Monday, December 26, 2011

Pituitary Tumor Cured.

Testimony of Zenaida Monroy Barron.
Sarita Otero. Tepoztlán, Morelos, México.
TV Ahena 2011.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lesbianism and homosexuality.

When you say:  what were we, man or woman? Well, if in each life you were different then we would seem… besides there would be many memories from one life to another and of course you say “I already could have done that in another life” and then would say: “you liked a woman and now you cannot like women or you liked a man and cannot like a man anymore” than that would cause many confusions.

So whoever says that they were a man in one life and in another a woman… they must use their logic: the origin of Life, the Father created it and gave each one of us the gender we should have and each one of us has evolved with their own being.

Then, it’s not logical to be changing from one sex to another because you would be confused, that they don’t know why and then “I became homosexual or I became lesbian” when the problem is an emotional problem from Earth. They don’t know what they want, for example: women normally don’t like the way they live, they don’t like to be dominated: they want to be outstanding, they want to be someone in a determined moment, or don’t accept to have a man who will dominate them because perhaps they had a very dominating father, as an example. Then they start to defend themselves and have a good female friend and the acts of endearment start and believe they’re safer there. There with the friend neither will they have many kids nor will they have a hurtful man who would be dominating them… it’s too much disorder and the fear that has caused so much confusion.

The homosexuality is also a denial, normally we’ve found kids and the same happens also with women who have been raped. A raped girl rejects so much the man figure that when she grows up she doesn’t want anything to do with a man, then they see them as an abomination, many times it is the Father or the Grandfather or anyone such. Then they don’t want to know anything, but they need to have someone to like and the same happens with men.

Now it has unleashed an amount of human beings who are raping kids and which is the most inconceivable, naturally is almost a type of possession because a person who reasons doesn’t rape a kid, even if he’s sick, even if so desirous of wanting to have sex and normally well, it causes them a form of rejection against a figure… well, it’s ugly to say it but they hate so much the man figure that they want to be women so they accept to be a woman.

Then, it’s a complete confusion that of the human beings, naturally it will change, don’t worry.  Of course, the ones who are evil will go with evil, the ones who have more or less some kindness but who don’t want to stop destroying a life then they will stay in a planet in the third dimension but in a different way and those who accept will be normal people.

Message from Nov.4, 2011.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sarita Otero: Myasthenia Gravis, Achalasia, and Epilepsy cured.

Testimony of Lupita Lopez on how she was cured, in a short time, from 3 diseases: Myasthenia Gravis, Achalasia, and an Epilepsy she suffered for 20 years. This was possible after following the suggestions from the Beings of Light: to respect life, to love our surroundings, no alcohol, no meat, and the control of our emotions. 
Sarita Otero - Tepoztlán, Morelos, México 2006-2008 CBTV

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Myasthenia Gravis cured.

Testimony of Dr.Lilia Lopez on how she won her battle against Myasthenia Gravis thanks that she made a change in her life and accepting the energy of the Beings of Light, only possible by not eating meat, not drinking alcohol, and working with the control of the emotions and in that way allow the energy to heal.
Sarita Otero - Tepoztlán, Morelos, México 2006-2008 CBTV

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Message from Sept. 24, 2011.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Sept. 24, 2011 before and after the meditation of that day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Message from Sept. 23, 2011.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Sept. 23, 2011 before and after the meditation of that day.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sarita Otero. Message from Sept. 16, 2011.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Sept. 16, 2011 before and after the meditation of that day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sarita Otero: A case of Down Syndrome.

Sarita presents Cora Paz and her son Edgar with Down Syndrome who shows his progress and the beautiful experiences he has lived with the Beings of Light who accompany him, experiences that are possible thanks to his innocence and that his family learned to respect life.
Sarita Otero - Tepoztlán, Morelos, México. 2006-2008

Monday, September 26, 2011

Conference: 2012, a change toward Life.

California: Anaheim and Napa Valley.  

Date: Sunday, October 23, 2011.
Place: Courtyard Marriot Hotel.
           14635 Baldwin Park Towne Center
           Baldwin Park, Ca 91706.
Time: Starts at 10:00 am.
Cost:  $35 per person.
Contact: Rocio Robles (714) 612-0402 or (760) 605-0122

Date: Saturday, October 29, 2011.
Place:Napa Valley Marriot Hotel.
          3425 Solano Ave,
          Napa, CA 94558       
Time: Starts at 6:00pm.
Cost:  $30 per person.
Contact: Lourdes (707) 344 - 5052

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meditations Online:

Meditations Online:10PM Mexico City time. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, days 9, and last Saturday of the month.
~Important Message ~
Although the meditations are in Spanish, if you listen with much inner peace you will be able to understand them in your language. It is with the power of telepathy that this is possible; your guardian angel will help you.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sarita Otero. Parkinson's Disease Cured.

Luz Maria gives her testimony on how she was able to eliminate the Parkinson's disease by making a change in her life suggested by the Beings of Light, which is to love herself, love her surroundings, stop eating death (meat), no alcohol, and the control of emotions. By making that change, she prepared her body and mind to receive the energy of the Beings of Light who helped her recuperate her health.
Sarita Otero - Tepoztlán, Morelos, México. 2006-2008

Friday, September 9, 2011

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Sept. 2, 2011

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Sept. 2, 2011 before and after the meditation of that day.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Aug. 27, 2011 before and after the meditation.

There’s nothing that we haven’t predicted before. I told you that you have to talk with the TV stations/networks, well, not talk because no one will listen, but to send well elaborated messages. What we will do is give information, we need to accumulate information for everyone because when the movement/activity that we are now going to do is seen, then I know that all the TV stations/networks will become interested in everything we bring and everything we will give.

We are working intensely, like we have told you, it’s not easy to make a selection of the humanity, and to hear the Father ask us to recuperate His children well it worries us much. A few moments ago I was commenting that we cannot put the dark spirits inside the spheres at this moment because they would take a human being each one of them and alive, imagine if we were going to be so cruel like to put them inside the spheres with the body and send them to the darkness, many souls will go with them but not at this moment that are authentic possessions what is happening, and don’t think the possession is just that they are screaming because a spirit went in, well yes, look at the wicked if they don’t look as if possessed, proud of dominating with the gun, with threats and with the pain they cause when they commit so many crimes, but we won’t wait for too long.

Therefore, we have to do something that impresses completely so that at least by fear the start to say that they repent, of course we also need there to be much information that’s why we tell you, don’t believe that it wasn’t worth it this interview of National Geographic, write to other TV stations/networks as well, think that when the movement is heard they start searching the main contactees.

Have you noticed that the contactees that talk, talk in a very simple way, they don’t have a profound knowledge of what we bring, they don’t know very well everything that we are going to do; a Sixto Paz has a little bit more of knowledge naturally, but how many are there like him, or how many are there that can talk clearly of everything we are preparing for humanity.

Many have listened, many, well… one thing I don’t agree with is that they say they enter in a trance and an extraterrestrial enters in their body, because none of the beings that come from other worlds are in the habit of entering the bodies to talk. We all use telepathy and naturally many times they do appear or they approach human beings to ask questions or to give them information and then they disappear and enter their ships and leave a mark that they really were in contact with many human beings. But there aren’t possessions in the sense of extraterrestrials, there are possessions in the sense of the beings of darkness, there yes, and many more than you imagine.

When you see evil at what extreme it gets they always end terrorized like now that they just killed many persons as if they put many human beings in a rotisserie, naturally that those plans of evil reach extremes because they take these beings with such a possession that they even feel pleasure of all that; they are no longer owners of themselves, they are already completely dominated by beings that are now working against the Father and who also plan on leaving with the humans but like we have said before, we will not put in an alive human being in a sphere, alive in the sense that they’re still with their body and their mind in the third dimension, if they take the spirits well, in no way we can prevent it, and they will take many, let’s hope it’s not so many.

But keep insisting, talk, listen to the skeptics when they tell you, “I’m a skeptic,” well, what do you believe in? “I just don’t believe,” you don’t believe, what is to believe? To believe is to listen, and to understand something one must analyze it and one must know that naturally we are not alone in the infinite universe, we are not alone any of us, we are millions and trillions of beings who are now working with much precaution because we want to rescue this entire planet with the human beings that can be rescued.

But the war is unleashed in a terrible way, evil goes on taking ownership of men’s mind and these human beings start doing unheard-of things, but they have done it since the time of the times in which man has existed; there has always been slavery, there has always been tortures, there has always been more cruel ways of killing their fellow beings and naturally that we are going to wait for them to think and that they have consideration toward the little animal. When man has always been a being who has given to evil, but as you know not everyone, there are stories of good beings, of men and women who have devoted themselves to help, who have left wonderful written things, there are stories of all of them, but if you see how many and think how many human beings are who have inhabited this earth during all the centuries that have passed by in order to reach this time of the change.

That man thinks it’s inconceivable that something will happen? Well if they want to continue the way they are, I believe we would get the little planet and pass it to the dark side and they can stay there doing their things, naturally not with the good people but we cannot remove it from the orbit because it then would unbalance the planetary system, so we cannot allow things to remain the same as they say.

So, don’t worry, we have promised changes, we already promised very big activity, we have already promised that you will go up in the ships, we have promised that you will represent us as worthily as you have listened. We feel a great affection for you, well we translate it to a great love because it’s what we really feel for you, all the gratefulness for having listened to the message that these teachers give through a mind who prepared to love you.

Keep in mind that we are here, right now there are a few here and weren’t lazy to come and however here we are the nine, here is our Teacher, the Great Mother, and the Father willing to fill you with light, so you will get a very intense light and all our love to give it to you. But don’t forget, use the media, they’re interesting because that type of means of communication there’s today well, it can reach up to the other continent, it can reach everywhere. Then, it’s very interesting that you communicate, but always with much love, that always is shown that there aren’t any threats here, there are promises that are not false because naturally it’s being talked about life that will be given and not of death which is what now the human being is living.

Give us then this moment to offer it to the Father and let’s work together as we have done up to now that we will continue dictating because we need to have our encyclopedia complete. The moment will come in which it will different but right now we have to accumulate as much information as possible because later it will spread even if you don’t believe it, we will spread our message around the earth despite the powerful and that they want to prevent it, despite that they say that they won’t allow… for instance, talks about miraculous cures because then science would get upset. But seeing it clearly, science thinks that if there’s one miracle, it will not affect them at all since there are millions of sick people but when they see that it’s many and that we are more, then they will have to accept that we come to help this humanity in this terrible time of crisis in which they don’t even know how they can find happiness.

Prepare yourselves very well because things are coming big, very big for all those who listen to us.

Message after the meditation.

I believe you realize how important this mission is, now you understand why in many occasions we cannot say: “the planet will now be purified of all the beings of darkness and we will send all these beings directly to the place they belong,” do you know how many they would take? And do you know how terrible it would be to hear the screams of terror inside the spheres of the beings that are alive? We cannot do that. Then for that reason we have to do this task and I hope that you transmit what we are teaching and realize how difficult it is to precisely work to make man think, to make man reconsider.

You will say: these beings that are capable right now… with the last thing it happened, set fire to where there were innocent people; those are not beings who are really in their senses. No, they have a terrible possession. Perhaps by removing from them these beings they could feel a little bit of repentance and could pass to a planet in the third dimension but we will not send them in the spheres with their body and the life they have as humans, that we cannot do it.

So therefore, see how arduous our task is and with how much love we have to prepare the message, that’s why it will be prepared, the media has to come, my brother A-Viatar just talked, there will be spheres everywhere but the information has to be given now, they won’t apparently listen to you, but later they will say: “Yes I got it, I got this message and it’s from a person who got cured from a disease and who also has seen them, of the kids who have seen them.”

We must fill with knowledge, for now they will say: “there are a bunch of crazy people who are talking of this, but they are not so crazy because it’s many who are talking.”  You give the message, you talk, you make that they listen to our messages and we make sure that that moment in which we will fill the sky with spheres arrives. And many will say they are balloons but they will realize that they are not even close to being balloons.

So, let’s work with much love, we are with you when you are willing to give us the happiness of knowing that we can count with you, and you know it, the ones who are too lazy to come, at least listen to the message because I believe it is important that they should be aware of what we are transmitting.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Aug. 26, 2011 before and after the meditation of that day.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sarita Otero: Diabetes Cured. Julio and Dr. VIcente Oliviera.

Testimony of Julio Laso on how he was cured from Diabetes by following the suggestions of the Beings of Light and receiving their energy. DR. Vicente Oliviera also gives his testimony on how Julio was able to heal. In order to receive the energy of these Beings, it is necessary to love yourself, and love your surroundings, respecting life as the Father created it. Their suggestions are: No meat, No alcohol, No drugs, and control of emotions; they call them suggestions because they respect our free will.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sarita Otero: Pancreatic Cancer Cured.

Testimony of Susana Mateos on how she won the battle against pancreatic cancer, an incurable disease, but by making the changes suggested by the Beings of Light which is not to consume death - no meat, no alcohol, no drugs and the control of emotions, she opened up to receive the energy of these Beings to regenerate that affected organ.
Tepoztlan, Morelos. Mexico (2006-2008)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Message from Aug. 12, 2011. Teacher Alaniso.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on Aug. 12, 2011 before and after the meditation of that day.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Message from Aug. 9, 2011.

Message from Teacher Alaniso on August 9, 2011, before and after the meditation for that day. By: Sarita Otero. Tepoztlan, Morelos. Mexico.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Teacher Alaniso's message given before the meditation of July 29, 2011.

When a man is said to have all his faculties that he can actually use to work, to give his family the best, to dream if he wants to dream, when a man says that is in a total and absolute perfect balance, usually after it he says: that's what I want to be.

We want everyone who will listen to us to be always thinking how wonderful it is the prize we'll give, if any doubter, look what has happened, put two followed meditations and if it is human then it means this was a hoax. You will receive the grand prize beyond than what could be the lottery, because that would buy many things but not peace or tranquility, or dreams, or travels as the ones you will do with us. Here you can barely travel just how expensive it is everything and with us is not going to cost, we are going to carry you all around especially to our planets to know them.

When will it be?

Look I want you to understand very well all that we are doing is a very dangerous mission, dangerous in the sense that we do not want you to get panic attacks, and there they say that if fanatics, that if is another religion but will not go any further, but of course when they realize we're really talking about the great industries of power that are selling meat, selling very expensive medications and above all things alcohol.

Tell me who does not have at home a wine cellar and also boasts that you want something finer and bottles of champagne although later your head hurts but it is a way to show off, the money they spend on something that is a real poison. They have placed a rat in the cigarette packs, they should also put them on bottles because it really is in every way more poison the act of drinking alcohol.

Our message will now be open to the entire world, why? Because if not the Father is who will pull our ears if we give Him a few, "look Father, they understood the world is not empty and now we can distribute them if you want, we take some to Europe, others we can put in the Americas others take them to South America," but dispersed families. I think the father would say, "Well, I gave you power, gave you carte blanche as you say, just do what you have to do, so I can retrieve my children," He does not forgive us to tell Him that He loses many of His children.

For example when speaking of the slaughter of animals, poor animals and poor humans that became cruel murderers they really are evil because they also enjoy what they do. What these humans do not know is that if they leave without having repented of having made ​​a change in their mind and that we can pass them to a planet in third dimension then they would go to the darkness.

These beings are also sadists and enjoy each time the new enter the prison they do to them what they did in life, whether to humans or animals to feel what they did and to tell them -This is evil; now you will live as evil, hate us, hate us to be strong so you can go to the world to do harm-. Well for that we are ready to avoid that. There are enough bad guys on earth, and the dark beings have spread across the globe at an alarming rate.

When people are participating in any kind of killing, they don’t even see the being that glued to them to absorb their energy and then they have it as a shadow because it is what they are feeding, like having their personal vampire, who is working at all times to take our Father’s children. So you think we're going to sit by? We have enough, already here in Mexico, a few in Cuernavaca, Cuautla, Puebla, Michoacán. We are pleased to see how many have responded to our message and also in California, but how many?

They also can be counted with the fingers, they are few for the Father to be proud of what we are doing, then we have to put all of you to work. You're going to be those who will receive an appointment, who will be stronger than anyone but in order to give you the power we want to give, so you can work, I need you to understand what having the power of love is, I need you to understand that you can’t lose control of your emotions.

A person who has the power of mind and gets upset with another can be very damaging and it’s not to harm the beings they may face in trying to help, a shout of anger in this way can even kill a human being. Then you have to understand why we are so demanding, why we want to give you the biggest, we want to deliver a force that has not existed here on earth, we want you to represent us but not with pride,-I’m super man, I look at you and dominate you or I reached out and made ​​fire-, nothing like that, but to be people that with much love help other human beings feel the wellness in their body, to be all those that can help in diseases.

How many sick are in the world? Much more than the healthy, and the healthy are now what we count, they are like the little people who can still say: I think I just have a headache or stomach ache-but actually it has grown so much the disease in the world.

But how many do we have to talk to man?

We really have called several thousands, here in this place have come thousands, many healed and returned to eating meat, they forgot what we ask. Many others say-I have no time, and are not aware of what is really happening and many others which are few have been on the lookout for what is happening and have felt that love that could feel so great when we cured them from an incurable disease. But anyway, from the thousands we have brought here, we still say that there aren’t so many, with 100 we can do a little more noise than man could have imagined.

 We have a track of how many are going to be able to talk of us with evidence, it will be beautiful, without showing off- show me, where does it hurt, I'll take away this pain- you put your hand and for them to feel also the presence of their angel, but to be for yourselves also to relieve pain and can help them feel the joy of life and can help them to think, that will be difficult. To teach man to think it takes a bit more work, a lot more work, but that’s how we would like to see you, helping other human beings.

 But nothing that I’ll put my office and see what Teacher says how much do I charge - because it will finish healing one at a time, it will be done in groups but that someone says - I have a tumor here- they will be allowed to come and tell them with much love, “close your eyes” and you put your hand and the tumor can go away but you have to teach that person to love himself. Then you cannot heal what cannot receive the human being, then you have to be teachers, real teachers, we are preparing you for a unique doctorate.

All that are already too lazy to come, well they can stay in their homes, they'll have a little extra classes, and they will have to catch up but those who are aware of what we ask, are the ones that we have rated as the most important in our mission. Yes definitely we know when someone cannot come, let’s suppose the Priego family lives a little farther and there’re more setbacks, but they would be here every Friday but they are getting informed and buying the messages and working.

Families who are in U. S. are asking for the messages are asking everything to be up to date but cannot come, you are going to say, but with the ship we can bring them all... In one moment we will do outrageous things, but remember that very carefully because we do not want you to be attacked, we avoid you being harmed but it’s not about declaring war on man it’s about talking of everything with moderation, with cordiality, with evidence.

 Remember there are going to be many who say they are contacted, always ask them - you eat meat? - If say yes, forget it,-no, but I traveled, I went to Saturn and I went to the Pleiades and saw beings - who cannot even describe them -I saw a blonde, - but say - why can I not eat meat?-  it would be illogical, all living beings on other worlds talk about respect for life, is the first thing we have to teach, because then in a contaminated body cannot enter the energy and in a contaminated body there can be no health, a polluted body cannot have a thorough understanding that we give them and naturally, to take them elsewhere to other dimensions your bodies must be very healthy, very balanced, that there’s  no bitterness,  no anguish, no such “I cannot”  and over all things, for the love of the Father, forgive your own mistakes.

That is something you carry a lot - why did I do it, why did I not understand, why did I accept? Why it hurts me that he has hurt me or that she hurt me? Why? Why did I open them the doors? Do not let in your mind mistakes that could be said, I'm going to hurt myself, remember that the most common diseases ... cancer, well, definitely we know why they get sick, is also a deep grudge against others and against themselves, ah but why the child?

Because the child was infected from the womb and was then infected by the environment in which he develops and then also saturated with harmful foods that’s what gets a child sick. But we speak of another disease that occurs in children, diabetes. How does a child have an altered pancreas? -Oh is hereditary, hey you had a distant uncle that had diabetes, then you inherited it-. No, what is inherited are the bad habits and the way of speaking and thinking that have many human beings, but it is a disease that seems worse than an epidemic of a harmful cold but that is incurable and that also depresses.

Depression is a completely progressive disease, deadly and contagious, so for that there should be vaccines: vaccines of love, hope vaccines, vaccines to remove the folly of thinking that a human is ill because they forgot about him, because he got infected, or because they inherited it. A human being doesn’t get sick because he had a dad who was ill, of course he conveyed his distress, he conveyed the bitterness, he conveyed the bad habits in his diet, and then it is hereditary.

But you must understand that you have to guide people but with much love, very calmly, with tranquil words and not to be seen like you are floating -Because I'm in the greatest spirituality-, not that because that's feeling superior, you are normal people full of love that will help us convey our message.

So to keep preparing that we don’t warn but it’s coming strong, it’s strong the moment when you will be working all without exception, there are groups who meet to meditate because they cannot come, this happens a lot in Michoacán and little in the U.S.  Although independently they are listening to their messages but we are already seeing the enthusiasm to convey the message. So I tell them already they will start to see the ships more palpably, but want to give them.

So you’re going to get a checkup of consciousness: I stay happy, yeah, well, I got angry because they told me...., Yes, I am happy because I took it off, I keep all my emotions in control, well, suddenly they do make me a little angry, -but Teacher Alaniso there are some people that make you feel like giving them a kick first and then smile to them.-

So I keep me healthy because I believe in myself, in my body, I believe in my strength, I believe in something important, I am a daughter of the Creator or Creator's son, are you not children of the Creator? From where did they come out, of nowhere?

How do you think a boom created everything in the universe? Well, that’s a smart boom because then he sent sparks that formed a perfect body and some animals that are perfect as well and a perfect balance of nature, what a boom! Why not think that there must have been a creator beyond what man can know that full of love keeps loving all the beings he created.

So please control your emotions, I already explained why, so you don’t ask me: when we are going to see teacher? I already want to see, I already want to go to another dimension, I already want to get on the ships, I already want to help everyone.  Yes, we're going to trust you all that but please keep doing your analysis, in the evening you can point in the notebook, I was angry or not angry, I worried or not worried, if I keep a grudge, if I forgave myself for my mistakes because that is something that all carry, feelings of guilt for not having noticed because they allowed to get hurt. Then you know if you mark it, but above all now the time is short, we will not be waiting for one of these days so we can have our little army that will give our message of hope to this much needed humanity.

Let's start with much love the meditation, be calm, here is the Light of the Father, the Teachers, is Teacher Jesus and the Great Mother is present, so receive them and welcome the Great Energies with much love, making a promise that you will have the control of your emotions to get what was promised.

 (Message after the meditation)

At this moment for you has to be of reflection, we do not ask anything you cannot do, we don’t demand anything you can’t perform but if you will be an example, if you’re going to show yourselves to the world as our students, humbly, you must have peace first, have a peaceful look in your eyes, an excellent health and an infinite desire to help the Father to recover His children.

So for this today my brother Alan insisted, we are not asking for anything you can’t do, you are only asked the complete control of each and every one of your emotions amid the chaos of this world that we do understand, there we do test you because really it’s a world that is only pain, war, massacres, disease, what more can we add ... all the pain that may exist and has acquired the human being.

And still some because they have a lot of gold, erect themselves as judge of those who do not have it, and still some because they feel that somehow they supposedly studied and have a sophisticated way of thinking are those who are superior, no one is superior to anyone, it only has to be taught to every human being to create life for themselves, to believe in themselves and convey the peace, but with a smile.

That there’s a little defect that you have out there still with a disease-it hurts here, or whatever, and my leg is bad ... – let us fix it, in that we help you in whatever is, we are willing to do it, but please do not doubt that you can be a clean image of our presence, because we trust you to represent us and at all times to be the soldiers who will be victors in this war against evil, -we are very weak to overcome them- well, we will not make you to deal with them but do make man to repudiate everything  that represents evil and we sadly grab them and take them to their domains.

 But help us, be firmly representatives of this teacher who so lovingly called you and always has been trying to guide you as it should be guided a being who can actually think, so we consider you to be beings who think, who reason, who love and are willing to work for this difficult task we have set ourselves and that the Father has asked us to make.