Friday, March 29, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of March 15, 2013

When a man determines to believe, that's something I want to clarify very well. When a human being is said to "believe" what does he say when saying "I believe," is he expecting an immediate response? Is he saying that has reasoned about what to believe? Or really wants someone to say that everything can be proved. What is to prove what they are told? Naturally, as you say: to happen many spectacular things, to see the ships in the sky, for the Teachers to appear, and for people to shake already because it’s too much what is happening now on earth.

Naturally we see that and we are preparing as we have never prepared. We measure the magnitude perfectly well in which is working the evil, which is why we are so careful now, for not to happen again as it happened on this occasion. It made a terrible mess, talked about the Mayan prophecies: December 21, that on 2012 came a change. But I do not know where it came out about the end of the world. Where? Well, from evil, he began advising all these people who liked that noise.

And also make a lot of money with noise; movies, series and above all things, the sale of bunkers, food sales in excess, doing something very noticeable. But who demands from them a return? Absolutely no one, all that happened was that they complained against Teacher Alaniso, "Teacher Alaniso does not know what he says, from this place came that on December 21 the world ended." When? I want you to analyze each and every one of the messages; we have never said that there will be an end of the world; there is never going to be an end of the world. There will be a change, there has to be, thankfully, but for this change to be as it should be, so that the planet can pass to another dimension as it should do, we need to work hard ourselves.

But we are going very carefully, we do not want to be attacked again what is said here, because we made a great effort for the messages to be recorded, so that many people can actually hear what is meditation, because we must also tell them something, meditate does not mean you closed your eyes, made ​​noises with the mouth, but did not think of anything, what is important is to learn.

To meditate is to learn, it’s to create within your mind a knowledge that can make you every day better, that you can be proud of each and every one of your actions. How are we going to do it so that humanity can hear? One thing for sure, we have it already well prepared and reserved because any indiscretion always causes chaos. Man likes to make many comments, saying that: already know many things and now the teachers said this date; look, look out the sky so that you see the ships. That will be surprising, we are increasing, and every day it’s more. I've heard that “a few over there and one more there.” No, many more are seen than you imagine. They naturally do not advertise them because they are afraid of such publicity.

But there are also the people of the neighboring country up north saying that aliens are bad. Who have you not heard that are saying that the reptilian ships are coming? -They are taking possession of many powerful people, for example, are the reptilians. What they do not know is that evil is really taking too many minds, but we'll not call them reptilians, we will call them what they are, beings who rebelled against the Father, beings of darkness. Ugly, more than it can be a famous reptilian. Ugly, falls short the word, awful, totally unsightly and that is why we ourselves have not wanted to let you seen them. But what I want is for you to understand that we are not playing.

This year has to be decisive in every way, but they will start: "Teacher the date, when will we pass Teacher? We already want to see this paradise that you are going to deliver because Teacher, we already earned it, we've been meditating, we already stopped consuming corpses, we understand what you mean, and we put our altar". But notice something very sad happened, they just got confused and left, began to do what they call the classic gossip –No, all lies, nothing happened, at least to give us something spectacular-, we have heard many say "we already deserve something." What is to deserve something? To deserve something, you have to work for it, you have to study and you have to be people who really have grown to love, to create, to love. Do you really know what the word "Love" is? You most commonly use it to say: I love my children, I love my husband, my wife. Well, that's what we hear less, you just get married and forget to say "I Love You". But saying "I love what". First is to feel that this divine power of the Father is Love. Love is the divine force of creation, creation is beyond what man can know and the Love of the Father is intense. So I ask you to be aware that we know what we do, we will not be doing such a long history for you to say afterward that nothing happened. And let evil take over earth? Do we let evil take possession of nearly all human beings? Right now he has a good amount, there are possessions everywhere.

All those wicked you see, they are not themselves anymore, and are acting as a being of darkness, as a being who often in past times was a criminal and gets inside these other men who are dominating and possessing. And they say: Oh Father, why allow this? Because we have not yet brought them to the dark place where they belong. Why? Because he wants to take humans alive. This has been explained several times and I need you to be aware that at any time we are not going to kill. Sending a live human being to the spheres is killing him, because he had better die than fall into the hands of these beings still alive. In anyway, their soul is the same; his spirit is what really is inside and what they have become?

In an awfully dark being. Therefore I tell you, I know you feel eager, desire to see, want to know all that we can say, I think there is a very large range of knowledge, most importantly, know yourselves, love one, love, respect life, worship the Father respecting all that he created, and those who left angry because the Teachers gave no paradise on December 21 and returned to eating meat, tell me if they understood what was really the message that we gave? So we say, we have to go step by step, we cannot risk our mission to be only in a few. Yes, because in any case the planet is going to change dimension and the planet will be rebuilt and the planet will be the paradise that you will inhabit.

That is already created a paradise with a parallel planet, already is. You want to know it? We already have given instructions several times: deep meditation but with love, love oneself fully, no depression and then we can help you to go. Be aware that each of you has a being of ourselves willing to take you by the hand to a wonderful place we have prepared. We can also take you to another star, can also make very impressive trips, but I know that right now your desire is to know paradise. But I think you will understand, to enter paradise must have a clean body, your spirit liberated and your mind fully filled with love, not of continuous contradictions.

Remember that one of us is with each of you, already usually know the name of your Angels, they (he or she) are there and our Teacher Jesus is also present and also the 9. Since we do not stay in any other place, the 9 are coming because this is where the message has been prepared and hence the message has to be set off from here for mankind to think again. Let's start and be a single force at this moment in which the Father is eager to know that He counts with all of you to really see that you will help him recover his children.

Message after the meditation:

When we see you all gathered to listen, we realize that we have a great hope of saving humankind. That has been difficult? Very difficult. Evil is dominating the earth in such a way, because you realized what a time of “not thinking” is, of not using pure reason and that at any given time must always be united to realize what a truth is.
Now we are concerned, yes, very concerned about humanity. But we hope to recover them, why not. If we remove a dark being from a being who is fully possessed, might be that at a given moment he could reconsider. As we have said, those with blood on their hands, of course are not going to pass to the other evolution, is more or less like a reprobate, but to send him to another planet to learn again, that we return to be the ones to go back to guide and move forward helping man to think. We do not want to lose humanity and humanity is increasingly contaminated by the thoughts of others. We have heard with great sadness, several of which have been very dedicated and have mocked because on December 21 nothing happened, I think you haven’t known how to answer them. You have to understand that a work such as the one that has taken place has to be for a win, and that they mocked and they say, "come and eat your tacos, you saw that is a lie, you saw that in that place everybody lies, let's have a tequila " as they have said. No, all those who went ahead and who understood perfectly well that a message that has been given with so much love, for so long, could not be just to say, "let´s see how they find out", now that the volcanoes start exploding and now that come out some of those beings dominated by evil to make a nuclear war," which of course we will not allow. And of course I know you also say: "Why continue to allow criminals to exist? Not that we allow, also remember, we cannot kill and we cannot completely remove free will but we have to motivate them. We want to do something to impact; we will make a spectacular show, yes. But you’re going to see how much noise they will be doing to the ships at all times. There are different beings that do not look exactly like humans, they all come with loving hands, a greater evolution, then remember, if you understood the message, it was understood that it is all very true and fortunately all time arrives, and all time gets fulfilled and already the time is fulfilled, so we cannot wait much longer.

We're ready for the big move, you do not despair, remember that we look after, protect you, help you to pay your debts, do the unspeakable for you to be calm. Please be calm so we can act, that later when you’re all restless, uncertain and saying: "Teacher Alaniso doesn’t listen," or how you talk “that the Teachers come to heal someone.” Why not go with the messages so that person begins to have some peace and realize that his body is sick but he is sick of his soul and his soul is the one that reflects what he feels, then you learn to have peace and we can make the body heal. In a child, why the child gets sick? We will work hard with the children but the child has been hurt too much, here on earth already do not forgive anything, sick since the baby is born, already we have seen many with terrible cancer, even an old man, all saying that perhaps God forgot about them. So we showed them that the Father does not forget his children and we are here to give Love but help us. I know that everyone says,”is that you have not given us work, I hear you're going to put light in our hands and I'll be able to cure.” They don’t get cured with the light of the hands, putting them light in their mind will heal them, teaching them to love, teaching them to believe in themselves and if they need to feel something, you will use your hands but not as you imagine: "Oh, I want to heal, so diseases end." the disease will end when they learn to believe in themselves, to love and respect life and above all, respect life and respect their own body.

So it's not that we don't want to give you work, of course you will have a lot of work, already we have given the material you can work, but do not let them say that you are those fools who believe and do not eat your steak, let them see what it represents the piece of dead that they’re taking to the mouth, with lots of love, peacefully. Fortunately there are already many people doing a movement for animals. Then do not be intimidated and that you are being say that you’re crazy and then you do not even want to talk, "better not talk to these people because they start to mock me for talking," no, they are told at the right time with all softness. I think our messages continue to flourish and with love I say, we're here to win not to lose and want to see if we can really save this humanity that the Father loves so much, as we have said many times, do not want to lose.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of March 9, 2013.

From what I see, we do have many people who really think. We have gotten desperate of seeing that man doesn’t know how to think. You do everything carelessly. We have taught you that we are really preparing the greatest mission that has been given on Earth. Fighting against evil, don’t think that is easy, not even for us.

With the power we have, we can take the being of darkness and all his followers in a single day, our power reaches to that level, but, along with humans? How are would we look putting a lot of humans in spheres? Sometimes we do feel like doing what evil does, enter into the human’s head to see if at a given moment they can learn to think, but we are not allowed to do that, free will is sacred, we have to teach to think, we have to prepare our message with much love as we have done it. If you realize, it’s a variety of messages, we have put many so that you can meditate calmly, many others are of teachings, especially lately yes, it’s of teaching and of clarification of the mistakes you make by saying to yourselves that you think.
Life in this planet is completely converted into a chaos, you are going to say “you don’t give that as top news Teacher” but it is worse than you see. You see more or less what the news says, more or less you find out. No, it is worse. We see horrendous crimes and they don’t talk because many times within all that represents these deaths, are done by beings that have much power. We are observing the entire humanity and we feel much pain, how the beings of darkness mock us; don’t think that only you received mockery, we also do, but mockery from these beings.

Man saying that Alaniso is a liar, we are going to prove that I’m not that, but evil says: “I have humankind taken, let’s see, tell them that all are going to stop eating meat and are going to stop drinking alcohol, it’s the nectar of humanity, everyday are getting drunk,” because don’t tell me they drink a very small glass, it’s always a few and they begin to be mentally unstable, many times the organism gets used to receiving so much alcohol that apparently at the beginning it doesn’t show but they are feeling pray of the beings of darkness.

Therefore we say to you that the beings of darkness do mock us “don’t fight, give them to us, we’ll take them, we leave you the planet destroyed, you have much technology and can fix it all very well, but the humans are ours.” Now, the saddest thing is that there are also kids that are wicked. I believe you’ve heard of children that are assassins, you’ve heard of kids that reach to depravation, which does causes us much pain because we want to rescue the children.

For this reason is that we are indeed going to do something that is shocking, even if we have the entire American Fleet behind us, they can’t do anything, a scare they’re going to get when they see that they don’t reach a single one of our ships and that at a given time they come after us and we stop them and they remain stopped, suspended in the air then they are going to be more frightened and by then they will say “they are coming in deed to enslave us, look at their power, we have to defend ourselves, everyone hide, prepare for the extraterrestrial invasion” but we have many ways of making them see that it’s not an extraterrestrial invasion.  We are going to take out from earth evil’s invasion.

What a way of manipulating that of the human beings, and how stubborn has been the human being when has allowed to be manipulated in that manner because in any way they have to say that they can think. Think, love, believe, believe… well, I think that it takes you much work  those type of things because even to believe in God, as we mentioned yesterday, you have created your own God to your style, per your way of thinking, in a human God, if you fear him, he will punish, when have you seen a divine punishment?  Now, there are many things that happen that are not due to a divine punishment.

Right now for example, what unleashed a locust plague and that I think you have heard about it. Well, they start preparing things that later they can’t control and at a given time, it comes after them and they did it on purpose, because naturally there is in the bible that there would be a locust plague. But precisely our brother John saw locust plagues with a body of steel and a head of a human, that is, it was what he interpreted -the airplanes-, and yes, it is a plague.
At this time they are preparing for the nuclear war, how beautiful, how beautiful it looks for man to say that he thinks. How wonderful it looks that they say that they’re the intelligence because they can create deadly weapons, that they did a test in the sea since at the end there isn’t anything. Now yes, the last contamination they could manage to do because we have to act rapidly now. In the infinite cosmos there exist many beings that at this moment have placed their attention in this world, why? Because many other beings that inhabit other worlds do receive messages from the Father and are seeing that the Father is sad and are seeing that there is an all-out war, absolute in the universe. Why in the universe? Because this being of death plans to invade the universe then we, as soldiers of the Father, have to be alert to everything, but as we say, we have that against us, we cannot manipulate, we can’t make you see things by force but since He gave us permission to impact, as the Father said: “please do all you can, I don’t want to lose many children,” because he loses children every day, evil takes human beings every day and we are really impressed of seeing to what level the human being has reached when he allowed himself be dominated by evil.

Therefore I say to you: don’t think that we told you very beautifully “there’s going to be a paradise, we have a dimensional door from where you will be able to enter.” The place is there, but imagine, we have many people meditating, and they would already get together in groups “we are going to leave already.” You don’t know how many got upset with Teacher Alaniso and gave themselves a good feast of meat, even of alcohol, there they showed they weren’t understanding our message, if you want to see it it’s a test, we are going to make them reconsider again because when they say: “it’s true, oh I’m sorry, forgive me Teacher Alaniso, I won’t do it again,” well, they better not do it again. But it was very disappointing indeed, for this reason I say to you: we are Teachers, we are teaching and all Teachers do tests, we are already making several tests but this one we think since evil helped us making them doubt due to the famous “end of the world” which will never happen. As we have said, a little more and you would achieve your end of the world but it will not be able to happen because we have the instructions from the Father to rescue this planet and convert it into a paradise.

So right now, if the humans are at war it is because there are the being of darkness working with those humans, then we have to be alert to everything we have to do and we keep saying “the Father doesn’t want to lose his children,” He wants us to evacuate them and send them to a planet to start again. Then, we cannot contaminate another planetary system, at least not to take a single being of darkness because they (the beings of darkness) want us to evacuate the humans and pass them (beings of darkness) to another planet and take over another world again and the war continues and we have to send them all to a dark place where they want to live. Live like that because they exist.

Then I want you to realize that we haven’t lied to you at any time, we let you know that a new era was beginning, the alignment is starting, the planet is beginning to take its course but it seems as a dented ball the way it moves because precisely the planet is very contaminated but everything is going to happen in a very, very, very short time. We are not going to reach to 1000 messages because as it is you hardly listen to them. No, everything is ready now.
Why don’t you, teachers, give us a gift, to be able to see you?
Now at this time we are going to start giving that gift but you are going to see us in your homes, therefore, I want absolute control of each and every one of your emotions and to realize what it is to represent our Teacher Jesus. So we are going to work much, they are not going to attack you because we look after you otherwise we would already have here the FBI and the CIA and the Men in Black and everything there is, doing something to you that you weren’t going to like, that’s why we keep everything perfectly well covered, but remember, you are going to be heard and they will return, the ones that left because we are also not going to lose the ones that with much love we could select, because we selected with much love, you are good people, bad-tempered, oh because what a tantrum you made but in any case we are going to recuperate them because as so with your defects that we’ve always seen you have, we love you intensely and things have to be from one moment to another.

I think we can accelerate everything that represents the fact of being known about us because we need to do it. We’ve seen man’s need of being given a hope, we’ve seen the pain they feel when they see their children attacked, that there are so many kidnappings, that there are many injustices, assaults, but we also see the one that’s doing it. They are many terrible possessions but I know, it’s urgent, very urgent for our impacting manifestation to be given already; therefore, it is that now that I see you come with much love to listen to us, convey it to the ones who rebelled and those who say: I don’t believe in anything anymore because nothing happened. The only thing that happened was evil’s influence and it was overwhelming.
Where did they get that the world was going to end if anyone who studies the Mayan prophecies, the prophecies from any prophet; they never talked about an end of the world, all said that a change was coming. What happens is that, for example, in the Bible it says that the Great Babylon would fall and many more threatening things; then they also started to say that it had to be already the end of the world.

Remember that there are translations and that things have been interpreted as the humans had wanted to but in this occasion it was a play from evil, we weren’t the ones who put you on a test in that way but it did work for us to see how sad it is to see the reaction of those who were already listening to our message. When they called us “liars” we were saying “didn’t they listened to our messages?” Not in any one we’ve said something different than what love is.
It is a school, you’ve been taught to love, to listen. You feel that we’ve been slow in some way, no, there are also times, everything is marked with a time but it is already the time, we can no longer say to you “one of these days, you’ll see that one day will accomplish it,” we cannot wait anymore.

Many ships are being seen and we are indeed working every day; day and night, but if the human thinks that by attacking me, because there in your famous Internet all they could put was that it was a lie, that it was a lie that Alaniso is Alaniso and now they’ve even put me horns. Naturally if you study and it’s your turn to say “the messages are very clear, the messages are the ones that teach us to love, be comprehension and not get fanatical, that we don’t sit down to say that we are unique nor that only the ones who listen the messages in a place are the ones who are going to be able to pass. No, and they say it in some churches: “ only the ones who come to this temple will be saved,” because they keep announcing the end of the world, it is the end of evil, we take care of that but we don’t want to wipe out everything that represents humanity. What we can do is simply at a given time have them be shocked very much, get frighten and be able to remove the darkness being they have over them because even if they are drugged and if they drank excess of alcohol, will be able to remove them and above all things, that they feel they are already very powerful because how easy they can kidnap, how easily they can be attacking in all places to obtain money. We are going to start making a great impact.

But remember, for the human, the beings… well, the small beings (greys) and there are some who are more or less the same height as you, that because they are different then they put them as the bad ones, the wicked ones in the film when they’ve never done any harm, it has all been made up by the human being provoked by the beings of darkness.
That’s why I ask you, if in your family there are doubts, talk to them calmly and say: don’t you think that it’s already time to learn to respect life? Because later, for not being arguing, you let them eat their meat and you show them that you don’t do it but they seem as if they laugh because they feel they are the ones who can be eating all that which is the rottenness in which they are entering. But there are many ways of talking about it, there are ways of moving it, but you know what? We are going to help you very strongly otherwise they are never going to listen to you. I know you have families you love and want to convince and, that naturally, you need to have stronger proof of our presence.

For this reason I say to you, don’t feel distressed, don’t doubt, and don’t worry and we are ready for the greatest. Therefore I also say to you, the ships are being seen but they use different special cameras but they don’t talk due to that it is prohibited to talk about extraterrestrials, apparently prohibited  because now it is allowed to be talked about it, but now we are going to impose our presence as we have promised. Please, and I repeat again, control of your emotions and prepare very well that things are coming very big; thanks that the Father gave us power, thanks that the Father loves his children; thanks that we are not going to allow evil’s invasion in all that represents the life that the Father created.

Prepare very well and love yourselves much that we are with you all day and night, remember that we don’t sleep anymore, your Angels are taking care of you day and night, and they accompany you. Naturally, we don’t need to go up in the ships to rest, we do get together in many occasions but that’s why there are always 2 who are with you at all moments and times and even more if you go out to the city or are in dangerous places, there we are.  You remain calm please, so that we can show our presence to this humanity that needs much of a hope.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of March 8, 2013

You all say "that nothing is going to happen?" There I would say, I think you thought pretty badly saying that is not going to happen because it would be terrible what would happen if we were not here. For now a nuclear war, that would be disastrous, volcanic eruptions nonstop, one after another, the melting of the poles, continuous killings between human beings themselves and those who stayed ... I do not know what they were going to eat because they were going to finish the entire planet.

I want you to see what the man was going to do with his world and what evil planned for this earth. We are working hard to prevent disasters from happening stronger, for example, the asteroid, was going to be a greater havoc than what happened, we did stop the  more aggressive stones, we stopped for a while to the extent they were going to reach that place, that is why the ships were seen so much there.

But what is sad seeing is that man doesn’t learn anything. Man still believing himself master of the world and above all, powers are worse every day. We have seen unimaginably terrible things humans do. You see those lofty men, talking of thousands and millions of dollars, billions of dollars and other currencies are worse ... except the pound sterling is higher, the euro also, but talk of millions and millions, who, how many have those riches?
If this continues, they would be a few with all the mightiness of the earth and many would end as slaves but also would not realize, continue to pollute the planet, still causing harm to everything is eating. The animals are contaminated, they contaminate the plants, pollute the air; I think they think they are going to get in their personal bunker, in a diving suit so that nothing happens, so the damage they do to the earth, they do it to themselves.

You do not worry about what we talk about pollution, we are close to you, we put the dome very well wrapped, at least for those who do understand that respect for life is top priority. When we see some of those who promised us that were learning and very religiously would come to listen, many others gathered to listen, gave demonstrations in some households, every effort was made so you would understand that we are here indeed, and the saddest thing is that they resigned and returned to eat animals, then tell me if those people could be ready to move to another dimension, the dimension of the light? But not yet, we still have to give the message. Yes, it will happen the ships, they’re seen increasingly more, if you really dedicate yourselves to observe the sky, you would see that lights are everywhere, are seen as they pass as if they were sparklers going across the sky. We're ready. The lords of the northern neighbor, do not think they are arming to attack for nothing, they already have invented everything they can to attack the “terrible aliens” who come to do something terrible, as would be to enslave the poor human, that some have goodness and they could not do what those above do, but poor man who believes that are coming to invade them, when are fully invaded already.

So I say, if now I say an exact date, and I want to see you, better leave it at that is very, very, very, very short time. We have to hurry, the planet no longer resist the destruction of man, we cannot release the volcanoes because then eruptions would be terrible, you would have one very close here that  would hurt enough all those who are present. This volcano would cause a horrible death, would create havoc everywhere, ash pollution going too far, would be terrible more than you imagine, and our work has been to be controlling it, controlling, controlling...

Now, not only is this volcano, across the earth are active volcanoes. But the sad thing is that the same man is polluting the planet completely, well, how much do you think would hold the planet? And they say it will be within three years, five years... No, It would not hold, do not worry. We are all ready for the biggest and above all else, we are proud of a few, sad for the many who gave up but they will return to study. Here there are no concessions that puts them a good grade just because they said: "oh you know teacher, I changed my mind and I do want to believe because now I see that things are serious, now please give me a chance to see if I can get a 10 (highest score given in school as if giving an “A+”)" -, no, we will put them to study.
But those who have continued to study, those who have continued to accept that they have to receive our messages, we're going to put a good grade. We see that as small children began to make some tantrums, that well… but it's because they began to imagine that a few were going to pass and we were going to leave the planet to its total disgrace. "Yes, we took the few who have studied," but you saw, they were tested, the test was done, how many failed, how many left? It was sad to see that all those who purchased the messages are now upset because the Teacher Alaniso is a lie, Master Alaniso lied to all, and naturally they take along the way what Sarita said is a lie too, but they do realize that it is Teacher Alaniso.

We are all ready, prepared, loving this humanity despite everything, despite what they are, because if the good ones did to us what they did, imagine what we expect of the wicked, we will send the wicked to another dimension, they are going to go to another planet if they repent. How can we make them to repent? Well, by frightening them, it’s going to be chaos between things that happen between the men and the ships in the sky and the “people who come in their ships to invade,” oh no, but since they are going to protect you, the American fighters will also appear here: "we come to protect humanity" wanting to shoot, and we have to nullify all the shots because if not they also hurt people that are down, but it will turn the planet into chaos, is that what you want to see?
Do not worry, everything is being prepared and it’s of a sudden, it's not like I was saying before, “tomorrow, soon, perhaps, in a short time,” no, we're in the crucial year in which has to be seen our presence and in which will work already those who with love have listened to us. That is why we want them to listen to the messages* so they don’t say I did not warn them. For example these messages, although they say it's a lie that because Teacher Alaniso became a liar, they can be passed on well on the Internet *, you can put it, but please do not be giving away messages, only for someone who is very dedicated and definitely someone who has no money, can be given, but to use them, because we see our messages rolling, they have not been understood, even more, they have bought them and have left them around, then we do not want you to be giving away our meditations because they give them to people who can buy them and who already stayed at home, at the end of the day they are going to be sent their meditation and see if they want to return one day… then I think that's not fair.

If I told you that of the people you send them messages, only one listens to the messages and puts them into practice. But not all please. I do not want to keep seeing the messages left around, and giving a gift so that they say-"let me see if I care what they said, well, this can be one of these days when I care…, no well, maybe one of these days I will go"-. At least purchase them recorded, I do not tell them to come, but people who have the way of purchasing them, and are not as expensive and they do not put love into our message that we have so lovingly prepared.

I think those who do not like to come well they miss it because soon they will know what we are giving and will realize of the evolution we put in your mind and forehead, because this is very serious and I think they have realized that the planet needs a total shake, so we can rescue at least a quarter of humanity or would be better that was half, but let's see what we can do, so get ready, we know how our message will be distributed across the globe. They already started calling from many places, the interest is seen, many listen, but remember nothing of giving away like the person who gave himself the authorization of giving them away, it seems very bad taste that did not have the courtesy of asking who had recorded them and wanted to do it because he wanted to win the door of heaven doing something he did not ask permission for. So therefore I say, we look, we see and we realize how you act, how you think and feel, because we know you to the depths of your thoughts, we will work hard and you will work hard believe it or not. Already is the time, it is the moment and we have to comply with the Father to see how many humans we can recover at this time of crisis in which everything has to happen. Prepare well, it is a present Father that is grateful that you are here.

Message after meditation:

Let's start tonight, asking with all my love, that if you listened to my brother Axel you realize the concern that we have, because we do not manipulate. We could also do what the being of darkness does, get into your brains and change them. It is tempting, but if we do that we lose our strength and the Father would not allow it. But don’t tell me you don´t want to? Let’s do the same: we get into your brain and make you think, and we would feel so proud that finally the man thought. But it was not man; it was us, besides we have no permission to do such a thing.

So I ask you, do you think that it was fair what happened in these days? Do you think it was fair to say it was a lie when we prepared nearly 600 messages in which there is no single error? Do you think it was fair that they accused as lie all we've done? Do you think it was fair that it happened all that happened? That is why now I ask, if we have done so much, if we have worked so hard, that so much has been done for all of you, all we ask is: Tell those who are saying that we are liars, what we say and to recognize the work that has been done because I think they can think. That is why I have said that I want you to pass the messages also *, I want you to listen and that naturally to not let them to be joking: "Oh poor things look nothing happened, and have been deprived of their meat tacos; oh poor things, that cannot be drunk, they're sane, oh poor things, they were lied to because they were taught to love.”
Then we will work much, much more than you can imagine, everything we have done will come to fruition well, because anyway as they are, we love them and we have a commitment to the Father of returning to him his children making them human beings that really can think.

Teacher Alaniso.

* RadioAhena

Friday, March 15, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of March 1, 2013

What represents for you having had a dream? I want to warn you this, a dream that will come true very soon. If you realize, many more things happened that you had to see. We already knew how everything that had to come was, but for the moment a prophecy was fulfilled, it was very important because if someone is famous in what represents this planet, it is the Vatican, the representatives of Teacher Jesus and naturally, they had not found out that that prophecy existed; that by the end of the time there would be 2 Popes, yes because while one is alive, the other pope will enter but the other one exists, didn’t die, that is, didn’t depart.  The things that happen there in the Vatican only we know them, but the prophecy was fulfilled, what’s left is the other Pope that has been talked about much, they say a black pope, John XXIII didn’t talk about a black Pope, he talked about a last Pope and from there on all which represents the church would end.

For this reason I want you to realize that there were still many things left, as well as, the planet is getting in place, I believe that you imagined that by the 21st  everyone would pile up as you use to when getting in line on a theater, that all were going to pass, that all the planets were going to get aligned fast and go out flying through the galaxy’s central sun… there are times for that and naturally it cannot be said that at a given time is known when every one’s turn is, the entire galaxy, do you know how many millions of planets a galaxy has?

A galaxy, when moving, it’s in the universe, the entire universe is moving, the only ones that were very behind are here on earth and that is something man should think very seriously, what has he done for his planet? What has he given to his world, what was he offering to his own children, to them themselves to even think that they could grow old with dignity? It’s all fear, all is aggression, all is fear and all is division because all the religions are divided, not only the one that is assumed by us (not assumed) but for us is the biggest the one of Teacher Jesus, we don’t like to always say that because when the Mohammedans … the Mohammedans think that they are the largest, even they don’t understand their message well, they have it all confused; look at the Buddhists, it’s already several sects because for some it was suitable to eat meat and other ones not, for some it seemed good to have much money, others not… that about extreme poverty, well, only when they get too fanatical and don’t know what to do but not a single one of the teachers asked to be in extreme poverty.

Our Teacher lived on Earth with the greatest humbleness but we aren’t going to say that in an extreme poverty, he didn’t lack anything, how did he live? You don’t even know that, you only know that he walked on the world, that he went on preaching, that he healed the sick, but no one knows how he lived; if he lived with the help of others, if he lived with what the followers gave him or if simply he lived with what we would give him, that’s something you don’t know, no one imagines how our Teacher lived. Our teacher gave an example of humbleness, of love, and above all things, of good judgment/good sense.
It was very sad thinking that he had to suffer the sacrifice because he didn’t come to be sacrificed, that’s something we have said to you many times but in his name we’ve seen the greatest luxuries, we’ve seen all the power. Right now what is called the famous Vatican; it’s a kingdom, but a true kingdom, that entire place is full of soldiers, gold, a lot of money they have there and many schemes just as are the greatest palaces when they would plot against the king, when they would plot against the queen, against the ones they envied the most, the same has happened with whom represents us, with whom represents Teacher Jesus.

So things are still coming strong, very strong. You cannot deny that now ships have been seen, throughout the planet it’s been talked about the ships, there’s still not enough to shock in the sense that they become fearful, to go out running, to get under the beds to hide although it has happened that there are ships that have descended and people run terrified seeing where to hide because the invaders have arrived.

Therefore, all of that had to happen, we told you many times but you thought not so, that it was enough with that, “let’s go and enjoy some vacations to take off all the problems and not give the message,” and we stay with a few? Don’t worry, we are going to give you the strength to be able to give our message and many who have healed will appear; many others that really have listened to the message of each group that formed to meditate and that got reduced enormously.

Then ones left are the ones that understand and are the ones that we have classified as the best soldiers and we are indeed going to give an impressive graduation to the ones that have really shown us that they are with us unconditionally, not in the interest of us giving them a wonderful place of paradise’s entrance, not in the interest of not having a single problem again, not in the interest of feeling that they can really have an Angel’s title, but because they learned to understand that one must work for the Father, we have said it to you “one and a thousand times” as you speak, work for the Father; the Father that loves you so much and the Father that doesn’t want to lose his children, there’s where we have to be suffering because the Father loves even the most wicked, is his child, that’s what’s wonderful of him but since we have our hands tied, we can’t take way free will, we can’t impose or impress, we can’t do many things, but at least he gave us permission to impress, but we had to ask him for permission.
He wanted us to convince you, that this humanity, by receiving a very beautiful message, that they were going to learn and that when they saw some cures, they were going to feel the desire to participate, the same that sadly happened to our Teacher that no matter how many cures and beautiful messages he gave, they didn’t receive him as he should have.

So let’s make things clear, the time was fulfilled, the planet doesn’t resist the attack from man anymore and the entire world has to be reconstructed; therefore, let’s think with all clarity in what we have taught you and to determine in what we’re going to help you so that you can talk to your family members, I believe all of you have family members and friends or acquaintances that you like, who are not bad people but who haven’t want to listen to the message of the respect for life, we are going to give you the opportunity to convince them but I do tell you something, the award for those who are faithful and constant with us is very big, beyond than what you can think you can receive at this moment in which we are going to give you your graduation.

What represents for you knowing that for us, these teachers searching good beings, these teachers that arrived from a very faraway place, these teachers that have proposed to find the best of humanity, these teachers tell you that we feel proud, above all, the ones who passed the final test because others left running upset, they’re even saying to others that here we talked about the end of the world, nobody can say that we had talked about an end of the world but they don’t deny it; but the sad thing is that they are upset, confused: “the teachers failed us, the teachers didn’t give us, they spoke about a paradise, where is it?” you should see how beautiful the planet will be, but from out of the ruins you have this planet, we will raise up the paradise and in a very short time, that’s why we say to you: don’t measure your time with time.
But it was fulfilled, it’s already the 25, 920 years, we are only in the time of the placement, the planet is finding its place; you’ve seen that the climates are completely unexpected, you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, you no longer know where is going to be very cold, where is going to be very hot, where is going to be windy, where is going to cold and then hot and it is the planet that is moving and it’s also very damaged, a total unbalance.
Then I want to ask all of the ones who now listen to us, to at least tell the ones who say “ one of those days when something happens, we’ll return,” that things are very serious, we don’t come to play, we come to teach and in the selection we have stayed with a few. There are some who definitely find it hard to come but they get their messages and ask, because those who say:
 “I’m with the teachers” but they don’t even listen to one meditation, that’s not being with us, we want you to learn, to truly be with us and for us to be able to show you that wonderful paradise that we have here ready for you to visit it as soon as you have the absolute control of each and every one of your emotions. If you see that it’s not difficult, think about it well, keep calm, observe people… as I tell you, there will people that say “why do you laugh if I’m upset?” You’re not going to start laughing but have them see you calm, to listen to you, when they are furious try to give them words of encouragement and if they don’t want then find an excuse to separate from that people, but give the example of good judgment. It can be done; don’t use the word “I can’t” because we trust that you are our representatives so that we can say that we managed the triumph in this hard mission of returning to the Father these children he loves so much, his children, just as all are parents and say: “my children please,” don’t forget, He says: “recover my children, don’t let them got to darkness,” that is, not to fall in the dungeon or not to fall in the “trash” so to speak, because that place, don’t think that we enter there, we see it from a distance, we see it with the power of our mind, is terrible.
Now, we have entered very little when there’s a soul there that has repented, but once being there is very hard to make them think but the Father still says: “Why not, one day my children will get tired of living in the darkness, in the pain,” because their bodies continue hurting, their spirit is not healthy, they continue being beings that are suffering, who are hating and who are desiring power, but one day, who knows when it will be that day because the Father has an eternity to wait as all of us have an eternity to be able to see the Father happy again for this universe to really be able to live in peace.

Therefore, promise us that you are not going to have another relapse because we are in a great hurry, with many wishes of being able to give you already the work that we have promised with which you are going to comply, remember that the ones who don’t get the messages, to listen to them because the meditation and the message go together, for the ones who are interested and that for some reason they can’t really come and who do want to listen to all that we are saying.  I’m going to thank you for being with us and think that the great moment is coming for all those who are with us and who listen to us.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of Feb. 23, 2013

When a man asks: "Why was I born?" I think it's very important to remember that every being that was created was created with a great purpose. For the Father, all her children are important, has never forgotten a single one of them, naturally created us all as evolution and gave us all the opportunity to be the best we can be in order to enjoy all the wonders that he created. That's something we've learned in an amazing way that we are proud to have learned to love; therefore, it is that at this time we are concerned about a humanity that does not think, who does not love, does not believe who does not seek, and above all things, that get fanatical with religions. That is why we want those who listen to us, to be aware of the greatness that represents being born; being born, to be part of the creation; being born, to be able to dream every day something new and different. I know that here on earth many dreams are truncated with so many bad things that are happening but do not forget that we are here and do not forget that we will end with evil, and do not forget that we are willing to do anything in order to clean this earth from all evil and we can be winners in this difficult mission.

We see you so excited sometimes, but everyone is in a hurry, wants everything now, remember it is a preparation, remember it is a school and those who have taken the course and whoever has the best grades we are going to give a surprise soon. When I say very soon, I do not speak of years, so do not worry, I speak of a very, very short time. This year has to be decisive because we also already entered the new Era and we have to keep our promise to the Father and since the planet will be getting ahead of us when going on aligning, we have to have cleaned already this earth. Difficult mission; is difficult because man is clinging to his bad habits and clinging on being the intelligence of the Father's Universe when they cannot even find the inner peace needed to be happy.

Therefore I say, those with perseverance, learn; the best student in a school for example, they don’t learn everything they will learn in a career in one day, nor do they learn everything they need to know in a month, it usually takes longer as it is taking all of you, but who really are faithful and firm primarily with what we give, will receive the reward. Today we are here, as always the 9 teachers, as always our Teacher Jesus, as always the light of the Great Mother, and above all, the greatest that exists in the universe which is a concerned Father who loves these children so much and who have forgotten him. So we'll keep working but I know you are wondering, "Oh, and when? We find it so long", it won't take long, you really are very advanced, you listen carefully what we teach, try to fulfill, I know the hardest thing is the emotions but you do so with a desire to no longer fall into the mistakes that man has fallen: not resent, not criticize, I think it's something we have told much, no one has the right to make a judgment of his own brother, but to comprehend him and if you do not understand then shut your mouth because really the worst injustices are committed by doing your own judgments.
So I say, time is fulfilled, there is no time to be thinking we'll start, it’s already 10 years of recording, you already take messages that can be understood, as teachers we are repetitive in some areas because of course when it enters a new student then begins to hear and need to hear things we said from the beginning , does not give them time to hear all the many messages we recorded, but we see that they enthusiastically listen to what has been posted on the Internet, they are catching up. Naturally if you realize it is very nice to have your own messages for each message carries several messages on each other and also transmits a special force to those who meditate with them, they have vibration. Each message has something very special for them to feel our presence. When we say: we’re now going to give clairvoyance, I want you to be aware that it will be an incredible moment for everyone when they start to see their Angels, we will not let them see more because you really would be disappointed or shocked at what is happening on this earth.

So I say, keep working, do not be discouraged, that at this time there was a total rebellion because of course we didn’t take a few to enjoy a wonderful vacation and forget about the rest of humanity. I think if they have been called is to help us to deliver the message. Do not forget that we cannot be popping up and talking to people because they won't listen to us, we would be the most spectacular there is but would listen a few words and would kneel which is not what we want, some would begin to follow to see how we can do miracles. When we say "we can cure all diseases" you have to understand also that we are beings which are calling family members, at least not to bring their ... as you say to the creatures of darkness "their devil stuck in the back ", because then we cannot be working freely, so when someone tells you: “how you receive the Angels? I have a very ill relative,” tell them: you too begin, because you will not carry a being that has a desire to disrupt everything the Angels do because of eating death. We leave behind all the pain we have experienced because we want already the present to be wonderful and we wish that the future, which is very near, to be unbelievable but to be of triumph, not loss of so many human beings because remember we are at war against evil, not against man. So those who listen to us and come to hear faithfully and convey our message they will receive something special. Whenever you finish a career naturally those who achieved success, those who studied more, those are given the best grades, naturally they are given an award because many are left behind because they felt lazy, because they had no desire to study, because they wanted to live an easier life, the sad thing is that in this world, the same students are lost in so many things which are not even something that can be said to be wonderful to see many professionals, there are, but good professionals, not as many.

That is why I say, our teaching is not easy although seemingly is heard simple, it is not easy because you are not used to living fully at peace with yourselves in order to not lose control of your emotions, so let's keep trying and work a lot, it is very important to control emotions and not to judge anyone. Let them, who committed their mistakes... will learn from their own mistakes, you work with yourselfs that we will tell you what work you have to do when we begin to appear in your homes, you will be given an indication of how you will work so you can represent us as you want to do, so we will fight a lot but we will succeed, because until now we are not losers.

Let’s work in a single force and move on. It is not the number of people who listen to us what will do much to give the message naturally there are many who cannot come here. To those who are too lazy, is another matter but those making an effort, who come no matter the traffic, they see in which way they get here, they have a very special merit and I say that now is the time to receive surprises. You must begin to feel our presence; have to relax perfectly well on your meditation and need to know that at any moment a being who loves you so much is working with you. So we continue to work, continue recording messages, going forward because the Father is confident that all of us are winners and we're going to return Him the children that does not want to lose.

We are very repetitive, why? Because you don’t learn. Everyone wants to help others to have inner peace, and want to give the message to be heard, the best way is by example; if they see that at no time you are disturbed, that are calm, enjoying either your food or all you have lived, then show them that you are learning. That nothing happened? If they cannot see into another dimension how can they judge what has happened, they’re still stuck, cannot learn to use their mind. There were many protests but yes, they made all the mistakes that may have committed in order to get what they were asking, they demanded too much. I understand the illusion, I understand the excitement, but did not realize that the world is still in a way that has to be saved and that if we called them was to give a message not to escape, because they thought they would escape: 'let's go, all stays here, I do not take anything,” it seemed perfect that you had no attachment to things you have but to totally forget all beings around you and forget that the mission is to humanity. So when they say, "it’s just that nothing happened". -Well, if we do nothing in order to have some peace, if we do nothing in order to set an example, do not really know what the dimensions are, do not understand anything after coming a little more than 600 messages and not have learned anything.

So when they say to you, "It’s just that nothing happened", -then no, we cannot learn, we are the ones who flunked, because the messages are there, the teaching is there, - although the only thing they seem doubtful to believe…, the planet is indeed changing of dimension, but must be prepared because if you are watching in what conditions the planet is under, how much do you think would survive? On one hand the evil is working with all his power to make a few take over the peace of this place, of this whole planet, climates are changing and they say nothing happens; the sun looks different, and they say nothing happens, the intense cold at this time was just because, or because the planet is changing? “But nothing happens.” But those who are feeling their inner peace, let's see, someone to answer? How many are? Then lead by example, show yourself calm, if they start to protest, "Oh I do not believe in anything because nothing happens,” -yes we seem like capricious children, that the Angels come and give us a prize that we have not won. We have to earn it, we have to be people who really show that are thinking beings and we need to support them- so that when they see the new dawn that indeed will happen believe it or not, at least be known that it were many human beings that could take with them, but as I say, just have to tell them: "first learn to be in control of your emotions, to love, to respect life, respect yourselves" because many of those who get angry the most, were the ones that had least control, there it showed, if you say, "It’s just that I was hoping and nothing happened and now I'm angry" with that they lost there.

Then Teach them to know that we are teaching them about their mind and represent us so that those who speak in our name looks with full peace. That began attacking "you, that you are believing in those things" - I believe that the Father does not forget us, it's us that forget him and we have destroyed our world and our brothers did come here to rebuild it. Really, why do they have to rebuild? Because it does have to change dimension, - "no, that's not going to happen. No, maybe in another 25 years." -No, because in 25 years there is nothing left. If they were not here, there would have already been a nuclear war.-

Because now all countries want to have their nuclear warheads in order to attack each other. Well at first attacked with sticks and stones, then with spears and arrows, after they did not know what more to invent, then later invented gunpowder, guns, now already reached its peak, each of the countries that are on this earth already has a form of attack to completely destroy everything. Then say, “just thank that those ships are seen, be grateful that we are not alone and thank them that they have saved from total destruction because it is several times they have avoided a nuclear war” and we will not allow it but have done much damage to the planet with nuclear tests and is heavily polluted, the sea is contaminated up to its depths, the soil...

“You think,” give them this example: “see all that a small bomb did, because it wasn't so big the one of Hiroshima, putting it in the ground, do you think that has not damaged the planet? So if we are not in continuous earthquakes it is because someone is helping” and they cannot deny the sunlight because the ships are being seen across the planet and everything has its time. But all as capricious children, wanted Santa Claus and the Three Kings and all that have asked to be granted at the whim and we are not beings who come to fulfill whims. Look directly; watch the conditions you are in, have we really earned it to already become a paradise, for how many?

Now, we must think we are all children of one God, He does love all beings that inhabit this earth so we have to help the message get heard, then why say: “nothing happened.” Well just look outside to the world and see if nothing happened, it is happening, but this has to be in this year, very impressive things are going to happen, I won't give you another date but it is scheduled in this time in which the planet corresponds to align and move to another dimension and it's all within this time that man has to learn to love. Do not worry, if they ignore you, “for now, I feel wonderfully well respecting life, respecting myself and I will not demand from God to fulfill all my fancies because I am the one who have not met with what he asked us: to know to love ourselves, know to love and to preserve the life of my own world,” that's the way you can talk to them, “I'm looking for that inner peace.” Nothing happened? Well, just as you say: now please pray for nothing to really happen of what might happen due to the unconsciousness the humans live in.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of Feb. 22, 2013

When we see that there is much uncertainty and we realize that… oh, but those who follow us are very demanding; we have to comply, we have to give them all the miracles there could exist as you say, we have to make miracles in the cures, we’ve done it but in the people who have understood the message, naturally that they work. But there are certain people who were healed and don’t even come to get up to date in all that we are teaching, but we have all of them perfectly located, none of them have escaped. We have prepared something very big; I want all of you to realize that if a legion, such a big army came to save the Earth, we weren’t going to be playing for a little while: “ OK yes, OK no...”

Remember that we are in an total battle against evil, and he sure works hard; he has done a very heavy move in this occasion because he manipulated the people who wanted to say that the end of the world was coming… some about the end of the world, other were leaning toward “finally their debt would be over.” They haven’t listened that we help them while they go on paying all they have to pay, that won’t arrive as you say many times “ the cops will drop by,” because I’ve heard you arguing that you have many debts, we help you, we protect you.

We can protect you in a way that you don’t even imagine; all we ask is to be completely and absolutely full of love and trust in our presence. That we don’t show ourselves? The moment is also already coming, but we have warned many times “we aren’t going to be giving clairvoyance.” Having power implies many things that are very difficult for the human being to carry out and above all things, I don’t know for what reason you want to see so many monsters that are right now in the entire earth; that about seeing people pass by with a creature on their backs, mocking everyone, I don’t think you would be pleased to see it, now, the strongest, the ones that have a stronger possession  are very powerful beings, but if you could see the beings that are with them, you would die of terror, why do you want to see? It is better to remain calm, you listen, learn; please that emotional control is very important, much more important than you imagine, and why do we demand so much the emotional control? Because naturally, at the moment at which you are in depression or have a fit where you get furious against everyone, you block all that you are achieving, it’s like if you break the dome that we put on you, so we need for you to be calm.

If we have come to give such an extensive message, all you want to learn is in those messages: how to meditate, how to know the Father, how to pray, how to understand who you are, how to achieve more strength, how to speak about the respect for life.  I believe that you no longer feel like talking to people, talk as we have told you, that if you see them eating their meat and they say “and why don’t you eat meat?” – Because I respect life, I respect the animals and I believe that we have to be aware that they are beings that think and suffer-. Normally they make fun and continue eating their meat but you already left the seed planted.

But when the see the ships, which they are already seeing, I want you to realize that many ships are being seen, we already are making manifestations throughout the earth, the planet is inclining, it’s looking for a way to find it’s place, it will change completely even the poles, I believe that you have realized that right now there are some dreadful snow in the north and here it’s already hot, then, what does it mean? That you no longer have a way to even know how the weather is going to be; all the seasons are changing, there is going to be many changes this year and above all things, many manifestations from us.

We have been calling people from around the world, yes, it has pleased us that thanks to the famous Internet that you so much use and do it with the interest to convey the message, well it has arrived and it has arrived to many people and you have left the interviews and the cures.

But the most important is that you are going to work very hard, if you feel like working, prepare because we are going to call you and you are going to do much work, but naturally I want you to realize that when someone enters to study a career, let’s say they will study medicine, how many enroll in the university and how many get a diploma? The ones who really achieve what we have been asking, be completely dedicated, love your fellow beings, be aware that we are giving an authentic message.

I would like you to tell us where we were wrong, then you would be aware that you are really receiving some message; let’s see, a mistake, I accept that you tell me: “you made a mistake here teacher” Now, don’t accuse us about that the 21st day you had to leave already because there’s never a message that says that on the 21st. I know you accuse us that it was said that the next Christmas you were going to be with us, if you even have an idea of the time in which you are living; who invented the calendar and who invented that our Teacher was born… and who invented that your dates are right? Then, it will be but all in its time but must earn it, to receive an award you have to earn it, even to play the lottery where you are thinking you are going to get a prize, well, you have to buy the ticket, at least you are trying it, the same way you are now trying to understand. We are teachers and don’t forget, “Teachers.”
Yes, we are very demanding teachers and remember that we read the mind, we enter to the depths of your mind, and we see when you are lazy, that you don’t have to believe anymore, that the teachers didn’t comply, that the teachers don’t appear, that you are lazy to think about how to make astral trips. If you really dedicate to practice, relax completely; listen to the message, but with a true relaxation of your body you are going to see that you will be able to make the astral trips but as soon as you start to feel that you come out of the body, you get scared.

Then we need you to be aware that it is something very beautiful, but remember, we are teachers, with a commitment beyond than the human being can imagine and we don’t want to impress you, let’s say, because the mere fact of us appearing, they are going to say “yes” and the greatest noise there could be will be made and we are going to do it. You will see us and indeed we are going to make much noise but first the message, let’s see, we sit and say any message, they don’t listen and besides, we weren’t going to sit to record as it has been done with all patience but we feel proud of those who have been constant and faithful to everything we have asked.

Therefore, remain calm that now comes the greatest, what is the greatest? Imagine the face you will make when you see the sky full of ships, those little ships you see, little ships, you’ve seen the big ones and have seen the formations of spheres and our presence has been seen in the entire planet. Evil is working: “no, it’s the wicked ones, they come to take earth’s wealth, they come to take our water,” imagine who was going to want the contaminated water that the human has, most of all, the sea is terribly contaminated, it’s going to take us some work but we have a very advanced technology to purify the sea.
For this reason I ask you, keep moving forward, don’t stop in your efforts, keep studying, keep working in all that we have asked and be our most loved students because the prize we are going to give is beyond man’s imagination, we want you to be calm and before anything else to realize it. What a lack of seriousness have those who say: “I’m with the teachers, but if they don’t comply as I conceive it, then I don’t like what they are saying, why do I have to make an effort? I’ll get them (messages) later…”  But they don’t even buy the message, they buy the meditation but the message makes much sense because it is what we put as a prelude to the meditation.

Remember that it is a Father the one that will thank you for helping him not lose so many of his children as at this moment we would see getting lost on earth. Help us and prepare that the time was fulfilled, it already did, on the 21st of December an Era was fulfilled and right now is only preparation and movement, we are only observing how the planet goes on spinning, we also have to prevent many catastrophes because truly the poor volcanoes are about to let go of all the lava they have within, we don’t want a mortality as terrible as the one the volcanoes would cause.

Then allow us to continue guiding you, remember, we are teachers and as teachers we choose our students but the time will come at which a sum will be made of all the ones that have come here and it’s several thousands, since the time at which the first person came when they started meditating and when they were also listening and above all things, when they started to receive the cures, it’s a very big number and you are going to see they are going to say: “ I was also here, I also deserve, I also want, I also have to have, I also have to receive, give us all you are going to give those who with much love and perseverance have continued ahead,” therefore, prepare very well, I repeat again, the first one who is going to thank you what you do is that wonderfully big Father that is with all his children.
Tell me one thing; is there something you need so that you can understand what the reason why we act in this manner is?  If you need something else, if you want us to explain in more depth what you have to learn, I want you to realize that at this moment everything is moving in the entire planet, of course, right now what you feel terribly is that evil’s movement is seen more because they are very strong, very strong, right now they are working as never to be able to prevent that we rescue this humanity, but for this reason it is that we have to put something to alert this humanity.

But they are going to fear, we already have the Father’s authorization to be able to frighten a little otherwise we are not going to accomplish anything. I want you to realize that it is tiring doing it the right way, - we have gotten bored, nothing happens- as you say, because you don’t really see what is happening in the other dimension, then only doing something that shocks, but remember, you are also going to listen that: “be alert that there come the demons in spaceships and they come to invade the earth and are going to take over humankind and will enslave us.”

You learn to answer: You are slaves; slaves of pain, slaves of power, slaves of the gold you have invented, see in what way they have manipulated the people so that they don’t have peace because they owe money, that it’s not enough, because they make an inflation perfectly well manipulated to be able to keep what earn the middle class people or humble people. There’s a very special intelligence to have the human crying as if they were in complete defeat, even the most effort they make, each day it is less they can afford with what they earn and each day the prices go up more, why? Who invented that the prices have to continue going up and the purchasing power being so low, and each time the middle class and the humble class are worse?
But we are going to take you out of this. Now, don’t forget, we have much power, if you want to know that you are protected, no one is going to bother you, of course, you are not going to say: “Oh OK  then I won’t pay them.” No, you make payments, fix the things you have to do but when we see you can’t pay, we do make it so that they don’t ask for payment, but please, you have to be calm, absolute control of each and every one of your emotions. I believe it is difficult, because you got used to getting upset, got used to protest, got used to have fear, got used to almost not believe, but if you test us, you are going to see that all that we are saying to you is a great reality.

Now, all are asking to also please…even if their loved ones still don’t want to listen, if they are going to listen, then please to take care of them; we make a great effort because many times there’s one or another dear one who is not precisely very “white” but we do everything possible so that those who listen know that we are with all.

Now, the diseases grow, grow, cancer is right now the most terrible plague that humankind has acquired, it appears everywhere since it is the illness that’s devastating humankind but all the human beings who consume death and then don’t want to have the body sick, so therefore, do something so that it gets heard, but we are not going to pass from this year without already happening all that we have promised. Therefore, prepare, that the time was fulfilled and we have to give the opportunity to all the human beings to know our message and that the Father, that Father who loves his children, can recover them.

- Alaniso.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of Feb. 15, 2013

We have done a message with such a depth that I think if you get to listen to the messages, you will realize that they are totally out of what man could do. We prepared with much love everything we had to say, we want man to realize all his mistakes, but now you will say- "when is mankind going to find out?" You will see what we will do. We have the power to move it all, we have the power to stop any type of aggression that it is right now in the world, for example, they already want to make their nuclear war. There we are alert; we haven't separated ourselves from that place. That is why in those places the ships have been seen so large because we are warning them that we are here, they cannot play with the life of humanity, of course they think -"here come the aliens to dominate, to enslave"- I believe that humans could not be more slaves than they are now.

In this time things are terribly wrong, the mob grows and grows. Why? Because they are millions of dark beings who are dominating this humanity and the man fell easily into the trap. Killing animals for food and bring blood into your body also degrades, but what is worse, alcohol, now you tell me in what place don’t drink alcohol? It seems to be the nectar of life and it is as evil is taking advantage to get into humans, so we will beg to every being that comes, "do not drink anything, not a glass" as they say, not one . A glass of alcohol can open channels.

Now is being taken as a fact that you can smoke marijuana, they do not realize how terrible it is any type of drug, and then evil is rejoicing and shouting "we're staying with humanity". The sad Father, Father demanding us. We have a boss that is loving, tender, full of power and light and the fact that He begs us that wants to retrieve his children, because he knows that he’s not going to remove the free will of man. They are free and will be free to find their destiny forever. They are free and will be forever free to do what they have to do but we want you to understand that life in the universe is the most wonderful thing that can happen. To know the worlds in which there is peace, knowing the Father, I believe is the most amazing experience any being can have that can still say to himself he thinks, see the world in their magnificence, see all dimensional tunnels crossing in all places where there is life, see how all beings that inhabit other worlds live, but this world is full of evil energies, plagued because it won in this earth. How many millions of that planet that exploded and that evil had won and now add up those he has won here.

How much evil, how much war, the hatred, the desire for power, everywhere is power, power, power and now they already feel the Mafia, they can kidnap, they can own the world, that by threatening people they can have all the income they want, they can take the money with impunity anyway, they also paid to those who are going to arrest them. So things are worse than ever and the Father says, "That we take his children and to send them to a planet in third dimension without having evil stuck to them." Well, how do we remove the evil, if man is willing to continue drinking alcohol and now the drug spread in an impressive way.

I would therefore ask you all to say to yourselves every day, “Lord, what can we provide?"… Example, set the example. That people make fun of you because you do not consume corpses, it’s just a respect for life, but every time you can give your commercial, you are allowed that, but don’t be offensive, it's been said, do not tell them that they’re scavengers because then they feel offended, but must be told that life is a life and that the animal has the right to live and that you are respectful of all living things on earth.

And you can talk that the animals cry, when they want to listen, there are people who turn around, get angry, but leave sown all you have to say. You will see the noise that we will make, now the noise is coming, we have very little time to tell them that the planet changes dimension. We had warned that one Age was finished, it ended the Age of Pisces, started the Age of Aquarius, the planet is moving, has to align, but imagine with these vibrations, the poor planet would explode terribly, which is why we have so much to do, send the evil to his dominions. Please stay calm, do not say again - "the teachers lie to us, teachers promised, I have asked, I have begged that I have to pay my debts, I have asked and begged to heal a relative, to heal the other.”

We are everywhere, but more importantly, we are concerned that this humanity is being lost and I know you all are aware of the importance that we rescue this humanity from the clutches of evil, see how many humans are trapped by these beings. Man forgets that his body is not eternal and say "if you die then already died and that's all" they don’t know what it is going to the darkness, then we want you to be aware that one way or another you will be able to talk, but we promised we're going to help. More and more ships are here in Mexico and around the world, spheres are being seen, the ships are being seeing , is being seen all that we're showing that we're here, but remember, man doesn't want to listen, then let's work to unclog their ears and make them feel at least a little pity for all beings they’re destroying.

Now is the time, so you get ready, because all we have shown is shocking. I would like to say that the famous lightning that fell in the Vatican was launched by us as a warning that "they cannot represent our Teacher (Jesus) in a place where the mob is moving with such strength." Then you see the power we have.

So you be calm, working, meditating and leaving us guide you, we have big surprises for everyone who with love have received us in their home, with all love working with the meditations. Get ready that time is already fulfilled and the time is now and there is not much time to wait. Stay calm and together that we want to give wonderful surprises to all those that with love and faith are on our side. Do not doubt that the change is coming, soon, very soon, and we cannot wait too much because if we let evil continue working, he is turning this planet into hell and we do not want this planet to become a hell, we want this planet to be able to have all the strength and life that we are going to give. Let us then work together and prepare very well, it is a very short time, just notice that everything is moving in a very spectacular way, now comes the spectacular, our presence on earth and you who so lovingly have heard us as our messengers, talking to your siblings so that they know who we are, what we ask and what is that we will give to all, we know we can count on you, we are proud to have chosen you for your qualities that are just love.

- Alaniso.