Friday, July 29, 2011

Sarita Otero Interview. Horizontes TV Show: The World of Dreams and Astral Travel.

The World of Dreams and Astral Travel.

Q: Do you have dreams in all respects?

Sarita: One thing is the dreams as goals that want to be achieved, which also help much, and another thing is the dreams when you go to sleep. Many times when you feel a very vivid dream, very clear, when one says: “I lived this,” that’s an astral trip.

When everything is mixed up, what happens is that we have a revolution in our head, that was just a dream. There are people who have pre-cognitive dreams, I believe they have certain faculties and their angel helps them so that they can warn about it, but the only thing that happens is that is not that they cannot warn but it is the people who don’t believe them, they call them crazy, when what they should do is listen to it as a warning.

Q: Dreams and Astral Trips could be in a way the same thing or is there a difference?

Sarita: It’s in that direction, it’s traveling to the future. There’s travel to other dimensions. Like Alaniso says dimensions can take you to the future and the past, and it’s not that your future is traced to a point where you cannot change it, but you can fix it, and break it. Then, many times they show you what you can fix from your near future, that’s the difference.

Q: Dreams, Astral Travel, and Death are in the same place, do they develop in the same frequency?

Alaniso: What represents being able to have a dream, in which you can have an astral trip? Represents that you have the ability to free your spirit from your body, but when you do it consciously understanding that you can leave the body, then you enter immediately into another dimension and in that dimension you can find either your loved ones that have departed or situations you would like to fix. Now, the other dream also exists. Well, I don’t like the word death because death represents to enter within the dimensions of evil. Then, it’s the change, the person that will depart, if prepared adequately, if helped to enter into a state of peace even if he had an incurable disease, even if he had suffered much, he has to enter in peace with himself, make peace with all the people he had hold grudges, and in that way that wonderful astral trip he will experience is incredible. But if that person clings to matter or clings to the idea that the house he has is his or clings to money that sometimes they hide, then they come out of the body and they stayed there and they can’t hear nothing or anyone, many times they don’t realize they have left the body.

Q: Is it a matter of Consciousness, but it’s the same scenario?

The consciousness is where the force of the dimensions is. Then, why be in a way in which you cannot have inner peace, if that takes you to not be happy or to keep you in astral planes which are not precisely very pleasant, they do exist because it’s the astral planes man has created in this planet and the lower astral does exist because it’s the astral of pride, of power, of the desire of being beings that work against the Father of much love. So what we can normally tell you is that an astral trip when you do it with us is incredible.

If you go to sleep being at peace with yourselves, if you achieve that relaxation, your angel will take your hand and you can know the moon, the stars, you can know amazing things, you could see a loved one, see that they’re in peace naturally, you can do thousands of things, but you must be at peace with yourselves to be able to achieve that. But dream and astral trip is almost the same thing, because it is to enter in a moment, in a trance in which the spirit is liberated when the person falls asleep; the spirit can come out liberated and can do all the trips desired. That’s why you must go to sleep at peace to make a pleasant astral trip and not where you can say: “I had a nightmare.” It must be done that way.

Q: Can dreams be controlled?

Alaniso: Definitely yes, it can be done, but you must go to sleep calmed, first be in a state of consciousness in which you can say: I forgive myself, I forgive you, I comprehend you, I comprehend myself and put a dream and go to sleep that way.

Now, we give you a better method, put one of the messages where we put a beautiful trip toward the universe and you’ll see how we remove bad thoughts with all calmness and we’ll take you to know the wonderful Infinite we inhabit, that’s an option to remove bad thoughts, because then you go to sleep and well, seems like you throw yourselves garlics and onions and little frogs come out and weird things come out from that mind. Then, we help you to enter at peace with yourself and be able to enter in a level in in which you can be with the being that accompanies you and loves you so much as is your angel.

Q: What happens with the body when we are in an astral trip?

Sarita: When an astral trip is made; we have lived it, for instance, if a person gets disconnected… it has happened while curing, you see in their face some sort of peace, a profound dream; we shouldn’t move them because if you move them, that silver cord pulls and the spirit enters the body rapidly and then they start getting tachycardia, it feels horrible. 

Then I tell them, when you see that a person falls asleep during a meditation, don’t move them, because it’s a return that can even give them a heart attack. That’s why we must be very careful. Normally when you go to sleep, well it’s not as much, it depends, and that’s why when people are profoundly asleep it’s a very negative effect if they are scared.

That’s why they give us many recommendations, because in their messages, they use a tone of voice that transmits much peace, as does the music, once again, one goes and makes a trip. Insomnia doesn’t exist with their messages, one goes to sleep with one of their messages and at about half ways… everyone tells me: “I fell asleep.” That’s what all is about, to rest, but to learn them one does have to be awake and hear it because they have that ability to put you to sleep.

Q: What happens during a hypnotic regression, is it the same place we go when we go back in this hypnosis and the world of dreams? Is it like an astral trip or are completely different things?

Alaniso: A regression represents that you enter in a moment in which you lived something, it could be good or unpleasant, but it’s not that you go back to the past, in matters of the physical, I’m mean, it’s as if you enter in astral into another dimension, but you do penetrate in your past mentally and normally there are recorded things which are the most traumatic.

Therefore we don’t recommend to be doing that type of regressions because almost always exist terrible moments in other lives or the departing was very traumatic or could have killed someone or gotten killed or lost a loved one; normally it is few the good memories-dreams, memories that remain when a regression is done.

Q: Then in an astral trip we can access, or consult what is known as the Akashic Records?

Alaniso: Yes, but it must be done calmed to enter in pleasant moments of the past, to be able to perfectly know well which was your life, it can be done, but see it in this way, it’s not that you’re learning to enter in the dimension of the past.

The dimension of the past is the thought of the past in which you can penetrate to be able to remember everything you lived. It can be done, but you must learn to be in a complete balance and at peace and enter in that past to be able to know it. But you must be careful, like I told you before; it depends in your past. Therefore, we don’t like much you having too much memory, but it can be done, if you decide to with all the love with which you want to know your past lives. 

Q: Then what’s Time?

Alaniso: The time is an inexorable time within what represents a change. It changes at all times to be able to reach toward the light as much as also sadly toward the contrary depths, but the time in time, is an infinite time that I would like to teach you some day because if I tell you about time, you will end up a little confused.

Q: Can these astral trips become in cosmic consciousness?

One exists and it is to live in an infinite time of the space of a time, meaning, everything that surrounds you can be known, you can travel to any place, you can reach the most distant star; they’re dimensional tunnels. You can live authentically within what’s called Astral Travel, which is a wonderful dream in which man can say –I’ve found myself. Then, why not practice it and you’ll see that’s very beautiful to travel toward elevated dimensions, not to dimensions where there’s hatred, rancor, anguish, destruction.

Q: What are those recommendations they give us in order to do an Astral Trip safely?

Alaniso:  An advice: start working in the fact of finding your inner peace: remove grudges, remove depressions, never say anymore “I can’t,” never say anymore “they did things to me,” well, “they did things to me, I’ll learn from those mistakes so that they don’t do it to me again.” Find inner peace and you will do wonderful trips. I know that everyone would like to travel, to know us, to enter into other dimensions, go to one of your planets, it can be done in an astral trip, go to other worlds that are close to Earth, everything can be done; enter at peace with yourselves and you’ll see how easy it is.

Q: Is it through dreams that we also can contact these Beings?

Sarita: Yes, above all that you go to sleep calmed. Start talking with him or her, but be at peace, not to be protesting, because later you go to sleep upset. Then you start talking and a moment comes when you can contact and see them. I’ve had a few persons that have seen their angel, in that moment of calmness they had. It’s beautiful to know them, it’s a very big satisfaction, they have a beauty not found on Earth, it’s impressive. It can be done but one must be at peace, and how difficult it is to be at peace.

Q: If you had that opportunity of an astral trip today, where would you go Sarita?

Sarita: There are many places to know outside of Earth that I would like to go but I also would like to know other places where we could provide help, but to see in what way we can help, that they cannot see you and see in what way we can help, go to the Middle East or other places; I would like to see that they don’t see you and see in what way we can help later on.

Q: Would you like to travel in an astral trip to your interior?

Well, to my interior, represents that I’m knowing myself and more or less I’ve accomplished that a lot, I believe. But like entering into many past lives, I have entered into 2; I’ve seen it very clearly, but it doesn’t make any sense, so let’s go forward.

Q: Have you asked Alaniso if he dreams, if he makes astral trips?

Sarita: Let’s see what he says…

Alaniso: We already travel in astral at all times; we enter in a deep dream and free our spirit, because our spirit and our matter is already one single fusion of force. We are more energy than matter, but we also have a matter with which we can enjoy what represents Life, Love, taste food, travel in a ship, have a comfortable place, but we don’t make separations anymore. For example, we can concentrate and we can become just spirit, we become an atom of light and we can go to any place and later we can materialize again, but those are things that we have achieved but with a little more years of evolution that we have.

Q: Do you dream, what does an angel dream of?
Alaniso: We dream with Love, we dream with the wish of seeing that in all the worlds where life exists could be peace, but it’s a conscious dream, but we always wish with all the love that one day this Universe returns to an equilibrium, that one day this Father full of Love be proud of all the beings that He created. That’s our biggest dream, but it’s not a dream in which we enter in an unreality, we know what we do, what we think, and what we wish to be.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sarita Otero Interview at Horizontes: Death and Reincarnation.


Sarita: Suicide doesn’t take you there, it’s not that you will die, but let’s see in what dimension you end. Now, as Alaniso says: when one says, someone died, no, never say death. Death is to lose the soul.

Does death exists?

Not as death, no as a disappearance, but if you’re a person who venerates evil, you’ll go with him. The Father, when He created us, His light continues joined to us… we don’t have an idea of the amount of all His children. His tread is connected to every child, at the time you choose to go to the dark side, of evil, that connection is broken.  Then you go, it’s not that you die or disappear, but that you choose to go to the dark side, but it’s not death, it doesn’t exist.  Nothing that was created disappears, nor will it ever disappear. Everything is Eternal. Just imagine, if you’re going to get an eternal side, then let’s get the pretty one.  But death is to lose the soul, going to the dark side, within their free will because no one can say they didn’t do wrong.

What is the St. Death Cult?

That’s to venerate a skull, it’s kind of weird, and it’s the fear of Death. You prefer to say that you’re not afraid of it, that you’ll stay with Death, because it’s a step, but a step of fear.  But sadly they have used this cult to ask it good and bad things and with Love there’s no good and bad, there’s only good. And you say: “look, someone hurt me, I want vengeance,” with that it will help you, from the side of the angels don’t.

They’re fears, fear destroys. So, what we have to remove is the fear, as Alaniso says: all that which can cause you fear or anguish, doesn’t come from Love.  Then we must see when people talk about a religion or a cult, they should never create fear on you, it should also be with hope, and in a way aspire to live well, to live.  It has happened to me with Alaniso that one of a sudden some people that were very sick, all feel comfortable with everyone, “oh Alaniso, why don’t you help him,” then he tells me: “but he will live”  - oh ok, he will live and then, they tell me that he died and I tell Alaniso, what happened? “He’s living, we took him to Live.” But just let me know to which side, ok.  He gets a good laugh when we say: to which side. Well, we are just understanding about the Dimensions and that death doesn’t exist.

Q: Death and dreams, are they the same? It is the same place where we arrive?

Dreams can be 2 things, one is what you have recorded in your mind and you can transform them in ideas, but many are astral trips and astral trip is to pass into another dimension and you are reaching places where you want to go, and one can see loved ones that have departed.  Sometimes Alaniso tells people who have lost a loved one “stay calm, do your meditation and I will let you see them in an astral trip.”  And people have told me that their mother or someone died and whom they loved and they do achieve to see them; they say that in dreams but it’s so vivid that it’s not a dream, it’s an astral trip, but they (angels) allow it and they look after you.

We come back to this dimension; they are already in a more beautiful one, the ones that go to the light. The ones that go to the darkness… I once had an interference with one that told me: “I’m Marco Antonio the one from Cleopatra, what does it occur to you?” I was thinking he was joking with me, what do I have to do with Marco Antonio and Cleopatra? and he tells me: “what do you know of what we know from you, I just want to ask you to tell Love that if no one showed me to Love, then how was I going to know how to do it, tell them to get me out of here.” Then he left and I told Alaniso: Hey, a man talked to me and says he’s Marco Antonio from Cleopatra. He said: “we don’t know him, but we will look for him.”

Because when you break the link with the Father, they don’t know where you are; they know you’re in the darkness but not exactly where. You become a number from there. Later I told him: Did you find him? “Yes, he repented and he will reincarnate again.” Maybe Marco Antonio reincarnated already.  But it was very beautiful, what a beautiful phrase: “If no one showed me to Love, how was I supposed to know how.”

Q: How does Alaniso define Death so that we can understand it?

Alaniso: We are definitely going to talk clearly about what you call “Death.” You call death the fact of losing something, someone you’re not going to see again. We know that death doesn’t exist because the Father didn’t create death; He created Life, but sadly, the being of death does exist. But let’s talk about the Being of Death, as the being who wants to take away from the Father what belongs to the Father, who would like to be the owner of the Universe which is the same that happens to many human beings that would like to take ownership of the entire planet. I don’t know what they will do with it, but well, is so much their ambition that they don’t care how many people they could destroy, how many dreams they could destroy, how much damage they could do, but they want power, that’s death.

The longing for Power. Why? Because at the moment they enter the dark side, don’t think it’s very beautiful; they are enslaved in the dark side, evil does enslave, the Father doesn’t. The Father gave freedom and freedom will be eternal, then why not choose to live instead of dying. To die is to choose the dark side, just that, not to disappear; an absolute disappearance doesn’t exist of anything that the Father has created; everything is eternal, as much for the light as for the darkness.


Sarita: Definitely, reincarnation is something very logical, whoever says no, do you think in one life you will do everything? In one life you will be good, bad, or regular. You need many lives to achieve your evolution.

You couldn’t in just one life, imagine how sad if you were born with a malformation, if you had a terrible life, and that’s it? How can you feel Love if no one pushes you? One must understand it, it doesn’t make sense; thank God because He created evolution. Evolution and Reincarnation. Then, as Alaniso says that we all have the same time of being created, millions or trillions, do you know how many lives? Then some people say: I had 300, I had so many…

It’s not true; we don’t even have an idea since the time we emerged into the universe. Why did we emerge into the universe? Because the Father wanted His children, because we are part of His energy and He taught us to form ourselves. For instance: What’s the miracle of Life? How is it possible for a child to be born from the womb of a mother? Alaniso says: you are divine energy, at the moment you chose your parents, your spirit contracts and it becomes a Light which is your Mind and it penetrates in the ovum at the time of the fusion of the ovum and sperm. Then you start to work immediately in forming your new body, yet your spirit is something that already exists. So you just get nourishment from everything the mother gives you and you get nourishment from the genetics of the father, but you are the one forming yourself.  That’s why Alaniso teaches us that is logical that you can regenerate your body if you know how to believe in you, which is what they teach us in the famous cures.

Q: Is reincarnation the same as resurrection?

Sarita: Resurrection would simply be as they say, our Great Lord Jesus, they call him that way, He did because he took the same body; he got up to show that he was with man. But sadly we still have a “little suit” which Alaniso says that we leave it in way so that we make a hole in the ground and throw it there for no one to see it, all spoiled. But what happens is that, to arrive at another life when you are a positive person, they describe it very beautiful.

For instance, there’s a case of a lady who went to see me and tells me: “I came to tell you, you will understand me, that when one of my daughters was going to be born”, she says that suddenly she saw that she was floating and said: “oh, how beautiful it feels!” then she saw how her body was taken in a stretcher and heard a nurse say: “she’s dying!,”  - “hey no, I’m here, I’m not dead.”  She says that one of a sudden she saw the tunnel, zoom! They took her and arrived to very beautiful place. She says it was green hills with many “blonds” and she pointed at Alaniso, and she was walking and saw some young ladies walking “I was running, I will pass now” when a native dressed in white with a broad forehead said: “you cannot pass” –“hey, why not, if I see everyone there, I want to go with those young ladies”- “because it’s not your time yet, and you will go precisely with the young ladies,” she said that she wanted to scream and let everyone know “don’t fear death, it’s beautiful.”

Q: How can we know who we were, how to remember past lives, it is convenient and possible to know it?

When they have asked the teachers, many times they do say a past life, and then you find it logical because you have certain phobias or certain things, but he doesn’t like that much right now because it can be shocking. One day a man tells me that he was going to see a specialist in past-life regressions, and then Alaniso told him: “why do you want to do that? You were a monk in a forest and lived in a tribe that hated monks, as you know well, they’re always chanting, and one day they attacked the convent and you died burned alive, and if you return to that time?” So he said: “no, I better not.”

Leave it that way. In one way or another you find out that there are many people that tell you, for example I know a priest that’s very loving and he is dedicated to Alaniso’s message and there’s a German lady that stayed, why that union? To help the indigenous communities. Alaniso says: because in another life, they were together helping kids, but it was a time of war, she was killed first and then they killed him; they found each other in one life and they said: “we have to continue our work” and they reunited here again, but to work for the people in need, so they help indigenous communities.

The spirit doesn’t have color. You will take the form of the place you chose and of the parents you chose, if you chose a darker color, then you will be born darker, if you chose to be blond, then you will; that’s just the programming of each one.

Q: Is it good to know who we were?

Well, there’s no point to it, but when it’s necessary, sometimes Alaniso will say it, but they don’t like it, otherwise they’ll never finish. One of the interesting things from them is that they have so much power that just by seeing you; you have everything written in your mind. So they see you and tell you who you were, what you did. Many people tell me: “how does Alaniso know what I’m thinking, how does he know what I did as a child?” because he leaves them speechless when he tells them: you as a child did this or had a toy. For instance, there’s a couple and he tells them one day: “you always asked for a doll and never got one, and now your children will give you that doll” and she cried. Then he tells him: “you wanted a ball to run after it all day to escape from your house.” So they were shocked because the father had just told them about the ball, that he wanted a ball.

One day we emerged from the Father and if you start to listen to their first messages, where they talk about a Light like a cocoon of light you arrived to the world; we emerged one day and continued for millions of years and we will continue; imagine what eternity is; we don’t even have an idea. Alaniso says that not even do they consider themselves wise; wisdom is as infinite as is the Universe created by the Father and the Father keeps on creating and the galaxies keep on growing and keeps on creating life, the infinite space doesn’t have an end. Then, that entire vault where they say the galaxies are doesn’t have an end.

There’s not a limit, there’s no end in all that, and they say that now are 21 dimensions. 21 dimensions starting from cero which is when 1 is in a primitive phase, and every time one changes, like right now it’s our turn for a change. It’s an entire galaxy that enters into another dimension, so every dimension it’s the galaxies, that’s why they’re from the 21 and have reached to the highest evolution that exists now in the universe. Right now, fortunately it’s our turn, if we understand that death doesn’t exist, that there’s not an end; there will not be an end of the world because they will make sure it doesn’t happen. It will be evolution, but in that evolution reincarnations will exist and let’s hope that one day we put on “a beautiful suit” as theirs, but we have to earn it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Antonio Tapia and Betty Velazco Interview: The Power of Meditation

Q: What about meditation, why advise us so much about something that in the East is so common and so normal, are these beings of light helping us in reorienting us?

Betty: Of course. I think it has been checked, we return again to the scientific, there are differences between people who meditate, among people who speak of: receiving energy, to make changes in your life, to bring some discipline in matters of processes which are normal or are clinical like a  surgical intervention, such as illness, and convalescence. So even the National Institute of Health in the United States, recommends, in fact it is an authorized health recommendation, meditation. Because they have noticed the difference in infectious processes for example.

Q: You mean, the body becomes stronger somehow?

Betty: The immune system goes up and more endorphins are produced; there are chemical processes in people who meditate and people who do not.

Antonio: Why meditate? Something that Mexicans are not accustomed to, not everyone, is to dedicate some time to ourselves. We are too immersed in the material issues, in family problems: "What about me? -Later, with you first, I solve it first, ‘blah blah’ then I dedicate to myself. "

Here the important thing that they seek is that we dedicate this half-hour they ask us to meditate, from our 24 hours to devote this space to be receiving energy from our Being of Light, but balancing our mind, within everything that we have been discussing: The Mind, food, control of emotions, let nothing get you out of balance, or anyone disturb you. It is a catalyst similar to what is the Altar.

Q: Why do we find it so hard?

Antonio:  Because we do not have that discipline, we are acquiring foreign disciplines or customs from other cultures.
It's more the fact that they want to show you that by raising your energy frequency you connect with the energy of the Cosmos.

Q: What is to raise our frequency?

Betty: We emit, we are magnetic, electrical and we emit certain frequency. Everything that moves, everything that has life has vibrations we emit certain vibrational frequency. When you were talking of energy is not that you capture it from somewhere else, we have the internal capacity it’s just that we decide just where to route it, we are generators and directors, the guidelines where do we head them, you have great energy potential, but where are you going to cast it.

Q: ¿Is meditation equal to concentration and concentration is the same as breathing, at least that’s how it’s taught in the West, is this true?

Antonio: That is like saying that meditation and reflection is the same, is not the same. Meditation is a dedication to myself into me bringing something external to balance me as instrumental music, such as water sounds, nature sounds, wind, many environmental things can lead us to a balance. Reflection is when I focus on what I have to solve and need not meditate it, although we misuse the phrase, "Let me meditate it a moment or let me reflect."

Betty: Maybe it's like an insight as to see inside, seeing what we are and here I would make a comment. We have to fix things, because when I said that we have to look inwards and see what we are, we are accustomed to say, "is because we are humans, is because we have errors, I do not do everything perfect." In a given time, if you accept yourself with the ability you have, that’s what we’re talking about raising the vibrations, of this we talked with taking their own decisions. When you are told  that you have absolute freedom of your being and you decide to get angry or not and you decide if something will change or not, we obviously do not have the education to handle these situations, hence the benefit of meditation . When you look inwards, you agree that you are a Great Being that was created by love, not destruction, that at no time can be something that goes against yourself and you accept it as consciousness, this is raising your vibration, even generating health and you are taking your freedom.

Q: Do these beings meditate?

Antonio: Yes, from within what they have allowed me to see at any given time, is that they meet at a circular level, the music comes from somewhere, I cannot define from where, but they do take a special position to focus the energy. They do it differently.

Q: Do certain positions work?

Antonio: Yes they work but should always be comfortable positions, I'm not saying sitting on the floor, or in any stool or furniture. On something comfortable.
And meditation elapses, they simply listen until the end of meditation. They run it around music, there’s no voice. Not that there is none. 
They enjoy these sounds.

What do they really internalize? Only they know

Betty: I think in the end the mind never rests even if it’s blank but you are thinking about something.

Q: Can I meditate with a full tummy?

Betty: Digestion breaks meditation, the body begins to work, blood levels are altered, it is more difficult for your body to be relaxed when working.

Q: And if I fall asleep, what happens?

Nothing much, is not so troubling that you fall asleep, it is better to make a conscious meditation, because you have many experiences about meditation.

Q: Is an astral travel the same as meditating and what is the difference?

Antonio: No, they are totally different. When meditating you don’t need to be very focused, you do not need to come out of your body or Astral travel or extracorporeal experiences. Not necessarily, but it can happen.

Betty: Maybe people think that Astral travel has a complicated name, but the vast majority in their percentage has already experienced: the dream that fails to be unconscious, you fall asleep but you still think you're listening your environment and at that time hear a very strong click or feel in the stomach that ripple and that is when your spirit can be released from your body, nothing happens. Everyone does it.

Q: Does East really meditate properly, if these beings are redirecting us towards something positive, then obviously this East being is doing well, (whether Chinese, Japanese, Hindus, etc.., Which are cultures that traditionally use their meditation as an integral part of their lives) is it in that direction?

Antonio: It is there, but sometimes you see the behavior, that is, human behavior. What do I mean? You think you can focus on and be a cutie in meditation, living a fabulous range of experiences, but you go to that human exterior and you are all  the otherwise, is useless. See the differences of races, wars, how cruel they have been in a given time, and they meditate. Meditation has to be integrated with your life is not easy because we are living in a very altered world, we bring a culture in which we are good people but beware of the one next door, for example: can give you a stab.

Q: How should one meditate?

Betty: The meditation we learn from these beings is the simplest, Toño spoke of meditating and then going out to hit someone or to watch out from the one next door.

So I believe that meditation has to be 24 hours a day, you have to be at a constant awareness. We talked about some very good people, almost saint and leave litter and open the car and throw it at people. It is everything. This is about a different way of life, within this way of life within these changes that are made, is as simple as a meditation is to relax the body. This is achieved by inducing the musical vibrations, the body relaxes and also releases. It is about freeing this spirit from material bondage, concerns and worries, all those things that have nothing to do with the spirit, give them a quick fix and we remove them. If you don’t solve them, they are still pending.

Antonio: And do not let you meditate.

Antonio: you get comfortable to relax, disconnect the doorbell, disconnect the phone to not be interrupted, not be so extreme, you'll do it in a proper schedule, but there are always the measurable or the unpredictable.

Here it is also important to see why I meditate? I have to objectify, why?, to heal my body?, to stabilize my character? And it’s not about changing the character, it is to get it polished and make the best of it, the worst gets out alone, without pushing. Then I have to have a goal of why I meditate. Because people normally say: I want to meditate to see the Being of Light to see an angel, is not that. Not necessarily do you have to see a Being of Light.

Q: Does it have to do with the famous Law of Attraction that brings to mind rolls royce, and you spend your life thinking in the rolls royce and you die and you don’t have the rolls royce but neither do you live? Is it a bit as how anti-meditation works?

Antonio: It would be very hurtful. You must not fanaticize.

Q: Where is the balance between good and excellent meditation?

Antonio: To meditate well, you can evaluate it, what keeps you calm, what keeps you in peace; you are in harmony with your own family and the outside or at social level, at work, at school, at all levels.

Minimum 30 minutes in the morning and at least 30 minutes per night, we're talking about starting activity and to finish, to end a day and if you sleep with worries, you drag them and when you turn 40 years then you already have 35 years of worries. That takes you to situations that take you to hurt your spirit and soon after your body, some before others later, but unfortunately this happens when less can you pay the bill. Then we talk about quality of life.

Antonio: Is what we live always in the search for quality of life, not time.

Q: Why so much interest in meditation? I hear Sarita when she says we have to meditate and at least 30 minutes daily and if you don’t meditate, you don’t enter.

Antonio: It’s a discipline, a moment of honesty with yourself. Not that it’s military. If you do not get discipline, an order, nobody is going to make you, everyone can suggest you, you can say yes, but never say when.

Q: Is it valid to make circles of meditation?

Antonio: It’s valid as long as we maintain a consistency inside the inconsistency, namely the instability that may have each person.

Q: Is it like adding the energies of each person?

Betty: I think if we stick together, and one cell, say, a family is strong, but if it’s a community, obviously the thoughts together on one goal get stronger, you're changing what we talked about these vibrations that are not yet set under a microscope.

Q: How can we translate it into welfare, in health, how does it show that high frequency?

Betty: We are about to change, there’s no longer need to think, will it be or not? Because we are already living changes in the primates and in all other respects. When we allow ourselves to maintain inner peace and that many people are working for the same, aside that you're doing individually, these also work with that part of environment that we have. It’s very easy that throughout the day people who are driving are assaulting each other, these thoughts have substance.

How many of those people who already issued aggression, which has already prompted angry and already destroyed the one next door, comes home, gets in peace becomes quiet and says: "I'm sorry I was very excited but somehow I I’ll get at peace. "

Antonio: Keep in mind that meditation is not a game, not a search of a Being of Light but simply our balance and the Being of Light will do the rest, which is the basis of meditation. They transmit their energy to you, you raise it, they reconnect, recharge you, but you do the work yourself.