Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sarita Otero. Message from Sept. 16, 2011.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Sept. 16, 2011 before and after the meditation of that day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sarita Otero: A case of Down Syndrome.

Sarita presents Cora Paz and her son Edgar with Down Syndrome who shows his progress and the beautiful experiences he has lived with the Beings of Light who accompany him, experiences that are possible thanks to his innocence and that his family learned to respect life.
Sarita Otero - Tepoztlán, Morelos, México. 2006-2008

Monday, September 26, 2011

Conference: 2012, a change toward Life.

California: Anaheim and Napa Valley.  

Date: Sunday, October 23, 2011.
Place: Courtyard Marriot Hotel.
           14635 Baldwin Park Towne Center
           Baldwin Park, Ca 91706.
Time: Starts at 10:00 am.
Cost:  $35 per person.
Contact: Rocio Robles (714) 612-0402 or (760) 605-0122

Date: Saturday, October 29, 2011.
Place:Napa Valley Marriot Hotel.
          3425 Solano Ave,
          Napa, CA 94558       
Time: Starts at 6:00pm.
Cost:  $30 per person.
Contact: Lourdes (707) 344 - 5052

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meditations Online:

Meditations Online:10PM Mexico City time. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, days 9, and last Saturday of the month.
~Important Message ~
Although the meditations are in Spanish, if you listen with much inner peace you will be able to understand them in your language. It is with the power of telepathy that this is possible; your guardian angel will help you.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sarita Otero. Parkinson's Disease Cured.

Luz Maria gives her testimony on how she was able to eliminate the Parkinson's disease by making a change in her life suggested by the Beings of Light, which is to love herself, love her surroundings, stop eating death (meat), no alcohol, and the control of emotions. By making that change, she prepared her body and mind to receive the energy of the Beings of Light who helped her recuperate her health.
Sarita Otero - Tepoztlán, Morelos, México. 2006-2008

Friday, September 9, 2011

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Sept. 2, 2011

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Sept. 2, 2011 before and after the meditation of that day.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Aug. 27, 2011 before and after the meditation.

There’s nothing that we haven’t predicted before. I told you that you have to talk with the TV stations/networks, well, not talk because no one will listen, but to send well elaborated messages. What we will do is give information, we need to accumulate information for everyone because when the movement/activity that we are now going to do is seen, then I know that all the TV stations/networks will become interested in everything we bring and everything we will give.

We are working intensely, like we have told you, it’s not easy to make a selection of the humanity, and to hear the Father ask us to recuperate His children well it worries us much. A few moments ago I was commenting that we cannot put the dark spirits inside the spheres at this moment because they would take a human being each one of them and alive, imagine if we were going to be so cruel like to put them inside the spheres with the body and send them to the darkness, many souls will go with them but not at this moment that are authentic possessions what is happening, and don’t think the possession is just that they are screaming because a spirit went in, well yes, look at the wicked if they don’t look as if possessed, proud of dominating with the gun, with threats and with the pain they cause when they commit so many crimes, but we won’t wait for too long.

Therefore, we have to do something that impresses completely so that at least by fear the start to say that they repent, of course we also need there to be much information that’s why we tell you, don’t believe that it wasn’t worth it this interview of National Geographic, write to other TV stations/networks as well, think that when the movement is heard they start searching the main contactees.

Have you noticed that the contactees that talk, talk in a very simple way, they don’t have a profound knowledge of what we bring, they don’t know very well everything that we are going to do; a Sixto Paz has a little bit more of knowledge naturally, but how many are there like him, or how many are there that can talk clearly of everything we are preparing for humanity.

Many have listened, many, well… one thing I don’t agree with is that they say they enter in a trance and an extraterrestrial enters in their body, because none of the beings that come from other worlds are in the habit of entering the bodies to talk. We all use telepathy and naturally many times they do appear or they approach human beings to ask questions or to give them information and then they disappear and enter their ships and leave a mark that they really were in contact with many human beings. But there aren’t possessions in the sense of extraterrestrials, there are possessions in the sense of the beings of darkness, there yes, and many more than you imagine.

When you see evil at what extreme it gets they always end terrorized like now that they just killed many persons as if they put many human beings in a rotisserie, naturally that those plans of evil reach extremes because they take these beings with such a possession that they even feel pleasure of all that; they are no longer owners of themselves, they are already completely dominated by beings that are now working against the Father and who also plan on leaving with the humans but like we have said before, we will not put in an alive human being in a sphere, alive in the sense that they’re still with their body and their mind in the third dimension, if they take the spirits well, in no way we can prevent it, and they will take many, let’s hope it’s not so many.

But keep insisting, talk, listen to the skeptics when they tell you, “I’m a skeptic,” well, what do you believe in? “I just don’t believe,” you don’t believe, what is to believe? To believe is to listen, and to understand something one must analyze it and one must know that naturally we are not alone in the infinite universe, we are not alone any of us, we are millions and trillions of beings who are now working with much precaution because we want to rescue this entire planet with the human beings that can be rescued.

But the war is unleashed in a terrible way, evil goes on taking ownership of men’s mind and these human beings start doing unheard-of things, but they have done it since the time of the times in which man has existed; there has always been slavery, there has always been tortures, there has always been more cruel ways of killing their fellow beings and naturally that we are going to wait for them to think and that they have consideration toward the little animal. When man has always been a being who has given to evil, but as you know not everyone, there are stories of good beings, of men and women who have devoted themselves to help, who have left wonderful written things, there are stories of all of them, but if you see how many and think how many human beings are who have inhabited this earth during all the centuries that have passed by in order to reach this time of the change.

That man thinks it’s inconceivable that something will happen? Well if they want to continue the way they are, I believe we would get the little planet and pass it to the dark side and they can stay there doing their things, naturally not with the good people but we cannot remove it from the orbit because it then would unbalance the planetary system, so we cannot allow things to remain the same as they say.

So, don’t worry, we have promised changes, we already promised very big activity, we have already promised that you will go up in the ships, we have promised that you will represent us as worthily as you have listened. We feel a great affection for you, well we translate it to a great love because it’s what we really feel for you, all the gratefulness for having listened to the message that these teachers give through a mind who prepared to love you.

Keep in mind that we are here, right now there are a few here and weren’t lazy to come and however here we are the nine, here is our Teacher, the Great Mother, and the Father willing to fill you with light, so you will get a very intense light and all our love to give it to you. But don’t forget, use the media, they’re interesting because that type of means of communication there’s today well, it can reach up to the other continent, it can reach everywhere. Then, it’s very interesting that you communicate, but always with much love, that always is shown that there aren’t any threats here, there are promises that are not false because naturally it’s being talked about life that will be given and not of death which is what now the human being is living.

Give us then this moment to offer it to the Father and let’s work together as we have done up to now that we will continue dictating because we need to have our encyclopedia complete. The moment will come in which it will different but right now we have to accumulate as much information as possible because later it will spread even if you don’t believe it, we will spread our message around the earth despite the powerful and that they want to prevent it, despite that they say that they won’t allow… for instance, talks about miraculous cures because then science would get upset. But seeing it clearly, science thinks that if there’s one miracle, it will not affect them at all since there are millions of sick people but when they see that it’s many and that we are more, then they will have to accept that we come to help this humanity in this terrible time of crisis in which they don’t even know how they can find happiness.

Prepare yourselves very well because things are coming big, very big for all those who listen to us.

Message after the meditation.

I believe you realize how important this mission is, now you understand why in many occasions we cannot say: “the planet will now be purified of all the beings of darkness and we will send all these beings directly to the place they belong,” do you know how many they would take? And do you know how terrible it would be to hear the screams of terror inside the spheres of the beings that are alive? We cannot do that. Then for that reason we have to do this task and I hope that you transmit what we are teaching and realize how difficult it is to precisely work to make man think, to make man reconsider.

You will say: these beings that are capable right now… with the last thing it happened, set fire to where there were innocent people; those are not beings who are really in their senses. No, they have a terrible possession. Perhaps by removing from them these beings they could feel a little bit of repentance and could pass to a planet in the third dimension but we will not send them in the spheres with their body and the life they have as humans, that we cannot do it.

So therefore, see how arduous our task is and with how much love we have to prepare the message, that’s why it will be prepared, the media has to come, my brother A-Viatar just talked, there will be spheres everywhere but the information has to be given now, they won’t apparently listen to you, but later they will say: “Yes I got it, I got this message and it’s from a person who got cured from a disease and who also has seen them, of the kids who have seen them.”

We must fill with knowledge, for now they will say: “there are a bunch of crazy people who are talking of this, but they are not so crazy because it’s many who are talking.”  You give the message, you talk, you make that they listen to our messages and we make sure that that moment in which we will fill the sky with spheres arrives. And many will say they are balloons but they will realize that they are not even close to being balloons.

So, let’s work with much love, we are with you when you are willing to give us the happiness of knowing that we can count with you, and you know it, the ones who are too lazy to come, at least listen to the message because I believe it is important that they should be aware of what we are transmitting.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Aug. 26, 2011 before and after the meditation of that day.