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Monday, September 1, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 663. August 9, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 663, dictated on August 9, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

When we see that there’s faith, wishing to totally triumph, not only to receive but to give, because your dream is to live better in a new world, in a worthy planet for the beings who inhabit it, in a place where an authentic peace exists, where diseases don’t exist, where the children grow healthy, free, without prejudices, without borders, without discrimination, just as we live in our worlds.

We are beings who have our worlds so perfect that naturally everything in them is peace and harmony. Having had achieved on our own that peace, the Father gave us the power we have to be able to spread it in the place that he reigns which is the Universe itself. Life is what he gave us, don’t forget it, and life is one - eternal, we’re all eternal. There’s no one that says: “Someday I’ll disappear,” because that’s not true. Every being that lives is going to live eternally. First, it started in a distant time when started to form their body, to form their mind, to create for themselves, to use a vocabulary that allowed them to understand each other, to know the place where they were, but naturally, since we did achieve to realize how wonderful it was to live in a paradise, we advanced so rapidly, thus we can say that we never had a fall, we did make mistakes because everyone makes them but never a fall and never evilness, that didn’t enter our worlds.

For this reason it is that now that we’re in a world in which peace doesn’t exist, love doesn’t exist, doesn’t exist something that is called “life,” life, but really to know it. Who knows what happens when the body is left behind? There are myths and ideas: that the soul exists, that have seen spirits wandering, that have seen some souls appear; then they have an idea that yes, of course that exists another life, but what you really see is not very pleasant. We want you to know that the Father destined a wonderful place for all of his children to continue ahead. That have been wrong here, well, the mistakes have been terrible during many ages, we can’t even say that we found a time at which there was authentic peace. The warriors were always there, there were always the people who said that felt superior, always started the kingdom which was one of the worst mistakes, and we always saw that there were those who felt superior and humiliated their fellow beings and they allowed it because that’s the saddest, because if is not accepted that someone has to lead all that is done wrongly, then wouldn’t do all that has happened.

Complete armies serving a being who full of haughtiness believes that can govern an entire country, well, at the beginning were villages, later turned into countries and everything became a place in which the blood was spread continuously. Why? What happened to the human being? What did the human being feel when started doing so many terrible things as was precisely the fact of going as far as destroying a life? Why? What makes you think that at a moment you had a reason? No, there’s no reason to destroy, there isn’t a reason to stop a life, any life. But started to learn things that weren’t within the divine laws of the Father, it was when naturally, started taking possession of Earth a being of death who planned keeping this planet as he kept another one in another time, but naturally he wasn’t taking in consideration that we were going to be keeping an eye of everything that happens here, but we didn’t achieve what we thought achieving. It was difficult, very difficult approaching man since they deify everything, they transform everything in their beliefs, they divide even to have faith in God, and started to form a bunch of Gods because each part of nature that impressed them, had to be a God what ruled it and it didn’t occur thinking that a single mind could have created so many things and so many wonders. Who confused you? Well, we’re going to blame the being of death so that you don’t say – we were at blame for everything, but naturally you are guilty for having heard and not use your reasoning to say to yourselves: I’m a being that thinks and that only in the love find the peace. Because definitely, he who doesn’t recognize that with love finds peace, then I believe is quite diverted.

Then we’re going to work much, an entire humanity confused, an entire humanity divided, an entire humanity where don’t know each other, for not even in a country can say that are united for something praiseworthy, because even the religions dedicate to threaten with the eternal fire, with the divine punishment if they don’t obey the laws that are imposing… what are those laws? Laws created by man? Or, laws marked by a being of death which went on taking over the mind of the men and went on imposing his will in all that represents this planet.

But, why didn’t all fall? Well, because there have been those who have been able to think more or less and then later did come great Teachers and we did all possible to be heard and we appeared, remember that we’ve told you before, each time they saw us they named us: angels, archangels or gods, and right away would fell on their knees, they deified us because we looked different, because we were luminous. But we never wanted to be superior to anyone, we never said: “You have to obey.” We’ve always conveyed thoughts of love, but the times have passed by, the times have ended, the planet kept its continuous spin and the sun continued walking to mark the time of the times in which had to be the definite change – the evolution. The authentic evolution, passing already from one dimension to another and knowing that in that dimension are going to find something even greater, stronger, more luminous, more full of life, for the Father is always keeping an eye on all that he’s created.

Then, what will we be able to do for this humanity? Well, we’ve already said it many times, doing it the right way they don’t understand. If we, let’s say it this way, put certain doctrines, not imposed, we’ve never liked to impose a law, everything has to be reasoned, that it takes them toward love, toward life, not toward imposition and fear. And sadly, we ended up in this time with having to frighten, because they don’t listen, we don’t see peace, we haven’t seen that they’ve really learned from the Great Teachers, much less from a Teacher so great that… there are those who say that “ just because he was crucified and that’s why he’s remembered.”
They don’t know him, don’t understand him because he left a wonderful message that soon will be known fully, there’s only one part of his message but how wonderful it was that didn’t forget him. His presence lasted during 2000 years and now his complying with a divine law: to teach man to believe. Well, to believe because you see, not to believe because you listen, because feel, because your mind tells you what is a truth and what isn’t, for you can be united to respect each other, for you can unite in couples to form authentic homes, not homes that now each time last less time, because always end up divided, they don’t understand each other and don’t give the children the image of what a true home is, much less now that have shaken the Earth with the wars, after the wars the idea of a home was totally broken.

Now you are going to say: “There have always been wars,” well yes, but there were times at which it seemed that families were formed and from one moment to another, evil triumphed doing that the men filled with pride, attack their fellow beings to tell them they are superior and could destroy them and subjugate and enslave them, oh because the slavery has been the most “wonderful” that man has been able to do. Therefore, now we’re going to have to use a little of fear, if they understand with fear then to think: They’ve arrived, they’re here, who are they? If they’re the angels , no, the angels don’t use ships, the angels have to come to care for us, to serve us; the angels are slaves of the Father and the slaves of men.

That’s the idea when they say that the angel has no free will, thus they don’t think of us as warriors who authentically have big families and a knowledge of many ages of evolution and who don’t want to say to you: “You look inferior because you didn’t like to think.” Then, searching with much care the people who wish to progress, to love, and who understand the main message: Respect for life, it has seemed incredible for us to find minds who accept the respect for life. Because there are those who say: “Well, I was invited to eat and I’m not going to despise being given chicken” or “a pig” or “a lamb,” everything they kill; no, you do have to despise it because no one can feel proud of eating a corpse, thus when we are choosing the people and we see that they do respond to us and we see that they do feel love for these animals, feel love for their children whom don’t want to see sick, or violent, because by killing an animal there’s violence, by subjugating it, by raising it, well, it’s supposed that with love because are giving them to eat, but enclosed to later take it and kill it with violence and they see it very natural. They make parties killing an animal in front of everyone, twisting the neck of the chicken or simply making them feel proud of seeing how they kill a pig or a goat, or cattle, which is impressive that an animal so big ends up subjugated by the will of man.

Then I want you to realize that if you already listen to us, all of the ones who have done it for love, because many didn’t do it for love, many did it for the so wonderful promise we made of a change, the promise that the time was already coming at which all would become a true paradise, at which were going to be given houses, work, peace, tranquility, but when there was a setback they showed that didn’t understood the message because they went directly to by their tacos, their meat or simply, as many said: “You see, nothing happened! You can eat meat now.”  That is, they didn’t understand the message, but the ones who reasoned stayed, the ones who determined that could live loving nature, loving themselves, and preparing because there has to be a change; if there weren’t a change, where would the future of this planet lead? To end as a total disaster, there wouldn’t be life already. Mainly now that invented their most powerful weapons, well it was going to end devastated and I believe that there yes, evil would feel proud because he could exterminate the life of this planet and take all the souls, because by attacking there’s hatred, when they attack they feel hatred for the enemy, then those souls are in the hands of this being of death.

Therefore I say, evil also succeeded, in the final time was like a desperate effect to make them feel powerful destroying the planet, doing tests with a lethal weapon as are the nuclear tests and perforating the entire planet everywhere to extract something so essential as is the shock absorber of the Earth, contaminate the entire planet and furthermore, leaving it out of balance. Then for this reason they complain about the contamination and that need to have less cars and who knows what things, crowded in a city because don’t know how to build more extensive houses; everything has become a chaos. 

But we’re ready to call man, everyone in general be it good, be it wicked. The good are going to help us precisely so that the message is heard as is, the wicked, well, let’s hope they reconsider because if they want to continue being wicked because there are those who have the evilness rooted, then they can go with the being of death that they want to venerate. Is painful to say it because it is as if we were saying coldly: “Since they’re going to get lost, they can go.” No, is very sad, we don’t like the idea of getting rid of the men who don’t know how to think and who accumulated evilness and an out of proportion ambition to be the most powerful. Gold, gold, gold! They turned everything into gold, of course, not the metal because they’re finishing that, but in a specific way where they can be powerful – the more money you have, you’re worth more-, - if you don’t have money, you’re not worth a thing-, and then the ones who can accumulate gold go on subjugating their fellow beings. For this reason I say that we are in the last time. We let the centuries pass by, we took many souls who learned to evolve because there were those who actually did; there has always been good people, and many souls who were already ready to pass to another dimension wanted to work for this mission.

A mission of utmost importance that really created a Teacher who determined that in one way or another, could return to the Father his children, and all who are full of faith and hope are going to realize they had a moment of clarity, and it seems of sacrifice, because coming to have the problems that have on the Earth, well is nothing pleasant, but are going to end, don’t worry.

Now yes, we’re going to clean the Earth to the depths of its foundations, we’re going to make the perfect selection, but we’re going to frighten, why? Because at least thinking that aren’t going to be part of the election of human beings that can live a change, then with that is enough to be worrying and then start repenting and have fear, because as we’ve told you, they’re going to try to use their weapons against the ships, are going to try to attack us, are going to try to say that here the men of the Earth are superior, and are going to see that can’t do absolutely anything against us, because any shot that comes out, will be a destroyed shot. And then later are going to see that yes, we already told you that we’re going to bring many people inside our ships, that is, many human ships, so that many human beings can also receive all that we want to teach, but the ones who have really prepared are going to go up by crossing a light and are going to receive the prize and are going to descend full of love to be heard.

Noise, all the noise possible, if they make so much noise with the war, then we’re going to make noise because evil believes that he triumphed with that. All the beings of the darkness hiding, happy because have the entire humanity taken, all drinking their poison of alcohol, eating corpses and also, we’re just seeing that now even children have fallen into drugs. The drugs is indeed the worst destruction that could’ve invented and they know it and however they fall for it, and furthermore they want to earn much money to at least be powerful for a time, to have a luxurious residence, and also with a weapon on their hand, be respected; that’s not being respected, that’s being hated and feared. But for this reason everything is ready.

Imagine that in the sky start appearing the ships as they do in the wars here on the Earth: the sky starts to be populated with ships, but then start to run because are going to get scared, but are going to see that the only thing we send is light and that many people are going to come up and later are going to give a message of hope to this humanity. Now is the time, therefore, I ask that those who listen to us with much love, to do first an exam of consciousness: Did you really stopped eating death for love and respect to life, for the love of the Father who created it all? And if you’re ready feeling like beings that really learned to love, then you have to prepare that now everything is ready for the Great Movement, because the time has come to completion and the planet can’t stay without the alignment.

Now all the planets are aligning and we have the commitment with the Father that this planet won’t disintegrate and to send evil to his domains, for that we do have power. Frightening these beings, we’re going to be putting them inside the spheres, but that they don’t take so many humans because right now they have them trapped totally. Then don’t ask us for clairvoyance because you would receive the scare of your life if you would start to see with all clarity the beings of the darkness who are on top of the human beings; and above all things, the more elegant is seen a party, the more beings are yelling proud of having had them under their power. Also in the simple parties, but all those who are dulling their mind eating a dead body, have a being of darkness on top of them; we won’t let you see that because you’ll receive a major scare. But prepare that we’re ready.

This is a time of changes and the change is already in course and we know that we count with you, but yes, do your exam of consciousness, that you really don’t eat what you call “flesh”? Does it sound prosaic? Because you love life, you love the animals, you love the Father, you love yourselves, you love your body and you want to be part of something so great as is the mission of saving this humanity, and that the Father fills us with light to be able to be triumphant and not lose so many humans as we would lose at this time. At least that we take many to another planet, but that they won’t go to the darkness. You know this is the purpose, that they don’t go to the darkness.

Therefore this meditation that we’re going to give you has with it also all our love. And remember, all the meditations that we’ve prepared is so that you can receive knowledge and in your mind can penetrate the love and the force that we can convey so that you can feel how we are by your side to give you life.

Message after the meditation:

What does it mean for you to still believe that the change is coming? And I say “still believe” because we see that many times there are people who feel discouraged: “Oh! Nothing happens! You tell us many beautiful things but we continue the same, we continue with economic problems, we continue seeing that everyone in the house or in many places there are many quarrels. What’s happening? But, why don’t you want to give us the date?” Remember that it’s going to be surprising.

We’ve never given an exact date because remember that you also like to talk too much, as it happened this time on December 21st of 2012; oh, what a catastrophe was caused for a change of time! That we also couldn’t begin what already had to be done which was to be fixing the planet, for evil has the Earth taken totally. Is a real plague so that you can compare, taking over the human beings, and you observe the rest of the people when you say: “How many do you know who don’t eat meat and who don’t drink alcohol and who also are united as family?”

There’s also where there’s another problem, that many of you do have children who are better or that have brothers whom want to convince, but remember it, it wasn’t possible for that day to be the definite date but the definite date is already marked. It’s not in a day, everything is going to be happening gradually until the moment comes when the Earth is clean and all those beings that learned to love can enjoy this wonderful paradise that we’re going to form. Because will descend the ships that have all that we’re going to put in the Earth but we have to fix it first, must clean the seas, must remove all the spilled blood, must remove all the trash, must remove all the radiations, must clean it even from viruses because the diseases are spreading throughout the Earth in a terrible way; then we have to do all of that but don’t think that it’s going to take us years, no! It’s going to be fast - so fast that you’ll be surprised how we can work at an impressive speed.

Therefore, if you have had faith, have listened to us, you come: “Oh, let’s see if now the Teacher says something that fills us with joy and give us a date!” The date is set, is from one moment to another, but now, don’t think that is one of these days, because for example, if we let the volcanoes explode, imagine all that is going to happen, and is trembling everywhere because the earth is opening, then we can’t take long. Thus I say, everything is ready and you’re going to receive with much joy, I know it, all that represents our presence because you listen with love, with love follow us, with love obtain your messages and with love will be able to convey this message of hope to the beings you love and who don’t listen; don’t worry, all are going to listen, we make sure of that.

Now, you also tell us: “Why haven’t you put a stop to the slaughterhouses?” Is going to be something very impressive how will have to put an end to that slaughter so terrible that is doing the human being because they have to acknowledge it and it’s going to be fast because we can’t say: “Well, within a few years!” No! Because within a few years there’s nothing left already - the planet ended and the humanity ended and then are even eating one another, that would be terrible. We can’t really wait any longer. Please, be calm, just do all that we ask: your meditation, your inner peace.

Yes, it can be done, even if it seems hard, you can have inner peace because it is when you are at peace with all the beings that you know and you feel that someday you’ll show them this path because I know that you would like to convey it to all the members of you family, friends, everyone you know, that you know many good people, a little stubborn because don’t want to say, in a given time, that listen but are going to listen. Because you’re going to see all of them running when they see the sky covered with ships, when they see that are passing one after another and when they see all the American fighter craft and all of that, shooting, will be stunned of seeing all that is happening above, and you’ll see if they don’t listen. We are going to make much noise, I promise that this is now, and that it is at any time now because it is the time and the time has come to completion.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. August 9, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 663 in the list of meditations, can be acquired in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlán, Morelos, México. (Ver sección “Eventos” – Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 662. August 8, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 662, dictated on August 8, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

What does this means for you to say: I have an idea of what living is? What does it represent for you to say: I have an idea of what will be my future, an idea because I've heard from the teachers who tell us that we will be living, that we’ll create life,  that will end all the evil that is in the earth, that will give us the opportunity to work for the Father and that they will give us the opportunity to work for a Great Teacher as is Lord Jesus; " then, what is for you to make a commitment as that one? Is a commitment. Our Teacher already has all of you well known and he says he is proud of having small groups, but that they are really devoted to learn, to know a truth that is not hard to understand.

Loving yourself is to believe in yourself and it means loving yourself at all times, not allowing another person to remove the illusion of life you have now, not accepting to be told that everything you are living is a lie because nothing happens; well, if this was a lie, imagine what awaited you: a planet wracked by violence, disease, pain, betrayal, war, and above all things, now with all active volcanoes and an imminent danger that it might break the entire layer covering the Earth. The ozone layer is thin, we are the ones that have preserved it the most that can be, but therefore already the solar rays are so strong. We have tried to make man realize of the destruction that has been done, but ask the oil tankers if they will stop destroying the planet taking oil: "No! To the last drop to give us a few million dollars” oreuros” or whatever,we do not care what happens to the planet.” Well, that is to say: then I do not care if I live or die!; "Well, if I’ll live, then I’ll live as a millionaire,” “If I'm going to die then I already enjoyed the millions,” but they don’t realize that by doing so much damage, it also hurts their soul. They do not know what living is, do not know what is to be part of the universe, do not understand at all why they were born, where they are going, why they have at this time only a small space of eternity, and that they have to work with that little space of their eternity knowing they have to do things that really dignify them in the eyes of others, but more before themselves, so that the Father is proud of having created them. And also not to say that we waste time teaching because... well yes, we have left a long message, we’ve talked, we're not appearing because it is not about making yet the most spectacular, I say "yet" because we have to seal with the most spectacular all that we are doing, and of course, we have the obligation to make man listen.

There are already many people who are getting into the internet, which are seeing how is the message every Friday or every day 9 or every meditation day, we have many people interested and many others trying to meditate with the messages posted on the internet, but they do not realize that it is deeper than simply hearing them, they must be understood, must know exactly what we're teaching and you have to realize that we have put all kinds of knowledge that have not yet noticed it exists. That is why we, perhaps as Teachers, are seen a little lofty; we have tried to be as simple as possible. Because it is not about giving scientific knowledge, those will come with the time that comes with the change, but not scientific knowledge to what they have more or less, but what they are doing is, using scientific knowledge to destroy the planet Earth. Why diseases abound? Because the man himself has created everything that is destroying, the very man tested viruses that have spread on Earth, is man himself who is doing it. Now, you will say: Well! Then what does he think that he is not going to get infected? - Ah, no! They are supermen, I imagine, if an epidemic comes, they’ll use a diving/space suit and that will be enough to escape it, but what for? What sense does it make to destroy their peers? To feel unique super - men, or believe that they are something special? Rather, they do not realize they have a dark being mounted above directing them, evil wants to keep humanity. He wants to unleash hatred, resentment, death and a suffocation such that they cannot even breathe, the one who is acting is evil, dominating the minds of men and men happy of life, well dressed, oh, but have some expensive suits, making big meetings where they have all kinds of harmful food, and above all things, all kinds of alcohol and drugs, it already became part of their daily lives. So who are already dominating the Earth? Who are dominating humanity? Who have enslaved the human being? The beings who today feel already owners of this humanity. They know we're here, why do they mock us? Because they say we do not take away free will, and since we do not take away the free will, then they already have a greater advantage over us; they do take it, they want to enslave humanity, take everyone to their domains, increase the number of beings who are already working for evil, millions and millions of slaves that this being of death has, he’s the main cause of what is happening and the total ignorance of man who believes is having fun with alcohol and drugs. But the meat, as they say: "How do you think I'll leave my meat?"; but they do not even stop to think about what is the life that shortened so violently, that also these souls ask for clemency and those souls are already together to say: "Stop this!" Yes, they also said: "Please! Already stop this," because those souls come out of the body angry, sad and above all, concerned, it seems incredible, for what is going to happen to mankind.

They do not have diseases, they, their souls are safe, they are innocence, they do not have to mourn what can mourn the human being at this time with their defeat. So, they are very proud to be rich and have millions, and also no longer know what to invent to take away from the people what they have; invent: "Look, no need to suffer, I'll lend you money, of course! You are paying something that has to be because I lend you money," but they did not even request it, it was given to them and then have them trapped as slaves taking away the little they earn because the money runs out and then the little they earn already have to use it to pay the interest. You know of whom we are talking about, we’re talking of these wonderful banks that you have now on Earth, the most impressively big usurers we have seen, and believe they are immune to any attack - ah no, but of course! The government agrees, the police agree - everyone is mired in such Mob, is a mafia. They disguise that they are helping and lending money, is a mafia and we will end it, we must. Please, you just as calm possible, just let us finish our work. You talk to the ones that want to listen, tell them what to do, if they answer: “I will not give up meat because it nurtures me,” well yes, it's great that the food has been made to create "the morgue", yes, the morgue of animals, just need to also go for the bodies of humans, which also happens such things.

That's what they are eating, they are eating a dead, sacrificed with a terrible injustice, with a dreadful pain and also accumulating gold with death, all of that has to end. Do not say: "Oh, teacher! But you keep saying that already is going to end, you keep saying it is time, you keep saying to be ready. Look! We are ready, but alas! The distress, we have to pay, we have to buy, we have to go, we have to do, we have to endure such injustices.”  Well, do you think that we come to play? Is the time already, it’s no longer a quarter till 12, I said on another occasion that it was 5 till 12, and if I say it's one minute till 12 and you have to be fully prepared. Send to oblivion all the worries you have. That want to charge you - "I’ll pay you tomorrow;” that you are going to be sued - "I'll pay tomorrow;” “I can give you 10 pesos, I paid already, is a deposit;” “I can give you 500 pesos,” well, it is another payment, “I paid what I can pay.” Just distract them a little bit, because this is coming already and it will be a wave that we’ll cause and will see how the ships are seen, how is seen the sky full of stars at night, that is how will be seen during daylight. They will be astonished: "The invaders have arrived!" Remember that they believe they are invaders; remember that all are preparing for a war against the aliens. Already in the United States have special bombs to attack the ships, the Russians say that they have to defend themselves in anyway, they know they do not have enough strength to face such power, but as will see that they shoot and the shot disappears, and the planes may disappear after... why not. You will say: Oh! He’s going to confess that he took the plane. No! I'm not going to confess anything, but we can take them away to pass them to another dimension, lecture them perfectly well and return them intact ... well, not so intact, we're going to remove the violence they had inside, but this is going to happen already. So do not be surprised at all that comes, and please, we're not even at 5 till 12, we are now at a minute till 12. Prepare, love , love your selves, love yourselves because are children of a creator, see you as the greatest most wonderful thing that could have created the Father, your spirit is free, free forever to live, to think, to create and to participate in all that is the life in the universe. Not in a small little planet convulsed by violence, pain, death, disease, well, you cannot have any more problems. It looks so sad from where we are, all that is this humanity, but as is we are selecting: "Look in here there is a good one, here is someone else"; all of them are going to be whom after we’ll get on the ships and will arrive in a spectacular way to warn the human beings that already the time of pain and death is over. Prepare, prepare well, please do not hesitate anymore, we're ready to give you what was promised because it is just because after so much hard work and much studying; well, we will see how much you studied, but after so much learning and trying to learn and half practice, because you don’t practice it well, still are driven by anger, there are still people who takes you out your senses as you say: "Oh teacher Alaniso, how do you want me to be patient with this one or that one," no, you are first, not the "this" or "that" which is hurting you; is not patience, is love for yourselves, is calm for yourselves and is hearing yourselves as beings who already have a wonderful future, the most amazing future that we're going to give to everyone who loves and respects life. All those who are hearing our message and read it and go over it, respect life, the life of every being that exists on Earth and with all our love will say: is going to be wonderful for us to turn this planet into a paradise. Now is the time, do not worry because you will live and are going to know the great reality that we have prepared.

Message after the meditation:
When you are wishing to know all the secrets of all that represents the life around you, I want you to think first in knowing yourselves. I want you to be as calm as possible, I want you to say, why I have such faith and steadfastness that I like to be hearing the message, that I like to prepare, that fills me with hope knowing that someone is with me, although I don’t see him but I perceive him, or I make myself the illusion that is with me. There is no illusion, we really are with you all. So the most important thing is to understand that each mind forms their own dreams, or your own ideas, but to get to know deeply what happens to some people who give a message through something as difficult as are the stigmata, is a little complicated, so better leave it for later to know. The most wonderful thing is to understand that our teacher did not give pain to anyone, he, he gave to himself the pain because if not you would forget him, but he has such a strong power of mind that does not bother him to get hurt, what did hurt him so much was seeing those men to whom had given so much, turned into wild beasts shouting, "Kill him!" Yes he felt great pain, but saw beyond what sees a human being, he saw the future, saw the man in war, saw the man crying, he saw the terrible defeat that was on this earth and he put all his love to avoid being forgotten. To us it caused us great pain to see how was sacrificed, but the physical pain was gone, the pain of the spirit is what is left of seeing that still hasn’t been able to help man to think, and you do not have to remind him crucified, you can remember his words, with his love. When he walked, and it continues to do so, appears to be floating, he always has a smile, he always carries peace, his look is unique, wonderful and he is the greatest power we know after the Father, but he, right now, with us, isn't around saying: "Look at my wounds!" no, "Let's help these human beings to think, that it is not in vain that I tried to leave a remembrance, and that is not in vain that my mother came with so much love to talk to men," and continues to do so, because she still appears, she is doing every effort so that man remembers that is a child of the Father, and she does not seek worship; however, for us is the energy of the Great Mother.

But remember the Teacher as is, you'll see him soon, we will take away his pain, because we did not like to see him suffer. We, when we saw that passion, cried as never cried, we may not return to mourn like so because we feel powerless, because he didn’t let us act because he determined that it had to be as so, and then, those days we remember with great pain, but we want him to be successful in his effort, we want man to love, that man creates, that man feels a child of the Father, that man goes back to how the Father created him, to be life. See this world, is painful to see it, everywhere are being killed, all weapons that could imagine have been invented  to destroy their fellow men and even a child can carry a weapon, are imagining all that can do to have power, you see how the drug spread, how the Mafia spread so terrible, because the mafia are many things, is taking over the peace of the world, to see this he feels sad, but as he said: "I was not forgotten" and now that the ships are seen, now that you see the power we have, now that will see how we flood the planet with our light, will change, because we set out to win, and that all feel the children of the Father and everyone feel equal and that everyone knows that the Father never has distinction for anyone; he loves us all equally, us and you, you and us, we are the same. So we do not want to impress you with our presence, but when you see us we will say: You, by loving, will be exactly like us because this body is formed with the mind, with the spirit, with freedom, with the dream and the realization of each one. So you think nothing else than in love and the love that he brings now to remember that he came to help the Father to recover his children. Until now, still like he has failed and is losing many of his children, but the Father still insists: "They are my children, give them a last chance, talk to them, make them to dream, make them believe, make them be astonished, make something happen really, he allowed us: “All you can do to astonish, I do not want to lose my children, I want them with me, I want them to be part of me, I want them back to me, I want them to be free, to be a dream that comes true.”

He does not give up; neither do we, and guess what? For us, all of you are worth more than you think, because you listen and are learning to learn, are learning to dream and are creating life so that within your being exists that life that we are giving you. So prepare very well that this is now, and we will not make you wait long because if we wait much, the planet explodes and then what do we do to put together a puzzle where stones will fly everywhere, garbage and the sea venting, this would be a disaster! And, where do we put together and rebuild the planet? It’s better to save it before it is destroyed, we rather say to the man to no longer be death and to remember that a day was created by a Great Father that at all times is with all his children. Let's work together and get ready because this Father is eager to see the success that we can have to teach man to love, and to change and to be life. Now, of course, you know that a criminal is not going to the light but not to go to the dark, they do not know what that is, cannot even imagine what it is to serve the evil, and he has plenty of followers, what for? Why would they want to feel that one day they are offering: We will be the masters of the universe? The biggest lie because no one can take from the Father what the Father created, but the Father does not punish, just lets them go where they want to be, until one day repent, why not, anything can happen, it can happen that evil feel like saying one day: Sorry Lord, I was wrong. Maybe it takes centuries, but can get to say it, that is the dream of the Father. So you, work hard that is the Father who is eager to see you turned into angels to help us give this message, which is only hope for mankind.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. August 8, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 662 in the list of meditations, can be purchased in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos" - Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 661. August 2, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 661. August 2, 2014.


Message before the meditation:

When we see that we finally found people who have love for everything that we’ve said, when we feel proud that finally there are beings that can really understand each and every one of our messages, when we notice that there aren’t many but we can increase that number, then we can say to ourselves: There’s hope to save this humanity. We are beings that have much power but we can’t impose, we can’t take away the free will, the Father didn’t allow us to have the luxury to appear and impose.

You’ve asked much: “Please! Appear, we want to see you, you’d see that all the humans beings would listen to us and you’d see that it would make things easier for us.” But sadly, in order for man to earn a place, let’s say it this way, a place in heaven, a place in this planet turned into a wonderful place, in order for the human being to earn it, has to show that really is a being that thinks, that reasons, that loves and looks for a truth and that after finding it doesn’t deny it, that feels proud of realizing that were living in an error, but the errors are to be corrected. There are errors that can go unnoticed but there are errors that definitely cannot go unnoticed when is about forming a new world.

How were we going to think that we are going to say to the human being that it doesn’t matter that every day are eating a corpse and to tell them “hurray!” is it a being that can really say to himself that is intelligent? I believe that if the human being realizes what means to see a person eating a corpse, then would say: Well yes, I believe so, we’ve put ourselves in a very low role, very, very low before the eyes of a Father that loves us much. A Father that created the life, a Father that created all that exists, a Father that created the life of the animals to be our pleasure of living next to them, so that we could enjoy all the wonders that he created; a Father that gave us the mind, a Father that gave us an eternal spirit, a Father that gave us the force to forever be part of him. I believe that the best that we could give him as gratitude for what he gave us, is seeing that really these children of his know how to think; think, love, believe, create and be life.

Now we want man to think already. We’re working intensely; we’ve developed an impressive amount of messages. Any person that sees them… I believe that say that even feel lazy to look for a title; but we weren’t lazy to be preparing ourselves continuously, really knowing what man can receive and what we can give him to think. To teach man, for us, has been so complicated because when we say with all calmness to respect the life, it seems as if one tells it to a covered doll that can’t listen, because one can say many things to an animal and can learn. An animal, let’s assume, the ones who have a dog, can teach him, but doesn’t reason like man but has some wonderful senses with which can find out what is right and what is wrong and can realize what really is the fact of being able to protect their offspring or itself but an animal is not created to be the evolution and the creation of everything that represents the life that the Father created.

The Father gave all of us all our senses, called us his children, gave us his light, gave us all that he possessed because he wanted his children to be beings who can really enjoy all of that which he created. For him to think on his children, it represents thinking in the greatest and to say it anyone who is a normal father or mother who knows how to love, what they feel for a child, the dreams can have toward him, the wish that he can be evolution, the wish for him to develop his senses to be able to create around him only life, of being able to form a home in which all could be peace and tranquility, and that each thing he would do would be proud of his acts and that with each act could feel each time more proud of himself, and that each being who really thinks could be a being that would be creation at all times, at least we did achieve all of that and we want the beings from this world to be so. 

Our dream is to change man, our dream  is to say to man to think, our biggest dream is that man can be as the Father created him, that man can think again. They don’t think because if they would think wouldn’t do the atrocities that are doing. When we see that they declare war, we feel totally pained of seeing how a being that really thinks has lowered himself: killing their fellow beings because an exalted man somewhere there told them that “that one was the enemy,” because had something that this exalted man  wished to have and take it away. Kill, kill, kill, kill, shed blood; let the kids cry! It doesn’t matter; let the mothers cry! It doesn’t matter; let them cry and crawl begging for mercy! It doesn’t matter, the power comes first.

First needs to triumph the powerful, has to feel powerful of having all that can imagine having to feel superior to the others; it doesn’t matter that tears exist! It doesn’t matter that diseases exist! It doesn’t matter what exists if a few can feel superior, or wouldn’t it be that those few who feel superior are being taken by the being of evilness to be able to really take over the humanity. And the ones who follow him don’t listen because if they did, they would refuse to kill in that way, they would refuse to go to war; of course, they would say they would be punished if they don’t go to war. No! If it were everyone and would say: We don’t have anything against that country, we know that if we work honestly we’re going to live, and we know that if we study and we prepare ourselves it was to be a being that really can be useful. But they’re afraid, afraid of telling those that say are their superiors, that they refuse to kill. We still want them to refuse to kill the poor innocent animals that didn’t do anything to be put in such sordid and terrible places, where they’re enclosed and later are sacrificed cruelly.

Well, we want man to think, you who listen to us, do you believe this can be achieved? You who listen to us, do you believe that can be achieved that a humanity of several millions of human beings can say one day: If we were wrong, we’re learning to think. That one day can say: Lord! I’m learning to know you; Lord! I’m understanding that I belong to an Infinite Universe; Lord! I’m understanding that you gave me a mind to create, not to destroy, but you gave the freedom so that I could be proud of all my acts; Lord! You can be proud of me because I learned to love, that’s what we hope that you say. That you turn your eyes to the sky and say to the Father: Father, you didn’t make a mistake by creating your children, you didn’t make a mistake because you gave them your light so that they can think, you weren’t wrong because your children have learned to believe in themselves and to believe in you by loving themselves. Yes Lord, we have to think that we can say “Yes Lord, we’re with you and we love you intensely because you allowed us to exist because you exist.”

Now I want you to tell me if really one can desire something such? Why not, we’re still optimistic, we still believe that man can think again, we still hope that they listen, we still hope not to fail in this difficult mission. But if they see us, are going to run, if they see the ships are going to say that the ships are to conquer or to attack, if they see the movement that we’re going to do, are going to believe that we are like man is and they don’t realize that there’s only life in the Infinite Universe. Death is here and is in a dark place where belongs this being of death because he only has a small galaxy that is his, but doesn’t have the universe or doesn’t have all the planets that surround this planet, neither has all the other beings that inhabit other worlds, he hasn’t been able to conquer them because have known how to defend themselves, because they’ve listened to us and have been with us. Then I want you to say to the Father: Lord, you weren’t wrong, we are your children and as children we’re going to know how to create. I hope you say that.  Let’s continue then with the meditation and let’s think with much love in that Father that at all times is with his children and doesn’t want to lose them.

Message after the meditation:

I’m going to ask you with all my love to tell me if you’re willing to fight for the triumph of this mission; I’m going to ask you but I’ll ask as never to realize the commitment you’ve acquired, not to back out, that as you say, not to quit, few are the ones we have and with those few we want to triumph. Aren’t many, evil attacks, evil wants to make you falter, evil wants to attack you in a way you can’t have all the strength to be able to triumph; evil doesn’t want to lose you, you’re also in the sight of the beings of the darkness, they also want to trap you, don’t allow to be intimidated, that don’t tell you that you’re crazy because you no longer eat meat, that you always know to answer with a smile. There are people that still aren’t totally in this message and already do it, you’ve seen that there’s a person that says: “I defend the animals and I’m proud of it.” That’s how I want to see you answer – “You’re crazy,” – “I know how to respect life and I’m proud of it.”

Please, don’t allow to be intimidated, don’t allow to be overwhelmed with their way of thinking in which they feel that they are right, oh because they do have fun: “Let’s go have a drink, let’s go and devour corpses, let’s feel that we’re the kings of creation!” and want to see you as inferior beings because you aren’t going to enjoy life. No, don’t forget, they are incited by the beings of the darkness because the one who says to you: “I can’t stop eating meat,” is because has a dark being that is saying to him: “Don’t let go of me, I’m your strength, I’ll make you powerful, I’m the one who has your will to make you great.” Yes! How great, very great destroying their energy, destroying their light, destroying their body, destroying everything they are.

Then I would like to ask you if you’re now willing to initiate this path because we’re going to start taking you up but remember that we’re observing all of your thoughts, all of your feelings, all that you are, we’re forming “super – men,” we’re forming you so that you can be like we want, same as us because we think that we were good Teachers and that we didn’t make mistakes in the selection. Therefore, those who listen to this message, tell us that you can be like we ask you, that we can take you up, that you can feel strong now and aren’t going to become arrogant, aren’t going to feel that: “Oh! I received it then now I’m more than the person who showed me this path.” No, please, absolute simplicity, calm at all times, love for everything that surrounds you, that no one takes you out of balance, no one, even if is the person that is intimidating you or even though is a person that you like much and starts making fun of you: “Oh! How ridiculous you look that you don’t eat meat and can’t even have fun a single day,” don’t let them intimidate you, you say to them: “I’m proud of it, and you know what? I like you very much and I hope that one day you understand it for your good.”

Then think, we’re going to give you all that you ask, we’re going to turn you into beings like us, we’re going to give you power but at the extent that we know that you can use it to help your fellow beings, because if we don’t extend the light and don’t help so many sick people and can’t tell man that has a hope within what represents their painful fall in a disease that can’t cure, then we can’t. Because there are those who say: “Oh! I want to cure!” but within the “I want to cure,” there is vanity: “I can, I’ll put my magical hands and I’ll help a sick person,” no – “I’ll give him hope, I’ll give him the light that are giving me, the light that my Father gave me and not because of it I’ll feel that I’m already superior, neither am I unique, I’m simply someone who learned to love.”

Therefore we’re keeping an eye on all of you, we’re keeping an eye on all you do and all you think, not a single one of your thoughts escapes us, we have you perfectly well classified, you are part of us, then be careful, be careful because we love you much and we want you to be our most important team. For this reason, where ever you are, either you can go to Tepoztlan which is in another city and now that we were here in the neighboring northern country, in the United States, and we see with how much love are listening to us, we can say: Blessed be the Father who allowed us to see that exist beings who listen to us and that we can feel triumphant with them.

Then feel proud because are part of a great mission that we’ve formed for the good of this humanity, for the good of all that represents the life that the Father created and to be able to convert this planet into a paradise again. Let’s hope that it will be with many human beings, thus the ones who listen to us, haven’t given up when something failed -that we already saw how many gave up- and continue being sure of what they do, prepare very well because the time and date already arrived of initiating everything that we had planned for you and for the humanity.

We are already within the time and we are sure that we’re going to count with whom today listen and follow us. Thank you for being people that wished to participate in this difficult mission, difficult! I don’t tell you that is easy, you have heard your family and your fellow beings how they laugh about you believing in something, they tell you that you’re in another religion and don’t realize that all you are conveying is love.

Therefore, a difficult mission? Yes, but we feel proud because are going to be part of us; we’re going to convert you into beings as we are so that you really know what is to live in the happiness of being in our worlds. Help us and prepare yourselves, nothing of vanity, nothing of superiority, nothing of “I’ll be better.” No, all are going to be better so that this mission can be fulfilled. Prepare that this Father full of love wants to say thank you for having listened to him, for having worked intensely in helping in this that is recovering his children, those children that he loves much and whom he doesn’t want to lose.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. August 2, 2014.

These messages and the meditation given this day, which is number 661 in the list of meditations, are available in an Audio CD (Spanish only*) from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos"- Lista de  material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Messages of before and after meditation 660. August 1, 2014.

Guardians of the Universe

Messages of before and after meditation 660.  August 1, 2014.

Message before the meditation:

I see that this time for you is very important. Receiving a message directly in this country in which the messages are not being given directly, but what you first have to understand is that we are in the last time. I know, it's maddening that I tell you, "Just a little," “Almost", "Now a little bit of time." We won’t give a single date again because remember what happened on December 21st that we were just warning that it was a change of Era and that the final change is coming. The planet is about to explode, so if you believe we are in no hurry, then let us know. It seems that is quiet, it seems that more or less see the cities in a way that they are standing, it seems that nothing is happening and just seems to be happening.
They did so much damage to the planet that we are the ones who are seeing the depths of volcanoes, deep in the earth, are opening huge crevices and at a given time could be opened in such a way that would swallow entire cities, would be worse than your 2012 film and that's not going to happen because that's why we're here, to prevent the end of the world, but we have to do something very spectacular.

You know that man has his ideas and assume that angels have no ships, then all spaceships are from aliens coming to invade and furthermore that aliens are all bad, bad, bad, and the good, well,  should being on Earth. That is why I say: do not worry anymore; we're going to give the signal at the time at which you have to start working already. In the rooms you will see light and we will already be present to be able to start boarding you to a ship, to give you instructions and to receive the reward for being faithful and steadfast in our message. This message naturally I wish to be heard by everyone who could not come, which is also in Tepoztlan, but you have to be aware that we know who are meditating, we know who have understood at heart this important message, which is the fact of not destroying the life of this planet, for example, telling them not to eat death, people are very difficult to think that will leave their bad habits and know that you have been struggling, as you say, to remove that idea. That is why we do have to do something that really hits, that really makes people run, that really makes them get scared; well yes, we already asked permission to the Father, we must astonish, if not, we will remain the same and we will continue to see how human beings, every day, make a dreadful slaughter of beings who should be alive, that should be in the countryside, that should be free and man not only deprived them of their liberty, but also made ​​them in the trash that they eat.  
Therefore we say: we are in the last time. There’s not a December 21st  because... also remember that our calendar and yours is very different, but we are ready to make the move, and I want you to be alert, do not hesitate, don’t deceive yourselves saying: "I think nothing will happen, I better keep my life as usual," you continue your life, I'm not telling you to change it right now, in time you will have to change it because will be being prepared by us and in time when you see us, when you already are before our presence then you are going to be able to receive indications of what to do. But do not forget, many people are listening because they are interested in Radio Ahena, are interested in the way in which the message arrives, then I'm warning you: it's a last notice, is a last time. First, the ships engines will be heard, then will begin to see many ships in the sky and then also see how many people are going up, then they will start with that is the "rapture" as it was called in the Bible. No, it simply is that you are taken to give you strength so you can help us in this difficult mission. Difficult because the man does not like to think, does not like to believe, does not like to love and also have their religions as something that is the only thing that can hear.

So I ask you: be relaxed, studying, meditating every day and working hard with your emotions because those emotions almost always are low, because it doesn’t fail who makes you angry at home, at work, in the street, it doesn’t fail who is being fueled by the energies of the darkness so that you lose the peace.  So think, is not the person, is a being who is trying to take away your peace of mind, so do not lose it, you turn your heads to see the person who is trying to hurt you and do not say anything at the time in which is angry, but be calm, when the person has calmed down, you can talk to that person or if is a strange person, whether in the street or at work, it just will be a time when you can help a little. But for now, the control of your emotions is very important, because if we take you up and are out of balance, then it would be chaos because you cannot come up like that; you have to be calm so that you can board the craft and can take you to live the most amazing adventures we're going to give you. But remember, we have to give the message, the message has to be heard, we're not playing, we're talking about something very serious which is recovering this humanity because the Father does not want to lose his children
His children are the ones who have forgotten that they are children of the Father because they behave like savages, like poorly raised children, as beings who say they know everything and know nothing, are searching to see who will also tell another story and don’t realize that if we put an absolute truth have to be calm and carry it out because we're ready and we want this humanity to have the opportunity to live the change and move to another dimension.

Message after the meditation:

In order to have done this entire dream I just told you, you have to be totally relaxed. I know, I know you are impatient, I know we have told you much that you already feel the need to recover your faith, your hope that everything we have said will happen. Because sometimes even the children of parents who are so devoted, say: "I do not want to see my dad disappointed" or stop to think, "I do not want to see how they that are so enthusiastic become disillusioned," "I would not want to see them suffer" then that means they have good feelings and are wishing the best for the people who are so interested in continuing forward. And those who left, well, will return; those who ate meat again, will repent; those who said, "I no longer believed in anything", now will say they do, then: "Sorry, sorry, I won´t do it again!"; but didn’t demonstrate that understood the message, because one thing is to wait a prize and another thing is to do for love what we asked.
Respect for life is very, very important, is not simply the fact that they had to receive a prize at the end of all this, a planet rebuilt, a wonderful place where you will be able to live, the simple fact of respecting life and making that animals have a place to live. Therefore, those who are making videos and are promoting the respect for animals, they will also receive a beautiful prize that will be given, because naturally are going to know we're with them. It's amazing to see that some even get angry and protest, and demand that these beings are respected, those beings that at no time did damage to any human being, but we are ready for it. And do not worry, it is real what we have told you, and it is about to begin that wonderful movement in which you are going to fully know what happiness is.


Message received by Sara A. Otero Platas G. through Extrasensory Telepathy. August 1, 2014.

The meditation dictated this day, which is number 660 in the list of meditations, can be purchased in an Audio CD (Spanish only*)  from Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. (See "Eventos" – Lista de material.)

Transcription and translation: AHENA

*Although the meditations are recorded in Spanish, if you listen with inner peace you will be able to understand it with the help of your Guardian Angel/Guide by means of Telepathy.