Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of April 9, 2013.

Message before the meditation of April 9, 2013:

When we see, when we hear that you are really conscious that we’ve shown our presence, I believe that the one that has doubted is because he doesn’t think. We have 10 years giving a message that is not human. Many times like a joke we say we weren’t saying “April fools” but what is important is for you to realize that there’s movement in the entire world. The ships are descending; millions of ships are already in another dimension. In U.S.A, with their infrared cameras, they found out already, what happens is that they are afraid, but according to them, they are preparing for the attack against the extraterrestrials. 

It is for this that we are letting them see little by little, little by little, until a moment comes at which it’s seen such an activity that they are not going to be able to say at any time that “there’s an invasion.” Invasion the one that man wants to do; at this moment they would like to remain as some superior beings, not only in one country. The USA doesn’t want to lose its leadership, the Chinese have risen much, in all the nations there’s the desire to be the most powerful, the most powerful within what represents the strength in this earth. How? Well, by subjugating humanity, becoming the richest; millions and millions of dollars, millions and millions of euros which is what we see that are at play the most, but above all things, it is an authentic invasion of beings of darkness. That’s something they don’t see. 
They have taken over very powerful minds, in between quotes “ powerful,” they  have taken ownership of large capital, have taken ownership of many nations frightening them and it’s for that reason that we say to our Father “if evil is triumphing with fear, then you are going to allow us to frighten at all times.” We are beings that have much power. Evil can have all the power he wants because he has exhausted the energy of the human being. He would never have a power like us, only that you know with the difference that they do destroy and we don’t. There’s where they have us completely as if we were blocked. 
Therefore the Father already authorized us not just make noise, to feel the fear of the amount of ships and to even feel the wish of running, investigating and we are going to take care that our message gets heard. If we have recorded during 10 years, it’s not going to be so that it stays with a few people. It has spread a little bit with the Internet, there are more people interested but we are going to see if in a country there’s one or two and that’s not what we want. We wish a total spread of our message. Many times they say if you’ve heard Ashtar Sheran and if you heard… but all the messages that are frightening are not ours. We speak strongly, yes, because it’s needed to talk strongly to the human being, but definitely it’s not with fear that we are going to triumph but with the wonderful dream the human has for this world to finally change and that we can return it to the human being converted into a paradise. Not for us to take ownership because it’s not ours, we’re simply Teachers, not even our worlds are ours. 

That’s why I say to you that it is the time already, it is the year. When it was talked about a time, it was talked about a time that is a time in the time of times in which the light of the Father moves, then the times has come to completion for the planet to change of dimension.  But imagine, give dates again to make again all the noise possible that evil can make to stop it… because remember that this noise that was made about the “end of the world,” was evil’s play to prevent us from getting ahead. You saw how many people were listening, buying the messages, interested in passing to the other dimension on the 21st, without realizing if the really had done all the merits and had helped the Father to recover his children. It’s a very hard task and I know that we count with beings like you to give our message. Therefore, our message is very clear and I want you to be calm and proud of continuing having faith and dedicating to study, because there’s much to be learned still and much to receive which is what we are giving. Prepare that it is something very big what is about to come. 

Message after the meditation:

If you realize that we, as Teachers, are… if you want to see it like this, demanding, it is because we want you to represent us. We want that if someone attacks you, not to lose the control of your emotions, simply see them as people who have not had the opportunity to listen to what we have asked, but yes with humbleness, “you can’t hit me and I don’t answer you,” no. Simply keeping in balance and a palpable example and not be altered by it, not to exist anymore that you got upset because you were told something and got hurt, because that’s also another imbalance “I’m very hurt… it’s just that it hurt much what they told me.”
No, you leave it to us; they will have their time of learning. All the human beings of this earth are children of the Father. Now, how are we going to do it for our message to be heard? We have that as a surprise. But it will be spread and naturally, we are not dreaming that we are going to pass all the millions of humans to the next dimension, but we are dreaming with millions of humans not going to the darkness, that’s the difference. We are happy seeing that evil doesn’t take them. I’m talking about the ones that don’t want to learn, of the stubborn ones who say that is acceptable to kill for food, and that will continue doing it. I’m talking about the people that are not, what you call “the evil” because there are some that is better you don’t know them. There’s a shocking evilness already in some beings that they already transformed into beings of darkness still with a body. 

Of course they are going with evil and if they were to be taken with their body, they can take them, why? Because they have not learned not even to have a little, a slight moment of love for anything, there are some beings that we see… that’s why we tell the Father: “ Lord, we keep finding true beasts lined of man that you are not going to see again.” And even if the Father begs “but they are my children, they have to have another opportunity.” –Yes Father, we are going to try, but not that we are going to take them to a dimension of light, we are going to try to also pass a few to a more arid planet, others to another planet that is a little better.- For example, something that all are asking, why are the greys different? In what way or another they hadn’t achieved much evolution before, but they did achieve spiritually. They asked to be born there because they were beings who had not managed to know more deeply what love really was, they were, let’s say it this way, more cold and when they saw they were losing everything, they wanted to be born in a way that would take them more work to grow and were born in those worlds, it’s another planetary system and it really makes us happy to see how they have evolved and that now they want to have a body, not doing what they say: that the hybrids or who knows what else they make up and that they are mixed; the one doing those weird mixes is the human being. They want to earn it on their own, to transform into different beings and want to continue ahead to really enter this time into the dimension of light. Well, to the next step, they aren’t aspiring to reach the highest but to look like… you know what it is to be a pleasant being.  That’s why we defend much that there’s a mistake in what they are saying about these beings, they have been blamed, the one who have harmed are “darker” because you can’t see their interior. How terrible is seen a being that has truly become a fierce beast that is covered with their human skin. For this reason, at this moment, we are fighting much. But that we are going to do as promise in a short time, definitely, because we aren’t going to stop the universe wanting to see if you could learn, no. 
It’s the universe, it is the galaxy the one that has to change of dimension and you belong to a galaxy, therefore in one way or another we have to reach man’s conscious, we have to shake them and see that at a given time, at least for evil not to have the triumph he has now and take so many souls as he plans to. Therefore, remain calm that things are coming very big. 

Now, don’t say you aren’t going to be able to have control over your emotions because you know what? We see that you are doing it very well, you have overcome many things, now your thoughts are of love, I no longer see you despising someone seeing them as inferior, no. I now see you in that effort and that is enough for us to say to you: “welcome to the army of love that is starting to fight already, so that this world can be again a paradise and returns to be part of the universe of the Father, as the Father created it.”

Message before and after the meditation of April 5, 2013

Message before the meditation:

What do you expect for this time? I want to warn you that we have been leading you slowly, if at first when we manifested, would have talked about the change of dimension, it would have been an unbearable waiting, so we were leading you by the hand slowly to understand who we are, why we are here, why there are cures, why the call to those who actually have to be in this mission. They feel it like this time that come from a faraway place, like Tepic or Guanajuato, Why? Because they felt a calling. They often say: I have wanted to go, I saw it on the Internet. And they don’t know it’s a way in which we start selecting. We are always on the lookout of any human being who may have the capacity to love, the ability to believe and above all that we can trust. For one, they are not going to fanaticize, remember that here bigotry has no place. We, who are beings that have an unprecedented power, we have managed to grow so much because we have never felt superior to anything or anyone.

Our Teacher has such simplicity just as you saw him on earth, well he is even better with us, he walks everywhere, and he visits every home. He is concerned because he made a promise to the Father to give Him back his children and I think this time evil feels triumphant, triumphant because it has mankind totally distraught, are thinking that a nuclear war could happen, something that should not worry you. We are beings who have much power, and something like that we cannot allow.
So everyone here said very serious that why large ships were seen in China, why the big ships in Russia, why large ships in the U.S. Then where are the most dangerous places? Where the beings who have the power to destroy the planet are. Because they see it as a game, because an arrogant young man came to power and he felt he could attack a powerful country, why? Why a person often wants to excel, that may deify him? Is nothing more than a complex.

They want to be beings who can always be revered, remembered, because they have a transferable security or because they have the power to have already well ... let's say "the presidency" that is why you have seen that in these countries that they would not release the power, you know very well of which I speak, I speak of Cuba, of Venezuela who wanted to grow, grow to flood the earth with their doctrine to see an enslaved humanity. Who is behind all this? Well, beings of darkness that are dominating, dominating human beings, everywhere.
Everywhere are given alcohol. In one form or another, for everything must have a glass or a bottle, but the sad thing is to feel increasingly bigger and more powerful, they are using drugs and the drug is the door that opens to all these beings of darkness that are taking over so many human beings.

 At this time, endless slaughter, why they are killing each other? Precisely for evil to keep those souls. They know that we are working, do not want to lose those that managed to dominate because they felt powerful, because they had a weapon in hand, because they had already accumulated as much gold as possible, because they don’t have anything to their satisfaction, more gold, more gold, more power, more veneration of all, and at all times we see you all forgetting something big you have to learn: "What is to be truly part of the universe and who created life, who created the whole universe, who gave them the opportunity to think, why human beings forget they have a divine particle of the Father and they have to know how to think. " When we see the arrogance we see immediately how are seen in them the beings of darkness, so better not let you see. You would get frighten to see the black shadows that hang on their back and see how they are being manipulated.

They look very elegant, they are seen with their suits or invent something that looks fancy to put because ... a uniform, red uniform color well it is not exactly spiritual, not that red is bad but in a way or another is not spiritual, black is usually something that use humans who are powerful, for example, they talk about the black pope. The black pope was not going to be a being of color that came to power in the church, the black pope is manipulating behind and wear hoods and dark robes used precisely because they are the ones dominating from the back everything that represents ecclesiastical or religious beliefs already completely distorted. Our Teacher who was only peace, tranquility, simplicity above all things, now you do not remember him as he really wants to be remembered. That is why the human being likes to have crosses everywhere, why? To remember that the human being dominated by evil wanted to destroy him? If you had seen how that place looked like when we were there, dominating all those who felt high priests and did not want to lose power; power, power that is all they crave, veneration of humans and then they forget that life has a term and that when they leave they are thinking that since they were powerful and were high priests or the like, already had the gates of heaven opened.

If you could see how beautiful is to see people come with great simplicity that have come to join precisely the wonderful place that we've talked to them about so much. Life is one and eternal, life is one and never ends. Never is going to disappear a soul created by the Father, ever. How many millions of years ago the Father created life and created thinking beings? It is a sum that we could not give you, because it wouldn't be enough paper to write the sum of the time at the infinity time of time in which the Father has created. But during all this time has been working this being of darkness because it was very, very in the beginning when the Father had created him so that he could be a great teacher, hoping that he would put someone to represent him with a figure ...let's say "human." When you think that in other worlds there are monsters that are going to come, no, there are beings different by the conditions of their worlds as are the beings called Greys, who are neither gray but anyway that is how you see them but they are not evil either. Really a being of darkness looks so ugly, that if we could describe it, but what for, why want to imagine the most terrible monstrosity that may exist and also takes big dimensions because it has managed to keep the energy of the Father which has taken from Father's children. But time ran out, up to here reached the time. We were announcing a new Era. Remember that was talked about that the Mayan calendar did coincided although we have said that "your calendar is a disaster," has nothing to do with the real calendar. We use the lunar calendar and there are certain changes in all that represents the seasons and is when you see precisely the time when times are measured.

But sadly it indeed had marked December 21 but was disastrous, disastrous in every way because they started saying that the end of the world was coming  and that everything was going to end and that only the powerful were going to be saved because they would pay their bunkers , then there indeed only who had many dollars, euros, whatever you want to call it, they would have the privilege to exist. But just as they planned, what would they find after a disaster that sadly may have been a nuclear disaster. There wasn’t going to be anything, a devastated planet to the core of its foundations.
We continue to work with volcanoes, Popocatepetl has an impressive desire to explode and we are continuously ... let's say, monitoring it to not let happen something that would be a very big disaster because it is located in the middle of cities, there are many human beings who live around this volcano and covers up to the city of Mexico, but the inner movement it has can cause many earthquakes, Why? Because they are the forces within it in a way they want out.

We see our ships that have the control to placate a bit but can’t be put off because those are forces of nature and then I want you to realize how wonderful it is to know you are not alone and that we have a lot of power.

So I ask you to just be watchful for everything that is going to start happening. The ships are appearing more and at all points of the earth are already talking about our presence but have not given much importance because they say "what if they are bad, but how, if they are bad, why don’t they attack?” The fact is that they are confused on who are the visitors that come from other worlds. Naturally in countries that have appropriate cameras, as it is precisely the neighboring Northern country, have noticed the millions of ships that are circling the earth, but do not like to talk about it because of course they say they are preparing to attack intruders who come to take over this planet and also want to make humans their slaves. That is why we are telling you, that human beings forgot to think.

Message after the meditation:

If you listened carefully all this meditation, you realize the work so hard that we have. Now, to guide humans is not easy. The man has a lot of duality in which feels they know everything, or that often do not like to study deeply what we teach. We have created an encyclopedia, do not think that will be very long. Our message needs to be heard. Not in the way that a person was doing, he thought he was going to gift our message to humanity.

It does no good. Some people took advantage. They must ask without it being a profit, but one of the ways that evil is attacking is by having economic crisis, that all owe more money than they can afford, so people will say "I cannot afford it, this is an abuse.” Because it's the way they say, that will weaken you. So we say: we're keeping an eye on all of you to take care of you, protect you and to prevent evil from continuing doing damage. We have a commitment.

We have to deliver this planet transformed into a paradise in such a short time, that you will be surprised. I think you realize that are increasingly more ships, there is growing concern, there are very marked climatic changes. Right now here are with a heat that overwhelms, but elsewhere, they feel with a cold that cannot control and are not far apart, not far away.
But it is that the planet has moved and its axis is wrong and also what is inside, giving the balance, which is the heat, which is what grows plants well, they have broken everything into pieces with the perforations, with oil extraction, but with nuclear testing, that's where they’ve done more damage to the planet. So we have to work from the center of the earth up and we also have the dimensional gates ready to protect you from every manmade cataclysm. But we do need to know that you can talk about us, but we have to support you. If there are not seen hundreds, thousands of ships in the sky, they are not going to listen. So do not worry that our plan is perfect and you have to be ready to talk. Well studied. None of that "nothing happened," none of that "I don’t believe anything," none of that "we were going to descend the ships already," nothing of "the Teachers are playing with us." I think right now, start playing with you, knowing that it is so delicate that we have to deliver this planet in a short time, so you can move on to the other dimension.

Yes, you will enjoy what a dimensional shift is, you will feel as we protect you, and yes, you will be able to live that wonderful dream you have, of that house very well built, of a planet covered with flowers, of fruit trees, employment for all. As we have said, no boundaries, no one who can govern in a corrupted form. They will see how we authorize everything, but right now we are in a strong war against evil, he’s taking over human beings for us to feel with our hands tied up for all we have to do.
Remember that we do not kill. It would be very easy, we catch all beings who are serving the evil and put them in a sphere and that’s it, to vanish from Earth, but they are living beings and we are still going to give them the opportunity to go to a planet in third dimension, the opportunity, but if they kill each other and like to serve evil, we can no longer remedy that. So I want you to be ... please, peaceful, full of faith, studying hard, going over our messages and are going to realize how much education we have given and you have to take advantage of and taking it to practice, because you are our students, and we have to see if we count on you for the great moment in which are going to see in the sky our presence in a very shocking way. So I'm happy with all of you.

Thanks for coming to listen to us and for being able to give you, not only recognition, but the energy you have just received, that you are going to notice because we feel a great love for all who will listen, those who live far away, do not forget that we have days for meditation, get together and put your message and also put yourselves in our hands. Remember that we have the power of ubiquity; we can take our image, our forces wherever we are really being received with love. So keep preparing that the time was fulfilled. Not later, we are not going to say "one of these days." The time is fulfilled and at any moment everything will be a mess, a change and a time when you will be able to help us recover this humanity that the Father loves so much and does not want to lose.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of March 30, 2013.

Message before the meditation:

Within all that you have been expecting, what is it that you are saying that is going to happen? Now at this moment I see you a little sad, a little uneasy, in many came the discouragement, but you have to understand that a mission so important has to be taken with great care.  No, there won’t pass many years as many people are saying. The planet couldn’t resist much more time and if we don’t act rapidly, the human will take care of destroying it because we are behind all those who are with their nuclear bombs, there’s great danger if we get distracted a little.

We have to be on the lookout of each of our steps to prevent them from complying with their threats which are of destruction to the planet. Let’s assume that they shoot at a certain place, the amount of radiation that would go to the atmosphere. The movement that could cause also in the sea, the clouds, the clouds full of everything that represents that contamination would cause many more diseases and problems than the human imagines. That’s why when we see evil that goes on possessing other human beings, he manages to convert them into beings who don’t think, because how can they say that they will be powerful by attacking a powerful country and with which they will impose, when they are going to attack mutually and naturally, absolutely nothing would remain standing on this earth.
For this reason is that I want you to realize why is urgent for the change so that if at a determined time is the moment for the planet to align, but the alignment is expected that’s why the climate changes, the earth’s axis is moving and we are going to achieve that when it arrives at its place, everything is cleaned, completely cleaned, that there isn’t a trace of the being of darkness left who  has taken ownership of this earth and above all things, that doesn’t exist anyone who would say that “it is correct to kill for food.”

We have to free the animals; we have to clean the earth. Imagine we were given the most unattended and destroyed house that could exist, besides we have to do it in a very short time, but fortunately we have a technology that the human never imagines could exist. Therefore, when we astonish with the great ships you will see if not all will come running to tell them what is that is really happening and not just here, there are other contactees that are being despised because were announcing what was coming as a change and have been attacked much, then they will stop attacking and will want to know who we are, what we ask, what awaits in the future and how this earth that the human is destroying can be saved.

The Father is worried. Yes, He also says to us: “I want you to do something very fast already, you have to manifest already.” We explain to Him all our projects but he realizes why it has been done this way but there’s also urgency for everything that has to happen. Then I want you to say to yourselves: “I’ve had faith, I’ve had hope” and above all things, there’s something very beautiful in you, you understand the message and take it in your hearts. You speak about the respect for life with a unique conviction, that’s something that for us is very important. Those who will receive the final prize have to be completely convinced of what represents “the respect for life, love life, love your fellow beings, but loving the animals is very, very important.” Our Father is checking everything that is happening, but imagine for him who doesn’t destroy, doesn’t punish; his kindness is so great that he would never think of hurting any being he has created and he is sad for having created a true monster that has grown in that manner, but he is trusting that we are going to bring order.

Our Teacher Jesus, today feels also sad, worried. To unify all who have divided in his name is of top priority because they have to understand that evil says: divide and you shall conquer. But the fanaticism within the temples they have formed is such that they don’t listen, they get their Bible and everything that’s in there is wrong translations; all that’s in there has to be authentic. Fanatically heard and taken to practice. The fanaticism is something that makes the human not think anymore, not to reason because how can a book that has the customs from an ancient place is going to be the one and truthful that has to exist, and that the words written there are the words of the Father. No, the Father’s words the human doesn’t know them because he has never threaten, has not played with the feelings of the beings that believe in him nor he has chosen people.  All the beings he has created are the greatest and the dearest ones for him.
Why were the pyramids formed in this country? Because this country has a very special energy and we knew that we were going to work intensely in this place, besides, thanks that it’s assumed that you are not powerful, don’t have nuclear threats, but the human is scared indeed, much death, much disappointment , much war. I know that all are waiting: Oh, the Teachers, when teacher? Give me a date please Teacher, I’m feeling impatient.

All I can say is that “it is the moment and time.” Remember that we’ve always said that giving dates causes anxiety.  I believe you have had an impressive experience. The entire world was saying that it was the end of the world and if you realize they didn’t have firm foundations, what publicity can do, what some humans can do with the power of publicity, they show images and make interpretations as they wish, they were saturating everything involving mainstream media to say: “The Mayans said that it was the end of the world,” and the Mayans never put it was an end of the world but the Mayans did leave very important facts they have not want to listen completely.

When the last comet passes there’s going to be a great change, the comet that’s being seen will pass soon and there is going to be much movements of the stars. Now, we have so much power that will be seen in the sky lights so big that will not have another option than observing how is seen in the sky all that which represents our presence and you will see if we don’t distract them. Of course, you see that the human being says that will destroy… be it an aerolite, any other danger by throwing a nuclear bomb in the air. How can they believe they can do that, they will put contamination within what represents the universe, it can’t be done. We have to make sure to prevent it and destroy it.
Therefore, with all my love I say to you, today man is praying, others are having fun because it’s the only time the humans get free but they really don’t understand what they are celebrating, it’s not really a celebration.  The task our Teacher Jesus, the reason why he came and have not understood it because as they say: the moment he was crucified, the doors of heaven opened and the entire humanity was saved” well, they don’t think, how can he save beings who have never had a knowledge about what represents the respect for life?
My life has been long, continuous, and full of incredible experiences. For us having traveled the times of times within an infinite time has been incredible experiences because things you are going to know is the movement of the dimensions. A time can be measured here; another time is in the other dimensions.

That is why we have such a complete life but above all things we can move from one world to another in an impressive speed, we listen if someone is asking for help in any world, we listen when there’s any danger and immediately goes a great part of… let’s say it, “soldiers of the Father” to check what’s happening and we arrive to see in what way can be helped. But the chaos of this world is only happening here.

I, as a Teacher, say: if you have listened to our messages you can realize the importance of learning to love, to respect life and to have the profound knowledge of what is to coexist even with your fellow beings. We have explained in many ways how to change your feelings and how to be at all times working intensely to be able to feel liberated. We have promised astral trips, please, learn to have control over your emotions, relax completely, don’t start counting your money at night time nor what you have to pay or how much you earned, that’s why I believe that one of the most important things we have to do is disappear the money.
You will see what we are going to do. Because power, we have, and we have to liberate so many human beings that are enslaved by the human. Tell me one thing, do you have faith? Do you know how to wait? Have you known how to listen? Then we are going to give you something very, very special for having followed everything that represents our message and you have prepared with much love.

Our Teacher Jesus is naturally here today, the 9 Teachers are here, the light of the Father is arriving with more strength and the Great Mother is present because she knows that you do love her, respect her and are wishing to work intensely so that this mission gets accomplished. Passing the Holy Week as you call it here, comes a change and the changes start continuously now and the planet is going to be seen surrounded completely of all that represents our presence and you are going to see that now you will be heard. Remain calm.

Message after the meditation:

I don’t know if you have understood with all clarity all that can be achieved when you can enter in “inner peace.” I understand very well that this world moves as a “dark God” terrible, “the gold.” I know you can’t do another thing than to pay, buy, and solve everything with this problem. For this reason it is that we are going to help you because this is going to end and I want you to know that all that we promise we deliver. Imagine for us that have known what peace is, the happiness, travel from one world to another, know the Father personally in the way we see him and that we couldn’t give you what you ask the most.
Have a dream every night, try to let go of this worry you have: “I have to pay, I have to buy, and I have to do.” Try for a moment to erase from your mind all that and relax completely. Listening, listening… there are messages we have given with which you can relax well. Some are of teachings but normally it distracts you a bit, but that’s why we have done this variety of messages. This that we accomplished was so incredible, yes, this Teacher, that the man doesn’t understand still, was our Teacher since the beginning, who taught us to levitate, to know other worlds, taught us to know the Father, taught us what inner peace is, he is our Teacher.

That’s the reason we talk with much love and therefore the famous cross gives us much pain to see it, we don’t like it, although he says: “it was the way in which I made it so that they wouldn’t forget me.” But remember “is a Teacher” a wonderful Teacher that we had the happiness of having him as a guide, as something very special. Continue loving as you do and for now check very well that we have been teaching you to find your inner peace, at least at night, we are going to solve the problem of that “dark God” that is called gold and we are going to take them out of this materialistic world in which you live so that you can know really what is to find yourself in an incredible paradise that we are going to give you, because you know how to love, you know how to wait and know how to listen.

Study very well what we have just said and work hard, there’s very little time left to be able to continue in a world in which everything is pain and distress and in which evil is reigning, try to be at peace, try all you can because we have for you many gifts; the gifts of life, the gifts of happiness that we are going to give you. So, we are a single strength and I know that you are going to deliver and I know we can work together because you have been faithful, constant, and by preparing yourselves you’re going to find that peace that we’ve asked so much for you to have so that you can be happy.

- Alaniso

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of March 29, 2013

Message before the meditation:

What represents for us a day like this? We see the human being become a being who says he is worshiping our Lord Jesus. We see human beings use these days for fun, definitely we do not like the things they do when they make processions, go crucifying others. What I do not understand is why flagellate, or nailed thorns. I do not know, naturally, I think it would be best to do something better on a day like this; offer our Teacher that you will do what he asked "Love yourselves," love one another as should love themselves, each one of the beings that exist. I think it was one of the clearest statements he said. But his whole message has been a little confused, since he always spoke the Father's love, the love that should exist on earth. He spoke of the respect for life. It will soon come out a lot of messages that are being discovered. They just discovered some messages that are indeed unedited and are all thinking that will really move ... let's call it the whole Christianity, whatever you call it, but will emerge messages that have been left hidden. Why? Because it has to clearly be heard the true message of the Lord Jesus.

A being that came to earth with all his love, planning to save humanity. As we have said, a being who was very innocent because he said if he gave a truth that was indisputable and healed the sick, people would follow, would listen, but he thought of walking through the world, leaving the place where he was, take his message to all who could listen. He knew there was much idolatry in many places, knew it was not easy but he thought that with all simplicity and love that he represented, would make humans be able to think. So for us this day represents a very sad moment, very very sad for us because we lived that so terrible that they did to Teacher Jesus. We were with him, we never would have imagined that the human being reached such a degree of sadism, which it is, always has been, they like torture, enjoy when they see a suffering being, (oh because it is assumed that those who shout "kill him" must be very pure) and it's terrible to think that they have no mercy with someone who only gave love. But he left his mark on the earth and feels very proud that you did not forget him. Do not think he likes much seeing him again crucified on a cross, but says: "They did not forget, I succeeded." “I am the truth, I am the light, I come in the name of the Father,” as he said, and in the name of the Father said things that have not come out fully in all that represents the Gospels themselves.

That is why we think that finally, what are we going to do to so that man thinks? We will speak out in a powerful way, they'll be many ships and you have to know that it is the army of the Lord Jesus coming. He always said "my kingdom is not of this world, I have an army that could stop this, but he didn’t let us. Of course we were going to stop him but for us represents that our Lord at least achieved his purpose "they will not forget", at least the whole world is aware that this time there was something great that have to remember, but should better remember all the words, his great simplicity and love for humanity, his love for the Father, his love for all of you. Already wants you to feel his presence because he came with all his love as always to give a message and ask you not to feel doubts again about everything that we have told you.

That evil acts in a very strategic way, yes. Evil has done things that we see and that makes a man think differently and causes the man to use his name for power. That is why we say: for him, the humility must be the greatest thing that must have a being who really represents him. Many have asked me what I think of the new representative, at least is a man who lived simply and has very good intentions. Let's see what they let him do, but he is a good man, not a person full of ambition to be crowned as a great king. We do like him but it is the last of the times, the time when all that we have announced will be fulfilled. Remember that it was written that this time would come. The famous Apocalypse not successfully interpreted, all written according to St. John as you call him, St. John, as he could interpret what he saw but could not understand everything.

But he knew it had to come a time when the ships descend and in which would see the glory of our Teacher in all his splendor. So I say that you are going to live the change, do not despair, we announced on 21 December for the change of Age, the Maya had put perfectly well that date "December 21," which for one reason or another matches because remember that we have told you that your calendar is a mess, but it matched so that it can put the date of the change of times which it  symbolizes that already the planet has to be making its way to stand in the alignment that is soon going to see. As we have said, the other planets have prepared very well, but so were prepared because this humanity is a real danger. Imagine if we were not here, how would end? Oh and they have a desire to make a nuclear war and of course we are not going to allow. Evil wants, to exist the war in order to leave the planet totally devastated, that no longer exists anyone who has faith, that everyone is consumed with grief with the diseases that would bring such a thing and the terrible slaughter that would cause and as well as animal life would end too.
 Then what were they going to feed those who stayed, not even of roots because it would not remain anything. That's where it looks how evil puts all his power in the minds of men who are willing to try their power by threatening with nuclear war. So I say to you "be calm", it has to be, we will not be waiting to be undoing warheads, we will not be waiting for the man to continue doing so much damage, we will not be waiting to see "if we can ever be heard. "

We have big plans to be heard and all who reneged, that because the 21st we did not take them by the dimensional door, have to recognize it's a message to humanity. We're talking about humanity, the message is just reaching some points of the earth, but when we make a lot of noise, will see if it is as it should be disseminated widely. Why? Because we brought a message for humanity. Father still insists on that he does not want to lose his children. We insist that the man cannot think, will not listen. I think what happened on this occasion with the famous day 21 was very painful to see as many already didn’t  want to return. In many places where they were meeting for meditation already caved in and some are eating meat, that's the saddest thing, meaning that it was out of hypocrisy, they did not eat meat because they wanted to win a place in order to pass the dimensional door and what do you think? That we do not read your mind? That we do not know when is hypocrisy? When they are not convinced of the love and respect for all beings that exist on earth. So now I ask you if you come with so much love to listen, to realize that our Teacher wants to be with you. He does not like that you are putting the crucifixion again because it's like remembering him what he suffered.  He suffered a lot, but did not suffer physical pain, is a mind so powerful that physical pain was not affected, but the pain of seeing the man turned into beast, wanting to destroy him having given so much love, so many patients who healed, how many realized what they had to learn. How is possible that then they had no mercy on him and have created a myth that he opened the gates of heaven. Yes, of course, because he left his memory, the memory in the minds of men and above all else, it has to be known that he is the greatest teacher who has come to earth.

Yes, the others are great teachers, no one has told them less, they have done all the work and effort, but also changed the holy books, have done many things that should not be done, but they also want you to realize that they wanted to bring a message of hope to humanity. They are united with our Teacher. So I want you to be calm please. We have done many manifestations for you to know that we are on earth and we are your brothers with unprecedented power but if we cure people is because they accept to love their body, we will not make miracles for you to continue doing the same, destroying your own body.

Then we have left a message, we have prepared everything for the big move that is about to start. Do not ask me again dates because evil begins to work, is pending, is awaiting to see when to crumble us something else that we plan, is pending because it does hear and it does hear humans when they are talking, if they are close, yes, they have put their ears to see what they discover because they do not want to go alone, they are going away, and they know they are going off the earth but do not want to go alone, they want to take this humanity, which was once created out of love and now has become a place of desolation, sorrow, sadness, anguish, because we see good people increasingly distressed because money yields less, we will definitely disappear it. Every time you turn it into a God which is the God of gold which they venerate and for which fight so much and for which kill and do many nasty things on this earth.

So please think that already has to be the change, that the world can no longer bear all the destruction that man has done, and that we do have selected all of humanity, we know who the good people are that can listen to us. As we have said, we know who did not come because they cannot come because it's a bit far but worry about listening to the messages, and now many are meditating over the Internet, trying to capture what is being put there, but remember we also didn’t say to put them there (in the Internet) to be given away because people do not appreciate when gifted.

I think it's fair that if you have made an effort for a message to exist, it must have a cost, that is, there is always something given for what is received. Therefore I say that things are coming already very, very big, time is fulfilled and we are starting another time and soon you all will live as promised because we are not here to make false promises, we would not be what we are, nor come to bring hopes up the others in vain, we come to show you a path, which will soon be only of love and happiness.

Message after the meditation:

I want to ask you to be aware that something very big, very big is happening. Because many times I see you desperate, restless, disillusioned, because as they say, nothing happens. See how many of those who have given up were very constant because they are waiting for something to happen. Remember that we have said: those who have followed us with love, we know that sometimes they cannot come by distance or by a disability, but who are aware of being with us, all will receive a special prize. Something very beautiful we have prepared for you all. I want you to be completely calm. We bring in hand something very great, very, very big very soon going to be able to say what we are going to give. Remember who have been faithful and firm to all, and despite also got confused for on day 21 had to have gone to abandon everything, imagine if we one day say, "Oh we can no longer stand this humanity, we better leave and let evil take them."

It would be very painful, right? It's about doing something shocking, to try to recover as much of human beings. Because yes, we noticed that everyone was saying "we're leaving" and did not reasoned that they were many humans who have yet to receive hope. There are very strong conflicts in other countries. Things are happening that you cannot imagine, by reaching the message in many places, are even saying that if the Master Aliestro is going to help get justice. We are all willing to make it happen.

It's a whole planet that is in agony, there are many injustices, too much pain and too much power to subdue the weak. Let´s say the weak in the sense that they call "weak" the one that doesn’t do something unspeakable to be powerful and have a lot of money, so is not weak. Dim are those who do not want to love, calling all around for themselves and do not realize they live in a world in which all are human.

So I say, we have prepared the biggest, most unusually great without giving dates, because the only date is that we are in a new era, the planet is getting in position, you may have noticed all the climate changes that have happened in this time. You may have noticed that things have been very, very difficult but I think it's time that naturally we do our appearance as you have pleaded. Everything will happen at the time and date we have prepared.

So our Teacher would do anything for the human to remember him as he really is, as a great teacher who brought love for humanity and now will spread his message to not divide into his name, but that all are united into one force and to convey the message of hope which is all he has given to humankind. So today I want not to be a day of sadness because we must remember that he wanted to leave traces of his presence on the earth and has achieved that at least man prays, that at least the man has hope that this planet can regain the peace that has been lost and that soon will have because we have the power to give it.

- Alaniso

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of March 22, 2013.

At least I see that you come full of love and that you have a good sense of humor. I see you happy, full of hope for everything we are going to give you, trusting that something wonderful has to happen very fast.
I know you say: “we haven’t seen the ships.” You haven’t had the opportunity, but they have been seen and have been seen already ships making figures in the sky, but we can’t put it all at once. Remember that we have to be announcing our presence because there’s much fear; it’s more the propaganda they’re handling at this time about the reptilians. The reptilians… well, I, right now as a teacher for example, haven’t seen any reptile driving ships. They say they’re beings with reptile eyes and who went inside the body of other human beings. Those types of possessions aren’t happening either.
We have told you that the dark beings go on entering, yes, like larvae, by entering into the brain to begin making them feel that only by having all the gold, killing many people, doing unsayable things, is how they can have the respect or above all things “feeling they were the greatest and that with all that excess money they were happy” when they never were.  But I do say to you, “The ships are being seen and have the people who know that are being seen, say it.” I want you not to doubt, if you are willing, have done a great effort, and have had much time… I feel it for those who supposedly had a long time coming here and who continue with the Teachers but from afar, where they don’t get tired, when it’s convenient for them. When we do something that astonishes, they will come running saying: “we are here.” We know who, in many occasions, can’t come. I want you to know that we have you “checked” as you say, each and every one of your thoughts. You may say that yes, you may say that you’re conscious of our presence but we know when you are not. We know all you can feel and think and all who have come we know them deeply, all.
Calculate how many have come to this place. If we add them then we have a good number. There are those who have arrived out of curiosity, who wanted to come and meditate; some imagined they were going to enter a place where they were going to sit in a lotus position and that there was going to be something spectacular or one of those meditations where you don’t learn anything, but they learn to sit and close their eyes, make sounds with the mouth, but they don’t learn. Where is the knowledge of what the change of the thoughts is, where is the love, where is the knowledge of respect for life, where is the knowledge of why you belong to an infinite universe, where is the knowledge of who really is the Father because your human God… well, is a God that good thing he doesn’t exist, that punishing God, severe, not at a single moment magnanimous. Oh, but if you arrive on your knees suffering, then yes, he is going to say: “It is ok, get up and come closer, you’ve suffered, I forgive you. “ That is a lie.
 The Father wants his children happy, the Father wants his children to love, the Father wants all of them to be only strength; therefore I say, we’ve seen hundreds of people come, I believe it’s more than a few thousands. It’s exactly 20 years since the meditations have been done and do you know how many at least remained vegetarian? Very few, the majority fell again in the temptation that they have the right to eat meat because otherwise they would weaken, “the doctor already told me that I have to eat meat otherwise I’m going to get sick and I’m going to die.” And the ones dying from lethal diseases, well, no one has told them that by eating meat is what is killing them.
That is why I say to you, we’ve made a call, but do you know something? All whom we have called, we are going to recover. Not with the same honors and merit that will have the one that has been constant and loyal with us. Because that about “from afar, you inform me what the Teacher said… let me see if it’s convenient for me to return,” that is indeed wrong. Why? Because this is not a place to be saying things just to keep you happy. Naturally, we do know those who are having difficulty, if it is the traffic… but it’s a few.
But definitely we know all of you. We know you up to the depths of your mind. Therefore, you be alert because we know all of you to the depths of your thoughts. We see you when you enter into depression, that also “the Teacher doesn’t give us what we believed they were going to give us because we were hoping to receive what has not happened.” What is going to happen is going to be so great and astonishing that naturally don’t think that we are going to be here also many more years saying the same thing. This is now. The planet that doesn’t have the same consistency; the planet that is inclining and the planet that is going to have already some abrupt changes of temperature that you are going to be surprised. One day it’s going to be very hot and the next day will come the cold. Then, it is better to keep you cold weather clothes on one side and the hot weather clothes on the other side and be ready because each day there are going to be more ships, until the moment comes when the sky is really covered with ships and you are going to see the “noise” that will make all those that say: “the reptilians are coming to attack,” or who knows what type of monsters because the human believes that beings from other worlds are like man from this world or that are like demons which are the ones who have done a true work of dominion over this planet.
But I want you to be calm and if you cannot come, we see if it is due to laziness or because “you tell me later what they said.” We feel when it is for love. That is why maybe I put it a little hard because you had to come at night time to this place. The greatest things are not given easily, it has to be seen the effort and love that you put to what we give.
 In this year, many things have to happen and this year is crucial for the change that has to happen within this earth that is terribly contaminated, that if we don’t clean it, you would drop fast as if they put an insecticide to the humans because you will fall as flies with the insecticide due to diseases, like the pollution in the air. Therefore, it is very urgent that we do all that we have promised.
Message after the meditation:
 When you listen to my brother Aliestro, you realize the inner pain we have seeing that we have tried many times to reach the most sensitive of your minds. Because all those who we have called, we always saw as good people, as people that can have the qualities to prepare themselves for this mission. Naturally, we didn’t expect that all who we called would have the patience to be until the end because for example, if they had at least purchased the messages, if they had been preparing in their homes, if they had really dedicated with all their love to everything that we have asked.
I believe that we’ve never asked anything that is not, as you say, “logical.” We’ve asked love, we’ve asked constancy, we’ve asked dedication, but devotion to the Father, for this Father that today is still sad, because He has also seen how the humans are reacting. Don’t worry if many have deserted and many others that have been called for healing, were healed, and disappeared because they were healed and they return if they start feeling pain somewhere or many others at least heard they were called. But that suddenly, we are going to make a big movement, we are going to do it and we have all of you protected to the maximum, beyond what you can imagine. Always say to yourself “of course I understood because I understood what is to love the Father, I understood what is to prepare ourselves, I felt that strength that our brothers have and I believe that I can live to really live later in that infinite Universe that I wish to know.”
When we have seen that you feel discouraged because you had the hope that you were going to see your loved ones, we have already told you that in an astral trip you can do it. Of course it can be done.
You don’t believe us anymore: “first you told us that we were going to pass walking and that we were going to be in Paradise already and we were going to stay with our kids.” The time is relative, the time is fulfilling, then naturally that the loved ones (those who departed) is the last that hasn’t left and are also preparing themselves, are meditating and are also doing incredible things because naturally don’t think they left(departed) and just stayed to see what they could have learned. We have also put them to work, we’ve put them to study, and we’ve put them to feel all that we want them to feel. But I do ask you with all my love to keep moving forward like now and I hope to see in you that light that we are going to put in your forehead which will give you that happiness of really being able to work with us and of being a total integral part of this army, because you say that no. We are going to take you in the ships and you are going to be able to see how we work and we are going to transform you into beings that can be heard.
This that has happened here is not a game, it is very big and I feel very thankful with those who are loyal and firm in the face of this message that we have prepared. Therefore we have said, what would the other people not be able to, when they don’t come and only ask for the meditation, listen to the message? Or, must not be important what this Teacher Alaniso exposes in this meditation.
That’s why I ask you to convey all that we have been giving because we want to be big winners, because I repeat again as always, it is a Father that keeps calling his children and He’s very sad because in this earth, by forgetting to think, He feels you have forgotten Him.