Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of Feb. 9, 2013.

The human being needs to understand perfectly well that this planet can no longer hold man, nor does man resist man. Why? Because evil has taken the freedom by taking ownership of the human beings in such a way that right now there are more demons than angels in what refers the humans. We do look after each human being, we listen to their minds; don’t forget that we know to the very depths of your thoughts. At no time did you trick us saying that you were really convinced or simply wanted to escape reality, wanted to escape your problems knowing that there’s still much to be done on Earth.
 There isn’t much time, it’s a promise I make but I won’t give dates anymore, I repeat again each time I speak with everyone because a date makes everyone crazy. But I do tell you, this year is a culminating year. This planet is going under many changes, the earthquakes will keep happening, the volcanoes continue active, evil keeps working intensely to end with the peace on earth. Evil hopes for a war, the famous third world war. I believe that you are wrong in your calculations, WWIII started since they started fighting since the Persian Gulf and when later came about the Twin Towers, there started the war. They say it’s not global, yes, it is global; all have intervened in one way or another, all the countries, above all the ones from Asia’s side, from all that represents that continent, they have their nuclear warheads; from this side, more U.S., which according to them it is to defend the planet, but they start shooting from one side to the another and will see how much of Earth would be left, we are not going to allow a nuclear war.
So, our task is very arduous, we are everywhere looking after each step the human being takes, looking after the beings of darkness who naturally, when we don’t want to, they cannot see us, but when we want we let others see us so that they at least feel the fear of knowing that they cannot do anything against us, they can’t definitely because all the power we have, even if they steal all the energy they can steal from humanity, they will never be able to have something we do, the power that the Father gave us, an unheard-of power. As we have said, we can move a planet with our mind, but this planet has to pass to another dimension, this planet has to continue its course within what represents the planetary system, all the other planets are worried because these human beings were going to cause a chaos in the system in which all are moving.

For this reason I tell you, all be calm please, studying; please be an example, think that if you see them at a given time hysterical, doubting, upset and creating confusion about what we give, then why we chose you. We chose you because you are good people, because all of you and all of the ones who now listen to us… But all the ones we’ve called are people who naturally have in their mind something very special, they are good people, but as well as there are here, there are also in the world.  Then we want to give the opportunity to all the human beings to know our message. It’s started to spread, naturally they’ve started to get interested, and little by little it will start to be known in other countries, they will know about us and above all things, the investigators will soon let others know about this message of such importance that we have prepared because it’s been 10 years of work, it’s already a good amount of messages that we are reaching almost the 600, but don’t think that we are going to reach the 1000, or that we will continue dictating in the middle of a chaos or in an earthquake and starting showing up the airplanes of the beings that now are being guided by evil, we are not going to allow any of that.

We have the power, the power that the Father gave us. I want you to please tell those who thought that a few were leaving, that they forgot about their siblings, the human beings, forgot about even about their own families. Why? Because naturally, don’t tell me that the entire family knows perfectly well all they have to do, that they already understood the message. We already saw a few, the ones who supposedly had accepted and are now eating meat which means they didn’t understand the message or didn’t conveyed the message to them properly. Here in this country ships are being seen, but we are putting the most powerful, the most impacting, in the more dangerous countries because they have to realize that we are here with an unheard-of power and that we are to distract them, take at least a little, their attention away, instead of thinking in war.
For example, as the man from the neighboring northern country say, that they are preparing for the extraterrestrial attack, but they are going to realize that we have shown in all the ways that we don’t come to attack, it would have been seen already from a ship. Have them tell us, a single time, that a ship attacked, that it dropped something that could have harmed the earth; none, not even the ones from the little beings, who made a few mistakes but right now have repented and want to continue, want their evolution, want us to give them the opportunity to participate in this change that is about to come.
We are ready; everything that represents the ships in the sky is moving, we are preparing ourselves and what you don’t see, you will soon be able to perceive. Yes, we are among you; yes, we want you to see us; yes, we want you to know and see this wonderful place we have prepared. We don’t have it just for us, we want you to see what will be the cities in this planet; we want you to see how wonderful would be the life in the future, we want you to know it and convey it.
Then those meditations have to be very deep and you all have to be calm, “oh, life is so difficult on earth…” well yes, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. We naturally know what your needs are, what you lack and how we can help you so that life is easier for you in the short time that you still have left within what represents this dimension. But we want to take many human beings, the Father’s dream is to recover his children, our dream is not losing the war, because we’ve never been losers and evil wishes to take this humanity, that is his entire project; leave the planet destroyed and take all the souls to increase his army and continue challenging the Father saying to him that one day, one day he will take away his universe, that’s of the worse prides we’ve ever heard. But he has conveyed that pride to many human beings who want to have the power over what represents their planet and also do their projects; they spend impressing amounts of money in projects to leave the earth instead of lowering that famine going on at this moment, instead of seeing that seeds for planting get distributed, instead of doing something useful they’re thinking in what way they will be able to protect themselves, but we are ready now.

Please, don’t doubt, don’t be sad because right now I see you as if you say “but we don’t have a date anymore, we liked very much the idea during 10 years that you said to us that on the 21st of December…” yes, the time ended there, the time in which the planet had to be preparing to be able to pass to another dimension. We already are in Aquarius Era, we are working already and things need to be as we have planned.

Since I count on you to give this message and that with much love we’re going to see you prepare, please in that meditation be at peace with yourselves because if you are thinking that “I have this problem… and it’s that I have to pay something I can’t…” We know you have to do things, actually, if at a given time you have something you cannot pay, we block the one who would ask for payment… but you have to be completely calm so that you can let us work because we can’t with depression.
You will see when we show you what the energy is, what happens when you are upset, doubting, in the depression that you’ve fallen on many occasions. But we trust in you and that we can count on you for this great change that already has to happen in this time.

Therefore, continue preparing yourselves and all who left, well… as you say, “making a tantrum” give the message to all you can, to be aware that we don’t come to take a few; we come to give a message to humanity because humanity is something very important, they are the children of the Father and he doesn’t want to lose them.
Let’s work as always and prepare yourselves because we do have very special surprises for all those who achieve, at least, a complete day, the absolute control of all and each of your emotions. Not a moment of doubt or depression, not balancing your books, you can balance your books if you tell us “they want payment for this, can you stop it please?”
Yes, we can do that and above all things, we can give you all you need so that you don’t lack a thing because you are our representatives and wont represent us someone who is completely overwhelmed with problems and which don’t know how to solve. But you have noticed that you don’t get assaulted and that at all moments you feel our presence, protecting your backs.
What’s happening? As you have said, tremors are increasing, we have warned about that continuously, the planet no longer can resist the destruction man has created; the earth is opening everywhere, so much nuclear tests, too much drilling to extract oil. I believe there isn’t a place on earth where they haven’t drilled to find the famous oil; I believe there they forgot to think. Why was the oil in the earth, to have a bunch of ambitious men to extract it and to create power? Logically, the Father wasn’t going to create a weapon as that to make much harm, then the human being needs to understand that the oil was the Earth’s shock absorber; we have explained that to you and it needs to be disseminated. We already have in sight who will start disseminating the message right, who will give you the opportunity to all of you to talk, all without exception.

The earthquake that just happened will make other parts of the earth  open and in all places cracks are opening, so don’t be surprised, but remember that all of you are protected. But the city’s weight is also causing much havoc, too much weight, too many buildings, too much pollution, take a look at the big buildings and the weight of the automobiles that create vibrations along the way.  All of that is harmful, all that the human has done now has been their progress to harm their planet Earth.  
The first thing you have to do is to make an effort, but an effort, don’t get nervous when doing your meditation and astral travel, simply relax well, listen to the message, feel how you have one of us by your side, taking care of you and that we can help you.
What we do want is for you to start knowing perfectly well all the dimensions there are on earth and that wonderful place we have told you about, to know it already, to see it and above all things, that you say to...  to the ones who believe you, yes because you have to make them to really believe you  because when you say to them “ I went out in an astral trip and I entered into a paradise”  they will tell you “Oh, what a beautiful dream, how interesting that you like to dream…” they won’t believe you.

But we will help you to be able to teach all the human beings to believe in this truth. We are going to manifest as we have promised and will be seen here also, as you have said to us “that why the biggest ships are only seen on those places” There because it is where is very dangerous, we have seen things that many human beings don’t see, that how they are planning to leave their country behind, attack others to take ownership of other lands, but that armament they have it is very dangerous. But how can it occur to them they’re going to free their people by destroying all that represents the life of the planet.
Then you be calm please, the planet cannot last much time in this destruction, nor can evil continue taking complete ownership of this humanity. We have said all that we are going to do and will start from one moment to another and I know that all who left will return but they no longer have an A in conduct, naturally they got a very low grade but we give them the opportunity to continue studying so that they can feel proud of receiving that wonderful moment in which they will be able to really know what life and happiness is.
Therefore, convey our message and keep calm and united, that all that we have said is a great truth that is starting already at this time and it is a wonderful time to be able to see how the Father can be proud of our work and you can know at all times that you have been called for your qualities. Therefore, I now tell you, feel a little proud of your selves and don’t say: I can’t, I don’t know, I’m nothing, - No. But don’t become vain, just leave it that we feel proud of having found you as good people who are going to be able to participate in this mission.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of Feb. 8, 2013

 For all that is happening at this time on earth, I think you will realize the urgency that we have to make large demonstrations, only that as we have said before, we cannot put all ships at once, the panic would be huge, because the ones that have the message, are not many, but we will make that it spreads more and above all things, is already the time. When I spoke, I know you say that December 21 repeats too much, that marks a time. Yes, the Age of Pisces is completed, but when entered the Age of Aquarius, the planet is already moving, and will accommodate in order to enter into another dimension but in the conditions in which it is, this could not be. So we really have a lot of work to do. The evil was unleashed in a terrible way, abusing that we do not destroy, that at no time ... we will say "that an evil being be gone at once, into darkness." We are still going to try to do something later that impacts a lot so they repent. But we see that already they have been taken completely, and is a total invasion. Very concerned are the people who say that there is an alien invasion.

Well, we could call them like that because effectively the dark beings are not from earth, but many have formed here with so much evil, but they come from another dimension, come from another galaxy, have been getting through dimensional tunnels, and all those who were prey of these beings and are all the evil that there could be, are possessing others, I mean, it's a war, a total war. As I say, on the one thing that we lose in this case is that we could never say that we wish we definitely already lost or sent them complete with their body to the dark side. 

So I want you to realize that we have done everything we have said, we have made a full explanation of what our work is, how we are at war against evil and boy he’s giving us war as you say, because already is a huge amount of human beings taken under his possession, just see the quantity of alcohol sold, it is the main trap, along with the alcohol came the drugs, there’s where he finished it off completely. Don’t you see that “yes, if you eat a delicious steak, must drink a little glass of wine to digest it well” and they start with excuses, but those aren’t excuses, they’re drinking at all times and are toasting and drinking and are all in a terrible way thinking that alcohol is the one with which are having a great time.

Tell me that you know a family who have not yet paid attention that you have tried to teach not to drink. In the danger they are, they do not realize. Sure that your family, we are looking for ways to protect them so that they will not have a serious problem.

We hope none of them fall exactly in possession. But already are possessed by millions the human beings, all those who are right now in evil, in gangs, in the great powers, and there are things you can't even imagine, and they go telling, that if the Illuminati, that if reptilians got into their bodies. They are not reptilians, they are beings of darkness and yes there are some that have shapes that are unpleasant ... why? Poor little reptiles, why they're going to compare to them? The reptile is not ugly, the reptile has a life, is a being created on earth to do its basic functions needed to be done here on earth, but you always liked putting the snake as something terrible, now they say that they are reptiles who are taking the bodies and that ships are coming. No. Besides, the human imagination for bad things, is wonderful, to invent things that are not. That we’re going to achieve that the message is heard? Yes. 

Therefore I tell you, It was set a time to start now, totally declared the war against evil. You do not worry; you are protected, loved ones too. In one way or another, we make sure nothing happens to them, because now they still do not listen and you worry. We have heard people say: 'How good that nothing happened, because my entire family does not understand yet. You think about your family, think of beings around you, that's very nice, having this love, that you do not say “I'm going and there stays the uncle, aunt, brother...” So if you are thinking of wanting to gather your loved ones, we are going to help with the ships, they are increasing more. But you already saw, one more was shown and brought fright, no matter, the thing is that they already talk of large ships. Those we have shown in what is Russia or Asia, all these places ...is that they are very fierce as you would say, I will not say that they are both the Russians themselves, but Asians are willing to attack U.S., they do not know what they say, of course we are not going to allow them, but we want you to see that you are not alone, we are on earth and naturally if we were the bad guys, we'd be shooting as in your strange movies, like the war of the worlds, those ships doing such terrible attacks and destroying buildings and killing millions of people. No, that is what man does, so do not invent.

Every time they go out their ships to attack a country, how many kills, how many left homeless, how hungry are at this time on earth. So you are our soldiers and spread the word to all those who have not come, they are soldiers and promised to help. We as we have said, we will not sit at a television station and we're going to begin to explain, they don't even hear us. Imagine that we want to put one of our messages in a TV station, just once, and they just half listen and you know, you can listen 2 times, 3 times, and you always find something new, something very special that we have put in our messages.

So I say, is already starting the time, so evil is also fighting as ever because he wants to take humans. That's where the real war is at. There are a number of frightening crimes on earth. So, get ready because you are going to give our message and it is already a very short time.

The climate has changed in the planet, it is settling, the axis is moving, and things are happening that you never would have imagined that you could live. Already began the tremors and the tsunami returned, and started the whole movement, but as I promised you, if for some reason a cataclysm is near you, a dimensional door opens and you pass to a safe place and then return to chat and talk to people, because you are our soldiers and hopefully very soon and when they see the movement, will return all those who left but to at least listen that one day they were called to be soldiers, not for a few to be privileged beings, to leave and open a door of heaven and leave everything else behind. That's why we are pleased to hear from many people who say “it’s just that I have my family who I have not been able to convince, I wouldn’t go if I have many loved ones who have not listened.” That means you're thinking with love. We know that all who we have called are people who know how to love. But time is very short.

As I said before, never again we give a date, this date was given because it was the change of era, but already the movement began as Nostradamus used to say, "When Sagittarius arrow joined to the tail of Scorpio began to align the planets" is already happening. All this is what you do not see and we are already putting into action everything that represents our strength and huge armies that now are in the stratosphere, but beings that come to the aid of this humanity.
But our army, ran very small right now but we know that they will hear and know that when they see the ships, then will say “Yes, I was also there, I can speak and I want one of these days...”
What is the gate of heaven? For heaven's door is the other dimension, but that is how will be the planet, this planet earth, that place we will integrate it to planet earth when passing into another dimension, and is going to be like the planets where there is life only.

So please, be calm, studying as we have asked because we have big surprises in the near future that you will live. Remember that we have given many messages in which you can mentally transport to other dimensions, if fully relax, and if you learn to be in control of your emotions, you can make those trips in which are going to see this wonderful place we have prepared, which is the future of this planet. Very near future, very, very close, then I want you all ready to convey our message. As we have said, we'll bring them back. Right now there are very few and as you say, very friendly, -give a tantrum- but when they come to reason that it was not like they wanted to leave their friends, their relatives or some people and not done anything yet and is not that we are lying, is that we are ready, as we have told, the ships are already warming up, we'll increasingly be appearing until the day that meets what we promised, but that they already be prepared, because otherwise the fear would be terrible and do not listen, so that it looks the sky covered with stars in the light of day, but we have to prepare them more. Imagine the terror, are capable of committing suicide, getting into caves, to see how they can escape because space evildoers come to harm them.

You talk about us, that is why there are so many messages, as we have said, when you say: “why not appear? Why not give the messages personally?” Because imagine if they were going to get to listen calmly. And who's going to record or we were going to get to the recording booth to make the messages, no. We do not come to play, we are very busy, with many problems as you would say, working for the salvation of this world that the Father wants to see again become a paradise and to be very soon, as I said, already started moving and be alert to any changes, that we are with you to soon have the happiness with which you have dreamed.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of Feb. 1, 2013.

I think that right now, I have again a group that knows how to think. You don’t know how happy we get to see you think. We always told you that a new Era was beginning, we already are in the Aquarius Era; with the Mayan Calendar it doesn’t coincide because it’s 13 months, we use that calendar but we are going to start by saying that everything is going well.

The planet is bad, man has given himself to evil, and evil is winning. The one who is really very sad, is the Father, yes, he says to us that we are going too slow, that the planet continues being infested with beings of darkness, that why we haven’t been able to take them out; we’ve already told you that He wants his children, then we are going to try to prevent evil from taking so many human beings, that, we have explained very well but I believe patience is running out, they don’t think at all. There are weapons at each house, everywhere are attacking each other, planning new wars, everything is terribly contaminated and pollution has increased, they keep throwing new viruses. Then I believe that naturally, we have to do something that shocks.

More ships are seen each time, if the ones here haven’t seen them it’s because they haven’t checked well, but everywhere, throughout the world more ships are being seen; we are making certain figures in the sky, we are starting to give the notice that we are giving to humanity, that time has been fulfilled. The time of the Mayans is also the one that got fulfilled, but we know the Aquarius Era has to start and that we have to work intensely, if not, we’ll start, as you say, running because the planet has to start getting aligned, it has to come to a point where it has to pass into another dimension, fortunately it is not one of the first ones, fortunately there are other planetary systems that already have started passing and there are others that are very well prepared for all of this that is about to happen.

Then you think, we’ve been with you for many years already, we’ve prepared a message, that I think, you can analyze; now you’re going to take each message and are going to check very well, will meditate with clarity, we have many to meditate with. If we insist that we want you to make astral trips is because it is a very beautiful step to be able to see the paradise that we’ve prepared for you. But remember that the paradise won’t stay outside, is going to be integrated into earth when we clean it but you have to learn already to leave the body, you have to leave all your worries, stop making calculations continuously because I see you very distressed, put all your bills with us, but remember that we are like magicians, that we’re going to be able to help you. That you need to make a payment, we see that it gets done; that you need to check something that needs fixing, we fix it; if you have a sick family member, we are there; that at all moments you’re asking for everyone, all of us are there. We haven’t abandoned this humanity. Remember that who helped us see with all clarity, that would never abandon this mission, was our Teacher Jesus, who at this moment is acting very strongly because he wants to comply with the Father when he said to Him that he would return his children.

Then, tell me one thing, if you tell me and I want you to tell me with all clarity – teacher, I think you made a mistake; teacher, I think that you put false hopes in us-
No, never; Paradise does exist, this planet is going to be a paradise and will be cleansed to the depths of its foundations and we will make the manifestations we have promised because we need to tell man of everything they need to learn because the Father wants his children. And we say it to Him with much sadness: Oh Father, now yes you put it very hard for us; working with beings who don’t listen, who only think in the gold and power and above all things, hatred. There’s a great amount of hatred that gives off that energy in the entire planet, hatred, rancor and desires of being superior to their fellow beings.

Therefore, I want you, who have been studying, get prepared now please, consciously.  That at a determined time you feel like seeing your loved ones who are in another dimension, why don’t you worry about learning and are going to see that you will do it, will see them well because they are already perfectly well and preparing everything you have to receive in the moment at which you pass to the other dimension. All we’ve said to you will happen, all. Imagine, coming from a galaxy so far away, accepting all the power the Father gave us, and still become liars? I think that would be the last straw, right?

So, there’s something very beautiful that we have to tell you, the time is nearing. Never again a date, you’ve seen it, besides is very hard to give you dates because of your wrong calendar, but that is true, everything will happen and in a very short time.
We have to stop right now, a war that wants to get started, it’s going to be of all against all, Asian countries against the government from the U.S., the hated place of the Saxons, and everything is challenged to get power and to be able to be seen as superior beings, the most powerful industry is what all the countries want to have, for example, the Chinese have done a great effort and have grown but there are many things that they have to learn also.

That’s why I say to you, please be calm, meditate, study, practice, but practice with much seriousness everything that we teach you, absolute control of each and every one of your emotions. Well, I know, you’ve told me that it takes much work: - how teacher if around the corner I find someone that’s attacking me; how do you want that if my family member, my brother, my uncle, my father, my grandfather, all, are always attacking me? – Well, be an example, when they see how you are at peace, they will say: why have you changed so much? What happened to you? Where did you learn to be like that? Then that’s when they will listen.

Do you want to see us? Well, learn to meditate as it should be done. We’ve given many times the school on how to meditate calmly and we want you to achieve it, because the day we have all already conscious, that have the memory of that “unfolding” as you call the astral travel, then all together are going to make a party, but I want you to tell us that we can count with you to give the message.
 When much noise is made, when the ships are being seen continuously and when there’s noise again that something terrible, as they have started saying, that the invaders and reptilians are coming and who know what strange monsters they’ve made up, you are going to tell them that it’s not true.

That the small beings, that the greys… well, you might see them ugly but they are from a different planetary system, but are beings who trusted and believed that the man was going to be with them and now are worried because now they are the image of the terrible, frightening alien coming to attack. Don’t think they like that much, to be telling them ugly, then they go and check on the mirror and say to us: Teacher, am I really ugly? Will I be able to change? We already told them yes, not to worry, but we don’t see them ugly because we see their soul, we see their spirit and we see how they evolved.

I want you to realize, that we don’t give you a hard task; I want you to realize, that loving is something you have within, that naturally, got contaminated of seeing how the world is, that have lost the inner peace that now we want all to have.  I want you to understand that you are in a very high level school; it’s not a small school of those who are barely starting. We have called you and we see many qualities in each of you, we knew you can have your relapses, that can have moments of doubt, of not analyzing our messages, but we knew you know how to think.

It has begun at this moment, a new time; a new time for you to prepare, for everything we have to do, it is a very arduous task, very hard, because seeing how this being of death attacks continuously, continuously seeing how there are human beings that are already seen as true beasts, who don’t care about beating terribly a human, who don’t care if they cut them, doing unbelievably terrible things.
We see there are, but we see the being of darkness motivating them, then you tell me if you are willing to really work, we won’t put you against a demon, not that, we won’t say you are going to be able to do that much, it would be climbing a very high level but we will let you help us with the humans… the ones you see that are completely nervous, mad, you show there’s peace, that nothing upsets you, that they can criticize you or mock you and you don’t get upset; have the appropriate response.
Right now at this time at which the world didn’t end and since a few didn’t leave, they were escaping, then they are making mockery, tell them: “No, you know what? What we we’ve learned is, loving ourselves, we know that all that the teachers teach is real, that soon, very soon, this planet has to change. We know they come in our help and have an unheard-of power to be able to clean this earth.” But not cleaning in a way of saying, “we’re going to throw in the trash, throw in a dark sphere all the beings that are being criminals.”

No, we have to see in which way we separate them, in which way we can do something. I know you say to us that we seem as going too slow, no, you don’t know what we are doing; we’re working and how we have perfectly well located all the beings of darkness, perfectly well located all the human beings, we know the depths of their thoughts, we penetrate to the center of their mind and we can know them to know who are going to be able to free themselves and change, why not, why not if we rescue them, why not think that they can still be beings that can have the opportunity to live, why not, that’s our challenge.
We want to rescue the humanity, we don’t want to send many to learn that in order to feed themselves they don’t have to kill, let’s hope they understand it in this time and that they don’t have to travel to other worlds to start to learn again. How we’re going to populate other worlds? That’s another thing that you are going to learn, but for the moment, you be beings that achieved your evolution and can help us in the hardest mission that has been given on earth.
Teach man to think, teach man to love, teach man to believe that only one God exists, they don’t need to divide in religions and if they are going to study a sacred book, from that book extract only what’s good, the positive, the thoughts of love, just that; nothing that the Father received the sacrifice, nothing that He allowed a war, nothing of that. All that’s positive in them, love, is what should be taken from all that you can read.

Then, you, with much calm, can explain to them. Right now you have been faced with that they don’t want to believe you, I don’ know what they don’t want to believe because talking about respecting life is looks strange to us that they tell you: “I don’t believe you” – You don’t believe me, what? That I don’t like eating a little animal? You don’t believe me, what? That I like respecting life? Well, try it and you’ll see how different you feel-. But don’t worry; the movement of the ships is coming in the sky and with that, all we have told you, you’ll be able to practice.
Don’t feel distressed, we know how we’re going to put you to face the world, how in a small time this planet has to be given to the Father, converted into a paradise as we have promised. Very short time, that we started a new Era, there isn’t time to tell you another 25,000 years, that’s it, the other 25, 000 they will pass them in another dimension and that’s how you will live, only live because have entered into a higher dimension. Know what love is. Well, saying the higher one, all the ones who help us, if later want to go with us, are welcome. If they want to stay on Earth to see how all the evolution is done, can also stay, each one is going to choose what they want to do and how they want to live in the future. But what we have said all will happen.

Now yes, thank you for having passed this final exam, because we are going to start showing you something stronger and you’re going to be able to be winners within all that you set out to achieve, be part of us and be part of what represents this very difficult mission that later we are going to be winners no matter what and with your help, we can be successful.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of Jan. 26, 2013

I wish this night, which we have considered a great night, to be very special for all of you. As we see there is love, that you are not judging whether, if we give, or we do not, you are thinking clearly what represents to be into this mission, then we feel extremely proud of each and every one of you.
I want you to interpret perfectly well what “fulfilled time" means. The time of times in the infinity of time, is a time when everything has to be given and everything has to be and the time in which we are working, is a very important time to not make mistakes. We are preparing something big, very big, there will be a lot of noise, then it will scare them, they will say that it was serious, that there are the teachers, that how beautiful look the ships, for those who believe in us, but for those who do not, there will be great expectation and above all things, much fear. Fear, because the man is responsible of saying things that doesn’t know. He sees all fatal, sees all evil, in religions… ah religions are such a hinder to us, because religions put their rules, laws and say they are the ones with the absolute truth-"that as the prophet said so, that because this other prophet said, that it is written in verse such-". So they are forgetting that the most important thing of all is that our Teacher Jesus came to bring a message of hope to humanity, came with a purpose, hoped that the men think, hoped for the man to change, wishing the man to return to be life as the Father created them.

We have called so many people, of course there are many people who do find it quite impossible to come at night, in that we totally agree, and it suddenly come to check and feel nothing happened so they better acquire the messages recorded and make such an effort involves them much trouble, travel at night, get this far, they think that something might happen, which means that they do not know how we look after you. Each of you goes with a complete escort to go through wherever you need to go. We are minds of a lot of power, we are beings who have prepared this mission for many, many centuries, we are beings that learned to love, to think, to create and above all, we do hope to save a large number of humans. As you say, this time, a few were going to leave and were going to leave us the whole package, let's say, as you talk: Let´s see how you manage teacher, how you get others to pass the message because we are already tired, we do not want to pay our debts and we do not want to get angry with anyone, you will give us a very nice house, because we will have all the privileges of an angel.

So we'll say, yes we are very demanding teachers, much too demanding, because we expect you to earn it. When we see that there is so much despair, because you miscalculated, we said that the date given by the Maya was correct, change of era, the time was fulfilled, the 25, 920 years already are, it did not occurred to you that then there’s very little time for us to give everything we have promised and to speak out greatly in the earth. Also you have to remember that our calendar and yours is totally different, why do we agree with a 21st of December? We had to leave some dates you might try to remember, something to tell you that something important was going to happen but of course the time within us is a time that we are now moving to help you pass to another dimension. Because yes, the wait is over and the planet has to move and we have to answer to the Father and for the moment we have some very, very sad numbers because if our teacher, who made all the effort to leave his memory on earth, all he managed was to see you all divided in his name, then, us too, we make every effort to make the man listen.

You will say,-"Well, as easy, as you appear, and you will see that we have here a legion of humans wanting to hear, snatching the best spot to fill,”- which is worse than when sings one of those groups who youth loves so much, worse than that, we could talk in a loud voice, but tell me if they will burn in memory all that we have recorded in the messages, it had to be recorded, if not it could never really get into the minds of those who listen.

I am a teacher and I have seen humanity perfectly well, I am a teacher and I have looked in every corner of the earth, where are the beings who really might think. I am a teacher who wishes the welfare of mankind, who doesn’t want to see the chaos that could happen if we were not here, because as we said, if we were not here, a nuclear war would have already ended with everything and the planet would be a consumed fireball or a lifeless, meaningless ball, could say that would move, and should be removed complete and at removing it out completely, would also unbalance the planetary system.

So I want you to say: "what is it that teachers have told us all the time we have heard the message?"-Many beautiful things and have put much hope in our mind, and now you saw, already were disappointed because you did not ran away from your debts, because you did not escape from your problems. You will escape, let's say, because time is really short and now I see a few willing to participate in our message, I tell you that if you do not feel what we are saying then you are very insensitive, but you know, the energy that you will receive, what would be the energy for many, will be for the few who came with such faith. I think we can be winners, despite the human being.

I think you understand what is the pain we have now, seeing is believing. Human beings could not prove that they could believe to see, but what you will see, those who have listened to us, will be larger than they think; what we will give, will be a reward beyond than what might think that could receive a human being.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of Jan. 25, 2013

When I see you arrive with so much humbleness to listen to a message of these teachers who naturally don’t judge, observe, and realize how difficult this humanity is, we have seen how they, in a special way, blame us for their mistakes. If they knew how to think they would realize that we don’t come to select a small group, take them to paradise and abandon the rest of the planet.

We do know the rest of the humanity, we see their anguish, and we listen to their needs. In all parts of the world there are good people that are victims of everything that’s happening, who desire a hope. They receive the message through the Internet, they get filled with illusion that there’s really something, something different, something in what to think and who don’t get fanatical with a religion, can reason because sadly now religions turned into imposition to ask them “cannot think, you have to follow our orders” and be subject to their whims.
But we do see many and many human beings disillusioned, walking sad, searching something that can tell them that there is a hope in this world, understand even why they were born and what for and what reason is there to be in a very destroyed world, how is it that the Father gives the impression that He doesn’t remember this humanity because apparently it’s abandoned. Since you cannot see us, you don’t know there is an army of millions and millions of beings willing to give you all you need but we are teachers and that is something you mustn’t forget, we are teachers.
We are teaching you firstly to think, then what is supposed to be the control of your emotions. You are always angry –it’s just that you ask to much of us, how are we going to have emotional control if everything is bad, how do you want me to be happy if I have to understand…, or if I have a husband that doesn’t let me think, or a spouse that doesn’t allow me to manage on my own, how am I going to believe in something if there isn’t peace in my own home.-
They don’t realize that you can give yourselves the peace, if one person in a home keeps balanced, with a smile, speaking calmly, conveys at least a thought of love at the moment at which they are most irritated then they would realize that there’s a need in a home for someone with a little bit of intelligence, a little bit of love for life.
We travel across the world, you know the size of the world, you see only a city, as you say, seems as humans swarming, all with their conflicts, all with their frustrations and all thinking that tomorrow is a hell. We see the hospital full of sick people who don’t know why they got sick, they don’t even understand why their organism doesn’t respond anymore, they have destroyed it but they don’t know why it doesn’t respond because they are also completely in conflict with themselves and cannot have a moment of peace, a moment of reasoning.
We’ve taught what is to honor the Father, honoring the Father is thanking him for the fact of existing but I believe that how the humans are they are probably saying – what are we going to thank him if we don’t know if it was really worth it being born in a world in which everyone is against each other and in which hope doesn’t exist for anyone.-
We see the wicked ones very proud because they are doing things they never thought they would do but they’re exceeding their frustrations in a terrible way, logically with an entity stuck in their back and is also advising all they have to do to take revenge on the world that surrounds them; earn easy money, that’s the easiest, earn easy money: killing, destroying, doing things that can leave others even on poverty to have money for themselves, inventing for themselves that they are powerful because they have much gold.
And now yes, things are worse each day because there isn’t a single place in the world in which we see peace. Imagine if really on that day 21st as you had planned it, we take a few because many were only thing – oh, how good, I’m going to escape from all my problems, how good because I won’t see that person that I can’t stand, oh how good because they are going to take me to paradise to enjoy it and I will not have to work without getting a good pay.- You don’t even  know where we are going to take you.  
But naturally, we have said that it is a parallel planet that is going to integrate to earth, it is the future of Earth where is being constructed all that the planet is going to need for a near future. Now you ask us: And now when?
No, don’t even make us think that we can give you any date, not even an proximate one, we better give you surprises, any date given you convert it into chaos, and also manipulate the dates to your convenience because for example, the end of the world was very convenient to make much money, selling the bunkers in millions of dollars, selling many food supplies, selling many lamps and things alike because someone said that the Great Mother said that there was going to be 3 days of darkness, there cannot be darkness, 3 days of darkness would be a total chaos in the entire world, without sun?  3 days only is terrible and they had already made up that even 3 years but that definitely it doesn’t occurred to them to think that wouldn’t survive even the little ants on earth.
Then, what is that we have to do? Continue selecting people who listen, keep arriving people that have a need and who at all moments have a hope, in some place, in some little corner they cherish a hope for all their distress and their completely sick bodies, a hope to be able to see the sky and tell themselves that does come from there the Father who can help them.
I as a teacher tell you, and many say: this was like a test. A test of what? Well, on one side you tested yourselves, the test of the emotions. We have been speaking about the control of your emotions and of thinking, it didn’t occurred to you to think that we don’t a privilege for a few, that we come for the humanity and we have repeated that many times therefore, I want you to realize how difficult is this mission, very difficult but the Father has hope, He still believes he can recover this children.
We are going to make the impact we have promised, we have to do it but still nothing great is gained with fear as many did on this occasion for fear of continuing in this world, for fear of continuing confronting their truth, for fear of not being able to see that you can be useful beings, for fear you were hanging on the idea of a total escape of your reality.
The teachers don’t lie and the teachers have prepared great surprises for this humanity so needed of love, so lost in their  “ I don’t know, I can’t, I don’t understand,” they have forgotten about themselves.
We are going to work much still but it is a very short time because the planet is starting to take its place and things have to be already, we cannot wait much and we hope not to be a reality what you had planned to be a few the ones can take because it would be very sad to see, to put a few tribes loose in the entire planet to see if they can survive, of course they can because we are going to give them everything but it would be very sad to populate Earth with a few human beings who could listen, because not all who were willing to pass had really listened to the message and practiced what we had asked.
Therefore, continue preparing yourselves that we have surprises for all those who with much love and faith continue by our side.
I believe that what is difficult in this world is realizing that it is populated by a humanity that believes they have all the rights, who believe that they can think, who believe they can demand and who believe they can even complain to the Father about their own mistakes. They make mistakes and don’t admit them, they do things that really end up affecting their lives and later they want their guardian angel to come with a magical wand and solve all their problems and then when they are full of problems, well, have a door open and allow them to exit, they are drowning in this earth.
Well, yes, this earth is not very pleasant but let’s give time a time and we have to work much still with the message. We are going to continue teaching you, we are going to be seen tireless, we are going to show ourselves upon humanity as you ask, of course, when they see the ships then yes, they will come back running – oh, we have seen that it’s true, we’ve seen they’re there, we’ve seen that we think we made a mistake and we think that we were demanding too much, we’ve seen, we want to return to listen, we want to have a place again.-
With great pleasure you will always be given a place but I think that in this occasion it has been disappointing what has happened, because very few, very few understood the truth for what we are here and very few realized that we don’t have the planet ready to take the humanity and the place ready on which you have to be calm while it comes all the chaos that is coming to earth.
There will be many cataclysms, I don’t say that we are going to stop them because man is responsible on how they have destroyed the world and only that way they can come to think or can unite or can be something that still has hope but let’s hope it doesn’t have to be as strong because we are controlling it continuously but we are going to keep working, it is a short time, very short time.
Now I do tell you, very very short the time to be seen how the planet has to align and has to be completely clean of all that which today is destroying it, all the beings of darkness have to be taken from here and as we say, with or without humans because if evil would really win over us taking many human beings who got engaged deeply in following them, we are going to say to the Father: Father, you say to respect free will, well their free will is to follow those beings of darkness and give up Father, you lost your children again, and of course he will ask us why we didn’t do something more impacting to make them react.
That is why we tell you that we are going to do something that impacts, something that makes them repent, to make them run to the churches and in a given time cry out to the Father to remember them and that they are not going to sin.
Then at least at that moment of repentance we can take away the being of darkness they have stuck on them to put them in the spheres and not take so many human beings, but if a cataclysm comes or they kill each other having a dark being, well, then triumphantly they take that soul and locked in the spheres knowing that soon we’re going to have to take them to their domains.
So, as for what you know and have learned, tell us if we can now trust that you are going to wait a little bit more to prepare and for us to give the start signal so that all of you can help the people, the people that surround you, to think.
You see that you also went through the raillery of – nothing happened and you were believing it, you can eat your chicken and you who are always listening things- It was the time to answer: I didn’t stop eating chicken for a door to open, I stopped eating chicken out of respect for life. It was the time to answer correctly.
But no, many got upset and many did it, others didn’t, well, it was a true chaos this famous 21st of December but we say: we keep moving forward and in the short time that we have left to give to the Father this planet how we managed to reconstruct it and above all things, with the humans that we could have rescued from so much ignorance with which they now exist.
So you keep going ahead and thank you for continuing thinking and having faith on our presence so that we can count on you to give this message that I know they will listen because that is something that we have proposed to do and it has to be heard in this world in which everything is contamination and death, in this world in which the ones who are not evil can laugh and say they have the right to kill for food, well imagine how we feel to see we cannot do another thing more than to give up and see that it is very few the ones who will be able to see the wonderful New Dawn that is about to come.
Because the planets are already moving and at any time now the planet gets in place and it has to be clean, then you will not even realize when you were able to pass and when you saw that many human beings disappeared because many will be disappearing; we are going to take many souls, we are going to check many of the sick ones to see if it is their time to take them and prepare them, it is an arduous task the one we have to do but it is very very short the time for you to be able to see what we've said, that is going to be wonderful the New Dawn that awaits.
- Alaniso