Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sarita and Betty Interview at Horizontes: What is the Control of Emotions?

Q: What are these emotions that these beings of light are interested in being controlled?

Sarita: That is one of the challenges that teacher Alaniso has put, well the teachers, because it is also of teacher ALAN.

When he started saying to leave meat and alcohol Alaniso says, you did the easiest, now comes the hard part, now comes the emotions and that is where we find it more difficult but definitely encountering that truth, we will feel different for example : what do they say it is the control of emotions?

Having control of emotions is that every being has to know himself to understand that there is nothing that he cannot do to be able to feel proud of every one of his thoughts.

If at one time a thought that crosses is of denial you will never be proud of that thought, he’ll try to cover it, lying to himself to say he had a truth, a hidden truth that is not for himself a truth. So there is no control of emotions

Controlling emotions is to learn to respect yourself as a being who thinks and respect others as beings who think and that they have to also make mistakes to learn not to judge them.

Then it takes a series of interrogatives on how to take complete control of emotions, what a human says is - but I'm not saint- but it is a being who has the obligation to be the best, because they didn’t come from nothing but emerged from a being that exists in the universe and that He gave His light to be able to be light. So every human being is a divine being with a responsibility to himself and the being that created him.

Q: Why is it so hard to control these emotions, does it has to do with free will or has to do with something else?

Betty: I think that long ago, that that teachers call darkness, duality, convinced us that we were imperfect, that we weren’t created as beings with that great ability and believed it, then there is justification for the duality and that I'm not perfect and my human condition and not accept yourself as a being that is evolving and learning, but that it is perceived that you can achieve an equilibrium, a complete balance, that is growth.

When you enter college, you go to high school or any school, you get knowledge, but there is a balance in that knowledge, there is growth, there is a perception of that knowledge, it’s how you pass. In no way, if you fail the year, you're getting the title (diploma), or will you get an A. I think it's more or less like that.

First accept who you are, there comes to look inwards, having the insight to know who you are, then by knowing who you are, where you came from and be able to follow that path toward perfection.

Q: The atmosphere, the society in which I live, we live stressed, do we confuse this with emotions, this stress actually affects the emotions or has nothing to do one thing with the other?

Sarita: Naturally it affects us because we are carried away by all the emotions, if you tell a woman who has a husband who all the time is submitting her- you have to take control of your emotions- “how not to  hate him if he doesn’t let me breathe,” well, because she doesn’t  let her own being be released and be able to breathe and talk with him, and if she fears him, it means that is a person who has a spirit too small and should grow when she recognizes herself as a being that can be bigger, then they are all excuses.

We like to have as a pretext “I am weak” and it’s not fair to say - I am weak- when there is a being who gave us the strength to exist.

They say,- I am weak-, poor thing, is that the boss assaulted me and my dad hit me is that ... there is always a guilty one and never can tell -no, it’s that I am weak- well, I'll talk with a truth, I'm going to be a person who has confidence, I am a person who can define what wants to be and I won’t be a person who feels so inferior that allows the other one to be hitting me, then there is the phrase - the brave lives until the coward wants- there's the classic phrase.

Q: What's that generates the emotions in humans at mood level, energy level and physical, and why do we associate too much the emotions to certain diseases?

Sarita: On an energy level, everything in the universe is perfect, mathematically perfect, but our body also is perfect. God did not create anything that is crooked, nor that the nervous system is all twisted, which is then very easy to blame, but precisely thoughts are what make the body become unbalanced, so in the spine there is a perfect nervous system that is much affected all the time when a person is too distressed.

I asked one day to Alaniso... Why in men is very common to have an hernia in the bottom of the spine? He says it's the bag of emotions, there comes a time when it bursts but this all comes from the mind.

So what we do is unbalance everything, then the whole body is off, as we said before, anything, or a car must be looked after, you have to love him, give him maintenance.

Proper maintenance is: first your thoughts on balance, a healthy diet, not be drinking poison, all that makes your body, that perfect body that God gave us to be working in harmony, then we could recover what we’ve lost, which are the extrasensory powers that have been lost on earth.

Betty: They are leading us where, it is very interesting to see that we prepare, not because our parents do not know, we're not going to blame that we ignore many things not taught, they never knew they had to prepare us, not just to develop at social or economic levels, but also emotional levels.

So we are not taught from childhood, then obviously they didn’t do it also, but if we had this education from the grassroots to take responsibility from an early age…, a child when he is tiny, a little boy of 2 or 3 years old knows when he works well and when he works poorly and it’s much easier to blame the mom - careful you'll fall - and bam! -

I told you that you were going to fall - then the child instead of having a healthy guide, what he does is to disclaim any responsibility on the first image. my mom is at fault that I had fallen - and we grow like that- the guilt that I’m not happy is my wife’s, the guilt that I don’t have money and don’t grow it’s my children’s- they make me angry and I want to be good but they don’t let me, the others are determined to make my life miserable and so that’s why I get sick.

When are you going to be responsible for yourself. When are you going to take control of your life, it’s true we were created to be free and we control that life, then we can put in and take from it what we want but we don’t have an education for that.

Sarita: for people it’s very difficult to understand the control of emotions, one of the first things they always ask is - and how do I love me? - if it’s something so simple, but apparently so complicated. But to love you is not letting you get hurt, love is being at peace within yourself, and also to convey that peace, that you must give to all those around you, then, how do you want to have an obedient child if all the time you're yelling at him: - you're  disobedient and useless-.

The one that shouts is because they think others cannot hear him, is a powerless that doesn’t have the power of persuasion with words and believes that with a shout they all will appease.

It is the fear of thinking that no one notices you, that don’t listen to you, for example: have you noticed that now you see young people playing loud music in the car and running? It means - see-I am-I exist- I’m someone you can see- which means that not even in his house he is noticed, and perhaps he’s treated with only screams.

Then it is a form of shouting or they go out banging precisely because they do not find that answer, there’s no need to shout, we must talk sensibly.

One of the people I admired so much was my father in law, my father in law was one that if shouted from one room to another,- can’t you go tell to the other room what you have to say- and my mother in law told me that when he was late or something, she yelled at him and when she was finish he stared at her and told her-don’t you think you are a little unfair to your Panchito- now I will explain why.

He had that ability to calm her, so if we were all like that, when the other is unloaded, leave it to finish, and so he never got sick, only got sick a month in his life the most. He caught flu that is all you catch when you're not very balanced.

I am not advocating smoking; just that it was in other times, he smoked from 13 to 78 years old and never gave him a cough. My mother in law never allowed anyone to smoke near her, and brought us all upside down- you are going to burn your money - and it was a scandal and she took care of herself and died of emphysema, the lungs dried out from distress and said it started when one of her daughters died, she had a seizure, when she bite her tongue that’s when she died, she was 14 and wanted more comfort, but never learned to forgive. Then my father in law lived in peace and had the pleasure of smoking from 13 to 78 and didn’t even had a cough, so you see that most everything is here (mind).

Q: How I can control my emotions?

Betty: If the environment is what makes us or if we are the ones who provoke the environment, it becomes a vicious circle, because the environment is the answer of what we think and then after these thoughts attack us, at some point someone said that- we live of misunderstandings - that which you say, do not take anything personal, it’s unreal to live from assumptions.

When I see that someone doesn’t answer me, in this case the ones we live as a couple we say – he’s angry, it's me, because he didn’t answer- we never thought that he feels overwhelmed, feeling bad, you have to give a chance to blow off the steam, and then - it's me, he’s got it with me and I put my fat face and start a war that no one ends.

When you say hey what’s wrong? Why are you like that? And he says. – It’s because I can’t stand you- hmm, I think it’s me, but when you don’t even know, nor have the certainty that anger is against you, why you react to something? Maybe is that he is crying out for you, you don’t need to be 14 or 16 years to want attention.

Q: Should I ask others to control their emotions or is a reflection and it’s me who should look in the mirror?

There are very practical tools. Then we talk about meditation, introspection, to control ourselves, not take anything personally, when you know yourself, you know what your weapons are, what you lack and you'll be careful, it is difficult to change oneself, but it’s triple or in more percentage to change someone.

You can spend a lifetime and not achieve it, it’s much easier for us to try to change with a conscience, from small we know that for every action there is a reaction, if we act and act in a good way benefits are coming, but on the contrary - is that everything goes wrong, is that life is mean to me, is that one after another and I do not see mine -, and I still keep on attracting more negative things.

For every negative thing you have, you have to see where’s the origin, and must see that life has a perfect balance,  mathematical, it will compensate with something positive, but I turned around to see only the negative, turn to see the benefits it has, those are steps that are practical and help you live with more control over emotions;

When you already understand that sadness brings you down more and more- I hit the bottom-, there is no bottom, you can keep going down and when you have indignation, wrath, anger, neither is there end to it, you can always go further, you can go on destroying yourself. Then let’s put a halt and change it right now, every day.  I think you have to propose each week to do a small change, we cannot do it overnight.

Now I will be patient and generous, and I’m going to be kind, tolerant, and is supposed to begin in the first week of January and by the time January ends I return to be impatient.

We have to set a goal that can be achieved easily, and that you can hold, to get to a month for example and then you go on another and you'll grow but you’ll acquire habits, we are of bad habits of thought, emotions, behavior obviously, if we change that, and we do get positive habits, perhaps the adult will take him more work, the child is easier because he hasn’t acquired those habits. But we started to acquire positive habits to transform and change us.

Sarita: To have control of the emotions you have to think 2 times what you are going to say, if you are angry with someone, there's a recipe from Alaniso:

"Go aside and write down everything you were going to say and wait till the next day and then read it and then ask what would have happened if I’d said it? And then analyze why you lost the control of emotions, whether it was worth what was going to lead with that anger.”

It is a very good recipe to avoid getting upset and in litigation with another person.