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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Radio Ahena. Transmissions for the week of December 15 - 21, 2014

December 15 - 21, 2014.

Monday meditation

77. Free I go to my Father because I'm his child.

Wednesday meditation

78. In spheres of light, the army of the angels arrive. 

Friday meditation

79. Let's save the child that man forgot. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 675, dictated on October 9, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 675, dictated on October 9, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When the human beings realize what have done with their world, it is because are going to find one and a thousand apologies of why is much destroyed. The ones destroying it have much money, have much power, they believe that they buy everything with the gold and that not at any moment they are to be blamed - they created progress: “A beautiful progress” to destroy their world. But we want you, who are willing to work for such an important mission, say to yourselves everyday: I already studied, I already practiced, everything I heard in the message from yesterday, sometimes I repeat it because I haven’t captured everything yet but I’m doing it with much love, why? Because if some Teachers arrive from a faraway place to tell me how I should be to be a worthy child of the creator, the fair thing to do would be to be it.

Why? Because they need to know that we’re doing a careful selection of the entire humanity, so thorough that you’re probably asking yourselves… and for example, there’s a very big population, the Chinese, there we already have them selected, there are very big populations on Earth that naturally man believes that we don’t know? Everyone, our archives are full, every human being is classified: what they feel, what they think, how they live, what is that they wish to live, how they treat their children, how they treat themselves, how they can do things they shouldn’t have done. Because for instance, the violence that increases, increases and increases on the Earth, it means that man forgot that was born to be life not to be death because he who destroys a life, well, is also destroying himself. We’re going to assume, if destroyed an animal life, is a crime and by eating it are destroying their body, totally because are eating a corpse of an animal that suffered, and of course if they kill a fellow being, then what peace are they going to have? In order for a person that kills a human being to have peace, that soul needs to find their peace, then I believe that it will take much work to get together all the ones that are killed in a war or the ones that are killed right now, precisely for the gold on what is the drug dealing which is in a terrible way. Does it give them money? Yes. Do they enjoy it? No. That they have a very beautiful car and a latest fashion suit… so, they can’t even boast of it because are always scared seeing who’s watching them, who is listening to them and above all things, that the same people of the mafia would kill them, then there’s no peace.

That they rise to a higher position to have a higher place in the government, well yes, because they desire to be powerful; they also think in the money they’ll get and later when they’re completely inside then it’s when the fear starts, yes, because they start getting enemies as if they came out jumping… well, I’m going to say some animal, but for example, as if they open the sewer and all the rats come out, then they’re scared of being beaten or finish them. Oh, because the environment right now on the Earth is so terrible that we see that there isn’t any safety. The accidents is one after another, automobile accidents, plane accidents, but more or less aren’t many but there are the ones who leave many lives in that place, but the killings of human beings that are doing for the power and the gold, not all see it, not everything that is happening know it the human beings because they say they find clandestine graves, they don’t know who they buried, why? Because not even the parents of those young people or persons know where are their children because didn’t know how to take care of them, didn’t know how to guide them, because didn’t know how to show them something basic, which is the respect toward life and toward themselves.

All this that I’m saying is because are making much movement to be able to see in what way a country is destabilized. This country has many good things, but many beings have entered to destabilize it, why? It has always been coveted because it’s supposed that is a country that has it all and which can be exploited easily, above all that it has oil, has land and has water and has everything and has some Mexicans that they can turn into slaves, that is the ones that come from the outside and the ones that have risen to power here, well, also are seeing that the one that is poor is not worth a while not even to turn and look at them but can be magnificent slaves to work for the powerful. Well, you know all of this, I’m just putting emphasis in that it is already the moment for us to manifest. You have waited patiently, many, many people that were totally dedicated, believed that the 21st of December of 2012 started the wonderful moment of seeing this planet turned into a Paradise, it didn’t occur to you to think that it had to start earlier. As we’ve said, simply a time was marked, we did have to have started to fix the planet, we’re doing it within what can be done: controlling the volcanoes and entering the sea to see how we go on cleaning that garbage dump that man made, above all the radiations that are indeed contaminating completely, but it is already the time.

The planet has to align; the other planets are already aligning. They talk about an alignment that they’re able to see with their studies, telescopes, or what they can use, but don’t see the whole alignment that is happening, remember that it is a complete galaxy and a galaxy is composed of trillions of planets, not millions, much less of thousands, they don’t even realize the immensity that each galaxy has and that the Universe itself has and right now all are already aligning, preparing for the great movement that this change has to be but also worried for the harm that this planet can manage to cause to the entire galaxy. A very small planet, really small, with some human beings that don’t know how to think, incited by the beings of darkness, then when you think that crimes that are incomprehensible happen, what you don’t see are the beasts the human has over him. Why? Because every  human being at this time, above all, consumes meat and drinks alcohol, but the drugs went up in such a way that now the beings of darkness feel proud because are counting and think they’re taking almost all the humanity, almost, they know that there are good people, but if we don’t convince them to join us, for we’re going to cause them economic problems, we’re going to cause them to fear, we’re going to cause them all that is possible so that they don’t belong to all that’s going to happen.

Well, but I ask you then: do you feel already totally strong to initiate this new time? Have you studied? Have you practiced? Have you heard yourselves when you speak to others? Have you heard yourselves when you speak to yourself and that you aren’t reproaching yourselves every day that didn’t do something, that made a mistake? Thus I ask you: Do you believe you’re ready? The ones who are listening to us, which are the ones that come and the ones reading the messages over the Internet and who are willing to work, why? Because you have the dream of this world becoming free of everything that is destroying it and we have that in sight, and we do have a date and it’s already the time.

Then continue working and studying that suddenly a day, just like that, a dawn will be different and a nightfall will be astonishing, it simply has to happen, and prepare very well that we don’t want to grab you unexpectedly and not having learned what you need to learn, and those who are sick should know that their diseases are going to disappear already because our plan is, as we’ve said before, to take you in the ships, regenerate you totally so that you can also be teachers. Then calculate all that we have to do, each person that listens to us can be a teacher because has a family that doesn’t listen, or has friends who don’t want to listen and are going to become Teachers because the other people are going to notice that by going inside you returned shockingly perfect. Therefore we’re going to begin working and don’t say that we repeat and don’t comply with what we said because we are ready for everything that has been announced. Prepare yourselves that it is a Father, as always, who is going to thank you for helping him, he doesn’t want to lose his children as we’ve always told you.

Message after the meditation:

I hope you realize that we, as teachers, I believe that we are Teachers almost of preschoolers, of first year; we have to be repeating and repeating in different ways what you should’ve already learned. Why do we have to repeat and repeat? Because you don’t learn, because every morning you wake up worried, you wake up talking about many problems, and wake up thinking on how you’ll manage to continue ahead that day: No, but I do feel pain here, well I know that my guardian angel is here but he hasn’t done much, he doesn’t work well, if there’s a guardian angel. Do you notice that we have to be repeating and repeating in different ways so that you learn the class because you still don’t pass the class, for our wish is for you to be the best teachers. Now, all these messages are what you will use to teach the other humans to know the message and naturally, when you say: Have a seat and listen, are not going to know much and you will have to start to instruct them but that you look healthy, that you look full of life, that you look proud of having had faith, that you look proud of having continued despite being told: “And you’re still there! But nothing happened on the 21st of December.” I don’t know from where did you get that everything was going to happen in one day, you’ll see what it is for everything to begin happening and are going to see what is the change and are going to feel all that we have to do and remember that we didn’t call you so that you jump to the other dimension and all your problems ended, no, we called you so that you help us, so that you, as humans, be the ones who astonish. If we astonish because we look different, we look very tall, that because we irradiate light, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to feel the same as us and we do want you to feel that we are your Teachers and we do feel the same, but then, if you are the ones who went up the ship and return shining, then they will listen to you with more calmness than to us, they wouldn’t listen to us, we’ve tried several times, no, they wouldn’t listen to us; all the investigators would be the first to be in line: Me, I have this contact, let’s see, tell me, what is it that we really have to do? Imagine the amount of things that the human being has to learn, then for this reason we say to you that we’ve selected whom we’ve wanted to transform into Teachers.

Now, if you notice how many thousands have passed through here and how many have stayed, that’s the saddest thing, that’s why it was said: Many are called, few are the chosen; not that we say we are elitists and chose a few, but because we tried that they listened and left, and left because nothing happens, that because I believe that I’m already cured so now I can eat meat again, and they get sick again, then they failed me and left because wanted the easy adventure and left because, oh, many left due to the famous 21st of December. It was very sad, it was a strong test, we didn’t put it, perhaps because you were telling us that we didn’t make it clear that it wasn’t exactly on that day that a few were leaving and would leave behind the rest of the humanity cry their defeat because the world would come over them; it’s about saving humans, it’s about helping the Father recover his children, it’s about realizing that you were called to work and to help us in this difficult mission. So the ones that left will return and you are going to be the ones that will tell them how they need to get up to date with the classes because those who have been loyal and steadfast, are who will receive the biggest award - the famous graduation that you’ve waited for. And with much love I say, we feel proud of those who with love can listen to a message that we’ve been giving with many wishes that you could progress.

Prepare because we don’t let you know, we don’t say: Oh look, write down in your agenda such date, we don’t give a notice; it will happen and it has to happen. But if you see the planet we need to do something because we don’t want to see how they kill each other and how happy evil feels of turning assassins, or is converting in… well yes, also in assassins because many commit suicide, is becoming into a being that took over this humanity. Therefore we have to do something so shocking that you yourselves aren’t going to believe it, you’re going to feel like in those fairy tales in which one of a sudden a fairy appeared and took you up and returned turned into a true princess or a prince that will give the message. Then prepare yourselves that it’s already the time, it’s the moment and we aren’t going to wait much longer.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. October 9, 2014.

These messages and the meditation given this day, which is number 675 in the list of meditations, are available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See: Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 674, dictated on October 3, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 674, dictated on October 3, 2014.

Message before the meditation: 

As a special night, today I would like you to feel with all your strength that here we are nine Teachers plus the Teacher of each of you. We want you to not block, to be calm, to open your mind, to feel totally full of love for everything around you, that love is what invades you and that by being sensible entirely; you can actually feel our presence. Do not think that we do not want to be seen or do not want you to feel us, except when it comes to a cure, but most importantly is that you say, "I am already a contacted person,” but naturally not contacted to start being ridiculous with now I am going to do a cleanse and now I'm going to put things I don’t know what things, like what we have just seen about bells and stuff like that, no.

Being “contacted” is to be a logical person in what is conveying, is a person who hears a message that is completely full of wisdom. We do not like the scenes that make the people because it is not about making a show, a show is one we’ll make with all that are the ships, you will see, you will see the movement that we will do, it will be a movement so strong that you will realize that it was worth having faith. How can we make men listen to us? Only revealing our craft and doing something extremely shocking. The light of the Father is a very soft light, despite the greatness of the Father. Imagine, who is the Father? Father - creator of the universe, the Father - intense light that extends everywhere He created life, the Father gives everything for love, is smooth, quiet, full of strength, but full of light for all who may be listening. The Father has never wanted to lose one of his children. Did he probably give too much? That's the truth, he gave too much, but now we want you to feel united, peaceful and think that things have to happen, we are not playing: to see if one of these days or see if our time is similar to yours. If we are on Earth, why would we use our time? If we are here to help man, we have to speak your language and we have to do things that really are useful and also help you think. For us the hardest thing has been to teach man to think.

We find human beings fanaticized with all, if you are supposed to be spiritual are fanaticized and fanaticism does not allow the mind to open, the fanaticism blocks the senses, that is something you have to understand, because who is fanatical is because he has so many desires to stand out and say that can now understand that is going to catch I think that the stars ... that is completely lost in all that represents love. When you know our Teacher, really know Him, you remember that he came to Earth, which has been stated many times, he being so great, the Universal Teacher, has absolute humbleness; he has never put us to sing hallelujahs, nor to make a great fuss because we are part of his army, he is love, humbleness, purity, and he is always saying that at some point has to help the Father to recover his children. One day he promised, and still has failed because in his name really have become fanatical and I do not know why they mix that "if the Bible says…" and forget what the teacher said, then that's where we say they do not think. It is not religion; the religions divide, separate humanity, make them feel each that where their church is, is the most pure, the greatest and in the church next door is Satan or are pure fakes, no! They must be united in knowledge, in love, in life, in strength, in the most divine part that is to feel all united as children of that great Father. That's why we want you to realize how complicated it is to have man back to the way the Father really created him.

A man who has gone several thousand years to become the worst predator of the Earth, which has destroyed his house, which has ended the hope, which has made unimaginably destructive things, that have developed diseases that definitely the man can no longer cure nor tries because sometimes leaves them a lot of money trying to cure the sick, no, we say, when the Father created us, gave us everything, gave us his light, gave us his strength, gave us his love and we have to be united in the great humbleness that the Father has.  Remember that we have said here that we do not want any fanatic, we want you calm, thinking, loving, learning and preparing, for when you talk about our message to be with all the simplicity with which must be transmitted.  So all join, prepare well, we're not talking about waiting several years, because in several years the planet no longer supports the destruction man did to it; well, believe it or not, yes, a date was met from December 21 to this date, everything is in motion, the planets are taking their place, it is doing everything it needs to be for there to exist that step to another dimension, we are talking about millions of planets, not of a few, we are talking about a galaxy not yet known to man in all its extension, then you have to be ready, simple, loving, not criticizing, all being a single force and getting ready to tell man it is time to reconsider the mistakes that have been made.  So tonight, as always, we want to give a message, a message that reaches your hearts, to make you feel part of the universal Creator who gave everything for His children to be immensely happy, and that actually having this being of death, which is after all souls, have lost much of all that love He gave.

So we will work and think with love in that Father that is there, sending his light and that we are all here to give you our energy and can feel our presence.
Message after the meditation:
 I hope that for all of you, this time has been very clear. I know there are many concerns, I feel you very hopeless. The planet is terribly wrong, the humanity is very confused, man does not know what love is. To man, being fanatical seems right in order to believe in a Father that never asked to surrender that way. They have become fanatical to have people praising them, so to speak, but there are so many religions that we just say: let's see what else comes out next, but not to be on behalf of our Teacher. Our Teacher is all humbleness; our Teacher is the most powerful greatness you could imagine and does not like praise, all he wants is to fulfill a promise he made to the Father, that would return his children, and us trying by all means because we can’t impose it.

We will subjugate, it let’s assume: we appear and talk with humans, we tell them to kneel down because they have to apologize and that they better understand that death should not be consumed… do you think they would do it for love? Do you think we could pass them to a paradise if they are just fearful and angry and unconvinced because are taken away what they like to do? No, would not work. Many say to us: why don’t you appear? Well because we will not be subjugating, but we must appear, but in another form, you will see how wonderful it will be the fact that we make them hear our message.  There are few who are at this time  listening and working,  few because if we compare them to humanity, yes, right now we have the least amount of beings in our favor, but with these we have enough to grow this entire message. When we speak of  "taking you up to the ships," imagine, we make promises that are not met, well, then we would be indeed something very terrible, we would not be who we are.

When we speak is because we know what we are offering and what you will receive, but we have to prepare the ground, we have to do something that the human being does not forget. We already know you say that is going to take too long, that time is very long, that maybe they are several years. I just tell you, analyze the planet, how much would it endure the destruction that man is doing, and besides hopefully we stop this war because they want to go back to killing each other for gold, but are already planning how they will attack. I think it's got to be stopped in an important and powerful way and we will not let that happen; they’re still fighting, are still bombing, is still killing, still humiliating one another, they keep saying that for religion do things, because God wanted it that way, that because… I don't know how many other lies the human tells himself, that because they will fight for their country but go to the other side of the planet, then why are fighting for their country? Well! We have seen terrible things, and this cannot continue this way. This is why the Father already allowed us to impact, but like I said, to be with love, at least our dream is to give you joy to see the stars in the sky descending, but you know what? Evil already made sure to say that everything that comes from the Infinite Cosmos is evilness, that love is on Earth, that here is where you can trust, because if they see the ships then will begin to arrive and kidnap and bombard you or I don’t know what else. Then what can we do? Well, descend, show ourselves and do shocking things with people that listen so that now we can spread the message.

That a person looks very tired, very sad because cancer consumed her, to return young, healthy, happy; that a person was told that would never regain sight, we do not have many as so but we know with whom we're going to work, and come back, now, not with a show like you say, nor a circus spectacle, but a thing that is clear and then you will see that they will listen to us. How tiring is to observe man, how sad it is to see that it has been distorted both faith and love, how painful it is to see that man teach the child to kill, how painful it is to see that man cannot love, but we repeat, they are our brothers, our brothers in misfortune. And we are not beings that we give up, we love them as they are, just as they are, we are not saying: I will love you for your qualities, no, as they are we love them, but of course we are happy to know that there are good people that will help us in this difficult mission.

So please, be alert of everything that will start because it is time and it is the moment that we manifest and save the Earth from destruction, for is still a Father who loves all his children and does not want to lose them. Evil will go with all his followers, that we cannot avoid, but better stay a little bit, as you would say, a bit stored in that dark place where he likes to be, planning to one day be the owner of the universe until gives up, and all those followers he has, start to apologize and the day they leave him, then perhaps then he will say: Father, I think I was wrong. Maybe it will take him a million years to be convinced of this, but we’ll achieve it. We are beings who have a project for eternity and are beings who know the Father with all his grandeur and we are your brothers, we love you intensely and we'll thank you to help us spread this message. Remember, do not talk in a way that looks as you are preparing for a show, no, speak humbly, talk to people who can listen to you and then later we will make them listen, do not worry because they will notice that you really are with us because we will put the wonderful sign that you are really beings who are with the love of the Father and that will be able to show man what we can give a humanity that is crying because does not  even know why was born, why exists and where is going. We will prepare everything already and prepare you. Be calm please that this Father that today flooded with light your being, feels proud because He knows He counts on you for this difficult mission.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. October 3, 2014.

These messages and the meditation given this day, which is number 674 in the list of meditations, are available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See: Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

RADIO AHENA. Meditations for the week of December 8 - 14, 2014.

Meditations for the week of December 8 - 14, 2014.

73. The perfect world of the Angels.

74. Where do the souls go when they know how to love?

75. From the Garden of Eden, comes the salvation.

76. Who visit us? The Guardians of the Universe.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 673, dictated on September 27, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 673, dictated on September 27, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When we see that there’s enthusiasm, that there are desires to progress and above all things, we do understand you; you have a dream, an incredible dream that we already do something very big so that the problems end in this planet, that we manifest, that the ships are seen in the sky, now yes in an impacting way for humanity and that we start taking you in the ships.

I know that you’re waiting for that wonderful moment. We speak of what is going to happen already, let’s say, in this time; I know that you would like to have dates but remember that we also have to accommodate the time to see how it is that is has to be what we need to do so that we can be triumphant in this war against evil. Don’t forget that we are at war and that evil is working in a terrible way doing all the possible harm to humanity. That problem they talk so much about, the economic problem, he intervenes there as well; they make the taxes go up, that the bank interests go up, that money each time is worth less, that people feel uneasy with the government to see if they provoke some strong noise so that wars start, wars everywhere. We aren’t going to allow that anymore, of course, you’re going to say, but if the United States is continuing declaring war, aren’t you going to do something to stop that? We do have to do it but remember that at this moment evil has the powers taken, the powers are submitted to do something that they really believe they are the ones winning and don’t realize that are losing, because naturally, when living in that uncertainty might get killed or kidnapped or something worse may happen, or for example, are fearing much a nuclear war that would destroy totally the cities.

You know that already, we aren’t going to allow it but they still continue doing their nuclear tests, continue provoking the planet bursting from within, continue doing the oil perforation, and then naturally we have to stop all of that. In order to distract them we’re going to have to do something of much impact. We’re telling you what we’re going to do so that you are forewarned and prepared and above all things, proud of being who are really listening and working to be able to receive what we’re going to give you. But all we’ve said is going to happen and in a very short time, in this time, we aren’t talking about years, no, it can’t be, if it were years then we would already pick up the planet in pieces in the infinite space and wouldn’t be possible anymore for us to achieve the balance within this universe.

Remember that the Father entrusted us his universe, that we keep it under order, that don’t happen things that are catastrophes, that we control this being of death, not that we destroy him. Remember that the Father doesn’t destroy not even the worst of our enemies nor the worst enemy of his, he doesn’t destroy, doesn’t punish. But naturally He himself wanted to exclude him by not giving him His energy, but he took it from what man has done; he has “teased” man, we’re going to use your words because they feel they’re doing good being powerful, and each time are more the feasts with death and above all things, each time the alcohol flows more, but flows more the poison of what are the drugs.

This fact of having said that the marihuana is allowed, is a beginning to be able to open the doors to drugs and have the excuse of saying: We can drug ourselves, that they’ll allow us to go to a pharmacy and be marked as they say, as drug addicts they won’t care about that, but evil will be very happy being able to have many followers for everything that will be their triumph, taking the souls that right now are working with much smoothness and with much strength and above all things – the weapons. I know that you’ve protested that we said that one day we are going to disappear the weapons, remember that all that we’ve said is going to happen, that all that we’ve planned has to be done, but naturally, we don’t give dates. The beings of darkness themselves that listen to the comments that say those who are listening to us, say: “And do you still think you can win over us? We already really won, we have humanity in our hands and this humanity is going to be part of evil’s great army.” Therefore we have to do things very cautiously, but all that we’ve said is going to happen.

However, those who listen to us are totally protected, even if evil wanted to do something against anyone of the ones that are by our side, he can’t, that is a given, he can’t do anything against our energy, he can’t match our power, he can’t touch you the least in any way. For this reason he’s going to try, to see if by any chance you contract a lethal disease so that you can complain, he also can’t do that. Then we’re calling many people whom we can heal, but above all things, we’re calling people who can really listen to a message of hope for humanity. We’ve seen they’ve really been motivated by listening to the message, it is true, what you shouldn’t do is give them away because they have to do an effort to have them at home, but that they listen to them.

We’re seeing that is giving good results because is being spread throughout the planet and really, only with us there’s a message as the one you’re listening. We’ve never threaten; we threaten evil, he knows that we’re threatening him and that we’re going to be triumphant and they say that no, that because they have more followers than us and to check how many good people there are and to see how we’re going to stop this river of blood that runs through the entire planet and that they already feel winners. In one way or another they know that they’re leaving, they are sure of that, but they do want to take, at least to be ¾ of humanity? That’s what they plan to do and we plan to turn it around.

I believe that many of these things we’ve said continuously, but I want to remind you that we aren’t playing, that we’ve called you because there is a very important message for humanity and that besides, those who comply with us from the heart, is totally protected; our protection is completely indestructible. Therefore I want you to be aware that you have to teach other human beings to receive us. I know it’s difficult for you to hear people say: Oh, how am I going to put an altar if I don’t have money, I don’t have time, I don’t believe in those things… when they say:  I don’t believe in those things, - what do you not believe in? That we can have hope that at a given time so much evilness does end? That all the human beings end up hating each other and attacking one another? That we don’t end up in a total blood bath? Or totally destroyed by a threat as the one right now on Earth, which is a nuclear threat.

Then what you have to realize is that many ships have been sighted in the sky and that they have never attacked anyone, even if they’ve done their wonderful stories that the “small beings” come down, that put a light and abduct the people, that do terrible things to them; the ones who are telling it, for instance, are not mutilated, are mentally mutilated but the human being has done that, it is an evil’s trick that dominates other human beings so that they can fall in the trap of believing that every being that comes from another world, comes to harm. For this reason I want all of you to be calm, please, we know that you need money, please; we know that your debt is very strong and please, we know what we have to do. That we’re going to put a stop to all this economic abuse there is, we are going to do it, but you’ll see in what way because we have the power to accomplish it.

Then I repeat again, please, is a little bit more of patience, but what would the human being expect if they continue as are? Everything would be pain, anguish, despair, and the ones that have newborn children or that start to grow, well, what hope can they give to a child in this time that is not even worth to exist because there aren’t jobs, because there aren’t opportunities, because now in the schools many unpleasant things are seen, are taking in drugs in the schools and that is something that we have to stop. Therefore, I want you to be aware that we do know what is happening and that we are working indeed. You be firm on that whoever you tell what we’re conveying, not to say that mocks you because… Why do they make fun? Because there’s hope? Because there’s a dream that can come true? Because really does exist a Father that loves us? That we aren’t beings that were forgotten by Him? Because in the religion put a very punishing Father, I believe that if the Father were to punish, well, he would pulverize everything, but he wouldn’t be the Father-Creator of the Universe, love in all senses and life forever. Therefore, learn to answer, but calmly, without making much noise, when they ask questions, answer, and if they don’t want to pay attention, sow a little, little, always remember that sometimes is sowed in rocks, but the rocks do end up giving fruit. The bad thing is to sow in barren soil because then it will never give a fruit, but you aren’t going to choose a criminal to start telling him; we’ll take care of the criminals, of making an impact in such a way that they think is the time of the change, more likely of the final judgment. That is going to be interesting, that they run, that they worry, that they go inside their temples, that they beg the Father for forgiveness and then it is when we can take the beings of darkness and can take them inside the spheres.

Then be calm, preparing yourselves, loving yourselves, respecting all life, respecting yourselves one another as well, when you feel aversion toward a person, better feel that you have to understand him, for what reason act the way you dislike or why is a person that is not precisely whom you can admire, but whom you should admire and respect, because just as you are children of the Father, all, all the beings that exist, also are his children and he loves all the same. Then we’re going to prepare all very well. We’re working, we aren’t seeing what we can do, we’re already working, we’ll take care of the beings of darkness, and you take care of doing that other human beings do what is the most difficult, that they think again and that they realize how terrible the fact of destroying the life of their own world is.

That is why I say to you, we are already in a stage in which all has to happen, I know that you ask me: And in your time, when is the “now”? Well already, the time is now, but we aren’t going to say exactly the date because we know that we have to grab by surprise these beings of darkness that also are smiling and are saying: “Promises, promises, but aren’t going to be able to be win over us, we have the humanity taken with a terrible monster, the gold; the gold is deranging them and their “little bill” makes them kill all they can to obtain that gold.” Then we’re going to do something, we’ve already said many times not to feel anguish, the protection is total for everything that you need and also help your economy get better because we don’t like to see you worried in that way for not having enough money. We’re going to work now on that matter and you have to simply show us that you understood the message, respect for the life that exists, respect to your fellow beings, respect to everything that you can know with much love, much love, please much love, but a sincere love, a love that comes from the heart and to tell the Father that he counts with you for this very incredible change; of course, many would say: We’re few, but we’re going to multiply it because there are many people that have the need of having something that tells them that there can be a change and that there’s hope for their future.

We’re going to start this meditation with the love with which we’ve always prepared it, because it’s already the time for man to be what was in their beginning, a being that was really created by the love of the Father.

Message after the meditation:

If you heard my brother A-Viatar’s message, you can realize the problem we have; we can’t tell you all the details, we can’t give you exact dates; don’t forget that evil listens and all we want is to warn you that what we’re doing is very arduous, very strong, very strong in the sense that rescuing this humanity is taking us much work because we’re reaching all the minds, we speak to them, yes, but this being wins: Gold, gold, gold.

That’s why as my brother A-Viatar says, that’s where we should start, if money is taken away, what do you use to fight? Then we’re going to do something very impacting, but don’t ask us for dates because you already know that we can’t say exactly how we work, because we also know that the messages are being heard, that are talking about them and in one way or another the being of darkness finds out; therefore, they’re grabbing the human beings in a way they aren’t taken away, are their prey, but really in a way that is saddening seeing how the human being fell in evil’s clutches and how we already see many young people trapped above all with the alcohol; the alcohol has them totally trapped, and has already increased much the incidence of the drugs, there’s where are the dark beings working intensely. I know that if you give them advise and if you tell them, well, you see that they’ve mocked you, but at least we have people that speak with good judgment, we have who have done videos about animal cruelty and we’re seeing that in one way or another it reaches them a little bit but what they don’t conceive is that in addition take from them the pleasure of having a drink, drinking a glass of what? Of poison? They love to do that.
Now, there have been seen people already in a depressing state, already people that logically have fallen, without money, drinking pure alcohol and many other desperate things because it’s not that the alcohol is very cheap, it also costs them a little, but is a terrible way how evil has dominated the humanity, but the saddest is that now they find other ways of drugging themselves, and moreover, the ones who earn money with drugs, they first induce them and then they put them to steal to be able to get the drug or put them to sell it and later see in what way they can do something so that only a few be the ones who are keeping all the gold. That’s why we say, what makes man get lost? The gold, a gold that is destroying the humanity, but naturally we have to see in what way we fix it in a way that it doesn’t affect, that it doesn’t affect the natural commerce or the normal life. Then, how are we going to do it? Surprise, we have something very special for all those who listen to us and whom we want to live calmly.

Prepare very well, we haven’t forgotten you, we are with you and this movement already has to be from one moment to another. When I speak of “one moment to another,” no, it’s not going to happen within a year to another, no, it’s not possible anymore; remember that the planet is very destroyed thanks that evil managed to make man discover the famous oil and to also discover very powerful weapons as is precisely the nuclear weapon, and then that has caused us to speed up what we have to do, besides there is a time indeed when the planet has to align and we aren’t going to allow evil to disintegrate it. 

So, for the love of the Father, have confidence, prepare very well, don’t suffer, don’t feel depressed, don’t be repeating to us every day: But teacher, I need; I need you to help me, I need money, we already know, at least we make sure that you live until the moment comes at which the famous money disappears completely from the face of the Earth. How wonderful it will be but you will see what a chaos will be caused, then you prepare because things come more impacting and greater than you could’ve imagined. I know that anyone who would listen of the great commerce or above all things, that the stock exchange, that the banks, that everything that is hoarding the great fortunes, are going to say: These are crazy, they can’t do that, they believe that, because for that reason we have the power that we have and we are millions of millions of beings working to rescue this humanity from their possible destruction that they have accomplished.

Then prepare that you will be heard, in a short time, they will listen to what we ask, which is the respect for life, the respect for themselves; the love for the Father, which is to love everything that He has created.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. September 27, 2014.

These messages and the meditation given this day, which is number 673 in the list of meditations, are available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See: Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Messages of before and after meditation 672, dictated on September 26, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 672, dictated on September 26, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

At this crucial moment for humanity, we have to make man think? More or less is being accomplished with all that has spread precisely on the Internet, but they feeling with permission and make their group but because they feel owners of the message already, I don’t find it fair; this person has to face up to the consequences and has to call here and say what he is doing and has to be authorized, because what is not allowed is to give them away. No, he’s not selling them, then now with that he feels a Good Samaritan of humanity, but has to realize that it does cause harm to what provides this place so that can be obtained enough income to continue supporting this house, because not just with the consultations is maintained. So we do not agree with him, he will see that we will put a special little trick to be right and not do things that are not proper because is doing it from behind, it's hypocrisy. He says he feels, I imagine that "Master Jesus" because he will spread the message that it did not at any time took him any work to learn to convey it, and not at any time did we call him for it. But I do tell you, those who pass the message for people to listen, it's good because is reaching the entire world and we are interested in mankind, but of course they need to have their own messages so they can study. What we want is for people to study, not just hear, because just by hearing you do not learn a lot, things are forgotten. We give a thorough understanding of what are the acts of man in his world, of what it is to love their fellow men or what is to be ready for something very, very big and do not think we're waiting to see if one of these days Teacher Jesus gives us permission, he already gave it. He is concerned that there are not many humans who could pass to the New Dawn and he, one day, with much love, told the Father that he was going to help get His children back.

The number of temples and divisions that have done in his name does not make Him glad precisely, because there are terrible fanaticisms, threats, “everything is in the Bible,” as interpreted because have made several translations, and are divided and our teacher never said be divided, on the contrary, must be bonding, there must be consistency in what they do and above all things, is not a game, we are talking about the salvation of mankind. It is still not open the door they said: Already Teacher Jesus when he was crucified, the gate of heaven opened and anyone can pass, yes, sure!, as you would say, with all their faults, with their stomach full of dead, and grudges and all that man has, and now because Teacher Jesus was crucified, they already can enter, no. To pass the door they have to do a lot of merit and must learn to love and respect the life with love, not just because I was told not to eat meat, then I don’t eat meat. It is not meat, is the respect for a life that the Father created with much love and deserves to have their own children, their own world. The Father gave them a place on the planet so they could procreate, so they could have their part in the ecological balance of the world. This is something we will have to make very strong.

Now comes the time when the ships will be seen, who will go? Only those who have been listening good and for love have stopped consuming death, not to be called "flesh" to be called "a life" to be called "an animal" that thinks, feels, loves their children and are naturally scared right now because man pursues them in an impressive way. They have decimated the entire population of animal life, have ended up with the birds because before many birds that have disappeared were seen because are caged, because they weren’t good to be caged, because they die or procreate, because it is a business to make the birds be able to be at home and do not really know how to make them survive. We're ready with everything we have said, it has to happen because the planet is very bad, the planet is tearing apart. What they don’t see is what is happening in the underground, the amount of nuclear bombs placed and the amount of... well, let's say, "oil wells," which are used to enrich many and very few can actually know that they can have some profit from it. Of course they have a great profit; physicians, there are patients by the impressively strong oil pollution. Now say that people should not smoke because it is bad for the lungs, but if they are smoking pollution, are breathing everything cars release, who is free from that? Then why make such a fuss? They don’t want people to smoke a cigarette when are being put to breathe something worse which is carbon monoxide being released by cars, factories, airplanes and all that is happening because cities are seen with a cream that man is breathing. From there come endless diseases and naturally get to produce cancer because people are not ready, other than breathing so much pollution, are feeding on dead, that's what is causing this terrible pandemic diseases, we are not going to speak just of cancer, all diseases, all diseases are increasing, then it is frightening what is happening on Earth. And believe it or not, human beings, although they say that maybe God does not listen, he is very concerned about his children because he wants them to think, to love, and can receive a decent planet where they can raise their children.

So this movement has to be now, we are already working, we are already getting everything ready and we are ready so that this great army can manifest on Earth. But remember, do it with love, things are done with love things, with sanity. We said that you can gather together to listen to the messages, not everyone can come nor at the time, it is perfect that they study because they come from many places in Mexico or USA or messages are arriving already abroad, because right we can´t start providing ships to bring themIt comes to truly getting together and study, and what you do to be for love, not only because of the fear with which you live, but out of love. So yes, have to form many meditation circles and there must be a way that we too, yes, cure, but cannot cure a body that is contaminated, must be clean, have to take out of their body all that can destroyed it as is precisely ingesting the poison of alcohol and eating corpses. So we are going to do things of great impact, you do not worry, but have good judgment, do it with love.

I’ve have seen that they say they know my father, I don’t know when we introduced him to them, yes, the name of my father was said but has not appeared right now, his occupations are other very different ones, of course he is very busy because also handles a large army but has not yet been said and are already saying that if friends of Amoes and Adalaluz, has not been said at all what they are doing, then why they appropriate what they do not understand. So, if you are going to teach, teach to love, teach to be together to change, to respect life and respect each other, because yes, gossip is wonderful. They get together very well and: “Let’s study. -Oh, but that one already I do not like him anymore,” “Oh, he also looked at me in an ugly way,” “No, but you saw the other one who feels he is superior to us,” “No, but did you see how bad he dresses…” “No, but you saw…” no, you don’t know what to criticize anymore. That's not love, that's no respect for life, respect in every way is what we ask and I want you to be aware that we hear every mind, every thought and everything you are doing.

So we will prepare already everything, to stop being a game, it is becoming a game to see who convinces the others that are contacted with Teacher  Alaniso or is contacted by Ashtar Sheran, or is contacted with Jesus, because some people say that already the Lord Jesus is manifesting within the body and have said it over and over again: Teacher Jesus does not enter a body, Teacher Jesus is great, he is not a being that can use a medium to speak, so do not believe them when they say that Teacher Jesus or the Great Mother are entering bodies.  A message can be canalized as has been done here, but must have a great respect to Teacher that has given it all so that our Father can recover this humanity that despite all their mistakes, continue being children of the Father and the Father loves them intensely. And for us, you continue being our siblings that flunked out totally what we want to show you to walk through a path of Light in which you will find something wonderful – a new time and a special movement to be able to also know why you exist and to know the Universe.  Do not believe that planet Earth is the center of the universe, is a small little planet on the edge of the galaxy. No, knowing the universe will be wonderful for anyone who is listening to our messages with love and do gather in groups, I totally agree that you get together, but with much respect please and with great respect for each other. If you see that any of those gathered began to criticize the other, stop him, as you say, "put a stop" and you will say: So what are we playing? If they are asking respect for life and respect for our fellow man is also very important.

So work, we have run out of time and we have to make the biggest move that has been on Earth.

Message after the meditation:

I hope you have understood what my brother Aliestro said. I think we seem a little desperate from what I'm seeing. We have really prepared so many people, we've called them, we have asked, we have made groups, many people have come, but get discouraged because they say: "How do you think I'm going to despise any relatives that prepared me a delicious stew with meat, I cannot despise them," instead of teaching, not in a rude way, you are not going to say "you also eat the dead", no, at least you can explain with much love. But many have been cured, many left without cancer, many left feeling their body coming back to life and you know what they did? They fell again because sadly we were unable to convince them of everything that represents the love for life. That is why I think right now as you heard my brother Aliestro, we are like already despairing a little, then you'll say, "Well, appear and pull everyone’s ears," but it will not give result because we are going to work a little with the fear. All who we called, at least, it was assumed that were people who knew how to love, that were good people whom we could polish them like a precious stone that had become obscured or had broken a bit, then is polished, is given beauty and then is put in a very special place, as we want to put all of you: like a diamond that was first an interesting, pretty stone, but is being polished and polished and ended up being a gem that looks impeccably; clearly not to be worn as a ring by lady that boasts much, no, we're talking about something nice, a piece that is truly of life, of light. And for us you are all gems that we’ve been continuously polishing, but sometimes it seems that we have a very hard piece and that part was complicated and we polished there again and it breaks again and yet you remain being a gemstone.  So let's see, let's talk to everyone, we will motivate them, let's do something that I know is going to impact a lot. Yes, hijackings on ships, apparent kidnapping, putting inside one person who is very ill or a person who has lost... but those who have listened, do not think that just someone at random, only those who have listened to the message and are behaving, and is missing a leg or a person was blind, and come down perfectly fine, with that I think we are going to impact. Then we are going to make strong meetings, ah, but remember, just said my brother not to be with hypocrisy, to be with love. Do you think we can achieve this? Let's ask you: do you think we can make it? Why not, there may be good people, not the amount we want. We all wish that all mankind woke up one day and say: Oh, now I know that I believe I can think! That one morning they say: There are our brothers, we will listen, we will throw all the alcohol we have, we will not eat the animals, we'll throw, let’s suppose, all the meat we accumulated, we will observe them in the sky how are doing amazing shapes, let’s change, they come with so much love to help. I think they deserve to give them the joy of knowing that they can recover this humanity. Then yes, we grab all beings of darkness, put them inside the spheres and send them to their domains, but that they don’t take many humans, that's all we wantSo that dream we can make it happen, because at least there are many people who are listening to our message.

So get ready because we have hard work for all of you already at this time, and in the very short time that is left to see the New Dawn of this earth.


Message received by Sara A. Otero G. Platas through Telepathy Extrasensory. September 26, 2014.

Meditation dictated this day, which is number 672 in the list of meditations can be purchased from Audio CD Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See: Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 671, dictated on September 19, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 671, dictated on September 19, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

We’ve been searching throughout the globe of the Earth people that really have within a noble feeling toward the animals. We’ve heard what they think, what they feel and we’ve also looked for people that really are people who can learn. We’re in a ceaseless search because the time has run out. Now the people think that no, that there’s still much time left, that no, that we’re going to plan a few more years. I’ve already told you: the planet cant’ stand much more time, we’re already at a crucial time to rescue this planet from the destruction that man has caused and above all things, to prevent you from feeling all that are the attacks of nature. Nature is giving all it has as if it were the one protesting from what man has done with the planet. Can no longer know where the hurricanes are going to be, can no longer know from where the wind blows, the sea is very contaminated, everything is wrong, all, all, the planet is destroyed to the depths of its foundations. So if you’re told: There’s much time left! Tell them: How much can the planet stand? How much would this humanity stand the terrible destruction in which they live? How much would man stand spreading the diseases in the way they’re spreading them? Above all things, the saddest thing is that children are being born sick, this is since a long time ago but now is more than ever. The cancer extended in an alarming way and now the new disease that man didn’t know are starting to threaten the Earth and we aren’t going to allow to happen what is happening because it would be a total disaster.

It is for this reason that we have to manifest. Don’t forget that we’ve given a continuous teaching so that you can teach man to respect life as the Father created it. We’ve seen you, a real effort that really is not fruitful because they don’t listen to you because they say that you’re crazy, because you still believe that something is going to happen, because oh, how much harm did it cause the 21st day and of course, it’s not just about a change that is coming, that man has to change out of fear although that is what we’re going to have to accomplish, to be from fear, but naturally the most important is that we’ve found people that understand the message; the message of love, the respect for life, the respect for every being that breathes, walks, that exists on this earth.

Therefore we are ready for a great movement. If you realize, they normally say: “Well, nothing happens!” It is increasing the amount of ships, it is increasing all the movement that we have to do, you are indeed going to know incredible things that you’ll notice and naturally, we still have to be at the dawn, as you say, on what evil is also planning. We hear the evil, the evil don’t listen to us, and then we have to be alert because he does have his very macabre projects, so to speak: to make man destroy himself, to accomplish that the planet can’t stand on its own. And his idea is: If we can’t take the entire humanity then let the planet disintegrate completely, try to take away from us all the humans that we’ve trapped! Because don’t think that they don’t listen to you trying to make man think, trying to make man know about our presence. Because besides, when they speak about angels, they speak of some very strange angels, as I say, that don’t have free will and that are very few, they say that according to religion are a hundred thousand something or something similar. Imagine, what could we do for this humanity being so few? And also looking after them and then only one looks after the entire humanity. Ask how many say that St. Michael is their protector, or how many say that St. Gabriel or St. Raphael, which are the names that man put, imagine only one for everyone. Plenty of work we have already trying to make man to listen to the message and enough work we have selecting the humanity.

The selection is totally thorough. We’ve found good people, but stubborn, stubborn to the maximum, they don’t want to listen because are good in the sense that don’t attack their fellow beings, they continuously cry their defeat in view of all that is happening in the Earth and above all things, they don’t want to understand that the animal life also has to have a place and absolute respect as their fellow beings should be respected. Oh! But they don’t even respect their fellow beings and that’s why they then say: “We must save Planet Earth,” as they call it “Mother Earth,” and we respond, if man has forgotten to love their own mother then how are going to love Mother Earth, then they aren’t interested. That’s easy: I’m the owner of all this land and no one will take it away from me. If a bottomless crack opens, well, there’s something left on the sides, but aren’t interested. For this reason we’re already making manifestations. We live next to man, we listen to man, we know him to the depths of his thoughts, there isn’t a single one that we haven’t seen or that we haven’t classified as part of humanity in the spaceship that we tell you we have the total classification of the entire humanity.

Of course, as you will say: And how do you divide the good, the bad, the regular, the stubborn, and the not stubborn, of good hearted and cold hearted? I believe that the ugliest thing is to find people in between; the ones who don’t care about anything and who also just survive because there isn’t another thing to do other than surviving, but when told to love their fellow beings, well no! Why will they love them, you haven’t even presented them to me, besides, I see many wicked people, many bad tempered people, many people that seem want to hit the others… that loving the animals, that loving the little chicken, where did they get that the chicken doesn’t feel? That’s something that you always have to explain to a human being, where did they get that the chicken is insensible? Since the moment the chick is born, it feels and suffers, but man is not interested in any of that. Man is the “king of creation,” or haven’t they said that? Yes, we the humans, the ones that think and reason, are the kings of creation. Well! What a kingdom so sad there would be in this universe if everyone were humans as are the humans on this earth.

Today I want to ask to realize that the time has ran out, that we are in the final stage, but still, the ones we manage to take to the ships and prepare them and see them different, are still going to work; don’t think that after that only a month or so will be left and then all will end, no. You have to return, a call has to be made to humanity, and much noise has to be made. Remember that we’re going to frighten, we’re going to make noise, we’re going to motivate man to listen, but imagine with the amount of religions there are, of the wrong fanaticism they live with. Try to tell a Christian that an angel comes in a spaceship; they won’t accept it or much less that the Great Mother is venerated and loved by all of us. Thus, we have taught you to understand who the Great Mother is, how it is that she was created by the Father to look after the evolution of the Universe, at that level is her greatness.

That’s why today I say to you: We are now in the last time, we’re ready for the great movement, don’t despair. I know that you say: “Yes, but we look up at the sky and we don’t see…” well, the one who sees at dawn or the one who can feel at a given moment the call, then can see but is not enough. The fact of saying: We saw a sighting in such a place – a ship was seen in another place – In a powerful country were seen very big ships! Then what is this about, you’re only going to show your presence to the powerful? No, what we have to do is intimidate them so that they can see that they can’t really continue destroying the planet in the way they’re doing so.

Then I want all of you to be preparing every day, if you’re asked a question you need to know how to answer. Now, as we’ve said, if you’ve noticed, each message has several messages, well, the 700 divided in several and then multiplied by who knows how many, then there are many more messages than you believe you’ve heard. That’s why I ask that every day half an hour, half an hour to listen, half an hour to learn, half an hour to feel our presence, then another half an hour to close your eyes with your message because we also see that you fall asleep; then first must learn, first is the Teacher speaking and must be with the eyes open listening to what is teaching, and later if you want you can relax much that apparently fell asleep, but don’t forget that the message continues entering your mind.

Therefore, I want to warn you that the time did run out, don’t think that there’s much time left and it’s going to be from one moment to another. That the year 2013 was difficult? It seems that they did put fateful the number 13 as of bad luck, no; what happens is that there were many mistakes in the interpretation of the message and then came the 13, but remember that we know that a year has 13 moons and that doesn’t mean is of bad luck. For this reason our calendar is also different than yours, is very precise, if you knew how to measure perfectly well the times with the lunar calendar, you would notice that it is every 28 days when the moon changes, which is when a calendar is used and then can calculate time. But for now we aren’t going to get you in many problems because I don’t believe that you’ll dedicate now to study how it is that the calendar changes in a different way. What I do say is that the seasons of the year are moving, we’re already seeing that the fury of the winds is really stronger each day and that you no longer know when a hurricane will come and if a hurricane comes, for example, it hit the earth and goes in quite a bit, a good part of the earth will be surprised and are going to say it was that the wind was coming so strong that it didn’t stop before what represents the earth which normally it is when it enters the earth when it slows down, but there will be many things because are precisely all that are the tornadoes, those happen in land and can’t control them, they only know they form and grow and grow and goes on devastating everything everywhere.

Well, for now I say to you: we have the humanity classified and everyone who listens to us and practices what we ask, already has a place by our side, but to practice it with love, with interest, to feel that really is the time of learning to think. The light of the Father arrives from all places and very few feel it. The Father speaks to his children and his children don’t listen; the Father is an internal voice one carries within which only conveys peace and love and you don’t know him. That’s why we also want you to learn to listen to the Father and we’ve put many messages where the Father speaks so that you can realize what is his tenderness toward his children.

Then we’re going to work now together, remember that each one of the human beings has one or two of us by their side. Why a few have one? Because are simply under observation, but the ones that really are with us have two because have to have a permanent guard to protect them since evil is doing all harm possible to this humanity. Let’s work together but now, we’re in the last time and let it be the Father who continues giving us strength to be able to triumph, reconstruct this planet and turn it again into a Paradise so that the Father can feel proud.  Prepare very well that the task has been very arduous and we want you to live that wonderful moment that is about to come which is the change that is going to happen. Don’t worry; there won’t be an end of the world or things as the ones man has painted.

We’re going to rescue the planet from its destruction and we’re going to be with you at all times until the time at which you really pass to another dimension. And yes, we’ll continue showing ourselves upon man but there won’t be the need of having a guardian angel, since there won’t be evilness, there won’t be aggressions, there won’t be anything of what is happening now on the Earth, but we can continue showing ourselves, being with everyone and be your Teachers and show you the wonderful path that only takes you toward the eternal life and love.

Message after the meditation:

Yes, we already heard you, don’t think that we don’t hear your mind. It felt as a real entanglement all that my brother Aliestro said: We don’t know how is going to be, it would be wonderful not needing money for everything…and then you thought: And how do we get food? And how do we get everything? Well, we have to solve everything because we have the power to give you everything, that’s how the future is going to be. The houses are illuminated with the energy of the sun, the cars run with energy of the sun, they aren’t cars as the ones here, they are as little spaceships like the ones you’re going to travel in. Not at any time we use anything of what man uses now and of course we have to introduce it on Earth, but since this is too urgent; the planet is bursting, is our greatest worry, is opening, things are very serious. You find it very normal that the hurricane that just passed by the Pacific and that it kept going up from the Atlantic, well, is the movement of the Earth, is the unbalance that was provoked in the planet, but we have the obligation of centering perfectly well all that this planet needs to spin perfectly well and that everything ends that they do now.

Wars will disappear. We’re going to make them have an interest, that they better say: “Oh! The invaders have arrived!” And when they see that aren’t invaders, then amidst everything, we’re going to make them think, we’re going to make them move everywhere, we’re going to distract their attention, we’re going to turn everything into the attention toward the beings that arrive from other worlds and then are going to listen to all the ones who have prepared. It is the time to live a change, as I say: the day 21st of December of 2012, a date was fulfilled, is an approximate date, remember that we don’t use the so wrong Gregorian Calendar that you have on Earth, but more or less was the time at which there had to be a change, only a time was fulfilled but we’re already working. We’ve seemed, you’re going to say: You’ve seemed slow. No, it’s just that we work in a way that you can’t see us but this has to be now. Then I want you to be calm and do what my brother Aliestro says: Don’t put money always first. Think that we can help you solve your problems; that someone wants to attack you and charge too much? We block them. Don’t worry, we have the power to protect you and to give you all that we’ve promised. Prepare very well that it is a time of changes and this change is now.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. September 19, 2014.

These messages and the meditation given this day, which is number 671 in the list of meditations, are available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See: Material)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.