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Monday, August 11, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 657. July 18, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 657, dictated on July 18, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

Tell me something I want to hear from you, do you perhaps think that we aren’t observing all that is happening? Do you think that we don’t notice that evil is working as ever to be able to prevent us from rescuing humanity? Do you think that we don’t intervene in a war and allow them to take so many children’s lives? The most important that we have to achieve is precisely that souls don’t get lost. At this moment that we see much hatred, much blood, much pain, well, we’re very sad because we see that man only thinks in how to kill to obtain gold.

The wars of the Middle East are totally full of rancor, of stubborn people that think that the other country was their enemy, but there’s always behind all of this the wanting of earning more gold than they can have. Always is for the “black gold of death,” always is for other type of things which naturally that’s the reason you don’t understand how it can be possible that they’re bombarding and killing children. Those human beings that are doing much harm, well, are beings trapped by evil; they’re totally and absolutely possessions. For this reason us, who have to bring order, are seeing that evil will take many souls and the Father doesn’t want to lose them; the Father, even if is the most wicked, continues being his child and wants us to do something that rescues them from all their ignorance and all the mistakes with which are living. The emotion of the soccer game is over and it seems that they were unleashed again to provoke wars, destruction and death.

About the airplane, well yes, it was naturally a type of act of terrorism but at this moment we have to be ready to see how we rescue the greatest amount of human beings as possible, in a moment at which we’re going to fully astonish the entire humanity. We are beings that have a very big commitment with the Father, we are minds that have the power to see it all, to hear it all, and above all things, we are sad and horrified of what crosses the men’s mind.

I want to ask you a favor, you who are preparing yourselves, I know: the Teachers are taking long, the time seems very long; however much we tell you that it is very little, well, now we shortened it and is very very little time and that at any time now all is going to happen as we’ve promised. Simply be alert on all that we’re going to do, stay up to date on what refers to your studies. I know that we put lessons that are a little long, it is many recorded messages, but we know how you can go on assimilating all that we teach you. I see that you do understand very well that have to have the control of the emotions but as you say: how are we going to have control of the emotions if in our house, our family, there are people that are trying to break all stability. Why? Because naturally, evil is working. He always looks for the weakest one from any family to start attacking continuously, but you shouldn’t lose the control of your emotions, that is, don’t feel much anger against the one that is causing problems, think that that is going to end and that those people are also going to reconsider because naturally, at any given time, everything is going to be unleashed as we’ve promised.  I know, I understand, I hear you, I ask that you have that minimum of patience that have to have to know that now everything is going to start.

That we see that the economic problem is at rock bottom? We’re going to solve that problem now; that we see that everywhere there are people that attack the others? That’s the problem, that they’re people who don’t like to think and that in addition much meat, much alcohol and much drugs, well, the beings of the darkness have them trapped. But I have good news to give you since the Father authorized us to start impacting already, but a terrifying impact, strong, that’s the only way we’re going to be able to triumph; of course, since are told that all the extraterrestrials are bad and then when they say it all surprised and ask: “Alaniso is an extraterrestrial!?” Well, naturally I wasn’t born on the Earth, neither one of us, we’re beings that come from a faraway galaxy, who achieved our evolution because we’ve never destroyed a single form of life and that we’ve never been contaminated with evil because he hasn’t been able to meddle with us.  We always think with clarity and were always ready so that not one of our brothers could fall for the lies of this being of death who has tried to get in from everywhere. We are minds, remember.

The life is the most precious gift that the Father gave us, when he created life, when he created the minds, when he gave himself the opportunity to see that he was going to leave descendants, that he was going to have many children to populate his worlds, he thought that with that particle of light he was giving to each one of the beings that he had created, would grow with that and would form empires of love, not empires of power; empires of life, that all the planets could be true paradises looked after with great care by all the beings that inhabit them. This has happened in other worlds naturally, but in this one I think that the bloodshed is what they like the most, it seems that the smell of blood incites them, but I really want to ask you not to say that we don’t do anything; we are working indeed, we are seeing all that is happening and we are indeed preparing the strongest attack against evil. I, as a teacher, say to you that we’re by your side at all moments.

All those who listen to us, who practices our teachings and who don’t raise objections as you say and because they protest and protest and protest: “Teacher Alaniso, it seems that you don’t see that I have many economic problems; Teacher Alaniso, it seems that you don’t see that I have a son who doesn’t listen; Teacher Alaniso, it seems that you don’t see that I have family members whom I can’t even get near them because are terribly selfish; Teacher Alaniso, it seems that you don’t see how the mafia has grown,” that’s what’s worse, we do see how the mafia has grown in an impressive way. How many human beings does evil have trapped? Right now, as we’ve told you, he has a greater amount than the one we can see of beings that we can see with love.

Love is the word and is the base, only with love one can triumph and you know that love is in the positive thought at all times, that can’t afford to lose the control of your emotions because every time that you lose it or say to me again: “Teacher Alaniso, you have to realize that things are bad; Teacher Alaniso, how do you want me to have patience if this person is causing me problems; Teacher Alaniso, how do you want us to live in peace if we never see that there’s peace in this world.” Well, then let’s pray all together, why do I say to pray together? Because we’re going to ask the Father still for more strength. The Father has given all his light, the Father has intensified his energy, the Father loves us all, but really the way in which evil grew is very intense because he has stolen the energy from the human beings and what we aren’t going to like him to do is to give energy to all those beings who are lost in all the mistakes they’ve made. But is the entire world. How many millions of humans are there on Earth? Calculate then the terrible disaster that is provoking and which we have to prevent because this planet could really already have a total collapse and then yes, would be very few the beings that we could save.

Therefore I say, if I’ve said that things are going to be perfect; we are an army that is preparing something very big, but very big, an army of millions and millions of beings that are ready for the attack against evil, then you trust in us that we’re already in the last time, in the last moment and now everything is going to be as we’ve promised. All your worries are going to disappear, when you’re with us are going to realize that all that we’ve promised is still more beautiful than you had imagined because all those who listen to us, we’re going to take them to know our worlds and to see in what way are going to be able to live in the future that awaits because the future is now and the time has come to completion.

Then just ask yourselves, can we really have patience? Then I just say that it’s now, any time now. We aren’t going to give a notice, when you least expect it the ships will start being seen in the sky, they’re seen already and are seen throughout the world, but not yet in the way that we want to astonish. That’s why I say that you have to be prepared, very studious learning all that we teach so that you can convey it to the people that ask you questions, because there’s going to be a total chaos: are going to be thinking that no, that is a lie, that the wicked extraterrestrials are coming or that the demon was already the one who… I think, the one who created the ships and you’re the ones who have to say that is not true, that all have to be united in a single faith and in a single force. And yes, indeed, the Father is giving us more light, that’s why I say, don’t forget to talk to the Father, of thanking him your existence and of receiving his light each time that you’re in balance and are happy because were able to be with us and could listen to a message that is only of hope.

Then all those who are on the lookout for our messages, I want you to say to yourselves: we’re ready, we’re going to work and let it be the Father the one who says all that we have to do. The Father-love, the Father-greatness that is keeping an eye on each one of the acts that his children commit on this earth. He knows them all, don’t think that there’s one that could have hid and he not know where he is, all, even if are the wicked, he has them on sight to be able to see in what way we can rescue them from the life of horror and death that they will have if they go with evil. Then just tell me something: if the wait has been desperate, please, we’re working and we’re beings that do as promise since it’s already the definite time to live this change.

Message after the meditation:

For now tell me something, my brother Alan has just given you an explanation of what the mind is; I want to say to you that if you see someone that is negative in their life, block what reaches you and convey a thought of love so that all of that can bounce and why not, can result in something good for that person. I know that right now in the world is very difficult to work with harmony, is very difficult to say: I’m an honest person, I’ll simply comply with my job and the others have to respect me; no, because the envy sprouts, it sprouts the moments at which want to destroy a person whom don’t want near because can grow much. The envy is terrible, has destroyed many human beings, have destroyed – let’s say it this way – even entire empires that wanted to form, it seems that all were fighting to be able to remove the one on top, but that’s at all levels, from the ones on the bottom to the ones on top.

This that you’re hearing, is precisely the work of evil, the problem is that man listens to him. You’ve realized that you ask a person, “How many do you know that don’t eat meat and don’t drink alcohol?” And they put a surprise face and say: “No one;” or suddenly: “Yes, I once met a vegetarian,” but almost all have fallen in evil’s trap. Now, the people that are fighting for the respect of the lives of animals, well, they do it with such a courage and an impressive strength, but they have as support certain fame, in one way can move this, but naturally it brings out the mockery and the anger of other people or from the ones that really earn much money killing the animals, but it doesn’t reach them because this people are acting with love and we’re protecting them. We do praise them much for having the courage of putting those videos in which they show the mistreatment given to the animals and the people that come out in defense of the animals, for us they have a great courage because it means that they have good feelings but also have to have those feelings for their fellow beings, trying to comprehend them, trying to see the chaos in which they now live and above all from the envy.

The envy is quite terrible because there’s much, much envy: that if someone has a better house, then they become upset; if see that they dress up well and look more pretty, also, and then invented… well, that was evil’s work that appeared the witchcraft and in that way indeed can harm much because the beings of the darkness work in that, actively. The person that works with the dark beings, are the ones that earn much money to harm someone, that is, there are temples, there are houses, there are places where people arrive and say: “Look, I can’t stand this person and I want him not to do well, to get sick, to get destroyed,” and they pay a good amount; then, with whom are these persons that receive the money? Well, with the people of the darkness and it is an impressive quantity that this is happening. That’s why right now we want to say to you that as long as you have thoughts of love, as long as you are in balance the more you can, and since you already don’t eat death, don’t drink alcohol, then for us is very easy to protect you. They can try to harm you, can’t be done, can’t hurt you because you’re protected by us, then you have to work hard in your emotional stability.

We are minds that have a commitment with the Father, to work so that this planet can be a paradise again, but for us to turn it into a paradise, well, it takes us little time; but with humans, we didn’t tell ourselves that we were going to take everyone out and us come to live here or anything such, no, we’re simply going to help you to think better, to have your house again, but a house that is not going to be disputed by anyone, rather that we’re going to show you how to live together and to enjoy all the wonders that the Father created. For this reason I say, that there will be many? In proportion to humanity not that will stay in the paradise but we do want to send many to another planet or other planets that come in the other galaxy because another planetary system is coming and we put them there to start anew. What really worries us is evil taking them because there they do end up as if they entered a… well, an eternal dungeon, not because the Father is punishing them, that is their choice and that’s how they end up.

Then our duty is to impact so that they can repent, so that they can realize the harm them do, so that they think that they won’t do any more harm to any one, so that they run to a church and hit their chest and beg God to forgive them and in that way we can still rescue many human beings. Therefore, right now it seems that we’re in silence, you don’t hear us: you turn up and, where are the ships? Apparently we’re in silence but we’re preparing the attack in a striking way and all of those… because really aren’t as many as we would’ve liked, who’ve listened to us and practice our teachings, we’re going to give a special strength to be able to convey our message. Because remember, the Father loves his children, without distinction, for him all are his children and wants to see all turned into beings of good who use their thoughts to love and to really be creation, for that we’re going to be the Teachers that you’ll have; but now, since the time has come to completion, already started the alignment, now the planets are walking toward the alignment, then, as you would say, “are in the eagerness,” otherwise, we’re not going to stay behind with this planet so sadly destroyed and bathed in blood.

Then don’t think that is going to take long, we’re ready, everything is apparently in silence and you’re going to see how strong comes the attack against evil to take them to their domains and see how we divide the humanity: whether they stay in the paradise, whether they go to another planet in third dimension, whether they go to another planet a little more arid, all of course in the third dimension, but we’re going to divide them, we’re going to see in what way they start their life again. Let’s hope that won’t be as many as the ones he now has that evil takes to the darkness. We’re going to say to the Father, as always, to give us much strength, much light, but remember that you should be very positive so that you can receive that energy from the Father. If you have any grudge or are furious against someone then at that time he won’t give you anything because he won’t encourage with his light that they’ll do something that hurts another person, be it a person that is bothering you. Ask for that person as well, be positive, be life and prepare yourself because if we’ve prepared you to be soldiers, soldiers of the light are going to be, and all of us together are going to be triumphant in this “bloody war” against evil and that the Father continues giving us his strength so that we can triumph in a short time.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. July 18, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 657 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos" - Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 656. July 11, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 656, issued on July 11, 2014.

Message before the meditation:  

Tell me one thing I'll ask you, do you feel very impatient? You have a wonderful dream that we can already come down, put the ships as a sign of our presence and that you can talk of us without being laughed at, without being told you are crazy, without being told you are fans, and without being told you made it up or that are a religious sect.

We will already start at this time. Let's put it like we speak of the clock, before we were at a quarter till 12, now already arrived at 5 till 12, so you can see how close the time is. Life on this planet is impossible. We are watching everything you are living. You will say: do not observe, help us. Indeed, we have to see how already we put an end to as many problems as are those you have. We are willing to do anything to help you. We are working hard watching all those that may cause you the slightest mishap because we need your inner peace, we need you to be ready for the "Big Move." The movement is now. 

We know very well what your conflicts are, we understand perfectly well the whole economic problem almost everyone is carrying, I say almost because some more or less come out of their problems, but most are very worried because things are getting worse. What happens is that don’t have enough money. Inflation it seems that set it on out the gun to continue rising. Who is winning with it? Well a few, who did it? Do not say that it is a single person: oh, is president! Is all that clique of people that at any given time are trying to get rich as quickly as possible and do everything so that the human being can feel the unhappiest man because they are very sad, are suffering.  Hospitals do not fit the sick, the doctors are nervous about so much patients that arrives and just see a tumor - is cancer! Already are even obsessed with cancer, why? Well because the cancer began to invade this earth and not even occur to the physicians that is the fact that they eat death what causes to have that problem. That is why we already have to warn all that you have to understand, but as they would not listen to you ... I would love to see you go into a hospital to want to talk to doctors, to want to talk to the sick - they will not pay attention, they will say: you're coming to preach us.  Then there are many preachers who walk around with their Bibles in hand saying they are going to tell them the truth and that is very near the end of the world because they continue announcing the end of the world. We have told you, there is no end of the world, there is a change and there’s a striking way of rebuilding this planet. That is why have already started, do not think we are just contemplating how destroyed it is.

As we move into another dimension, is no problem for us to be everywhere, we are also integrating ourselves to hear mankind, to know how we will be able to help and who we will help, because naturally usurers or that are causing so many conflicts will feel like mice who lost all the cheese because they will lose everything; we're going to remove that way they are now accumulating gold by hurting others. One thing is to save your money and make it increase and another to exploit people who are in the village. Humans no longer know what to do, what to sell, there is no power to buy, everything is wrong. So, as I said already, we need to be working hard.

I have taught them as teacher everything I could. I think that if you run through the messages are going to realize that in many ways we have told you: what is the respect for life, what is love, what is to know the Father, the Father unknown to man, what is actually be beings who have control of their emotions, but we do understand you. There are people who make you lose control of the emotions but immediately, why? Because it seems to come from behind a being of darkness and stings with the pitchfork to make you angry.
I say "the pitchfork" because that's how the devil is depicted, is painted with a pitchfork, but that's a way of saying they are annoying because they know who the good people are and since they want to stay with humanity. That they’re leaving, yes, they already have it perfectly well understood: "Ok, our time got short and we’re leaving, but how many humans we’ll win and how we’ll populate our world of beings that we will take"; and is not a world because as we have told you, is a small galaxy that is with many beings that have been able to take; of course, not in proportion to the humanity in the Universe, because naturally as we have said, really evil took over here and has not been able to with other worlds. Why has failed? Because they were a little smarter, and in one way or another, because they have learned to take care of their things, to care for their world, to respect each other, to make their technology respecting themselves, the ones who have knowledge are admired and accept everything they teach, then we have many human beings who are coming to help this humankind. How many? We already told you we are millions, millions of ships, millions of people who come to the aid of humanity. Some, as we have said, are different, not ugly, a lie that monsters come, the monsters are in the dark and are close to all human beings moving everywhere; the beings who come from other worlds none of them are monsters. So they have put the poor little beings (the greys) as evil? And also as they are depicted aren’t that way. Then they will also learn to respect them because they also want to help and now we have everything ready, a very strong movement which we are doing. But this is now, I repeat the “now,” and do not start to tell me: yes teacher, but the "now" is because now we go out and we got on the ship. The "now" is that very little bit time remains, we're in the time. We are not going to let you suffer the decline that is in this world and then not have even enough money to pay for food, and those with children ... hey! Those school fees are to sit and mourn, those who want to pay tuition and even going to government schools, expenses there are very high, then we want to help everyone.
Children are important to us but in schools is being introduced much drugs and that already worried us too much. They are already making the little ones start to want to raise money, to sell drugs and are already making that also fall in those terrible vices that have been invented in order to have the full force of evil in themselves.

So what do we have to do? Already saw that many ships are being seen. We're not saying "they will guess whether there are beings from other worlds on Earth", already know it, but they want to cover the sun with one finger: that is not true, who knows what they are, that the spheres are imaginary, that the orbs; I do not know how many things they invent to not accept that we are here, but the great powers know that there are millions of ships because have managed to see with specialized equipment the number of ships that are moving around the Earth; then, supposedly they are preparing for war and are accumulating their arsenal of nuclear bombs and are thinking about how they are going to defend themselves from these beings who come to invade. Invade? More invaded than they are by evil, I think it could not be. Then I do tell you, that’s the reason they block you much not to talk, because evil is not resigned to losing, he’s losing at this time in humanity.

Tell me, are you aware of the enormous responsibility you have acquired, that when you see the ships already will talk openly as you say, with anyone, and will say: I have a message, do you want to hear it? No, it's nothing that invented the voice as some say, "oh that about the voice, it's a trap." Well there already did everything possible to find the trick, have not been able to because there is no trick, we have done it so you can listen to these teachers who so lovingly come to help this humankind. Therefore, you calm now, we are already calculating how we will make the huge hospital to be like a home ... hmm not a big house would not fit, we have to make a very large place to put all the patients who are good, but imagine, many patients are going to the third dimension, then there will suffer a bit more indeed, then we do not want to abandon them altogether because diseases spread at an alarming rate, already the human being cannot handle all that is happening on Earth. So we would want to help everyone and we want them to react, to hear our message and that we can be winners all the time, because there are good people who will be able to analyze the messages and who are waiting for something as this, that is a hope to believe in something different from what they are now living on Earth. The perfect plan we have it and you know that we have power, then no longer be troubled, everything is ready.

Let's put that the clock keeps walking, already arrived ... right now I told you that 5 till twelve, that is, we are about to give it the "gong" could be, that sounded 12 o’clock and it all starts, because we're ready and eager to help the man to think and make evil go cornering, and see them panic, yes, those we do want to frighten them, yes, we want to fill those with dread because they know that by us coming down cannot fight us, but they have clung to humans knowing that is the way they can do that we do nothing because we do not kill, then say, "see, take him away from me." So we're going to frighten and do not worry about anything because things are a fact and you be ready, get ready because things are "now" I repeat "now" which is very close to the moment and instant at which everything has to happen.

Look at the sky, apparently is quiet, but where you see the stars, a huge amount of them are already the ships, but there is such an organization ... ah no, my brother Axel is shocking his way of organize ships and are ready already to descend. To prepare, to study hard, to be calm and already trust us that we are beings who have the power to restore happiness that at this time evil took away and no longer found where, where can dig out a little happiness that knew someday. Keep working, keep studying and keep meditating because that is where we will give you the surprise. When you go to sleep, your meditation, relaxed, calm because you know not at what point the light will appear that we have talked about and will begin to take you on to the ships because it was a promise that at this time already will comply.

Message after the meditation:

I hope you realize that it is urgent for us that all of you already be with us, that can now enjoy all that we have promised you, because seeing you so faithfully, in such dedication, with much love, makes us feel more obliged that ever to give you what was promised. Remember that you are the first that will receive everything promised, at this time I also turn naturally to all who cannot come but still follow the messages with enthusiasm and who are doing their meditations in other states of the Republic to even U.S, already also in South America, in Europe. There are many people who are already working, then all that will be sent to other countries is great because we have there those who will convey the message. But here, with so much love come at night, sometimes in bad weather, but they are here, firm, saying: "I think that now, at least I hope that will do see which Teacher speaks to us today, see what will happen, and see if one of these days already see the ship up there and take us with them," this is about to happen. So I say, we have always warned what we will do, but do not give the date, so you better meditate calmly every night. Put your meditation, relax, just listen to the message that when you least expect something wonderful is about to happen. See us through everything we've told you, see us as we want you to see us in your mind, see as beings as all we know is to love, and that we are with each and every one of you. And those who are looking for healing in your body, please, imagine your body perfect; think that we have put the light inside it and that we can heal you so quickly that it will impact you what can happen. But keep working, keep listening, keep meditating, keep on loving.

 Really the only thing we give is the formula of love, then I do not see why you can despair, but I know you despair because have many problems, in most cases economic or there’s always a family member who is getting his wedge to be hurting you or a friend or someone who is out there. There are those who may be trying to make you lose control of your emotions, do not lose it because now this is a fact and we have everything ready to give everyone the happiness you deserve, because it's already the time to start the time, it’s already the time for the Father to see that we comply with a mission as difficult as the one we’ve set ourselves. But who is the one who bears the entire mission more strongly? Someone who said one day to the Father: "I’ll return your children," the Teacher Jesus, who still has that responsibility along the Great Mother and whom already are going to be seen and that will be heard the message they want to be given so that this human being can go back to how one day the Father created them, to be as life; life which is all we know to give you and which is already beginning at this time.

Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. July 11, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 656 in the list of meditations, is available in Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos" - Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 655. July 9, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 655. July 9, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

The first thing I want to say to you is this: I understand the impatience, I understand you’re feeling the waiting too long, I understand you; we see how this planet is and it is a total chaos, but we don’t want you to be affected by this chaos. The first thing that I want to say is, please, is very very little time left, very very short. The ships are ready already; we are ready for all that has to happen, if we wait longer then where will this planet end? It would burst because you see that the people continue their course of life as if nothing could ever happen and don’t notice the climate changes, everything that is happening and since stronger cataclysms are still to come, I believe that it’s urgent that we do something more astonishing.  

The ships that are seen are the ships that are sent so that the presence of beings from other worlds is seen, and not to be inventing that the beings from other worlds come to attack because naturally, have never seen a ship attack even if they say it and if have “framed” the little beings (greys), no, no one that comes from the exterior would do any harm. The only one that comes from the exterior and has done all the harm possible in this earth is the being of the darkness, he yes, but he doesn’t come in ships, he comes through dimensional tunnels where he managed to enter the Earth and where he made his complete territory. He has a place where he takes the souls, he has all the souls taken by surprise; the fact that the human being believes that for everything has to drink alcohol, is something that he made and all this economic conflict he’s making it so that also exist so much need that they end up stealing, that end up doing things that aren’t under the law of any respect to the human being.

For this reason I say that if you’re seeing that the planet is in chaos, then we aren’t going to be without doing something and seeing how the planet is destroyed and then later what souls we collect, no, this is now very urgent. Therefore I ask that you don’t be desperate, calculate it as if it were a few more days, a few less days, but more days; don’t tell me that “oh Teacher, then give us the date already” because remember that we don’t give dates but the time is indeed very very short and is going to be from one moment to another, just as we suddenly did our manifestation here. When we manifested so that my Sarita could receive us, we didn’t give her a notice, it simply happened; and now when we manifested here we also didn’t give a notice, a date wasn’t given and all started. The cures were started, it began with the message, it was achieved that many people could come and sadly in the previous meditations almost all disappeared, desperate, yes because everyone would like for all to happen so fast that can find yourselves already turned into soldiers of the light and still don’t even know why were born, why exist, and where are going, don’t even understand that the mind is, nor understand what the spirit is, nor understand what to love the Father is, nor understand absolutely nothing. We had to be preparing everything to get to the messages that have been recorded and in the messages we’ve put all the information that needs to know a human being to be able to understand that we are here to teach you to love the Father, to love yourselves and to prepare for a change. There we inform you where the souls that depart go; we also inform you what is going to happen at the moment that the change comes, all, all that you need to know is perfectly well explained. There are people that say that we are repetitive, well, if you don’t understand, above all what the respect for life is, don’t want to understand that the animal life is a life with soul, with mind made by the Father, then we have to explain it in different ways as a teacher does; since they don’t learn, examples are used, and since don’t understand arithmetic and don’t understand even grammar, then are given exercises and examples to have the mind open to understand what is being taught. Thus there are things that naturally we say in different ways but you have to understand it. We also repeat who we are and the reason why we’re here, that we aren’t angels that are fluttering, we are soldiers with an unprecedented power beyond what man could imagine, but is an army, and is a war – the war against evil.

Evil wants to take the humans, the humans don’t even know what they’re doing, they buy bottles of liquor with such an impressive enthusiasm, they continue killing the animals to eat them and continue doing unbelievable things but now what is worse, they no longer know what drug to invent to make them addicts, to make them addicts to just one and have them trapped. Everything is turned into a real mess and the planet is a chaos, thus the ones who we call naturally are people that have good feelings, who can understand our message and who naturally that about the alcohol and the drugs, well, are things that normally seem very logical; if before were to toast with their guests or when used to go to a party and no longer do it because understand very well that the alcohol is harmful. Now you know how harmful is the alcohol to give your energy away to the beings of the darkness to drink, but fortunately up until now we don’t bring drug addicts.  There are those who have been there but we’re selecting with much care the people that we can say can think. What is to think?

To think is to have within the self, something that says “I believe, understand and reason,” mostly the reasoning which is the most important that you need to have. But it was spoken in all the prophecies of an end, but remember that we have said that the end of the world won’t be, is the end of evilness, the end of everything that man has done with this planet, end of evil continuing of taking over the souls; the ones that want to go with him after a warning, then is already their problem, as you would say; then it is indeed in all the prophecies: in the apocalypse, in everything that are the prophets who made it clear that there was going to be an end for the 21st of December… well, what happened also is that think that the Gregorian calendar you use, well, is an obsolete calendar, but more or less were the dates on which it corresponded the end of the Era but  not in a single day. All thought we would take a few and leave everyone to see in what way they can understand all that we’ve said, don’t think that is in vain that we’ve done all this messages, now many people listen to them, now many people are aware that our messages are only of Love and Hope, they recover their faith in God and above all things, at least they want the miracle that we fix their economic things, that we cure them but the diseases are in a terrible way. They don’t realize, let’s suppose, a disease that spread throughout the planet – the diabetes. The diabetes is a disease of the emotions but since they don’t know how to take care of themselves, is destructive in a terrible way, when they reach the level of gangrene then is more difficult, but is a total carelessness because they can watch what they eat, can see that shouldn’t drink alcohol and we see diabetics drinking alcohol an getting quite upset and getting in all kinds of intrigues and totally neglecting their body, and naturally that is destructive as we’ve never seen that something can be destructive on the Earth. Now, speaking of terrible diseases, well you know what cancer is; the cancer spread throughout the globe of the Earth, but if they also feed on the dead, how do they want to have life? That’s something that we’re always making clear – death brings death, and the cancer is a way of having the putrefaction while still alive, and moreover, naturally also are the emotions. According to the problems they have is where the tumors stay best and all those depressions and worries which are brimmed in a terrible way and continue consuming the dead which they find very tasty; I don’t know how can they like such a thing, we don’t even imagine it, just with the smell alone is enough to know that is awful what the human being is doing.  But as we’ve said, all has to be stopped, but you’ll hear the Father: “My children. They’re my children. Help them think; they’re my children, that they don’t go with my son the evil.” He still says is his son, well yes, the Father created him and he rebelled against Him and it turned out contraproducent the way in which He created him – He gave him too much power and the haughtiness lost him; and however, you already know that He has the hope that someday even he returns to the Father. But for now that this humanity won’t go through a form of cleanse of this earth which would leave us a few human beings and as my brother Axel said last time, yes, the ones that we send to another planet we won’t abandon them at all. Not like we are right now a guardian angel per person, no, but we are going to be keeping an eye on everything that happens, all that they to also help them find their evolution and there will be who can see and hear us; we’ll also do things for them. But the wicked that also have to work the land with the sweat of their forehead, well they also continue being our brothers, we don’t reject anyone, we were all created by the same father and we love everyone the same, but the task is very arduous, very much arduous. Just observe this planet: in each home there are arguments, in the schools there are arguments, in the work place there are arguments, in the cities there are arguments, there’s inconformity, assaults, theft, attacks; well, this planet is like you would say, is like to sit down and cry of thinking in wanting to save it, but we’re going to succeed.

Then if you have prepared yourselves with much love, be alert of the movement that we’re going to do, but the time has been fulfilled; this date that so much mention of the three 7’s was the beginning of the alignments, it wasn’t your turn yet, remember that are several millions, trillions of planets in this galaxy alone, and all the planets have to align and be perfect to be passing through the central sun of the galaxy in absolute order. Then we’re simply preparing the others and many others came to help this human beings who don’t even understand why were born, nor where are going, nor why exist, and why are in a much destroyed planet. Then the only thing that I can ask is that you continue studying and is already going to be from one moment to another for all of those who with so much love have heard us and have had the patience to follow our indications. Prepare very well, and we feel proud of the ones who are steadfast and loyal to everything that we’ve asked. When the ones that left return, you are going to instruct them but is going to be because everything is already happening, don’t think that they first have to come and then we’re barely going to start, no; they’re going to return because they’re going to notice the ships, then are going to come back running and then it will be your turn: “Hurry up, right now you only have about close to 700 messages that you need to learn;” so they will know how they do it to study and will repent of having said that nothing was happening here when what we’re giving is an irrefutable evidence of our presence.

Then let’s continue working, today I want you to be calm and to know that with much love we’re going to give you much strength so that you can receive our energy. 

Message after the meditation:

The first thing that you have to do is, above all things, choose the meditation that more gives you that absolute tranquility. Remember that for that reason we’ve dictated so much, there are some that suits a person, others to someone else, but relax totally, at least that at nighttime or when you do your meditation, you already threw in the trash all your worries, you have us even if you don’t believe it, we are there; we’re already part of your thoughts, part of your life, then we need you totally and absolutely calm. For this reason there has been given a quite big amount of message: some are to teach, others to meditate and relax, and others are already the indications that we’re giving of everything that is about to come. Thus we tell you that it is an encyclopedia that covers it all, but you can choose the ones that most please you, the ones that take you on a trip to the stars, to know your angel, you already know there are many, many messages as those. And in that way you’re going to feel totally relaxed and please throw to the trash can all your worries, if you cannot do it mentally then write it down, roll it and throw it into the trash can. But please, trust in us, we are going to help you and give you all that was promised. We are powerful minds, we’re beings who have it all to give strength to this earth to reconstruct it; to reconstruct it is nothing easy because is destroyed up to the deepest part of its foundation. Man in his foolish pride has drilled it totally, has emptied the mountains off minerals, but above all things, those nuclear tests, that’s a disaster, along with the extraction of oil the planet is in a condition that they forget that don’t have another house because for more tries they do, they put some space rockets up there that try to go to the outer space and don’t achieve it. Here they said that because the end of the world was coming made their bunkers, were making  holes and where were going to go into some apartments sunk in the ground and with that nothing was going to happen; what they don’t know is that inside the ground is the worst part because is where is all the destruction that man provoked to the planet, and then they would say: Then we would go to another planet on some ships and when the planet bursts…; no, they don’t have the ships to go to another planet because in addition don’t have neither the technology or the force, nor will we allow  some of the ones that are in denial to go out with their foolish pride to another world. We won’t allow them because will continue trying but are only making holes in all that is the ceiling they have, that is, the ozone layer was the planet’s envelope and they make perforations and there we are, the ships running to close them otherwise the sun’s rays would be more direct than they already are. But don’t forget, we are powerful and we aren’t interested if man is afraid and prepare their weapons to attack the ships; remember that we have the power to disintegrate any bomb they throw; we have the power to pass them to another dimension to take a war airplane and put it inside a ship and then after instructing the pilots, we’re going to return them…, there are many things we can do.

There’s no problem for us, what we don’t like is that evil is also preparing, he’s also preparing to take the souls he’s been able to win over because wants them to kill themselves, wants them to have all the negations to kill one another. Right now all that is the mafias are killing each other and are also killing others that are innocent, but much hatred is emerging and there’s where evil is working, then that is so that we don’t win over any souls. Then if we continue contemplating how bad you are and we say “one of these days maybe we’ll decide to come down,” then when were we going to finish.

Therefore don’t feel distressed, this is a fact and it is at any time now, be prepared because it’s already the time to initiate the new time and that you can enjoy of this wonderful moment of seeing a new dawn in this earth.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. July 9, 2014.

These messages and the meditation given this day, which is number 655 in the list of meditations, are available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"- Lista de  material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 654. July 4, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 654, dictated on July 4, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

What is it you are wishing above all things? That we already appear, to already lower the ships, to already end so much anguish in which all are living, that there is no longer money, is not so much that you ask that we give it to you, more like money no longer exists, that we already end up with this distress, that we send evil already to their domains. That's where we are struggling a lot, do not believe that we are not working; we’ve managed to put many in spheres, but they have caught almost all of humanity. The man does not listen, man does not love, man is after money exactly, and man has caused all the problems that could cause to a world that cannot be repaired except for us at any given time at which we must now really do miracles.

If you see the world, it gives the impression that there are very nice parts, that there are places where there’s vegetation, that all is beautiful - as you say - but just see how the weather is, what is causing this amount of water, of hurricanes, of the movement that is doing the Earth, what is causing there to be so much hail which is everywhere, what is causing it? Precisely because the planet already moved, is reeling. You don’t feel it much, but have felt the tremors more or less, but most important is that now we have everything ready; we’re ready for the "Big Move". We cannot allow evil to continue doing so much damage because it is not fair, but maybe he will really take many humans.  Already we concluded that if the man does not want to think, even if the Father begs us that he does not want to lose his children, we are going to say to the Father: Choose, the planet bursts or evil goes with his followers. He does not want, he urges us to avoid that terrible exodus which would be of this humanity to the dark side.  How are they going to take them? In one way or another are making them kill each other, crimes continually rise, and above all things, who knows, among other cataclysms then evil does make his total harvest; that is why some things we do have to let them happen.

But it is time now, now is the time, already starts the first alignment, already the planets begin to move, already the time is over all of us and we are concerned because what has delayed us so much is precisely that the evil trapped humanity but in such way. If you saw the gray spot is seen on the planet, then they would not feel so proud and civilized those who say they are powerful, those who say they do everything well and above all else, who continue to exploit the little oil left on Earth, if they were to completely empty it, how they think that this planet is going to stabilize if you take all the stuffing, so to speak; and moreover as you know, the nuclear bombs bursting all inside. Then as we have said, already would soon have your 2012 as put it the film people, as such or worse because there it is supposed that Africa would be saved, but at the rate you’re going there wouldn’t be left anything and the planet was going to burst, but cannot explode because it naturally would unbalance the entire planetary system. That is why we are alert to all we have to do.

I understand you, do not think I do not hear "Teacher Alaniso, there is no work; Teacher Alaniso, homes are not selling; Teacher Alaniso, we don’t know what to do anymore to manage the little money we earn; Teacher Alaniso, there are no jobs; Teacher Alaniso, see if you can help us because our children do not have jobs; Teacher Alaniso, more help, young people are going astray," are leaning toward drugs here in this country and in all. In the U.S. that so much boast threatening drug trafficking, is where it is most sold and already young ones 14 to 15 years, plus already they let them smoke marijuana is already legal, then they can already be blunted both with alcohol and marijuana, they are legal, right? They have never said that alcohol should be prohibited, except the time of the Prohibition that was quite poorly done because naturally had to be gone all traces of what represents the liquor factory; but sadly they are sacrificing their own children with their unjust laws that are now working, laws made by evil, not by man.  If you would see how he is getting into the brains of the beings who have power, if you would see how they are manipulated and how they make fun of us because we are seeing them and mock us: "See, what can you do if they want us, they only think about how they can amass fortunes, are only thinking how they can do as much damage possible," because all the killings already exceeded everything.  There have always been wars, there have always been many unpleasant things on Earth, but since the war is widespread, is already in the cities, in the colonies, already in all the places where the human beings are; they are attacking, robbing, are turning this planet, which is still part of the planetary system that is the Father’s, they are turning it into a real hell. Already people run away as they sell their homes but they cannot sell because people do not have money; besides, if fleeing from a country or town because they say much they assault there, how do they want others to go buy from them, then they are stuck without money and above all things, seeing how all those beings who are armed abuse.

I know, one day we said we were going to disarm the world, we will do this already soon, but don’t think that we'll be talking for years, years saying: "We’re almost there;" years telling you: "The time is short;" years to tell you that "finally we’re going to fight the final battle against evil and we will send them to their domain"; and years to see how many humans we can recover, and years would be useless because then the planet would completely explode into a thousand pieces and there wouldn’t be absolutely anything left of it. But imagine how would end up the outer space and how would end up the planetary system and how it could also affect the galaxy, that's the plan of evil - do as much damage as possible.  So you notice that already not even such a nice pastime as is the sport, can do it clean; we are seeing all the dirty things they do, especially with money, paying everything expensive and all making bets, and everything is to achieve that gangsters have the money they make precisely with such bets because although it may seem unbelievable, they do also do it with a sport that unites all humanity, which is the famous soccer; yes, there is a mafia and yes, there are filthy things, we are seeing that. Therefore it gives us great sadness to tell you that the team you asked us to win lost, and we feel sad because we would’ve also liked to have seen that everything was clean, and yes would have gone higher. If there weren’t so many things behind all that you’re listening, we see the filth in which human beings live, the more they have, the more they want, but also then borrow to make their bets and then if they don’t will be kill and get killed, then evil does his collection and then this planet is already a disaster.

This I’m saying, well, it is not new, is it? You already saw, I'm not telling you anything new. You know how corrupt the world is and you already know how evil is now working on Earth. There are no longer religions, also in all the temples there is also corruption already, there is no true worship to the Father anymore because wouldn’t be doing what they are doing destroying the life he created; we want to end the killing of animals, it is the largest business they can have, and we naturally want man to think, which is the most difficult. But for the few that we have, I have the wonderful news that now of a sudden, everything promised will start to happen. No, do not despair, we will not leave you with your problems because it would be unfair; if you have heard us, have followed us, have given us your love, have given us your commitment, you think that would be fair to be idly by and to say "poor ones, look what is happening to them," no.  We will work much now and we'll give you a pleasant surprise already at this time; nothing that you are thinking about how many years, no; how many months? Why do I tell you the date then if you know very well that it will not be in a day, it will start to happen, everything will start to be in activity and when least expected, already you’ll be living what we’ve promised. Just do not lose heart, please go ahead, forward despite all that now has become denial. We know that in every house there is who is breaking the balance, we know that in every home there is much pain, and we know how everyone feels.

Now, not all because when there’s a married couple that gets along, then no problem, but those are a few that we have that are married couples that get along. Things are pretty, pretty bad, so this is now; but I know, "What is your 'now' teachers?”How many years will be the 'now?” No, they can’t be years, please understand, everything is ready and everything is going to happen at any moment, and we will not let you sink with all your problems because then we would not be the Guardian Angels that protect you. Be patient, just a little bit more only, try to solve your problems as much as possible but still we won’t let injustice wrap you and occur the things that could happen. Yes, it keeps going all this which evil is causing, because in every house, when there is someone totally rebel, who do you think is with him? A being of darkness to see if can break everything that is being achieved, so please be calm, and the "now" is not years, is now. Is already from one moment to another and stay assured that we will give you a pleasant surprise now in this time.

Message after the meditation:

Well, how about the date: I little bit time? My brother Axel already said "very little little time", which means, as I say, you do your meditation calm despite what is happening because it seems they were placed against all of you to not have enough money, for someone to make you lose control of your emotions, but do not allow it, just keep yourselves calm, that the meditation be full of love; and of course, as you say, "I will make my morning prayer and I'm going out to battle…” as you say, against evil because it is to remain in balance, and it is a war against evil because naturally he’s not in your home but yes in the streets, and crouching making that other humans can lose control and take them completely out of balance. You will see that if suddenly happens, that if were pushed a little bit against another person, that if did not like something, someone starts to insult or say things and will make them lose control of their emotions; so please, do not allow it.
If someone were become aggressive on you on the street or somewhere you go and want to start to say something nasty to you, watch him quietly and say, "calm down, calm down, there is nothing going on," and of course sometimes evil is very strong, then don’t allow. Because we are here anyway to protect you in the sense that you don’t get attacked, that you don’t get hit, that do not go in your houses to steal and all that kind of things we are controlling very well; we are working with all of you and preparing this great invasion of Love. Yes, we’re going to do an invasion as well as evil has dominated and is involved in everything that is having the planet turned into a kind of black shade of mud, but we come from a higher level, he does not, he’s upon the Earth, he’s upon the men, he cannot rise; the dark beings cannot rise to the light but we can, we can flood the entire planet with light, we can do that at any given moment, in a way blind these beings of darkness and then make that the humans who make so many mistakes or still have a chance to rescue them, can repent.

Now, some people are not so bad, we say it again, but they believe is lawful to kill for food; remember, we're going to shake, and we will also see how much they learned and understood. But you have heard that we are telling you that we will not abandon those who we send to another planet. Imagine how bad would we look: "There, stay here and you see what you do!" in one form or another, not that we make their houses, not that we do many things, but we'll keep an eye on everyone and we will frequently be visiting and seeing how they can find the path, because the Father will want that for the following dimension change can already go to the dimension of light, does not want to lose them, does not want at any time that evil is reintroduced in an Earth because that planet we will put another planet "Earth" that will want to take over it, to someday get out, escapes us, exits from one of the slits and then start to get out, as is pictured in the prisons that scratch and look for ways to find a way out, they will try to do and we will also be patrolling that place to avoid as much as we can that don’t escape because as soon as they get out they start, you know, to make the dimensional tunnels and may even disturb those remaining in the third dimension, then we will not abandon them. But for now, you are protected by us, please be calm.

Things look but it seems that the sky began to darken, already a wonderful sun of a new dawn will come out because you are already fully being part of this great army, we love you intensely and want you to feel our presence already, meaning  now. I want this night to also do your meditation not feeling... I mean this "now" that you say is immediate, but how about you: relax, feel love, come at peace with yourselves, feel fully involved in the light of the Father, does not come to mind nothing of the problems you have, already think of nothing more than beautiful things, seek some message that transport you to another dimension; and so, if you succeed are going to have very nice experiences but please achieve it; this way, breathe deeply and remove all the garbage that have in the mind of the outside problems, and put your meditation and feel that there is an angel, a being who loves you and wraps you with his light and wants to lead you to an astral trip because that would be wonderful for you to already enjoy a little bit of what represents to be with us.
So this time is fulfilled and everything is now... alas, forgive me for the "now" do not think that is a long time, is already in a little bit time that you will be able to live how wonderful it is to be with us and having as a prize, a paradise to live.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. July 4, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 654 in the list of meditations, is available in an Audio CD (Spanish Only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos" - Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.