is to remove the evil of this earth, that we will do it ourselves, we who have so much strength must take the being of darkness and send him in spheres to his domains. We do not like much that our companion, the women, the life we have on our side have to take part in taking such beings and put them inside the spheres, we take care of that because it is very sad, very sad to see these dark beings that really were once human, forgetful of their divine origin, turned into beasts of darkness and thinking that with it will have the power they craved on earth. Then we want you to say to yourselves: we will not worry about anything.

Please, we are with you, we love you intensely, we protect you day and night, all our love is for all you who were called and have heard us with love, and above all, we are very proud of those who have not caved for a mistake that was made in what represented the message, I repeat, we did say that December 21 was the date that man was going to have a big change, that this planet would become a paradise. We are working on making the planet a paradise but it takes us a little more time, very little, do not worry. The poor planet cannot take it: imagine a planet "Mother Earth" already neither crutches can support it, is in a sorry state, deplorable, assaulted, beaten, have emptied the inside, have made all possible havoc, has been defiled have bathed it in blood.

It really is an insult to what it represents something as big as it is precisely the Mother Earth and we have the obligation to recover the life on this earth and I know we will count on you. And do not despair, I repeat: we care, we protect you, we know your problems, we know that all ... I think that we do not have any millionaire that has no economic problems, all we are going to fix, in every way we will protect you . But most important is health; must have health, you are our representatives and you are not going to arrive saying, "I couldn’t, I did not know how to use the energy of the Teachers," so you are our representatives and we trust you to give our message, we are already in the time and let it be the Father who continues giving us strength so we can stay with as many humans as possible to see the new dawn that is soon to come, you be steadfast in your faith and prepare that is a Father who will thank you for what you can do for his children.

Teacher Alaniso

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of May 9, 2013

Message before the meditation of May 9, 2013:

I want to say this: we announced that the time is fulfilled; we’ve started a new time at the moment it was announced that it was a “New Era,” but naturally, we’re still in the process of cleaning the planet. I know you are going to say: well, which cleanse because everywhere we hear about crimes, drug dealers, threats of war, which won’t happen, and above all things, the economy is bad; the people are desperate, man cries for a miracle. Which miracle are we going to give? Precisely that each time the ships will be seen more. If you’ve noticed that in everything that represents the fact that we are manifesting throughout the world, there are more sightings each time.
But now that they had their famous reunion, or whatever they wanted to do to talk about us, they’re always talking about the little beings: that there were ships that shot, that those beings are the ones doing abductions and that therefore, there exists danger. But in occasion someone talks: I saw a tall being that gave me a short message. But they don’t agree on what they have been able to say about the presence of beings that come from other worlds. It seems that man feels proud of a world completely destroyed, of a planet in which there wouldn’t be hope; of a planet in which evil grows, grows, and grows because evil has taken ownership of the mind of many human beings, has taken ownership in such a way that he manipulates them perfectly well so that at all moments are also saying that we aren’t good beings. If people think in angels, remember that they’ll start saying that the Angels don’t have ships, the Angels have to be beings that are at the service of man, at the service of the Father and that have to be floating and that don’t have a gender.

We’ve never heard so many aberrations as the human beings say. If they talk about manifestations from the Great Mother, well, they also talk very sadly: that the Great Mother announced wars; she didn’t have to say that, there was war continuously in the entire planet, that the Great Mother announced the 3 days of darkness, I as a Teacher say to you that those 3 days of darkness are not going to exist. Why they aren’t going to exist? Because they’re thinking that when the Photon Belt passes, then all will be darkness, but it would be like abandoning you to your luck, three days would be enough for evil to unleash more strongly; therefore, before all that has to happen, we have to take them to their domains. We have them perfectly well selected but with all and humans; it’s a true possession what’s happening now and we’re seeing so many human beings fall in their trap which is astonishing that we can select the good people that will be able to pass to the other dimension.

When we announced that the day would come, that would open the doors where you would go by the hand of your angels, remember that we’ve also always said that this planet is going to be converted into a paradise; the other dimension is perfectly well constructed and since we work then it’s something you couldn’t imagine. How much time do we need to reconstruct the planet and construct it again? Well, for us it would be 10 days, a few more weeks but not months. The power we have and the technology we bring is completely and absolutely unknown to man since man only has a few millions of years of stagnation because didn’t learn to think; by forgetting thought forgot reasoning and now it seems as if they truly want an end of the world.

How much noise they made; they were already preparing the famous Bunkers so the millionaires would be saved; how much noise, but who was behind all this? The being of darkness and now there are human beings that are only thinking where this being is that’s manipulating everyone. Well, in one way or another he has achieved to have many followers and is astonishing seeing in what has humanity ended. As we’ve said before: the Father loves his children, the Father doesn’t want to lose them, the Father is father and as He says: as long as they’re alive, as long the darkness hasn’t taken them, they can still think over what they’ve done.
But if you could see the terrible moment at which they crucified our Teacher, they were converted into fierce beasts screaming against someone who all he gave was love; only love, but they feared him and also believed those priests that were saying that he was a danger, the same, that Satan was in everything and that naturally they couldn’t listen to him because he wanted to keep the church’s power and because he was going to be a being that would truly commit atrocities because was going to dominate them.

Yes, his powerful mind showed them in many occasions but never to subjugate as he could have done at that moment, if he didn’t allow us to move, imagine what he could have done with the crowd: stop them, as you say “at once,” leave them there standing and he would have spoken and could have left, but would have left the myth that he was a powerful being but that was a sorcerer and that had a pact with Satan because then he would have managed to control it all and didn’t want to know about him again at that time they wouldn’t be able to think in him.
I say this to you: we are working; we effectively have 20 years working in what represents our presence, 20 crucial years giving messages, choosing people, calling them to their good judgment because that’s the idea: to have good judgment, they get desperate when they hadn’t even learned to have emotional control, but naturally they continue being beings that we selected and that we know we’re going to recuperate but we have to do something astonishing. That’s the reason we said to the Father to allow us not just to astonish but to scare; well, they say that extraterrestrials are bad, they will realize that there isn’t a single ship that harms, that shoots; they will continue seeing us in some way stopping cataclysms. At this moment near here there’s a very dangerous volcano that we’re controlling because it’s been 20 years that it wants to erupt; 20 years that we’re fighting against all that represents the destruction it would cause.
Therefore I say: if you who’ve had patience, I hear you get desperate. I know: that the Teachers say, the Teacher promise, the Teachers are demanding from us and we don’t see clearly and can’t see them and won’t give us clairvoyance, they don’t take us in a ship…  Oh, but what a wonderful dream for all evil to end on earth and that has to happen because otherwise the planet would disappear. The Great Mother did warned that very, very, hard times would come, that’s happening and don’t have to doubt that She announced wars, that She announced the pain on Earth, that She announced that you had to think over your actions, to think in the Father, to repent and the 3 days of darkness you talk about so much, well, they’ll be days that everything will be seen different but not the darkness they say so much, not that the sun will disappear because that’s not possible; the sun will always be shining, the sun will always be in its place and the planet has to continue spinning around the sun but the sky can indeed be covered with clouds and can also… we hope to accomplish it, because imagine if all the volcanoes would erupt then the sky would became cloudy, the ashes would be something so terrible that would completely cover the atmosphere and although we’re fighting against that cataclysm, probably some volcanoes could erupt at some level but we’ll continue working.

Therefore I want you to realize that our task is very arduous; we have paradise ready, we have everything ready to give it to you but at this moment it would be very few, just as you imagine that by the 21st day, with how many we were going to stay? Not even to make a large colony, it was very few, very few the human beings that had truly listened our message because for many was interest, many others was “I’ll finally leave my debt and finally I’ll live in a paradise and I don’t know what I’ll do but to have them give us the happiness of living without wars, without violence, without poverty, but above all things, without the terrible corruption there’s on this earth,” because right now can’t trust anyone. We see corruption from the highest levels up to the most humble people; the planet is terrible, the humanity is terrible, it is few the good ones that we can say we see them as to pass them to the other dimension and the Father keeps insisting that he needs to see how we save his children. For this reason I do say that we are going to do astonishing things, we have to them but we we’re preparing ourselves, now at least the curiosity is great. The Russian have seen us do amazing things as it was precisely the fact of preventing a catastrophe that would have been terrible, you don’t imagine what could have happened if that aerolite, if those big rocks would have reached as gigantic bombs they would have completely perforated the ground and would have exploded many buildings in a thousand pieces, perhaps would’ve made a bigger hole than they imagine and a terrible mortality. It couldn’t be prevented for many little rocks to fall in the crystals and have some things that they lamented but the greater catastrophe we did prevent. Now, we’re also studying the subsoil: it’s completely cracked, but completely from one side to the other, then we have to check that the earth doesn’t open too much and devour colonies, buildings, entire cities because that could happen.

That they fear an earthquake? Well, it’s very latent, not one, many earthquakes precisely due to the harm they have done to the earth. That’s why I say: don’t feel desperate, we’re in the time, if we stayed talking that we are going to arrive and do, well, we’re going to stay talking and we would stay seeing you from above: look how the earth looks destroyed. Therefore I say: this year is crucial, but we aren’t going to give days naturally, but don’t measure your time with ours, but the time in which we are working is the last time in which the change has to be lived. So, continue working, continue meditating, keep trusting us, and remember that we’ve shown you in many times our protection and there will be many people that will talk about that a dome protected them of something that could have been their loss and that have been with us.

Precisely as it happened with these people that were attacked by drug dealers, they had nothing to do with it and were shot at completely and nothing happened. Very good, a dome of light protected them. You’re also protected and can go to the streets calmly and I know: the economy, don’t worry we’re seeing how we fix it so you don’t have so many problems and that before everything happens, you’re calm so that you can give our message to this suffering humanity that don’t even know why they were born and why they exist; therefore, we’re going to prepare you very well. So you prepare that things are happening and we are the ones that are going to show that our presence is authentic.

Message after the meditation:

Well, effectively there was a conference in which many people got together. There are many other investigators throughout the world but they always fall in the farce that the “greys” as they say, then you aren’t going to say to me that the greys have the ships that we’re showing but also have to be heard all the ones that have seen my brothers from other worlds and us as well, but they have to remove the myth of religion, I don’t refer to criticize, the  religions are only to separate and to say that each one is the greatest and to divinize; we agree that our Teacher deserves to have a very special place and the other Great Teachers as well; we also give them the place that corresponds to them because they came to talk to humanity with so much love.

Notice that the Great Teachers were simple; none were someone who sat in a throne talking about incredible things. But I do say that our message is going to be heard, of course all would say: And, how are you going to do it, how will it be disseminated throughout the world and what will be done with the languages and how will it be understood? Well, I think that now it will be due to fear but not fearing to what we say but rather fear that something astonishing is happening and will have to listen because we know that we have a commitment with the Father and don’t think that we are thinking that maybe we can’t. Power, what is power?

I can say that we, at a given time, can move the planet if we wanted to; for now, is kept in orbit and we have the power to do it, but with the Mind, you don’t have the slightest idea of what the power of the mind is with love, because any of us, none would deviate thinking that with his mind could subjugate, dominate, even humiliate because the mere fact of standing in front then you would drop to your knees.
We don’t like you to drop to your knees because it would be as if you would humiliate yourselves before our presence. We are beings that love you and we feel completely as equal to you except with a one or few millions of years of evolution, that’s the difference, but I believe that you’ve noticed that we haven’t tried to subjugate you at any time. But please, you do have protection indeed, I know that the issue of the economic problem is terrible right now. We are seeing all of you stretching it: “I don’t want to buy anymore, I don’t have enough, I have to pay, I have to pay…” because everything is too expensive. We’ll take care of that, for you to have economic stability so that you are calm and that smiling can give the message and travel. Remember that we’ve promised that you’re going to travel, yes, you will travel “oh, then that means that there are years left and we that we’re still going to be here with our problems on earth?” There aren’t years left, all can be done in a month or 2 but we’re not going to start again with the dates because it gets too complicated but for the moment have faith that we are on the lookout of all of you and that our message has to be heard by any means because we came to give a message, not to play, not to see who we swindle saying that are going to see us very soon, and that very soon…, no.

People of great simplicity, of great simplicity, you don’t imagine the mind of the person that saw our Teacher Jesus, great simplicity and didn’t feel that “oh, I already saw Teacher Jesus,” no. She was amazed saying that how many had the same experience thinking it was going to be many. People as such, you all have what it takes for that, all of you are good beings and all of you are beings that can accomplish it. Therefore, simply try not to be so much in distress for all you need to pay or buy and say to us that you’re ready because the greatest is starting.

Teacher Alaniso.

Message before and after the meditation of May 3, 2013.

Message before the meditation of May 3, 2013:

What is it that we, with all our love, have promised? We have such power, that absolutely no one could make you the slightest damage. All we ask is: to be faithful and constant to all that we have said and above all things, to realize that it is time. The time we set ourselves, but remember the famous December 21 was not exactly the day, but those days coincided with the beginning of the "New Era." We are in the "New Age" and if you realize the planet is terribly destroyed, you speak of black holes, because indeed you have it beneath without petroleum, with nuclear tests that have completely blown the earth, all extraction of minerals that have made, the whole planet looks like a crumpled ball that’s bouncing. If we were not here, it would have been an "end of the world" but it had already happened, so you just see that at all times we have manifested in all the earth, have been seen the ships everywhere, there is much curiosity, we know when and at what time and in what form our message is spread as we have programmed, not to do things like this young man did by putting the CD `S free because they do not understand and those who take them for free are wrong, you should always give something for what you get, nothing of " why pay if they are already on internet for free."  That speaks very poorly of those who do it and I speak of the man and I know who he is, who has taken authority that nobody authorized him, because people have to know the why of the message, what the message is about, what is what they have to do. It is true that in the messages continually talk about respect for life because that is what most have repeated because this world is terribly bloodied and you have seen, people do not want to stop eating meat, yes, they are trapped by the being of darkness who does not want to lose humanity.

We have seen so many human beings, hear their minds, looking in every mind where there is that good part, which can be wonderful. Yes, there are good people, we will not say no, at least people who pray, ask, but not without a number of impressive grudges, doesn't stop wishing that the one that hurt them pay, they do not stop being in a desperate situation. But if here in Mexico City or in the Republic things are difficult, they’re worse in Europe, South America and U.S., they do not advertise the amount of killings they are having, but we are always alert to the souls we can move to the dimension where they have to learn, as well as have also began to see in what way we are going to lead many to a planet in the third dimension where will start life again, they will have to learn how they can be knowing a great truth for their existence. We will never abandon the human beings, we will always keep an eye but evil is working very hard, it is everywhere, so now everyone is seeing that if from ships come reptilians, that if all the powerful are reptilians that if there are possessions ... they do exist but they are not that way. Things are in a terrible mess, then let us put in what time we will be able to say all that we have to do, to be heard because we come to humanity, do not come to a few people. We'll give a chance to every human being hear our message.

You keep talking, we saw, as you say "as if they pay any attention," but hey, continue to insist as much as possible in a way you don’t "harass" as you say because then they’ll hear less, but you will see that when they see the movement then they will listen and they will come running to ask "what did they say?" It's a fact, that the ships are being seen across the planet, and is not new, it is not about: do you believe in aliens? Now who says he does not believe that the ships come, then has put a blindfold because they don't want to believe, but it's a fact, we will increase, increase but it is time.

So please, all you have to do is: find your "inner peace"; love your fellow men as they are, to teach they can respect life and to be aware that if we said it was going to be a change, it is because it will be, and we told you that there is a parallel dimension to integrate the planet Earth, but first we have to clean up this planet now from everything that is destroying it. We have millions of people willing to work to rebuild the planet and ourselves that we are millions to send evil to their domains and so be it, if it takes a lot, surely this being of death will make them die in a cataclysm, to kill each other, in some way he wants to take the souls but there are human beings that are real beasts lined of men, so sadly we say to the Father: you lost your children.
Now, as the Father is saying that "someday will repent the being of death," then we continue with that hope too. But you please be calm, that you go out, go peaceful, do not risk getting into difficult places because you can take a scare but nothing is going to happen, you have all our protection and our love and our thanks for continuing with this message.

So it is a very, very short time, you will see that all who left complaining that because we lied to them, they will return because the movement it's coming  and I know above all things that we count on you that have won a prize and are going to see what prize we will give for continuing to be faithful and consistent to our message as well as there are many human beings who cannot come which can be from Michoacan or can be even from the U.S. that remained also few, but all those who continue will receive an award, but a special prize and as soon as you are in a paradise you will laugh and going to say "you remember that we still thought we were no longer going to live this wonderful time?" But before, you are going to live all the collapse that will have on humanity because you are our messengers, our soldiers that we love so much and with all our love we say "thank you for your faith, and your total dedication to our mission."

Message after meditation:

I think my brother Axel tried to be as specific as possible because we need you to understand clearly what we are doing, what is the movement we are doing and sadly you have to understand that it was not a test to see what face you would put, it ended up as a test but you do need to understand that everything is a perfect plan and also, of course we are not going to fill you with dreams and then remove them.  We were very surprised of the reaction of many people or maybe were not surprised because we penetrate the minds of all and we really know who they are, what they think. But we do know one way or another all those beings who have come they will return. Time is the time, when we talk of the infinite time of time I want to tell as we have always tried to tell you, if we can build a pyramid in a day, what we can do? What is the time, which of course is another time that moves within the time when we work, and of “your time” we don’t need much time to rebuild the planet. They began to make accounts that after 6 months and then counted from the 21st back, and then no because they were like 6 days then only those days left from the 21st... why did you mark your account on 21, if you are realizing that the planet is completely unbalanced, that there was not yet traces that man could hear and that we had to do the work we have promised, but had to serve time to enter another time and this time is that we are now marking. That there was confusion? Well, you only straighten your ideas a little and remember that everything promised will be fulfilled and we want you to please make that man listen to the message. I repeat because we did not liked that a person took the authority to put the messages free because it was harmed, those who also take them and say that, "after all were gifted to me" is not right that in your consciousnesses remain that you don’t give something for the effort of others but this we’re going to stop, don’t believe that we are leaving them just because we cannot do it. Yes, it has served in a way that many people have been able to hear the message, as we have seen that there are people who definitely would be very difficult to come and they get the message, so we let it get heard but it must be done in an honest and right way and you have to make people appreciate our message, to give it the appropriate value, that is the most important. So, I ask you to prepare very well because we will put you to work in earnest. Until now you have not worked for us, for this mission, except that have tried with some people you know to have them hear, but have been faced with the disappointment that they do not listen, but will see when watching the ships passing as if they were... I will not say "planes" they do not pass as often, it will be in a way of truly putting continuously a show on the planet and just because we want to give human beings the opportunity of being able to stay in the paradise that we will form. We don’t mean there will be many that we’ll pass there but we also pass them to another planet, we help them to begin to live, to begin to work but it would be lovely that many stay to enjoy the wonderful paradise we're going to form. Let's try it because it is a Father, as we have said much, that is eager to recover these children he loves so much but on this earth they have no idea what represents the Father. God, Almighty God, with many names made available, and also I think it seems that God became this famous being of darkness, because how much they mention him, no. Allow us to cleanse this earth and you just reach to the minds of your siblings so they can have the opportunity to experience this wonderful change we are going to deliver.

Teacher Alaniso

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of April 27, 2013

Message before the meditation of April 27, 2013.

I want to ask you something, you that always come with the hope that we have something new, something different, I know that we repeat much certain events but remember that in each of the messages there’s something you need to know how to identify. We are ready for the greatest; the activity we’re going to do is going to be such that you better rest. You don’t know what is to work for us, to work seriously, you’ll barely have some rest, will sleep for a little bit. But you will be able to work like us, we want above all things, giving our message to all those beings who are going to make one and a thousand questions. Perhaps humankind will enter in panic because naturally there’s bad information about if they are good or bad. Besides, people say that good and bad are coming; I don’t know where they got that.  Well, they get it from their movies naturally, that if on Earth there’s so much evil then there has to be evil in all the planets and there has to be evil in the entire universe. There is but they are the beings that don’t have matter. As we’ve said before, fortunately the Father didn’t give him matter, he has remained as energy the moment he rebelled and separated from the Father, the Father didn’t give him matter anymore, He left him only as energy. He was a being that could have had all the beauty and power that naturally has someone that you love so much which is our Teacher Jesus. Sadly, exactly what he makes the human to think, that they are happy supposedly having power, what happened to him? The envy: since the Father could create everything, he also wanted to have his own universe or simply, if He had given him such an important position then he could be who could control the Father’s children. Since the Father didn’t allow something like that, this being achieved being the terrible there is in the universe. There’s a total war in all that represents the universe. Why the Father doesn’t restrain him? Because the Father doesn’t destroy and therefore, has an army of power, that is us.
I want you to imagine, as soon as evil starts doing his things with the humans, the ships show up, people will start saying that is the wicked ones, yes, because naturally he manipulates many people of power, the army and above all things, he’s willing to fight to the end in order to keep the humans of this earth. He knows he won’t keep the planet but he naturally says that at least he’ll see if he can leave it destroyed and take humankind. He mocks us and makes fun because he says that we don’t destroy, then we are weak because we don’t kill and that for him is a weakness and we know in what way we use our power.
Therefore, when you are waiting to see, what is to see? Using the third eye. What is the third eye? The eye of the mind that can see many things that in this world the human doesn’t see because has it blocked. But seeing a total war as it is being unleashed at this moment, which is precisely the attack that the beings of darkness are doing, taking ownership of humankind. They have too many beings already supporting them that they already feel they have so much power that will be able to defeat us. How are they going to defeat us? Saying that since we don’t destroy, we are going to have to put up with them having under their possession so many human beings.
For this reason our plan is very big and perfect, but if we start saying to everyone that: such day and hour, how, when, why; well, all start talking and saying and announcing… and remember that then evil also finds out about all our projects, that sadly is working to keep this humanity. Man has fallen in his trap because now simply lives for the power and control of their fellow beings. Before, well, there was a country and a king that wanted to take ownership of the surrounding villages but with progress they’re now thinking on taking the entire humanity. The human himself wants to be lord of a humanity that has lost its strength and that is sad, very sad and very preoccupied but we know that those who listen to us have proof that we take care of them. He can’t harm them the slightest, the being of darkness can’t intervene there because they have listened to us, and above all, about everything that is the “respect for life.” The people that have healed, well, many keep moving forward, others returned to eating meat, returned to open channels, the sad thing is that some which are few, got sick again, why? Because they believed that it was an exaggeration from us to ask them not to eat death.

Then, our entire labor has been, well, sometimes very sad and very unsuccessful but we do know who, despite their anger and despite that they are upset because we haven’t opened for them the doors of heaven, they realize that our message is truly authentic; people continue coming that can truly love and we know that they’ll be part of what represents this mission.  But the time is fulfilled. How are we going to do… miracles, only those who have faith, even if they don’t see us, even if they aren’t here, even if they aren’t receiving the energy directly, as long as they understand the message and have faith, at that moment we can help them so that they can receive the cure in their bodies. Our message is going to spread. How are we going to do so it’s heard all that we’re saying? There’s where we know how we’re going to do it in order to reach every human being, fortunately this system you have of the Internet is helping because is in the entire world. Not the entire world is interested, not the entire world believes, but it is enough the ones that are perceiving that there’s truly a message of love. But through this type of system and the media, when they start jumping from the scare or joy or whatever you want, that the ships are going to be seen; it’s the way with which we have planned to extend our message. Therefore, rest because you are going to work and are going to work a lot. But I know that you want to work, I know I count with all those who have listened and I know that when they see the craft in the sky, are going to return all those who are at this moment angry, upset, disappointed, waiting anyways for something to happen.

For this reason we know that we have indeed selected well the people that have come. I just ask you: keep going ahead. Remember, there are those who are not from around here, are a little bit far, then logically are going to take the message to those places and are going to move forward, but they have to be aware that if they have been called to be here it is because we want to give them a very special energy so that they can convey the message; therefore I say, keep calm that at all times we want to help every human being to think. There are people, very few, that ask for the messages as well, which is the neighboring northern country and are realizing that it’s good to listen to the message because we’ve seen that the ones that come, since they already listened they don’t need to listen anymore, but for the people that buy the messages should know that they also need to listen what it is that we are saying and for the moment we’re going to say to you: forgive us that we don’t give you what you’re waiting for because I know that you come with the hope to receive something very special.
The energy is definitely very strong and being a few as are right now, it’ll be stronger to all of you but be with much faith, feel with all clarity our energy and our strength that we are giving you so that your bodies are flooded with light and the ones that have anything that is not precisely what has complete health and that come precisely to find the cure, think that you are receiving all the energy to be able to receive that strength.  I am a teacher that has always been with you and that I have a huge responsibility; help the human think, the most difficult, work much so that man can listen. We’ve achieved it thanks that there was faith and perseverance and the message was able to be prepared, but to disseminate it we do need to do something more astonishing.
So I say to you, remain alert to everything that’s happening and think that at all moments we are by your side; we are you guardians, your protectors, the ones that can give you all that you ask, help us just with your inner peace and your deep meditation knowing that nothing can happen to you because we protect you from all evil. Prepare very well and continue studying because truly if you realize, in each message there’s something different; must listen to them, must work with them, you are our students and spread the word to those who were  unable to come, that’s why we give a message and we say that the ones that can’t come have to acquire the message as well, the ones who already listened I agree, they already listened but the ones that didn’t because they had a problem, well, they have to get closer to listen to the message that this Teacher gives with so much love.

Message after the meditation.

I hope you’ve noticed that we put things as when a child…when are preschoolers, they start teaching them to count, to draw, and to comprehend. All this that you are now going to live is very profound, perhaps too complicated. But I do want to say to you that we have much power. If in other worlds they have a very advanced technology, that can manage to do what was done for example in Russia, that were also part of my brothers and that we have even a superior technology, then we can do it all in such a short time that you are going to be surprised. But our pain is great when we listen to the human beings, when we see that this about “thinking” I believe it takes them much work.

When it’s good people that don’t kill, that don’t steal, but that eating an animal is the delight of their life, because people who have been told, people who you have told and have gotten upset: how do you dare to say to them that they can’t eat what is life’s delicacy, how do you dare to say to a doctor that death shouldn’t be consumed. All this that’s happening on the earth makes us sad and dismayed because we wouldn’t want for a few to stay to see the New Dawn and that naturally, would accompany you from other worlds because this planet is converting into a paradise and will coexist with beings from other planets. The population can naturally be increased, many of the ones that are already preparing, that have departed and truly studied, that were good people, they just had that defect of eating the dead.
But good people that have grasped our message very well, have been given the opportunity of evolving and have achieved it because even in you don’t believe it, many pass to the other dimension also and still continue a little stubborn and then we say to them: sadly you won’t be able to see what we want to give you. For this reason I say to you, it is not an easy mission and you shouldn’t get distressed. But that’s why it caused us much sadness everyone’s reaction when they didn’t want to listen nor analyze that they couldn’t leave before we could make a very big effort in order to recover at least, even a fourth of humanity, we would feel happy but the idea is for half of humanity at least, but we do see it very difficult and you have noticed, you have tried talking with other good people that don’t kill and steal but continue stubborn that it is correct to “kill for food.” How are we going to convince them? Well, we are going to astonish, we are going to put the ships, we are going to do that they fear a little that we are real and that the change is coming, they’re going to make many questions and we are going to achieve it. But imagine, how are going to be the great industries that manage the meat, the alcohol, and many other things that aren’t precisely good… this earth is very contaminated. So it’s not going to be easy that’s why I said to you: you are going to work much, but don’t think that we’re going to put you as preachers and others throw rocks at you, don’t worry. We know how you’re going to do it but we know that you’ll be able to help us because we are aware of the ones that listened to us and continue ahead, are people that really are learning how to think. We feel very grateful with you for continuing ahead within this mission. 

Message before and after the meditation of April 26, 2013.

Message before the meditation of April 26, 2013.

In a time when they least expect it, is going to be quite a big movement, that now all contactees can tell the part that corresponds, but remember that the contact here is more complete. Why? Because you have been aware that is being given a very large message and above all, very explicit about: who we are and why we ask respect for life, why we are here, how we are to save the earth: why we do not appear so, because we want first is to realize that we are here and the message to be heard. We have said that if we appear, it would be subjugating you, the time will come when we are going to make our presence known to humanity, not just us. Remember that they are of many worlds, many beings who come to help and above all, concerned that this single planet could have prevented the change of dimension. We cannot wait any longer because, besides that the planet is moving into place, is changing its axis. You will have noticed, already do not even know in what time of the year you are, then that is a movement that has the planet right now. Its axis is changing and then the destruction they have done, because it looks like a bouncing ball crooked, because naturally say that black holes and that's what is causing it, the inventors that would find "the beginnings of life", no. Although it hurts you, is the "oil extraction" what is causing that already the floor's sinking. Do you know how many barrels of oil have been removed over the years? Do you know how they have emptied a planet, which naturally do not have a way to replenish such vital liquid, which was precisely the "buffer"? Anything that moves, rotating, even a car needs it, imagine an entire planet, it needs a buffer to precisely not be destroyed.
We are working hard, we bring gigantic ships, ships of a size beyond what man has seen, you still have not seen the large ones and you are astonished; in very large ships we bring oil, we have to fill up the planet again, but in how much time do we have to do it? In a very short. How long it will take us to send evil to their domains? That is what is causing us problems, precisely because he has humanity trapped.

Possessions already are so strong and so big, you have seen that there are criminals youngsters and crimes that are happening completely out of control, who's done all this?  The being of darkness and his followers. Remember that we have said it is a very large army. We have enough spheres, which is a lot to put all the dark beings there, but as you know, they say that they will go with everything and humans, all whom they’ve taken under their possession. So many, it's sad to say, that we are left with one ... no, not even a quarter of humanity that we could save, just you observe at all times whom of the beings you know, do not eat meat and drink their glass (of liquor) because it is for digestion, is to have fun, is to meet, is to talk business, or simply to relieve the stress and then the stress becomes worse too. So if alcohol is so widespread already it is because they start since very young, already boys started drinking it, in other countries is very common. Here are things that do not see the very parents, but even worse, the "drug", is the number one enemy of mankind, because with the drug, the dark beings take over the minds of men who consume it, as they feel that they became super-man at any given time and that supposedly went to other dimensions and feel powerful, are accelerated so much that cause very strong accidents and evil takes many people under his possession in order to increase his army.

Evil is determined to take as many humans as possible, which is why you think that we will devote to contemplate how he’s taking possession of so many human beings and above all, it definitely gives pain whether children whether boys those who are falling in this terrible vice that is now consuming them, then selling it, because they cannot afford to buy it, then give them to sell  to pay what they owe and starts a vicious cycle again, until there comes a time when in addition, many are killed because they already know who the providers are. That the police are alert, hmm, police anywhere in the world, let's put it in quotes "there is much corruption and in all places where they are supposed they have to protect."
Not all, as we have always said, there are good people, but good people then say: if they get too cleaver they could be killed, then they try better to stay out, and things are worse every day. So what do we do? Put the ships, and we are putting them, already are seeing our presence worldwide and continually spoken of us, already arrived the time and the moment, but of course remember it's not like they imagined: dimensional door opens and the few we have all escaped, those who are with us and were going to escape through a dimensional door never to return to the planet, no. The planet is to be saved, the planet will become a paradise and dimensional gates are placed in every home, precisely so that in the time you have to be protected from so much evil or any cataclysm, we pass you as we bring down the ships a bit more and start fix this mess of a world. But imagine it's like running behind the dark beings that are taking humans, many humans will run amuck saying that the invaders came.
But they bring a dark being mounted that is causing them to try to kill and they say that are coming beings who will hurt them, I think more damage, now that they are already ... I do not know, this last movement that have made that say: already become a kind of lizards that are tucked into the bodies, that's not true, that is a very nice invention that made that drew the spirit I believe and they got into the bodies to manipulate human beings, nor come in ships ... remember that we have said evil has no ships. And for those poor little beings are the ones who blamed them all on, as it is a different form of life and since for the man they’re ugly, for us are simply different, then have taken in a way to appear the evil ones.

I think we already realized, this is not a game for those who caved on December 21 ... does not occur to them that has nothing to do a Mayan calendar with the Gregorian calendar, just we do clarify that coincided that date "December 21" to put it in a way that started the "Age of Aquarius" nothing else but coincided, not quite the day, and unfortunately caused chaos in all. They are angry, "nothing happens here" and people who have been cured they invented their cures, there are many charlatan healer and are being suggested, and based on suggestion, are doing healings and I think if the suggestion cures, well then that all doctors dedicate to practice suggestion. I think it's really stupid what they say. But more importantly, I know how we can make our messages be analyzed, they must be analyzed and they will realize that they are not human, because the way we handle the message and put everything they have to know. When they say: we repeat, we can say one topic again because we know they are the ones needed to be understood, especially the respect for life, respect for their peers, which is the control of emotions, but say it differently, we do not repeat exactly one sentence and always, in each message is something new, there's something to learn and something to hope for. But I will say this, we are already within the time, there is no time for waiting, we're ready for the big move and all those who continued to serve with love, above all things, "respect for life", was disappointing to see that some returned to eating meat, that means they were interested in winning a prize and they were not convinced they could earn it. Then they have to go back to reconsider what they have done, but for those who really heard the message, we do have a wonderful prize. So you who remain faithful and firm with us, get ready, there are being felt already the moments of great excitement that we will put together on earth and we do want to stop such aggression then we will draw attention to us, the best of all is that they can shoot at us and never do anything. They realized the power we have when a ship may face a meteorite and would disintegrate in the air when they come like a huge amount of bombs that were coming to crash into the ground and do much damage. There we demonstrated how powerful our ships are and do not come to do the slightest harm, we come to give man and have come to try to recover it for this new dawn that is very close. Do not be troubled by business, debts and the problem of money that has everyone upside down, because it will soon be the end of this manipulation of some bills, some papers having so much value. We’re going to do something already very astonishing and I want you to be calm.

Message after the meditation:

I hope you have understood what the message is that this time we prepared for you. We are doing a lot of emphasis on what is the fact to find your "inner peace." So we say: be kids, ask for those who hurt you to be kids again, be kids. It's fun to be a child, because the child believes, the child plays, the child sings, the child likes to watch the stars, the child likes all things that often seems that they only imagine them and now you know that our presence is totally real. We have given the evidence everywhere that we really are here. Now, be calm, we're ready. I know that the day you see ships everywhere, will run happy to tell everyone "I told you, you’ve seen, turn your heads to see the sky, I told you." Because there will be those who will leave scared, or that want to get to their homes and that of the famous reptilians, has made us laugh that it had occurred to them to think what they are and are with the Illuminati. With people who are in evil are not reptilians, they are beings worse than that, they are the dark ones. Better think a moment of clarity comes to their minds, we can remove that being on top of them and that everyone has the opportunity to live. But as we have said naturally a murderer will not pass to the light but hopefully we can pass him to a planet in third dimensions. Pray for everyone. It feels like a big pain when listening that a young man was kidnapped, when you listen there are terrible crimes that horrified us too, but think that the one that committed the crime was being possessed by a dark being. If we manage to take away that dark being, at least we can pass them to a planet in which to start again. You have to wish them well to all. In the struggle against evil, we are the ones doing it, but we have power. So you do not even mention it, no point be thinking about these creatures because they like to be attracted. Just ask for the person being trapped by a being of darkness and those in their foolish pride that will not hear: oh because nothing happened on 21. There are things they did not even saw, but it was not on day 21. Day 21 did coincide with the time of the change of Age, I repeat because I want you to understand me, but the change of Age started, the movement starts, we are all working until the time when we will be winners and hopefully it is with many people. That is why they are so curious now, who they are, where they come from, what they ask from us? And fortunately there are people who understand that if we were bad, would not have happened what happened in Russia, which was very spectacular the help with the meteorite. And all who really think, they realize a ship has never attacked. But that of the famous abductions was a masterpiece of evil to frighten scoring doubts and to make you really believe that you’re going to be kidnaped and do not know what else they would do, no. Beings of darkness indeed do terrible things to each person because they manipulate very well those who have been possessed. But you be calm, please be our children and prepare, that no longer be affected being told “and still you believe? It’s just that nothing happened on the 21st.” -But it is happening, a lot is happening and if it wasn't for them I do not know how we were going to end, and that I accept to respect life, is a reasoning that fills me with pride, because I know that the animals have the right to live -. Just tell them that and they will understand, but they want to make fun, -well, what a beautiful world we have, then you like the way it is that you live frightened-, those who have money, that can have big cars and have to walk "with bodyguards" as they say, do not enjoy at all the money, they can have a house with luxury, with fear, but full of electrical wires and alarms and everything. They do not enjoy, enjoys more a person who has a simple home and who walks not ostentatiously dressed and does not have a flashy car, than a person who has all these luxuries and now live in fear that someone will attack. Then you think, what we are going to give is going to be happiness. We're on the time, it is the moment and everything is starting and when least expected, you will not even realize when you are going to say: the time came now. You will see the light that emerges on the horizon and will feel very clearly the presence of the Father and you are going to be extremely happy. It is a very short time; I believe that who has a debt it will not last more than a year. Then, but not starting with that already told me that "this year ..." leave it alone, it is the time, the planet is moving and we are in a hurry, because we don't want them to take as many souls. You prepare to feel the presence of your angel and practice please those astral journeys that will fill you with joy because you will see amazing things and with that will also be able to have a unique force in your mind, to give yourselves the strength and love you need to be happy.

Help us, get ready and go forward in this difficult mission that the Father gave us, but that we took to tell the Father that we are able to make him happy, to him that does not want to lose his children and we hope to be triumphant to prevent evil from taking many souls.

Teacher Alaniso 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Meditation 542. Nothing of 3 days of darkness. The change is already marked.

Meditation 542. Nothing of 3 days of darkness. The change is already marked. 
Dictated by Teacher Alaniso on December 9, 2012.
Received by: Sara Alejandra Otero Platas Garcia.

Let’s think tonight, how wonderful it is to exist, let’s think tonight on how incredible it is to be beings created by that father that is always with his children, let’s think all together that life is a wonderful dream; it’s a dream that sometimes seems like passing, the years pass by, the times become fulfilled and the times have to be fulfilled at all times so that we can say to you how wonderful is going to be to see how can be changed all that which can be evil’s invasion.

Today I want you to imagine with all your love how we are working on earth, see the millions of ships that are moving throughout the earth, see the millions of beings that full of light are giving their light so that the human being can receive it, see how we are with each human being to give them all our strength and above all things, to enfold them with our light, but also see that sadly, are leaving all the beasts of death that had invaded the earth during more than 25,000 years.

They invaded the Earth and the human accepted them, the human felt proud of killing and the human felt proud of the wars and the human felt proud of saying to himself that he was a being that could have the power, above all, power. The power that has caused so much harm to all the beings that have thought of themselves as superior than the others; so many kings, so many emperors, so many chiefs of an army, so many military men, so many beings that felt superior and that in a terrible horror order to kill their fellow men.

They don’t realize in which way the being of darkness is manipulating them, but what we want is to ask you to think in the love of the Father, to imagine all that represents the universe, to see how all the planets are spinning in perfect coordination, mathematically perfect and how the other worlds are preparing. You think it’s just here where there are people that are already thinking and getting together to meditate, in all the planets are gathering to be able to worship the name of the Father for allowing them to see how the New Dawn is going to be in their planet and their own land they inhabit. In all places there are good people and in all places there are people who have achieved an incredible improvement.
Also, all of us who have come to save this planet, are in total seclusion because we want to convey all our love so that every being in this earth can receive light, we no longer want to see that dark part Earth has, we don’t want to see man screaming desperately because he’s not happy, we no longer want to see the human beings screaming because they can’t bear with the diseases that are in their bodies, we no longer want to see the ones dying of hunger, in those places where you’ve seen them carrying a baby completely skinny; we no longer want to see hunger, we no longer want to see the pain, we no longer want to see how humanity has declined.

We are enfolding everyone with our light because we are going to provide to all the human beings that exist on this earth so that they can initiate a new wonderful time that is about to come. See how is going to be an incredible moment which is when passing through that dimensional tunnel, nothing of 3 days of darkness, it’s just days, but that are passed in a moment that is almost imperceptible, but one passes through a tunnel.

A tunnel that is of a color… let’s call it, blue, but a dark blue as if it were a starry night, the lights are seen in all places and we go on crossing that place to be able to reach that wonderful moment of seeing how a new sun emerges and how all the planets get illuminated by all the suns that will intensify to continue ordering their worlds to spin in perfect order. The sun apparently is simply an incandescence astro, no. The sun has something very important, the sun can think in the way the Father created it so that it can really be the one controlling all that represents the worlds that surround it. Life exists in the sun, a life that man doesn’t know the slightest, but it’s a life and there are beings that really inhabit the sun, unbelievable but you are going to see that soon, they are beings of pure energy and that at all moments can always go out to be able to help send light to many other places, but all have always been beings that are full of love because they were created by the Father. You don’t know the amount of life forms there are in the universe, that’s why you get scared and are always thinking in monsters and are always thinking of beings that come to attack you.  The only ones that attack you are the beings of darkness but that it makes that man attacks man, that’s the only that exists as attack within what represents the Earth. Then, within a few days, we finish cleaning the earth in all that represents the energies of evil.

We have the power to do it, we can’t allow them to continue harming so much, I know that you don’t want to listen about kidnaps, don’t want to listen anymore about assaults, don’t want to listen anymore that injustice exists, don’t want to listen anymore that there exists so much pain. We are going to end with all of that and we are working very hard to accomplish it.  Therefore, imagine how the new dawn is going to be, all clean, shiny, perfect, exists an intense peace in every place, a wonderful peace that allows you to think wisely and an incredible peace to be able to see one another with much love.

There’s not going to exist to see others in an unpleasant way, there won’t be arguments, there’s not going to exist quarrels as now on Earth, not going to exist the children with a weapon in their hand saying that they can kill, all of that is going end and it ends at once. We are going to do everything fast and intense, then you know very well that the children that are seeing us are already telling many of the things that we are now telling you about. Why the children? Well, because the children have much innocence and the child sees everything so clearly, so beautiful, that because of it, it is that we can talk with much ease with them.
If you really want to start seeing, be kids, think like kids, love yourselves like kids and naturally, play like kids, in a constant game is how it can be seen many dimensions, be all of you, all together, really a light that is giving in to all that represents the divine force of the Father. Be minds, dream with the most incredible things, the most incredible, but to be beautiful naturally, nothing of “I want to be a super human that can kill many,” no.

Never that but to be beings that can fly, that can reach the height you wish, can reach the cusp of the trees, can reach to the top of the mountains and that you can travel to the stars. Yes, because when it’s accomplished to have the strength to be able to go out of the body being in a state of absolute peace, it is when you can accomplish going out completely even from the planet itself that you inhabit. Then, imagine what you would do if you could let go of your body and go out, but like a wonderful bird that can go up, and up and can form all type of figures in the sky or that can get together all those that are working in this way and incredible things can be done.

Imagine that you are a white bird that is always flying freely, that doesn’t have to fall on the earth and that can form anything you can wish with that wonderful flight that are really being transported to other dimensions. All of you are beings that have to think with much clarity that you are spirit, not matter; are energy, not a heavy body; are minds and don’t have a limit in your thoughts; are minds, remember it, the mind has an incredible power; the mind is what was inherited from the Father, the thought was inherited, was inherited the fact of saying: “I’m a being that can reason.” Was inherited from the Father the power of dreaming and converting the dreams into reality.

It was inherited from the Father all that can be the fact of knowing that one can love, love intensely your children, now what you are going to learn is to know what is to love among brothers and not hurt each other the slightest; that criticism is not going to exist, that is going to end because naturally all those beings that are going to pass to the light will have a perfect inner peace and are going to be able to live in harmony at all times. Will be with your homes, the body serves to palpate life, will be able to feed your bodies healthy of course and will be able to  have your perfect homes, full of light in which will not exist absolutely any place that has something of darkness; all will be able to live calmly within all that represents this change.

We would like to pass everyone, we would like to say to you: please, stop thinking in silly things, so to speak, stop remembering if someone hurt you, stop remembering if someone is not to your liking, stop judging, simply be beings that are completely full of kindness so that you can start also to go out of your body in this time, so that you can start knowing what the dimensions are; start knowing that dimension we’ve prepared with much love. We have incredible cities, we have all perfect already, will integrate it to this planet Earth, the planet Earth is going to be fixed to the depths of its foundations to the highest part of the mountains. All has to be formed with balance and later when everything is clean, we make that this dimension, which is the one that we have prepared, goes on covering this planet and everything like a magical moment of light can convert into that paradise that we have spoken so much about. Houses that seem to be illuminated as crystal domes, the sun vibrates everywhere and above all things, the sun is the part of life that can be taken, doesn’t burn, simply is felt its warmth. No, it’s not an incandescent sun, it’s a soft sun, subtle, and that transmits a total peace. Then, you have to be imagining already all the wonderful that is going to be the future that awaits you; the wonderful future for all those beings who really think. We don’t ask anything you can’t do, no; we don’t ask anything that can’t be accomplished. We ask the love, we ask love, don’t forget, to be united, that if you are going to join in a profound meditation, that meditation has to be to convey thoughts of love to one another and that all together in a given time, can even leave your body, elevate and can feel like birds that can be free at all times.

It’s the time already, you worship the name of my Father that created the dimensions because the time of the change came, worship the name of the Father that created all that which can be the force of life, worship the name of the Father that is on the lookout of all of his children and who doesn’t forget absolutely none, none, even if it is the most wicked; the one that is lost in the darkness, he keeps being part of Him and He in his dream wants that one day they return to him. For the moment, we do see many good people, we do see many people meditating but we see many other persons who prefer to ignore that something is going to happen “no, noting is going to happen, we will continue being the same and we are going to pass a Christmas the same and a new year the same,” but with much alcohol to be able to have fun. “No, nothing is going to happen” If nothing were to happen, the planet wouldn’t last much time with life and I believe that we also can’t allow the planetary system to be unbalanced. So when they say to you: “nothing is going to happen, buy your bottles, let’s shout for the liquor to be everywhere because we are going to be happy” that will end and you say to them: “the liquor is a fabrication of evil, the liquor is evil’s trap to be able to make the human beings stop thinking and become prey of the beings of darkness.” Therefore, nothing that “nothing is going to happen, buy your turkeys, buy your pigs to roast them and many bottles of liquor.” None of that, all this has to change because it’s also not fair that to celebrate with much love the birth of our Teacher they make so many atrocities in their homes and with themselves. It’s not fair, not for him that gave so much, no for him because all he is, at all times is being with all human beings, not for him, he only brought love to the Earth, brought peace and with all the great teachers that are reuniting so that all can enfold the planet with a layer of light that can do that man can think again, at least that’s the dream we all have, that by putting much light, that by putting much effort, man can think again. In each of the places where you get together to meditate, a very strong light will arrive so that it can make you feel that you are really thinking with love and that you are truly wishing at all times to be everything that represents the change that is about to arrive, the change is imminent.

You are never going to say: This day, nothing is going to happen, it will be exactly tomorrow” that would be a terrible madness for this day to be exactly as the previous one and to always be stuck in a time, no. The times change, the times end, the times are part of what represents all the divine force of the Father that created in the entire universe. The wonderful time of time in which all has to be, in which all will live. You have much faith, don’t be distressed, and don’t say: “I don’t see the ships, where are the ships? I don’t see what you promised.”  Let us act, you act for yourselves, full of peace and good sense.

Meditate every day, listen to the meditation you wish and take into practice all that we are teaching you, practicing so that you can feel with all clarity the presence of the being of light that accompanies you. Carry out all that represents being continuously thinking in love, if you go to work and find disturbed people, think: “if I’m at peace and I can convey a moment of peace, probably they will calm down,” and if I say to them: ‘be calm, let’s talk or let’s work together,’ then I will see that it’s much the light that I radiate that the other people will get contagious but for the love.”

The time is very short, don’t worry, just simply prepare very well. We are going to live together, we are going to be with you so that you don’t say that we don’t show ourselves, we are going to be visiting you, looking after you, teaching you as teachers because naturally when moving into a new planet, well, there are many things that you have to learn, then you need the teacher that accompanied you always and you need us to guide you and teach you all the paths you will follow until the moment comes when all are full of light and will be able to find yourselves with the life of other worlds and will be able to live, live which is the most wonderful that can do a being that truly wished the Father. Not to lock yourselves away in a dark place as is now the planet Earth, but to live.

Imagine, we’re all going to be calm, there won’t be so many sick people, to the contrary, we are going to cure the diseases because naturally it can’t be that in these days we eliminate all the diseases because the people are too anguished, are with their bodies very hurt and naturally they still don’t change. But we are studying each mind, each of your thoughts to see the ones that are good people, that lived in ignorance but good people and then all, all are going to pass and we are going to put them in a special place to be able to cure their bodies and take them to their wonderful places that we are going to give them.                                                  

Teachers we are going to be all, all are going to work together and you who have learned so much will also be able to be teachers and are going to be able to learn many secrets that now we haven’t been able to give you, because we would like to teach you all we know, we would like to say to you: “tomorrow you are going to do something special, at such hour I need to see you…, “ no, we better say to you: every moment has to be of inner peace, all instant has to be to feel within yourselves all the strength so that soon, when you are with us, you realize of the time you’ve wasted feeling “humans” as you say; there are many that say: “it’s just that we are human,” yes, but being “human” doesn’t mean “being imperfect,” that you made yourselves imperfect that’s a problem that the humans continued during much time, but the human being is a being that has the capacity to love and that also carries within a spirit that wants to liberate; therefore, the thought is the most important that you can have.

A thought of love always carries peace, a thought of light always brings joy to the surrounding beings, the one that smiles, the one that conveys peace, is a being that is truly with the Father. Let’s imagine then that all are going to be together in this incredible moment in which there’s going to be change. Please, don’t doubt, don’t block because when you are “nothing is going to happen and I think the teachers just told us stories and tell us that their times is a different time and that we imagine that the time that was left marked is a time in which nothing is going to happen,” no. It is true that our times are different than yours, but the time that is marked for a change is given since many centuries ago because we wanted to prepared humanity for this wonderful moment in which all human beings will find an unheard of truth. Think with love, do things with love, think over all your mistakes, I repeat again all of this because I don’t want you to be 'breast-beating' yourselves and say “I repent, I repent,” no.

Leave it all calmly “I made a mistake, I learned from it, I know that from now on I’m going to be a person that every day is going to learn to be better and that I’m going to excel myself at all times.” Then, let’s all together see how wonderful is going to be that New Dawn, so when they say to you: “there’s going to be three days of darkness,” -no, there’s going to be a passing, a passing to another dimension and our angels are going to take us by the hand. Those who want to go with evil, that’s going to be their problem because if they don’t want to understand that they have to be beings that know how to love, then they will go and those who don’t want to understand that life should be respected, well, they will also pass to a place where they will start again and someday perhaps, when is their time within another 25, 920 years, they will get to see again how it is the wonderful moment of the New Dawn, this is a wonderful time, let’s get full of joy to receive this time. We are the ones that are taking care of eliminating the dark beings, there are still many, we still have much work, we still can’t clean it completely due to the fact that we don’t want them to take too many humans but you won’t even notice it when everything is going to be covered in light and you will feel that peace that we are going to transmit. Feel our presence, love yourselves, and be beings that do not doubt what we’ve said, but we don’t lie, nor do we come to give false dreams. We are beings that work very seriously in all that we have to accomplish and if it was prepared for so long what represents this mission, then you have to understand that it is because of this that we have manifested in this way.
Let’s live together this great moment, let’s be a single force to be with the Father and say to the Father to be a little calm, He’s not calm because is very hurt from seeing evil take many souls. The Father is sad for what he loses, but is happy when he sees that his children can think as should think a being that really knows how to love and that at all moments is united to his siblings with a thought he will say to himself “I’m a being who learned to love because I learned to create; I learned to create for me, learned to create for others in a moment of peace.”

When man sees himself in that new dawn, he’s going to remember this times of worry and is going to remember those moments in which today used to say: “I think nothing is going to happen.” No, all that we have said is going to happen because we are beings that form something to give hope, to give life and to give love. Therefore, all of you who are listening, prepare very well, keep calm, each day calmer, make that other people can hear the message and tell us all to be calmer as well because we are going to have the help you’re going to give us. Let’s all see together with much love that intense light that emits the Father and that today is with all his children.

Let’s say to him with much love: “Lord, you’re not going to repent from having created us, no. You’re not going to see yourself repenting of having said that you wanted these children because these children although they made mistakes, started thinking and reasoning because the Teachers arrived from a faraway place to tell them what was truly to know Love; Lord, be calm that we are going to take care of helping them so that you can recover at least a great amount of the beings that you created with so much love and that you wish with all the love with which you created, to see them within the light, not the darkness. Lord, trust in us that we are ready to give you all the joy of knowing that you do have children that truly do know how to love you.”