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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 653. June 28, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 653. June 28, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

What means for you to be able to say: “life will change for us.” That it is bad? Yours’ is less bad than in other places; that you have many economic problems? There are those who really are in a total and absolute bankruptcy and there is a quite impressive poverty on the Earth, but we want that those who listen to us, who are preparing themselves, who are our best students, not to have any conflict with anything or anyone. For this reason I’m going to ask to be calm because when everything happens, is going to be the greatest surprise that you’ve received and it is from one moment to another. When we begin, I know that all of you are going to be full of happiness, but remember that before all the movement, you are going to be able to board a ship and are going to be able to receive all that we’re going to give.

We have everything ready; the ships are ready, the greatest movement that has been given over the Earth is being prepared. Man believes that is the owner of a planet that has destroyed, the human being feels powerful because they can manufacture much gold, because is no longer that they’re going to dig gold from any place, but that are making it, that is, all the bills with which are manipulating so many human beings and with that they feel very powerful; above all things, there are already too many traps and everything to be able to have the greatest amount of gold. We’ve seen that they accumulate an impressive amount of bills that naturally with time were going to devaluate totally.

But what I want to say to you is this: the planet is moving, the planet is protesting, the planet cannot bear more of the destruction that man did to it, the planet is saying “it’s enough!” For this reason there are many climate changes, because it is as if it protested from everything that have done to it. From the sky falls the light and from the sky also descends that which can be the most impressive, which are the strongest winds and will also give rise to many cataclysms in the Earth, but I don’t want this to frighten or worry you. You are being taken cared by us, all those who listens to us has to be calm, nothing can happen, above all will be able to speak with all the beings that don’t listen and they will understand what is the message that we bring.

We are ready as you say “warming up engines” but we’re still selecting many human beings that we see that are good despite the vicissitudes and despite the setbacks, there are good people. People that worry about rescuing injured animals, people that try to live at least a little more decorously, working incessantly and who don’t harm anyone; but naturally, all human beings at this moment are worried about the future.
At this moment at least there’s a good distraction, the famous “World Cup,” but there’s also much sadness for the ones that lose, much happiness, much tension and many wishes to see their country be the winner, what does that give you? Well, it gives you happiness, and naturally, well, what do the people win? Joy, obviously no one is going to win money except the soccer players. But the joy is indeed very good because it conveys much positive energy. We have to take advantage of all that energy to be able to do something that the human beings really receive, that we want you to be able to feel our presence. But there are countries that are in a total bankruptcy, there are places completely devastated and just as you see, the joy that Brazil is, you  know that there are neighborhoods in a terrible poverty, that’s what they were protesting, why if they lack the most essential, was spent so much in the stadiums? But in any case they weren’t going to spend it in fixing their houses, they were going to spend it in any other thing because naturally, there was going to occur something to them where they can, it’s assumed, justify all the money that enters.

The first thing I want to say is, please, you have listened, have done your part and I have heard you say: “If nothing happens, I wouldn’t eat meat again, after all, no one is eternal, in this body we have right now, no one is eternal, and if we were to earn a place with the Father, I believe that it would be a great gain.” We’ve taught you to love, we’ve taught you to believe, we’ve taught you to listen and we’ve taught you to dream, but we can’t play with you when you already have a dream that is so beautiful as is knowing that you can go with us and that are going to have the most unimaginable adventures.

All those who have heard our message with much love, all those who have complied with love in what refers to the respect for life, is going to have a great award; the one you would’ve never imagined. Imagine right now, well yes, the prize of a game is money, is the glory that doesn’t last much but naturally, what you’re going to receive is going to be forever happiness, forever being with us, forever knowing what is to have the inner peace that we ask you so much. Because if we observe, we see that the famous “inner peace” well, it’s taking you much work because the people near you make you break totally your control of your emotions, even if you don’t wish anything bad for them, even if you’re not telling them “I’m going to curse that one,” no, you only feel overwhelmed with the attitudes from the others, who fight for anything to see who wins and who keeps something.

We’ve already said, everywhere we see a small inheritance and with that is enough for the family to divide: they don’t like each other anymore, no longer can stand each other because someone has to win, win what? Something that didn’t construct; and however, it is many the people who fight for a land, a house, something that constructed the parents and who naturally thought that their children would enjoy, not that were going to end up as enemies. When the parents pass to the other dimension they feel very sad because: “What we constructed was for something good, for the tranquility of our children.” Nowadays the great inheritances are not a trend, before yes, there were millionaire inheritors, not now because now they care more how they distribute the money the ones that have it and how they protect it so that another human being won’t take it and feel with the right to take what is not theirs.

The first thing that I want to say is this: today I want you to be totally calm, today I want you to listen to us with much love. All of us are here, the 9 and everyone’s angel and you’re going to say, “and they all fit here?” yes, don’t forget that we’re also in another dimension, more as energy than matter, when you see us how we look as matter, you will be very happy to see us in that way and feel that you can touch us and that can hug us and that can share with us the food and can totally enjoy our company because you’ve earned it. You’ve come with much hope saying: “Something new brings Teacher Alaniso, something new will say to us, at least that he says a date.” I already said, it is from one moment to another, we cannot wait more because the planet is protesting, things can get so devastating that then yes, we were going to collect only souls instead of taking human beings to start a new life. But this planet has to be a paradise in a short time, that is our obligation we’ve imposed on us, then, we have to hurry up because we also don’t want the planet to burst and that there won’t be absolutely anything left of it. Because if they’ve believed that the nuclear tests were a game… I believe that evil worked there with much strength; he made them feel superior because they have a devastating weapon, and that is being superior? Being able to destroy it all? Being able to end with everything that surrounds you? That wouldn’t even be able to breathe the air because it would be contaminated? That there wouldn’t be fruit, there wouldn’t be vegetables, there wouldn’t be anything to eat? Well, not even animals because they were going to kill the ones that remained alive, that is what would achieve with their famous nuclear war that so many times have planned. And they continue upset, and continue saying that they can attack a powerful country because if they don’t attack it, it would attack them and there go the ones that call themselves “powerful countries” to enter in the other country to hurt them and then it is when we see that it all ends up in a terrible way in terms of feelings, because naturally, the country that is invaded feels total hatred toward those human beings that arrive to take what is theirs.

In each war have been lost many souls, too many because have become true beasts that destroy the life of their fellow beings, and those human beings become beings of the darkness.  Then this was the final time for evil and he knows it, thus he’s taking advantage to see if he can keep the greatest amount of human beings possible and we’re not going to leave them to him. We are beings that have power and that power we’re going to use it to rescue this planet from its destruction. Prepare very well because the time arrived and we’re ready to give you all that was promised.

Message after the meditation:

Tell me something, you’ve just heard something that I believe that at least can give you the joy of knowing why you’re being prepared and so interested in being able to learn. You realize that naturally, evil attacks, tries to make you have a problem, to make you have doubts, to make it seem that we don’t help you but this is going to be so strong, so decisive is such a short time that then you’ll see in what way we give you all that you’ve asked. We’re also obligated with all of you because you’ve put so much love, because you listen, because you practice, because you’re already part of an army, then if you know how to study and are preparing yourselves, feel the joy of knowing that if evil hasn’t manage to prevent you from moving forward, for he disguises and goes on inciting other people to tell you that everything is bad… what happened with the famous 21st of December? How many said: “You can eat meat, nothing happened”? That is, they don’t get the important message of the respect for life, but even those people are going to have to react.

Now, not all are of the ones who offered to help and come for this mission, but at least from the ones we’re selecting, yes. And then you say to yourselves: “I will comply with my Father, oh how difficult has been to survive in this earth without me having fear, anguish, receiving aggression from some human beings,” even from family members that break the absolute peace that you search, but remember, don’t lose the peace and the tranquility you have to have. That if someone gets aggressive on you, that if someone is causing problems, you try to be the most calm possible and let us keep away the person that is causing any harm, which later will reconsider, but if we see that someone is causing too many problems, we manage to get them away, away from your life for a moment, a time, not that we’re despising them, remember that we come for the humanity without exception because for the Father all, all are his children; he doesn’t have a preference, he loves all, but all the ones that work to save this humanity, well, the Father is going to have the joy of receiving you and give you something very, very beautiful because this is going to give you evolution, this is going to give you something very nice that he knows how to give and you’re going to be with us and we’re going to take you to know our worlds; we’re going to take you to know all that you wish to learn and are going to change completely, even of your “suit” you have right now; we’re going to give you many beautiful things but for now we must finish the mission; the time is very short, very short.

We won’t be saying anymore: “Look, very soon, very very soon,” because at least you can realize that the planet can no longer stand the destruction. The man knows the terrible harm they do to the planet with the extraction of the oil – oh no, but the oil is greed: the oil belongs to a country, it belongs to the men, and it belongs…- What? The oil was the shock absorber of the Earth and are emptying the planet, what is left now are fighting for it to see who keeps the wealth because they also earn much money with all that they sell; but what a beautiful contamination! Each time is worse; now the cities are seen of a terrible brown color from the amount of contamination it has; now even the poor plants is hard for them to grow, provoked by the oil but also by the nuclear explosions and the tests they do, that negative energy flows in the air. Then what we make sure  to do is to be protecting you and enfolding you so that nothing can harm you, that’s why suddenly new diseases emerge, new flus, new everything, the doctors no longer know what to do; the doctor who really studied to save lives because wanted to help his fellow beings, is feeling dispirited because doesn’t cure anything, they give some medicine that each time are more expensive and which anyways doesn’t cure them, doesn’t save the and then they feel sad because at least the patients survive a little but don’t make them be happy nor can help them to really live.

Then what I say to you is this: We are ready. As I’ve just explained, the planet can no longer stand what man has done to it; the destruction is deep, even to the deepest part of its foundations, then yes, great cavities can open. Has been seen that many cavities then open and that have fallen there even cars and houses and everything, but the time could come when it could be seen as the movie from the year 2012, provoked by man but we won’t allow it. It’s now about ending with the planet so that we start working very hard and being able to cleanse completely all that you’ve done, reconstruct again stone by stone… no! We won’t allow that also and that in addition that we have to see what to do with so many souls that are left flying because in a cataclysm die many people and then where do we put them, if they need to go to a dimension of light, an intermediate dimension or if we send them to reincarnate in the third dimension, then all of this is a very hard work and are millions of human beings, then this cannot wait more, we are ready.

Then  you dedicate yourselves to… yes, observe the sky because we’re going to give you a beautiful surprise already in this time; then allow us to finish and feel the joy of knowing that you are for us, our angels because you’re helping us to give a message to this humanity.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. June 28, 2014.

The meditation given this day, which is number 653 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"- Lista de  material.)
Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Messages before and after meditation 652. June 27, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages before and after meditation 652, dictated on June 27, 2014.

 Message before meditation:

I wish, that if this time is very important to you, you say, why we do not lose faith, why do we keep listening: that almost, that already soon, that one of these days, that why not? Why do you have so much faith? Because you have imbued with the message, because have realized that this message is authentic and that if we are manifesting in this way is because we need to have ready the entire message for mankind. A humanity that sadly cannot think, a humanity which sadly does not know to believe, does not know how to feel something as big as the fact of knowing that there is a Father which totally don’t know. A humanity that is dedicated to work ... to work on your own because there are a lot of injustices that exist right now which is terrible; and the Father loves his children, I do not want you to forget that.

We want to put everything in place, but to be the least that will go into darkness and we're going to take care of the dark ones and put them in the spheres and send them to their domains, no one other than us will intervene. The Father gave us power, the Teacher Jesus gave us power, oh, because naturally as they say "the son of the Father", well yes, he is a Grand Teacher created by the Father with more power than all of us together and of course now he will fulfill his promise, but his promise is to return His children, that His children would again be life, that His children would hear his message, that His  children would no longer be thinking about wars, that His children would no longer be thinking of aggression and divided religions. He spoke with so much love to the beings who heard him and furthermore, he wrote many other things, not that he wrote by his own hand, but he did have who were writing everything he said, and all those scrolls have been saved, why? Because does not suit them to be heard, above all things, that he never said he was a God and he spoke about the "respect for life". You hear anyone who has studied religion, oh, but why did he eat lamb? It's something we cannot understand why the man who he says he thinks, can say things that are really even illogical. A Teacher evolved ... well, as evolved who is the beloved Son of the Father, killing and eating corpses? Is logically illogical, then no longer use the logic, that is, man does not like to think, likes to manipulate, likes to create his own stories, likes to create their own laws, but who is manipulating humanity? A being of death that found their weak side, the side of the desire for power. Ah, that's the first thing he offers, "I can give you gold, power, and I can elevate you until you see everyone kneeling at your feet." Thus feel powerful, that accumulate gold in a striking way that not even could spend it, and everything is in such an improper way, so to speak, that we are just watching, listening and seeing how the crime increased, watching the rising mafia, seeing how they became followers of evil. But even already have him worshiped - the "Santa Muerte," the holy death. I know that right now would protest to me any that venerate the Santa Muerte, but I'll tell you: the Santa Muerte they say that meets good and bad, and meets whims. We do not meet whims, we give you what you really deserve to have and what should have and what should receive and what will lead you to a path of love and hope for an amazing future that we are preparing. We speak of love, we speak about balance, we speak of progress, we speak of the universe, we speak about us being able to travel around the world without having to use one of the ships, we will assume, well is true too, with ships we manifest and because we like some comfort, but when we want to be somewhere else, with the mere fact of focusing, our body becomes a light that appears seemingly small, is as if it were a star and we are transported to wherever we want to be, and note the power, anywhere in the universe. So being here on Earth and move from one place to another, it is the easiest thing we can do. Plus we have the power of ubiquity and can be everywhere at the same time we need. How do we develop something like this? By loving, we have never destroyed a single form of life, listening to our Teacher, listening to the Father's love, growing in mind, continuing being united and we are also millions; calculate what is a galaxy, well, this galaxy has, not millions, trillions as well as there in the galaxy. I am speaking not of a planet, I'm talking about an entire galaxy, but from all the galaxy have met who have promised our Teacher Jesus to help him so that he can maintain order in all that represents the places where the Father created life. Teacher Jesus not only has the obligation that he imposed onto himself of this planet, is also his duty to monitor the universe, he is also the one who is guiding us, we will say, "the senior commander," and is now willing to do anything to not fail the Father.

So what can we do, how do we shake the man, how do we make him believe, how do we teach them that there exists a path of peace and hope, how do we make the powerful that does not want to lose his powers and their gold can say: I repent? I'm talking about who has collected his gold destroying lives. Because how easily make a war, and how easily order to kill humans, and how easily, those who hinder them, with a machine gun or a pistol take them out of the way; how easily kill and we still want them to respect life, to feel love for the small beings that are destroying to eat them, tell them that are not beings created to be wild death eaters and destroyers of all that has life, how are we going to do it? Impacting.We’re going to frighten them, do not worry, we know that we have said it much and you say: "Teacher Alaniso, we are seeing the sky and nothing happens; teacher Alaniso, we are waiting; teacher Alaniso we are now desperate because we no longer have enough money, do not want to hear us, people are very foolish, they say we are in a religion or a cult, don’t want to know about the respect for life; teacher Alaniso please make noise." Well, we are ready, you only keep in balance. Do not hold a grudge for anyone; I know there are human beings in all places of the Earth that if I were human, I would want to at least put a tape of those that put in their mouth to see if they shut their mouth, because they like to offend and they like to do things that really make feel the human being as beaten, minimized; yes, yes there are, and that furthermore subjugate by terror, not by fear, terror too. So what do we do? Instilling terror, not fear, terror. Oh no, but there are coming the reptilian aliens or that weird stuff they put in their movies, "no, they are all monsters with tentacles", and the poor little innocent humans living in peace and harmony on this earth, the aliens want to attack them and they want to take all the property and wealth, alas, poor little humans that do not know to destroy, nor know how to hate, and do not know how to attack their fellows! For the love of God, why did they forget to think? Fortunately there is a Father who loves them intensely and thanks to the Father we can say that he does have children who know how to love, all over the planet. We already checked the entire planet, we have selected all mankind, there are still many who are good and still eat some chicken, well, but we know they will understand.

We are listening to your mind and we are also seeing the human suffering, diseases already spread over the entire the Earth due to the ignorance on which humans live. Then it's about time for those who received healing, talk, but that they see the ships. We will make a wonderful show and do not think we're just chatting to you, is from a moment to the next, when you least expect it everything is done, but we have to tell you what will happen because if we don’t you are going to say: "We weren’t even told how it would happen." Of course we let you know, when you least expect you will begin to see the ships, the light will come down, we'll take you in the ships, but those who lovingly have waited and we will do then that all those who left and returned to eat meat again because "these Teachers promised and failed" because "nothing happens" because "poor them that  we don’t appear when they demand it;” then we are going to make them think and all those who have listened to us will be able to see us as we promised.

So I repeat, it is time, it is the moment and we are beings who have the power to control evil, send them to their domains hoping this does not obliterate mankind. Because right now they have them caught, are taking humans in a way that if they could see a moment how they look with a monster attached to their back, you will see that they would take a fright, that's why they put their movies that appears a monster out there, which first appeared a human and then was transformed and that is how they are, if we showed them, they die of panic, that's why we also want them to see a little bit what they are doing. We will expose the evil but get ready because you will not like to see a dark being. We will only do in a way that those who are in evilness can feel that presence and may even see it and you will see that when they start to hear that we are here to help will ask for clemency, that will behave well and will not go back doing anything wrong and they will be good kids and sorry, pardon, pardon; and we will bring them back to think, at least to take them to another planet in third dimension. So think about it right, we're not playing or taking long, already it'll be from one moment to another. Right now enjoy your World Cup and cheerfulness because there is no time, because we are ready or the planet explodes because I believe that these climate changes are not a game, it's because the planet is really bad, that’s why there are so many hurricanes. If you saw how are being formed in the atmosphere, many winds meeting and how the planet is already moving in a way that could be destroyed in a short time and that will not happen, but we're going to rebuild it, in short time.

So please, calm, believe it or not we do comply; we don’t come just to talk, we come to show a path that is already starting and will be fulfilled at this time.

Message after the meditation:

When we talk about love I want you to understand what love really is. Love is a wonderful thing that the Father created, is himself embodied in all of us, thus we call him the "Father Love." He gave us his light so we could think, he gave us his light so we could be strength, he taught us what is the way of creation, but he gave us the duality so that we could be as free as should be a being that can really go the way that wants to follow, but not to fall into the abyss of destruction as have fallen here on Earth. Here the human being seems that the more they harm the happier they are, the more they take ownership of what is not theirs is when it is supposed that they’re happy: having a house full of luxuries, having some impressive cars, clothes that ... well, were chosen in a special way; but living in a painful way because they don’t have peace, because they fear each day to wake up and find that someone wants to kill them. Already right now just thinking that if you do not close the door well they are going to get in, even if you close the door, now they are jumping across the rooftops and are jumping in from windows. So even though it may seem incredible, we offer our protection, but only to those who receive us, we do not go around saying, "We will protect those although they are half killing inside that house, and also are eating the corpses with a great fluency and are drinking alcohol, " how could we, we are not closing the dome with a lot of dark beings tucked inside that house, then our condition is that you live with love, to respect life, to put the altar, to receive us with love. So, with all love, we repeat the word, the house covered in a dome of light does not have to enter an assailant. Because right now, neither the strongest fences or everything electrified, nor putting their glass or make the alarm sound, nothing protects them, but we can to protect you, because we have power, an unprecedented power that you will know very soon.

Now, convey it even if they don’t listen, but demonstrate to them, why you are not attacked? Why others don’t bother you? Why your houses are not violated by beings who are trying to steal? Why can you demonstrate that are being protected by us, and why we have all to show that we are real. Therefore, all those who have managed to cure their body can show our presence. But it is a world that cries, it is a world that claims life, is a world of people who do not know happiness and that's what we want to give them. I Hope that they listen to us, I hope they receive us, I hope our messages have not been in vain, I hope to be many who can feel how much we love them so much that we can give them everything they ask us, and above all things, this no longer the future, this immediate moment of a change that is going to happen on Earth, which will be saved from the destruction that man has given it because if we do not hurry the planet begins to open some cracks that will devour everything in their path, rains will soak to the extent that there is not going to be any place that is peaceful, floods, and above all things, then it starts to shake the earth with tremors because remember, you are destroying it, and while continue drilling for oil… so stop saying that "the president sold the wealth of a country," what riches? Is the largest pollution and is the biggest mistake you can make, to be drilling the planet and we already will stop that.

So do not worry about that, at no time will we allow to continue destroying a world that does not belong to them because this planet was created by the Father and this planet belongs to the Father and this planet will become a paradise again in a very short time because it is the mission that we have with him and that is what we offer to all those human beings who tell us they learned to think. So now, prepare that it is the time of great changes and is the time and the moment when you will learn how wonderful it is to have believed, have loved, have heard and have prepared yourselves with a simple message that we have given which is only love and hope. Be prepared that it is time.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. June 27, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 652 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 651. June 20, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe.

Messages of before and after meditation 651. June 20, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

I know that all of you feel… well, not a little impatient, very impatient. You’re observing the world that it’s bad, you’re observing the amount of… well, of beings that are harming other human beings, too many. I know that you probably think: Well, and the Teachers, what do they do? Where are they? They promised ships and the ships don’t appear, they say that the time has been fulfilled, but what time was fulfilled? What is your time Teachers? That’s a question you make, that “if we’re seeing that your time is different than our time, then frankly, tell us how much time we have to wait.”

Look, first of all, I believe that you’ve realized that everything is bad in the planet, I’m not referring to the wickedness that has been unleashed because evil is trapping human beings at an impressive speed, but on what the climate is, on what is happening. Remember that I told you that there would be tornadoes where there had never been before, that you were going to face a climate now totally difficult to understand, that there were going to be more tremors, await because yes, the tremors are coming. Don’t get scared, we protect you from everything, but this poor destroyed planet is indeed going to protest more. For now, good thing that there’s much joy because that’s good, that energy goes up to the sky; the entire world is waiting on what’s going to happen with the Soccer World Cup, that’s good because for this one time won’t be thinking what are going to steal or what are going to do, even the thieves we’ve seen them with their televisions, then all of that helps to calm down so much wickedness there’s now.

But I want you, who have prepared, who have listened to us, who wish that we give you your position you have to carry through to be able to work, that you’re only waiting: “When Teacher? When the ship? When are you going to take us in the ship?” That’s another very big dream that all have. I repeat again that we’re in the time, that all has to be as we’ve said it and all is going to happen as we’ve planned it, but the most important is that you have to know that if you’ve been loyal and steadfast, have listened, have realized that things are not easy, I know that you get very desperate with the other people because they don’t want to understand what the “respect for life” is. I know that it seems illogical that you explain with much care that must love the animals, that they have the right to live and they even make fun of it: that you’re crazy, that you’re in another religion. We’ve seen some of the people that are very dedicated to study, have received much mockery even from their family: “You and your religion, you and your ideas,” or there are those who have said: “It can be that later the ship will come and you commit suicide,” things alike. Now that everything happens they’re going to realize that everything that we’ve said had a great truth.

We live next to the man, we listen to the human being, all of you are perfectly well heard, your mind… I know that your thoughts you don’t want to hide them from us because we’re keeping an eye on everything that you feel and need, but so it seems that evil is tripping others up everywhere to see in what way he breaks the balance in everything that we’ve achieved. It is true that there are people that prevent the balance, there are human beings totally full of arrogance that believe that all they do is done right and who normally, if you say something, they attack because they’re the most perfect people that could exist, and on the other hand they have a tremendous upsetting.

We’re observing all the human beings, but what we’re preparing is so big, so wonderfully great, that when you see that all that we’ve said is fulfilled, that the ships will cover the sky and you are going to be able to speak full of joy: “Finally they’re going to listen to us,” but they’re still going to say: “I think that they lied to you and there come the extraterrestrials that are going to abduct us;” and when they see that there really are people that are going to board the ships, then they will say: “They’re kidnaps already.” But since all the people that are going to board will come down, then they’re going to realize that we’re given what was promised to any being that listens to us.

We know all that you feel, what you think, what you wish and we wish for you to have peace; we also get involved in your problems because we would want to shake the one that is giving you problems. Remember that for us, all are our siblings, with all your defects and that naturally for the Father all are his children and the only thing that we have to do is bring order and see how many we send to another planet, how many we leave in this earth and in what way we can send the evil to their domains without taking to many human beings.

He continues gathering, continues making them kill themselves, continues unleashing hatred, necessities; continues making man kill man, destroy others’ dreams and continues working intensely because he’s as you say, “in a hurry” to not lose the pray he already has under his power, which is the human being that doesn’t think, the arrogant human being, the human being that doesn’t believe, the human being that only lives to accumulate gold, the human being that is - let’s say it this way - pulling the people’s leg to take from them the little money they have.

We see what the banks do, we see what the lenders do, we see how all are without their jewelry that ended in the pawn shops, there are people that are even pawning their own car, things are very, very difficult because evil has done everything possible to make that man lives already with all the worry when can say from one moment to another that will no longer believe in God. He wants more wars to be unleashed, he wants more wars to be unleashed, well, within each country, at least with their protests against… it’s supposed that against the government and attacks their fellow beings because the people of the government are well kept in their houses, in their palaces and aren’t even touched; on the other hand, they do attack innocent people without realizing it or realizing itg.

But why am I saying something that you already know? Because I want you to realize that we are aware of everything that is happening and that really the amount of human beings that we’re going to send to another planet, well, is very big because even if later they say “I repent, I won’t eat meat!” if it’s not out of love, they’re going to another planet. It has to be reasoned, there has to be good feelings, they have to realize that all the animals deserve the respect for their life, they have to learn to respect all that the Father created, to love the Father is to respect the life as he created it; we’ve said that many times. Thus I say: it is from one moment to another.

You be on the lookout, working the most calmly possible because we see that all have… well, above all, many economic problems that we don’t like to see you having them. I know that I can give you a lottery and are going to feel happy with much money, but since it’s also a risk, we have to see a way on which you come out of your problems without running a risk before the opulence which can last a little. I know that you’re going to say: “It doesn’t matter! Let me have the joy of being able to spend, of being able to pay, of being able to give, to give to all my family a good amount of money so that they’re happy;” perhaps we can give to some but it all depends on how we see that their reaction is going to be. But the most important is that in any case, the money will be gone in a short time. We are no longer going to allow them do too much harm for that paper on which have put a price, we’re not going to allow anymore so many injustices and we’re seeing, above all, you don’t know what we see within what is the poverty; there are people that degenerate totally to obtain something, who kill with a terrible cruelty to take away what others have, but don’t believe that we’re contemplating: How beautiful it is that they’re doing all of this!

The first thing that you need to do is, don’t give in on your meditations, in the learning that we’re giving you and try to carry it out. I know that there are human beings that make you lose control of your emotions. Many times is good to talk and say what you feel because there are people that take advantage, that take advantage of the kind-hearted but we’re always keeping an eye so that all turns out as we’ve promised you.

Our Father continues asking us to recover his children, our Teacher continues saying: “I promised to my Father that I would bring back his children, that there wasn’t going to be a collection as strong from evil as the one he did in another world.” Naturally, he knows that the situation is very bad and we want our Teacher to understand us that what we’re going to try is: send as many possible to other planets. They’re ready, we got them ready, we saw where we’re going to put them, everything is already prepared, also who are going to enjoy of this wonderful New Dawn that we’re going to give and who already are going to start boarding the ships because have earned it.
Then please, move forward, it’s already the time, very little time. We are with you because we want you, who have listened much, to know soon what the true happiness is. Even if evil is harassing and attacking everywhere, you already know that we protect you. Then continue preparing yourselves that the things are coming big, wonderful, strong, and definitely the cleanse is going to happen. It was said that the angels would come and separate the wicked from the righteous, not that we are much the ones that send them to the darkness, evil is going to take many, but yes, that we’re going to send them to another planet, that’s definite.

Then you work much, don’t stop explaining to the people what you do, why you don’t eat meat, just saying: “I don’t eat an animal, deserves to live.” Don’t put too much pressure on them because they reject much the idea, but do give the example and say the words that need to hear the human being so that they can remember it when our arrival is seen over the Earth. Prepare because is going to be a Father who is going to be thankful for his children that you were able to recover in this very difficult time on which the humanity is totally deranged and we have the obligation to rescue the most we can from this humanity that the Father loves much because no matter what, are his children.

Message after the meditation:

Think in this very clearly, do we have time so that can be seen the fact that we’re going to appear on the Earth? We don’t have much time. I’ve just explained to you that the planet is being destroyed by man himself, but the planet itself is also reacting in a violent way, for it is as a live being that is being attacked continuously and this live being is asking to be left in peace, then that’s why there are many problems at this time and there will be more. But what I need to tell you is that all of those beings that listen to us, please trust in our presence, trust in our protection, and when you feel as you say, that “the water reaches your neck” because you have too many problems, think that it is the last time to say “I can’t” – I can’t handle the problems, they’re over me.

But then, please, tell it to your angel all that you need, tell him your worries, but you’re going to say: “Well, it would be more beautiful to have him in front and be able to tell him my worries.” Well, believe it or not, you do have him in front. But it is a promise that we make: we’re going to take you to know us already, you are going to board a ship already to see us physically, we are already going to show all that we’re going to give you, but only the ones who with much love have received us, and above all things, the most important, that if you’ve stopped eating meat, have understood it from the heart, with much love that we see you loving the animals, that we see you telling people: “Please! Understand, that life has to be as so, life;” and that in addition, we’re going to rescue from the total misery that also live… let’s assume, the dogs; have left them to be born anywhere and throw them and are in the streets and are sick and don’t have a place to sleep, then, all of that we’re going to fix, believe or not even are going to disappear because we’re going to be taking them fast to be able to remove them from their suffering.

But the first thing that I can say is, that we’re grateful with those who have heard us because we know who are doing it sure that we’re not making a promise in vain, but aren’t only for the interest that will live that incredible adventure, that are going to board a ship, that are going to live in a paradise, are also doing it out of love, also feel the love, love for everything that we say. Then we feel very happy, very proud of having a more or less regular number of people that really are working with our message.

Then all those who with much love listen to us, prepare that the things are coming as we’ve promised: very big, greater than you imagine; you’re now going to live what was promised in this final time at which we’ve left the humanity to react for all that we have to give them. And remember “final time.” Nothing that “next year I think I’ll see that my children enroll in a superior school,” nothing of “I’ll see if my grandchildren or children…” or whatever, no, everything, everything is for this year already. And don’t forget that we don’t give exact dates but we do say that all that we’ve promised is going to happen this year.

Then prepare and be calm that we already have everything ready to give you the happiness of being with us and of living this radical change that are going to be able to live all those who with so much love are preparing themselves. Thank you for listening to us, thank you for preparing yourselves with much love.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. June 20, 2014.

The meditation given this day, which is number 651 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de  material.)
Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Messages of before and after meditation 650. June 13, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 650, dictated on June 13, 2014.

Message before the meditation: 

Let's give time a time to be able to know exactly how we’re going to start this time. What I want to tell you is, definitely the time came, the planet cannot continue with this turn is giving. Man could not stand all that will happen, although it is good for man to realize that having destroyed his world is already costing many mishaps. Moreover, they are always planning which new war will make, they will see how they are enemies one country to another while feel powerful, are always activating their nuclear warheads that we are not going to allow them  to use, but we are in the time already. I know they all say: "Thus says the Teacher, 'we are in the time', what time if all we hear is that there are hurricanes, that there are many problems in the world, that there's unrest, that there is disagreement," that there is a dreadful economic problem for all human beings who are not millionaires, they do not know what to do to keep going, everything has gone up, and naturally a few earn enough with all that is happening.

We will work hard, do you believe that we, who have prepared a message for so long, that we've done amazing things during this time, but above all things, having already an encyclopedia of knowledge, represents it is time that comes to light. Because for humans, it is difficult to study, it's hard to believe, but fortunately, many people are following for now the message given each week, and many others are hearing the messages that are being put in your famous Internet , and they are realizing that our messages are clear, calm, of much love, which does not lead to a new religion, simply leads to knowledge; a knowledge that already has to have the thinking man, which is really what you must learn to say, do and fix your world. The fact that you have so many borders, has completely separated you, and the fact of having many languages have turned you almost strangers to one another, and also the fact that you have so many religions, then it happens that they do not know what to believe: "No, they told me this religion was better because gives you more peace,” “No, they told me that the other because there will find more wisdom," "No, they told me that if I leave the one I’m at, I'm going to be condemned,” “I was told to be very careful because Satan is loose, " yes, he is loose, well, not the main one, he’s already bound, but all his followers - a frighteningly large army that is working tirelessly to take energy from  humans.

The man who says he thinks, the man who says he loves, the man who says that only has to live to work and make an income that allows him to have, well, let's say, a little slack; the man that is seeing injustice everywhere and who has to realize that what they call "injustice" are allowing it the same human beings. Because naturally do not know what to do to defend themselves, is not about making noise, shouting out to the streets, it does not serve anything at all, it is not about taking weapons and see how they attack from all sides, because all they do are disturbances and affect people who have no blame for what is happening, this is about a general behavior of love. If all humans could join in a behavior that unifies them, that support each other, that when they see someone in much need of money, that support him to have work, not to be giving alms, to support him so that can have a house a little calmer or more decent, or that is given to plant, to be supported in many ways. But of course, on this earth, only a few corner the large capital and many are suffering the most terrible scarcity that invites them to steal, to assault the one passing by: “What they have in their purse, in their pocket, anything, is of use to us who don’t have anything.” And then they have to realize that that is what is causing so much restlessness. Now, naturally, we speak, you pass the message through the Internet but who see it are good people, interested in a change, interested in us manifesting already, and that is what we have to do, because with advice and doing it the right way, well, they will never come to understand anything.
We already gave much advice, many ways to say how you should work your mind, many ways to tell who the Father is and who you are that were born of the same father, all the most profound we have put –up to the point where you can understand -nothing scientific, the scientific is for the other stage when you are already with us, for right now work your mind, your thoughts, and to know what is really sickening the man.

What sickens man? That is dedicated to destroying themselves, hating, taking all possible resentment, attacking their fellows or attacking themselves in depression, and who also if they become morgues, then have to have all the problems that can be found to be totally sick. We've talked a lot about the respect for life, the respect for animals, which naturally if we do not act, the man will never understand. Therefore, be calm, you will see many more demonstrations everywhere, and more palpable, more physical, so be aware of what you can feel or see on your home and be aware of what is already going to start happening, but it is time to put the notice in heaven so that man can hear a message that is just of hope. But you know they always say that the alien is bad, the alien comes to invade, the alien comes to take their wealth - is what gives us much laughter - wealth? Which one if they have finished everything that the planet had: mountains of minerals empty, have plundered materially and are standing by a miracle, that’s why they are going to collapse in a strident way; and seeing the sea, can no longer be in it because everything is polluted, full of garbage and above all, no longer will be able to sometimes even dive in because the radiation have spread completely. So what is left for man to understand? Put all the signals we have promised. You calm, do not say: "Oh, is that the teachers promise and promise us and nothing happens," it is happening, it is happening, there are many notices, and there are many warnings. Everything we want to teach, we are ready for the big move and we want you to stay alert because everything promised is about to begin. And we do not want you to divide into religions, to divide into creeds, to divide into government, to divide into languages, but how are we going to do it? Doing something shocking to the maximum and then you will see that we will achieve a planet that will have exactly that: there will not be divisions in any way and will be united in a single creed. Remember that we have as the temple the sky and love as creed, the love that the Father professes for everything that He has created, and has taught us to convey to all we know.

Therefore, be calm, we are working indeed, and it is from one moment to another that will be initiated this great movement that we’ve prepared for so long so that you can be messengers of a message of Love and Hope, which is everything that we bring; and not religious, of Love, of Knowledge, of Force, as we’ve said, one more religion would look ridiculous on the Earth, you have to be aware that the mere fact of thinking with love, of respecting your fellow beings, and of respecting the life that the Father Created, that is indeed knowledge not a religion as many say, that you already changed religion because you’re respecting the animals and aren’t going to eat them, that has nothing to do with a religion, that means that you’re learning to think.
So let us start our new time and keep talking with you can and get ready because now you will be heard as we have promised you.

Message after the meditation:

Well, my brother Alan started again to give some advice on what it means to have inner peace. Now I'll tell you why it is so important that we achieve that you have that inner peace, because it is the time and being in total and absolute peace, we can give you what you ask for. You will not only make astral journeys in which are going to find us or the ships, and to do so physically as well, but we need your inner peace. You'll say why so demanding, to be sympathetic, "you are human," as usually you say - if are humans, errors are made, it is something that we do not like to say because the Father, to my knowledge and to the extent I know, did not create anything imperfect. The fact the He gave us the right and wrong, gave us knowledge, was to evolve, to never accept the opposite of what is life, but if we insist it's because we're going to start everything promised.  Stop being distressing because you are being charged, because at home there is someone who does not understand, smile at him, love him as he is; that you have someone at work who is a hater, love him, smile at him and show him that at no time are affected by the fact that he is as mad ... they will get angry also to see you in peace, but you continue doing it, but what is important is that this peace you feel for yourselves, to be calm all day. Why we can give you all that you ask us? Because we have power, we are so powerful that we can manifest, we can make things to be as you ask for it, we can create something, yes, our mind is so powerful that can create something material at a certain time because we can do things man never would have imagined could exist. A few million years of evolution I think it has given us all that power.

So please do not doubt, be peaceful, be calm please, we repeat it again because we are at culminating point of giving you everything promised, and I hope to be many people who can achieve getting in the ships, who can go up astrally, who can receive all the love we profess them and also be ready to help us in this difficult mission.  Because naturally, we already have a fair number of people who listen to us, but only a fair number, are not millions as we would like because this planet has millions and millions and millions of people, but there are more who evil has in his favor that we have our own, but by the power that we have we will achieve that man change and man listen and to be one force to see the new dawn of this earth. Naturally, some would have to go to another planet, and of course, if we manage that the wicked repent, we'll also send them to another planet. I will not tell you we're going to dream that millions of people on Earth pass to the light, but to be a more accessible number, that the Father feels that we are not people who fail a mission. But why did we choose you? Because you know how to love, because you still don’t recognize yourselves with the mental strength you can have and why you can help us to intensively teach other human beings to think, to create and be life.

Brace yourselves, continue moving forward that the time has come that we have promised.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. June 13, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 650 in the list of meditations, is available in Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de material.)

Transcription: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 649. June 9, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 649. June 9, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When we see that there’s resignation because one day the sun rises and it sets, and it rises and it sets, and it rises again, and you waiting for the ships to arrive. I want you to understand that this is very, very serious, remember that we are at war; we’re doing a perfect plan to attack evil and evil is defending himself because he has almost the entire humanity trapped. We have to do something so impressive but unexpectedly, we’re not going to be notifying little by little, that a ship is seen here and that another one was seen over there, like right now, you’ve seen that the ships are sighted everywhere, is talked much about who are they; they invent stories, contactees emerge out of nowhere but we have something very, very strong that we’re going to achieve against those beings that at a given time feel proud because “they won the war.” Do you know how many he has trapped? Just calculate how many are toward the meat and the alcohol and we add to it the drugs, it’s a huge amount. Each time the drug addicts increase because they have many problems, that because no one understands them, that because are upset even with God, that because the world is very bad, that because… they give all the excuses there could be to stop being beings that think. That’s the reason, it totally hinders their thoughts, but we don’t give up; each one of us chose a human being, and all the human beings have one of us near and all of us are ready to do something that can really impress you, and above all things, to remove all that fear they carry, but how? By appearing millions of ships, the fear will increase because remember that the beings of the darkness have managed to make movies, stories, videos and who knows what things about being kidnappers; I believe that more kidnappers than there are on the Earth, why do you want more, but have done it exactly because evil doesn’t want us to triumph.

He has his prey trapped in a terrible way and these human beings that don’t want to think, are giving us many problems because we see normal people, people that work, people that look after their family but totally stubborn on that it’s right to kill to eat and stubborn on that they have to have their drink… and having that drink is becoming a terrible habit because they really drink too much, many, many, many more than you imagine. We’ve seen how they take refuge in places where they serve them to drink, there are countries, you know it very well where they just go inside the cantina or bar, however you want to call it, they sit down in the bar and start serving alcohol until they feel more dull, they pay and go, and leave all their energy in the hands of the being that is pressuring them.

Evil is already succeeding. We promised the Father that in one way or another, we would triumph, then we have to grab this being of death by surprise, we have to do something really very, very strong, whether by astonishing or also by doing to already be heard and they say that the Bible says, and that naturally the end of the world would be seen. You know very well that there never will be an end of the world; the Father is never going to destroy what he created, neither will we take care of destroying a planet that we know that belongs to a planetary system and to a galaxy that we have to look after.

Then they’re going to think that yes, that already arrived either the invaders or the final judgment, there’s where we are going to start working because they’re going to run to the temples, are going to fill them with human beings asking forgiveness because “teacher Jesus is already coming to judge the living and the dead,” they say. Well, the ones that departed, well, are already in their judgment or are where they belong to be, some are studying, others are wandering and others went to the darkness, and more than you imagine evil has managed to trap. Right now he has a great amount totally dedicated to him, they totally already lost the sanity, are now doing rituals that are frightening, if they seem frightening to us, imagine if you would see them. The ways in which they make the rituals so that evil gives them power, you have seen more or less that they cut the head of a black chicken and start to spray the blood and that with that are going to have power, what they don’t see is the being of death that is working at that moment to possess that being whom are giving power with the blood of the black chicken, let’s assume. Now, they also do it with other animals, but what is worse, they now do it with humans. Then we are really preparing the attack, the invasion against evil.

My brother Axel is totally busy but he does come at times to give his message but he is the one that is organizing all the ships, therefore, when there is a powerful army that has to plan the attack against the beings that have to send to the place where they belong and who don’t want to, because naturally, to grab and put them in the spheres is easy, but evil knows very well that we don’t kill, imagine how we would look by throwing dark beings with a live human being. It would be terrible, would be being the same as the being of death who is hindering our work. But I ask this from you: continue preparing yourselves, continue speaking with whom you can that if they don’t listen – it doesn’t matter, you’re sowing; that man doesn’t want to listen because man says that you are the ones who are crazy and that the kids are going to be malnourished and that they need their animal protein because it occurred to them to think that the dead animal gives strength to a human being, then imagine the depravation in which this being that says that thinks has fallen, for naturally, the one who thinks that must kill to eat, well, is totally deranged. That’s what is sad, and I say this because this world is full of beings defending, as if will be taken away the bread from the mouth, that have to eat the animals.

And the animals paying the consequences, thus when we do something astonishing, we have to rescue them also and we’re going to motivate man to be able to think, to repent – to repent from their sins … well, normally they no longer know what a “sin” is because they now do things already out of habit: are fighting among themselves, are destroying the image of other human beings but with such an avidity, that it seems perfect to be, as you say, in the gossip doing harm, hurting each other; the families all are against each other and there better not be an inheritance because then did return the man or woman who left them the inheritance and turned their own children into enemies. They stop loving each other and fight for a little piece of land: “No, I got 12 meters and you took 15,” –“No, I got the other 12 and …” even for a strip of land are fighting and can end up hating each other. We are observing everyone, now imagine the ones that leave millions; well those are indeed capable of killing as long as the millions aren’t taken away. And the crimes increase and the humanity cries, and the man feels lost, the economy is at rock bottom because are also planning in what way can put an end to everyone’s economy, for they plan to keep the great businesses and in one way or another, have them as slaves.

There are people that say, for example, the man that was going to do good things here, that had joined the communism, that’s not communism, that’s abuse; to enslave a country as it happened precisely to Cuba and now is happening to Venezuela, they’re already slaves, don’t know how to get out of that. They don’t know what to do, if they protest are killed and are killed in a very unpleasant way, very sad and that was also done in another country and is being done in other countries. On the other side, what is called all that is Ukraine, Poland, all of that, is happening the same thing and in others as well because are protesting since aren’t agreeing with the government, for it is assumed that the government is to be blamed for everything they have now as problems and then the entire planet is bad.  But what about that the planet already moved, it seems that the planet is the one doing the vengeance, now yes, the climates change – tornadoes where the human being would never see them before. Let’s see, what’s a tornado doing, let’s suppose, in an island as England if the tornadoes are from a deserted area  how they are formed and that place is completely populated, and they had their tornado, why? Well, because everything is wrong, the entire Earth is deranged, all human beings are seeing that can no longer handle the climates and can no longer handle all that represents the fears to tremors; of course, have hammered the planet to the depths of its foundations: all is broken, is perforated. And naturally, they continue defending that with the oil they become wealthy, and the oil is what provides many to eat, supposedly, when in reality what they’re doing is to contaminate the planet as ever, ending with all that are the hopes of the human beings; can no longer breathe well with the contamination that gives off the famous oil, and above all, now the burning of the trash which is definitely not degradable because all that are the plastics and rubber that the oil makes, is being contaminated even more.

Then also the animals, the insects, are reproducing in a way that defend themselves because are also attacking all that is around and then, tell me, what can man do against this? Nothing. Then, what are we going to do? Descend, make much noise, call man and for that we prepared… for us all the ones we called in one way or another are going to return and are going to speak and are going to say: “And I that backed down, but no, I think that yes, they’re there, I saw them! Now I do want to board a ship! No, no, no Teacher Alaniso, we promise that now we won’t eat meat again! We’ll behave well; we won’t have our drink which was very tasty. No Teacher Alaniso, we will go back to the teaching you gave us, we’ll see if we receive the messages, we’ll see what we do to learn, and we’ll see what we can achieve.” That there was a young man that put them on the internet, on one hand is good that they’re listening, but naturally aren’t appreciating them as should value them the one that can acquire them, then, if wouldn’t give them away, are heard, then acquire them, and when you pay something that also is not something that’ll leave you poor, then you give it value and are reviewing them because is a homework. Don’t tell me that because you listen to them over the Internet, you memorized everything that we said, and what we said has more depth than what a human can normally know.

Then I say: do you believe that there’s much time left? How much do you believe the planet would handle? How much do you believe that the human being would handle before they end up killing each other, with a terrible desperation due to the unemployment which causes all the assaults, now all are becoming vicious to obtain something they need, how much time do you believe that can handle? And what, we’re going to be contemplating from above, riding around, “Oh, look how bad everyone is”? No, we have a plant.
Then, all those who listen to us, prepare because you are going to work for us now. Well, for us, for your brothers, above all, for the Father that continues insisting that we rescue his children from the error in which they live because he loves you as you are. And that evil doesn’t continue taking so many souls because that’s why it increased much the amount of dark beings that are filling up this earth in a terrible way and that’s what the human being cannot see, nor we’re going to allow them see, for if you would see suddenly, what you call the third eye, I believe that you would end up with a total madness. A few that have opened a channel and start to hear voices and start to feel disturbed, are given medicine that because are crazy and then it wouldn’t be possible that can be happy having your famous “third eye” open. The only thing that we ask is that you speak, listen how everyone is and you’re going to see that everyone has an amount of problems, especially of rancor, of hatred against other people, of total insecurity, fear, much fear: fear of the future, fear to lose the little they have, fear of even going out on the street because already go out fearful for could be assaulted somewhere there and are going to take away all they have, no longer want to have a nice car because will be taken away and even a car that is not so nice, it still became a good business to be assaulting the people taking away their belongings.

For this reason we say, the ones that listen to us and do all that we ask and remove all they have as death in their house and listen with love, we put a dome of protection – nothing can happen and wherever they go are protected. Therefore, as we say, don’t forget, you have what you call a “bodyguard,” we liked the word, a bodyguard of more than 2 and half meters tall, with an incredible power but remember that we don’t destroy, we only protect and we’re observing all the other human beings to see in what way we can reach the little of sanity that we can find in them. Then continue preparing yourselves, continue listening to our messages that from one moment to another everything starts. We don’t notify when but will be a day on which you find yourselves with the sky filled with ships, the people running and all those who you tried to have them listen to the message, now they will hear it. Therefore, prepare because as I say, there cannot be much time left, how much would the planet last in the destruction received, then would have indeed the end of the world that so much proclaim and we have to prevent that end of the world because this planet has to pass reconstructed in a very short time, that it can align to the other planets and can pass to the other dimension. Then please, don’t despair, it’s already the time and we are with you so that all that we’ve said can be fulfilled.

Message after the meditation:

You’ve just heard something that I know that you could think it was going to happen, we’re describing step by step what we’re going to do, the only thing we don’t give is dates because remember you are heard by the beings of the darkness and then, they would be alert at the moment. Well, you know how things are: the beings of the darkness are preparing themselves, also are getting armed  and that they are going to be able to win and that how many humans they have and they challenge us to add the good ones there are, people that never would kill, at least their fellow beings, right? Because is a big amount of the ones that say that must kill to eat, that is indeed terrible but at least that don’t kill their fellow beings, then is a more or less substantial number. But the number increased already much, evil is taking over many minds because is really totally absorbing their thoughts, going inside, then when you see that there are crimes you can’t conceive, think that is precisely the fact that evil took over those minds. As we’ve said, one that is possessed don’t think that throws himself to the floor with a rough voice, is acting it, are the beings of evil, that’s already possessions, aren’t beings that have their own thought – they have dominated them. And even so, we have the hope of rescuing them because that part they have left of their own, that part that they still have left of their own thought because haven’t erased it completely, is going be what repents, what goes out running to a church to hit their chest or fall in front an image they have, asking forgiveness. There’s where we take advantage, there’s where we take from them the dark being that even if they want to grab strong to the human being they trapped, we can remove them because at that moment are praying, and are asking for forgiveness, and are crying out for God to listen because they did wrong and want God to forgive them, as they say, or we see many venerating the Virgin as they say, but in one way or another they still pray. That’s what evil hasn’t been able to defeat, of course, there are those who already are exclusively dedicated to venerate the being of death, but no, there aren’t many, the majority of the ones that are there as drug dealers, or gangsters, or assailants or the like, no, they say that God still help them and that he has to understand that if they don’t have money, they have to get it at any means. And then, if you go to their houses, they have their image, they still pray and still make the sign of the cross before going to work, as they say, which is when they go to steal. For them is a job but now at least we know that in one way or another we’re going to make them repent and then is when we remove from them the being that is totally inside their mind, but cannot possess them 100%, they can’t because each mind was created by the Father and each one has their own individuality, then what they do is dominate them in a way to think in unpleasant things where is assumed that they turn into assassins, very, very proud of their labor, but there is still that part; there’s that part they haven’t been able to remove which is of each one, their individuality and is where we can work.

But… we’re going to tell the Father that if he wants to give us more power, we accept it, the war is tough. The war is tough because evil has absorbed too much energy from the human beings and has much power, and despite that the Father gave us much power, we’re going to ask even more because we are really seeing that this being of death took too much advantage of man’s weakness to take them to their domains. He wants them as slaves, he wants them, and according to him is his army whom he’s going to give power, but slaves. Fortunately won’t have matter, but will remain there as deformed spirits, but no, they won’t have matter again or be born again to reincarnate unless at a given moment they repent and start asking for mercy, there in the dark side and start asking God for forgiveness and that emerges that part that was still their own mind, still will be able to be rescuing them. We see it still a little difficult and of much time but I do say this, that we are beings that have power and that we’re going to triumph and that if all of you, the ones that listen to us, are willing to work and for love no longer feed on death, then feel proud of yourselves because for us you are our angels who can help us in this difficult mission.

Many are the ones who now listen to us, not the amount we would want but enough so that can also make think the ones that didn’t want to, that is not a total possession, only are with their bad habit of eating the dead, but drinking that alcohol but evil has not been able to dominate completely. Then you can get them out from all of that because aren’t total possessions, there’s still that part, that part that we can still rescue. You know them, many times you say “but they’re good,” only that they don’t want to leave the meat, don’t want to leave the alcohol and don’t want to stop fighting because that’s another thing that is seen continuously, but you say: “But they aren’t wicked,” no, no, they don’t kill, don’t assault, don’t do those type of things, then there’s that part that they still dominate of their own. And I know that you are going to help us, then feel proud because for us you are our angels that are going to help us much more than you imagine in this difficult mission. And is going to be the Father who is going to give his blessings for having achieved being triumphant in this time at which we have say that you’re going to participate fully in the salvation of this humanity that the Father loves so much and that doesn’t want to lose.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. June 9, 2014.

The meditation given this day, which is number 649 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"-lista de  material.)
Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.