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Message from Teacher Alaniso on May 28, 2011. Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mex.

I would like you to realize that everything that you’re speculating or asking has a really favorable answer. We’re on Earth to give, to help, to bring life to a world that’s about to disappear, to talk with man and ask them to think once again because the human being from this earth doesn’t think. When we see that they say that is right to kill to eat, it causes us sadness because the little animal was not created as food for man; the little animal was created to maintain the ecological equilibrium in a world, equilibrium which man has broken, but later we see that they say that plants are also alive when they defend themselves because they like to eat a piece of putrid flesh.

Let’s talk clearly about why plants are alive. Plants were created to feed man or to decorate Planet Earth. Not all plants are edible, but I just tell you, if you think that it’s the same to eat an apple and eat a little animal, then call the apple so that it comes to you, so it follows you and thanks you that it grew on the tree, here we say: “whistle at it and see if it comes,” but any little animal that you feed, it’s thankful with the man it feels is his friend and who has a painful destiny prepared for it – to kill it with cruelty and devour its flesh.

What lost evil? That, precisely. Evil was going to be the Great Universal Teacher. Evil was created, not as evil, because when the Father created the universe, many say that earth was created in 7 days, I don’t think so; Earth belongs to a universe way beyond than what man knows, when the Father created the planets, created the suns, created life, was when in a moment of Light Expansion, He sent us all to populate the worlds, we are a particle of light from the Father. The little animals are also part of His creation, but He gave them a non-reasoning mind; He gave us that divine gift to think and reason to be able to understand what is to evolve.

The little animal will not evolve, let’s say it in the sense that it’ll create, we haven’t seen them constructing a building with their feet, we haven’t seen them in one way or another create big colonies; although, they do protect among themselves in a herd. The little animal doesn’t destroy its own species, but the animal life was created for the ecological equilibrium of all the worlds in which life exists.

They now say that the Father created all beings that could be evil; well, yes, He gave us the knowledge of good and evil, as I just told you – to evolve; otherwise, we would be robots who would be doing everything He asks. We don’t know why we would be slaves of the Father, or, don’t you say that Angels are beings without free will? It would be terrible, we would be slaves eternally. I believe that the Father didn’t create any slaves, but when He gave us so much freedom, when He saw that everything was perfect, at the same time He was creating the Teacher, the Teacher who was going to be who guided all His children.

How did He create him? He formed a great energy to which he was giving all the power; He was giving him all the knowledge of good and evil so that he could look after His children. He gave him beauty, he was going to take the form of a man, but sadly, this being reveled and one good day he said, no. That he was not going to be His slave, that he wanted all the power; he wanted to form his own universe and also wanted beings who could show that the Father was weak because He gave them freedom, and he wanted to subjugate his Children. This being separated from the Father, and effectively, he took a galaxy under his possession. It’s a very big galaxy, but it’s a galaxy with many planets. But at that time, when the Father took away the light from that place, he was just obsessed with being powerful.

What lost him? Envy, pride, and the desire of power. When this being tried to intimidate us and teach us to kill, he simply didn’t find an answer. The moment we saw that we were in a perfect world, in one if you observe, the flowers were painted by hand, who painted them? We would see the trees filled with fruit; we knew that was our food, who planted the first seed? But to see the birds fly and see their wonderful plumage with which they were covered, they showed a freedom that we still didn’t know. So it was when we thought that we had to know who the owner of everything created was. We never said “there’s an almighty god,” because besides of just knowing that we could unite in a hug of love, man and woman, if from a woman’s womb emerged a small being and so perfect, it seemed so incredible to us that we insisted in knowing who He or She was.

Here on earth you minimize women, we cannot understand it. For us, if the feminine energy gives life, it’s the greatest for us, but we naturally knew that there was a power, the masculine power; yes, well, it took us 25, 920 years to know the Father.

I want to tell you what will happen. At that time, millions of years ago, when we had accomplished to keep our worlds in equilibrium, it was when we saw how they were aligning as if they were all one thinking Mind, same that’ll happen here in this time, they all align in a line and they start to pass through the galaxy’s central sun.

The galaxy’s central sun has a dimensional tunnel, it looks like an amazing show, many stars are seen everywhere. When we got to the other side we met with a shockingly beautiful being; we started to observe that light that we had never seen, an intense blue, and a rainbow with all the colors of nature formed and behind so much beauty, appeared a very soft voice that asked us if we wanted to be guardians of the universe. That voice came from a great sun that completely shocked us, but His love, His simplicity, shocked us the most.

Guardians, Lord? We know our galaxy, but we don’t know the universe. What do you mean “of the universe” if it’s infinite? We have seen that there’re so many planets that we haven’t been able to see; our knowledge still isn’t enough to see everything that exists. You want us to be guardians? Look after? Why if you are the power? And very sad He said: because I was betrayed.

He told us the story about giving us freedom and giving us the knowledge of good and evil; He had wanted to give his children a Teacher and naturally this being full of pride challenged Him. He came to us and failed; I want you to understand that when he told us, we did feel that voice, that presence that was going to give us power by killing, that we had the power over life, kill a little animal that can procreate?

It’s not the same to see an apple that gives many seeds and they’re planted, than to see a little animal that with so much love, also joined their bodies and emerged their children they loved as much as we did ours. There aren’t carnivorous animals in our worlds, nor poisonous, there’s nothing to defend ourselves from; we have always been friends at all times. Therefore, this being left defeated from our world, arriving to a place where he was heard, and those men learned to kill, shed blood, and eat the corpses of their victims.

Yes, just the fact of taking an innocent being, subjugate it, not allow them to defend themselves, drive a dagger into their body, tear their skin, fill your hands with blood and remove the flesh to eat it, I say that’s a satanic act. You called him Luzbel, Satan; we’ll leave it that way. But those men fell in the deadly trap of this being of death, they started to hate each other because everyone wanted power, power, power, war; they began to kill among brothers.

Everything was destruction because they also made the worst mistake; they fermented the fruit. The fruit to give the poison of alcohol, it’s a way of rotting it, of extracting the famous methanol and by drinking it, several channels open up in your energy where this being of death was able to absorb the energy from these men. Their 25,000 years passed by leaving the planet devastated, not a single animal was left standing, men would kill each other, they would born again, and would destroy themselves again, the kids became evil, but when it was their time to change dimension, they didn’t pass.

The planet disintegrated. But at that time, and it was in a another galaxy, it wasn’t ours, at least those men didn’t get to a nuclear war, didn’t reach to the terrible contamination that at this moment you have here on Earth, but that planet did convert almost into cosmic dust. But this being took all the inhabitants; kids, youngsters, the elderly, everyone was evil. In a cry of triumph, he told the Father: “now you see that I can take away your children, look at them, they liked to drink blood from the dead; they fed with the corpses of their victims, it was their preferred food.”

“They killed among brothers because of hatred and power and destroyed themselves with the poisons I gave them, alcohol and drugs, with which I was able to get the energy you denied me.” The Father knew it, His children had abandoned Him, they were free and they preferred to follow the being of death, who utterly enslaved them. That’s the story of the fallen angels. When He saw that with so much love we looked after of our worlds, gave us power. I do want to tell you this, the Father gave us power because He trusted us and we did have a teacher; the Father was able to form the eternal triangle, we met them already, it’s written there, he’s the one you know as Teacher Jesus.

The Great Mother, energy of Life, the one that makes sure evolution exists; she’s the most beautiful being from creation, the most beautiful face you could imagine. When she descends, she seems like a falling cloak of stars, it’s wonderful to know her and see her; that love and tenderness with which she sees everything that was created by the Father.

Therefore, we did have teachers, we learned precisely not to destroy; we don’t fell trees nor burn any vegetation, no. We transplant them and we also construct our homes in a different way, now with our evolution; we can materialize the sun’s energy to clearly take the sun’s energy, form a sphere with our hands, or shape anything we want to create with something so wonderful as is the sun.

But we never devastate our worlds, I’m talking about a complete galaxy, remember that we came to this world and it’s the same, you gave us names: angels, archangels, or gods; every time we appeared you have been placing us on pedestals and altars, venerations that are not good for anything. You ask and don’t give – “He looks after me, my angel is St. Michael, my angel is… no, the archangel has to descend and give me.”

No, we don’t have to; we give with love, and above all things because you are our siblings. Now, many teachers from other galaxies have come to this earth, yes, because when one talks about the great teachers who taught man is to talk about evolved beings; they dictated sacred books that man has changed, everything that carries blood in a message, was not created by any teacher.

Nor did they say “let’s make a division, I’ll take one part of humanity to be venerated, I’ll take the other part,” and later when our Teacher Jesus finally told the Father: “You’ll lose the entire world; I’ll recuperate it for you.” A wonderful moment he had, he said: “if I arrive with all simplicity.” He wasn’t coming to sit on a throne; he didn’t come as a king. He didn’t come to start a religion; he didn’t enter a temple.

His temple was the entire sky filled with love, and he thought that by giving an indisputable truth and by walking next to man, by curing their bodies, by curing those who understood the message - something you have to understand, those who got cured had accepted our teacher’s message. Our teacher was Essene; he never ate a single animal. It’s the most absurd idea you could have thought that someone so evolved would have eaten a lamb when in reality he determined he was going to be the sacrificed lamb by injustice.

We were always with him, when we Heard there was a treason, that he wouldn’t continue through the world giving a truth to humanity, that they wanted to destroy him, we told him: “no, Lord, we won’t let you to stay, let’s go,” what I do want to confess is that we were going to give up; we wanted to leave the planet before they could hurt our teacher. He looked at us and told us: “do not intervene; I will fulfill what I told the Father.” When the Father called him, there’s an error in what you say that –he asked him-, no such thing as – if you’re willing, remove this chalice from me - no, it’s not true. The Father told him not to shed his blood, to return to Him, that He had given up losing his children.

And he answered, “even if it’s my name engraved with my own blood, I’ll return your children back to you and fulfill my promise” he didn’t allow us to intervene. Do you know what it is to have the power? At that time we had 100% in each hemisphere, now at this time, with so much fight against evil, the Father increased it to 200% in each hemisphere; you use from 3% to 6% just so that you can get an idea of what we have. But he is the most powerful of all; just imagine that he placed a barrier so that we couldn’t get near. We fell to our knees crying, he wasn’t alone.

We had never shed so many tears of impotence, we wanted to snatch our teacher from them, and he knew we were capable of doing that. He didn’t allow us to. And hearing those men scream like fierce beasts –“Kill him!” Our teacher was shedding his blood, but when we saw him on the cross, we understood his greatness – “Father, forgive them; they don’t know what they’re doing.” His children don’t know why they were born, neither where they’re going, nor why they exist.

I will leave a message, they won’t forget me and your children will return to you, but 2,000 years later, in his name, wars; in his name, power, and in his name divisions. We have found more than 3,000 divisions in his name. But he says: “they didn’t forget me” and the Father says it sadly: “how many of my children will I recuperate, the time is fulfilled.” We always tell Him: “Lord, you can’t recuperate them all; we keep finding true beasts covered as man that you’ll not see again.” And He tells us: “they’re my children, give them one last chance.” Do you now understand why we’re now working in such a way that we’ll try to prevent evil from taking this humanity.

We have now classified the entire humanity. We have ships of a great size, just calculate 60 kilometers, 70 kilometers; complete cities are in the stratosphere area. We have classified humanity. The equipment we use you wouldn’t know it, let’s call it computer. Every human being is perfectly classified. The other beings, who come from other worlds, are our siblings. There are beings with different color, there are beings like Asians, there are very white, according to their planet’s condition.

Now, about the reptiles being here… I believe you have seen too many American movies, I have noticed. There’s no such thing as a reptile that steals a body and then, what? It’s disguised? Or do they get the reptile and cover it with a very beautiful face and can also have perfect arms? Yes, there are dark beings who could take that form. That yes. The beings of darkness can manipulate their own energy to scare. If you would one of a sudden see the fourth dimension, you would go mad; you would see some type of gargoyles flying across the sky, you would see how they crawl, how they become different monsters and how they start taking over all those who have an ambition for power. And who also accept to kill.

We just ask to be heard, we’ll show our presence how it should be, and we’ll answer any doubt. I know you come from a country that for us it’s what we have to unite; we have to create a complete brotherhood of everyone, everyone, all that’s America, everything that’s Europe, everything, everyone’s our sibling, but you know very well that in this place the desire to know has been awaken, of finding out who they are, who are visiting us, there are contacts, they have to manifest physically. Yes, our siblings have manifested physically.

We can also take a material form in a way where we won’t look as tall, because we always shock with our height or the light we give off, but it’s not about seeing you kneeling before us, “lord, help me, guardian angel, protect me, but I’ll keep on doing what I want and you take care of me.” When they say: “well, I’ll behave, would the guardian angel be close by to look after me?” I want to put a corpse next to your bed and see if you would sleep next to it, because that’s what man smells like.

Man smells like a dead body, they look like walking coffins with a terrible smell. The odor that planet earth gives off; what leaves the trail of terrible gases that the planet is giving off, of wars, of dead, of blood. The rivers are contaminated; everything they eat has to be thrown. Sometimes in the garbage or sometimes in the river itself, all those waters go to the sea, but the earth also absorbs all that blood.

There are underground rivers that come out contaminated and they say that God has forgotten about them and that’s the reason they’re sick, wouldn’t it be that man forgot the Father who created them because they forgot to think? I want you to listen. We have recorded, and soon we’ll get to 500 messages, but we want to reach man, we don’t threaten, we don’t create confusion, there’s not a single thing that you can say that’s not true, but if you have doubts that eating an animal and eating a plant is the same…

For the love of the Father, talk to an apple and have it tell you what it feels, or a banana… ah, the leaves vibrate with music – yes, because they’re life, they vibrate; we don’t destroy them, we just utilize them…, if a potato is planted, it gives many potatoes, it gets planted again and keeps giving food, but, also talk to a potato and see if the potato answers back and tells you: “don’t kill me” and it’ll cry. For the love of the Father, make a reasoning of we ask you, we don’t have any more time. We have always left many messages. We have manifested on this earth, but the Father doesn’t want to lose his children, and His children don’t want to return to the Father, because they’re confused, because they forgot to think.

We’ll help the Father recuperate what He loves so much, which are the thinking beings who reason. The souls of the little animals, we’ll take them. They haven’t lost their soul, they’ll live here on earth again, they’ll return to populate this planet that man has destroyed. They’re not evil; they haven’t lost their souls, but the one killing the animals at a slaughterhouse, it’s a murderer – it’s the same to kill a human and kill a little animal – We’re now asking to what’s left of sanity of this human being, who we love so much. All of you are beings who think with much clarity, that’s why we have called you. Because I know that we’ll count with you, to give a message of hope that man is waiting for at this moment.

I know that for those who are listening to a message; we’re trying to make it the most clearly possible. I want you to take it to that wonderful place that we don’t want to see destroyed. They’re destroying a place that was of an immense beauty, but I know they’ll listen to you, do you know why? Because we’ll protect you, because you’re going with all our protection, with all our love with which we’re sending the message. But remember, the one who destroys a life, it’s not a worthy child of the creator; a wonderful life that the Father created.

Have you seen them? They even make dishes from pheasants, they make dishes with quails. What did that little bird that feeds you do to you? It’s the urge to destroy. The doves that show their freedom, we have now seen that in this planet everything gets eaten, and with the worst of the cruelties. I believe that it’s fair that we rescue the little animals from the cruelties of man; I now want that you all realize the reason why we talk with so much strength.

Time has come to an end; the time that needs to be fulfilled in the universe is getting fulfilled, don’t change the dates, that’s why the prophecies were created. Therefore, the great books were written; therefore, there were prophets who really listened; therefore, big pyramids were built; for that reason, so that man could wait for this moment. But we hoped that you could think again, but I believe that you think less each time. Each time it’s more the blood and pain that is being shed in this earth and the diseases, we’ll end with them, but they want us to take out the magical wand, and that’s it – they don’t change and they get sick again.

So, they have to learn to love each other, to respect one another, and what is it that now we’ll also do - what we’ll call something shocking? Yes, with the ships and our presence, in the places where we have been received and where there’s no hypocrisy and where there’s no fear and are hoping we’ll give them the opportunity to live. But we already have the other dimension prepared; of course we’ll protect you.

Naturally, we had to form a place, as if it were the arc, but a very big arc that would have the capacity for the entire humanity; although, I believe there will be a lot of space left over. But we’ll prepare every human being, so that no one says: “no one told me” so that no one says: “who knows,” so that no one says: “I think that’s a lie, because in the bible or in the sacred book it says that a little animal can be sacrificed,“ and so that they don’t blame our Teacher, a man that came here as an evolved man; he wasn’t going to kill and fill his stomach with carrion, because he’s someone so big.

We want to show you to know him with the greatness with which he exists, an unheard off power and he’s never seen feeling powerful. A wonderfully big power and he’s never seen at a determined moment saying: “I have to be venerated,” even more, he doesn’t like venerations, if someone starts to kneel down, he touches his forehead or he just leaves.
He doesn’t like venerations, he likes to be repaid with the love of that Father he loves so much, and then what I can tell you is: it’s the time of the great changes and I would like, just as we’re going to fight in every country, that wonderful place where they place a big Christ to protect them, but for the love of the Father, help us protect you as it should be protected a country so beautiful that man could destroy.

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Beings of Light cures confirmed by Dr. Angel Clemente

Dr. Angel Clemente gives his testimony about the cures he has confirmed that have been possible with the energy of the Teachers - Beings of Light. Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico.
Horizontes TV Show - CBTV

Sarita Otero and Betty Velazco Interview. Horizontes TV Show. The importance of the messages: Meditations and Books.

Sarita: Paco her husband, arrived 13 years ago, more or less , he always had a lot of faith. Then Betty came too and both put a lot of love to this, they studied for example the books of Alaniso, Alan, Axel, all of them. They are a little complex because they dictate like it was another language spoken in Spanish. But they studied them with a lot of faith and then suddenly they began to try the cures, with energy. But Betty, with all that love kept moving forward, aside of studying. They live in Puebla and have helped many people getting ahead, but they have something important they have stayed humble.

Betty: I believe that’s what shouldn’t happen, to lose yourself, to be arrogant it’s what makes you leave and not do something serious, something that really matters. I came after Paco. They called me, there are very nice experiences, there are events that leave a mark, that are strange but if you analyse them you find a sense in them, they are for something. We worked together Paco and me, I had an accident on September 9th; I almost busted my car. I had come to Tepoztlán 8 days before to a meditation, he had invited me. The accident happens and I saw a light I thought it was the sun but we spun so much that the light was the only thing I could see, so I said “the sun dazzled me!” that’s it.

On the following week Paco was worried how I had taken it. Well - if you had come to where the angels are, why did you have an accident? - No, I never revealed against that, I said, we are responsible of what we do and we have to confront our responsibilities. I took responsibility. Later on the following week I had strange dreams and said: “I see people, I see beings that don’t speak to me but there’s something they want me to tell me and they are tall and blond” I hadn’t seen how the Teachers were and he says “they are calling you! They want you to go to Tepoztlán.” So that’s how we arrived and it drew my attention that it can be confirmed, the why of things, it sounded logical to me, I believed Sarita the first time I came but I wanted to know, Why? I wanted to learn, the why of things has always driven me to have knowledge. Faith if healthy, but not blind, faith supports you of logic of a reasonable thought. Then I started to read the books, back then Sarita had 17 books of much effort.

Sarita: I still have them; they only need to be published.

Betty: It’s a different language structure, that now we know it’s a mental exercise. I finished the university with systems engineering, I didn’t practice it. I was working in a notary in the law area and I had contact with practical people, not exact sciences but of contracts and Humanities, nothing to do with the esoteric and things like that.

When I began to read the messages, I did take my math tables. I had always liked them, and so I have them on hand. For something to be logic it has to give a true result, then you start to read the books and if you analyse them they give calmness. It means that what’s written in some place whatever it is, if it gives you calmness, comes from the truth. If it gives you a true, it’s that is logic the knowledge you are taking and you can do it with everything, a soap opera, a math book, always with real assertions or confirmations, it will give you a false with a false a true, even if it seems illogical but that’s how math is.

In the case of the teachers, you can do it. People, who are studying their first years of some scientific career, have their logic math tables and any sentence can be done like that, any sentence can be analysed. It’s not so much about Spanish but math. It’s math, we see it in algebra 1, so it’s still valid, they still take it in practical careers, it’s something that you can benefit from.

Sarita: With all honesty I love that other people analyse what with all sincerity, I haven’t done. First I thought of a priest, he tells me that yes, it had all the logic, then parapsychologists and they also gave me an explanation. Then each time a person finds the perfection, that has the intelligence to say how it is, I find it fascinating because then they are testimonials that help people to see that it’s real what the teachers are dictating; that it’s not me, because I couldn’t create something like this in that I’m totally sure. I read a lot but I didn’t study it, so it fascinates me what Betty says, that’s why we understand each other so much, because she has made it so profound, has studied it and at the same time she keeps the union with me and the humility. Then that’s creating a very nice communication.

Betty: It’s a radical change of dedicating to something and now, not otherwise because I feel that science the real science, it’s knowledge, it’s about opening up, not blocking. Because when you say that the only thing that counts is math and the only thing that counts is the exact science and the scientific community, with all respect we are blocking ourselves and we are losing too much information.

It’s very clear, you don’t have to be a Nobel Prize in math or a fortune-teller to know that neither socially nor on a scientific or technological level, our civilization hasn’t been the greatest thing, why? Because we have diseases, wars, delays in many scopes, if it was a real advancement, we wouldn’t have them.

So there are errors and big holes within what we are doing with lots of effort and maybe with much hope that things will result well, but we do have failures. So because of those failures we have to open up to something else. I like exact sciences, but if I open up it’s not to everything not to anything, I open up to something that sounds logical, something that has reasoning.

Maybe it doesn’t happen to me too much, but with family or friends they always come to say: “a guy knows of a person that cures and says this and that” Well but, where did it come from? Why does this person say those things? -“oh, he just says so”-stuff like that or that he just knows, leaves you with doubt.

Q: Are you a contactee?

Betty: Yes, it’s through opening up, to see through something else we come to see, to have discipline above all. Here it’s constancy and discipline. I can’t say that I’m a touched person nor like they say: the cosmic ray comes down to you, no.

It’s study, it’s effort, it’s trying to investigate and there with that discipline and constancy a meditation. There are already health institutes in E.U. and Canada where there are promoting people to meditate, and it’s been noticed, statistics have been made, studies in which people who practice meditation recover easier from operations and interventions.

There are energy wings, there they manage it as Reiki. In Mexico too. And it’s just starting. Over there they have more than 10 years testing it and it’s already something respectable. So meditation elevates your vibrations and it’s true, through meditation you can enter to other dimensions, you can access to other kinds of information.

Sarita: it’s what I love, that we all team up and Alaniso is selecting, within our free will like he says, each one chooses to stay or not. Betty has made it together with Paco.

I stayed with them, because it fascinated me what they dictated, so as I was saying I liked very much to read, poetry, mythology, I mean, complicated books. So when I would write and see things I didn’t write myself, I liked to read it, but I didn’t know how to do it , so I always liked it. First I saw it like an adventure and then I kept going writing and writing fascinated with what they would dictate to me.

After that was when they manifested and another phase began that I liked more. And like I say I stayed 20 years in the “how pretty” and now there’s been 14 years since their manifestation. I’m fascinated. If they don’t believe me there’s no problem. But anyone who reads and listens and overall those who study them will see it’s not human, that’s definite.

Betty: Before we called them angels or gods, we called them in many different ways, and built temples, we worshiped them, now they are extraterrestrials, now they are contacts, canalizations. It’s more than fascination; there are realities because you are seeing that many people’s life’s are changing, that searched for health and not only that. In my case sickness didn’t bring me here, but to know and see all those things they say to actually happen, that’s satisfying.

That is to know that they open a door to hope, that it does exist a better tomorrow, a better future and what Father or Mother doesn’t want to give a better world than the one we have to our children. We over did it with the aggression towards the planet, we say that man is the only one that attacks the place he lives in, there is also a way to make it different, there’s also a way to rescue and that’s what makes you feel calm, to feel that there’s hope and that exists a way to do things, technically speaking, if you follow their indications it gives you results. It’s not that “some get results and others don’t and who knows why not!”

Sarita: Betty it’s an example. People come asking for an easy miracle “they told me that the lady can cure! I’ll stand up there and a cosmic ray will cure me” and no. They are teachers with an incredible profundity. Like they say, we don’t want you to call us angels, precisely because of that they don’t want to be worshiped, there are facts and everyone get to work. So, I hope more people study and it helps that they make a profound investigation of everything they have given us, it will be recognized as the message of –we’ll call them - superior beings that are already giving us something for the change that it’s coming soon. Because we will not deny that time doesn’t stop and it’s changing, then it has to be now.

Q: Is it like demystifying it?

Betty: It’s like taking away that distance of holiness, of mysticism; it’s making it closer to you, more accessible. Anyone can do it I’m the example that you don’t need to be the best, or make great sacrifices or be stigmatized. Just discipline, constancy, just be there all the time, every day, with a positive mind, in meditation and reflexion that’s more than enough, and in time achieve good things.

Q: Is this a matter of faith?

Sarita: If we want a change of life, if we want to be happy with what surrounds us, our families, our planet, then yes. Because they are offering us something that cannot be denied, something authentic.

I’m definitely showing you with facts that they are with us and now we have to extend the message to give the opportunity of a better world which is what they come to offer us, something really good that we haven’t achieved for thousands of generations of humans, we have done it all wrong. So they come to teach us as teachers as older siblings to make a change that they provide us to fix the planet and give the future to our children, what they really deserve because they are our children.

Sarita Otero Interview. Horizontes TV Show: Why was Tepoztlan chosen?

Why do you do meditations every 9th day of the month and why dress in white?

Well, about the 9th day, Alaniso asked us to do it since the time he manifested because he says that the number 9 is like a representation of the Father, there’re still things that esoterically I don’t understand, but they like that we do the meditations on every 9th day, for the Father. White, because it´s nicer to dress in white, more dedicated, but it’s not a requirement, it’s not a must. We used to do it on Fridays before, also dressed in white then Alaniso asked us not to do it because it would seem as a sect, it’s not indispensible, just that the 9th day a very beautiful meditation is given, he says they offer it to the Father, that’s why is the 9th day. It’s for respect, for Love to the Father that one dresses in white, nothing else.

In what places are UFO sightings?

From what I know, everywhere in the world; they’re manifesting everywhere. All I know is why Tepoztlán is a specific place, but they talk a lot about the triangle. They’re also seen in volcanoes, because they have bases in the volcanoes, to take care of us, not for something else; to prevent eruptions from occurring since that should be happening already, that’s why they’re in the volcanoes. They’re seen in the city, above all during cataclysms; since they’re angels it means that they will help many souls as Alaniso tells me that during the Twin Towers it was a chaos, and the souls came out uncontrolled - “what happened here?” So they went to recue Souls and Evil took his as well.

They’re where they’re needed, in any cataclysm, in any eruption, in any earthquake, everywhere; the ships always appear but later they’re blamed for what happened and it’s not that way. They’re there to help, that’s the difference. So, there’s not a specific place, except that they wanted the message to be sent from Tepoztlán because it’s aplace like a sacred valley. They call it “Ra”, a source of energy because they would always tell me: “The message will be sent out from the place of the pure energy.”

I didn’t understand until a little while ago when they told me, that there’s where they wanted to build the house so the books could be written from there, and other books that will also come out later. Moreover, the entire message that has been recorded and the cures is their manifestation; they always wanted Tepoztlán to be the place from where this message would be sent. They also like Morelia because we didn’t even realize it and we were already working in Morelia. So, I tell you, they have something very special with Morelia (Michoacán) and later will be in other places, since they want this to be worldwide.

First, they don’t want to be feared and that people stop thinking that the bad ones are coming when they see a UFO, as Alaniso says: as if the good ones were on Earth, right? He jokes about it, how the planet is, but they first want to remove fear.

¿Are there certain places where they´re seen more?

It’s due to the energy that certain places emit, so I know that in Peru also, in Machupichu; for example, they say that the Egyptian Pyramids is also a special place but unfortunately that zone is always in serious conflicts, sadly because of the oil, it turned into a conflict. But they’re manifesting around the world because they come to save the Planet and every human being; they can’t be exclusive just for one place. 

Sarita Otero Interview. Horizontes TV Show. Dimensions.

Alaniso: Let’s determine very well what time represents, time is an infinite time on which all have to be part of everything that is the change, change in each time where another change meets in another time. For example it can be a time of 7 years to another time of another 7 years to another time of…
Why is number 7 used so much? Because it marks specific dimensions to be able to find a moment of evolution as much as in the life that humans have, as in the life in the Cosmos, that is why now we have achieved 3 times 7, that we are in the 21st  dimension.
But to talk about dimensions, why can’t you see us? Because you have a vibration that can’t even approach to what represents to see, see with the eye of the mind. What is the eye of the mind? The eye of the mind represents that you have the strength to see your own brain, let’s put it like this or with the mind, because has blocked, what you have done with your computer so perfect that you have inside your head which you have forgotten so much.
So dimension is evolution, for example: if you enter as a child that will pass to elementary school then high school, but on earth everyone is failing: “I can’t, I don’t want to, I don’t understand, I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know where will I trip over, and if they tell me that this is true, I say it’s not without find it out, and if they tell me that other beings exist, I have to see them and why can’t I  see them.” But if they say that a God exists, then you say: “I think he does exist” at least because life exists and if you say that that God doesn’t exist then the being that denies him doesn’t exist either. They are reasonings.
How to enter a dimensional door? You enter in a total state of peace, you are going to clean your entire past of negative images, you are going to comprehend the being that hurt you, you will walk (not floating because you feel very pure) simply with inner peace, when you achieve that moment of peace, imagine you see a veil that glimpses in front of you and in that moment: You pass into our dimension or you can see us or we see us totally united to you. Dimension it’s a change. So, the planet is going to enter another dimension, it’s going to change, don’t be afraid, it’s a wonderful change that the Father created in the universe for His children to enjoy of the wonders he created.
SaritaThere are several cds recorded about the dimensions within what we can understand. One of the things they are telling us right now: enter into a state of inner peace. When a memory comes where you can say “oh that person offended me” or “I don’t even want to remember that person” think positively, keep working continuously in your emotions, the moment you enter a moment of total inner peace I promise you will be front to front with the angel you are calling with much love.
Check something very important, the more hate, rancour, ambition, power and everything negative you are looking for, you are going to bump with ugly dimensions, so we don’t even tell you to try an astral travel because going down into the depths of darkness, it’s nothing nice. Let’s get the mind into a positive way and the one that wants to be the most powerful be it with himself. Love himself, transmit peace to himself and stop feeling superior to his fellow beings, that’s very important.
In that way the human being will be able to directly find with what he’s asking, to know that Light. Why not, see the great Mother too, see our Great Lord Jesus, it’s not the privilege of a few, little children see them, it’s not a privilege of a being that calls himself perfect, because they can’t reach perfection. If in each one of you exists a unique force which is the mind and in that mind there’s a thought that can be converted into life every day with a goal, then set a goal for yourself.
Because if you do it just because, then you will get nowhere. It’s to have a dream each day, like Alaniso says: if a person prepares for the Olympics, he’s not going to run and make it at the first try, but he will propose to constantly prepare for the Olympics until he feel he can succeed. I don’t think there can be one someone who won a medal from one day to another.
Another example: imagine that we climb the Everest, so many start to scale and at first everyone is happy, then some get tired, others begin to frost, others can’t feel their feet, but you look up and you have your goal! The one that reaches the top will see everything that surrounds him and find the reward.
He who perseveres, reaches. Then don’t waver, but every day set a positive goal for yourselves, for example: when they say that it’s difficult (to follow what they ask), the basics to enter (into another dimension) is to remove death from your body. Well you don’t eat meat, nor drink alcohol, but there are the thoughts. Then each day study what was that hurt me the most, well that person also got hurt, I’ll help as soon as I can, but to get over it already, to mark it, write it, get it out, getting over it. We have the goal to meet  with them.
So what they ask is, the pain stayed there rub yourself and begin to work to put dreams. And then the moment will come in which, God first, we can be with them. For me that’s the goal: One day I will go with them.
To be able to know other dimensions, I’m not going to say up to their perfection, because it has taken them many millions of years to be what they are. But at least be able to take a leap; a jump, and to be closer, and then to allow us to help in some way.  But God bless, this planet changes of dimension, we are not alone because thanks to Him there’s an army of light taking care of us and it’s time to become aware that we have destroyed our world. We’ll work to live how we should really live, in harmony.

Q: Is it possible that two persons that are in the third dimension have different levels of vibration and therefore, something like inter- dimensions? Can this term be applied or how do we say it?

Yes, definitely. When a person lives continuously with a bad mood, a depression, in constant anger, it’s in a lower dimension. And when a person is smiling, encouraging others and is always ready to give you a hand, if he has a business he’s a best friend and if he doesn’t have it he is still a best friend. That person is already in a higher dimension even if he’s on earth.

Because no one likes to be with a  person that’s always in a bad mood, depressed, you can listen to them once an you can tell them, “look, change, look” But if at every moment it’s the same, “they did this to me, and everyone is bad” they stay in a negative situation. What Alaniso advices us is that when we have a business he says: “It doesn’t matter what you sell, be the best friend to the one that comes. It’s when business can bloom, but always have a smile.”  But if you are with an attitude, people will say “if I go there I’ll get hit”. So that’s why dimensions inside earth are according the mood of the people. Dimensions are vibrations.

Q: The control of emotions allows me to elevate those frequencies and change of dimension?

Sarita: The control of emotions is not easy, we have practiced, when we left meat and alcohol Alaniso told us: you did the easiest, now the emotions come next, but if every time something happens, you think about it. Sometimes one exploits “I messed up I’ll try not to next time” that way you’re already working in the emotion’s control which is: not to lose your patience because it doesn’t do you any good. We must be comprehensive.
The dimensions there’s as many to the light as there’s to darkness, and you don’t want to go to those dark places and you find horrible beings.
He says the spirit forms with thoughts, so you find such horrible things.
For example now, since the planet has to be saved anyways, those who want to go to the dark side, are going to go, but they won’t be saying “nobody told me” but there are those that cling so much to money or to power or to the fact of eating meat, and not just eat “to kill the animals with such cruelty”
People that enjoy when they kill them, we have seen them when they skin them alive, they butcher them alive, the same they have done to humans in wars; the concentration camps it’s terrifying that a human being getting cut, and being done terrible things and liking to hear the screams and they feel fed from that, those are already in lower dimensions.

Q: What awaits us in the next dimension?

Alaniso: what awaits you? Life, that’s the most beautiful of all. Imagine a planet converted into a paradise, where there are no frontiers, no more wars, where there aren’t corrupt governments, no death threats, where everything will be peace, where children will be free and the young people will be able to accomplish their goals and dreams, where everything will be happiness, that’s what awaits to a world that with all our love, we came to rescue from everything that represents death.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Please, use your mind to think. By Alan.


When it’s desired to find a truth and when it’s to know who are the beings that are visiting, a message of life must be heard, and that today, it’s being written in a place known as Tepoztlan, the place of the pure energy and in which exists the most important base on earth, denominated Amatlan de Quetzalcoatl.

There only needs to be the will to listen to it and if its authenticity is wished to be known, it’s good to have an open mind to receive it and thereby, verify its authenticity and that is the message that will bring peace to this humanity, which doesn’t know if there will be a tomorrow in which they still exist or if it’s the Light that will descend to bring the peace that has been lost on this earth.

It is talked about a time, marked by prophecies from other times. Year 2012, in which Life will rise in this world and in which the peace that was lost millenniums ago will return to this earth.

Just need to listen, to investigate and know, everything that has been prepared during these years, so that man, who doesn’t know neither the peace nor the health that has lost due to the many mistakes, and with which is shown, the authenticity of this message, with facts.

The ships have been seen in this sky, in which man observes and asks himself: Who are they and why don’t they descend?

The dimensions, that man doesn’t know, are the doors that open and thus protect every being, from curiosity of the being from this earth.

Dimensions that are used to be able to, not only observe every human being, but that will be the protection of the humans that are not evil, from the cataclysms provoked by the foolishness of man that inhabits this earth.

A time is ending, the time of the being of death, who has dominated this world for so long. The being that is feared but that is venerated with the shedding of blood that has stained this planet, in all the times in which he should have been someone who would love his earth and not be its predator.

Prayers to a Father are raised, a Father that man doesn’t know and who is not a punishing God, nor the one who will judge those who are part of the destruction of this world.

Is the greatest love, Creator of the Universe, who sends a Great Army to help the being that inhabits this earth, to ask them to think over what they have done, since this planet could end up destroyed in a short time due to their mistakes.

Earth has been visited at all times by the Beings that arrive from the Infinite Cosmos, the ones you denominated Angels and who now wish to be heard, and be seen as siblings, the ones that bring the biggest technology and which will be to reconstruct this earth, I repeat, that was destroyed by man himself.

Stop believing in misinterpretations from those who believe that the ones that are now watching over this earth are beings of evil.

The being of death is on earth, in the so feared underworld and wishes to destroy this humanity that’s so loved by this Father that asks you to listen to a message that is only of hope.

Not allowing the ships to descend and trying to attack them, is preventing this communication between the Beings of the Stars and the being that inhabits this earth.

You cannot damage them, but if you continue contriving falsely that they come to destroy you, you’re preventing the communication between millions of Beings that come in your help, as well as with the millions of men, women and children, that you cannot receive because of so much fear.

Proof? Big ships that have been seen in the sky as well as cures that man could not do.

But the most important, it’s a message that can be investigated to confirm its authenticity and to see that there’s a real message from the Beings of the Stars that are visiting.

Why without antennas or sophisticated means of communication?

Because a message to be heard will have to reach every being that inhabits this earth, be it the most prepared so it can be analyzed and investigated, as well as to those who cannot see or read a message which is, so that this humanity reconsiders and allows the help since the chosen time for the change is being fulfilled and there’s no more time to wait, because you’ve been told that there will be an alignment of all the planets, and this destroyed and contaminated planet, will not be able to pass and experience the wonderful change that’ll bring the peace and happiness, that have not existed for so long in this planet inhabited by these beings that we wish to save and never cause them any harm.

We cannot wait any longer, the time is being fulfilled and our intervention is urgent in order to save every being that wishes to live how the Beings from the Stars that are visiting live.