Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of January 18, 2013

I wish to ask all of you who so lovingly come to listen to the messages, which with all faith are waiting when the change comes, remember that we have said all that we will do, we will not allow evil to take humanity, is still clinging to humans and we cannot put in the spheres a dark being with everything and human being, then I have promised you will see a very big demonstration and we have not been able to give it but we have the date ... we will not give you another date because we have seen what you do with dates. But I do tell you, things are going to happen, that the light door is open, but pass it with the control of your emotions. Where is the control of emotions? Where is the peace of mind that you should have?

We have asked a thousand times to do an analysis of all you do with your life, not to be affected by what people say, that you be at peace in your meditation, eliminate all worries and get to hear the message so you can do astral travel, already also claimed that we talk too much of astral travel and we promised that you would pass physically, that promise is true but tell me one thing how many do you believe will passed? If you continue like this, then we will send many to the third dimension, but not you, that is final, I know you will pass because I know for example the few who keep coming, it is because are aware that we exist, that we are beings who have a commitment beyond what man can imagine, if we were human, we would also have our back in pieces.

I bear the world loaded up, we don’t sleep, no rest, we're on the lookout for all, evil is unleashed in a terrible way but you will say, when are you going to remove it? With all humans too? Many may be lost because they are killing each other but still cannot do a full cleanse because we would get too many humans to the spheres then yes we would be very cruel, it would be terrible to see as they enter with the dark beings, locked in the spheres and send them to the dark, alive? We will never do that. But we must make man listen, we said that the message will be heard worldwide, there has been, yes, some, but for example a person who was giving free messages, that should not be, definitely because people have to give something to receive, but allowing them to listen is something else, but only to listen, but they not even know who we are, why we came, who is the Father. There’s so much fanaticism in religion, that for them is all contrary because Satan is everywhere and there you have him well into all those fanaticisms, but things are worse than you can hear, the whole world is upside down, evil is giving a feast, getting through the chakras of humans and manipulating their minds, Why?

Because look how many meat eaters are and drinkers who do not want to listen, now the drug is spread in a dreadful way, because now you solve all with any drugs, to feel stronger, feel better and those drugs are making that these dark beings can take over the minds of many humans, there are beings who are deranged, are crimes that have no grade whatsoever, we are experiencing all that. Sure, when an innocent dies, when departs, we take that soul so it can find peace, but things are getting worse every day.

There are countries ... let's assume, a country that has very nice laws, a religion of respect for life that is India, they have so many nuclear warheads they could destroy the world and in every country that previously had no power, already have their warheads. So what do they expect, to destroy the world? Destroy themselves? Don’t they realize they are being manipulated by beings of darkness that want to keep this humanity, they know that with the planet will not be able to, because we are not going to let them launch their nuclear warheads, but evil, they come for human beings, they do not come for the animals, well, the planet itself they were interested to cause a mess. If the planet disintegrated, it would cause a disaster, then there couldn´t be a planets alignment, they would collide with each other and that, we also need to avoid it and is so open, so bad the planet that we are concerned about all we have to do, that is, while working be watching how humans work, we also have to be watching the havoc they've done to the planet and prevent it burst because, yes, so much nuclear test in the floor, have gotten into the earth, have gotten into the sea, everywhere, have busted the planet.

The extraction of oil, already you know it has been terrible, they have made enormous cavities and are emptying, emptying the buffer, and then it seems to be a broken ball bouncing around with many man-made disasters, and will say: "divine punishment." No, the Father is sad, Father begs us to do something that is already really very impressive but you will see, you will begin to see the ships. Just as they  have made the scandal of the end of the world, have made the scandal that all aliens are bad and that are coming to attack and those who look like angels are demons disguised as angels, have made every effort to remove trust of humanity then we have a few, if you analyze it is as you say a one percent of humanity that has the message and yet there was a confusion right now and many do not want to know anything anymore, already they wanted to escape, I understand this world makes you want to escape from it, I think it is better to think clearly.

The time is fulfilled, the previous era is already over, we already have nothing but little time to align the planet and in that short time we have to do that job, you have to give nothing but the message, it is everything and give the example, we are not asking that go on fighting, or to go on ranting that you are with us, no, the world is already full of scandalous preachers, we just want you to be aware that there will be a lot of noise and you’re going to get your recorded messages and will show them the people who are on the verge of hysteria for everything that happens, but we have to do something so impressive that naturally is going to cause a real stir, already neighbors took care of that; the northern neighboring country, they said that 2012 was the end of the world, who did that?

If you realize, we have never said that there is an end of the world, never said that Father punishes yet made ​​the fuss to cause panic and make that man could make all the mistakes he has made. There were suicides, a suicide does not allowed you to go to the light, whole groups had wanted to disappear, the bunkers were sold, the millions, now comes another problem, they will claim their money off them and they are not going to want to pay, because, already the bunkers were sold,  had already made impressive ​​purchases of canned goods and seeds, now what are they going to do with them, is everyone going to put their little shops to sell? Then this doomsday joke was armed by evil, with beings who have manipulated the media, that is the reality.

Remember that we repeat over and over again, there is no end of the world, and there aren't 3 days of darkness, then think very well how is this work, is very hard and we will ask nothing more than to be ready to give the message, because we prepare soldiers, the soldiers are supposed to discipline, but the soldier will desert before the final battle comes. - "Oh no, we don’t like it, you stay with your war and we go and hide," - as deserters, I think that's what it should not happen. Then think very well for those who reneged and are disillusioned and they are told by their relatives: "You can eat your tacos, you see, nothing happened, your meat awaits, your sirloin awaits” - and as much as you try to tell them something they do not listen, but you do not be confused.

Then do not forget that we are your teachers, we did not come of miracle workers, we are teachers, we teach, we talk to every human being; we're reaching everyone's mind.  When we have said that people who lost a loved one they had the illusion of seeing them already, is a very short waiting time when you are going to be with your loved ones, they too are sad, they are worried because they want to know whether you will understand and your homes are ready that they have prepared, but all that is to be integrated to the planet earth, do not tell me this planet right now is so precious to put already paradise here, we still have much, much work to do, but time is short, as I say, we cannot keep waiting,  Things are now and will be as we have promised, please be calm, listening, convey our message, analyze the messages that have been recorded, we didn’t say in any message to get your things and leave running, for the few who stayed to desert and us to stay seeing what we can clean on earth, would be terrible, the evacuation of beings who do not want to leave the flesh and are not evil would be very big, we are going to take all, we we'll pass them to another planet, then that is going to be very sad that we have to empty almost the planet to take them because we will not leave a single one thinking that it is lawful to kill for food.  Now those who are in evil, if we told you the amount would scare you, let’s talk about percentages, we have a quarter of humanity with goodness and the rest are all evil and all striving to take the money from others, doing illegal business, doing things they never should have done, since when a bank becomes the largest loan shark, they have become the biggest usurers seeing people in need, they lend one money then charge them fully with interest, people don´t even have to pay them with so they did not solve the problem, it increased it only. We are seeing everything that happens, please keep yourself calm, those who are in debt do not worry, we will see in what way you get the money so you can pay, that nothing is missing and that we can give you what promised. The disease is the first thing we want to disappear, but in the midst of this anguish, of this chaos,  man cannot hear that has to love, something that no human being knows how to do,  love oneself, believe in yourself and work hard with the power of your mind.
So please, as a teacher who loves you, hear us and do not let there be a mess again as there was on this occasion, because unfortunately it is also what the evil wanted, to be evil spoken of this place, to see if it falls apart, remember that evil wants to destroy all that we form then you say very sympathetically: the devil gives death throes. Yes and gave them strong so there would be no longer union, so that people would just be angry, disappointed and also began to speak everywhere that it was all a lie and that it was a farce. I think the cures are not a farce, nor is a farce the messages that have been given, they are not human so I trust you and I hope you listen to us so I trust and count on you to control your emotions, because time is short, and I'm not going to say tomorrow or next day, it is very, very short time.

Regarding as to when our Master Jesus was born, well I think that date this time we want to invite at least a few because it's hard, but the date you have is not the right one, it is not the given, is not the one you have and do not think so much that we celebrate our teacher has given so much for a humanity that does not listen and who cannot love, he gave so much, what for? To be used? To use his name? To make wars? To make real mafias also under his own name, so we told Master Jesus, "well with good intentions you came but with good intentions nothing was accomplished.” We are going to work very hard.

I know that you, that I hope come first to think, help us not to dissolve all that was a group and that can be at least balanced to prepare to give the message, but sadly that they were leaving all on day 21, it ran in a form like wildfire and we did not say that the day 21 the doors open and run away and we take care of sweeping the earth, drive all humans in to the spheres, to take humans to other planets in the third dimension and that you stay only. Imagine what a nice people that would be, you and your loved ones that are waiting, so please I tell you lovingly, maintain control, we know what we do and we are committed to the Father, trying to return to him these children he loves so much and definitely in this earth have forgotten Him.

We need the man to help man, we need your good sense, we need our soldiers to convey our message to the beings who can hear, and we are with you lovingly. It has been a very challenging labor, of many years and we want you, who are aware of the work being done, to think it's a Father who is calling you and is a Father who is pleading that doesn´t want to lose a humanity to continue to grow the forces of evil.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of Jan 11, 2013

If the human being could realize what represents to find himself with the Father, the human being wouldn’t be in the current conditions. We have done everything possible for our message to get heard and still needs to spread truly to the entire humanity and we know how. Our Father keeps insisting “I want my children, I don’t know how you’re going to do it but you take the energies of evil without my children.” Of course, we already told him to give up on that because there are going to be many that will stay or pass to evil’s dimension.
Stay in the sense that we are going to see if we can pass them to a third dimension to start over, but we cannot say “how wonderful it is to know that we are going to have a half of humanity” not yet, we don’t have much luck to tell you that a half of humanity will pass but we hope they do, why not, why not make them think over, there’s still much left, there’s still many people that are going to listen to the messages. Fortunately, the internet *(Radio Ahena) has helped much to extend it to all the places where the message cannot reach in this way.
We are going to work like never, like never would have worked a being who has really committed completely to the Father. We have seen so much pain, so much poverty, but a misery that frightens seeing them in the way they live, in the way they eat, and in the way they truly are completely depressed, naturally they don’t have a mind to think in wonderful things but there are some that do. Here in this country we have found many very poor people but they do have their little Virgin Mary and that helps also because they have faith but the message of not eating meat needs to reach them.

We still have very little time, we’re not going to give you a date anymore because this time the date was given in all the prophecies because the change of Era had to be already.  It wasn’t the end of the world which was the greatest mistake the human being has made thinking that there was going to be an end of the world when you have always been told that the Father doesn’t destroy what he creates. The Father loves all that he formed and the Father loves each and every one of his children, whoever it is, we’re all part of Him and all have his light, we all are mind and we all have to learn that He has never forgotten a single one of his children.

For this reason, those who are listening to our message, even if they laugh and make fun “you see, nothing happened,” how is it that nothing happened? The weather has changed, each time there’s more ice in those Nordic areas, on one hand there’s too much cold, on the other hand the poles keep throwing ice because it is the spin of the planet, that’s what they don’t understand, the planet is going to spin, the time will come when the pole has to be in the equator and the equator in the pole. Then all that is not going to happen in a day, but don’t think that you are going to wait until that happens for you to be able to be with us.

Naturally it will be suddenly, a brutal movement that the earth will make and all the human beings are going to start realizing they have made so many mistakes, for example, the ones who feel powerful because they have the nuclear weapons, because they have an impressing arsenal because they have all the possible gold they have collected and now, in that about the end of the world, what a way of earning money, they are very sharp to get money from people. Now that they ask for their money back because nothing happened, “no, it’s now our fault, there’s the bunker you bought it already,” and for those who bought a bunker and then spent so much money in panic buying, we’ll see what they’ll do, put many small stores to be able to sell what they collected but they will realize that there is not going to be an end, never.

This planet is going to continue its course and this planet is going to be rescued because we have the power to do it.

The Father sees everything we do and the Father talks to us continuously because we are in direct contact with him always and the Father is very worried about this humanity and very sad of seeing how many millions of beings evil has under his power. Millions that already are beings of darkness and how many more are trapped at this moment by him, many more than you imagine, all because they need to spend much money, all because they have gotten bitter, because they hate, because they have desires of vengeance. Now imagine, for example, the countries that are attacked continuously, that are being bombarded, what love can they have?

They’re naturally feeling an impressive hatred against those who arrive to invade. Oh but they search for peace, right? They are willing to do everything in order for peace to exist but they have invaded their own country, they do all harm possible and leave them in a deplorable state they can’t even eat. There aren’t enough hospitals, people die, they don’t have food and then you’re going to say “stop that already.”

All that is going to be stopped but for the moment we have to see that they don’t feel so much hatred, not to be a so strong their desire to kill, kill, kill, because when they are attacked in that way, all they can think of is killing, killing all the beings that look foreigners or among themselves if they don’t agree with their religion, if they don’t agree with their politics, in all ways is killing and destroying.

We have achieved removing many good people, but we always find so much pain that it’s hard to make man, this human being, have faith and now since the world didn’t end then now they are going to take advantage of their power  “you see, now we can continue killing, profiting, taking advantage of people,” there’s an impressive way of profiting in terms of the infamous loans, the way in which they are exploiting the necessity of people because normally if people get a loan that later the interest, well, it doesn’t make sense, it’s because they had a necessity, not because they were thinking on becoming rich with a loan, on the contrary, they end poor because they have to get ahead and they barely managed to put forward what they asked the money for.

That makes us very sad and we are taking care of seeing that that gets fixed of all those who have special needs. But I think that it’s easier to tell them to stop eating death, but all of you know they don’t want to, it’s even more sad that the doctors are saying that if people don’t eat meat they will get anemia. We have some patients that are being told off “you have to eat meat at least once a week” but, how are they going to tell them they won’t get anemia when they eat a poor innocent in putrefaction? They don’t think, the human being insists in not thinking, it’s the being of death that has dominated this planet.

I want to tell you that you are going to start knowing the wonderful place where we have everything prepared, for that reason we want you to be very calm, you have to learn, even if you protest, to make the astral trips. You have to go to sleep feeling completely at peace so that you can come out of your body and at that moment your angel, your protector, will take you to see that wonderful place. You have to be aware that you are going to start knowing everything and some very evolved, we do take them physically but they always return because they are aware that they have to help man think.

Therefore, the escape you wanted was a silly thing, we must help and naturally there isn’t going to be an escape of all your problems yet there needs to be an awareness that soon, when this planet is already reconstructed, then all can live, all can live in a paradise, not knowing poverty again, not having economic problems again, have enough food and everything we have told you is a fact, we have prepared it, it’s like we have made our perfect planet to integrate it into this planet when we clean it, there’s much left still to clean this planet but don’t forget that we have a technology that we can do it very fast.

The problem we have is precisely the humanity which is free, we cannot block their thought and they have to understand for themselves what represents to respect the life created by the Father.

So you help us, even if they laugh and mock you tell them: “why do you make fun? If the teachers weren't here, where would we had ended, eating one another the human beings, in a continuous war until ending with all hope and converting this planet in the most desolate place that could exist?”

Because we are also here to prevent a nuclear war, that’s what they don’t think, how many times we have destroyed their nuclear warheads and they continue preparing them, but we are on the lookout in all those arsenals and we’re manifesting; in the big countries great ships are being seen and they are aware that they have seen us, that they say that ‘the mothership’ no, the mothership they don’t even have an idea of their size.

A mothership covers a complete country, then they would die of panic if they see a ship over a country, those are the small ships with all the technology needed to help the planet’s reconstruction. Therefore, you will need to be calm, it doesn’t matter if they laugh, tell them: the change is a fact, the time has been fulfilled, the planet starts to spin to achieve its position within what represents the alignment of the planets and that is indeed in a very short time, but very short time; therefore, we have to hurry up so that we can help the Father recover his children because I repeat again as always: it is a Father that calls his children because in this earth his children forgot him.
Learn very well all our teachings, prepare very well because the greatest is coming, the greatest, the unusually greatest that will happen on the earth so that all the human beings can realize that our presence is a reality and that we come to help them at all times.
Don’t forget that you are in a school; don’t forget that we have told you so, we don’t come just as a guardian angel, the miracles being, no. We come to show you a path, an amazing path that you will travel, but we come to tell you that none of you are alone, don’t be afraid, speak, do what you have to do, naturally for the ones that say they got into debt because the change was coming and they were leaving, why did they get into debt if they were going to pay anyways then we are going to pass it as a fault, that you got a 2 as a grade.
Then they are going to have to learn to bring up their grades if they want to have to opportunity to continue being teachers, we want teachers not rebellious kids, we want teachers that’s why we are so demanding with all of you because we are going to give you the greatest, the most amazingly greatest you can receive.

Then yes, the future is going to be incredible in a Paradise as we have told you, with your houses, fruit trees, beautiful universities, all that is the future of this planet, cleansed of course, cleansed to the depths of its foundations, we have to give it a good clean because truthfully it is as you say, a true disgrace, and we have to fix it all, that part you won’t do it, you only have to talk with sanity, teach man to think and work their mind in that sense to think, you are teachers and are our protected.
Then I ask you to work with sanity and calmly wait for us to give you indications of what you have to do because millions of ships are going to be seen as we have said; first we are going put as if the stars start to be seen during the day and when all this movement begins and they begin investigating they are going to get scared that the extraterrestrial invasion is coming.
Remember that it is there when all of you are going to speak and with much love I tell you, we are going to give very beautiful things to all those who with love can receive at this moment a diploma to their faith, perseverance and dedication with which we are going to be able to work and I repeat again, there is very little time left for the definite change, we don’t say the time but we cannot wait longer because the planet starts aligning, all the planets are in the alignment process and all this is going to happen in a time frame relatively short in which the New Dawn that we have promised will be seen, in which you are going to find all the happiness you so much have longed to have.
- Alaniso

*Radio Ahena is the only media authorized by the Teachers for the transmission and study of the messages in order.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Message before and after the meditation of January 9, 2013.

I think that in all that we have taught, there is something deep you have to recognize, we have taught you to know the Father, we have shown what the universe is, we have said that each and every one of you are children of the Father, we ask you that you feel children of the Father and that is why in our messages, have always carried with, a knowledge that will lead you to understand the magnitude of what it means to be children of the Father, the children of the Father. Something so simple and so great that often the human being doesn't capture.

I've seen that have been told to learn to think, learn to reason, to realize that everything that has happened here is as clear as daylight, because we have given messages so authentic that nobody can say that they are not perfect. Not that I want to brag but we have a few more years of evolution, just a few million years more of evolution. What do we know, what we say, what you need to learn and what you will do in the future.

A very near future, remember that as I said before, we will never again give dates because we were saying that the only date that was agreed was on December 21, but it was the change from one time to another, simply marks the end of one era and began another era. When we have said that you would know when our teacher Jesus was born, that you were going to be with us, you all were based on the date that you know, is not the date. But to really make the miracles to be with us, you have to be aware that we want complete control of each and every one of your emotions.

Now you have protested that this is the most difficult thing to ask, how do we ask something like that, how do we want you to think you can have that perfection.
Why not? If you are all good people, people who would not hurt anyone, people who like to analyze things, people that if are here is because have realized that there is a message deep within all that we have given. So I would like to ask you to realize the importance of being united. This time there was a confusion. Yes, because when we said that the date of December 21 was the correct date of the change of era, was not meant that you would abandon the mission and all would go to paradise and leave the planet as it is. No, because we have called people who have to listen to our message, they have to learn from our message and you have to know that you are selected as special people, human beings who have to know themselves like minds who can actually think.

 We value you all as such. We have not thought that we took a silly one to see if he can grasp something. No. Not at all. We know you, we know how your mind works, we know what your wishes are and we know which more, long to live in peace. Peace does not exist on Earth, a peace that now we are going to give, but with us you will live incredible things. For this reason we have much insisted on controlling emotions and practicing your meditations with much depth, to know that you can achieve the unfolding so to speak, to astral travel you want to do so you know where you will live. That place is ready and will be the one to integrate with the Earth, but of course there is much work still on Earth.

Do not forget there is one Father, who is asking us not to lose their children, is a Father who loves them all equally and is a Father who is hoping to recover at least half of humanity. Right now we see it's still hard, but why not, we can do it, but you are going to entrust to give our message, talk to all being able to hear them. But  we have seen you try and they do not listen, others do hear them, it has become for instance a little stronger by the Internet, it has helped people from other states or other countries to listen and we have seen that there is response, but very few in proportion to what is a global population.
For this reason do not think that we are satisfied. There is still a lack, still needs much to be done and we must speak out on Earth, putting the ships, making much noise, make the man stop fearing and imagine that aliens are evil beings who come to harm and to start thinking that if there was one bad alien, they would have invaded Earth with the power they have.

Sure, we've seen some ominous stories that people of cinemas make and that is what makes them be so afraid. But that does not exist, but there is evil, evil that manipulates does exist, there is evil that makes them think that any being that comes from another place is evil, to make you forget that evil was agglomerated on Earth. Today we are ready for something big. You began in 2013 and you would say: we agree that only through 2012 teacher Alaniso, what has happened now, we move on to 2013? Yes, but time is very short and would have to think that time is measured in the infinite time of another time and in that we handle time differently, but we are in the time in which to save this humanity and this planet will be rescued of it’s own destruction.

So speak up, because I'm afraid they did not understand anything, we never told them, even that when the day 21 comes you disappear from the Earth. We never said that, we told you to be ready,  that could see the place where you'll be, would open dimensional doors, which naturally you have to know if you control your emotions, would be pretty that while meditating to leave your body, see a door, go to know that place, since we will guide you, but what we have promised will be fulfilled and hopefully will reconsider those who were angry because on the 21st  didn't leave their debts, didn't leave their conflicts, left their grudges, stayed here all that had weight that had behind and were to begin to live.

We understand perfectly well, your wish to live in peace is something that motivates everyone, your desire to not have to worry about money, not have to worry because the house is fully locked and not have to worry that you can walk on the street without any danger, not having to worry about anything, nor of arbitrary laws that usually puts the human being on this earth.

So yes, we are already working hard and you are all one army, small army, but please that these messages that we are now giving before the meditation also reach many, because they do not listen, they do not come and do not listen and do not realize all that we want to convey and involve them as the fact that we are preparing them. If you have great faith, wishing every day something happens that impacts, when least expected we will not notify you when something shocking happens, nor we're going to say: tomorrow get up at that hour and you will find that your angel is in front of you.

It will happen in a given moment, you will open your eyes and he will be in front of you, when all that happens is because you have prepared as we have asked you, making every effort to have complete control over each and every one of your emotions. Why find it difficult? Well, simply because you stopped reasoning. Why will be difficult being with someone who offends without a fight, just do not listen, leave him with his anger, separated from it and don’t let them upset you. That is the teaching that we have given.
For this reason I want for all those who were angry, to exist a time of rethinking and those who do come to listen with love, will be able to transmit to them because all who we have called it is because they had qualities and we want all who have called to return, do not believe they are all when we said that we are full, they are many more but I know that many will return when they see the ships. But for now those who believe without seeing, those who love and those who hear are going to be at a more important position within what represents this army.

Get ready because we have many things to give you and deliver much love and our energy to give you strength in this moment that we are preparing to cover you completely and fill you with light and love throughout what its your senses, your body, your soul and above all, the spirit that it is part of the Father who is in the moment seeing you with much love to give you His energy, light and above all His strength. Get ready, we are with you to give a message of hope as always.

I want you to convey them to the other people, there are many people who like to study, they like to hear the messages, there are others who are more desperate, but if we put in their mind something to help them, we can make them reflect upon and can hear our messages. We have seen that they are several people who do not live nearby, we have seen people talk from various parts of the world, so we think it's wonderful because in one way or another we have to spread our message.

It is love that motivates them and we have an obligation to make further spread the message, but there will come a time when will only talk about our message, already passed the madness and euphoria of the supposed end of the world and that the Maya were at fault, I think the Mayans are going to say, "All I" as you say. They never said that the world would end, they simply made the prophecies that we dictate to them, but is starting already the change and we are not going to tell you when but is already very close.

So watch the sky but look very well that many things are changing in the environment, the climate is as if scrambled because they no longer know if it will rain or it will not rain, it rains when it’s not freezing, suddenly the freeze ends and heat comes and it is precisely the movement that is taking the Earth and the imbalance the planet is living, then it all happens. But they do realize that the planet is experiencing many changes but naturally blessed be the Father, there will never be an end of the world because the Father created this world and this world will be a paradise again as he created it and that we take care of.

But help us conveying our message because the Father loves all his children without exception and the Father wants His children not to be lost. Let’s say that the wicked will continue to learn again in the third dimension, they stay in this dimension on a primitive planet but not lost.

Because evil not being in that world they will have to think for themselves and we will try to prevent it from filtering again, for this reason the Father is giving us more and more power but we will try to rescue this humanity that followed in the footsteps of evil continuously and we want to avoid keep running all posts of  fear, anxiety, threats, already the religion became the site of major threats "Repent sinner because the Bible says here that I ... and it will be safe the one has the Koran and other teachers who have ..." but  they do not reason, do not think, do not realize that Love is the only thing that can help and that union is strength and if they join us we can help more strongly.

So keep working and yes I warn you, is very short the wait of time, we just have to do the whole movement to rescue as much as we can from this humanity, and give accounts to the Father of what we achieved with this world that was about to be destroyed by human beings and that we're going to avoid completely.

- Alaniso
(Message received by Sarita Otero through extrasensory telepathy. 1/9/13)