Monday, August 29, 2011

Sarita Otero: Diabetes Cured. Julio and Dr. VIcente Oliviera.

Testimony of Julio Laso on how he was cured from Diabetes by following the suggestions of the Beings of Light and receiving their energy. DR. Vicente Oliviera also gives his testimony on how Julio was able to heal. In order to receive the energy of these Beings, it is necessary to love yourself, and love your surroundings, respecting life as the Father created it. Their suggestions are: No meat, No alcohol, No drugs, and control of emotions; they call them suggestions because they respect our free will.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sarita Otero: Pancreatic Cancer Cured.

Testimony of Susana Mateos on how she won the battle against pancreatic cancer, an incurable disease, but by making the changes suggested by the Beings of Light which is not to consume death - no meat, no alcohol, no drugs and the control of emotions, she opened up to receive the energy of these Beings to regenerate that affected organ.
Tepoztlan, Morelos. Mexico (2006-2008)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Message from Aug. 12, 2011. Teacher Alaniso.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Aug. 12, 2011 before and after the meditation of that day.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Message from Aug. 9, 2011.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on August 9, 2011, before and after the meditation for that day. By: Sarita Otero. Tepoztlan, Morelos. Mexico.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Teacher Alaniso's message given before the meditation of July 29, 2011.

When a man is said to have all his faculties that he can actually use to work, to give his family the best, to dream if he wants to dream, when a man says that is in a total and absolute perfect balance, usually after it he says: that's what I want to be.

We want everyone who will listen to us to be always thinking how wonderful it is the prize we'll give, if any doubter, look what has happened, put two followed meditations and if it is human then it means this was a hoax. You will receive the grand prize beyond than what could be the lottery, because that would buy many things but not peace or tranquility, or dreams, or travels as the ones you will do with us. Here you can barely travel just how expensive it is everything and with us is not going to cost, we are going to carry you all around especially to our planets to know them.

When will it be?

Look I want you to understand very well all that we are doing is a very dangerous mission, dangerous in the sense that we do not want you to get panic attacks, and there they say that if fanatics, that if is another religion but will not go any further, but of course when they realize we're really talking about the great industries of power that are selling meat, selling very expensive medications and above all things alcohol.

Tell me who does not have at home a wine cellar and also boasts that you want something finer and bottles of champagne although later your head hurts but it is a way to show off, the money they spend on something that is a real poison. They have placed a rat in the cigarette packs, they should also put them on bottles because it really is in every way more poison the act of drinking alcohol.

Our message will now be open to the entire world, why? Because if not the Father is who will pull our ears if we give Him a few, "look Father, they understood the world is not empty and now we can distribute them if you want, we take some to Europe, others we can put in the Americas others take them to South America," but dispersed families. I think the father would say, "Well, I gave you power, gave you carte blanche as you say, just do what you have to do, so I can retrieve my children," He does not forgive us to tell Him that He loses many of His children.

For example when speaking of the slaughter of animals, poor animals and poor humans that became cruel murderers they really are evil because they also enjoy what they do. What these humans do not know is that if they leave without having repented of having made ​​a change in their mind and that we can pass them to a planet in third dimension then they would go to the darkness.

These beings are also sadists and enjoy each time the new enter the prison they do to them what they did in life, whether to humans or animals to feel what they did and to tell them -This is evil; now you will live as evil, hate us, hate us to be strong so you can go to the world to do harm-. Well for that we are ready to avoid that. There are enough bad guys on earth, and the dark beings have spread across the globe at an alarming rate.

When people are participating in any kind of killing, they don’t even see the being that glued to them to absorb their energy and then they have it as a shadow because it is what they are feeding, like having their personal vampire, who is working at all times to take our Father’s children. So you think we're going to sit by? We have enough, already here in Mexico, a few in Cuernavaca, Cuautla, Puebla, Michoacán. We are pleased to see how many have responded to our message and also in California, but how many?

They also can be counted with the fingers, they are few for the Father to be proud of what we are doing, then we have to put all of you to work. You're going to be those who will receive an appointment, who will be stronger than anyone but in order to give you the power we want to give, so you can work, I need you to understand what having the power of love is, I need you to understand that you can’t lose control of your emotions.

A person who has the power of mind and gets upset with another can be very damaging and it’s not to harm the beings they may face in trying to help, a shout of anger in this way can even kill a human being. Then you have to understand why we are so demanding, why we want to give you the biggest, we want to deliver a force that has not existed here on earth, we want you to represent us but not with pride,-I’m super man, I look at you and dominate you or I reached out and made ​​fire-, nothing like that, but to be people that with much love help other human beings feel the wellness in their body, to be all those that can help in diseases.

How many sick are in the world? Much more than the healthy, and the healthy are now what we count, they are like the little people who can still say: I think I just have a headache or stomach ache-but actually it has grown so much the disease in the world.

But how many do we have to talk to man?

We really have called several thousands, here in this place have come thousands, many healed and returned to eating meat, they forgot what we ask. Many others say-I have no time, and are not aware of what is really happening and many others which are few have been on the lookout for what is happening and have felt that love that could feel so great when we cured them from an incurable disease. But anyway, from the thousands we have brought here, we still say that there aren’t so many, with 100 we can do a little more noise than man could have imagined.

 We have a track of how many are going to be able to talk of us with evidence, it will be beautiful, without showing off- show me, where does it hurt, I'll take away this pain- you put your hand and for them to feel also the presence of their angel, but to be for yourselves also to relieve pain and can help them feel the joy of life and can help them to think, that will be difficult. To teach man to think it takes a bit more work, a lot more work, but that’s how we would like to see you, helping other human beings.

 But nothing that I’ll put my office and see what Teacher says how much do I charge - because it will finish healing one at a time, it will be done in groups but that someone says - I have a tumor here- they will be allowed to come and tell them with much love, “close your eyes” and you put your hand and the tumor can go away but you have to teach that person to love himself. Then you cannot heal what cannot receive the human being, then you have to be teachers, real teachers, we are preparing you for a unique doctorate.

All that are already too lazy to come, well they can stay in their homes, they'll have a little extra classes, and they will have to catch up but those who are aware of what we ask, are the ones that we have rated as the most important in our mission. Yes definitely we know when someone cannot come, let’s suppose the Priego family lives a little farther and there’re more setbacks, but they would be here every Friday but they are getting informed and buying the messages and working.

Families who are in U. S. are asking for the messages are asking everything to be up to date but cannot come, you are going to say, but with the ship we can bring them all... In one moment we will do outrageous things, but remember that very carefully because we do not want you to be attacked, we avoid you being harmed but it’s not about declaring war on man it’s about talking of everything with moderation, with cordiality, with evidence.

 Remember there are going to be many who say they are contacted, always ask them - you eat meat? - If say yes, forget it,-no, but I traveled, I went to Saturn and I went to the Pleiades and saw beings - who cannot even describe them -I saw a blonde, - but say - why can I not eat meat?-  it would be illogical, all living beings on other worlds talk about respect for life, is the first thing we have to teach, because then in a contaminated body cannot enter the energy and in a contaminated body there can be no health, a polluted body cannot have a thorough understanding that we give them and naturally, to take them elsewhere to other dimensions your bodies must be very healthy, very balanced, that there’s  no bitterness,  no anguish, no such “I cannot”  and over all things, for the love of the Father, forgive your own mistakes.

That is something you carry a lot - why did I do it, why did I not understand, why did I accept? Why it hurts me that he has hurt me or that she hurt me? Why? Why did I open them the doors? Do not let in your mind mistakes that could be said, I'm going to hurt myself, remember that the most common diseases ... cancer, well, definitely we know why they get sick, is also a deep grudge against others and against themselves, ah but why the child?

Because the child was infected from the womb and was then infected by the environment in which he develops and then also saturated with harmful foods that’s what gets a child sick. But we speak of another disease that occurs in children, diabetes. How does a child have an altered pancreas? -Oh is hereditary, hey you had a distant uncle that had diabetes, then you inherited it-. No, what is inherited are the bad habits and the way of speaking and thinking that have many human beings, but it is a disease that seems worse than an epidemic of a harmful cold but that is incurable and that also depresses.

Depression is a completely progressive disease, deadly and contagious, so for that there should be vaccines: vaccines of love, hope vaccines, vaccines to remove the folly of thinking that a human is ill because they forgot about him, because he got infected, or because they inherited it. A human being doesn’t get sick because he had a dad who was ill, of course he conveyed his distress, he conveyed the bitterness, he conveyed the bad habits in his diet, and then it is hereditary.

But you must understand that you have to guide people but with much love, very calmly, with tranquil words and not to be seen like you are floating -Because I'm in the greatest spirituality-, not that because that's feeling superior, you are normal people full of love that will help us convey our message.

So to keep preparing that we don’t warn but it’s coming strong, it’s strong the moment when you will be working all without exception, there are groups who meet to meditate because they cannot come, this happens a lot in Michoacán and little in the U.S.  Although independently they are listening to their messages but we are already seeing the enthusiasm to convey the message. So I tell them already they will start to see the ships more palpably, but want to give them.

So you’re going to get a checkup of consciousness: I stay happy, yeah, well, I got angry because they told me...., Yes, I am happy because I took it off, I keep all my emotions in control, well, suddenly they do make me a little angry, -but Teacher Alaniso there are some people that make you feel like giving them a kick first and then smile to them.-

So I keep me healthy because I believe in myself, in my body, I believe in my strength, I believe in something important, I am a daughter of the Creator or Creator's son, are you not children of the Creator? From where did they come out, of nowhere?

How do you think a boom created everything in the universe? Well, that’s a smart boom because then he sent sparks that formed a perfect body and some animals that are perfect as well and a perfect balance of nature, what a boom! Why not think that there must have been a creator beyond what man can know that full of love keeps loving all the beings he created.

So please control your emotions, I already explained why, so you don’t ask me: when we are going to see teacher? I already want to see, I already want to go to another dimension, I already want to get on the ships, I already want to help everyone.  Yes, we're going to trust you all that but please keep doing your analysis, in the evening you can point in the notebook, I was angry or not angry, I worried or not worried, if I keep a grudge, if I forgave myself for my mistakes because that is something that all carry, feelings of guilt for not having noticed because they allowed to get hurt. Then you know if you mark it, but above all now the time is short, we will not be waiting for one of these days so we can have our little army that will give our message of hope to this much needed humanity.

Let's start with much love the meditation, be calm, here is the Light of the Father, the Teachers, is Teacher Jesus and the Great Mother is present, so receive them and welcome the Great Energies with much love, making a promise that you will have the control of your emotions to get what was promised.

 (Message after the meditation)

At this moment for you has to be of reflection, we do not ask anything you cannot do, we don’t demand anything you can’t perform but if you will be an example, if you’re going to show yourselves to the world as our students, humbly, you must have peace first, have a peaceful look in your eyes, an excellent health and an infinite desire to help the Father to recover His children.

So for this today my brother Alan insisted, we are not asking for anything you can’t do, you are only asked the complete control of each and every one of your emotions amid the chaos of this world that we do understand, there we do test you because really it’s a world that is only pain, war, massacres, disease, what more can we add ... all the pain that may exist and has acquired the human being.

And still some because they have a lot of gold, erect themselves as judge of those who do not have it, and still some because they feel that somehow they supposedly studied and have a sophisticated way of thinking are those who are superior, no one is superior to anyone, it only has to be taught to every human being to create life for themselves, to believe in themselves and convey the peace, but with a smile.

That there’s a little defect that you have out there still with a disease-it hurts here, or whatever, and my leg is bad ... – let us fix it, in that we help you in whatever is, we are willing to do it, but please do not doubt that you can be a clean image of our presence, because we trust you to represent us and at all times to be the soldiers who will be victors in this war against evil, -we are very weak to overcome them- well, we will not make you to deal with them but do make man to repudiate everything  that represents evil and we sadly grab them and take them to their domains.

 But help us, be firmly representatives of this teacher who so lovingly called you and always has been trying to guide you as it should be guided a being who can actually think, so we consider you to be beings who think, who reason, who love and are willing to work for this difficult task we have set ourselves and that the Father has asked us to make.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Do you really believe that from outer space come the bad ones? Aliestro.

Do you really believe that from outer space come the bad ones?
Meditation from Teacher Aliestro. April 30, 2010.
By: Sarita Otero. Tepoztlán, Morelos. México.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on July 30, 2011 prior to giving the meditation for that day.

Now they are asking and asking and wishing that the Father listens to them, what’s wrong with the human being when they believe that the Father doesn’t listen? He has blocked himself, has done the opposite to find his happiness and later he wants the Father to descend and fix all his problems he created.  But anyway the loving Father, the Father full of light and peace sends us to help you solve your problems.

We have a very serious commitment with the Father to return to Him his children, His children, all of them, how many millions are there on Earth? He would like everyone, but even if we tell him that we cannot return all of His children, He says: “you can do something impressive because the dark beings cannot defeat you.” He gave us so much power that the being of darkness, even if he wanted to, he cannot defeat us, the only thing he takes advantage of is the free will we cannot take way, and he takes advantage that he has taken man and let’s not say that by surprise because every human being knows when they do good or bad, they know if they are doing right or wrong but many times they enjoy doing bad things, for example, at this moment there’s much violence.

Why so much violence? Because the human being decided that if he couldn’t be a millionaire doing it the right way then he was going to be a millionaire by any means, so turmoil started, all that which represents complete inconformity started, there are many excuses to become a being that can turn upside down the balance of any society.

How many human beings are now full of pain, full of fears, full of anguish, many more than you imagine because even the beings who are working against themselves leading the violence, are full of pain, full of anguish and with a terrible fear of getting killed, and many times it happens, many times they destroy themselves among them, but when the Father listens that His children are leaving, He counts them and asks us…

Have you seen how many the being of darkness took, have you seen how many have gotten lost, have you listened to the lament of my children from around the world, have you listened how confused my children are? Why haven’t you done something that’s really impressing? We already told Him: “Lord, we first needed to prepare the message, if we put ships, descend from the ships, they start seeing us everywhere, and not a single word do they listen, everything would be screams, everything would be news, everything would be fears, everything would be complete confusion.”

That’s the reason we have dedicated to prepare the message, on selecting the people that really know how to love, we have been able to prepare a manifestation that I know man will acknowledge, many cures that are non-human, many human beings who changed their way of thinking, and many others who determined that we were right - they shouldn’t kill the animals and eat them. When we have spoken with persons who really think, we feel proud when they accept us, completely and absolutely, they understand it almost blindly, many times with the desire of obtaining the cure for their body and then later they start analyzing what we ask and they realize we are right in all respects.

But we also have found out that we have selected some that did have qualities, people that don’t kill their fellow beings, that don’t exploit the innocence of others to take away what they have, however, they find it ridiculous to stop eating the animals, that is very painful for us but that’s why we already have to do what the Father asks us.

Now it’s the time, there’s very little time for our message to be heard and the Father won’t ask us for all the children He’s losing; He has made us responsible for this change in which He wants to see His children in a paradise; He has made us responsible that in this change for at least those who have fallen into evil to end in a planet that we later will watch over but not to be taken by the being of darkness.

His army is already very big, much bigger than what you imagine, and it grows and grows his army because every time the wicked kill themselves they are easy prey of these beings that imprison them, they make them slaves and once in there, once they realize that the things they did weren’t right, but he always offers them power so they accept being power; they even accept to deride because they will be able to be beings who can have an empire. I don’t know what empire evil wanted; he only has his small galaxy which doesn’t have many trillions of planets like the galaxies that are with the love of the Father have, but he does have a good number of planets that stayed with the dark where he distributes his prisoners and where he feels an absolute king, oh yes because he sits on a throne which he says he has earned because he became powerful.

Therefore, we will have to do something that really shakes humankind. Everyone who have listened and that feel that we are elongating the wait, imagine, we ourselves get impatient because we already have to start and the Father tells us again that we haven’t complied with what He asked of bringing back His children.

Angels they call us and they call us guardian angels, yes but guardians of what? Not just to say that we have to be behind a human being serving him day and night, but why? We don’t come to serve, we come to protect and we come to teach and we come to transform your mind into a mind that can really think. Therefore, everyone who has become desperate, have to listen to the messages, they have a sequence, we had to have the message ready, and the message had to be spread around the world. How are we going to do it so that people who don’t know Spanish can understand it? We are going to put it in a way they can understand, but also naturally there will be who can automatically translate what they are hearing because there are people, well yes, intelligent but many other things we’ll have to do so that they can see that we are not playing, that nothing will happen in 2012.

Be happy then, be very happy because a time has been fulfilled and it ends with evil’s time, and starts the time of Love on Earth. But remember if your loved ones don’t listen because they say that you’re crazy, that how can you believe they’ll stop eating meat, I believe if they would think a little they wouldn’t say much nonsense, eat death. Therefore, when we see that there are people who are making very good videos, putting what’s a slaughterhouse, but we will make that it really spreads with all its power this that now we need for them to listen to… why and by what right can you say that the little animal will be a being that will serve as food and that you could see it tortured.

When we see that pain, we feel the need to already work intensely, therefore, we added another day of the month for messages, and many came who believed that at the time the last Saturday arrived, their third eye would be opened. Well, we don’t want to terrify you, if your third eye opens at once, you’ll see the things you’ll observe on earth and would be shocked and would want to hide under the bed and not even there would you be safe. Therefore, you need to know that we know what we are doing, we had called you to open your third eye, yes, but just to see what you needed to see, nothing more, so that our message assimilates in your mind.

Our message has to be in your mind so that you can transmit it, many times you say: “yes, well, I remember more or less everything the teacher said, more or less I have an idea of what the teacher said, well, he said that we should be good and said not to get depressed and said not to eat death and said many very interesting things, that millions of ships are coming and that the spheres will descend and said, and said, well… it’s better if I put the CD.” That’s why we have recorded them otherwise you weren’t going to repeat our words.

But remember that everything you hear with much love when you do your meditation, even if you fall asleep, we’re already making that it gets recorded in your brain, we are making that your mind gets impregnated with all the knowledge. A moment will come in which you will receive the light and you will remember everything you have listened, you will also be able to remember the astral trips you are doing and that also don’t remember how we are teaching you; you will prepare like authentic soldiers who will help the Father recuperate His children, because the same way that He tells us, He will tell you: “then, why did you prepare, why did you do so many meditations if it caused you distress to be told that you are crazy?” Well yes, crazy of love, crazy of hope, crazy of wishing to live.

Therefore, I want to ask you that if we are in the limit of time to not waste your time seeing what day you can listen to the messages. Listen daily when you are in your car, put the message, study, you’re our students. So please, the ones who have accepted, who have listened, and who don’t come with the interest that the teacher will appear and will get on a ship, no. I’m saying that it’s something very serious, it’s complying with the Father what the Father asks. He asks to recuperate His children, asks to help Him end with the diseases, teach them to love and respect life…, that the doctors say they have to eat animal protein, talk to the doctors very seriously, to think how mistaken they are in thinking that a body needs something that’s rotting.

For the love of the Father, prepare, that now things do need to get started because it’s a Father who’s protesting that we can’t return His children to Him; you should listen to Him, don’t think angry, sad which is what’s painful to us, sad; someone so great, so beautifully strong who could create a universe and with sadness. Therefore, think in Him with the love with which He created us with that love you have to be beings who have to give a message and I don’t accept diseases anymore in any of you because you are being prepared to show man what you can achieve with the teachings that with so much love we have given you, any illness that you could have, at the moment you are relaxed and receive us with love, we can eliminate everything from your body.

So let’s work because definitely it’s a Father whom we owe the life and to this Father we owe that He could have the joy of being able to recuperate His children He loves so much and as I’ve always said that in this earth they have forgotten him.

Let’s give the Father the joy of knowing that you will learn to love yourselves, I want you to understand with all clarity that who loves himself never has a thought of denial and if you now understand fortunately the knowledge that we can fix all your problems, leave them to us, just sit down and relax, leave them to us, your only mission is to have thoughts of love. We know that you have economic problems because the entire world is collapsing economically because man not even that has been able to keep in a balance in which there can exist something that can really give humanity a little bit of peace in that sense of money.

But we are planning things that will impress much; we don’t like it anymore to see so much poverty or much anguish, many usurers who are keeping what’s not theirs. The people that lead the banks don’t know that we are watching them, all the lenders and in one way or another don’t know that we are ready to put order in all respects.

Therefore, don’t get distressed, live the day, pay your bills, buy what you need to buy, and if you have a credit card, well, use it, not saying: “anyways, the teachers will end with all this so I will not have any debt,” -No, also in moderation so that you don’t have many problems or anguish, but we will make sure that you have what you need, but for the love of the Father, there cannot be a disease in a body that loves himself, there cannot be a disease in a balanced body.

I believe that at least you have achieved enough strength within yourselves but when you see a person that is being consumed in pain, that doesn’t have hope to be able to be healthy and that the doctor tells him: “you have an incurable disease,” and is completely defeated then it’s when you have to talk to them and make them think in a different way, to know that we’re here to look after them, to love them, to heal their bodies, but with the help of their minds. Then, don’t forget, at this moment it’s many the diseases, it’s sad to see how has man fallen.

How many diseases are there? Well, the ones you know it’s already quite numerous and the ones you don’t know also because there are other type of diseases that have been developed because they have created a virus that’s attacking the human being, and viruses created by man himself. Then you have to be conscious that if you are in balance, with love we protect you; it’s a real shell what we form around you so that nothing can harm you but we cannot fight against your thoughts, your thoughts have to be of love, positive at all times and we take care of giving you the strength to be able to transmit our message.

You have just listened to the Father, and He doesn’t want to wait anymore and neither do we otherwise, as you say they will win the race to be able to say: Father, I believe we can still recuperate some human beings- we will impress, we will do big manifestations, we will make in way or another our presence, but not to say: “I saw a being and he saluted me, and took me to a planet,” no, I have a teacher who had the greatness and the love to teach me to love and you can repeat what you have learned and what you cannot repeat, it’s already recorded.

Then, if you are doing your meditations, we are working so that it gets recorded in your mind, everything that you are learning; therefore, there cannot pass a single day without meditating, if you go to sleep a 1 in the morning, put a message, fall asleep but we make that that message you selected penetrates in your mind and give you the happiness of knowing that you can really see.

Why are kids seeing us? Because a kid still believes in dreams, because a kid talks with a wonderful innocence, because a kid is happy with a doll, we don’t like it much that you make them happy with a sword because they don’t know what really a sword is that only protects, but the kid plays, the kid laughs when is not attacked, but if he has parents who hit him then he will not laugh much, but the kid that we see that is seen with love, that kid with all his love is seeing us.

Then we want you to be our children with which we can start conversations and we could guide you because you are our representatives and we want to be proud of each and every one of your acts, don’t forget it’s the time, it’s not about one of these days or perhaps tomorrow, we have enough messages to be able to transmit and we already have to bring… yes, we will bring a person with love and certain power to push everything relating to the message but then we will have many media become interested and we will uncover this beautiful place where we have had our most valuable treasure which is the fact that you have listened to us and that our message was formed with much love.

Don’t get distressed, it’s the time; the time has been fulfilled for today not for a tomorrow or to see when, be calm that is already the wonderful time to be able to know that it was worth it to have had faith and having come to listen to this teacher that with so much love speaks to you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sarita Otero Interview at Horizontes: How this experience with the Beings of Light started.

Sarita Otero Interview at Horizontes: How this experience with the Beings of Light started.

Q: How did this experience with the Beings of Light started?

It has been a strong preparation what they have given, first they call you and you don’t notice it. They want their messages to be heard because they talk of God as a Father, and the dream of the Father is for His children to return to Him and that we remember that He created us as Life, that He didn’t create us as death, but that we determine if we want to be in Life or Death.

What we have learned is that we say yes to them, “I’m in” as I said to them one day, “ok, I’m in,” and then it was when I least realized it, they started bringing people, they started calling, later they tell me: “don’t call anyone, we will bring who needs to come,” I’ve been interviewed in other TV stations but he told me: “don’t call anyone, they will come.”

What’s interesting is that you see yourself in something that you don’t know how it happened. I always said ever since I started talking with them: as long as it’s good I’ll continue, if something weird comes up then I’ll stop. Because we do define very well what’s good and what’s evil, and during 20 years everything was good then these 13 years everything has been only good just that more impressive; because when the cures started, anyone would say that this became a mystic place or miracle cures and it’s not that way; people need to understand that the call is for knowledge, to receive them, whoever wants to love himself, whoever wants to change, whoever wants to receive, and the family, they don’t call a sick person, they call the family and if the family doesn’t want to, don’t worry.

He prepared me to be the one to give the automatic message, when he wants to say something, right now he intervenes in what I say, he guides me and since everything is important, they don’t show up easily, but it’s facts that’s the most important. Like Alaniso tells me: “what good is it that we put a big ship, the entire world would come, all the TV stations, they descend and forget it, between angels and powerful extraterrestrials or angels that come to announce the end of the world, nothing gets accomplished.” Then, they are preparing the ground and with facts.

Several thousands of people have passed through here, many not even said bye and I know they are cured, just like what happens with the doctor: I’m cured, why visit. But many are very grateful and they keep on visiting me but mostly learning about the message and complying with what they ask us. From one cure, comes another person but that other one believes that when they arrive the cosmic ray will come down and he will go out screaming “miracle, miracle” and it’s not that way. The first time they feel a change but they start, if they go on complying with what’s asked they start feeling the changes, if they are demanding to be given, there’s no change, they have to change from within.

They will be received as something very big so I start inviting people that really are getting into the message and that keep coming and who are willing to work so that many can listen, because they say that when they tell people they respond with: “you’re crazy, I don’t believe in those things,” they don’t even know what they are talking about, but since there are so many quacks who are not healers because they have called me charlatan, so many sects, religions, then “in what religion you got into” none, it’s just knowledge. You can belong to any religion, whichever one fills your interior, if you’re catholic, if you’re Christian, if you’re what you felt that filled you, if you are Buddhist it’s a very beautiful religion, whichever one, each one fills their necessities, but we must analyze what we believe in, and for it to be good.

We all are children of God, now, when they go on describing how the Universe is in the DC’s, different planes, for instance, they tell us that they come from the 21st dimension. We don’t even have an idea of what that is; we are in the 3rd dimension, and at the 11th it’s evolution – they are at the 21st… then we’re talking way ahead. We want a small leap to the next dimension they are announcing; right now they want to pass us. In the Mayan prophecies, the 5 eras have passed, that time is fulfilled just that, a time is fulfilled, nothing of divine punishment or anything like that.

Q: What do these Beings of Light suggest to face this change that’s so hard and that this end of the millennium generates much fear?

In the first place, to open up to listen because their messages, all of them transport you to a knowledge toward the Father because we are all children of God, to change; Alaniso gives some very beautiful phrases that say: it’s not hard to unify as brothers. Alaniso used to say: “one day the entire humanity will love each other,” they just ask one day and they close the dimensional door we opened to evil and they would transport us all, they even give us that opportunity. But we are not going to pass with the idea of –today I was good, tomorrow I’ll continue doing the same- no, right? Because we are not going to create a game, but to listen to it, because this is not something to get fanatical about, nor we are going to change anyone of religion, or anything; their message is very clear.

I hope people can believe that the only thing we are trying to do is to give a message that’s impressively beautiful that our older siblings bring. People demand that they appear, it’s not possible at this moment, but it’s possible. Now what I want is to hopefully continue talking, telling you, get you out of your doubts and that we all unify so that this Planet now changes. I believe it’s time that we think in the children, in our kids, and stop covering the ears and the eyes and –I don’t want to see- I don’t want to know because I cannot do anything- because we are all a mesh of a big chain that can enfold the Earth and be able to make a change.